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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 1, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tweet it to us jer at fnc, that's it for my show, thanks to my panel, thanks for all of you for watching, i'm . fox news alert. president trump firing off tweets this easter sunday declaring on end to the daca program and urging republicans to implement the so-called nuclear option in order to get some tougher laws. hello and happy easter. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news head headquarters. i'm arthel. eric: and i'm eric shawn. the president also turning attention to mexico, threatening to pull out of the trade agreement unless the neighbors step up to curb the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border. >> mexico has got to help us at the border. if they're not going to help us at the border, it's a sad thing
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between two countries. mexico has got to help us at the border. a lot of people coming in to take advantage of daca. arthel: peter ducey is live in palm beach florida as the president is getting ready to return to washington from his mar-a-lago resort. reporter: the president's easter service started with a shot at people he did not think were helpful in securing the border or coming up with a permanent solution for the temporary daca recipients. >> democratsblew it. they had a great great chance. we'll have to take a look. mexico has got to help us at the border. they flow right through mexico. can't happen that way anymore. reporter: more specifics about the president's complaints came on twitter where he wrote, border patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal democrat laws like catch and release, caravans
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coming. republicans must go to nuclear option to pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. that few minutes later the president wrote, these big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of daca. they want in on the act. the big flow of people in a caravan the president is referring to are 1,000 strong right now according to the soarnt f immigration studies and they're heading north trying to illegally walk across the u.s. border to ask for easter asylum. the state department tells fox news that quote we're aware of a large group of migrants from central america making its way through mexico to the border of the united states. and this could present a real-time test of the president's strategy of keeping illegal immigrants out without a wall. virginia congressman don buyer wrote, lies with which trump has tried toga to dch.
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it was president trump who threatened to veto the big budget that congress passed because it did not have a cabbing ka deal in it. as what comes next, both sides are as dug in as ever. back to you. arthel: indeed. peter ducey, thanks. eric: the war of words between president trump aryp california governor jerry brown. hitting a boiling point after the democratic governor pa pardd five ex-convicts. this fueling the feud over the golden state over immigration. we're live in los angeles with more details on this. hi, william. >> well it appears that governor brown is provoking the president on his signature issue, immigration. two of the ex-cons are in removal proceedings and by forgiving the record, brown
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eliminates the grounds on which they can be pardoned. he pardoned 56 ex-cons on friday alone, prompting the president to tweet that governor moon beam brown are pardoning criminals. is that what california wants? well brown responded using the president's own words on redemption quoting this month we celebrate those who have exited the prison system and successfully reentered society. we encourage expanded opportunities and emphasis our beliefs in second chances. governor brown has pardoned more ex-cons than the last five governors in california combined. drawing criticism this morning from a man who lost his son to an illegal immigrant. >> it just show nas that he doet care about americans. he just want to gets back at trump and he's going to put us all in danger just for a personal vendetta he has with
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the president. >> california calls itself the resistance. it's filed 28 lawsuits against the administration ranging from oil royalties to immigration and the census. >> what we're fighting is that the trump administration seems to be constantly reacting against a state, california, that has decided to be the neared in our country when it comes to pioneering better ways, new ways to do things. >> so the next fight, eric, who has the right to effectively regulate auto emissions nationwide, the epa or california? back to you. eric: william, thank you. arthel: eric for more on this let's bring in the white house columnist for the while. niles, here we are. let's start with this. let's look at the substance of the tweet. the president no longer supporting a deal to fix daca. and since mexico is not writing a check for the wall, president trump wants to scrap nafta? break down theup shot of this.
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>> well, where do we begin. i mean nafta is a separate issue obviously from immigration but i seems as if the president is seeking to use this as leverage as he's entitled to do in terms of his own negotiations with mexico. now, the daca issue is somewhat different. the president had, of course, proposed a deal there that would have given a path to citizenship for a very large number of people, more than the number of people already enrolled in daca. but the price that he wanted to be paid for that was not one that democrats were willing to meet. arthel: right. so on that point, as you know, daca protections and the president's border wall weren't fully funded in the $1.3 trillion spending bill that at first the president threatened to veto and then ended up signing. does the president bear any responsibility in this or were his hands somehow tied? >> well, he did when he signed that bill make pretty clear that he was going so grudg grudginglt
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that wasn't the bill that he himself would have come up with. but of course he's confined as me president would be by the congress. he is a president within no, no. he can't rule by fiat. i think that is a valid point. of course that is what creates some of these tensions between the white house and even some republicans on capitol hill. arthel: so then what happens next? what happens to daca now. >> one of the issues with daca is that at the moment it's tied up in the court system. basically the courts have ruled that while the administration does the right to end it, it does not hav show it has a justifiably legal basis to do so. i know that's a fine point in the legal weeds. but the upshot is that this case being before the courts has taken some of the political urgency out of the search for a solution.
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arthel: let's move on to this public feud between the president and the california governor, jerry brown. what do you make of it and lit accomplish anything? >> well, i think as your reporter noted, arthel, california clearly sees itself as the heart of the resistance, trump regarded out of control as he's described in a previous occasion. you have these two sides bashing heads a lot and i don't think frankly there's much political incentive on either side to search for a compromise. president trump believes reasonably it will play well to his voter to paint california and jerry brown soft on crime. jerry brown believes in a state that hillary clinton won by 30 points in 2016, a liberal position is politically best for him. arthel: either president trump or jerry brown will take a political hit for this. which one will it be?
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>> they're playing to different constituencies. jerry brown is playing to the californians and there's no real evidence that he's going to suffer for this. but president trump is taking the argument that you can't have a nation unless you fairly enforce immigration laws. and i think that he believes that as a political winning issue for him. so it's really about them playing to those different constituencies rather than there being a winner and a loser. arthel: with the president saying that the democrats blew it, could the president call democratic leaders to his office once again to discuss this and somehow get it on the books to try to find a resolution that would be amenable to everyone? >> he could. theoretically he could, certainly. i mean, both sides have in the past indicated a willingness to extend the protections of daca. those daca protections are prodly popular. the problem is what else do you attach to that deal. that is where the disagreement has been.
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do you, for example, curtail what some people call chain migration, others call family-based migration. do you end the diversity visa as the president wants. it's about what price you're willing to play to extend daca. arthel: in the meantime daca is in limbo and so are those kids, young people who are recipients of it? >> yes, that's exactly right. no applicant to the program are not accepted but right now people do remain covered by its protections if they have already applied and been accepted to it. we'll have to wait on a court ruling for that. arthel: thank you very much. ♪ ♪ eric: christians around the world celebrating easter today. at the vatican pope francis provided oveprovideprovided ove.
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amy kellogg joins us now live with the details. >> after a week of preventive terror arrests here in italy and lots of concerns, the pop's message today was uninterrupted. asking the faithful gathered on st. peter's square for resolutions on if korean peninsula, relief of the conflicts in africa, and of course he focused very much attention on the middle east. >> translator: we besiege fruits of reconciliation for the holy land which also experiences in these days the wounds of ongoing conflict that do not spare the defenselesdefenseless for yemene milled east so that die lag may
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be over violence. >> sheer the.>> here they took g runoff in elections in the new year. they noted that polling had gone off peacefully. finally last night during the easter vigil service pope francis baptized eight adults. one john olga had been an undocumentedocumented immigrantm nigeria. he was pan han pan handlinghe dt illegally in the country. but the police hunted him down not to arrest him but to give his his residency permit to remain in italy. and at the mass last night, the stand-in god father was a member, a captain of italy's
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military police. eric: that is such a heartwarming story. thank you so much coming up a little later on we'll have more on the meaning of easter in our lives. pastor robert jeffers of dallas will be here. arthel will be talking to him. arthel: meanwhile attorney general jeff sessions deciding against a second special counsel. instead choosing the u.s. attorney in utah to look into allegations of surveillance abuse at the fbi and doj. why mr. sessions decision is not sitting well with some republicans. echos of the cold war as u.s. tensions with russia escalate over the expulsion of diplomats from both countries. what can we expect moving forward? >> i wish russia were no more than a friendly rival. but unfortunately they're unfriendly adversaries. and it's their provocations that have really, you know, resulted in a relationship that is not healthy for, yo you know, the
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arthel: the russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. are back in moscow. this as the kremlin has retaliated byic canning out u.s.
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diplomats. tensionsremain at a fevered pitch between the two countries after the alleged rush nerv ruse agent attack. >> there's really no playbook for the president to rely on when it comes to responding to russia's latest moving on the international stage. the british investigation into the march 4th nerve agent attack in salisbury is now under way and so far it's turning up some pretty grim discoveries. british officials now believe the following to be true. president putin himself approved the attack in advance. the russian government is planning further asas assassinas of russian defectors around the world. so how is the u.s. to respond strategically to all of this? well there's the military option. >> i think the tbetter wa betteo respond is build up troops in the eastern european country to make sure that russia goes no
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further. >> there's also senator lindsey graham's economic pressure option. >> if i were trump i would look at the reagan playbook and economically isolate russia. study every major recipient of russia oiled and gas and see if we could find ways to supply those countries with oil and gas. >> and then the russian ambassador's hopeful approach. >> we're still confident that only close interaction between our countries can help maintain international strategic stability and find mutually beneficial solutions. >> president trump is conferring on a daily ba basis about option with his national security team inside and outside the white house. meanwhile a diplomatic breakdown of epic proportions continues sending hundreds of diplomats across the u.s., europe and russia headed for home. arthel: thank you. eric? eric: we just heard senator ron johnson say he's worried about
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the russian threat to the baltic states. on tuesday the president will hold a bat tick state summit at the white house. the leaders are united in celebrating freedom after they were ruled by soviet union as part of the eastern block for decades. and the three countries have met their nato spending page. the director at the defense studies for the national interest joins us now. harry, i mean the summit in 48 hours, on tuesday, will be a strong message to putin but will it be enough? >> well, i guess all i would have to say is welcome to cold war 2.0. the baltics are on the front lines of this. i think president trump has done a lot to really push back against the russians. and to be honest with you, i don't the president gets enough credit if we compare what president obama did vis vis-a-vis the russians, president trump has taken a hard line. he's done a lot of front line
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training. we've done a lot to push back and make sure that some day they have the potential to join the eu and nato. so i think the president has done a good job and this is going to strengthen our communications with the baltics is a good ad. eric: there are tiny areas in there that could potentially succumb also. >> this is what the russians love to do. their playbook is very simple. they like to destabilize countries and turn past millation actions into conflicts talking about moll do va and maybe syria to be honest with you. they want to make sure that the countries around and them specifically in the olds former soviet union never really join part of the west. that's the russian play book and it's something we have to figure out a way to respond to.
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eric: russia continues that playbook. the president gets a lot of criticism for not calling out vladimir putin by name, sparing him almost every single time, even congratulating him even though he won the sham faked rigged election. what's your view of that? isn't that a danger and something that is unfortunate say some that he doesn't mention him by name and call him out? >> i think it's strategic. on the one hand through trump's actions, arming the ukrainians, pushing back on syria, helping our baltic friends, he's showing president putin that we're going to operate from a position of strength. the president does have hope for a day where we might have better relations with russia. we do have some areas of overlapping strategic issues, we both don't want to see the rise of isis. i think the president is hopeful to have some sort of workable relations with the russians. i think that's why you see this
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duel liistic approach. eric: shouldn't he be tougher verbally. he discussed the 27 nations that banded together to kick the russian diplomats out. let me play you a clip about ronald reagan. remember when he said this about the evil empire? >> they are the focus of evil in the modern world. so in your discussions, i urge you to beware of the temptation of declaring yourselves above it all, to ignore the facts of history and the depressive impulses of an evil empire. eric: look, being behind allegedly the assassination of turn coat spies in britain with a nerve agent, doesn't that require the harshest of language against russia? >> that gives me chills there to be honest, watching that. i think if the russians
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continue, yeah, president trump is going to have to throw out the hope that he might have to have better relations with russia. and it's incumbent on the russians to determine one thing. do they want to be the rogue nation. the north korea of europe where everybody is afraid of them and all of the neighbors around russia are building up their military forces to contain russia. and eventually where this could go is the united states would have to dust off the cold war playbook of containment. and that's what brought down the soviet union. vladimir putin needs to be very careful here. eric: it's basically up to peut. and his plans. harry, good to see you. arthel: attorney general jeff sessions stopping short of naming a second special counsel. instead happening the u.s. federal attorney in utah, this gentleman here, john hoover, to look into allegations of fisa abuse at the fbi. is the washington outsider the right man for the job?
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plus the attorney general's decision not to appoint a special counsel like mr. robert mueller seen here, sparking a backlash among some conservatives. so, what happens next?
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arthel: attorney general jeff sessions facing a conservative backlash after declining to appoint a second special counsel
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to investigate claims of fbi fisa abuse. instead mr. sessions appointing a u.s. attorney to handle the case. some republican lawmakers today defending the attorney general's decision. >> good first start. this prosecutor will somewhere subpoena power, can file charges, can do everything that needs to be done. the problem with a special prosecutor is, as we're seeing with bob mueller, they tend to go off of the rails and start chasing things and having an unlimited degree of scope. i think this is a good first start. jeff sessions consist always go back and appoint a special prosecutor. but once you cross the line, you can't uncross it. this is the right move. arthel: and live from washington gay rhetgarrett is here with mo. >> republican lawmakers are a bit decided over the attorney general's decision. instead he informed congress that john huber from utah is conducting an investigation, looking into allegations of
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surveillance abuse, claims of anti-trump bias at the doj and fbi and the handling of hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. huber is working with the inspector general and he started hi review in november at the attorney general's request. but conservative lawmakers argue that someone outside of the justice department should be doing this investigation to ensure there is no conflict of interest. >> the special counsel is still going to be needed but i think this is a very important step in the right direction. >> i want a special counsel to be appointed with the same resources and the same determination to look at those issues as is mueller is looking at the trump campaign. and i don't see that yet. >> one of the central figures in the allegations of surveillance abuse by the fbi and doj is former trump campaign adviser carter page, one of the associates that they monitored during the campaign. last year page said he's never
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spoken to donald trump and his case is the prime example of the dangers that can come from bad intelligence such as the trump dossier. >> similar to the iraq situation back in the early 2000s. if you have fake intelligence and you're able to sell that to congress and the american people, then one thing leads to another and you have a nice little conflict. >> attorney general jeff sessions also told lawmakers this week he isn't ruling out a second special counsel all together and he will do that if u.s. attorney john huber determines in his investigation that one is necessary. arthel: garrett, thank you. eric: and for more on this, let's bring in white house correspondent for the washington examiner. gabby, as you just heard, there is still dissatisfaction from some that a special counsel was not named. >> yeah. i mean for every republican who is upset with this move by the attorney general, there's actually another republican who stands by it and thinks it was the right decision to appoint a u.s. attorney in utah who is working with the inspector general inside the justice
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department to look at potential fisa abuse and some of these other allegations have emerged over the last few months. ron johnson said earlier this morning that this was a good idea, that typically the inspector general who will be working with john huber, is relatively removed from the justice department and can therefore operate impartially. and if there are instances where either of them cannot subpoena obama administration officials or others who have knowledge of some of these practices and decisions that were made regarding carter page and fisa warrants, that they can at least then hand them over to congressional committees lake the oversight committee, the judiciary committee that can subpoena and bring the witnesses in for testimony. eric: let's listen to lindsey graham for a second. he has a litany of reasons why he wants a special counsel. >> i want a special counsel with the same determination and resources to look at the abuses of the fisa process, were the
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clinton e-mail investigation a sham, conflicts of interest in the justice department. i want a special counsel to be appointed with the same resources and determination to look at that issue as mueller is looking at the trump campaign and i don't see that yet. eric: you can understand why he would want a special counsel. but at the same time, as you point out, huber has been a u.s. attorney in utah for quite some time, a veteran of the juice is tijusticedepartment. he's got investigators and prosecutors available to him that a special counsel would have so there really isn't that much of a difference. >> there's not that much of a difference. there may be more resources available to a special counsel but that doesn't mean that michael horowitz, the inspector general and john huber in utah are not going to be able to do their job fairly and in a way that produces the results that the president is hoping to see, that they either vindicate the
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claims that have been made, some of the allegations or that they determine that everything was actually done by protocol and according to the rules that are laid out. so i do think that there are valid complaints against this and obviously in the coming days we're going to hear from a lot of republicans, including the chairman of the house oversight and house judiciary committees who wanted a second special counsel. but in the end john huber is somebody who has bipartisan support, who is recognized among both republicans and democrats as being a fair u.s. attorney and somebody who will conduct this investigation adequately and appropriately. eric: some may criticize the fact that he went to the white house for a white house briefing last june supporting kate's law, remember kate steinle, that and also talking about ill liam areaillegal areasfor sanctuary . they felt that was unto ward or
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bias raising the concerns that hoe would be doing the bhows' bidding. >> democrats are going to look for something they can seize on and say look, this person is not able to operate without bias. if this person was a supporter of the president's agenda, that precludes him from operating fairly. and we's looking at fisa abuse. but i don't think that's the case. these are two entirely separate issues. hey's u.s. attorney, allowed to have private opinions on certain policy areas. but when it comes to his job we have to reason to believe that he has ever deliberately skewed an investigation to an outcome he would prefer. eric: i hear people watching, what about the strzok-page e-mails were private opinions. many think that infiltrated the investigation. finally met me head you the attorney general's letter dealing with mr. huber, he says, i am confident that mr. huber's
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review will contain an objective review of the matters that is consistent with the law and the facts. i receive regular updates from mr. huber and will receive his recommendation as to whether me matters not currently under investigation should be opened, require further resources or whether they merit the appointment of a special counsel. what's so interesting is this guy, mr. huber, he's been on the job since november and there's been really no leaks. and the only time anyone really found out about this was the let tore congress. your thoughts on that. >> that's right. and i think that further shows that he has been operating in a man esh that everybody has not had a problem with until now. suddenly republicans and democrats are critical of the move by attorney general. but if you go back to november, there hasn't been a single leak to a reporter about this investigation. there have intn more leaking that have come out of the mueller investigation, which is a special counsel probe. i think in many ways this was the right decision. ultimately it will be
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interesting to see what the president thinks of this. remember his attorney general got a lot of flack for appointing a special counsel and recusing himself from the russia investigation. so that may ultimately been one of the reasons why he decided not to appoint a special counsel to look into these allegations of fisa abuse. eric: it seems like he's quietly doing his work. we'll see what comes of it. arthel: pope francis delivering a plea for peace as christian around the world celebrate easter sunday. but one pastor is stirring up discussions about the resurrection and that is the whole point. he'll be here to explain. plus, keeping an eye on the sky as a space -- look at it, a space station the size of a school bus. watch out, it's hurdling toward earth. the uncertainly surrounding its fall from orbit coming up. >> it could land somewhere in the u.s. there's more ocean in the world than land. hopefully it lands in the ocean.
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we're not really sure.
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arthel: so this year as you know easter happens to fall on april fool's day. and one pastor in texas taking it as an opportunity to spark a conversation among both believers and skeptics. he posted this billboard here reading the resurrection, foolish, fake news or fact. the man behind the billboards is bas tore robert jeffers of first baptist church of dallas, also a fox news contributor. pastor, happy easter. and did it work? >> happy easter. well, we had an overflow crowd today in our three services at first baptist dallas. and a lot of skeptics who came down at our invitation and said they were convinced and trust in christ. look, i wanted to preach this message to show people you don't have to commit intellectual suicide to become a christian.
1:44 pm
the christian faith is not built on hopeful fantasy. it's built on historical fact. and the central fact it's built on is the resurrection of jesus christ from the dead. so i looked at evidence outside of the bible that argues for a resurrection. >> why not scripture or a picture of a cross drenched in sunlight. why did you choose a controversial slogan with a whiff of politics to spread the word? >> there's no politic to this. remember, it was the american atheist association a few years ago that said that the birth of christ was fake news and put that on billboards. i wanted to counter that today. the fact is, we need to know that there's evidence for the resurrection. let me just briefly, arthel, share two of the things i shared with the congregation today. i talked first of all about the early acceptance of the resurrection message. just manage three days after
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ronald reagan's funeral there was a rumor started that ronald reagan had risen in the dead, and ascended into heaven. who was going to believe that? it's so easily disproved, people with go to the valley and see that the grey wa gave was just t was. but within days of the death of jesus christ, the word spread he was riz frn th risen from the d. two months later, the apostle peter preached the message about the resurrection and 2,000 years later millions embrace the relief. the early acceptance of the message and then of course the empty tomb. that's outside of the bible. it's verifiable that christ's body has not been found for 2,000 years. some say that the disciples stole it. they were cowards. they deserted christ before the
1:46 pm
youcrucifix. others say the religious leaders did it. they wanted to keep it there so as not to validate the christian message. the only logical argument is that jesus arose from the dead just as he said he would. arthel: i'm catholic. the bible is my guide. >> yes. arthel: i talked to jesus this morning, god too. however, not everybody is christian. so don't they have a right to follow the beliefs of their faith. >> everybody has the right to be wrong. but the fact is, jesus is the savior of everyone who believes. but remember, arthel, it was jesus who said i am the way, the true and the life, no man comes to the father except by me. jesus said there's one way to heaven, not to keep people out of heaven but to allow them into heaven. and you know, there are many way to heaven, many way to god, then
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the death of jesus was totally unnecessary. the reason he gave his death on the cross was because he was the only hope for man kind. arthel: this is where it's going to get controversial. what you're saying -- i agree with you. the bible is my guide and i talked to god this morning and jesus all of the time. and i'm fine with saying that. but you know, for you to say that jesus is the only way, god is the only way, there are people who don't agree with you. why are they wrong because they don't agree with you or me? >> well, because they don't agree with jesus. it doesn't matter what i believe, it doesn't matter what you believe. arthel: because they adopt believe in jesus. don't they have the right to not believe? >> well sure. in i don't believe in gravity, i have the right to not believe in gravity but it doesn't make it reality. there are certain spiritual laws that apply to everyone. arthel, i got to close with this great illustration i talk about today. simon greenleaf was an expert in
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the rules of legal evidence but he was an atheist. and he decided to try to disprove christianity by disproving the resurrection. when he finished his investigation he was so convinced that it happened that he became a devout christ follower. arthel: that's great if you can bring people over to the side, our side but it doesn't mean that everybody wants to be there or belongs there. but for those of us who do believe, what is the message for the masses on this easter sunday? >> well the message is that if jesus christ was raised from the dead, like we believe he is, that it means that he is who he said he is, the son of god. the apostle paul said that by his resurrection he was proven to be the son of god. that means everything he said about heaven, hell and salvation are true and it means that his promise we shall be raised again from the dead is also true. that's great hope for everybody. arthel: and we leave it on a
1:49 pm
positive note. pastor jeffers, happy easter ifo you and your family. >> thank you. eric: happy easter. it's going to be exciting later on tonight. got to keep your eyes on the sky because a defuncts space station is going to reenter the atmosphere and crash into earth. when and where, nobody knows that. we'll break down the most likely sphwhair yoscenarios of where tg could hit.
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eric: well it sounds like a science fiction movie, the defuncts space station could fall out of the sky at me moment. could hit pretty much anywhere but the problem is they don't know exactly precisely where or when this is all going to happen. so brian llenas, save it please. how bad is this? >> there's so much unpredictability partly because of the bus-size space station is tumbling and spinning al 17,500 miles per hour. since the last time i spoke to
1:54 pm
you four and a half hour ago, it's traveled around earth three times. they predict that it will crash tonight or early tomorrow morning. the aerospace predicts it will come down 8:18 eastern time, give or take two hours. china's first space station stopped responding to the country's commands in 2016. it will come down somewhere between latitudes of 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south, which covers most of earth's land and the vast majority of the population. and as you can see from this tracking map, the elliptical curve is sending the station over a big swath of land. >> it's tumbling right now as it's falling and that creates unpredictability, a lot of chaos in the physics. we're not sure where it's going to land. >> as for chance of getting hit by space debris, tha that's extremely low.
1:55 pm
it's most likely they it will crash in water since 7 is% of the earth's sur surface i surfa. only 10% of it is likely to survive. >> my estimate is that the probability to be injured by one of the fragments is similar to the problem about of being hit by lightning twice in the same year. >> that's good news. experts say that if the projected entry time is off by a minute, that can change the impact zone by hundreds of miles, adding to night's uncertainly. eric: i'm not going to sleep tonight. brian, thanks so much. arthel: i never sleep. so what's new? by the way, major credit card companies making a change that is likely to speed up your time at the krekou check outcou. out counter. we'll tell you what it is.
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will no longer require you to sign receipts for purchases starting april 14. this means most merchants in the us and canada can decide on their own whether or not to require signatures on the bottom. >> how about that? sometimes not you expect -- if you have apple pay you just put the phone up. cash when they will just be gone. >> well -- >> we will see.
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>> i got nothing! happy easter everyone! >> happy easter. thank you for joining us. >> enjoy the rest of your day. thank you! good easter sunday morning thank you for joining us. some republicans say jeff sessions got it wrong by not naming a second special counsel. is north korea or russia a bigger threat to us security right now? and how much of your personal data is being sold on facebook, instagram and google among others. good morning everyone thank you for joining us here in "sunday morning futures", i am maria bartiromo. special counsel looking to doj, fbi and hillary clinton investigation. revealing a veteran federal prosecutor is reviewing wrongdoing


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