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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tune in at every night at 8:00 for a show that hates lying and smugness. good night from washington. sean hannity is right now. >> sean: thank you, tucker. great show. welcome to "hannity."ig we have major breaking news. no evidence, none, of trump-russia collusion. that is the major finding from the house intelligence committee. that is with the republican ending this phase of the russia investigation. this now confirms everything we have been telling you. yet, the media, the democrats, have been flat-out lying foree over a year. and they have created a russia collusion conspiracy theory all in an effort to delegitimize and smear t president trump. republicans on the intel committee are also finding that president obama did nothing to counter russian election interference and hete was warned for years and vladimir putin did not have a preference for then candidate trump. also tonight, and this is a massive development, sara carter reporting that sources
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confirming to the show thert house intel committee has evidence showing former obama director of national intelligence james clapper allegedly leaked information to cnn about president trump and president obama being briefed about the fake news dossier. what did obama know? when did he know it? trump unloads on the liberal media at a raucous rally in pennsylvania. tonight in "hannity" exclusive, mike pence, will react to the massive fisa abuse scandal. tonight, we have a package bomb killing a teenager and wounding two women in austin, texas. we will update you throughout the hour on the very scary story as part of tonight's breaking news opening monologue.ry ♪ >> sean: all right. major developments. this is a big night tonight in the russia investigation. now the big breaking news, the house intel committee has now ended what has been a 14-month investigation in this phase of
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the russian probe. it's starting to release details of what it has uncovered. in this particular case on we still have fisa abuse, uranium one, unmasking scandal and the clinton bought and paid for dossier. this is not included tonight. the take-aways from the house intel committee zero evidence -- let me repeat. none. no evidence showing collusion between the trump campaign and russia. i hope robert mueller and his merry band of the democratic partisans and donors and witch hunters are all watching tonight. their investigation should be shut down immediately. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein needs to be investigated. we will explain that.os he is rushing to mueller's defense, saying that the defense, saying that the special counsel is "not an unguided missile." rosenstein is trying to cover himself because the newns information proves that mueller is in and has been in a giant witch hunt. also tonight, the media, the democrats, this is what you
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have to take away from this. t this has been going on for nearly 18 months. they have been lying to you.u. they have perpetuated one of the biggest hoaxes in americanon history. we'll have more in a minute. here are the other key findings from the g.o.p. members on the house until committee. there is a pattern of russian attacks against america's key allies in europe. russian hackers use social media. in 2015, 2016, as we have been telling you, to sell political discord within the united states. president obama was warned in 2014 and he did nothing to stop vladimir putin and russia, even though he was warned specifically that this is happening. theee committee agrees with the intelligence community's overall assessment on russian interference but they find that vladimir putin did not have a preference for candidate donald trump. congressional republicans are also making very clear -- ms is important -- the only ms part of the investigation thatas
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closed regarding russia closed regarding russia that is it. they will still be probing what is unresolved issues involving the unmasking scandal, fisa abuses, and of course the clinton phone he bought and paid for a russian dossier. of also, a major development, sara carter reporting an exclusive revelation about james clapper. clapper allegedly leaked a fake news cnn information that then t donald trump and president barack obama were briefed about a phony dossier. the claims of course that russians have compromising information on president-elect trump. sources are also telling sara carter tonight that clapper was in contact with cnn's jake tapper at roughly the same time that cnn published a report about president-elect trump and president obama being briefed about the dossier.t if you remember, this created a
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huge, massive fire storm and it helped to lay the groundwork for the medias never ending hysteria, breathless, trump-russia collusion conspiracy theory that they have been pushing ever since. sourcess are also telling us tonight, clapper was either cnn's original source or the confirming source about the report of my dossier. what's even more pathetic and more sleazy is that after allegedly leaking information tn cnn, clapper then put out a statement back in january of 2017. it reads in part, "this evening i had the opportunity to speak with president-elect donald trump to discussus recent media reports about our briefing last friday. i expressed my profound dismay at the weeks that have been appearing inar the press. we both agree they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security." clapper was lying through his teeth. he was one of the leakers. sincee then, by the way, the t former director of national intelligence has been doing everything and anything possible to prop up this phony clinton
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bought and paid for dossier. watch this. >> with respect to the dossier itself, the key thing is, it doesn't matter who paid for it. it is what the dossier said and the extent to which it is. corroborated or not. >> >> sean: we reached out to james clapper for a statement, he works for fake news cnn, and a spokesperson declined to comment brady did not that the story appears to be about leaking information that was not classified or sensitive. so clapper is not outright denying it, what styles he pretty much everything you need to know. we have, for over a year, been out here, almost an island unto ourselves, as we have been covering the scandal and telling you, as shocking as what is being exposed, is only the tip of therg iceberg. the house intelligence committee, 14 months, is still conducting very important investigations. they have nothing to do with donald trump. but they do have to do with unmasking rats an unprecedented level, unprecedented use of the
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fisa law, and of course, the clinton bought and paid for faye's fake news dossier. you've been lied to for over a year. now back to the other findings. they proved what we have been telling you for over a year that thed media and the democrats hae lied to you. there is no trump-russia collusion. take a look at this disgraceful coverage as a means of remembering what we've been saying. >> a dizzying 24 hours in the russian investigation. no longer just entering toward the president. this morning, it is more like careening. >> i think this is a potentially more dangerous situation than watergate, a very dangerous moment. that is because we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> donald trump is afraid a political hurricane is out there
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at sea for him. we'll call it hurricane vladimir if you will come of the whole russia thing. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> there is outright treason. there is no question authority is doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> tom friedman's at the is at the caliber of a pearl harbor or a 9/11. do agree with that? >> i>> completely agree with th. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> sean: the only one who had anything to do with russia that tried to propagate falls russian information was hillary! her bought and paid for russian dossier. anyone with half a brain could see that there was no collusion. tonight, the media in this country should beun apollo's apologizing to you, the american people, for spreading outside a year. theyoo look like complete and
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utter fools. leading the way is the ranking democrat one the house until committee, congressman i want to work at fake news conspiracy tv adam shift. take a look at this painful and this pathetic evolution of so-called trump-russia collusion that we now know never happened and doesn't exist. >> what do you got? >> chris, i unfortunately i cano into the evidence. >> you have something hard that you can't reveal? >> i can't reveal that.o >> there is one thing to say there's evidence. there is another thing to say we can prove this or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt or there is enough evidence to bring to a grand jury for t purposes of a criminal indictment. >> i don't think we can say anything definitively at this point. we are still at the very early stages of the investigation. >> last march he said you had more than circumstantial evidence of treasonous collusion with russia. what specifically were you referring to and please be specific because of its true, ih do believe americans have the right toav know what that is.
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>> while i certainly said that there is ample evidence of collusion. i've never used the word treason, only steve bannon has used that word. but if you look at the facts that are already in the public domain, they are pretty damning >> sean: that said? you have no evidence! and adam shift near the entire time there was no collusion. yet he went on tv, some 250 times since the inauguration and lied his face off red congressman is the epitome of a left-leaning partisan hack. like we were telling you, house republicans are finding outut hi did nothing to stop russian election interference. congressman devin nunes started warning that president obama about russian and election interference in 2014. obama ignored every single warning sign. here's a headline from nunes, an op-ed he wrote in
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"the washington times," and heok writes "the bear out there." that means russia. the house until chair goes on to detail the direct threat that was posed by putin and the russians. this is 2014! what's worse is that while all this russian interference was beginning to happen and was happening, obama just before the election tried to shame then candidate donald trump, telling him to stop whining about an election possibly being rigged, because that could never happen. remember this. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig america's elections, in part because they are so decentralized, and the numbers of folks involved. there is no evidence that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time. and so, i'd advise mr. trump to
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stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> sean: no serious person could ever believe that -- oh, i don't hillary lost and you needed a big excuse. then we'll believe it. democrats shouldes be ashamed of themselves tonight.ew all of this new information is revealing what they really, really are all about. total frauds, partisan hacks. they c don't care what they put the country through for 18 months now. democrats have the opportunity. obama had the opportunity to stop russia. after the candidate lost, it couldn't happen, but it did happen because then it was about delegitimizing and sparing president trump to divert attention away even though obama said it could never happen. this is only the start. i told you this was the year of the boomerang. there's a lot that still needs to be investigated. we'll stay on it. it will be investigated. we do know the obama administration unmasking members of the trump campaign at an
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unprecedented level. of course, trump campaign associates. as the clones had bought and paid for dossier, we still need to get to the truth of matter. hillary clinton didn't care about paying for our false information, russian government lies, to influence an election. the fbi took that completely unverified dossier, they have a legal and ethical and protocol obligation to do it themselves. they lied to a fisa judge, they never verified, they never corroborated, they never told the judge glinted paid for it.or to get a warrant to spy on the member of the opposition party c campaign during an electioner year. remember the grassley-graham memo, the dossier that made up the bulk of the fisa application. the former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe testifying, no dossier, they want and have been a fisa application. they never verified. they never checked. they didn't care. this is the biggest abuse of power scandal in the history of this country.
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it is the biggest corruption scandal and its only beginning. sit tight, be patient. i know for a fact more information is coming. also breaking tonight, and a "hannity" exclusive, vice president's mike pence is reacting to several major breaking news stories. here's what he had to say about combating russian election interference. let's take a look. >> sean: the russians wanted to sow discord in the last election. get your general thoughts on how to counter that, especially in the day and age where everything is digital, on computers, and somebody can be sitting in an office anywhere in the world on be trying to interrupt what is going on in this country? >> vice president pence: what's clear now is that russian individuals and elements, may be other countries, solitude, and your words, so discord in the sy using the internet to do it. that v is one of the reason whya variety of agents and our administration are taking dramatic steps to make sure that that does not happen again.
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we'lll continue to support efforts to hold those individuals to the fullest account of the law. >> sean: i also asked vice president about the growing fisa abuse scandal and here's what he said on that issue. >> sean: andrew mccabe, former deputy fbi director, said no dossier, no application for a fisa warrant. soe. it played a big role. they didn't tell the court that in fact hillary clinton's campaign paid for it. and then they tried to corroborated but it was the same source adding a yahoo news article. it was deceptive toward thed court. the whole issue of fisa abuse is now front and center. does that sound to you like fisa abuse do you? does that sound like fisa abuse? >> vice president pence: well, we'll know when all the facts are out. the american people have a right to know. whatever the mechanism is for that, i think it's important that if there were actions taken that were inconsistent with the
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fisa courts or other respects relevant to the law, that they need to be addressed and fully vetted. >> sean: we'll have a lot more of the exclusive interview with the vice president coming up later tonight. first, president trump also this week, he even serrated, absolutely eviscerated, and rightly so, the lying liberal my this weekend in pennsylvania. the media, they have been trying to utterly destroy this president. just like always, he is refusing to back down. instead, he's firing back. this is vintage donald trump, a big media take down. take a look. >> washington, d.c., has got a lot of evil they are. but we are getting it out step-by-step. a lot of evil. a lot of bad people. a lot of bad people, a lot of fake media. look at them. lot of fake media. it's 1999, i am on "meet the press," a show now headed by sleepy eyes chuck todd, he's a sleeping son of a [bleep], i'll
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tell you, a certain anchor on cnn, fake new cnn. their ratings are lousy. compared to fox, their ratings --ha nbc is perhaps worse than cnn. i have to tell you. and msnbc's horrible! everyone there is laughing, having a great time, i'm joking about being president -- donald trump, with his dictatorial attitude, now wants toor be president for life. you know. fake news! >> sean: fake news, lying news, propaganda news, misinformation news, it's all true. the media are apoplectic after being called out for the extreme bias. they started trashing president trump. there is a reason why you come of the american people, do not trust the fake news media. you s should not. they have an agenda. the agenda is clear, it is obvious, transparent, and the president will not let them get away with it any longer. in 2007, i said journalism is
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dead. it has been for years and tonight we have even more proof. look at this. a recent column for "the guardian" former "new york times" executive editor jill abramson makes this creepy admission that further exposes her liberal bias. the head of "the new york times" writing, "it's easy to look at what's happening in d.c. and despair. that's why i carry a little plastic obama doll in my purse. i pull them out every now and then to remind myself that the united states had a progressive african-american president until very recently. some people find this strange." you think? you have to take comfort where you can find it and donald trump's america." really? and obama comfortt all? we got to get one of those over to chris matthews asap. first running is not to react our top. story, house and committeebe member, utah member chris stewart. fox news contributor jason chaffetz. congressman stuart, i look at
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these revelations, it is spectacularly stunning. 14 months and no evidence of collusion, no evidence ofon collusion, coordination, conspiracy between a trump campaign and the russians. none, zero, zip. >> it's been a long time, as you said, 15 months, roy interviews somethingwe like 73 witnesses, something like 310,000 documents. but this can't surprise anyone. it really just can't. how long haveee you been saying that? along and you have i been saying it? for heaven sakes, dianne feinstein said this. james clapper said this. and i challenge mr. adam schiff, who seems to think that based on secret evidence that he can't reveal, two things are not. one, does anyone in the world believe that there was evidence of collusion, and it would not have been leaked under the circumstances that we've seen? of course it would. you would already know about it. the second thing, this is such an important point, sean. we've been accusing people of
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conspiracy entries and at the end of the day, these people are innocent. aren't these others who oppose with the republicans have said -- are they willing to come forward and say, maybe we got this wrong. it's not fair to these individuals to keep this cloud over them when they're just isn't evidence. >> sean: while side. congressman chaffetz, i'll read again. no evidence of collusion, coordination, conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians. it goes on, how anti-trump research made its way from russian sources to the clinton campaign, that would be the campaign, that would be the contacts between senior intelligence community officials and the media. they lied, they leaked, and they provided misinformation to the american media that ran with all of it. >> adam schiff has proved that hehe is a political hack at the highest level. he's an embarrassment to the united states congress. he's an embarrassment to the intelligence committee. it is just shameful what he has
10:21 pm
done. the second part is, the only thing that we actually have evidence of is that hillary clinton tried to break the election against bernie sanders, and then she goes out and spends millions and millions of dollars working with the russians to develop this fake dossier that makes its way and it's treated a as it's the gospel. it was not. there was abuse along the way. >> sean: congressman, the irony, even in the last two weeks, all of a sudden adam schiff changing his tune. he knows he's been lying for over 14 months. how are we to deal with people that are willing to drag the country through the mud to advance their light in their narrative? >> there's a couple points on this one. at the end of the day, the american people aren't stupid and they can look at the evidence or the lack of evidence and they can draw their own conclusion. then, when they hear others say, just trust me, there is evidence come we just can't share it with you, ihi think they begin to be
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suspicious about obviously, at the minimum, and they begin to reflect back on as individuals who do that. once again, sean, and your monologue, there was so much talk about. h oh my heavens, we could spend hours. but the important point is this. what if the fbi, what did they do day -- doj do? were they acting ethically? this investigation has some very important points to pursue. we need to know that to the american people to not just end here, but in a practical way, a nondramatic way, a nonpartisan right, continue with this other line of questioning to tell them that as well. >> sean: i've got to run. we are going to break down this week on my show a 14 14, 18 moh lie. more on the breakingit information.
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aa dangerous situation in austi, texas, involving three separate bomb attacks. sara carter on her brand-new report about james clapper. a lot coming up prayed straight ahead. the end gregg jarrett. we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz. try it for as little as $5 a month.
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>> sean: this is a fox news >> sean: this is a fox news alert. our top story tonight, the republicans on the house until committeecaap have wrapped up te investigated phase of their russian program tonight, they release their conclusion. none, zero, zip, no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. joining us now, fox news contributor sara carter. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. let's start with you on the number one -- we have known it. the media kept pushing it. you noticed when schiff, the last two times he was interviewed, "the evidence is
10:28 pm
already out there." no, ite. is not out there. dianne feinstein, even maxine waters cad wow said no smoke, no fire. it's because there was never any evidence of collusion. it was always a hoax. the fbi knew this but nevertheless, they tried to be really clever. they launched a counterintelligence probe which gave them more latitude and they used that as a pretext to investigate donald trump as a criminal and his associates. and all of these accusations, by the media and by democrats, with their hair on fire, amounted to nothing. carter page giving a speech in moscow, the trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. bartok with papadopoulos. >> sean: four way hearsay. four by! >> all of these things are not crimes. collusion and a criminal company and is not criminal. there is not a crime to talk to a russian.
10:29 pm
these are all normal interactions that occur if you are a u.s. senator, jeff sessions,th or you have contacts with foreign governments during political campaigns. it was never collusion. >> sean: i want to ask you about rod his message tonight really ticks me off. let me go to sara carter. this other aspect of what we are learning from the house until committee, that former director of national intelligence james clapper leaked to cnn and then he feigns outrage about leaks to donald trump in the news media, when he's the leaker. >> it appears there was some sort of collusion, not with russia, but with people in the obama administration and the media. part of that was discovered during this 14 month long investigation. they say there is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that clapper did speak with cnn prior to jake tapper publishing the story on cnn and actually going on air with it.
10:30 pm
this is what is interesting. it was about the briefing that was given by senior-level obama administration officials, including clapper. it included john brennan and others like mike rogers and james comey about the dossier. as soon as that became public, and cnn, the rest of the media, which had ignored thenc dossier since the summer of 2016, because they were too afraid to publish itt because it was salacious, all of a sudden jumped on board and said, there must be something here. cnn just reported about the briefing that was conducted within president-elect and obama. it was a snowball effect and did actually propagated the disinformation that the russians had fed about president trump. >> sean: unbelievable. y gregg jarrett. this is rodou rosenstein. he, in my opinion, his relationships with mueller, james comey, mccabe, must be brought out into the daylight.
10:31 pm
he comes out tonight, the special counsel is not an unguided missile. i don't believe there is any justification at this point for terminating the special counsel. why? now they can set perjury traps, now that there is no russia has has-trump collusion, let's movee finances of jared kushner, like, where was that in the original mandate or investigation? investigative creep is the biggest problem with these special counsel's. >> r rosenstein rooted in his appointment assignment to robert mueller. he also violated the special counsel when he selected robert mueller. you have to -- if you read the law very carefully, you have to have evidence of a crime. there was never any evidence of a crime. and yet he appointed a special counsel to investigate in search of a crime. >> sean: because of his buddy,ur
10:32 pm
james comey, who you think is the most foolish man on the earth to goo on a book to her. >> if he answers tough questions honestly, he could be persecuted. >> sean: i think we already have enough information on him and violations of law. you agree? >> i agree. he obstructed justice in the hill are clued in place and he leaked to the documents to the media.ig that's a crime. >> sean: this is the biggest abuse of power in the entire media in this country and every one of those lying adam schiff democrats, they've been lying. i want to go back to this report tonight, sara carter, if i may read from this. no evidence of collusion, coordination, conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians. how anti-trump research, dossier, made its way fromss russian sources to the clinton campaign and the problematic were justhich you talking about, leaks with the intelligence community and the media.
10:33 pm
okay. the biggest problem that they discovered as far as russia was clinton's dossier. she paid for it and it was used as the bulk of evidence for the for the fisa warrant against the trump campaign in the lead after the election. >> that's true, sean. that is a crucial point that they make in this one page draf draft. the information from russia have made its way to the clinton campaign, made its way to the dossier, and did exactly whato. vladimir putin had hoped it would do. when you think of a disinformation campaign. it went wild. it spread across the news media. everyone was propagating what the russians wanted, to sow chaos and discord. in effect, it was the clinton campaignpr unwittingly, possibl, spreading these lies and this disinformation -- >> sean: wait a minute. for my perspective, the fbi never verified it. if they're going to present it to the fisa court, they must
10:34 pm
verify it. by their own procedures and protocols, they are supposed to verify it. fusion gps never verified it. the fbi never verified it. >> you're absolutely right. that is spread that. that was wittingly inside the united states. the information that christopher steele was collecting, no one did their due diligence, particular the fbi. i want to go back to the statement about comey. former senior high officials today, one of the things.b they said, if comey is up isn't investigated, there is a problem here because there should be a balance of justice and he leaked information. he leaked his classified memos. nobody knows when he actually took those memos from the fbi and he leaked them and they went into the media. thereno is a another leaker. it wasn't just clapper. it was clapper, as well. on waiting and waiting use of the dossier. >> he said under oath, by the way, that he had never leaked
10:35 pm
anything to the media. and then we learned later by his own admission, he leaked to the media. >> sean:he there's so much more. i talked to my sources, i know sara talk to her sources, this doesn't include unmasking, this doesn't include the dossier, this doesn't include the corrupt uranium one deal. this is but the dash this is a small sliver. what i'm trying to understand, how wein got to a point in this country where lives can literaly run this rampant and be this corrupt at the highest level in the fbi, intel committee, and our government. and the democrats, they spread to these lies. >> because the obama administration, for eight years, was enabling this and protecting people. i'll give you one example. james clapper, he is a known liar. he lied to congress and then he got caught. what if i lied to congress?
10:36 pm
>> he should have been charged with perjury. the obama administration protected him and we learned today through sara that he appears to be the leaker. >> sean: here's the big question for america tonight now that we know everything. it's coming to fruition. will we in this country follow the rule of law or will we have a dual justice system? >> this is why you need a second special counsel. >> sean: real quick, sara. never would have knownra. about this had president trump not been elected. think about that. >> sean: the great ironing. thank you, both. you've both been amazing and i know we have all taken heat for this and we've all been right from the get-go. there's so much more to come. i told you this would be the year of thehe boomerang. another major story we are following. hillary clinton just can't give it up. she's apparently still bitter, making excuses why she lost the election. this time to a foreign audience in india. listen to one of the reasons why she thinks some women voted for donald trump.
10:37 pm
>> we do not do well with white men and we don't do well with married white women. and part of that is an identification with the republican party and an ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. >> sean: i wonder how much she got paid for that little old speech. she also blasted president trump, essentially called his voters racists. really, hillary? watch. >> countries deserve the government they get. as america america deserve donald trump? what's gone wrong? >> i would have to say no, we did not deserve that.
10:38 pm
his whole campaign, "make america great again, was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you didn't like women getting jobs, youan don't want to see that indian american succeeding moree than you are, whatever your problem is, i'm going to solve itit. >> sean: anger, bitter, sore loser who paid for russian government propaganda and lies and still lost. joining us now, the host of "michelle malkin investigates, michelle malkin. fox news national security strategy of. only inasmuch as i want to talk about hillary is that the only thing we are learning tonight is in fact her campaign, how in fact again -- i'll read it directly -- how anti-trump research made its way from russia's sources to the clinton campaign. in other words, to lie to the american people. >> yeah, that's right. and the treachery and the
10:39 pm
anti-american sentiment that drove hillary clinton and bill clinton for that matter all of these years has bubbled up, seethed, and now she's overseas, trashing america, and in particular, american women for the loss it onlyul falls on her shoulders. thank you, blamery. that is her name. blamery. as if we don't have the laundry list of all of the people she's blamed other than herself for her loss, for her betrayal -- >> sean: including fox. >> fox's on my list. sexism, racism, misogyny. didn't we just finished celebrating international women's't day where we are supposed its effect on mike respect all women and he or she is trashing half of all of america'sic women? being brainwashed somehow? what about our free will, our choices, our desire for our families to have america that's
10:40 pm
great again. >> sean: you're right. dr. gorka, this is a massive development tonight. afterr 14 months, and mueller is still on the job. rosenstein is saying it doesn't matterns. he's actually going on, the special counsel is not an unguided missile. oh, yes, it is. it's out of control with their clinton donors, obama donors, no evidence of trump-russia collusion. the media's have lied, the democrats have lied, they have set it and s people still report it. how can this happen? >> sean, the most important >> sean, the most important is what we knew would happen all along. you knew it because he had that gut sense and because it's all -- all the amazing work your team was doing. i knew it because the president told me that they will never find anything because there is nothing. this is the ultimate boomerang.
10:41 pm
the boomerang to the dnc launched against donald trump in his administration -- >> sean: obama said i could never happen! he would have to be -- no serious person would ever believe it until hillary lost. >> lets translate what we now know, sean. this is the ultimate information operations campaign. vladimir putin managed to place russian disinformation lies about a presidential candidate into the u.s. system through hillary clinton, through the dnc, into the justice system, so it actually landed in front of a fisa court judge. that is the normative what we are talking about. have 40 seconds,. michelle malkin. the worst part of all this isni that they knew from the beginning and the only person that give us russian lies in my campaign was hillary. >> hillary clinton, that's right.
10:42 pm
at the clinton cash machine, that had benefited so greatly from betraying american values and betraying american law, why isn't hillary clinton and the dnc, as a conduit for this information, , by rk facing indictments and prosecution? we heard the mantra "walker up,," over the campaign cycle and we need to hear it again and again. >> is a criminal cartel, sean. >> sean: a big night. a lot more. when we come back, my exclusive one-on-one with mike pence.
10:43 pm
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>> sean: big news. fox news alert. republicans on the house intel committee releasing the initial findings after the committee ended this part of
10:47 pm
the ruse probe. >> sean: big news tonight. fox news alert. afraid to her book on some house until committee releasing their initial findings after they have ended this part of the russia probe. they collude no evidence of trump-russia collusion. they have been -- col we have bn lied to all this time. earlier, i sat down with mike pence for an exclusive interview and i asked the vice president about california refusing to -- 's. when you have sanctuary cities, sanctuary state of california. you have a defiant oakland mayor who is tipping off criminal illegal immigrants that i.c.e. and porter are coming their way. what should happen, the attorney general went as far as to say that they will use every tool that they have against the oakland mayor. a set of crime? is that obstruction of justice? >> vice president pence: we are a nation of laws. all of uss who take the oath of office to serve at every level, taketi an oath to the constitutn
10:48 pm
of the united states and for state officials, to the constitution of that state. you need to have an elected mayor, and oakland, california, saying that they don't need to d the laws of thee united states f america. >> sean: worse, they arepe helping people that have broken the law. >> vice president pence: the mayor's actions are disgraceful and adi couple levels. number one, she is setting aside her oath of office to uphold the law of the land. but secondly, and i spoke to the attorney generalal about this, e majority of individuals who are being targeted by immigrations and customs and enforcement had a criminal record. so for thehe mayor of oakland to warn them about the i.c.e. personnel, actually put the enforcement individuals at risk. that is utterly unacceptable. we need to fix a broken immigration system, we need to fix the system in a way that puts american citizens and american workers first. and we can do that. but the answer is not civil
10:49 pm
disobedience that we see in municipal governments and in the state of california that are simply saying, we will set aside the recognition of federal law, simply because we disagree with that. that's not how the american system works. and we'll continue to call on that mayor and on leaders around the country to respect the rule of law and put the safety and security of our law enforcement personnel first. >> sean: you recently had an incident,e comments made by joy behar of "the view" ," saying tt she called you to apologize, can you bring us behind-the-scenes and tell us what happened? she didn't say it publicly, although the original comments that she made about christianity were made publicly. >> vice president pence: well, sean, my christian faith is the most important thing in my life. my wife and i spent most mornings with a little bit of
10:50 pm
time with the bible at a little bit of time in prayer. we are very typical americans. i think the tens of millions of americans cherish their faith. so when i heard that abc had a program where myas christian fah had been described as a mentalwa illness, i thought it was important for me to speak out. not on my own behalf, you when i know that criticism comes with public life. but i felt that it was important that i defend the faith of tens of millions of americans against that kind of slander. and i did so. i gave joy behar a lot of credit. she picked up the phone, she called me, she was very sincere, and she apologized. one of the things my faith teaches me is grace. forgive as you have been forgiven. >> sean: so does mine but i'm not as good at it as you. >> vice president pence: i said to joy, of course i forgive you. that is part of my faith experience. but i did encourage her -- and i'm still encouraging her -- to use the forum of that program or
10:51 pm
some other public forum to apologize to tens of millions of americans who were equally offended by what she -- >> sean: it makes me question w the sincerity. you're right, it wasn't just a shout about you come out with a shot against anyone of faith. >> sean: for me it was never about me. >> sean: you don't't take it personally. >> no, i don't take it personally. but i just thought it was important in this moment that i speak out, on behalf behalf of the faith of tens of millions of americans. my hope is that with joy and others on the airwaves, come to appreciatete the meaning and ifi can say the joy of the faith that respected. >> sean: last question. 2018. we expected, democrats expected, the big, blue wave n in texas. that never happened. tomorrow thereoi is an important
10:52 pm
race going on in the pennsylvania 18th congressional district. a lot at stake for you, for the president, for the country. if, god forbid, nancy pelosi became the speaker again. >> well, it's -- the only thing at stake is everything if you like a growing economy, if you like 3 million new jobs, if you like a president rebuilding our military, america standing tall in the world, standing free for free, fair, reciprocal trade, appointing conservatives to the courts on cutting taxes, then what will happen in pennsylvania 18n tomorrow is about a whole lot more than the two candidates on the ballot in the fall election is just the same. the president and i both campaigned for rick saccone, he'll be a fantastic member of congress, wore the uniform of the united states for nearly two decades and has an extraordinary credentials. he was just endorsed by the
10:53 pm
"pittsburgh post-gazette" on sunday morning. that election, to me, and this fall's elections, are really more about the direction of the country. the people of pennsylvania have a great opportunity to send a message that they support the direction that the president -- >> sean: is it about "those crumbs" the nancy pelosi talks about? >> vice president pence: make noif mistake. the democrats took over the congress must falls elections. nancy pelosi will be speaker of the house again. we don't have to wonder what that will be like. i was in the congress the last time it happened, sean. it is all about raising taxes and more regulations and the dodd-frank bill that has killed community banking and lending to small business owners, and of course they forced obamacare on the country. the disaster that was. we know that they would want to turn back on the progress the president has made. that is why the president was in pennsylvania saturday night. that is why he and i are going to be campaigning all over the country because making sure that we reelect a strong,
10:54 pm
conservativey majorities on capitol hill to continue to partner with this president is exactly how we are going to keep making america great again. >> sean: mr. vice president, good to see you. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> vice president pence: great to see you, sean. >> sean: 2018 matters. we'll have a lot more as the year progresses. video of the day and hannity hotline next.
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>> sean: the video of the day. earlier during my exclusive interview with the vice president, ask them about north korea. here is what he said. >> president trump made it clear that the error of strategic patience is over. he's marshaled unprecedented diplomatic pressure on thero regime in north korea. this breakthrough -- and we hope it is a breakthrough -- as a result of the strong leadership the president has provided on the world stage. with north korea should know, what the world should know, is that we will not relent in our
10:59 pm
maximum pressure campaign. sanctions will remain on. we'll continue to bear that pressure on north korea until they abandon their missile programs once and once and for. >> sean: well set up. be following that story. time for the hannity hotline. >> sean: turned that into a drinking game. [laughs] anyway, no matter what i do, i can't win. whatever you want to say, sound off. 877-225-8587.
11:00 pm
that is the hannity hotline. before we go, don't forget, the faith-based film i produced is now available on dvd. is good for the whole family. it's at walmart, amazon, follow me on instagram. there she is. let not your heart be troubled. no evidence of collusion! no evidence of collusion! 18 months of adam schiff lies. put up or shut up. i am so sick of these people. look what they have done to the country. you and really have a beautiful conversation. i think the two of you will -- >> sean: reclaiming my time. she says the same thing in every speech. >> laura: sean, great show. thank you. good evening from washington. i'm ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." we have a ton of news including exclusive interview with the former white house chief of staff reince priebus. he get his take on


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