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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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mother's day and things like that. thanks for joining us, everybody. we have had a busy day. i'm dana perino. up next, shep smith. ♪ >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 in washington where today the president of the united states made some extraordinary declarations. they came with no warning. during a meeting with leaders of baltic nations in a span of about 15 minutes the president made a string of pronouncements. he announced he will have the united states military protect our border. he said a caravan of people from honduras is breaking up thanks to mexico's tough laws. he said the united states is subsidizing amazon. he said he loves the chinese president. he said he probably, no one has been tougher than he, on russia. then about 90 minutes later the president spoke about syria. he said he wants u.s. troops out of syria, but if the saudis want us to stay, he
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said they should pay. we'll go through all of his comments with you one by one. we will explain what he said and what they could mean. and we will start with president trump saying he is going to send troops to guard our nation's southern border. >> we have very bad laws for our border. and we are going to be doing some things. i have been speaking with general mattis. we are going to be things militarily until we can have a wall and proper security. we are going to be guarding our wall with the military. it's a big step. big step. >> shepard: the pentagon is scrambling to come up with a smawns tresponse to the big ste. we don't have specifics on what president trump is even talking about and neither does the pentagon it reports. big question can the president of the united states send troops to the border? the answer is yes. under the insurrection act of the early 1800s, the president can deploy troops anywhere in the united states to execute federal law. our chief white house
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correspondent john roberts witness to all today and live on the north lawn. troops to the border. >> that was a real surprising statement that the president made while he was having lunch with the three leaders of the baltic states, astone i can't, lath estonia and latvia.steve hollanm about it. the president didn't go too far down the road to explain what he meant. james mattis at the white house. he is some members of the department of defense is looking at, including increasing security at the barry m. goldwater lye fire range in arizona which shares a 35-mile border with mexico. there is also military drones that are being used to monitor the border. other electronic surveillance equipment. there has been no talk of troops so far. let's play what the president said about it at the press conference. again, not shedding much more light on the pronouncement he made earlier. >> we are preparing for the military to secure our
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border between mexico and the united states. we have a meeting on it in a little while with general mattis and everybody. >> so the president there saying we are preparing to have the military but giving no level of detail of whether it would be equipment or whether it would actually be personnel. whether those would be active duty personnel. whether they would be reservist or national guard troops. certainly national guard troops have been used along the border. most recently 2013. texas governor rick perry dispatched about 1,000 of them along the border. and there have been u.s. troops that were used before to guard the border. back in the early 1990s, shep, president george h.w. bush, bush had 1 ordered the joint task force 6 which later became joint task force north to assist in drug intraaddiction efforts. that assignment later morphed into antiterrorism component. but, for this president to actually put either active duty or reservists along the border to enforce immigration, that certainly would be something new,
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shep. >> shepard: it would. president trump also talked about the, quote: caravan of people, unquote, coming from honduras through mexico to the u.s. border. >> i told mexico very strongly you're going to have to do something about these caravans that are coming up. i just noticed that the caravan now, which is toward the middle of mexico. coming up from honduras is breaking up very rapidly. that's because mexico has very strong immigration laws he a we should have. we should have those laws. we don't have. we have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody. >> shepard: fact is, it's an annual event. it's a political statement. this one consists about 1200 people, including children and the elderly, organizers say this whole thing is meant to raise awareness about the tens of thousands of central americans who deal with violence and political unrest. and as in the past, the migrants will apply for asylum. they don't just rush the
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border. organizers say the group will be much smaller by the time it reaches the border because many of the people know that they will not qualify for protection here in the united states. most asylum seekers from these groups in the past never get asylum and they're sent home. john roberts is back on the north lawn. is there confusion about this group? >> i think there might be a little bit of a perception problem here, shep. this whole thing started late last week when homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen briefed the president what was going on with this caravan. that sent off the series of tweets that the president sent from mar-a-lago over the weekend talking about the caravan and talking about daca. that continued into yesterday. the president trial, i'm told through those tweets to send a mess stooge mexico's leadership. cutting off the cash cow aimed for the mexican president. as well as authorities in honduras. this group moving these people and the people themselves to say look you
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can walk all the way up here to the u.s. border, but there are no daca protections in place for your children. there are no protections in place for you. and the president hoping that that was going to dissuade them from coming all the way up here. he does seem to have gone some distance to getting the mexican government to intervene to some degree. though we don't know exactly what happened to give rise to this pronouncement by the president in this caravan has, quote, begun to break up. let's reiterate what he said at the press conference a short time ago on this topic. listen here. >> we have a trade deficit with mexico of over $100 billion a year. and i told mexico yesterday that because of the fact that their law are so strong they can do things about it that's hard to believe the united states can't. i said i hope you are going to tell that caravan not to get up to the border. and i think they are doing that because as of 12 minutes ago, it was all being broken up. we'll see what happens. but we have to have strong borders.
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>> now, wrapped into all of this the president is also asking congress for tougher immigration laws. one of the things that the president is asking for to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to claim amnesty when they claim over the border into the united unitd states. it may have only complied to a handful of people. border patrol and large number of people would come across the border and they would claim amnesty which would then put them in the adjudication system where they would be given a date to appear in court. there is a worry that a lot of those people simply disappear into society. the president said this at the press conference this afternoon and never show up for their court date, shep? >> shepard: he also took aim today, again today at amazon. >> the post office is losing billions of dollars and the taxpayers are paying for that money because it delivers packages for amazon at a very below cost. and that's not fair to the united states, it's not fair to our taxpayers.
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and amazon has the money to pay the fair rate at the post office, which would be much more than they are paying right now. we are giving a subsidy to amazon and we're talking about billions of dollars a year. the real cost. and a report just came out, they said 1.47, i believe or about that for every time they deliver a package, the united states government, meaning the post office losing 1.47. so, amazon is going to have to pay much more money no to the post office. >> shepard: the postal service's own numbers show it makes money by delivering packages for amazon and other companies. as for taxpayers, the post office's own website points out and i quote: the postal service receives no tax dollars for operating the space. none. and that reference to 1.47 that the president came up with there, a citigroup study showed last year on average the postal service was charging 1.46 below
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market rates for package delivery. but our researchers point out if that discount exists it's not just for amazon. it's a bulk rate discount. back to john roberts there is a great deal of confusion or something here regarding amazon and the post office because none of that was true. >> well, this could be boiled down into terms. personal between the president and jeff base zos who, of course, was the guy who created amazon who also now owns "the washington post." and "the washington post" has got an entire unit that's dedicated to reporting on the trump administration. and the president looks at "the washington post" every day and by and large doesn't like what he sees. and so now he is claiming that "the washington post" is a propaganda arm of jeff bezos and all of this is wrapped together around amazon. and he feels that he can hurt amazon a little bit because he has actually been affecting their stock price by suggesting they are not paying their fair share of taxes and maybe the post
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office should jack up rates which, of course, would affect the delivery cost for amazon and all those people, shep, who pay a flat fee for prime delivery every year that might shift the cost curve a little bit for amazon. it could very simply be put down that this is a feud between the president and jeff bezos. you know, times have you got your own facts when you are in a feud. >> shepard: i guess. so amazon is up $9.46 a share by the way. in the middle of a trade war which we have now a trade war. president trump says the relationship between the united states and china is very good. >> i have to say this, china, i have great respect for president xi. two of the most incredible days of my life were spent in china. many of you were with me. he is a tremendous person. but we have a problem with china. they have created a trade deficit and i really blame our representatives and
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frankly our preceding presidents for this. >> shepard: president trump recently announced 10s of billions of dollars in import taxes on chinese goods. and this week beijing responded with taxes on american products. back to john roberts. >> and, of course, the stock market didn't like that a whole lot yesterday when china imposed the tariffs on $3 billion worth of american products. it was about 100 of them, including pork. and that's a big one for american farmers. no question about that. the president has yet to announce what goods would be subject to u.s. tariffs from china. that's supposed to come out sometime this week. the stock market could take another dive. though we see it's up 400 points today. so clearly whatever the effect was from yesterday was pretty short-lived. though the stock market as we know loves to be jittery and go back down again. shep, he says he has a great relationship with president xi. the two of them do seem to get along. the trade relationship with
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china and the united states is one that is difficult at the best of times. but the president simply says that he wants to level the playing field and make things more fair and whittle down that huge trade deficit we have with china. >> shepard: president talked up how tough he has been on russia. >> nobody has been tougher on russia. getting along with russia would be a good thing not a bad thing. just about everybody agrees to that. except very stupid people. >> shepard: it's true the booted russian diplomats from the company. exfine britain. it's also true that the white house waited months after congressional deadline to impose economic sanctions for russia for meddling in the election in 2016. after president trump called the russian president vladimir putin and congratulated him on his re-election when he even floated the idea of possibly visiting the white house. that's usually an atta boy a visit to the white house. >> that's one of the things i was going to ask the had i
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gotten a question to today, shep. is this meeting going to happen. we know serbia has offered up a facility in belgrade if the two leaders want to meet there the president did point to the expulsion of 60 diplomats so say look other countries expelled four as a result of nerve agent in the u.k. we did 60, saying again again at the press conference than anybody else has. listen here. >> there is nobody been tougher on russia and with that being said, i think i could have a very good relationship with president putin. i think. it's possible i won't. you will know about it, believe me this room will know about it before i know about it. >> russia clearly not happy with the actions taken to expel the diplomats and russian operatives. kicking out american diplomats saying it would be difficult to host the summit with two leaders as tensions are now. holding out the idea that things can change which they likely will, shep?
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>> shepard: john roberts with a 14-minute report from the white house. thank you, john, we appreciate it. lots there today. and listen to this. the president says he wants to get out of syria. but at about the same time the president's man in charge of fighting isis was saying the mission is not over and we will continue to fight. contradicting comments and the rest of the day's news coming up from the fox news deck on an extraordinary tuesday afternoon. ♪ if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> shepard: back to series of top stories. trump had a lot to say during his meeting and news conference with baltic leaders including that he wants to pull u.s. troops out of syria. the time has come. he said fighting the islamic state is costing too much and somebody else should foot the bill. >> saudi arabia is very interested in our decision. and i said well, you know, you want us to stay, maybe you are going to have to pay. but a lot of people, you know, we do lot of things in this country. we do them for -- we do them for a lot of reasons. but it's very costly for our country and it helps other countries a hell of a lot more than it helps us. >> shepard: he added our country has gotten nothing for the trillions of dollars we spent in the middle east. and it's too late to take their oil, which is an international crime but also because isis took it. very different than comments from the president's guy in charge of fighting isis who spoke just down the street from the president at almost the exact same time. >> we are in syria to fight isis.
12:18 pm
that is our mission. our mission isn't over, and we are going to complete that mission. >> shepard: same time. john bus is i is here to talk about all of it, associate editor at the "wall street journal." the "wall street journal's" parent company and fox news parent company share common ownership. he's aware we are fighting a proxy war with the russians and the iranians there in syria, right? >> not just isis, right? >> shepard: no. >> the isis fight isn't over, as soon as you declare it over, guess what? there is another mushrooming of the problem some place else. that one is not going to end for a long time. look how long we have been in afghanistan. that problem hasn't gone away either. this is not just about isis. it is about russia and its footprint in the middle east. russia now is allied with assad in syria. it's got naval and air capability that's in the region in syria. so, the u.s. is in a balancing act in syria with russia. and it's probably going to have to maintain that balancing act in some manner. not just from surrounding countries but probably within syria as well.
12:19 pm
it's not just russia. it's iran. >> shepard: there was a time when the president saying one thing at one podium and his man in charge of the project saying the exact opposite thing at another podium at the same time would be really astounding and you wonder what kind of a message that sort of thing sends back here. >> yeah that and his own policy makers. that and those concerned with the iran deal and about our relations with iran and iran at bay syria figures into that because iran has its proxy fighting in syria. and the u.s. has to contend with that as for sort of disagreeing with somebody who is in charge as we just heard, you saw today a lookout of comments that were made. on a have a right different issues. that once deacon instructed are not exactly as the president would have you believe. this notion of this caravan working its way through mexico towards the u.s. border. mass of people. it's an every year event.
12:20 pm
it's about 1,000 people. you want to guess how many. >> shepard: it's a political statement. >> more of a political statement by people who are talking about the need to seek asylum in the united states because of issues in central america and in mexico. we deported out of the united states last year alone 128,000 mexicans, 76,000 central americans. those are large numbers. this is about 1,000 people in this big caravan that's working its way towards the united states. it's not a major issue. >> shepard: he has been misinformed on this matter or something is one matter. for him to think that he has been the toughest on russia of any president, seems to indicate that he needs someone to be advising him properly. >> that or he is playing a public relations game right now. this is the president after all who ignored the congress, which said invoke sanctions against russia for meddling in our elections, waited months and months to
12:21 pm
do that. there is an investigation going on. he is contending with that every day. this is robert mueller's investigation into whether there was collusion or obstruction of justice related to the russia investigation. he wants to maybe now change the dynamic a little bit or change the language of that discussion into his being really tough on russia. how do you do that if you are not particularly tough on russia. you declare you are the toughest president on russia which, in fact, other presidents of the united states have boycotted olympics, fought cold war against the soviet union, the core of which was russia at the time. he hasn't been the toughest on russia. >> shepard: john bus is i, than -- busy,thank you. get this breaking news. russia is responding about president trump's comments today about his plan to send the u.s. troops on the foward guard mexico. what the country is now requesting next. uganda, sumatra, colombia
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xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> shepard: mexico has now responded. mexico's ambassador to the united states of america says his country is formally asking for clarification of the president's statement. after today the president trump said he would send the military to protect america's southern border. jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. it sounds like the pentagon wants a clarification, too. because the pentagon is, quote scrambling to respond. >> yeah. i think a lot of people want some clarification. i mean, that was something that the president brought up today, without giving a whole lot of details about what exactly he meant. he has referred to that before. but it seems like a more explicit call today and it seems to have come out of frustration that again, he is not moving as swiftly as he would like on that promise that he made during the 2016 campaign to build a
12:26 pm
wall. >> shepard: do we expect to hear something from the pentagon on this? is this because our understanding is the pentagon didn't know about this in advance. is that right? >> i don't know the answer to that. although it wouldn't be the first time that the president has announced or talked about some kind of policy before people a at the pentagon or elsewherey in the know. as to whether or not they are going to comment on that, i can't comment on that either. can i tell you journalists certainly in the white house press corps and pentagon press corps are seeking more details. >> shepard: you were at that get-together, right? the la latvian leaders. >> i wasn't but i was watching it. >> shepard: i wondered if today utterances seemed more extraordinary than those in times past and if hope hicks' hab sense is seen as a possible, i don't know, sign of things? >> that's a good question. i don't know if it's a reflection of hope hicks being gone or if it's a
12:27 pm
reflection of the fact that actually the president hasn't taken a lot of questions from reporters recently. so he seemed like he had a lot to say. and he spent quite a bit of time talking about a whole host of issues as have you already highlighted on your show from an immigration to what was going on with the leaders there to amazon. >> shepard: the series of statements that were contrary to reality regarding amazon, is there another way to explain this besides jeff bezos? >> i think it's clear that jeff bezos is definitely something or a person that president trump has been very focused on since before he became president. he doesn't have all the information or at least has not been -- his statements don't reflect all the information about what is really the case between amazon and postal service contract that it has. he seems very upset about the coverage that has come in the "the washington post." that's why he is essentially suggesting or directly suggested that the "the washington post" should
12:28 pm
register as a lobbyist. that's not out of line with the other criticism that he has made of the media when he is upset with reporters. when is he upset with news organizations, he use uses the media as a foil ghvment this case that foil has been explannedded to include jeff bezos because of his ownership of amazon as well as the post. >> shepard: you wonder what the post is about to come up with. you know? >> the post has been doing a great journalism and along with other colleagues and organizations at the white house. sure. >> shepard: amazon is up $35.28 on the day. the stock had bounced back after taking a hit following attacks from the president. attacks that fact-checkers point out are not facts. and the fallout is affecting really all of us. gerri willis from the fox business network is on deck to explain right after bottom of the hour, mid-commercial headlines from lea gabrielle.
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showed up at the capital in oklahoma city. the teachers calling for more funding for public schools. a witness who says comedian bill cosby's accuser is in it for the money will be allowed to testify in court. that's the word from the judge in cosby's retrial in pennsylvania on the second day of a juror selection there. he also ruled that jurors can hear how much cosby paid the accuser in a settlement in 2006. cosby facing charges of drugging and molesting a former temple university basketball official. he has pleaded not guilty. and the feds say they have arrested a designer of a water slide that decapitated a 10-year-old boy in kansas in 2016. agents were there to meet him when he got off a plane in dallas last night. he faces multiple charges including second degree murder. shep will be right back.
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>> shepard: as i have been reporting amazon stocks have rebounded a bit after sliding earlier today following new attacks from president trump as we have reported. the president claims the united states postal service losing money through its shipping agreements with amazon. it does not. analysts say the post office makes a profit. here is how amazon has been trading over the last five days. you can see it started back over here when it was kind of high and back over here. it's had a bit of rebound today up $15.78 at the moment. a little bit more than 1%. current share price in the top licensed corner up there. gerri willis is here for the fox business network. help us understand, the post office makes a lot of money on amazon, right? >> they make a lot of money on packages. i want to start with where trump got this idea to first place. it came from a op-ed in the "wall street journal." it was written by a money manager who wrote this an april analysis from citigroup estimates if costs were fairly allocated on average parcels at usps would cost $1.46 more to
12:35 pm
deliver. it's as if every amazon box comes with a $1 or 2 stapled to the packing slip a gift card from uncle sam. we went out and started looking. is that true? is that really how this works? what we found is this: of the postal regulatory commission oversees usps. they look at the numbers and make sure the organization is doing a good job. what they say is that the usps made revenues last year. in this report they say of $20 billion. and profit from packages of 7 billion. now, that's all packages but have you got to figure that amazon is a big piece of that. the agreement between the postal service and amazon that's not public. they are not telling us what the details are of that. but, clearly, the usps is not suffering in its delivery service. >> shepard: amazon could always just use u.p.s. if it wanted. >> to other options amazon is building its own delivery service right now. but it doesn't look like this is a huge problem for
12:36 pm
the united states postal service. keep in mind, this is -- postal service is separate, right? right?shep no tax dollars go to the postal service. >> right on. >> shepard: amazon lost a lot of value because of the president's recent tweets. >> some 60 billion over the last five days. >> shepard: $60 billion. >> here is what bezos lost this is my back to the envelope calculation. bezos owns some 82 million shares. if that's true he lost about $17 million. >> shepard: 17 million? >> um-huh. >> shepard: he has a lot of millions. >> he does, indeed. >> shepard: okay, ger, thank you. i want to turn to financial analyst, chief researchers for 8 squared research. the post office is better with amazon or without amazon? >> infinitely better with amazon. to gerri's point, all of these companies, not just amazon have special deals with the usps.
12:37 pm
if we looked at what was going on with the usps a couple years ago, they were really in a crisis. most of that had to do where i w. their pensions. they were spending so much on these pensions that's what was causing the money loss. so they had a restructuring. they tried to figure out exactly how they were going to start making these revenues. they started cutting deals with all these different companies. it's not just amazon. the president is going to complain about amazon. he has to complain about every single internet delivery service that uses usps. >> shepard: that's not what this is about. this is about jeff bezos and "the washington post," isn't it? >> i don't want to go there. >> shepard: it's not your wheel house. >> it's not fact-based and we haven't seen. if it is, in fact, what this is about, then that's completely wrong, you know. but the president does mention with amazon that there are tax issues. but, it's not a federal tax issue. it's a municipality tax issue and state tax issue. what's going on is that amazon is not paying these muni taxes. so, cities like albuquerque,
12:38 pm
new mexico are getting completely gipsd out of tens of millions of dollars. >> whoa, wait. that's not entirely true. so amazon pays, you know, it collection the taxes let's be clear because they are collectincollecting from peoplet buy on the website for its own amazon product. it's the people who sell on amazon's platform. >> shepard: independent merchants. >> small and independent sellers who are not doing it except for the states of washington and pennsylvania where local voters have turned that over and are now forcing collection of that as well. >> gerri, it's happening in new mexico, too. the state taxes are being paid. the municipality tax needs to happen in order for those local businesses, not just the businesses but for those local governments to get those tax revenues. >> shepard: these are local issues. >> these are local issues. the only way that this is going to change is if these mayors get together. mayors like tim keller in albuquerque, new mexico get together with a bunch of different mayors from big city come together together as con flop member rat and cong.
12:39 pm
>> shepard: it is hard to imagine that the president doesn't realize tax dollars do not go to the post office? >> right. >> shepard: that's a quick check. it's an easy check. >> it's not about that, right? >> shepard: it can't be. >> more of a political conversation than it is. >> shepard: it can't be about that because that's not a true thing. it's not like someone has said we are losing tax dollars because of no one has ever said this. that that's not a thing. >> it hasn't been to your point checked by resource. it's easy information to find. he could have gone on there and looked for it. you are absolutely right there. no association with the usps and tax dollars. there just isn't. >> shepard: thank you, both. have a happy day. first the suspect to face sentencing in the russia investigation got prison time. the very first one. also, we have learned the deputy attorney general authorized special counsel robert mueller to investigate whether trump's
12:40 pm
former campaign chair paul manafort colluded with russia. that part of the investigation was authorized upon request. if you are paul manafort, what do you do now? it's crucial and it's next. you do all this research
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12:44 pm
manafort colluded with the russians to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. that's according to a ne newly released memo by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he oversees the special counsel's investigation. he gives permission. manafort has pleaded not guilty to charges including money laundering and conspiracy against the united states. mueller is looking into moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. possible collusion with members of the trump campaign and whether the president himself obstructed justice. president trump has repeatedly denied each of those accusations. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. hi, catherine. >> thanks, shep. the memo is buried in a 57 page filing by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in january 2017. it gives robert mueller broad authorities to investigate the trump campaign chairman that go beyond coordination between the russian officials and the church campaign. special counsel investigators have a latitude to investigate allegations that manafort,
12:45 pm
quote: committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the ukrainian government before and during the tenure of president victor. while entire sections of this memo are heavily blacked out. what you can read what's visible is the special counsel has granted this broad mandate that may go beyond that work in the ukraine as well, shep. >> shepard: we saw the first sentencing in the russia investigation today. >> that's right. this morning 33-year-old alex entered federal court here in washington, d.c. where he was sentenced for lying to federal agents. typically this can get a maximum penalty of five years in prison. as he left court the london-based lawyer whose sphearnl russian oligarch had no comment for waiting reporters. the judge gave him a much reduced sentence of 30 days in prison. $20,000 fine. two months of supervised release though was not immediately clear will that will be done here in the u.s. or in great britain. this lawyer matters because he worked with rick gates cooperating with the special
12:46 pm
counsel private plea agreement and also worked with former campaign chairman paul manafort who faces charges in washington, d.c. and virginia on money laundering and tax fraud. based on the court filings, special counsel investigators are exploring contacts between the men and individual connected to russian intelligence and that, of course, can get you to this idea of the russian collusion connection, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: all of this leads to will paul manafort stay the course playing defense or will paul manafort turn state's witness and cooperate with robert mueller. those are the options. coming up, i will talk to a criminal defense attorney who says the special counsel robert mueller is one step closer now to flipping president trump's former campaign chairman.
12:47 pm
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>> shepard: 11 minutes at the top of the hour now more on robert mueller investigation. new memo catherine reported on revealed the special counsel does have the power to investigate whether the former trump campaign manager or chairman paul manafort colluded with the russian government. as we just routerred today a federal judge happened down the first sentence in the case. alex vanderswan a former corporate lawyer got 30 days behind bars for lying to the feds. federal and white collar criminal defense attorney. your observation, based on this memo regarding mueller is what? >> well, i think two things, first, if you look at what he pleaded guilty to, it's very telling, right? he pleaded guilty to lying to his contacts with rick gates and of course we all know rick gates is the right hand man to paul manafort. he also lied about his
12:51 pm
contacts with this mysterious person a. and we know that person a is a person with ties to russian intelligence operatives or russian intelligence operative himself. so, the intersection between manafort and gates' ties to lobbying efforts on the part of pro-russian ukrainian government is rife for the possibility of an interaction with collusion in the 2016 campaign. the memo, look, we have all been talking about whether or not there has been, you know, what the mandate for the special counsel is here. now we have it laid out in plain english written by rod rosenstein himself, who, of course, is overseeing the entirety of the russia investigation. it's trump's own justice department or justice department as he calls it is now giving mueller the authority to look into potential crimes committed by manafort in connection with receiving money from the ukrainian government. also, another one of those big bullet points in that memo it says that the special counsel can look into crimes committed
12:52 pm
potentially with colluding with the russians to interfere with the 2016 election. boom. that's what we have all been waiting for. it's out. >> shepard: so if you are paul manafort, what options are you now weighing? >> if you are manafort, you are now 100 percent now thinking you have to flip. manafort has been very staunch. he has been aggressive. this move on the part of his defense attorneys, i can't fault them for, this look, they tried to dismiss the indictment. this is a bombshell on the part of robert mueller in terms of what they responded to, his memorandum to dismiss all the counts in the indictment. they basically said -- they called his bluff and basically said no. the special counsel has every right to do what he is doing to investigate crimes potentially committed in this arena. so, the argument that manafort had been sort of gripping to with all of his life was that the special counsel maybe had overstepped his bounds because everything, of course, came in that indictment didn't really have anything to do with his time on the trump campaign or with russian collusion, it had to do with his
12:53 pm
efforts involved in ukrainian lobbying efforts. so, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. this is a classic pee pyramid scheme. used by the mural team. tried and true. looking at facing the rest of his life behind bars. this man is going to flip. mark my words. >> shepard: caroline polisi. fascinating. >> thanks. >> shepard: we will be right back at a look at a holiday hot spot that gave us a dish that's now on menus across our great land and it closed its doors on this day in history. ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir.
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>> shepard: britain's prince philip it's in the hospital today. queen elizabeth's husband scheduled to have hip surgery tomorrow. if that's the word from buckingham palace, easy for me to say. british officials say that the
12:57 pm
surgery was planned in advance. prince philip is 96 now. missing several public events including easter's public church service. but sometimes appears with his wife, the queen. his hip surgery is less than two months before his grandson prince harry is set to marry american actress megan markel. a witness caught it on camera, the video starts right as the truck driver runs away before the crash. the leap >> oh, darn. [bleep]. >> shepard: how about that? 30 miles west of georgia, happen sunday, got the video today. the train's crew and the truck driver filing. a mother in phoenix facing a
12:58 pm
charge, a child abuse charge after police said that she used a taser to wake up her son for easter church service. the woman told a local reporter that she stood there with the taser and sparked it after her teenage son cursed at her and refused to get out of bed. she claims that she never actually touched and with the taser, but her son says that she did tase him. and the officers, he has two small bumps on his leg to prove it. the mother will be back in court later this month. on this date in 1985, the brown derby restaurant closed. it served movie stars and celebrities for more than 50 years. the brown derby was the spot where hollywood elite went to work and work out a business deals and negotiate contracts. there were caricatures of famous people's on the walls, getting years there was a sign that you had no doubt, made it.
12:59 pm
and the food they say was pretty good. the brown derby also brought us the cobb salad that was named after robert cobb, there is a replica of that restaurant in disney world so that people can see what it was like to dine during hollywood's golden age after the curtain closed on brown derby. 33 years ago. today. the news breakout will break in, because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. a big day on the dow. you can see it was all up all day. but really took off about 2:45 this afternoon. up 1.6%, still down overall over the past couple of weeks. but a little bit of a comeback on the dow. the nasdaq also making a comeback as did the smp. amazon shares are up on the section. john glenn, what is the number on that? >> up pretty significantly. as much as $35 during the session.
1:00 pm
now 1.4% despite the president's claims regarding the post office. now 400 on the dow. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up on the americas choice for news and cable, this is fox news channel. >> neil: all right, what it gives away, and taketh back. i am neil cavuto, this is "your world," go figure. what we lost, we gained back today. the same angst about the president butting in on commerce when it comes to amazon. though she is coming back today. the dow also coming back today even though the same trade war fears are out there. as the chinese upped the ante, we will get into that a lot more later on. in the meantime, i want you to listen to the president of the united states. >> i told mexico very strongly, you are going to have to do something about these caravans that are coming. and i just n