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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 2, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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it. i would love to hear what your thoughts are about tonight's show. be sure to treat me. shannon bream, one of my favorite people on the planets, and the fox news team at night are up next. shannon, it's all yours. >> shannon: i'm going to tell you right now i loved the show. see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. thanks, jason. i am shannon bream. this is "fox news @ night." here's what's new tonight. the caravan president trump has been tweeting critically about is taking a break. in a field in oaxaca mexico. the group was about 1100, mostly honduran migrants. waiting for new information about where to go next. a group of about 200 were told broke off yesterday and hop a freight train probably bound for the u.s. a mexican government officials of the caravans are tolerated because migrants have a right under mexican law to travel to the u.s. border to seek asylum in the united states.
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tonight, the trump administration is taking steps to speed up deportation. as immigration activists celebrate the release of a man taken into custody last fall after reentering the country illegally after having been previously removed. he has a drunk driving offense come up previous deportations on his record. today he walked out of the immigration office in san francisco. his attorney argued he would be persecuted and sent back to mexico. we have team coverage. trace gallagher covering the show down over the mexican caravan. we begin with chief national correspondent ed henry. >> breaking, an official at the justice department has confirmed a fox that the trump administration is posing quotas on federal immigration judges to speed up deportations of illegal immigrant. the union representing these judges had prohibited these metrics from being put into place but a justice department official tells us "these performance metrics which were agreed to by the immigration judge union that is now condemning them are designed to increase productivity and
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efficiency in the system without compromising due process." this comes as the caravan about 1100 people fleeing central mexico, traveling through mexico. it has drawn the ire of president trump repeatedly over the last 48 hours. various tweets, statements of the press. in fact, during the annual easter enroll today at the has come he said a deal on daca is dead as the mexican ambassador to the u.s. tried to push back on a separate threat from the president to end nafta altogether. unless mexico secures the southern border. >> the democrats have really let them down. they really let them down. they have this great opportunity. the democrats have really let them down. it's a shame. people are taking advantage of daca and that's a shame. it should have never happened. >> it's in our own best interests, and that's the way we see it, to assure that migration is safe, legal and ordered. nafta has been largely a
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successful agreement for the countries. it's 25 years old. it needs updating and modernizing, that's why we're focusing with the u.s. and our canadian friends and finding a solution that is win for the countries. >> myths leading for the to conflict the caravan with daca. we have seen illegal immigrants find ways to get other benefits in california. the president tweeted: : "as ridiculous as it sounds, the laws of our country do not easily allow us to send those crossing our southern border back where they came from. a whole big wasted procedure must take place. mexico and canada have tough immigration laws, whereas ours are an obama joke. act congress." well, democrat dianne feinstein did not take kindly to the president repeatedly blaming democrats for a stalemate on daca.
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the president is saying the deal is dead. feinstein says she can support funding for the wall but the president walked away. feinstein tweeting "president trump is absolutely wrong on daca. he unilaterally rescinded daca for no reason, has rejected every single bipartisan proposal that would protect dreamers from deportation." bottom line is the president is trying to fire up his political base. this is an issue he won macon. in 2016, he is trying to fire up conservatives. >> shannon: homeland security secretary discussing the caravan tonight. trace gallagher joins us. >> the caravan continues making its way to the u.s.-mexico border, president trump is doubling down. issuing a flurry of tweets yesterday and today saying "mexico has the absolute power not to let these large caravans of people into their country.
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they must drop them at the northern border which they can do because there border laws work. not allow them to pass through into our country which has no effective border loss." there is word that homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is working with mexico's interior minister on how best to stop the flow. secretary nielsen tweeting "i agree with potus, demand for congress to address outdated and dangerous immigration loopholes. this system is broken. the traffickers, transnational criminal organizations like ms-13 know how to exploit our laws. we need to get smarter, tougher. we are exploring all options to protect the homeland." and yet here they come. slowly on cargo trains. 1100 people are mostly from honduras and say they are seeking political asylum in the u.s. because of violence in their country. the caravan is organized by a southern california migrants rights group called people without borders. so far, it appears they have plenty of food, water, and
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assistance. we are told they should arrive at ports of entry either california, arizona, or texas sometime in the next two weeks. if they claim asylum, they will be detained for at least a few weeks, possibly up to a year. texas governor greg abbott tweeted that he will have national guard troops stationed along the border. they cross into southern california and a few weeks, they may find a different political climate. on april 17, san diego county will talk about opting out of california's sanctuary laws. today a county supervisor issued this plea. watch. >> public safety is a number one priority of government. that's the reason governments were founded on the first place. to keep people safe. that's the number one priority in san diego county. i am hopeful i'm bored in san diego county will join orange county in their fight against this really bad law in california. >> orange county and the city of
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los alamitos joined the trump administration lawsuit last week. another city will vote to do the same this week. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you so much. here with more on the caravan and the trump administration's response, arash aramesh is a san francisco attorney. harmeet dhillon, committee woman for california. great to see you. >> happy to be here. >> shannon: i want to play something from your senior senator, dianne feinstein, when she was asked about this issue, this underlying issue of daca. let's start there. >> the point is daca's here, and we've got 800,000 young people. >> your answer indicates it's on shaky legal ground. >> it is. that's why we need to pass a law. we should do it. >> shannon: senator feinstein says it's on shaky legal ground. there've been many disputes and conversations invites about whether or not president obama even have the authority to do
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this. harmeet, what say you? >> i agree with senator feinstein. the point is president obama issued an executive order after he repeatedly get failed to get it through congress. that's why it's on shaky ground. he offered a deadline six months later for congress to come to him with the deal. in the interim, the president offered a generous offer. not just daca relief for the 800,000 but also daca relief for another million people, plus a path to citizenship. in exchange for $25 billion for the wall. it is the democrats walked away from the table. it's congress that refuses to compromise and reach a deal. that's why we have this problem. it's a shame for those young people who came here without doing anything wrong themselves. democrats want them as a campaign issue and capping football rather than solving the problem. >> shannon: is that a fair way to describe it going to the
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fall? there were numerous proposals none of them in the senate could get to 60 votes. nobody got it done. >> it's true that daca has been on shaky ground. that's why president obama, being a statesman, he came out with an executive order and decided to make sure those children who grew up your are americans, culturally, linguistically. some of whom have served in the military. some of whom go to the best colleges in the country. their crime rate of some of the lowest comparative any other ethnic, socioeconomic group. that they would stay here and be treated as americans in their own home country. and i don't know any other country. >> shannon: where do you assign -- >> if you are not going to interrupt her, you're not going to interrupt me. >> shannon: you need to answer the question i asked you. who is to blame? >> president trump. you have the republican house, senate, and the president. he is complaining and making
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every day. republicans have to realize they are really bad at governing and they can't get things done amongst themselves. once they realize that, they will realize it's bad to politicize the lives of millions of daca eligible people. just to make a political point to some of the worst fringes of trump's base. >> shannon: harmeet, what do you do with the argument? the student get done. >> i agree with the fact that some finger-pointing and blame is appropriate for the republicans in congress. they let us down. as you pointed out, they don't have 60 in the senate that's been one of the roadblocks. democrats have repeatedly played lucy with the football with the president. they said they would sign a deal with a given funding and they got really for daca and then they refused. that is really where the blame lies. that deal can still be had except for now both parties,
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legislators are running for office as the midterms are coming up and this is one of the hottest issues and politics. i'm afraid of political will isn't there to do a deal right now which is a real shame for these kids. they did have the opportunity last year. >> shannon: what you say to that? the average american hears congress isn't going to get anything substantive done by the rest of us have to show up for work. >> shannon: >> it's april, too . almost tax season. it's not true democrats are for the money and walked away. democrats were willing despite the fact that we were taking a lot of heat from their own base to go along with the bad idea which is the wall. they were willing to compromise. it's the president who decides something in the next day decides to he is listening, most likely stephen miller here. he changes his mind. this president has been wobbling on this idea and this issue. trying to link daca to this
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caravan of immigrants coming from honduras and it's shameless. the president lies shamelessly. it's bad policy wise man is going to haunt him politically. >> shannon: he was talking about being soft on the daca kids and wanted to find a solution. there weren't enough democrats or republicans to get anything done. this continues. ari and harmeet, thank you very much. president trump meeting with his new top economic advisor tonight, larry kudlow. the president discussing the white house economic agenda. some have been skeptical of tariffs but says he's fine with measures the target china. they were joined by outgoing economic advisor gary cohn, white house chief of staff john kelly and several other white house aides. besides the unwelcome early april snow, worries about trade and a tech sell-off. here is ashley webster of the fox business network at the new york stock exchange. >> it illegal to begin a new month" or on wall street.
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we have a full blooded sell-off. the dow off 758 points. he did recover some 300 points, close to the close. nevertheless, a lot of writing on the markets today. the s&p down more than 2%. it was the nasdaq also down well over 2%. wiping out all the gains for the year. that tech stocks that make up the nasdaq market. they took a battering. there's a concern that the more regulations, government oversight, the protection of consumer data all could lead to a model that would hurt the growth of these companies. the bottom line would be hurt. even several liberties groups are coming in saying these companies, facebook in particular, needs to do a better job protecting users' data. bottom line, since the facebook scandal hit two weeks ago, the financial times estimates more than a quarter of $8 trillion has been wiped off the market value of these tech stocks.
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in the background today was the fear of an escalating trade war with china. i have to say that's really just bubbling away in the back burner. the biggest story has been this big sell-off in the tech sector and whether that will continue, whether indeed the government is going to step in. that said, what happens on the second trading day of this month? we will find out tomorrow. no doubt there's more fear in the air down here, shannon, then there is opportunity. >> shannon: ashley webster. thank you. republicans look to flip a seat in deep blue country as the democratic lawmaker faces intense scrutiny. can the g.o.p. capitalize on the "me too" controversy. are they coming for your guns? they call it a red flag law. a lot of folks think it's a good idea, though. that story when we return. only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles
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>> shannon: there may be a bright spot for the g.o.p. due to a scandal in deep blue areas. kristin fisher's back. we are happy to see her. >> thanks, great to be back. the surprise announcement is that congressman elizabeth dusty will not be seeking reelection. mounting calls for her to resign after how she handled the sexual harassment case involving her former chief of staff.
8:19 pm
she said tonight "i am determined it's in the best interest of my constituents and family to end my time in congress at the end of this year and not seek reelection. the terrible situation in my office, i should have and could have done better. to the survivor, i want to express my strongest apologies for letting you down." there were reports it took her three months to fire her chief of staff after he had been accused of punching and threatening to kill a female staffer in her office. nancy pelosi said ms. kane is to be commended for courage coming forward and telling her story. congresswoman esty has acknowledged her actions are not protect ms. king and should have. with esty out of the race, the race for her seat in congress is suddenly wide open. even though connecticut republican hasn't won a seat in congress more than a decade, the congressional committee believes this may be their chance to change it. the communications director said
8:20 pm
"elizabeth esty's cover up or are her domestic violence scandal was as reprehensible as it was morally bankrupt. the nrc c is ready to win this seat this fall. democrats will be able to distance themselves from the stained esty left on their brand." keep in mind connecticut is overwhelmingly a deep blue state. it would be a major upset for any republican to end. this is a district that does tend to skew to the right than the rest of the state. in 2016, hillary clinton won by four points. it's at least within the ram of possibility that republicans could flip it. >> shannon: kristin fisher, good to see you. do republicans have any shot at picking up the seat? tonight, scott bolden, democratic strategist. derek hunter, and bre patent. scott, does the g.o.p. have any
8:21 pm
real chance? >> as long as donald trump in the white house, the republicans don't have a chance in regard to the 2018 2018 election. while this congressional five districts may be leaning republican and have conservatives, 45% are independents and republican moderates. that gives them a chance. every day donald trump tweets every day. passes a policy with 65% of the country disagree. the key for democrats is finding a great candidate with a great public service resume. one that can build coalitions. i think it will stay democratic. >> shannon: derek, does esty do them a favor by stepping away? weber runs is not running with having to talk about the scandal. >> they are so going to have to talk about the scandal. what congresswoman esty did, in her statement, she wrote "in congress and workplaces across the country, we need to make
8:22 pm
stronger workplace protections." she takes claim and says but it's everybody's fault. that is the attitude. we saw with harvey weinstein. it's horrible. society has donated service to women here. no, you did. congresswoman, you did it. if republicans can find a way to message on it and say it's not our fault. we didn't do this. you did this, they can win. with scott talking about this, i had to check the year. is it 2016? you just replaced the name donald trump, make him the candidate. there is no way donald trump -- >> and every race, he's going to be the candidate. >> at 50 rating. >> shannon: let's bring bre. presidents historically do not do well in the first midterm after their election. >> i think honestly both parties are scrambling. we can see that by the fact there's been a lot of names floated. none of them are been really
8:23 pm
followed or pushed by anyone party. both parties are sent scramblin scrambling. congressional district that we are talking about does come is the most democratic -- republican in the state of connecticut. more independent voters than voters affiliated with any party. either party's going to have to work really hard in order to get people's votes in that district. i think you're right when you bring up the point that just the fact that a democratic woman took three months to fire someone with offenses so egregious, it's going to spur a lot a lot of conversations about the democratic party. are they really the party that is for women? are they the party that's keeping their fingers clean, as we were talking about this me too movement. there's going to be a lot of question set forth. >> now they are going to have to spend money on a seat they otherwise wouldn't of had to. >> shannon: i want to get you to weigh in on this. sinclair stations, the anchorage red statements across different cities and people freaked out.
8:24 pm
including dan rather who said this. "news anchors looking at the camera and reading a script handed down via corporate overlord. it's not journalism. it's propaganda." i read the script. i didn't watch the whole video. there is no mention of conservatives or trump. they say that the truth is not left or right. are people inferring too much? >> they pledged to do honest journalism. that scares the heck out of people like dan rather. and cnn. it's funny because if you read the statement and listen to the entire thing, we are going to be straight, honest journalist. god forbid that exist. >> shannon: they do include a statement that says if you don't think we are being fair, here's how you call and report it. >> god bless them by their reality as it doesn't matter with the rhetoric is that they promote. they are trying to get their acquisition of these other
8:25 pm
conservative stations approved by the sec and doj. the code words in this document include "fake news." put that aside, the reality is i don't think people are as upset about the statement because it is kind of content neutral. the reality is when your doctor knows that and compare it to sinclair, -- when you juxtapose and compare it to sinclair and the rantings and ravings. it's completely inconsistent with the content neutral. it's the one we have to bring in bre. >> why do cnn get to do these ads, they can say an apple is an apple and we know it they are inferring and it's purposely fine. [all speaking] >> i work with cnn a lot. >> shannon: i have a feeling bre has a lot to say. we have more hot topics for you. we would love for you to come back. don't go anywhere. oklahoma teachers get a raise and then go on strike.
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it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online, and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion. >> shannon: public school teachers in kentucky and oklahoma choosing to march on their state capitals hoping to get more money. mike tobin has details. >> public schools in kentucky were closed monday as thousands of teachers descended on the state capital in frankfurt. their anger motivated by a bill for which matt bevin told teachers they should be grateful. according to teachers, it passed without input. >> people are angry about the back handedness, backdoor deals, the corruption in frankfurt. >> monday teachers said they wanted to pressure lawmakers to be certain the state budget served the best interest of public schools. >> our students are the future they need to find our future.
8:31 pm
>> that's what we are here for. >> and oklahoma, teachers demonstrated best despite receiving a pay raise agreement. they claim the state ranks 49th for teacher pay in school funding. some folks say you got the pay raise. what more do you want? i am going to tell you what we want. we want a good school that every deserves. that's what we want. >> teachers have emphasized their demonstration is less about their pay and more about upgrading outdated teaching tools. >> this is from 2006. to this day, i am learning from it. >> both demonstrations inspired by west virginia teachers who last month walked out for nine days and received a 5% pay increase. a lot of schools are on spring break but teachers are supposed to return to their schedules tuesday. however, union representatives say they will continue to walk off the job of lawmakers don't
8:32 pm
start negotiating. the arizona education association says teachers in the grand canyon state are planning demonstrations but not necessarily walking off the job. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: mike tobin, thank you very much. finger-pointing and oklahoma over funding for teacher pay and upgrades to public schools. let's talk about with the republican lieutenant governor todd lamb. welcome, sir. >> shannon, thank you. >> shannon: you have an interesting perspective because you happen to be married to a teacher. what is the discussion like in your house? >> i married i think the best teacher in the state of oklahoma, my wife. i have leaned on my wife monica for a lot of advice and counsel and in education issues throughout my career. we have a high school student. we have a middle school student. my wife teaches elementary. you kind of run the gamut and what i personally am involved in, not just as the lieutenant governor or a candidate for governor but as a dad. i look at these policies to the
8:33 pm
lens of a father that cares a lot about public education. >> shannon: i want to read a couple excerpts from "the washington post" ." they are doing reporting about what they saw. they described the situation in the school. computers and textbooks that are more than 10 years old, leaking roofs, kids are shivering because of faulty heaters. buildings are not properly maintained. some school districts where they've gone to four days a week because they can't afford electricity for five days a week. "oklahoma has faced some of the deepest cuts to education in the nation. adjusted for inflation, state spending for students has fallen nearly 30% of the past decade according to the left-leaning center on budget and policy priorities." what do you say? >> there is a lot to say to that. let me state the most recent proposal that's been passed by the legislature and oklahoma provides money for a teacher pay raise but really the package
8:34 pm
gets a f and reform. the reform, you hit on some of the key elements oklahoma needs. historically and oklahoma in 1990, oklahoma passed house bill 1017 which was kind of sultanate citizens and educators as the panacea, the end-all be-all. it didn't work. around early 2000, oklahoma passed the education lottery, additional funding for educatio education. you are quoting someone who talked about classrooms, textbooks, deteriorating walls. here is the reform oklahoma needs, not just funding for education, yes. i support that and i support a teacher pay raise. but reform with it. as i plan to be the next governor of oklahoma, reform that i am for and support and will require is a minimum of 65% of all the education dollars to go inside the classroom. shannon, that's the two most important people. students and teachers. not enough money going into the
8:35 pm
classroom. 65% requirement inside the classroom helps with teacher pay, new textbooks, new technologies, better infrastructure inside the classroom. that's where money needs to be spent and prioritized. >> shannon: here is what one of your state representatives had to say. she said it's absolutely frustrating because we have seen package after package be put up for a vote that's disproportionately affected middle-class working oklahomans and hasn't asked the oil and gas industry are those making more to pay their fair share. where do those extra dollars come from? >> i am a proven conservatives. i've been antitax. i spent six years in the oklahoma senate. my time is lieutenant governor. i don't have a large policy role but i am an antitax increase. there are other ways to get there. i talked about 65% in the classroom. oklahoma needs to reform our budget processes.
8:36 pm
antiquated, out of date. the budget is decided by five legislators in a smoke-filled room with the door closed with two months to go or two weeks to go. the door opens up and the rest of the legislature is forced to vote on it. we need serious budget reforms in oklahoma. last year, a billions of dollars allowed out the door and giveaways. we can find 400 million, 600 million for teacher pay or other issues we need to address in oklahoma. in the billions and billions of dollars oklahoma allows out the door. what i do want, i want to make sure our kids and oklahoma receive the best education possible. i want to reward our hardworking teachers, they have it tough and it's a challenging job. i went to my wife's classroom. the parking lot was filled. my wife said, no, these are my colleagues getting ready.
8:37 pm
i support a great education for students. we have to room form how the money gets there. i don't want these tax increases. i don't want a young boy or girl to girl from school and her hear their parent lost a job because of tax increases. >> shannon: it's very difficult. as the daughter of a teacher, i know how hard they work and how much out of their pockets they often spend. lieutenant governor, thanks for stopping in. for months, scores of president trump's nominees for posts from ambassadorships to deputies have been stalled, including ric grenell. he has been held back from his post. tonight it sounds like president trump does not want to take it anymore. get ready for a lively debate when our panel returns. it's ok that everyone ignores me while i drive.
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>> shannon: police in seattle are going after guns, residents deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. dan springer takes a look at the initiative that is surprising some for the lack of controversy it's creating. >> seattle police gave us a look at these red flag or extreme risk laws. what is remarkable is the lack of conflict and controversy as they seize guns from people who were a danger to themselves or others. plenty of due process was built into the law. immediate family members and police competition for extreme risk protection order. police serve it and ask the
8:42 pm
subject to hand over their guns. if they refuse, please get a search warrant. nine months, they have confiscated 27 guns from 13 people. police are careful to not be heavy-handed and so far they have not had a big confrontation. >> we have had three individuals that thanked us after the execution of the order. to their admission, the agreed it was probably not a good idea that they had firearms. >> 31-year-old alexander mackenzie is a veteran being treated for ptsd, have been acting strange ends tearing down customers at a restaurant while carrying a handgun. the police were called on a petition for the order. a few days later, they have begun and mckenzie told us he was grateful. only six states have these laws. in the wake of the mass tragedy in parkland, florida, and a church in texas, many more are considering them. in washington state, there has not been a complaint that gun
8:43 pm
rights have been violated. as >> we have seen the down side to people who are distraught or crazy taking out their problemsn the general public. we don't want that to happen. >> these laws are major priority for the brady campaign. they say at least 30 states are considering passing their own. shannon. >> shannon: dan springer from seattle. thank you so much. more states are considering passing their own laws just like that one. let's bring in tonight's panel to talk about it. scott, derek, and bre. bre, i hear from a lot of folks on the gun rights side who say with the proper due process they don't have a problem with it. >> i honestly have kind of conflicting feelings about it because time and time again you can see where if that had written procedures in place, people would have followed, could've potentially prevented a mass shooting. on the other hand, what does constitute an ability to take it away? in this case, it seems a little
8:44 pm
bit better. no one has complained about it. in other cases, could my parent who is upset at me or another family member call and have my gun taken away for a personal matter? that's not always clear. it is something we have to wrestle with and we have to look at. i think it will be interesting to see how reactions play out in seattle and other states enacting these laws. >> shannon: i talked to lindsey graham and others were trying to work on something at the national level. the thing is, in his case, what he was talking about, they could take the gun before the person who is fighting and has a chance to go to the judge and make his argument. for a lot of people, that's problematic. >> it is putting the cart before the horse. courts rarely turn this down. i don't want to become a fisa situation. i agree with bre that it's important tool for law enforcement. i think we could all agree there are people we have to keep an eye on. if it becomes weaponized and it
8:45 pm
becomes, a bitter divorce or family feud at christmas and someone decides i am going to show them what for, you don't wanted to be in automatic tap in in the courts. there have to be due process protections. it is early and it's spreading. i don't wanted on a national level. on a state-by-state level where the government is more active directly to the people and responsive to the people, i'm a little more comfortable with it. i need to see more data. >> i hear discomfort for my colleagues who are republicans or republican-like. how do disagree with these six states that say if you are mentally ill, mentally challenged or have issues and people report you and you give them due process -- >> nothing off about you, i want to report you. are you okay with that? >> i get due process. >> shannon: as long as that part is built-in. >> i am a former prosecutor. i can tell you these laws work.
8:46 pm
in all of the states, in one form or another, you have these laws in place already. this kind of streamlines it. the bottom line is whether it is parkland or south carolina or texas, the risk of someone mentally ill -- >> not going to have my rights diminished because somebody abused -- >> shannon: let me ask you this. >> you want to mentally ill people to have guns? >> shannon: the assessment of a friend or family member, someone who would want to weaponize and who goes to the authorities. >> that's why you have a judge, a court system. there rights may be abridged through this process. the republicans say fisa was mitigated by the democrats. [all speaking] 's p.r. we are devolving into something else. the fisa fight continues during the commercial.
8:47 pm
that one is going to be pay-per-view. great to see you tonight. coming up from a shroud of secrecy. republicans claim the russia probe is doing exactly what they worried it would. it is in secret and not figuring out what happened in the election. regardless of what the outcome is. we were looking to the claims after this. used to run my own landscaping company. people have asked why i'd sell my business just to go work for sears. but i didn't. i own this place. and being an independent business owner means we make sure to treat you to the best deals and the best service. sears hometown stores have been independently owned and operated for over 23 years. we don't work for sears. we own this place. we work for you. ♪
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stay on special counsel robert mueller facing new criticism over what republicans consider a lack of transparency. here is ron johnson. >> they are completely different goals of the special counsel versus congressional oversight. i think the most important thing is public disclosure. that is harmed when you have special councils and the information is gathered and -- >> big day tomorrow for the mueller probe with its first sentencing of one of the special councils targets. the deal reached involves an agreement to keep details secre secret. he was connected to rick gates. tom jeffrey, great to have you with us. a couple things to break down. senator johnson, his thought was he wanted the intelligence committees to finish their deals
8:52 pm
before the special counsel got involved. he is worthy american people is getting a full picture. it is a full-fledged investigation. >> the key is that bob mueller is conducting the investigation. i think what seems done, i'm confident we will see the fruits of what he found. we will either see it in the form of more indictments or we will see it in the form of the ken starr report. back in the '90s, ken starr wrapped up his investigation, he turned over many hundreds of pages to congress which became public. i don't know if we will get something that fulsome but i don't think there's anyway bob mueller is going to keep to himself what he finds. >> shannon: they talked about this on the legal news blog. they said the question of whether and how the public will know what mueller knows is complicated legally, historically, and complicated with respect to another variable. how mueller imagines his role as special counsel.
8:53 pm
they lay out several scenarios. >> i think, needless to say, there is going to be intense public interest. reporting either to the acting attorney general or congress, it's going to become public. something like this cannot be kept under wraps. it's going to see the light of day. i think it will see the light of day at a time and place that bob mueller's choosing. >> shannon: what do you make of the dutch attorney that's going to be sentenced tomorrow? he has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. not collusion but about connotations. he signed the plea deal. he gives up his rights to go after public records. why would that happen and what does it mean? >> it means five mueller said it's a condition for the plea deal. i want you to give up the right to file a freedom of information act request.
8:54 pm
it's the right anyone has. the reason why mueller is worried about in this situation is because this guy has a lot of inside information. he doesn't want him to do any mischief by filing public information requests that would tip everyone else off. subject of the investigation and the general public. i wouldn't read too much into it. it is something you see from time to time. >> shannon: they are asking for it to be upheld. any thoughts on word we are hearing that the doj is telling u.s. immigration judges they have to speeded up. there's that backlog of 600,000 immigration cases and they say it's not fair to average americans, not fair to those people. >> i think it's something people across the spectrum can agree on. there's a major problem in immigration court. these cases take too long. with the attorney general is doing is try to make them decide faster. not dramatic, slight increase in the pace.
8:55 pm
there are escape hatch provisions of the judge says he or she can't decide this number of cases. i think it's a good thing to do to basically say we need justice to be served faster. whether that's nine people, granting request, we need the cases to be resolved. >> shannon: we will see how it plays out. tom dupree, always great to see you. stick around. the pope baptizes a hero. we will tell you his story when we return. retirement to college savings. giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family. welcome home mom. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems... or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting. 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. it's clear. there's only one vascepa. ask your doctor about pure epa prescription vascepa. ♪ >> shannon: as part of his easter service, pope francis baptized a nigerian migrant who helped stop a robbery last year. john ogah conference today would be thief outside a supermarket. he was an illegal immigrant in italy at the time. after stopping the cook, the italian authorities granted him residency and a very special easter for john ogah, and baptized by the pope because of his heroism.
9:00 pm
most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend your monday evening with us. good night from washington. we'll see you back here for "fox news @ night" tomorrow night, 11:00 p.m. eastern. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." a caravan of thousands of central americans, men, women, and children, is traveling across mexico tonight. authorities are speeding them to their destination, which is our country. they are not refugees. they have no legal right to come here and that is about the sum total of what we know about them. we don't know if they have skills that we need to come or they speak english,is or whether they are gang members. here's what they know, if they can cross the border into california, they are set. democratic politicians in that


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