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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 27, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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american moms have a supersecret supply of their favorite snacks they keep hidden from their families because they don't want to share. >> jesse: no sharing. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. do you like my blazer, bret? >> bret: yes. news about jared kushner's security clearance, what does it mean for his role in the white house? justice department launches its own investigation into the foreign surveillance court, fisa. president trump gets a jump on the competition by naming his 2020 campaign manager two and a half years before the election. we will talk live with kellyanne conway on a host of issues. this is "special report" ."
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good evening. i am bret baier. we are coming to you live tonight from the white house where the current occupant is already making plans to stay here for another four years after his first term. president trump has named his 2020 campaign manager 979 days ahead of the next election. as a host of agenda issues loom ahead of the midterm elections, we will talk live with presidential consular kellyanne conway in a moment. first, major development in the controversy over the security clearance for the president's son in law who is also one of his top advisors. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me. the latest information about access for jared kushner. >> chief of staff john kelly changed the rules regarding security clearances in the wake of the rob porter scandal. last friday, a self-imposed deadline by kelly, a number of staffers had their security clearance is including jared kushner. the investigation into his security clearance still not completed, first son-in-law jared kushner had his clearance
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downgraded. while kushner can view some classified information, he cannot longer see the most sensitive items, like the president's daily brief. asked about the downgrade, president trump wouldn't answer. last week, the president said he would leave it to his chief of staff to decide what to do about kushner's security clearance. >> that will be after general kelly. general kelly respects jared a lot and will make the call. >> the downgrade is not expected to affect the work on policy in the middle east peace process. a spokesperson for kushner saying "mr. kushner has done more than what is expected of him in this process. those involved have confirmed there are dozens of people at mr. kushner's level whose process is delayed. no concerns were raised about mr. kushner's application." deputy attorney general rod rosenstein informed the white house three weeks ago that
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there were still a number of items in kushner's file that require further investigation. not known when the process will be completed or whether kushner will receive his full security clearance. the department of justice weighed in on president trump's request to ban so-called bump stocks used last october by the las vegas shooter. jeff sessions saying he believes it can be done without going through congress. >> our top people in the department of justice have believed for some time that through regulatory process we cannot allow the bump stock to convert a weapon from semiautomatic to fully automatic. >> on the broader issue of gun safety and school shootings, the white house today said it will have some policy proposals to announce later this week. one question, while the president make good on his pledge to raise the minimum age
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to buy a rifle or shotgun to 21? to do it, he would have to go up against the nra which is stridently opposed to the idea. >> the president said yesterday sometimes you have to fight them. is he willing to take on the nr nra? this idea of raising the minimum age. >> the president still supports raising the age limit to 21 for the purchase of certain firearms. we are meeting with bipartisan members of congress tomorrow. we expected to be a topic of discussion. he knows everybody doesn't necessarily agree. >> other news of the white house that happened today. president trump named his 2020 campaign manager, brad parscale. he will also liaise with the congressional races between now and november, trying to hold on to the house and senate in the midterm elections. the president announcing today he cut a deal for two new air force one aircraft with boeing.
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$3.9 billion deal. the president says saving 1.4 billion off the initial cost estimate. >> bret: he likes to talk about saving the money on those deals. >> he does. the art of the deal. he bought a couple airframes that well already in existence. >> bret: thank you. the justice department coming under new scrutiny over it surveillance of the term campaign. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us about an announcement today. >> the justice department internal watchdog knee-deep in the investigation of the clinton email case will take on surveillance abuse. >> it will be investigated. >> taking questions at a news conference on the opioid crisis, the attorney general was pressed on the memos and whether laws were broken when a surveillance warrant which granted the trump campaign aide carter page. will you investigate?
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>> we believe the department of justice must adhere to the high standards in the fisa court. i think that is the appropriate thing. the inspector general will take that as one of the matters. >> after rescheduling, white house communications director hope hicks testified. >> >> republican source said his answered questions about the campaign but not about her timen the white house. not clear whether she invoked executive privilege. >> i'm not going to comment on the individual's interactions with the committee. we are cooperating. the president has said repeatedly there is no collusion. >> also on capitol hill, director of the national security agency pressed by senate democrats on the administration's commitment to thwarting rough russia's future interference. >> you said president trump has
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never ordered a cyber comp to defend or thwart russian attempts to meddle in the elections? stick a never given specific direction to take additional steps outside my authority. i have taken steps inside my authority. >> he said punishing the russians could take many forms from diplomacy to sanctions and cyber capabilities. >> there are tools available to us and i think in fairness you can't say nothing has been done. my point would be it hasn't been enough. >> the white house disagreed. >> we are taking a number of steps to prevent it and looking at a variety of other ways we can continue to implement over the coming weeks and months. >> special counsel has moved to dismiss the bank and tax fraud charges in virginia against rick gates. the filing is tied to the agreement friday to plead bill t to conspiracy to defraud the united states and lying to the fbi. >> bret: the effort to stop
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another parkland or columbine or sandy hook from happening is the top job for congress. chief congressional correspondent mike manual tells us of anything substantial is happening on gun control and school safety. >> students from marjory stoneman douglas high school took to capitol hill their message. a message not lost on speaker paul ryan who seemed conflicted over president trump's push on arming teachers to make american schools safer. >> as a parent and as a citizen, i think it's a good idea but as speaker of the house i need to respect federalism and local jurisdictions. >> democrats backed a proposal targeting firearms like the one used in parkland. >> well over 150 people supporting it. that's pretty clear. overwhelming majority of the house democratic caucus. >> the idea is a nonstarter for republicans. the proposal that has the most bipartisan support tightening of background checks by incentivizing states and federal agencies to send information to
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the national instant criminal background check system. fact by texas republican john cornyn and connecticut democrat chris murphy. >> i am encouraged that the president seems to be willing to do something on background checks. he has endorsed online conference of background checks. >> chuck schumer wants a full debate on gun issues and says just background checks won't cut it. >> if that's all congress does, we won't have done our job to keep america's families safe. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell notes the gun issue brings out passions. >> waved we have been down thih before. there are bipartisan differences about how to address the issue. >> mcconnell says the focus of republican senators was on school safety and not guns. democrats clearly worried republicans will pass the background checks measure and savior done. stay on mike emanuel, thanks.
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let's talk about guns, school safety and others subjects with kellyanne conway. let's start with the story we lead with, the security clearance issue for jared kushner. downgraded to secret. how is that sitting in the white house and how does it affect his job? >> i have not discussed it directly with jerrod or anyone else. jerrod is in charge of or supports many of the different initiatives by the president. president trump on friday in front of the whole world, the press conference with the australian prime minister. he has great faith in jared kushner senior advisor. working on middle east peace. he's been involved with nafta. he said a great deal to do with china. he's been involved, i don't know the status of other people's security clearances, nor do i want to. i find of the entire process one
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that should be tightly held and not within the purview of colleagues at the white house. i expect the rest of us will be informed as we need to be. >> bret: intelligence officials say 50% to 75% of the material that goes over the nsc nsc's desk is top-secret. dealing with middle east peace. that's a lot of top secret stuff. i leave that to jared and the nsc and others. i remind you -- >> bret: do you expect the clearances are coming through? >> i have no knowledge about that and it's not for me to comment. >> bret: "washington post" saying officials and at least four countries have privately discussed ways they can manipulate jared kushner by taking advantage of his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience. how do you respond to a story like that?
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>> i haven't had a chance to read it. i haven't had a chance to discuss it with jared and others. i can't really comment on a story that is newly posted. what i will say is i think there's people out there gunning for folks all of the time. that goes beyond doing one's job as a reporter, as a journalist. since the moment we arrived here, they have been throwing logs in our path. it doesn't deter the president from carrying out the agenda. he's had tremendous progress and delivered results again and again despite, really despite unprecedented negativity thrown on his way and in the way of his family and advisors. >> bret: in white house palace intrigue, is there a battle between john kelly and different members, including jared kushner? >> i have not seen that. the general, i can imagine. he has a great deal of respect and support among the staff in the building. not only because he has brought structure and discipline and order and a process and i think
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it benefits the president. the man is the commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. he ought to have time to get input and ideas. general kelly is oriented differently for many of us. he came from the cabinet. he is a great deal of respect on capitol hill and among cabinet members. here among the senior staff. >> bret: let's talk substance on the gun issue. here senator john cornyn today. >> if our attitude is i want everything in my list or nothing, we are going to end up with nothing. let's do what we can immediately to pass and build from there. things like bump stocks, mental health failures. >> bret: what is realistic? for immigration, you have pillars you had to have.
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are there pillars when it comes to gun control and safety, school safety? >> the president has spoken extensively. he's been talking to affected families and individuals. obviously public safety officers. yesterday to the governors. i sat in on all three sessions and i can tell you, even in conversations with members on capitol hill, the president supports increasing the age perhaps for possession of some firearms. he certainly supports fixing nics, the background checks. he has talked about mental health, he's talked about how he wants to make it more difficult for people who shouldn't have firearms to have them but easier for those who should and should be allowed to carry them under the second amendment. when i say easier, for law enforcement to do its job also and give resources, tools for the brave men and women in charge of this. it's a complex issue. i think nerves have been raw
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because we are so moved and saddened and angered by what has happened in parkland and elsewhere. this is a president, like he did on immigration, on energy policy, taxes, he is bringing both parties in both chambers into the white house. he is going to them and working. he is talking to them about what's possible. in the end, congress will need to act and the president will sign into law something that is reasonable common sense that gets us closer to keeping school children safe i can imagine that's not a partisan issue. we have heard really good other ideas, including from the governors yesterday. a single point of entry for some schools. others are arguing for armed guards. others are arguing, as the president said. >> bret: the pillars aren't set. ideas on the table. he said numerous times the nra is going to come around, that
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they are with us. don't worry. don't be scared of them. is the nra going to come around? so far they are not, raising the age for buying a weapon. >> the nra has spoken clearly for a number of years as to what they support and don't. they have been for stronger background checks for individuals. they talked about making sure. penalties for committing a crime with a firearm illegally. the president has brought them to the table. he said yesterday he met with the democrat and republican governors at the white house. he had lunch with members of the nra, top brass. when he says they will come around, i think the president is saying everybody has an interest in making sure schoolchildren are safe and no parent should kiss their child could buy, you and me included, not see them again. we as a nation need to act and not overreact. >> bret: march 5 right around the corner, the daca deadline.
3:17 pm
the courts have done what they have done or not done come in the case of the supreme court. what is the sense in the white house about what is necessary to do? >> daca is a great example of the president being opened up a people's ideas and saying okay, that i'm not going to take care of the 600,000. we will do all 1.8 million. he said that in a bicameral, bipartisan meeting in the cabinet room. fox news covered the entire hou hour. yet you can't have the democrats back to the table. they won't come back and fix it. this congress had all of last year to do it. the president gave them another six months to do it and they haven't acted. you have to ask why? do they care about having a blunt instrument against the present and the party or do they care about helping the dreamers? >> bret: is there an executive order coming, something else from this white house? >> if it's not going to happen
3:18 pm
on capitol hill, i know the president is examining other avenues and options. remember, one body in this town makes the laws. one executes it. the other interprets it. we have three separate but equal branches. this president has taken action through executive order when he thinks others are slow to act or when he is in a position to do it. we've seen them do it with health care, for example, trying to open up health care benefits to others when repealing and replacing obamacare failed on capitol hill. to get coal miner benefits back. regulatory reforms. take us out of tpp, take us out of what he considers to be a bad deal. he will active his authority allows them to. he's made a commitment to resolving the issue. the question is, where are the democrats? >> bret: thank you for the time. first lady melania trump has cut ties with an advisor whose firm was paid $26 million to help plan the president's inauguration. a spokeswoman said mrs. trump
3:19 pm
has severed the gratuitous service contract with a new york-based events planner. she had been working as an unpaid advisor to the first lady. tennessee republican senator bob corker says he still intends to retire after the end of his term, not run for reelection. corker says he reconsidered for some time at the urging of constituents and colleagues but he says he is taking with his original decision. >> i will miss this. i really do believe that coming up here with a mission purpose is the right way for me to serve in the senate. >> bret: congresswoman marsha blackburn, consider the favorite to replace corker, saying to the senator for his service and called the republicans unify and focus on defeating the democrat in november. local authorities apparently had more reason to keep an eye on the young man charged with the florida school massacre. a live report coming up.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. hazardous materials team at joint base meyer near arlington, virginia. you're looking live. fire departments as 11 people started feeling ill after a letter was opened in an administration building. it says three people were transported to a hospital. they are conditioned not known. hazmat situation ongoing. not far from washington, d.c., the nation's capital, and the white house. in arlington, virginia. we will monitor the situation. florida's governor announcing a new school safety plan two weeks after the massacre in parkland. learning more about how aware local authorities were of the
3:24 pm
potential for trouble from the young man charged with those killings. phil keating has the latest from south florida. >> my goal is to make massive changes in school safety. >> flanked by miami-dade police, the county mayor and fathers of shooting victims, governor rick scott flew to south florida drumming up support for his half a billion dollar three-point school safety plan. increasing the aged buy rifle to 21. increasing funding and treatment for mental health disorders. adding at least one armed officer for every florida school. >> we've got to invest in metal detectors. we've got to invest in bulletproof glass, steel doors. we've got to invest in upgraded locks. we have to do everything we can to make sure somebody wants to harm any one of our students can never do it again. >> none of the plan addresses what some are calling a negligence of duty. broward county sheriff dispatch records recall deputies were called to the home of the suspect 45 times, twice as many
3:25 pm
times as chair of scott israel claimed. he said his deputies were called to the cruz home 23 times. reports like mentally a person, domestic disturbance, child-elderly abuse. fox news has obtained this broward sheriff's office internal email written in the days after the shooting instructing the forests to standby and support sheriff israel. he is under criticism and demands for his ouster. it reads "a personal attack against our sheriff. we must stand with him." people from all over south florida continue coming by marjory stoneman douglas high school to place flowers for the 17 students and staff killed on valentine's day. the memorial along the fence will be one of the first things returning students the as they arrive for their first day back wednesday. classes resume tomorrow for the more than 3,000 students. the school superintendent says so far only about 15 students in
3:26 pm
ten teachers have inquired about transferring to a new school. we spoke with one student today who says he is scared about tomorrow but happy to be amongst those who understand his raw emotions. >> bret: phil keating, thank you. backlash against the national rifle association after the florida shootings is now the subject of serious debate in georgia. atlanta-based delta air lines has joined other companies in severing ties with the nra. georgia republican lawmakers want to make delta pay. correspondent steve harrigan explains. >> major corporations under attack from all sides. the gun-control fight shifts from the classroom to the board room. delta air lines from one of george's biggest employers, could lose part of a $50 million tax break on jet fuel after the company decided to end group discounts for members of the nra. this states lieutenant governor about to kill any
3:27 pm
legislation that benefits delta until the company reverses its decision. >> i am a little tired conservatives continue to get kicked around over our value system. i think we can have values and jobs go hand-in-hand. >> delta is not alone. for the 20 major companies including united and avis have ended group discounts are cut ties to the nra. in response to complaint from consumers in the wake of a school shooting in parkland, florida, . delta says it is simply trying to stay neutral in the political debate over guns. the nra called the move a shameful act of political cowardice. in a statement, the nra said the law-abiding members of the nra had nothing at all to do with the failure of that schools security preparedness. or their cruel failures of federal and local law enforcement. some companies are going in the other direction. fedex says while it disagrees with some nra positions on gun
3:28 pm
control, it will not discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views. this has led to calls for a boycott of fedex. on the issue of gun control, some companies are getting hit from both sides. >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta. thanks. more on this but the panel. up next, we take you for a ride with federal immigration agents in california. they try to enforce the law in spite of local authorities who continue from the -- we continue from the white house live after a quick break. i wanted to try something different. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. compared to the nicotine patch, chantix helped significantly more people quit smoking. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
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state. curiel, you may remember, is the federal judge who then candidate donald trump once accused of being biased against him due to curiel's of mexican ancestry. tonight a fox news exclusive. we go along for the ride with federal immigration agents trying to enforce the law and overcome the efforts of the top elected official in one community. correspondent claudia cowan has the report from oakland. >> even as the mayor of oakland was tipping off illegal immigrants of federal enforcement raids were imminent. fox news rode along as i.c.e. officers moved across northern california. targeting homes, since sanctuary laws prevent them from making arrests that local jails, and detaining more than 100 people like this d40 in napa. >> i don't know what benefit there is to allowing individuals here illegally committing crimes
3:33 pm
against innocent victims and oftentimes against those same individuals in these communities these politicians are reported to support. >> speaking exclusively to fox news, the head of enforcement and removal blasted mayor libby schaaf, saying her decision to announce the raid put lives at risk. >> we have sworn law enforcement officers upholding the constitution and the oath's they took. we have a politician who is trying to score cheap political points on the backs of men and women in i.c.e. >> schaaf said she had a duty to warn families. >> many decisions have risks and rewards. i do not regret sharing this information. i felt it was my duty to share the information i had. >> i.c.e. officials say they are asking the department of justice to looking into whether she violated laws and if so, hold her accountable for productive people breaking the law by being
3:34 pm
in the country illegally. >> i.c.e. officials argue if politicians are concerned about the impact of raids, they should return to a policy that have been in place for decades and allow them to detain criminal illegal immigrants at the jail once they are released from local custody. >> bret: claudia cowan in oakland. thank you. new federal reserve chairman jerome powell says the u.s. economy remains strong and he intends to remain on course for three interest rate hikes this year. the markets did not respond favorably. dow plunged nearly 300. s&p 500 down 29. nasdaq fell 91. the russia ordered humanitarian pause in the syrian onslaught against civilians and one damascus suburb is being called a failure by many on the ground. correspondent rich edson from the state department talks to someone responsible for trying to save many lives as possible. >> this is syria.
3:35 pm
two words: doomsday. >> leader of the white helmets, syrian volunteers who rush towards the destruction of assad regime marrow bombs and chemical weapons attacks. first responders saving civilians attacked by their own government. with little equipment, aid or reprieve from years of war. >> volunteers have to make crucial decisions about taking people for -- from rubble. no safe place to transfer the injured. >> eight truce was supposed to begin today. it appears he did not. >> translator: russians are considering syrian facilities training fields for the jets they are using. >> the united nations security council recently passed a 30 day cease-fire throughout syria to allow for aid deliveries and medical evacuations. still, the fighting continues. russia backs the government of bashar al-assad, providing air
3:36 pm
cover. united states hold russia responsible for what it calls government chemical attacks on civilians. >> moscow plays arsonist and firefighter, fueling tensions among all parties in syria, the syrian regime, iran, turkey, an and -- >> fox news learned iran has built other permanent military base outside damascus. united nations investigators say north korea has been shipping supplies to the syrian government that it could use to produce chemical weapons. that's according to a u.n. report "the new york times" reviewed. >> if north korea becomes more desperate, they look for a different, creative and horrific ways to try to make money to fund their criminal regime. >> another obstacle for the few left to carry for a country with little indication this war ends anytime soon. >> translator: what we have witnessed, international
3:37 pm
communities helpless in crisis. united nations can't do anything in syria. >> in washington to push the international community to help stop the fighting. food and water are scarce for the nearly 400,000 living there. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you. up next, the panel on security clearances of the white house and on what this administration is doing about russia interference. that's next. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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3:41 pm
nothing has been done but it hasn't been enough. >> we are looking at a number of different things that we can do to prevent this from happening. and we're going to continue to be tough on russia moving forward, just as we have been in the first year. >> bret: admiral rogers on capitol hill talking about the russian interference in the election. interference that is continuing to this day, he said. a lot of back-and-forth about what authority he's been given by the president to it. let's bring in the panel. from washington, charles hurt, opening editor for "the washington times." eli lake, columnist for bloomberg view. mara liasson, national political correspondent at national public radio. a couple eyebrow-raising moments today. >> a lot of them. it's incredible that the head of cyber command is saying not enough has been done and he hasn't been giving the authority to do what he needs to do to counter russian attempts to
3:42 pm
meddle in the upcoming election. we are talking about the 2018 election. directly contradicting the white house message which is we are doing plenty. >> bret: he did say he wanted to go into closed session and tell you what he was doing. >> they are not doing nothing. he said they are not doing enough. >> i think it's important that admiral rogers was talking about attacking some of these things at the point of origin. that's a pretty significant cyber issue. it's dividing this administration and divided the last administration. originally this was something proposed in 2015 under obama and i didn't get to the president's desk because it was considered so controversial in other parts of the national security state. there are good-faith arguments for for why don't necessarily want to escalate in cyberspace with the russians until you know exactly how to respond. >> bret: another exchange, charlie, senator blumenthal.
3:43 pm
>> i understand your feeling is you have not been given authority to take additional action. have you asked that authority? >> no, i have not. i have tried to act within the authority granted to me. >> why have you not asked for additional authority? >> i am not sure the capabilities i have would be optimal or the only response. >> wouldn't you agree it's an unnecessary response? >> it could be part of a response. i would acknowledge that. i think we need to step back and look at this very broadly. >> bret: the bottom line from this hearing, charlie, it's continuing. russia is continuing to try to interfere. it has done it for decades but it's doing it in an aggressive manner in cyberspace now. >> yeah, and it's obviously a very important issue that i think we have heard a lot of republicans and even donald trump talk about the need to do nothing about it. and the need to combat it. how unfortunate was that the previous administration failed to combat it.
3:44 pm
i got a little bit worn out listening to people like blumenthal talk about this in partisan terms or elizabeth warren talking about in partisan terms. part of the problem with this entire thing is the fact that it's been so utterly politicized. it's not about russia per se or vladimir putin per se. it's all about donald trump. they are using the investigation in order to punish a political opponent. i think that's probably not the healthiest way to go forward, especially when you step back and look at what has been presented so far from the mueller investigation. that is, no real evidence there was any collusion on the part of donald trump, the presidential campaign, to collude with the russians to tilt the election. >> that is not what we are talking about. we are talking about protecting the electoral system with future russian irreverence efforts to. there's all sorts of things that the administration can do.
3:45 pm
has nothing to do with robert mueller or collusion. >> that's great and those are things we should do but those are things republicans have said they want to see done but my simple point was when you start by politicizing it and using it as a cudgel to beat up donald trump all day long, it loses the bipartisan effect that we would like. >> bret: in the meantime, there is a security clearance question here at the white house, and a decision was made last week to take jared kushner from top-secret to secret clearance, even as he is dealing with big things like the middle east peace. take a listen to the president friday. kellyanne conway tonight. >> york chief of staff general kelly has recommended ending the practice of granting interim security clearances to members of the trump administration. if that proceeds, would you be willing to grant a waiver to jared kushner, one of your senior advisors? >> that will be up to general kelly. general kelly respects jared a lot and he will make that call.
3:46 pm
>> president trump on friday in the press conference with the australian prime minister said he has great faith in jared kushner as a senior advisor to continue to work on matters affecting middle east peace. >> bret: the white house saying not -- not really saying what's going to happen down the road. there is a "washington post" story suggesting there's countries that tried to use financial disclosure issues with jared kushner and other questions to try to influence him. your thoughts on the story, where it is heading and what happens. >> i think this goes back to one of the greatest vulnerabilities of the trump white house. the failure of the president to separate himself fully as president from the trump organization. all the appearance of conflicts. that is something that is affecting jared kushner right now. we don't know exactly what the fbi has that has held up its
3:47 pm
clearance but i would be willing to bet it's because of jared kushner's other career in real estate and other things that have made him entangled with other countries that he's maybe having to deal with. that is something i think he is going to really be probably more damaging to this white house, the issue of separating the private business from the collusion stuff. we will see what comes of it. >> bret: we should point out it's possible this clearance does come through, whether it takes a week or two. we don't know what the holdup is or whether it's not going to come through. mara, last word about clearances. >> it's been almost a year. jared kushner sata amend his security clearance form many times. in previous white houses, having to amend it would be a reason to deny you the clearance. right now he's been downgraded to secret. that means he can't read the daily breeze. he can't have access to highly classified information. he has a very broad portfolio. middle east peace, china, mexic
3:48 pm
mexico. >> bret: a lot of classified stuff. >> the white house as he can still do his job but how can he do it as well? >> bret: next up, georgia lawmakers join the fight between delta airlines and the nra. keep it here.
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
♪ >> don't worry about the nra. they are on our side. half of you are so afraid of the nra. there is nothing to be afraid of. if they are not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. that's okay. they are doing what they think is right. >> i am a little tired that conservatives continue to get kicked around over our value system. i think we can have values and jobs go hand-in-hand. taking away the nra's ability to
3:52 pm
take care of the discount they already had in place is really viewpoint discrimination in my view. all i am asking of delta and others is to reverse their opinion. treat everyone equally. in doing so, i think that goes a long way. >> bret: this is a controversy in atlanta. delta tweeting that delta is reaching out to the nra to let them know will be ending their contract for discounted rates to our group travel program. we will be requesting the nra remove our information from their website. they are not alone. there are number of other companies cutting ties with the nra. georgia lawmakers say delta, maybe you don't need those tax perks. -- tax breaks we gave you. back with the panel. charlie, i look at it through the prism of, if this was planned parenthood. what would the reaction be? would they fold? would there be this same battle? >> whether it is planned
3:53 pm
parenthood or the nra, whatever. why does everything have to be so political? everybody has to stick there or in the water and make a political statement which i think people are getting really tired out. when delta decides to get involved in a political spat and take away discounts for millions of members of the nra, they are basically stepping in to a political fight i would argue they don't need to but i can't be surprised politicians then decide to come out of the woodwork and take a wire brush to them. or you could stay out of politics altogether. >> bret: nra members were not responsible for cruz and the shooting in parkland. >> delta air lines has made a business decision that it's better for their business they sever ties with the nra on these discount programs. on the other hand, they can't be surprised when they get some
3:54 pm
pushback. why should they get a special tax break if they are going to do this. fedex has been under the same kind of pressure from people want them to sever, not ship guns are sever their ties with the nra. fedex refused to do that and they issued a statement saying we are for banning assault weapons. we disagree with the nra and gun policy but they have not changed their business practice. >> bret: companies importing back on companies. there are a lot of companies that do bad things. oreo's make. -- make people chubby. are people going to push back on oreos? >> i am uncomfortable with politicians playing the game with the tax breaks. i think delta, it's their right as a private corporation to make any policies they want. just as americans who support the nra are within their rights to boycott delta. tax breaks being given are not given a companies based on their
3:55 pm
political position is very dangerous sign. people who want limited government should be wary of this. >> bret: i want it noted that i am pro oreo. charlie, last word. where does it go? does it catch on? >> it's important to remember is not companies that are just doing this for business decisions. they are but the reason they are doing it for a business decision as they are getting blackmailed by people for making a big stink about it and doing the social campaigns. it is madness. i think companies would be a whole lot smarter to stay out of it. >> bret: all right, thank you as always. when we come back, showing the love turn to law enforcement. ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share.
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♪ >> bret: gorgeous night here on the north lawn of the white house. we come here every week or so to see if we can talk to some officials. maybe one day the president will come day and see us on one of these nights. finally, we'd like to end with something funny, it may be something nice. this is a nice one. a little girl is showing her support for law enforcement one police department and sheriff's office at a time. >> i love you. >> bret: 8-year-old roslyn baldwin has traveled across the country to show her love for law enforcement. really, she's going from department to department. her most recent stop was at the fulton county sheriff's office in atlanta where she was sure to give each deputy a hug. how cool is that? >> she was responding to, one, the idea of appreciation for law
4:00 pm
enforcement officer, and the tragedy that happened with the slain police officers in dallas and baton rouge. >> bret: we are definitely pro hug on "special report" as well. thank you for inviting us into your house tonight. fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story," hosted by my colleague and friend martha maccallum. >> martha: we could all use a hug from that little girl. thank you, bret created breaking tonight on "the story" ," strong signals that they do not fear ts the investigation continues. in a moment, congressman peter king will join us. the first indicator investigative pushback on the heels of presidential tweets urging action. attorney general jeff sessions announcing today he is investigating investigations of fisa abuse under the obama administration now. >> we believe


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