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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: one last quote from reverend martha maccallum. -- martin luther king. he said the measure of a man is where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. tucker is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a shooting yesterday at youtube's headquarters in california left only the shooter dead. the killer was an iranian refugee named nasim aghdam. let's pretend this is not the 8 p.m. show on fox news. it's somewhere else. cnn or any other cable channel or newspaper in america. if that were true we would have
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to draw hard-and-fast conclusions from this tragedy. we don't know much but sweeping dumb generalization are that the media do. we would do that. and we need a specific script. what do we conclude from what happened yesterday? first the shooter a way woman. clearly america has a problem with toxic femininity. we need to address that problem right away. then there is the gun. we focus on the gun because nothing is more pivotal in a shooting than the weapon used. it's always the gun's fault. the is that right -- the shooter in this case used a smith and wesson gun. they need to be banned. the shooter was a vegan and a
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supporter of peta. let's hope cnn hosts a town hall meeting to scream at peta spokespeople. media outlets are not retaching those conclusions. they are stupid on the subject of firearms. people yelling at you about guns on television are not sure where the bullet comes from. they are kids like fifth graders. this happened yesterday. this is msnbc nicole wallace mistaking the opening of a soda can for gunfire. watch. >> i always go back to the horror of 9-11 and the reliance. we are in our corner most of our
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lives. i think we just heard some gun shots. not gun shots? okay. >> tucker: [laughing]. no, nicole. pretty funny. she lectures about the second amendment. pete is fox and friends weekend host and a former member of the u.s. military and joins us tonight. pete, it's a simple question. we know the way these things unfold and the way they are analyzed in the press. we draw sweeping conclusions from a small sets of facts. why we are not hearing that. >> wrong bad guy. a female, of iranian descent. not a trump supporter and not a member of the nra.
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she doesn't fit the narrative. abc a glancing blow. nbc said she is apparently an animal rights activist. imagine if an nra did this. is he apparently or actually an nra minute. no judgment or blood on the h d hands of a peta member. it's absurd to me to define a population as violent because they believe in animal rights. likes it's absurd to believe that second amendment supporters are violent. >> tucker: the coverage of gun crimes really did not an effort to reduce the number of gun crimes. it's an effort to make a series of partisan points? >> it's an effort to impugn the
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second amendment and those who support it. it depends on the labels that apply. you know this. identity politics are one sided. if you are a white christian male who voted for donald trump and believe in the second amendment and have an ar-15 you are prone to violence. if you are a woman, nothing to see. good morning america won't even cover this shooting. they won't draw a larger narrative as a result. apparently an animal rights activist. this is what the modern media has turned into, cheerleading to take away our guns and moving on if it's not relevant. >> tucker: it seems it crosses a line when it moves from attacking the president personally.
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they don't like trump, i get it. from that, i get it, to moving over to advocating for specific policies affecting americans as if there is only one side of the debate. it moves to full on propaganda. >> of course. other journalists have said it's our obligation to talk about the parkland shooting. if we don't talk about it, the conversation doesn't continue and policies don't change in washington, d.c. it's your job to report the news that is relevant. a mass shooting is relevant. you cover it. then you move on. they are deciding what to cover. >> tucker: that's right. what is striking, if you were going to pick a topic the media would lobby on, camera angles or lithe?
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>> they are experts in that stuff. any group in america that knows less about firearms. nicole mistook a soda opening for gun shots. >> i opened my diet mountain dew and no one jumped. i need it because i am up at 6 in the morning. no one i know would mistake that as gunfire. how many members of this media are members of the nra. have many have fired weapons? they don't know a squat automatic weapon from a b-b gun. but they tell me what i can't and carry. of course it's political activism to help their democratic buddies. >> tucker: what put all of the dumb people on tv? you are not one of them. several tech ceos demanded that
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regular people be deprived of their right to carry firearms. the twitter ceo tweeted this: he endorsed demands should by the march for our lives. including banning high capacity magazines and taking all weapons that are assault weapons. in 2015, twitter spent more than $68,000 providing personal security to jack dorsey. were those guards unarmed? no, they were not. phil pane advised for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. i appreciate you coming on. it's hard to read this as anything else but an effort by the people in charge to bring
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more power to themselves which is what people in charge do. we get the guns. you don't. shut up and oh bay. -- obey. why is that not what is happening? >> i don't think that's the right way to look at this issue. i enjoyed listening to your conversation with your colleague earlier. i am interested to are that you think it's funny someone on tv thought a soda can opening was a gunshot, you thought it was a funny. >> tucker: i thought it was idiotic. that studio doesn't have begun shots. it was a soda opening. if you advocate for positions, you need to learn about the topic. i am not denigrating the fear people feel in the face of gunfire. look, the point is ordinary
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people are afraid. we agree on that. why would the people in charge who are protected by armed security demand that no one else be allowed to protect themselves? >> well, i have frustration what i heard from the twitter ceo for a different reason. i don't like this trend we have of waiting for gun violence to come to your backyard before you care about it. just because a tech company yesterday, you got a letter from all of the tech ceos who decided to sign on. i was touched by gun violence. a felt strongly about gun violence and all of the concerns before that. it doesn't take that issue to pique my interest. it's interesting, tucker, a lot of people who watch this show and a lot of people who watch this network feel the same way i do. if you look at the polls -- >> tucker: i feel the same way
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you do. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: hold on. let's be honest. one of the pieces of political rhetoric that drives me crazy is only a select few care about gun violence. most people are horrified by gun shootings. i am. the question is what the most effective response? what is the wise thing to do? it's not over who cares and who doesn't? everybody cares. come on now. >> i would turn that question back to you: what should we do? >> tucker: a perfect example. with the parkland shooting a well documented string of failures by people whose job it was to protect the kids in that school. there were 4 armed cops that heard the gunfire and didn't go in. i never heard their names mentioned at the march for their lives. i never heard anybody mention that. we hired people to protect those kids.
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it's the nra's fault? that's insane. that's pure politics. >> sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you. there were a lot of people who failed those children. some were the people who didn't run into the building. a number were in the state house on capitol hill in washington, d.c. those people also failed. you could have acted after sandy hook. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: i love. this you are depending the people in power as everyone in the left does. the people in power are blameless. it's you who committed no crime. the guns in my closet are no threat to anybody but i have to disarm. but we can't blame the cops. >> i didn't say. i agreed with you. i said they share the blame. the blame doesn't end with them. it extend to the people in tallahassee and in the state houses across the country to
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failed to act. >> tucker: i take you seriously. that's why i wanted to talk to you. give me a specific step they could have taken to prevent the parkland shooting, for example? >> well, let's look at a couple of things. why hasn't the president acted on pump stocks. i thought he was hot to trot. >> tucker: what does that have to do with parkland? >> here's the problem, tucker, your answer, well, it would not stop this specific act. >> tucker: i am asking an honest question. >> [overlapping talking]. >> we have a gun violence culture. >> tucker: are blaming the state house in tallahassee for our culture? >> i am. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: when armed guards neglect their duty to protect
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children, we should hold them accountable. you shifted the blame from the people who had power to people whose other positions you don't like in the state house, republicans. i asked what should they have done you? said trump should ban bump stocks. >> i didn't finish. i was going to say more. the president can act on this. nra could be partners here. the nra are running scared. they know public sentiment is at an all time low for what they fight for. >> tucker: you are arguing rhetoric and bumper stickers. i want to know what the new law is that would have prevented parkland. i asked for one specific answer and i got bump stocks and john stevens. >> and restrict access to people
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who are mentally ill and people who are terrorists. >> tucker: we already have those laws. >> so many people tried to act on this. >> tucker: that's a lie. if you buy a gun it screens people who are mentally ill. the authorities failed to screen this kid even though everyone knew he was mentally ill. >> the republicans and democrats disagree with you and the polling reflects that. >> tucker: those are the fax. -- facts. thanks for coming on. one of our guests mentioned that gma did not cover the youtube shooting. , in fact they did spend time on the shooting for a couple of hours. washington elite are horrified that the president may want to send troops to guard our border and horrified they may have to
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: every once in a while a story comes along where a red light goes off and you understand what is going on beneath the surface. that happened today. the administration wants to pull american troops out of syria now that isis has been crushed. how did washington react?
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outraged. senator lindsey graham called that the single worst decision the president could make. amy tweeted this: >> cnn and the "washington post" made the same claim: they tell us american troops have to fight in syria. we heard that for years. at the same time, they tell us that american troops should not be protecting america's own borders. the trump administration signed an executive order to deploy the national guard to the mexican border to halt illegal immigration. according to one nbc analyst it
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carries the whiff of military rule. at the very least these 2 stories back-to-back are clarifying the military doesn't exist for national defense. it exists only for the defense of other countries. we have spent hundreds of million dollars to help jordan and libya protect their borders. that's great said the panel on the morning show, but defending our own borders is a crime against humanity. your son is welcome to die in syria. as one america soldier has. but defending america is immoral. david is a former state department official. these two stories tell you everything. you have people bipartisan -- not just democrats -- saying we
5:22 pm
have a moral obligation to keep the borders of syria intact. we have to keep unauthorsized people out. but to use the military to protect our borders is immoral. >> that's not why we have u.s. soldiers in syria. it's to fight isis. i was in iraq 3 weeks ago. i saw that isis is almost defeated. it lost its territory in iraq and syria. it was created out of syria. it's a precarious situation. the reasons why isis came into being are not gone. there are divisions in iraq and in syria. problems with the government that created isis. we need to be there to finish the job with isis. >> tucker: did the u.s. government or the assad government do more to isis?
5:23 pm
let me answer that question. that guy did a lot to fight isis. >> he done little to fight isis. many think he is responsible for letting isis be there. >> tucker: who thinks that? >> let's go back to trump's policy on syria. it started quite well. in february 2017, he does air strikes on assad because he used chemical weapons. >> tucker: that hasn't been proved. we had no one on the ground to verify that. when we sent air strikes into athlete of the year, no american verified that. people are saying it's true. are you for putin? no, i don't believe that's true. >> tucker, all of the reporting from the ground -- >> tucker: there was no reporting. >> and doctors who examined the
5:24 pm
victims. president trump believed it was true. >> tucker: i was skeptical when that happened. my job is to explain what is right for our country. we sent 2,000 troops into syria in a middle of a conflict we don't understand but it's immoral to keep the invasion from continuing into our country. >> let's talk about syria first. the troops are in syria for important reasons. these are special forces troops. they are some of the best fighters but training forces in syria. they made a lot of progress with kurds. >> [overlapping talking]. >> if we pull out, we live them to be killed. >> tucker: how about the native
5:25 pm
californians that are in this country? >> we have every right to protect our border. president trump failed to push that through. it was a failure in leadership. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: why is it not immoral? >> it's not immoral. we should protect our country with our military. the appropriate force to protect the border is the border parole under the department of homeland security. >> [overlapping talking]. >> he should not treat a situation that is not a crisis as a crisis. >> tucker: not a crisis? i want my side to fight for the syria kurds. >> they are responsible for deaths in america and across europe. >> tucker: okay. on the left, everything is about
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race. even things that have nothing to do with race. most things are about economics. it doesn't matter. one channel is calling the president a racist for mocking barack obama. we will get to that tonight. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this. earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> tucker: a lot of people hate the president. everything he does must be voted by racism. so trump is a bad racist.
5:30 pm
yesterday on cnn a person said president trump's cheating obama nickname was not just weird but racist. >> given trump's history, you can guess there might be racial undertones there. he was the founder of the birther movement. perhaps i am going to an evil place with that. history tells us that's a possibility. >> tucker: weird and confusing. maybe it's racist? how? never explained. at cnn a commentator said it's okay to call black republicans racist. >> it takes somebody with thick skin to say i am a conservative republican. they will come on your network and be called an uncle tom and [bleep] and everything like that. >> what are you talking about? >> are you going to act like that's not true.
5:31 pm
>> if you act like it and someone calls you out on it. >> it's okay to call someone a particular name if they are acting like that? >> i didn't say that. >> tucker: that show is unbelievable. christopher harris was the man sitting. there the executive direct of unhyphenated america and joins us now. i watched that clip and felt bad for you. it was amazing where you had someone defending the use of raci racial slurs. >> what happened is the left showed what they really are. tara calls herself a republican and a conservative. we will let her say what she wants to say. what the left does, they try to put everybody in a box. >> tucker: yeah. >> with unhyphenated america, we believe america is it's best when it's unhyphenated.
5:32 pm
if you embrace the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of american. there is no need for a prefix or a sufix. you are just an american. this is one problem the left has. they focus on identity politics. they say donald trump must be a racist because look at the lack of diversity. how many black people applied for a white house internship? even then, when you look at what happened with meyer. she vilifies any black person who doesn't tow the line. >> tucker: exactly. one reason is trump got a higher percentage of the black vote than the republican before him mitt romney. that freaked them out.
5:33 pm
what happens to the country long-term if you encourage everyone of all colors to think of themselves as members of a racial or ethnic group. what happens over time? >> vulcanization. you have a lot of different groups of people who are warring against each other. one of the things, we are the united states of america. you have people from virginia or south carolina or a texan. you have might have a certain amount of pride for the state you are from, but we are all americans. we have something unifying in our culture. they keep saying you must think a particular way because of the color of your skin. they want you to believe that -- they want me to believe because of of the color of my skin, i am a victim. th
5:34 pm
they -- that i will always be a victim and i should vote a particular way. what has gotten better in the of the 50 years as long as blacks have been voting 70 plus percent for the democratic party? no one can say things have gotten from the economic standpoint. the schools have not gotten better. family-wise we are not doing better. yet these are the points they keep wanting to push with these identity politic issues. it's maddening. >> tucker: do you think that identity politics is designed to distract people from thinking about their actual circumstances and asking the questions you just raised. if my life better? am i making more? if they raise the red flag of race in front of you won't think about those things. >> i attend a bible church. it's ethnically diverse.
5:35 pm
they say the culture is christian. we have over 100 different cultures represented. when you have people interacting one-on-one. there is no real issue of racism. >> tucker: exactly. church is the best possible example of that. thank you very much. that was great. google is expanding research efforts in china to help the chinese military overcome the american military. that's terrifying. the most recent installment of our tech tyranny series is next. ♪ come to my window ♪ ohh ♪ crawl inside ♪ wait by the light of the moon ♪ applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. and get $10 off $30. taking over 7,000 maria's steps each day.o, and she does it in any shoes she wants, with lasting comfort. only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: this week we are airing special reports on tech tyranny how big tech companies are getting more and more powers and endangering things we think are important like democracy and clear thinking. china's miltary is obsessed with artificial intelligence and
5:40 pm
trying to develop an advantage over our military. eric schmidt chairs the parent couple of google. he admits china will be the leader in ai, and use it for military operations. now google is expanding their ai. paul join us. give us the overview of this. did i characterize it fairly? >> look, it's not surprising that google is lookinging to make research investment in china. they have top tier talent and access to a lot of data. chine will have 20% of the world's data by 2020. data is the fuel that powers
5:41 pm
learning. google wants access to that data. it's concerning for the united states. >> tucker: what i am confused by. google describes itself as a multi-national company. but it was started here. everything about google is american. it would not be possible to start google in china but google doesn't feel any obligation to the u.s. government or the american people. >> this is capitalism. >> tucker: it's disgusting. >> the company is accountable to shareholders and not to the american people. if there is a business interest to move overseas, they will do that. >> tucker: american taxpayers subsidize the education of
5:42 pm
people who founded google. no other company like this has started in europe. so we make it possible and they turn around and undermine the national security of the country. people describe that as market capitalism. that seems immoral to me. >> at the end of the day we are in a technology race. it's not just china. it's other countries. vladimir putin said whoever controls ai will lead the world. france just launched their plan. we have to compete and found companies and win this race by being faster than others. >> tucker: another thing that confuses me. maybe you have the answer. companies like google are big on importing talents and argue we don't have enough engineers. is there any thought by the b l
5:43 pm
billonairs who run these companies to invest in american education? this country is not producing scientists, but because they feel obligated to the shareholders they don't feel that? >> some of the leaders do. eric schmidt from google's parent company was part of the defense department advisory board. he's been very active in talking to people at the pentagon about how the united states can retain its leadership in artificial intelligence. >> tucker: really. andy put a library in every town in america once he got rich here. i don't see any of these guys giving back. they seem to just be taking from it. >> i think a lot of them could do more. that would be great. >> tucker: we should demand it. thanks for coming.
5:44 pm
i appreciate it. hillary clinton said the nra, russia and sexism and a ton of other things are to plame for her defeat in 2016. is see okay? a sincere question next. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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>> tucker: it's been nearly 18 months. we have been keeping track and hillary clinton's blame train is not close to running out of rule. it's concerning. speaking on tuesday night at a women's only club in new york, clinton blamed everybody to the nra to misogyny for her defeat in the 2016 election.
5:49 pm
here's part of it. >> i was ahead. i got more votes than anybody in history except one term of president obama. every day that goes by, more evidence, more proof about fake news and the russians and cambridge analytica and sexism. i have taken on the nra for years. they spent more money against me than anybody and we know the russian paid for some of it. paid for actors or russian personnel to dress up in the jail out fits and go around in a mock jail so people could yell lock her up. >> tucker: that was more like group therapy. the easy thing would be to make fun ever hillary clinton.
5:50 pm
but it's past. that. this is sad. will anyone help her? it's like watching someone you know fall apart. someone ought to help. tammy bruce is a radio host. i am only half joking. this is not empowering for women. as the father of three daughters i can say that. >> right. there is a point where you begin to feel sorry for her. as a political person, part of her complaint is that fox news is trying to impeach her. there is coverage of her on this network. there is the complaints have come from other democrats across the networks. people who worked for her campaign. she is in a unique position. she is getting coverage and clearly searching for relevance. she could talk about policy and
5:51 pm
use this to discuss an argument that she could have -- >> tucker: that's a smart point. >> and maybe she would be on the tucker carlson show. >> tucker: she is not stupid. >> exactly. >> tucker: her claim to fame is i have read the policies. there is some truth in that. she could be doing that but she's not. >> she's been in the white house and the senate and been the secretary of state. yet this is a group therapy dynamic going over the same complaints, maybe people there read her book. but she's inserting news of the day. like suddenly the cambridge analytica and the nra. that's the news happening now. at this point, it's almost as though she is on an episode of intervention. people should try to get her into the van to get her to the plane to get her to the place to find some peace. it gets to a point where it's almost an abdication of a
5:52 pm
responsibility she has to her fans and supporters to deal seriously with the issues. they want solutions. she still with this great attention internationally is not using the platform she has to present those solutions. it's sad. i think there could be movement forward on these issues. >> tucker: that's right. we could add to the sum total. that was her speaking live. we don't have a huge desire to cover everything hillary clinton, despite her claim. one other point. the irony which people are not perceiving is that her party moved far from where she was. she is way too moderate for democrats. >> that's an interesting position. in arguing the things she and
5:53 pm
her husband used to represent. balanced budget and getting people off welfare and into work. if she wanted to be serious, she could argue about improving the quality of women's lives. she said nobody else has been attacked like her and told to go away, but gore and mccain and john kerry continued to talk about policy. we can disagree with what they stood for. as a woman there are so many other opportunities with the platform she has and her own party is saying enough is enough at this point. >> tucker: yes. if one of my kids acted like that, i would be upset. christian privilege a new category. how christians get unmerited perkins and have advantages over everybody else in america. christians are not thriving in this country.
5:54 pm
what do you make of this? to say this out loud seems like a change? >> i don't have identify with the christians. i believe jesus is the guy. i think it's a serious thing to identify as a christian. i take it seriously and slowly. looking from the outside, what i see as a political analyst, christians have a privilege of being persecuted and attacked and martyred around the world. it's remarkable attack dynamic. even here at home. facebook had to apologize for refusing a catholic university's ad with jesus on the cross. and remember the chick-fill-a controversy and even attacks on billy graham. no privilege there. >> tucker: up next hard news.
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stay tuned. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. . >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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free at >> tucker: youngstown, ohio living in a fear tonight. opioid, crime, now more profound threat zombie raccoons. youngstown police a sundayed to more than a dozen calls to nocturnal critters. no one captured on camera yet. imagine the raccoon in video a zombie. a raccoon walked up to a eyewitness, walked up to a dog fell back as having a seizure. according to authorities, it isn't a virus. called distemper, makes raccoons lose their fear of human beings. our stage director louie said this just happened to him in toledo, it's possible an howe thing. stay safe tonight. that's it for us tonight, tune in every night 8:00 p.m. sworn inform lying, pomposity, smugness and
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especially group think. we will see you tomorrow. but first, live from new york city, ladies and gentlemen, mr. sean hannity. >> sean: mr. tucker carlson, great show as always. thank you, tucker. welcome to hannity. president trump is on fire. what is he doing? working for you, the american people. this saul news you will not get from the destroy trump media. the commander-in-chief is now following through on his tough talk about securing the southern border and earlier today he signed a proclamation to immediately deploy the national guard to help enforce america's immigration laws. now, new poll numbers prove the trump agenda is working, despite, of course, fierce liberal opposition. also tonight we have house chairman devin nunes. is he blasting rod rosenstein for stonewalling congress. this needs to end. we'll explain. rod rosenstein needs to be fired. nunes is also demanding that the fbi, the doj hand over the key documents about the opening of the


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