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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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thoughts are about tonight's show. be sure to tweet me. shannon breen, one of my favorite people on the , and the fox news team at night are up next. shannon, it's all yours. >> i'm going to skip the tweet and tell you i love your show. we'll see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you. thanks, jason. i am shannon bream. this is "fox news @ night." here's what's new tonight. the caravan president trump has been tweeting critically about is taking a break. in a field in oaxaca mexico. the group was about 1100, mostly honduran migrants. waiting for new information about where to go next. a group of about 200 were told broke off yesterday and hop a freight train probably bound for the u.s. a mexican government officials of the caravans are tolerated because migrants have a right under mexican law to travel to the u.s. border to seek asylum in the united states. tonight, the trump administration is taking steps to speed up deportation.
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as immigration activists celebrate the release of a man taken into custody last fall after shannon: i would skip the tweeting and i love your show. how about that? this is fax -- foxnews@date. 1100 migrants are waiting for new information about where to go next. a group of 200 from yesterday hopped a freight train bound for the u.s. mexican government official said it is tolerated because migrants have a right under mexican law to travel to the u.s. border to seek asylum in the united states. the trumpet ministration is taking steps for deportation and immigration activists for castille who was reinterred after being previously removed. he has previous deportations on his record than was allowed to walk out of an immigration office in san francisco as a or wnhihieahe was sent back.eery we now have a show on the domestic caravan with our correspondent on e the new pressure campaign reporter: the justice department just confirm the trumpet ministrationruru now will put te speed of the cases of illegal immigrants. those representing the judges put in the metrics from being put into place but they said these performance measures which were agreede to by the judge union are designed to
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increase productivity and efficiency in the system without compromising due process this comes as a caravan of 100 people fleeing central america traveling through mexico summer trying to get to america. that has drawn the eyes are very streets and statements from the president even during the easter eggroll he said a deal is dead but as they try to push back to and nafta altogether tell u.s. and mexico secure the southern border. >> they really let them down they had a great opportunity but he really let them down now people are taking advantage of t5. that never should have happened. >> that is the way we see it to ensure the migration is safe. nafta in our view has been
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largely successful and is 25 years old.. and that is why we are focusing with u.s. to find a solution for the three countries. >> now to say it is misleading to conflate the caravan because only those that were eligible for t5 but we have seen illegal immigrants find other benefits to california but as ridiculouset as it sounds laws of our country do not allow us to so a procedure must take place mexico and canada have tough immigration laws but ours are the obama joke. act congress the presidentmi repeatedly blames democrats announces the deal is dead.
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so achieve support funding forrt the wall but then the president walked away he is wrong on t5. he rescinded that for a reason rejecting every single bipartisan proposal also democrats walked away from the table is trying to fire his political a base and fire a conservative. >> home security secretary talks about this caravan about mexican officials we have that part of the story. >> reporter: with that caravan of immigrants continues to make its way where now trump is doubling down issuing a flurry of tweets with his statement to save mexico has the absolute power not to let these large caravans of people enter their country they must stop them at their border
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which they can do because they are border laws work. but our country has no effective law and now homeland security secretary is working with mexico on how best to stop the flow. to say i agree for congress to have o immigration loopholes it is broken and those like ms 13 know how to exploit our laws we note we have to get smarter and tougher we are exploring all options for the homeland. but here they come even though slowly. 1100 people mostly from ponderous say they seek political asylum because of violence in their country. the caravan is organized by migrants rights group called people without borders and so far they have food and water and assistance.
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should arrive at ports of entry california arizona texas sometime in the next two weeks. if they claim asylum they will be detained for a few weeks up to a year but texas governor just tweeted he will have national guard troops stationed at the border they cross into california they may find different political climate on april 17 they will o opt out possibly of the sanctuary laws. >> public safety is the number one priority of government. the reason government was founded in the first place to keep people safe. that is the number one priority in san diego county so i am hopeful my board wall or just join orange county against this bad law.
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>> now joining the lawsuit against california escondido will vote to do the samee this week shannon: on the west coast now here is more that caravan in the trumpet ministration. and great to see you both tonight. i want to start by playing something from dianne feinstein when asked about the underlying issue of daca let's start there. >> the point is it is here and we have 800,000 young people. >> but it indicates it is on shaky legal ground. >> it is. that is why we need to pass a law. we should do it shannon: she says there is many disputes or conversations if he even had the authority to do this.
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>> i agree with senator feinstein it is on shaky ground by president obama issued the executive order after he failed to get action from congress. and then to offer a deadline six months later for congress to come up with a deal but in the interim the president had a very generous offer not just daca but another 1 million people with a 12 year past two citizenship but the democrats walked away from the table. congress refused to reach a deal. it is a shame for those young people who came here without doing anything wrong because democrats want them as a issue in the campaign shannon: there
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were no proposals that none in the senate could get to nobody got it done. >> it is true daca was on shaky ground that is why obama came up with the executive order to decide those children who grew appear are americans culturally, you name it some even served in the military or go to the best colleges, their crime rate is some of the lowest compared to others. and then they would stay here and be treated as americans. they don't know any other country but no no no. shannon: answer the question that i asked you. >> absolutely with president trump you have a republican house and senate and now they are complaining and nagging everyday. republicans realize they
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cannot get things done among t themselves. but the one sitting is back to politicize the lives of millions eligible's through daca in this country just to make a political point. >> so what do you do with that argument? they don't have 60 in the senate but this did not get done? >> i agree with theee fact that appointing is perfect in congress but they don't have 60 in the senate and that is a roadblock. democrats repeatedly play football with the president they would find a deal and they got release then refused. that is where it lies that deal can still be had except now both party legislators and
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the highest issue in politics and that is al real shame. >> what do you say about that? it is april they say that congress will not get anything substantive done the rest of the year? >> right. it is april it is too late tax season is almost over. but that popular offshoot to the factey despite getting heat from their own base. to say that was a bad idea but there will be compromised. the president one day decide something the next day and likely you will see miller. but h unfortunately thisde president is wafting on this issue but it is shameless and
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will haunt them politically. >> you talk about being soft which is firepower from the. >> president trump meeting with the new economic advisor larry cutler discusses theic agenda. he isn't skeptical of taro smithe fighting mr. go to china and those outgoing advisor and whiteor house and other economic aid but then those underwhelming -- unwelcome things no hair is ashley webster at the new york stock exchange. >> what a way to begin a new month the dow off 768-point
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coming close to the close but nevertheless a lot of red ink on the markets today the s&p down that is the nasdaq market so that moral regulation and government oversight all could the into a model and now they say how we feel you used the data and since the facebook handle the financial times estimates more than one quarter of a trillion dollars are market value of the tech stocks.
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but the biggest story and i know i fell so that said what happens on the second trading day this month? we will f find out but then to capitalize on the me to controversy. the red flag law those were receiving guns from their legal owners. that story when we return.
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shannon: a scandal in deep blue areas and we are back. good evening kristen reporter: good to be back a surprise announcement that he will not be seeking reelection making thee announcement amount how she handled that sexual harassment case involving the former chief of staff.
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said in a statement i've determined it is the best rate of interest of my constituents to end my time in congress at the end of the year and not seekre real action the terrible situation i should haved done better and my strongest apology i'm sorry for letting you down. it took her three months to fire her chief of staff after learning he was punching threatening to kill a female staffer in her office nancy pelosi said she is to be commended in her courage for coming forward and the congresswoman has acknowledgedle her actions she did not acknowledge ms. kane and should have. so now her seat in congress is wide open a connecticut republican hasn't won a seat more than a decade rnc says maybe this is their chance. the communication director
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said the cover of was reprehensible as well as morally bankrupt. democrats cannot distance themselves from the stain they left on their brown -- on their brand. to see would be a major for any republican to win. but this is the district that does mean more too the right and in 2016 hillary won by just four points so it is within the realm of possibility that. >> do republicans have any real shots? democratic strategist and chair. welcome to all of you but do they have a chance? >> as long as trump is in the
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white house the republicans do have a chance and while this congressional districts may bend leaning but every day he tweets but 65% of the country disagrees and then a great candidate at conservative democrat and a great public service resume and one that can build coalitions with the moderate republicans and i think it will stay democratic. >> and then to stop in congress and then takes the
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blame and says it is everybody's fault. >> it is society as horrible to surface but except when you did it. but as republicans if they can find a way to message on that you did this. then they can win. i had to check the year is it 2016? but then he got 50% approval shannon: but presidents historically do not do well after their election to the white house. >> honestly both parties can see that by their lot of names loaded or push forces but to
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be the most him or craddick distraction the whole state of connecticut that you are right when you bring up the point is it took three months to fire somebody who's about to adopt the party are they really the party that with the two movement who are they? shannon: the sinclair station leading statements across different cities include dan
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rather said news anchors looking at the camera here the truth it is.ti >> but there is no mention of conservative search for they did for. >> they pledged to do much to let him --dash journalism people like dan rather. [laughter] and cnn.. if you do listen we will be straight guy from big that this and also a statement that says. >> but it doesn't matter the rhetoric if they promote the way they try to get there othernd conservative stations
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but his cohort for. >> the rantings and ravings. >> why does cnn get to do this and noto us? apple is but please stick around we have some more f hot topics when we come back. the local teachers get a raise andem go on strike but in this
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case they are wide open. >> i'm serious we have to move fast
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i have seen
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>> shannon: public school teachers in kentucky and oklahoma choosing to march on their state capitals shannon: teachers skipping class choosing to march on their state capital for more money. reporter: public schools in kentucky were closed monday as thousands descended on the stateho capital. theirat anger motivated by report from the governor that said they should be grateful. but it was tacked onto the sewage bill and it was passed deceptively. >> people are angry about the fact that backdoor deals. reporter: they want to pressure lawmakers to show the best interest to public schools. >> that is what we are here
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for. reporter: they all demonstratedte despite receiving the agreement for the $6100 pay raise they asked for 10000 the estate is 49 fours teacher pay and school funding. what more do you want? i willoi tell you we want a good school that every student deserves. teachers have emphasized it is more about operating out of dating teaching tools and the those that worked out for five days to receive a 5% pay increase. >> teachers are supposed to returnve to normal schedules on tuesday the union representative said they will continue if lawmakers don't startot negotiating and the
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teachers in the grand canyon state are playing a lot off things over funding for teacher pay so let's talk about it with the republican lieutenant governor. >> it's great to be on your program shannon. shannon: you have an interesting perspective because you arere married to a teacher so what are discussions like? b >> i think the best teacher is my wife. and throughout my career we have i school and middle school student so you run the gamut and just had the but as
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a father who cares aboutdu public education but as a father who cares about public education have a couple of experts to say what they teachers are telling them describing tuition of textbooks that are more than ten years old because there are faulty heaters in buildings not properly maintained some districts are four days a week they cannot hand -- handle classes five days a week amended woman adjusted for inflation according to the left meaning center what do you say to that of their budget and. priorities? >> let me state what has been passed but really the effect
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of in reform that you hit on him of the key elements but now historically and is sold to the citizens with additional funding for education but to talk about the classroom, textbooks, deterioration and walls not just funding for education yes. but reform one thing i am for with that 65% and the shannon is further to the most important people are students in not enough but that is
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where it needs to be prioritized. t shannon: but it is said that it is possible and frustrating we have seen package after package disproportionately affected middle-class. workingg but where does those dollars come from? >> as a conservative with anti- tax my time as lieutenant governor i am not anti- tax increases i do support the tax increases but oklahoma needs to reform the budget process right now it
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decided but the rest of the legislature is supposed to help on the budget. but now the door and we can find 500,000,600,000,000 but i want to make sure our kids are the best act tough but another my wife but i support giving
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education to reform how the money gets there doubt that girl can breach from school. >> it is very difficult to put together and for how hard they were to take a thank you first of but nominees for ambassador f shifts to work --dash including where now you are member history after both
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>> shannon: police in seattle are going after guns, residents deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. dan springer takes a look at the initiative that is surprising some for the lack they were fading at least in the emerald city. >> looking at how the red flags or those are working and what is remarkable is that conflict and controversy they see guns of those that are dangerous to themselves or others. due process was built the family members can detain for extreme risk protection weighs the evidence usually has a significant but now to surrender his or her gun many
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times they do handed over if they refuse police can get a search warrant that way. the confiscated 27 drugs from one -- guns from 13 people but so far they have not how a confrontation. >> and vegetables cared it would probably wasn't a good idea.. >> alexander mackenzie according to documents suffers from ptsd and strange customers abilities were tall but then a few days later they ehave to be but with florida and the church in texas many more are considering them in so far washington state there hasn't been a complaint that anything has been violated.
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>> you see people distraught or o crazy to take out their problem problems. reporter: this is a major priority for the brady campaign at least 30 seats are considering passing their own. shannon: thank you so much. so now let's bring in our p&l to talk about it again. it is interesting those who say with proper due process they don't have a problem. >> i honestly have conflicting feelings because you see where if there were procedures in place this essentially prevented a mass shooting but what does the ability to take it away.
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in but then to have another family member call and have my gordon -- it taken away. but we do have to wrestle with it and i'm anxious to see kids acs but the thing is in his case is that he can take the gun before the person who is fighting to make the argument. >> that puts the cart before the horse has we heard the -- they squarely turned this down i do agree that this is an important tool for law enforcement and we have to keep an i on this person but
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there is a bitter divorce you don't want it to be the patch with the due process protections it is spreading now but on a state-by-state level reacting directly to the people in response to the people and i need to see more data. >> republicans so how do you disagree that say if you're mentally ill or mentally challenged they can report you? >> are you okay with that? >> i am a former prosecutor. and in all the states you have
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these laws in place already but the bottom line is whether south carolina or texas the risk of someone mentally ill? >> because somebody else abused it. >> let me ask you. >> that is the assessment of family members to say i don't think they are right that their rights could be bridged through the process. s >> they were manipulated by the democrats. >> nothing against them. >> but what continues. [laughter]
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>> the rest is for pay-per-view thank you. [laughter] the shroud of secrecy that russians are doing exactly what they would and what has happened from the 2016 election with transparency? w we will look into those claims
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stay on special counsel robert mueller facing new criticism over shannon: facing criticism from republicans over what they consider lack of transparencysi. reporter: there are two different goals of the special counsel with congressional oversight think in this case the most important is that is harmed when we have special counsel all the information is gathered. >> big day tomorrow with the first sentencing of one of the special counsel targets the deal reached with alexander involved an agreement to keep key details of the investigation secret. and then that the next former aide in the former doj attorney under george w. bush. >> first of all senator johnson obviously his thoughts wanted the intelligence
12:52 am
committee to deal before the special counsel gotwo volunteers worried the american people will get a picture of what istu going on. >> i think that is the key right now bob mueller is investigating we will see the fruits of what he found either or more indictments or like that can starr report when he wrapped up his investigation of whitewater with monica lewinsky he turned over the report to congress which then became public i don't know if we will get something like that in thisme case but i think he will keep it to himsel himself. >> that's interesting because talking about this and said the question it makes it complicated legally as well with respect tole another variable especially with his role as special counsel or
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just simply report to the attorney general. >> there will be intense public interest regardless but if you report to the acting attorney general or to congress at the end of thehe day he will be pummeled something like this cannot be kept under wraps that will see the light of day but at a time and place of his choosing which could be months in the future. shannon: so the dutch attorney will be sentenced not nastily with collusion but he signed the plea dealth in which his rights to go after public records and why would that happen? >> that means bob mueller says and what you to give up your fight with the freedom of information act request but
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the reason why mueller is worried in this situation because he has a lot of inside information what he is investigating he doesn't want him to do any sort of mischief by filing public information request and also the general public but then to tell u.s. immigration have a back 600,000 hundred thousand anything is not fair to those people what do you do? >> and those people across the spectrum can agree on with major problems it takes far too long to decide thehe attorney general is just trying to make them go a little faster with a slight increase there are escape hatch provisions they scanned
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>> shannon: as part of his easter service, pope francis baptized a nigerian migrant who helped stop a robbery last year. john ogah conference today armed with the meat cleaver outside thee supermarket and was an immigrant in italy at the time but authorities and now a very special easter because of his hair was him. you spent your monday evening
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with us we will see you back here tomorrow night 11:00 p.m. eastern. >> donald trump throwing a democrat for what he insisted lack of action on daca. >> democrats of really let them down. >> white house officials it was a caravan of central american migrants entering the united states. >> officially found out i cannot go on a ship. they needed ar 15s to escort us out. >> we witnessed in this tournament tonight.


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