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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> we had a little storm in the northeast and we might lose power. >> what did you do about that? >> i have a generator. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, news is breaking right now. that is alive look outside the white house right now. white house diplomacy in place, president trump is welcoming israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. for a series of meetings at the white house. expected to top their agenda, the u.s. embassy's upcoming move in may. and how to counter a ran amid growing tensions of the trump administration may not be doing enough to crack down on israel's archenemy. we expect to hear remarks from both leaders at any moment. the prime minister of israel is here, we know that. when he arrives at the white house you will see it liv live. he is traveling with the first
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lady and it comes as kind of an interesting time for the prime minister politically because there are charges against him that included quid pro quo, possible corruption. the political importance of what is happening today is what we want to focus on. the situation in the middle east, where it is and the accused exclamation of america support in israel with our embassy moving to jerusalem. remember the israeli government, the connection is there. they recognized to be the center of their country. as this happens we will bring it to you live, but we are going to move on with other news of the day. special counsel investigation into russian election meddling. robert mueller's team reportedly sent a witness a subpoena seeking all documents involving president trump and a number of his closest advisors.
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they reportedly want emails, text messages, court papers, phone logs going back all the way to november 1st, 4 and a half months after the president, then candidate, had launched his campaign. you're watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. trish regan, democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlov is in the house. and the middle seat, brian kilmeade, they still put you on video if you go there in curlers. >> brian: after you show up which is an interesting fact. we are on facebook live. it's great to see you, great to be on the couch. breaking news as it happens, i'm
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fascinated to see the mueller pro back in the news. we know very little about what's happening. a bunch of names we know of are on it. >> harris: a lot of new material items. new information on the investigation into russian election meddling as brian was just talking about. robert mueller's team reportedly subpoenaed all emails, text messages, handwritten notes and phone logs from one witness we know about and nine other people the president has worked closely with. the subpoena reportedly sent to the witness last month seeking communication as far back as the first day of november 2016, nearly five months after then candidate donald trump announced his campaign. corey lewandowski, one of the people on that list, was asked about it earlier, watch. >> i think it's probably standard protocol for the mueller investigation, to see if
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there was any collusion or coordination or cooperation, which there wasn't. they want to see any communication between staffers that they would potentially be interested in and my guest de my guess is this is information the team would already have access to. >> harris: the president tweeted today... unprecedented, bigger than watergate, plus obama did nothing about russian meddling. brian kilmeade, you were gathering papers over here so i know you have a lot to say. >> the one who got the subpoena from one of the people that testified and basically, i said where did you get these names from? and he said when that person walked in, we need alter communications with the following people. we assume to those people got the same request as this one person that came forward.
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it it doesn't surprise me one cory lewandowski says it's totally logical. you got that mandate almost a year ago, we expect them to find out what everyone was doing from 2016 until present. we are going to find out if there's a special emphasis on anything in particular and how that lends into a popular presidential race. >> harris: everybody likes to read the tea leaves on this, we really don't know what's inside the mueller investigation but we do know now perhaps what he's looking at in terms of connecting the dots. >> kennedy: it's interesting and it's funny because there seems to be more not only with the special counsel but with the white house. i think we all have to caution ourselves not to read too much into it. two things could be happening here. mueller could have a very specific track he's going down and he may know exactly what is going after with his team of investigators, or he has no idea
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and he's casting such a broad net and there's so much power and money in the special counsel. >> harris: this is huge news. among the things that our president will talk with the prime minister of israel who is just arriving now will be the iran deal, ran moving forward and the middle east process, can there be some discussion about taking down the ir from israel's archenemy ran? the prime minister and his wife are arriving now at the white house, you see the first lady there and you will see president trump come into the picture, too. a very important series of meetings of the white house today, we will be bringing you the news points as they happen. should mention also in addition to a ran, the importance of this meeting also has to do with our standing in the world and how we see our friends around the worl world. we are getting ready to open an embassy in jerusalem reportedly
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in may and that is a huge signal of our support of this country and remember, there was a chillier relationship with the past administration, the obama administration and israel. this could signal a warming of that. we are watching this, the next point we will see them, we know how this goes, these meetings. as that happens we will show you that as well. let's get back to the conversation at hand. trish, you haven't weighed in yet. >> trish: i'm surprised he did and already asked all this. it seems like a logical move. i agree with cory lewandowski, it is in some ways checking boxes and i am just wondering what's taking so long because he should have been looking into all of this and i don't know why it has taken them this long to actually get to the point where he is. >> harris: jessica, what's interesting about all this is
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there is not been any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i feel like we need to keep saying that. even maxine waters has said it. as this goes along, now we are getting into the midterm election season. and this is a complicated choice for democrats. i saw some recent polling, people don't care about this is much as you think they do. >> jessica: they care about the economy and health care than this. there are the diehards that want to hear about this all the time but elections are run on the economy first, health care is incredibly important in this election. and that's a big emphasis and some why the democrats have an advantage. going back to the question of why they're doing this now, bob mueller clearly has his own plan and he's going on his own pace. everyone, he is highly
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respected. to brian's point there are three things going on here. this started as a conversation about collusion but now its obstruction of justice and finances which is why this could take so long because it's a much bigger. >> harris: i want to get representative trey gowdy in here, something he talked about, to be the need for a special counsel. there is pushback but listen to his argument for it. >> i don't think the inspector general himself can answer all of our questions. some of these witnesses have already left the department which means the inspector general does not have jurisdiction and there are other agencies like the state department, the doj has no jurisdiction whatsoever. over the weekend i counted up almost two dozen witnesses that the inspector general would not have access to were he alone conducting this investigation. i think we are trending perhaps towards another special counsel, because of this unique pattern and the fact that there are witnesses outside the reach of
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the inspector general. >> harris: ryan, i see a smile. >> brian: i don't want to see another special counsel. it's a huge distraction. get it over with, get going on it. america has this hanging over our heads. just when you think these people should get over it you talk to somebody who's involved, you talk to somebody involved -- it totally hurts every other thing they're working on. with this president in particular, he can't go out russia until he finds out he's clear from russia. everything is hanging in hyperspace. >> harris: that is an interesting way of looking at it. >> kennedy: the umbrella can be cast so wide and it's interesting to see what can get sucked up inside of that. there is no accountability, there is an endless budget and i think if this is the way we expect accountability from now on, to appeal to a series of
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special councils, it is really going to hurt our democracy. what is the ultimate goal from this? is to break down every presiden president? >> trish: this was the goal from the beginning. confusion, chaos, making sure he's using our openness, our transparency and are very democracy, the things that make us great against us. >> harris: talking about the broad nature of it, of course he can go at his own pace, he spending our money doing it. >> jessica: he's also doing important stuff, too. >> brian: i hope so. >> jessica: i do think it is important. >> harris: we will revisit this in a different way a little bit later in the program. the russia investigation which now seems to be expanding into something with nothing at all to do with russia. whether the scope of mueller's
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probe has gone too far afield. i mentioned to the taxpayer dollars. we are watching the white house where we will hear from the president as he meets with israel's prime minister, benjamin benjamin netanyahu. on the agenda, the move of the u.s. embassy and what to do with iran's threats now. stay close. >> if we don't come up with the strategy, we are going to make israel pretty soon. ♪ you do all this research
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>> kennedy: this is a fox news alert, we expect to hear from president trump and benjamin netanyahu at any moment as the leaders meet at the white house. expected to top their agenda, the u.s. embassy's upcoming move to jerusalem. and of course iran amid growing tension that the trump administration may not be doing enough to crack down on israel's archenemy. lindsey graham warning that war may be imminent because the u.s. has been awol, his words on mideast policy. watch. >> the last thing on my mind right now is the peace process.
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we are about to have a war between israel and hezbollah in southern lebanon. we have no policy as the united states regarding the russian-iranian access to southern lebanon. they are developing precision guided weapons, i would focus on containing around rather than pushing a peace process that's broken. if we don't come up with the strategy against iran, we are going to make israel go to war pretty soon. >> kennedy: jared kushner on mideast peace reportedly will be attending the meeting. this has the white house downplaying him recently losing his top-secret security clearance. >> this is the fifth time president trump has met with prime minister netanyahu since the presidency, the second time at the white house.
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the relationship is only grown closer since the announcement of the u.s. embassy's move to jerusalem was made last decembe. the two are expected to discuss the embassy move, among many other issues. he is also encouraged the president to attend the official opening of the embassy in may. it is something mr. trump clearly would like to do if a formal invitation comes as we expected to. the pressing issue on the table has to be the growing tension between us as below and southern lebanon and israel. tensions between iran and israel have been escalating, the most recent example of that is that shooting down an israeli or f-16 last month by a syrian antiaircraft fire, on a mission to destroy iranian drones at a base deep in the syrian desert. israel also shot down an iranian drone in february over israeli
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airspace. benjamin netanyahu warned iran not to test israel's resolve. also expected to be on the day's agenda, the israeli-palestinian peace process which appears to be going nowhere afterward of the embassy move. add to that mix the sudden lower stature of jared kushner as a presidential advisor. he was spearheading the palestinian-israeli negotiations but his cachet at the white house has been greatly diminished, as has his security clearance. although we have heard is you just said that he will be attending today's meeting. lastly, look for the two leaders to express consolation to each other in regards to their legal troubles. we have just learned that three of mr. netanyahu's trusted advisors have now turned state witness and a corruption trial. they can control console themss about their respective legal
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issues. >> kennedy: a lot to analyze and discuss here, obviously a critically important relationship. is it harmed at all by jared kushner's demotion of his top security clearance, and do they have to alter the content of the meeting that's taking place right now? >> brian: who cares about middle east peace right now, that's on the tenth of my to-do list. the number thing is we need to figure out if we are going to be giving away two iran and turkey's benefit. when lindsey graham spends his week off going to jordan, when he goes over to israel and says we know the damage hezbollah did last time, that's the message. i don't blame the president for this, these people wake up in
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the morning with some type of game plan, can we please see it in syria and to protect israel? >> harris: is this the time to question the reports that there is maybe a little dissent among a couple of those generals? >> brian: i think there is. >> harris: these are also master at multitasking, masters of multitasking, they should be able to do it all. is this the time to at least ask the question, does that get in the way? >> brian: i would say number one, let's do debate of the plan, let's find out if this is bad or good, can i see it? >> kennedy: it speaks to the complexity particularly in syria, there is so much that could go wrong here and when you have israel engaging and things really heating up and shooting planes out of the sky, defending themselves, how important is it for the u.s. and israel to be on the same page?
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>> trish: it goes without saying, we need to be on israel's page, we should have been a longtime alliance with israel. one step in the right direction is putting the embassy in jerusalem but don't forget, the syrians and the russians are in bed together. we are not backing him and that can't be okay because if the iranians and syrians are able to work with the russians, that is obviously a direct hit not just against israel but against us as well. you brought up in the beginning, this investigation, in many way ways, the administration's hands are tied when it comes to dealing with this important stuff. >> kennedy: there is a lot to sure with this meeting. obviously israel is very pleased about the u.s. moving the embassy to jerusalem. every administration has
9:23 am
promised that. is that problematic for you at all, what stands out for you? >> jessica: it's not problematic for me at all. this is one of the things chuck schumer was pushing the president to do. going down decades it's been a consistent problem, we can't pin it on obama. i think this is a meeting that president trump is going to really enjoy, he's with somebody he feels great camaraderie with. they've been friends long before he became president of the united states. i think they make each other feel good about what they're doing and they have a vision for how things should work there, with israel up here and everybody else down here. but i think focus on iran, mike pence was playing around with a decertification of the iran deal. you have rex tillerson and others saying the deal is working. i don't think they will move on that but they have a lot to talk about. the priority is peace and safety and i'm sure that's what will be
9:24 am
top of the mind. >> kennedy: no easy answers, that's for sure. we will see some of the remarks between the president and the prime minister right here. president trump cracking jokes about himself and some top administration officials over the weekend. whether the move could ease tensions between the president and the press. plus a new report signaling the special counsel's investigation is widening well beyond russian meddling. should the white house be worried and is it fair game? we will discuss in moments when we return. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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i grew up in the projects and so home ownership was not an option for us. i am taking the steps to own a home because i want my children to know it's all so that they can have a better life. oh my gosh. this is amazing. we're so much closer to home ownership. >> harris: the president and prime minister of israel are meeting inside the white house right now. you saw the arrival moments ago, we showed you that live. walking in as the car had
9:29 am
arrived at the white house. we will continue to watch the situation because we know they are meeting and as soon as we get that it will be fresh and new from inside the white house playing out in its entirety so you can see for yourself. possibly an invitation to attend the movement that is scheduled right now for may. big news, we will take you there as it happens. new questions about the scope of robert mueller's russia investigation. now a new report says the special counsel has questioned george nader, an advisor and de facto ruler over the united arab emirates over whether that country tried to gain political influence by putting money into president trump's 2016 campaign. judge andrew napolitano earlier. >> i am aware of the criticism
9:30 am
of the special counsel because there seems to be no limit to what they do and there seems to be a tendency to want to justify their behavior. i have made it a long with a lot of other colleagues. it would be absolutely misconduct in office if bob mueller overlook something like this. >> brian: this is unbelievable, they find a guy that used to be the arab prince, they dealt with him in the early 2000s because he was a broker to get business in the middle east. it's not unusual to try to get influence in the brand-new administration. >> kennedy: are the potential administration, the uae donated a lot of money to the clinton administration. >> brian: a lot of people did the. >> trish: picking up on what
9:31 am
brian and kennedy said, a lot of people donating money to the clinton foundation and that's a topic for a whole other day. you do see that all around the world they try to buy a favor for a favor which i think is going to be in charge. >> harris: a very important meeting between president trump, they will be talking about a ran, often called the archenemy of israel. what will happen there? they will talk about the fact that we are shoring up in a very demonstrative way our support of israel moving forward by putting our embassy inside jerusalem. you've got the two men inside the white house right now, they are meeting. this is the iconic view of the two of them, let's watch together. >> they don't like covering us. they like us.
9:32 am
thank you very much, it's a great honor to have prime minister netanyahu and mrs. netanyahu with us, they have been friends for a long time. we would say we probably have the best relationships with israel we've ever had. jerusalem was a wonderful thing, i know it was very much appreciated in a big part of the world, not just in israel. that was a decision we had to make, many presents were discussing whether or not to make that decision and they promised it in their campaigns but they never were able to do what they should have done so i was able to do it and i think it's something that is very much appreciated in israel but far beyond israel. we are very close on trade deal deals, we are very, very close on military and terrorism and all the things we have to work together on. the relationship has never been better and mr. prime minister,
9:33 am
it's a great honor to have you. >> thank you. thank you. mr. president, we want to thank you for your extraordinary friendship. it's always a pleasure to see you both but this is the first time we've met in washington, america's capital after you declared mr. president jerusalem as israel's capital. this was a historic proclamation followed by your bold decision to move the embassy by our upcoming national independence day. i want to tell you the jewish people have a long memory. we remember 25 202500 years age remember 100 years ago, the
9:34 am
proclamation that recognized the rights of the jewish people. we remember seven years ago, president harry truman was the first leader to recognize the jewish faith. and we remember how president donald j. trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. mr. president, this will be remembered by our people throughout the ages. others talked about it, you did it. i want to thank you on behalf of the people of jerusalem and i want to -- i look forward to our discussions on both challenges and opportunities. if i had to say what is our greatest challenge in the middle east, it's encapsulated in one word. iran. iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions, it came out
9:35 am
of this nuclear deal emboldened, enriched, and i think we have to stop this country. iran must be stopped. that is our common challenge. because of that challenge, to exploit the opportunity, the arabs have never been closer to israel and israel has never been closer to the arabs. i look forward to those discussions but i want to just reiterate. mr. president, i've been here for nearly four decades, seeking to build the american-israel alliance. it's never been stronger. the people of israel see your position and see your position on iran, they see your magnificent defense of israel
9:36 am
and i as a prime minister see something u.s. presidency but others cannot see. our intelligence and other corporations, and manners that are vital for the security and mr. president i just want to say thank you for your leadership and thank you for your tremendous friendship. >> president trump: thank you very much. they have started as you know construction. we will be talking about that and other things. we are looking at it. we will have it built very quickly, a lot of people wouldn't be doing it quickly like that. we will have a bill quickly and inexpensively. they put an order in front of my desk last week for a billion dollars. we are going to build an embassy. we are not going to spend a billion dollars and we are doing
9:37 am
it for about $250,000. check that out. it will be very nice. $250,000 versus a billion dollars. is that good? we are looking, if i can i well, i will be there again, israel is very special to me, a special country, special people and i look forward to being there and i'm very proud of that decision. >> reporter: when will you present your peace deal? >> president trump: we will see. it would be a great achievement even from a humanitarian standpoint, what better than if we could make peace between israel and the palestinians? i can tell you we are working very hard on doing that and i think we have a very good chance. the biggest difficulty anybody sad, you look over 25 years, nobody could get past jerusalem. we've taken it off the table.
9:38 am
this gives us a real opportunity to peace. we will see how it works out, the palestinians i think i'm wanting to come back to the table very badly. if they don't you don't have peace. you don't have peace. if they don't you don't have peace and that is a possibility also, i am not saying it's going to happen. everybody said this is the hardest deal to make of any dea deal. you say this is almost as bad as israel and the palestinians. you use it as an example. this is the hardest deal, years and years of opposition and hatred and a lot of things involved in this deal beyond the land and i will tell you if we could do peace between israel and the palestinians it would be a great thing for the world, it would be a great thing for this country and for everybody. we have a shot at doing it. thank you all very much, i appreciate it. thank you very much.
9:39 am
thank you very much. we are not backing down. mexico is -- we've had a very bad deal with mexico, very bad deal with canada, our factories have left our country, our jobs of left our country for many years, nafta has been a disaster. we are renegotiating as i said i would and if we don't make it deal i will terminate nafta but if i do make a deal, which is fair to the workers in the american people, that would be -- i would imagine one of the points we will negotiate. we will see what happens. right now, 100%, it could be a part of nafta. i just got a call from the people who are right now in mexico city negotiating nafta. mexico and really canada. if they aren't going to make a fair nafta deal we are going to leave it this way.
9:40 am
people have to understand our country on trade has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world. whether it's friend or enemy, everybody. china, russia, people that we think are wonderful, the european union. we can't do business, they don't allow it, they have trade barriers that are worse than tariffs. far worse than tariffs, they have trade barriers. if they want to do something we will tax their cars they send in here like water. we may have friends but remember this, we lost over the last number of years $800 billion a year. not half a million dollars, not $0.12. $800 billion a year on trade. not going to happen, we've got to get it back. the biggest problem is china. we lost $500 billion.
9:41 am
how previous presidents allow that to happen is disgraceful but we are going to take care of it. thank you all very much, thank you. thank you. i don't think you're going to have a trade, i don't think so. >> thanks everyone. >> harris: a lot of the shouted questions on some important issues, let's do it kind of in reverse order, trish, you are leaning in big time. >> trish: you saw the markets reacting pretty aggressively to his comments. i think that what this really is about is negotiation strategy with nafta. he can make it more advantageous for canadians and mexicans to be trading with us especially when it comes to steel and aluminum
9:42 am
and a little less advantageous to the likes of china. we have a lot of economic power, it is time that we used it because it's not right that the chinese are out there trading with north korea despite signing on to sanctions. i would much rather in this case see a trade war than a real war. >> harris: he enumerated a couple of areas that he wanted to touch on. he said we must stop the country that "chance death to israel." >> kennedy: think of all the countries in the middle east that would love to hasten the demise of israel and iran is leading the charge for their own sake because they want dominance in that part of the world. they want to and the existence of israel. it's a bad deal, a horrible deal, i agree with that.
9:43 am
we've not found and efficient solution to fix the iran deal but something has to be done. >> harris: this president did something there was unanimous agreement on in previous congressional membership i should say and other presidents, to move our u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> jessica: he's doing it for only a quarter of a million dollars suddenly. that was interesting on the pricing there. i think we were talking about in an earlier segment, this is exactly what they came for, the moment they can sit there unified about moving the embassy to jerusalem. you can tell how important that is to the israeli people and something that's been promised for a long time. that was his moment for sure. >> kennedy: president trump dishing jokes at the expense of time's office top administration officials in washington this saturday. the commander in chief poked fun with his relationship with jeff
9:44 am
sessions saying "i offered him a right over and he recused himself." saying "we were late tonight because jared could not get through security." the president proving he's capable of laughing at himself as well. saying "i won't rule out direct talks with kim jong un but as far as the risk of dealing with the madman is concerned, that's his problem, not mine." >> kennedy: self-deprecation wears very well on him. is the setting him up on a bigger stage at the white house correspondents dinner? >> brian: he i think he is laying the groundwork to get it down, it shows. that last joke is not easy because you've got to get the verbiage right, he nailed it. i love the fact that he did it, i love the fact that people look at this and wonder if there's
9:45 am
foreign policy in there. it's jokes, people are having a good time. >> kennedy: it's nice to see the president taking jobs and making jokes. he gets a lot of criticism for being thin-skinned and not being able to deal with criticism but this shows he can give and take it. >> jessica: he has over his entire life, he loves to play around, that's why he liked hanging out during howard stern so much. he can be funny, during the campaign he talked about how baron runs the security and is better on the computer than everybody else. these are jokes that have serious implications when you become the president but i thought this was great, i hope he's at the correspondents dinner. i like the security clearance joke. >> brian: he gave up an hour of his time to be roasted on
9:46 am
comedy central which is so brutal it can't be televised. they beat up on him. >> harris: i thought it was interesting, the president took a topic that has become nuclear, that is a word to stick in there to describe extremely hot. the white house being calm, finally got things running like a smooth machine. >> trish: he's funny, he is extremely funny. i think it will buy him a little bit of energy with the press for a couple of hours. you do not underestimate how much people appreciate self-deprecation when you can laugh at yourself, he clearly has showed that he can. it goes a long way. >> jessica: and it shows that he didn't actually think that the press corps is who he calls them all the time. he would be more affable and
9:47 am
more like this, he still a little loose lipped. >> harris: he started with opening remarks that were going for the press. he understands the role they play and that is taking the high road. and you know how many people are on the high road? >> kennedy: they love it, they loved it with president obama, he is actually enjoying our polling boost right now, his numbers are pretty good and they will go even higher. devin nunes is reacting to a segment stephen colbert did mocking him and his release of that g.o.p. memo. he calls it a danger, whether he is right or whether it is just a joke. >> my own memo i have officially released today, i'm going to give you a sneak peek. it's been redacted. ♪
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♪ >> trish: growing questions about mainstream media bias. devin nunes walking to a segment on the late show with stephen colbert where the comedian went to capitol hill to interview lawmakers. >> i have my own memo that i have officially released today
9:52 am
and i am going to give you a sneak peak. it's been redacted. can you read what's on the memo? >> the memo says investigation update. devin nunes is -- and then it's redacted." >> could be anything, we don't know. do you have any guess as to what it might say underneath there? >> californian. former dairy farmer. >> former dairy farmer, really? he seems to be milking it right now. >> trish: neil cavuto asked what he thought about the segment, here's the reaction. >> i think this is the example of the danger we have in this country, the left controls not only the universities in this country but they control hollywood in this country and
9:53 am
then mainstream media. so it is -- conservatives in this country are under attack and i think this is a great example of it. >> kennedy: without a doubt, conservatives are under attack but he didn't have to do the stephen colbert stuff. >> brian: they watched two people comment on him as he walked through capitol hill. what he's pointing out is if you look at every late-night show and almost every news show, they are all lined up against republicans in particular. he probably wouldn't beyond the air right now if he didn't decide to turn his bazooka on donald trump every single night for 20 minutes. jimmy fallon has straddled the line a little bit, will take his shots. >> trish: you don't have to watch it. i don't watch stephen colbert.
9:54 am
>> harris: we talked about the president a little bit ago, i think he is being thin-skinned. i think it diminishes his place in this entire conversation when he responds. yes, universities are controlled by communists. the mainstream media, absolutely it certainly has more democratic adherence but you know what, do your job. have a good message, so your plan and people will vote following the logic and i don't think he has to respond the way he did. >> trish: we know all that, we know universities are the way they are, we know the media is the way they are. he should know that. >> kennedy: whining about it doesn't change it. >> jessica: in terms of the university issue, i do wish there was more diversity of thought on every campus and we
9:55 am
should encourage young conservatives to show up an interview at places that are typically liberal and if they don't get accepted we can have a conversation about that kind of thing. i don't consider late-night the same as mainstream media. that's 11:30 at night, most people are asleep then. for me and my friends. i think that's a little bit different. what you mean his people on tv jabbering all day, to be fair. the second point about this is about adam schiff. i think if you are on such a sensitive committee, if you are a cornerstone of an investigation of this level of importance, you shouldn't do that. it's not because i don't think it was funny, but you want to be able to show up on the sunday shows and be taken deadly seriously about your memo and if you are joking around about it, i don't care if it's on the left or the right, it complicates the
9:56 am
issue is for americans who are now tuning this out, they are saying the russia investigation is a joke because it was on at 11:35 at night making a joke. >> kennedy: more "outnumbered" in a moment, stay right t here. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> thank you so much to the one and only brian. you're going to be up bright and early on fox and friends. you really go to bed at 2:00 in the afternoon? >> yes i do.
10:00 am
i'm usually napping. >> shot out of cannon for another great week. thank you so much. we're back right here tomorrow noon eastern. here's harris. >> there are conflicting signals coming out of the special counsel investigation into russian election meddling. signs that maybe ramping up rather than wrapping up. where is it heading? let's go to "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. grand jury and paneled by robert mueller sent subpoena to up named witness. it request years of communication of president trump and former campaign official. the special counsel is looking into foreign influence on the campaign by another nation. other than russia. chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris join us now from washington. >> reporter: fox news can


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