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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 1, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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train for president trump taking on illegal immigration today. our southern border is getting more dangerous then there are caravans of undocumented people coming in. we will go live to the winter white house. with the very latest. >> looking ahead to the change as president trump wants to make to the va leadership here we will talk more with exposed serious problems at a hospital in new hampshire. now running for congress. elizabeth: millions of christians celebrate easter today around the globe. we'll take you to a very special service at the lincoln memorial right here in washington.
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and of course, are very happy easter. welcome to america's news hq from washington. elizabeth brand. leland: nice that one of us got the message to wear pastels on easter. happy passover to render throughout the show with april fools. we start with a new set of the winter white house. the president down in mar-a-lago. president trump not taking an easter break from politics. before heading to church, he went on what you might say would be a twitter rant, saying democrats blew a deal on daca. peter doocy traveling on west palm beach. he doubled down on the streets when he saw the cameras. wright, peter? >> on this easter sunday, the president will feel the porous border and give permanent legal status to people giving temporary residency when they
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were brought to this country illegally as children. he's trying to do it all without the help of congressional democrats. >> they had a great, great chance, but will have to take a look. mexico has got to hope is that the border. they send them into the united states. can't happen that way anymore. >> resonant treated this border control agents are not allowed to properly do their job because of her decorous liberal democrat laws like catch and release getting more dangerous. caravans coming. republicans must go to "nuclear option" to pass tough laws now. a few minutes later happiness. but the big loads of people are all trying to take advantage of daca, they want in on the act. the caravan and the president appears to be referring to hundreds if not more than a thousand migrants making their way through mexico right now
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heading north towards the southern border to act for easter asylum according to the center for immigration daddies which is tracking their movements. there may soon be a real-time test of the trump administration's ability or willingness to stop illegal immigrants from walking into this country in places where there is no border wall. democratic critics are focused on the longer-term policy implications the president was hinting at. a virginia congressman john bier, democratic says this on twitter. the mask of deception and lies with which trump has tried to gaslight the country for months just fell away. no more daca deals. the true position was always anti-immigrant according to congressman buyer. the things that fell through a few months ago, fully funded order while, a deal for daca recipient now appear to be bubbling back up to the surface and it looks like they are at the top of the president post-easter to-do list.
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leland. leland: it is a very long to-do list. your ducey, thank you. elizabeth: attorney general jeff sessions has named a prosecutor to look into surveillance abuses by the fbi and doj. one man at the center of it all is firmer trump campaign carter page you told fox news he'd never spoken a donald trump in his life. your attorney is here with more. >> in the earliest days of the collusion investigation, a lot of people accuse carter page of being a traitor. now the congressional investigations upon the fbi and doj may have abused the foreign intelligence service to monitor associates of the trump campaign. he says he's starting to feel somewhat vindicated, though he does point out that his case is a prime example of the dangers that come from intelligence such as the trump dossier. >> similar to the iraq situation in early 2000, if you have fake
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intelligence and you were able to sell that to congress and the american people, one thing leads to another and you have a nice little conflict. >> attorney general jeff sessions announced a prosecutor would be investigating surveillance abuse, anti-trump buys that the doj and fbi in the handling of hillary clinton's female investigation. leading the investigation as u.s. attorney john uber from utah who will be working with the justice department inspector general. lawmakers have been calling for a second special counsel to undertake the effort in many argue that new investigation? the independence needed for complete credibility. >> i want a special counsel of the same determination and resources to look at abuses of the fisa process with the quick and the male a sham and the justice department. >> the attorney general is completely ruling out a special
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counsel bill john uber would make that determination in the course of his investigation. elizabeth: gear at 10a very much. to break down behind us and of course the week ahead. thank you for joining us. first and foremost if you want to get some of the fisa updates, but i want to talk to you about the traits that we are seen. obviously, a pentagon and then we thought maybe the border adjustment tax in 2017. what is your take on the news was made? >> trumpet madness talked about the pentagon to find the border wall. we also see the border protection agency come out now characterizing what's in the works for years before trump took office as part of the border wall initiative, essentially trying to take credit in perspective saying the proposal he called on the campaign trail is already in the
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works. kind of the pr messaging battle on the part of the administration as well. we are seeing trump trying to push ahead and get a lot of funding last month for the border wall. now is trying to take measures to make it ain't like he's out of the proposal. >> we heard the quick soundbite and he said listen, we need mexico's. what does that mean? >> he called to have a role in that back in february the mexican president trump had a phone call and scratched plans to come to washington and meet with triumph over that period was essentially trump would not affirm that they will not pay for it. that led to a kind of flustered they are. i think you are seeing trump continue to say even if mexico will not pay for this, he wants to have pressure in the responsibility to prevent a lot of come in his view, the crime coming in.
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>> i want to shift gears because we talked a lot about the reaction from the no second special counsel investigator we talked about. really the whole weekend. we heard from congressman bob goodlatte and i want to get your reaction to it. >> we are told by attorney general sessions that mr. uber is working closely with the inspector general. i think that's a good thing. it's important american people have the opportunity to see the inspector general's report. dream for some republicans are saying that it's good that didn't go far enough. some say this is a distraction from the mueller investigation. where does the white house stand? >> the white house has been pushing back for months on sessions trying to get to appoint a second special counsel. a lot of republicans, gop leaders that they would muddy the waters and i think it is a note to see we are seen trey gowdy, oversight chairman as well as grassley, chairman of the senate judiciary come out and say they appreciate this
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move to a point of the u.s. attorney to work with the doj inspector general. although it's not special counsel, is at least giving the power to subpoena and provided grand jury to this investigation transfer were due for see coming they don't have a crystal ball, but we heard judge napolitano say there will be a treasure trove of findings. then what? >> we say goodbye to another chairman, he'll say may want to retain the power to a second special counsel. it depends what comes on this investigation that john uber in utah in the inspector general expect a report from the ig to come out in the next couple months. depending on what's in the report and how damning it is an current and former doj officials and fbi officials could see them pursuing some type of subpoena power, some grand jury in the
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future. elizabeth: we have 30 seconds left, but one last topic because there was fresh beauty of the russian diplomats that were expelled from the united states. we saw the video this morning. i want to get your reaction. that is obviously came last week and watch it develop through the week that the u.s. with other countries to expel diplomats. relations between the u.s. and russia after this still the same >> yakima remarkable this hasn't been the main story over the last couple weeks because tensions are the highest right now that we have seen in years. expelling scores of diplomats for both countries, counseling consulates and turning them down. this is a huge moment in getting overshadowed by domestic politics here. it's incredible to see the tensions that such a high point. trying to keep options open with putin at the high-level point of view, but both administrations in u.s. and russia obviously coming out this is a different
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angle. >> distractions aside, diplomats are home with their families now. we'll see what happens to be appreciated. it's very interesting. leland: not going quietly, david chopin hammering away on the sunday shows today, hitting back against claims to the white house that he had resigned. >> i came to run the department of veteran affairs because i'm committed to veterans and fighting for them and i will not resign because i'm committed to making sure the servicing through the very end. >> you were fired? >> i did not resign. >> he never had any issues with resident trumpet believes his replacement will work well with the president if he is confirmed. here to talk about the future the department, levinson who blew the whistle and manchester -- manchester. appreciate you being here on easter. >> thanks for having me on.
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>> happy easter to you and yours. reasonable people will all tell you that the va is profoundly screwed up. nobody knows that more than you do. if admiral jackson is confirmed, give him a list of priorities right now. >> first, i would like to applaud the president for taking this step because i believe he had become ineffective and when va in manchester was imploding, i was trying to reach secretary shulkin and later found out he was at wimbledon. the highest priority is getting back to taking care of veterans. that's one of the reasons i'm running ann custer in the second congressional district. when i first met with her before i went public with "the boston globe," her wrist once was the va in manchester wasn't in her congressional district, which belies the fact that how many thousands of veterans used the va in manchester, so she just didn't care what was going on despite official say in the
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public. leland: do you think they're firing shulkin was a good idea and by that you applaud the president for nominating ronnie jackson. you fill that's a good choice? >> i think the vetting process will show the qualifications. we know he is a clinician. he understands clinical medicine, which i think it's high time we had somebody like that in the secretary's position. >> we put together a list of the past three secretaries of veteran affairs. very different backgrounds. you talk about a clinician. it appears as though it david shulkin was a clinician in the beginning parts of his career. bob mcdonald who was a west point graduate, highly decorated member of the west point class and an army captain. general shin seki was a four-star general and a decorated vietnam veteran. what about admiral jackson? what qualities does he not have or does he have that the other three men don't have that you
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are so dissatisfied with? >> well, i think the fact he's actively practicing clinical medicine, secretary shulkin used to make a big show about. i've worked under all the secretaries. general shin seki, mr. mcdonald and chopin. i find it refreshing that somebody at such clinical import would be put in that position. >> is being va secretary, i don't know anything about that. you worked in it. is it about being a clinician or a manager of the second-largest iraq received in american government? >> i think it's both. the emphasis is on taking care of patients as far as vha is concerned. there were other jobs of the va. the cemetery, benefits. but from what i understand, that
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nominee does have good qualifications and this will all come out in the vetting process. i think the president is going to show that he made a wise choice. leland: we haven't heard from admiral jackson as he makes his rounds on capitol hill and conceivably through the confirmation process is going to have to lay out his priorities for the va, what he thinks is wrong, how he plans to fix it. what would you tell him and what you want to hear from him as somebody who knows the va so well? what is a need to save you that you'd be comfortable with? >> the first is this ongoing battle between the privatizers in the public sector. i think he's going to have to rely on the fact and realize while they can't be all things to every veteran, that veterans choose to use the va. again, the president is going to show. leland: i'm confused that i
10:16 am
don't understand the answer. what is the need to say he's going to fix? what is the need to layout that is going to fix that would make you comfortable with things? >> well, access has been the problem no one has been able to address satisfactorily. leland: is that a funding issue? >> is more than a funding issue. it's easy to say funding, but the product committee of the va could be improved and that's why i'm seen as a clinician, he knows how to have a flow of patients while the other secretary, their focus has been more business. secretary chopin was more into corporate madison. i am hopeful that the new secretary will be able to see how to get his vision of getting patients treated throughout the va. >> we certainly know the president was happy with his care under dr. jackson. dr. levinson we appreciate you joining us.
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we'll be interested in hearing from you. >> thank you for having me on. hopefully things will go forward nicely. >> our best to you. happy easter. thank you geared >> be sure to keep it here on fox news channel after easter celebration. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with senator lindsey graham. i was so excited about that i just spilled my coffee. so give us his thoughts on the present picked to win the va in my admiral jackson should be confirmed and a few other things as well. i'll clean up my coffee. elizabeth: the country's troops only open to its charging on friday. rejecting international calls for the investigation. palestinian protesters were killed in violent crashes of israeli soldiers along the border. israeli military officials say those belong to hamas or other billiton groups.
10:18 am
protesters expected to gather daily until mid-may. >> hundreds of millions of christians around the world celebrating easter this sunday. in jerusalem, worshipers gathered for a tradition dating back to the fourth century. this is the place of scripture said contained the site where jesus was crucified at the empty tomb in neighboring area. celebrating at a church and the former green line. neighbors and do math test. emphasizing and calling for unity and solidarity and at the vatican in rome, pope francis with this easter sermon prepared for peace and praying for peace. the crowds they are saying beginning with the beloved and long-suffering land in syria was his prayers for peace. thousands of christians gathered
10:19 am
in st. peter's square to hear the easter message. >> coming up, and easter weekend off the coast of the big island of hawaii turns into a bit of survival between a man and a hungry shark. we'll tell you more. lindsey graham offers president trump advice on how to deal with vladimir putin today in diplomatic purges. telling fox news the president should take a page for ronald reagan's cold war playbook. thousands of christians come together at the lincoln memorial this morning. >> it was beautiful. [inaudible] >> we will take you to the 40th annual sunrise service here in washington and get to the very special easter messages for america.
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leland: 25-year-old in critical condition on the big island of hawaii. he was attacked by a shark while paddle boating. this is video of a shark attack or. either way, the man was swimming off the beach of hawaii's big island near the city of kona. officials closed the beach understandably after the attack
10:24 am
and could choose to keep it close today we are told. no lifeguards on duty at the time the sky without paddle boarding, but a private safety didn't they think fully pulled him from the water. >> russian diplomats expelled from america this week from america this week are back on russian soil. return comes amid high tensions of russia in the u.s. following the poisoning of a former spy in england. gillian turner joins us now with the very latest. >> so, there's no real book for for -- real playbook for the president on the international stage. the british investigation into the march were nerve agent attack is now underway. so far it's turning up some pretty grim discoveries are british officials now believe the following to be true. putin himself approved the attack in advance. the russian government is claiming further assassinations of russian defect or is around
10:25 am
the world and the attack was designed to be traceable back to the russian state. they wanted everybody to know they were the perpetrators. how is the u.s. to respond strategically? is the military option. >> the better way to respond is build up troop strength in eastern european countries in the baltics to make sure russia goes no further. they make some kind of move in the baltic states. >> also economic pressure. >> a pirate trumpeted to the reagan playbook and economically isolate russia. i would study every major recipient of russia, oil and gas and find ways to supply countries with oil and gas. >> in the russian ambassador's approach. >> we are still confident that only close interaction between our countries can halt strategic
10:26 am
stability and solutions to global and regional challenges. we want everybody to understand that we are destined to become friends again. >> behind the scenes come away in next move very carefully on a daily basis about the options with his national security team inside and outside the white house. a diplomatic right out of effort continues sending hundreds of diplomats across the u.s., europe and russia headed for home. elizabeth: story that isn't ending anytime soon. appreciate it. leland: unlucky person by virtue of the facts are watching television right now. i'm guessing it's not you. $500 million richer this morning. with the winning mega millions ticket was sold. california over the state sanctuary laws protecting illegal immigrants. other presidents tweet today played into that debate.
10:27 am
>> we are put in an untenable position where a sheriff's deputies are precluded from talking to federal authorities if they know the authorities want to pick someone up. ♪
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leland: california governor jerry brown to pardon five ex-convicts in mind for deportation. governor brown's pardon is just the latest discord between the
10:32 am
white house and the state of california. william la jeunesse in our l.a. bureau with all the details. hi, william. >> on one level you can easily dismiss. on the other is of her privacy. the nation's largest state in the outcomes of these legal fights do matter to the other states. at the top you have these two agents had rather sparred in speed. the latest is over governor brown's decision to pardon 56 comdex. the president treated yesterday, governor jerry moonbeam brown pardon five aliens whose crimes include kidnapping and robbery, badly beating wife and threatening crime with intent to terrorize, dealing drugs. is this really the type of great people california wants? he responded by treating something about the president's own words about saying that those who are exiled should be given a second chance.
10:33 am
i may show you some numbers. governor brown has blamed by police and prosecutors right now for making the streets less safe has pardoned more ex-cons than the last five governors combined. the latest criticism this morning from the man who lost his son. >> it shows he doesn't care about americans. he just wants to get back at trump and put us all in danger for a personal vendetta he has with the president. >> california calls itself the resistance in its final 20 lawsuits against the administration ranging from@in oil loyalties. washington countersued the state last month to invalidate three state statutes to protect illegal immigrants. so, bottom line, brown said last month the administration california or policy priority lines is to be accurate.
10:34 am
>> william la jeunesse at the latest. thank you so much. appreciate it. leland: let's bring in our fair and balanced radio panel. joining us now from philadelphia, rick co lake, self-described lyrical host kyl polanski. the president was tweedy night yesterday. this morning before church also went on twitter. he said this. mexico is doing very little if not nothing is stopping people from flowing into mexico among their southern border and into the u.s. they laugh at her immigration laws. they must stop the big drug and people flows or i will stop their cash flows. nafta need while! what is going on here? the president didn't get funding for his wall. his face was upset and we see this hardening of his line on immigration. >> happy easter. the president has this unique ability. donald trump makes the blue states act more blue.
10:35 am
pardoning people, including the kidnappers so they don't have to face deportation. trump knows you're never going to win california as long as they can win ohio, pennsylvania, michigan. ask yourself this question. our blue-collar workers going to side with trump on this issue or jerry brown who says we will pardon you. leland: you view this as a purely political calculation by the president to try and push. i'm just going out on a limb here. you agree with that? >> so, when it comes to these pardons i think were having a little bit of a false debate here because there were 56 pardons and 14 commutations and 95% of them were for nonviolent drug offenders. leland: hold on, kyl. i'm talking about president trump here. do you think this is a political
10:36 am
calculation as your fellow friend here said that they are able, and the president can see this as a way to drive a wedge in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, does that work? if so, how do they try and counter it? >> perhaps it's a political calculation, but in all seriousness parts of what he said are not political calculations. i wish he would pull out of nafta. nafta has destroyed middle-class families across this country and president trump talks a good game on trade deal and often says is going to stop doing the trade deals that hurt working families across this country. they seem very little action on that front. in fact, 83,000 jobs have been outsourced under president trump's first year. i wish a lot of this wasn't taught, but unfortunately it is. >> this seems to have meandered into some different places than i thought it would, but we'll take a listen to the president today as he headed to church.
10:37 am
take a listen. >> they had a great, great chance, but we'll have to take a look. mexico has got to help us at the border. they flow right through mexico. can't happen that way anymore. leland: same analysis here? >> yeah. i mean, i don't understand why he frames this issue as a criminal issue. at leland: rich just told you why he did, which is who thinks that works well in ohio, pennsylvania and other states. the question is how would democrats try to counter that? >> simply they could point out the fact 99.75% of dreamers are law abiding citizens in about 91% of dreamers work or go to school. >> beta-1 made daca deal. can we stop pretending that the democratic party wants to solve
10:38 am
this before midterms? you have nothing else to run on by fear. her deportation. keep the issue alive, the dream alive if you will lead them to keep it alive in 2020 as well. the democratic party right now has nothing because there's jerry brown proves, enacting 1.5 billion for illegal immigrants to fight trump. it proves that they go to the left. it does not play well with mainstream voters hear the reaction always -- is to go left. leland: hold on. >> i wish he would go further left. the majority of the american people are in favor of the dreamers. like i said, 99% of them are law abiding citizens. >> this isn't a middle-class decision. >> you just said you wish you would go further left? >> i wish democrats would go further left. again, like i'm talking about. president trump reference nafta and matt tweet.
10:39 am
i wish he would go to the left. on the campaign trail he went to the left on war issues. he said he would get us out of iraq and afghanistan. i wish he would do the. >> also now major change in u.s. policy is getting troops out of syria earlier than we thought. appreciate it, guys. we've got around. >> banks. >> happy easter. elizabeth: the easter sunrise here in washington was cloudy skies and cool temperatures. adam klotz is tracking all the holiday weather. >> hey there. at the same time and fortunately talking about the snow moving to the center of the country. working towards the east coast. when it will arrive in my full forecast after the break. (vo) make her day with
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for an everything to do just like that of the 529 million-dollar shot is the fourth-largest ever, but the lucky winner has yet to come forward. leland: hopefully easter marks putting away your winter clothes. not this year. snow parkas will be needed for some of the country tomorrow. meteorologist adam klotz from the extreme weather center. the bunny is still behind you. reporter: the bunny is still behind me which means it must be still easter. there is the bunny which means what am i talking about? plenty of spots worth looking like winter. temperatures in the center of the country to 20 degrees in kansas city. the winter air mass settling down across the country and that unfortunately is where the moisture is moving through. we are talking about snow in the
10:45 am
heart of the country as well. this is the snow sweeping across the country or the rest of today into early tomorrow. we've got winter storm watches and warnings, advisories stretching from areas of montana as well. choose your future forecasts. there it is in the middle of the country. moving across the ohio river valley overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, folks in new york city are beginning to see some of the snow began to fall across the region before eventually runs up the coast and we clear up again on the east coast. the folks who see this as a fairly fast mover maybe two inches on the high side here in new york city. not a big one, but a little late in the air to be talking about snow. >> certainly on the monday after easter. inc. so much. elizabeth. >> a closer look at the meaning of easter in the message this teaches the faithful across the globe.
10:46 am
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elizabeth: welcome if it is celebrated in many ways. for so many across the globe come easter sunday is the most sacred and holy calendar. best selling author and nationally syndicated talkshow host it defines the heart of his beliefs. >> it's one thing and it is to be said more often because we
10:50 am
forget it not about marshmallow peeps and eggs. it is about something mind blowing and insane that it happened 2000 years ago. christians believe that jesus rose from the grave. it's not a metaphor. in fact, i would say that spring and flowers are a metaphor for the resurrection. it is something that we need to do with the fact that is what we are celebrating. the holiest day for every christian. you are celebrating some pain that is a miracle and it's a miracle so outlandish you have to kind of steel yourself and say do i really believe this. >> abuse of "the wall street journal" talks about this and went back in the history way above my pay grade. >> i was george white gold. everything he writes is above our heads. elizabeth: any to dissect it for me. you have written a number of books specifically the resurrection is part of the
10:51 am
christian faith, which is what you just said. how do we wrap our heads around that? >> it is actually fairly simple. first of all, if you read the text, everybody should read the new testament even if you're not a christian to see what it says. it is simple. what it makes super clear is that everyone at the time had their minds blown by the concept that jesus rose from the dead here they didn't say yeah, hughes uses it's a miracle. they all said this doesn't happen. people don't rise from the dead. this is not possible. they couldn't get their heads around it. when i finally got their heads around it instead we know this topping, they became an unstoppable force here they said go ahead, torture me, kill me. death has been defeated in history by jesus, just as the scriptures have promised. the fact that so many went to their deaths, they could've
10:52 am
easily recanted it. they didn't. they did this to happen. they'd been had, even within post-resurrection. it is totally mind blowing, that they realize this topping. it is only because of that that christianity spread. this is not a bunch of nice ideas that people said this would be good for my life. it is like a mind blowing miracle and i would say history changes around this thing that happened which we celebrated easter. >> a one ask you one final question. you've spoken of the pack on a national prayer breakfast, number folksy britain went to we just talked about. you talk to people every day. whether we need more of? >> since we don't have a lot of time, i'll cut to the chase. we need more jesus. it's easter. it does happen, i would stake my life on it coming to cbs are human beings are looking for. this is the golden key to the secret of the universe. how do we get through life?
10:53 am
if you go through life, you'll struggle. you'll suffered. does life have meaning? this is the meaning. jesus opens the door so we can be reunited to god as we are supposed to be. by the way, that is why they call it good news. it's the greatest news in the history of the world. even better than not, it's true. >> wimping eric said it was so refreshing to hear and we heard from the pope at the vatican. truly a blessing to remember the blessings we do have. thanks for joining us. leland: after the break, as many christians celebrate easter, the unique sunrise service at the sun came up in our nations capital. ♪ ultra strength heartburn relief chews.
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>> hope you're having a great easter sunday. on this easter sunday we take you to the lincoln memorial for the 40th annual sunrise service amidst the cherry blossoms. >> rejoice! ♪. >> is a way to come out and celebrate christianity with
10:58 am
people from all over the world and country. ♪. >> two years ago we did our first sunrise easter sunday we just to dating. after we got engaged on easter. so this for us was continuing the tradition. ♪. >> coming to easter service at the lincoln memorial is amazing. definitely recommend it. i mean, come on. look at the view. it's beautiful to celebrate all of our freedoms and everything god has given this country. it's just great to be within the fellowship of other christians and the body of christ here on the memorial and seeing people here come in as they're walking in to worship the lord.
10:59 am
♪. >> we just focus on one thing and that is that jesus is risen. it makes a difference in your life if you allow him to. ♪. >> it's really a once-in-a-lifetime experience it is beautiful and even though it was chilly and cloudy looks gorgeous out there this morning. >> thanks to rick and caroline for putting that together. if you look across some of those shots and planned the faces. four divided as america is and as much as we talk about that, on this channel and others. it's nice to know there are still things that unite us and bring us together and goodness and in love. every person we heard from out there had that same message of love and love of country. that's why they were there. it's refreshing. >> that young couple that says we come back every year.
11:00 am
so honestly it's a fearful experience of fellowship for everyone that goes. >> inspiring. we will get back to you on that. happy easter to you and yours. "fox news sunday" coming up. >>chris: i am chris wallace. russia tests a new generation of nuclear missiles itself can strike anywhere on earth. as the white house and kremlin expel dozens of each other's diplomats. >> russia should not be acting like a victim. >> we will discuss the sharp escalation intensions between the u.s. and russia with a leading member of the senate armed services committee, senator lindsey graham . then the commerce department announces the 20/20 census will include a question on citizenship. a decision that will directly affect states with large numbers of illegal immigrants. we will talk with two top


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