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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that is "the story" for tonight on this friday. we'll see you back on monday. have a good night, everybody. tucker tucker carlson in washington, d.c., now. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the administration's efforts to secure the american border and enforce federal law are running into a surprising group of critics. american governors, the admin attrition wants to employ up to 4,000 national guard troops on the mexican border to assist border patrol operations. national guard troops are ordinarily under the control of state governors. some of them don't like it. kate brown says if the president asks for her guard troops, she will refuse. stephen bullocks of the same thing. in normal circumstances, the beauty of the military is national defense.
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the duty has been sacrificed on the altar of political game. we just spoke to the former governor of maryland. thanks for joining us. >> the question about precedents, and 2010, president obama authorized operation phalanx which sent national guard to the southwest border. president bush to the same thing in 2006. if i remember the time, republicans and democrats thanked him for the help. why is this different? >> this is different for a couple of reasons and in a way, it's not different. honestly what i think president obama learned about the deployment of national guard troops and that reelection year 2010 was that it wasn't very effective. it was very expensive and he probably could have accomplished the same by other means, so he did not want to do it again. the question to ask is is this
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really addressing an american security need or is it political theater? whether it's president bush or president obama or not president trump, any use of federal troops in the national guard troops within the continental united states has to pass certain tests that we have put into national law that prohibits the use of federal troops for law enforcement purposes. >> tucker: endorsing that democratic governors in oregon for example and montana have done a cost analysis of this and there against wasting federal money. part of them dies when they see federal dollars going to waste, that's the objection? >> i have no idea. i'm not sure which governors are saying this is a good idea and which are not. all i know is when it was done
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under president obama in 2010 in hindsight, i think most everybody agreed it was a wasteful use of dollars that was not necessarily. there probably will be some governors who might find that they are very supportive in using their own national guard, they were in their state to support federal protection of the border. i'm not saying it can't be done, but what i am saying is that when it was done in the past, it was found to be ineffective and many people observed that it was a step or two to close to violating the principles of the act which says we should never allow federal troops unless we can avoid it to be used for law enforcement purposes. >> tucker: from little rock in 1957 to the university of mississippi in 1961, washington, d.c., and 1968, 50 years ago. federal troops were used because
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there was no law enforcement crisis. >> i served as the cochair of the council of governors and that was created by an act of congress to meet quarterly with the secretary of defense in the secretary of homeland security to work out these issues. those examples you give are important historic precedents, all have which have to do with making sure we don't use federal troops for law enforcement purposes within the united states. >> tucker: they don't want any meaningful steps taken to stop it. they acknowledge it's a problem. these are new positions for the democratic party. if you're honest, you have to acknowledge of the views of the
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party have changed. >> you've forgotten that when you mentioned that president obama probably deported. i don't accept your premise with respect. but the democratic party is in favor of illegal immigration flooding the country with drugs. >> tucker: i think you're overstating it. i think they're opposed to any meaningful attempts to stomping the inflow of immigration into america and it's very hard for democrats right now to concede that 11 million illegals in your country is a problem. do you think it's a problem? >> i don't believe the level of immigration, even some total -- that border crossing in mexico
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are at about a 46 year low. >> tucker: you unveiled of fake statistic. illegal immigrants are up three times this month over last year. >> all border crossings are dow down. let's give donald trump victory. >> tucker: sets a distraction. 11 million illegal aliens at least in this country right now. >> we need to do some thing about it. >> tucker: anything short of giving citizenship and voting rights and sending them home, without be acceptable to you? >> i think some of them should be home, but the vast majority of them probably should not be. they should be given a pathway to citizenship and we should
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engage and comprehensive reform as we have. >> tucker: 11 million is a lot, what percentage do you think? >> certainly anybody who's a serious threat to public safety, they should be returned and deported and that's what we have been doing as a country for some time. i think the vast majority of those 11 million people are not going to be transporting or deporting them home. >> tucker: my case that previous democratic presidents said it's a problem to have 11 million people here illegally, stop the inflow and we should make them leave because we didn't admit them in the first place. >> i'm not sure the make them all leave thing is something
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that is a realistic policy, would be cost-effective or would be cost-effective good for the. >> tucker: you're making my point that the position has changed in the party and i just like a reality check once in a while. governor, thank you for doing this. >> think you. land of the free, home of the brave. >> tucker: dan, this story is interesting for a bunch of reasons. one suggests that the country is breaking apart in some meaningful way because governors and officials on the west coast are refusing to acknowledge authority. the deeper question arises, what's the purpose of having law enforcement or armed forces are not to protect your own country? >> there isn't. some interesting sound bites in that interview with governor o'malley. when you asked about the 2010
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deployment of the national guard by barack obama, he never really answered the question. that was entirely uncontroversial of the time. republican governors understood that the threat of narco trafficking in the fact that terrorists do know we have unquestionably a national security issue. this is a pure political ploy by these governors. they are pandering to increasingly radical leftists bases, lost their minded immigration. >> tucker: if you've got 60,000 americans or more dying every year from drug ods, a lot of them from foot know which comes over the mexican border, at minimum tens of thousands of american citizens dying from this, this isn't marijuana, it's the most powerful synthetic opiate ever devised and it's killing an entire demographic. why is this not an emergency? i'm honestly confused.
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>> i'm ecstatic you brought this up because this is a common trick that liberals pull on us. they talk about illegal immigration as if it's a victimless crime. they also talked about it, almost exclusively in terms of the threat of the person who broke the law. what are you going to do, they're here, they're looking for work. i get it. some of them are here to traffic in drugs, and weapons, this is not a victimless crime. what about the american people? what about the taxpayers who are 20 trillion in debt? they basically came into the country. >> tucker: why is it the same people who are telling us it's immoral to defend our own borders, this is the left and right saying this, lindsey
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graham and a lot of democrats are telling us you're not allowed to defend your own borders, but you must send your sons to defend the borders of syria. why is the same people who are against stopping illegal immigration for it abroad? >> it's a dangerous mix because listen, i'm a free-market libertarian, but i'm a free market libertarian for a set of common rules will live by. i look at this ecuadorian painter, he was the most illegal immigration i ever met because he was being put out of business by illegal immigrants were coming into maryland in that market and undercutting his costs. he says why do i bother following the rules? i could have done it legally and gotten the same thing. >> tucker: the cost to people like that is really high because this whole mess of unwillingness to restrain immigration in any way discredits immigrants, many
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of whom are great people and really do add to the country. how do you think they feel about this? people who stood in line to get here because they really believed in america? >> up my wife is one of them. it's a long process. it took a long time. it took a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of effort to do the right way. evil should have some respect and understand that waiting in line matters and that's why it should mean something to them. like disrespecting it, it shows us it means nothing. >> tucker: thanks. dan will be back at the end of the hour to respond to michelle obama's new comments. she answers her she will run for president. next, people who run washington insist that russia is our greatest enemy and must be fought at every turn, but they don't feel that way about china. they're getting rich from china, that's why. we have the details next.
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[ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. ♪ >> tucker: for more than a year now, our cultural and political leaders have been telling us that russia is the greatest threat we face. they say that relentlessly every day and in every forum. whole channels are devoted to this matter. russia hacked our election. we must fight back with sanctions to expel their diplomats. we must fight them. we've done all of those things and in recent months, we killed hundreds of russian citizens in syria. feel safer yet? probably not. by now you likely understand that the russia story is fundamentally dishonest. it is propaganda, just like most things pulled west.
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russia is not the biggest threat to our country, not even close. china is. no one would say that because they're getting rich from china and there on china's side. we welcome china into the world trade organization. they're supposed supposed to strengthen the american economy. instead, millions of american jobs disappeared disproportionately among the middle class. china routinely ignores wto rules to wage economic war against us. our trade deficit has exploded and of course, china has not become a free country, it's become more authoritarian. our leaders do not push back because they do not care about democracy. they're fine with dictatorship as long as they're profiting from it. democracy after all is what brought them brexit and donald trump and they're not for that. madeleine albright accused the trump administration of abetting the resurrection of fascism. really? how exactly are they doing that?
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as the white house sucking up to the fascist leaders of america's military rival? no. madeleine albright is doing that. she can barely stop praising the chinese dictatorship. in 2013, albright said this about the unelected leader of china. "he is shown a deep interest not only in building stronger ties with the united states, but with our country itself." if you think that's embarrassing, how about this one? "he appeared to be very much attuned to the needs of his domestic constituents." those constituents go to jail for criticizing him. three years later, albright described china entering the wto as a success. she's of the u.s. and china could cooperate on cyber issues totally ignoring the fact that china is by far the biggest hacker of u.s. secrets. military and industrial secrets. after all that slobbering, you will not be surprised to learn that madeleine albright's
5:19 pm
company has a huge presence in china. she knows exactly who is paying the bills. that's why they denounced america as fascist while describing china as a remarkable, emergent, a success story. for them, it is, but for the rest of us, china is a looming threat. china has dramatically increased its defense spending recently and is not for self defense. madeleine albright was getting rich from flattering dictators, the chinese dictators stomach military has reached around the world. they will their first overseas military base which is in the horn of africa. china has no more than 350,000 students studying in this country and according to our fbi director christopher wray, many of them are spies with each toadies government they are assisted by that my confucius institutes which operate freely on u.s. university campuses, but in fact function as sources of chinese propaganda. at home, china's government imposes tyranny on its people.
5:20 pm
for example, they just banned online sales of the bible this week. their censorship online is legendary, but the censorship extends also to this country amazingly enough and nobody ever mentions it. american movies for example, there altered to avoid offending the chinese government which can block the release. american employees at marriott was fired recently after he liked a tweet that referred to referred to tibet as a separate country. china didn't like that, so marriott can him. mercedes-benz apologized to the chinese government for featuring the dalai lama in an ad. the chinese government doesn't like the dalai lama and that's what universities around the world are increasingly wary of inviting him to speak. to remind you, china is a fascist country. you think of the global pariah, blue states would block traveled to china like they would to north carolina? of course they don't do that.
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telephone and governor just went to china last year and nobody cared. google, most powerful company in the world massively expanding its artificial intelligence operation in china even though that will most certainly empower the chinese military. don't pay attention, and ignore all of that, over at your gaze because remember, russia is the real threat and if you disagree with that, you are obviously for putin. harry, you never hear anybody say this. russia is not a threat at all compared to the threat posed by china. does that sound right? speak of course, just look at the numbers for a second. russian economy worth $1.4 trillion. it's not a superpower. chinese economy, $11 trillion. if you look at purchasing power parity, china is actually a bigger economic superpower then the united states. if you look at the raw numbers,
5:22 pm
the chinese are much more in terms of scale, a much bigger challenge. russia is the problem, but china, if you put everything together, china is bigger. >> tucker: which country is expanding aggressively? >> china by far. if you look at the data, not even looking closely. the chinese want to dominate the south china sea. you've got $5 trillion of shipping goods that are moving through that which allow the chinese to dominate all of east asia. they want to dominate the east china sea and they're building out all of their military to do this. they developed muscles to target our aircraft carriers. the threat is very real when it comes to china. >> tucker: which country, russia or china, has hacked more information and networks in the united states? >> this is a trick question. it's china the attorneys for example have hacked pretty much
5:23 pm
every military industrial thing that we use to protect military power. the f35, the f-22, the gerald ford aircraft carrier, all of that is worth trillions of dollars, but also you factor in things like ai, other things they're trying to hack into, they essentially could become a superpower by stealing all this. >> tucker: my final question, given every thing you've just said which is all true, it really cared about the united states, you would be more more concerned about china than russia. do more people in washington get rich representing or working for russia or china? >> china, obviously. >> tucker: i don't know if it's obvious to our viewers. the impression over the last year and a half has been everyone in d.c. is working for russia. some are, but as compared to the number like madeleine albright, much smaller number. >> obviously the threat is china. this is something that's been
5:24 pm
going on since 1991. the reason china became friendly was because of the fall of the soviet union. there was going to be a strategic rivalry. that was put aside because of trade relations. the american people are questioning that and obviously that's a strategic rivalry and that makes sense. >> tucker: don't you think somebody, may be a former secretary of like madeleine albright, self-described genius, are sounding the alarm about this? rather than distracting our attention with dumb fake story after dumb fake story about a nonexistent threat from russia? >> the problem is that when you boil it down to it, there's a strategic game. when you take china hacking, stealing our military industrial powers, people are waking up to this. it's the american people who are asking these questions and donald trump is one of the people who is finally awakened all of us to this challenge and
5:25 pm
you put all of these things together, china pushing the south china sea, taiwan, east tennessee, i think people are starting to get that the real threat is not russia, it is in fact china. as the threat of our time. >> tucker: there's a lot of things to criticize about trauma, but on this and other core issues, he is right and they hate him for it. that's the truth, i'm sorry to say it. harry, thank you for that. we've got a fox news alert. defense secretary james mattis deploying up to 4,000 national guard troops to the mexican border. arizona has ordered up 250, there will be more and will continue to follow this story as it develops. the trump administration said it plans to roll back and obama era policy that made schools more dangerous. we'll give you details next.
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>> tucker: you may have noticed that american schools have been increasingly dysfunctional and some are getting more dangerous, but you may not know that a federal policy as part of the reason. several years ago, the obama administration ordered schools to eliminate racial gaps in school discipline. they didn't say how to do this. just do it, get the numbers up. schools complied and in many cases just by cutting back on discipline. the result, fewer students were suspended and there have been fighting in the hallways and a
5:30 pm
sword in the classroom. the trump administration reportedly is planning to scrap that obama era rule. heather mcdonnell joins us tonight. this got a little bit of attention, but people didn't focus on it. tell us what this policy did. >> and penalized schools for school discipline on the theory that the only possible reason why black students may be suspended at higher rates than white students is teacher bias. schools were warned by the obama administration that they would lose federal funding, unless they got there suspension and expulsion rates down. so as you say, schools simply stopped imposing completely legitimate consequences on very
5:31 pm
serious forms of school disorde disorder. the premise underlying this policy was completely false. it assumes without even trying to prove that there can be no behavioral disparities between black and white students. if you look at crime weights, if you look at the fact that black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate combined, it's not surprising that in the classroo classroom, the same lack of socialization that leads to those highly disproportionate rates of violent crimes is also affecting student behavior. we should be concerned about the behavior, try to get it through causes and not blame teachers for the completely phantom idea that they are racist.
5:32 pm
>> tucker: that's exactly the point. it was not a science-based conclusion, it was purely ideological. it doesn't help anybody to say just change the numbers and ignore the root causes. teachers were effectively blamed for this. why didn't they fight back? >> is very curious. in some places they have, and st. paul, i think teachers are completely torn. that's why it's so ludicrous to blame them for racism. teachers at schools are and white plumage theory. in a sense, they want to believe in their own white privilege and yet, they will not speak out against the consequences. if you have a ring of assault against teachers in this country buffalo, new york, a teacher was kicked in his head by a student
5:33 pm
who said we can't be suspended. students know what the new rules are and they are taking advantage of it. >> tucker: that's just horrifying. finally, like so many social policies, they kind of take place in the rest of us don't notice, did anyone complain about this at the time? it's so crazy, you would think they would. speak out there is a brave in st. paul who opposed as stronglg policies of the st. paul school district and said i'm not helping my black students by winking at their school violence because you know it's going to happen, they're going to end up murdering somebody and they'll end up in prison. he basically had to leave his school for speaking truth. >> tucker: that's grotesque and you're right. there's no service to the kids themselves. thank you for that. i appreciate it.
5:34 pm
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5:39 pm
today the company admitted that most of its 2 billion users, most have had their personal information taken by unnamed malicious actors, whatever that means, but is not good. beverly hallberg joins us tonight. i thought most people believe that medical information is protected. how would facebook go about getting that? >> by signing a document every time you go in, making sure that everything is protected. i'm not sure how they get around this and that's what's so scary about this. i know that most of us expect when they put something on facebook, whatever information you provide, we expect that to be out there, but to have facebook going to medical professionals, hospitals, doctors, trying to find information on you, i'm not sure how that's even allowed. the only thing i can think of is that since they were claiming anonymous, you have to put a name to the medical record that somehow that was allowed. what medical professionals need to know is that facebook knows how to find out who this person
5:40 pm
is. they can easily attach what they arty know about you on facebook. >> tucker: this information has to be incredible evaluable. >> there's nothing wrong with 22 sell ads, that's all facebook makes its money. we have to move to virtual advertising because tv is not the same as it used to be, but we are talking about a company that is seeking out information you never thought they could have. when you're thinking about yourself, if you have facebook open at a hospital, they would know you're there. gps locators, they would know how to find out which hospital you are at in order to connect the data that the hospital may have given to you to what you currently have on your phone. this is actually damaging. you think about doctors offices, they ask if you own guns. think about the medical
5:41 pm
information that doctors have that can be used to discriminate against individuals, it could be used for blackmail. this is externally concerning that facebook would even want to seek this out because it's also hacked. we're talking about facebook which is a global entity. what happens with medical information that's out there. information like this can also destroy people. >> tucker: were you aware of any attempt to regulate this? >> i think the government will try to regulate it. we know mark zuckerberg is going to go before congress on wednesday, he is going to be testifying. what's concerning about this is i worried there's going to be this overcorrection, but let's not forget there was a data breach with opium, i don't think the government is a solution for figuring out how to protect people's data. what we're seeing with facebook is we have such a large central
5:42 pm
information of data, just one half. you're talking about people's information globally. i'm not sure exactly what the answer is to protect ourselves. i think we have to do it individually, but facebook is having a wake up call right now with these medical records coming out. i think there's a big push on them to say that there is data that individuals willingly provide to you to use your platform, but you can't go and seek out others. >> tucker: hershey's can put whatever they want and a candy bar, but i have to tell you what it is. it was great to see you, thank you. just a year ago, the mayor of london boasted that his city was the safest in the world. that's not true at all anymore. it's getting more dangerous by the day. why is that? well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
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>> tucker: after several fatal terror attacks hit london last year, the mayor who is a demagogue tried to placate his critics by saying overall, london is the world's safest city. watch. >> london is the safest global city in the world. we are a very safe city. >> tucker: it's ridiculous now. a wave of stabbings have given london a higher murder rate than new york city. six teenagers were stabbed in london and four separate incidents within a span of 90 minutes. why is this happening? wise and exhilarating? kitty hopkins, a lifelong resident of the u.k. joins us now. what's going on in london?
5:48 pm
>> doesn't it make your skin crawl to hear about london? still dropping out and two days ago, london is one of the safest cities. if you go amongst london right now and talk to regular people, talk to regular people in britain, they would not dream of taking their young people to london because we now have a higher murder rate for new york. we have a major problem with black gangs. rival black gangs are killing each other. that figure, six and 24 hours, it went up to nine stabbings yesterday. every staffing carried out by william -- one getting will be revenge it's perpetuating crime level and it's a crime wave we're going to see rising. it's a serious problem here in london that the mayor and the head of the network talked about
5:49 pm
because it involves young black men and they are too afraid of being called racist. >> tucker: that's it right there. london has had crime problems and centuries passed, but what's changed is the unwillingness of the people in charge to actually acknowledge it and their willingness instead to lie about it and punish anyone else who doesn't lie about it. when he says london is a safest global city, how does one respond? >> there's quite a campaign and it's building now to get that out. i see myself as one of the cheerleaders of that campaign. frankly, it can take off his ballet shoes and his tutu and stop dancing around the issue and address the problem head on, we have a problem with black gangs in london. these are syndicated crime gangs that attack each other.
5:50 pm
we need to do profiling of the attackers, then we need to quadruple a stop and search effort. he would do his best to stop and search because it's unfairly targeted young black men. i say tough luck. if young black men are the guys mostly committing these crimes, then young black men can expected to be stopped and searched. if he was young conservative women during the stabbing, i'd be happy to be searched every day if it saved her life. they are so politically correct, they're prepared to let london fall, let young boys die on the street every night because they don't want to be called racist. i think that's a sickening state of affairs here in the u.k. >> tucker: it's a very recognizable theme for us over here. thanks for that, i appreciate it good luck. michelle obama says her husband was a strong president because he made america eat carrots.
5:51 pm
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like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. ♪ >> tucker: michelle obama says her husband was a way better president than donald trump because he made america eat its carrots. >> the 8 years that barack was president it was sort of like having the good parent at home, the one that told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time. and now, perhaps, we have the other parent. maybe it feels fun to some for now because we can eat candy all day and, you know, stay up late. and not follow the rules. >> tucker: dan bongino joins us to assess the sanctimony. when they brought interest rates down to zero shafting middle class savers because
5:56 pm
it was easier, was that an example of eating your carrots? >> yeah. massive quawptative easing program that enriches investors and people with assets and decimates working class families. terrific, tucker. do you know what's really offensive and grotesquely offensive about that statement? follow the rules, insinuating, what, that barack obama was a rule follower? let me tell you something, my history with the secret service in international security for 12 years. do you know what one of the rules was, tucker, you don't lee your people behind to die in a foreign country when the mission or special mission complex is under attack. do you know what else is one of the rules? when you are an irs special agent with 111 law enforcement authority, you don't go and target conservative groups out there with weaponized. here is one more doosie for you. let me give you another rule. executive branch official no less the president in charge of it you don't go out and usurp authority that is not yours on immigration by
5:57 pm
claiming prosecutorial discretion on people who cross the border illegally. those are just a few rules that barack obama said not for me. >> tucker: the idea was we were brave and told the truth even when it was unpopular. can you think of a single example where obama or his wife said anything that would be unpopular in williamsburg, brooklyn, or washington, d.c. or los angeles? they seem to just read from the script of their friend. do they ever challenge conventional wisdom on anything? >> you know, no. to be fair, one, there was one time i heard him give a speech about vietnam veterans and i thought it was a good speech. and he basically gave no safe harbor to people who had attacked our vietnam veterans. >> tucker: good for him. >> other than that, tucker, he was a fake on taxes. he was awful on healthcare. he expagesded the administrative state. he invepghted a bunch of presidential authority he didn't have. i would say with no reservations he was the
5:58 pm
worst president in my lifetime. i'm 43 years old. absolutely no doubt about that on any metrics. >> tucker: i wonder if he -- and he invited al sharpton over to the white house 70 odd times as a policy advisor. i wonder if he and his wife think we left this country so desperate and unhappy that they elected donald trump to succeed us? i mean, that's kind of an obvious conclusion. has it ever occurred to them? >> no. tucker, what's even worse about the obama presidency, the constituencies he claimed to be a champion of the poor, the working man, black people in middle income and lower income communities in the inner cities. we are left far worse off. income equality got worse under the obama era. black unemployment. inner cities. we saw rioting in inner cities, black unemployment was through the roof. these are the groups he claimed to want to defend. no, he left just about
5:59 pm
everybody worse off. racial discord in the united states by just about every available measure got worse. that's the legacy of the obama presidency. >> tucker: when al sharpton is your policy advisor that tends to happen. i tend to forget and my producer just reminded me. you protected barack obama. i have seen pictures of it i don't know what to ask you. what do you remember about that or what does that evoke in you. >> the worst part about it for me personally he was a nice guy to me personally. i know it's not personal to me. politics isn't. this is a business of running the country. and so is his wife. they were always very pleasant to be around. they never gave us a hard time. he was a gentleman. but you know what? a lot of people are gentlemen, that's great. that doesn't make you an effective president of the united states, tucker. he hurt my wallet. he hurt my healthcare. he hurt my business that's why i left. >> tucker: that actually does count. dan, thank you for that as
6:00 pm
always, great to see you. that's it for us. tune inner night at 8:00 the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity and group think. good night from washington. i bet sean hannity has a fantastic -- ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity. tonight for the hour we are going to highlight just how clueless liberal elitists really are about american values. they look down on, they openly mock, they despise anyone who does not blindly follow their rigid, radical leftist ideology. and we're going to show you the latest examples of extreme hatred. that's all coming up in the program tonight. but, first, the self-righteous sanctimonious social justice warrior late night host jimmy kimmel is launching a new attack directed at yours truly. poor little jimmie can't stomach the fact that we dare call him out for smearing the first


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