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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 7, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> all right, we have some breaking nuews, this is a fox news alert. we're following news out of muenster, germany, where there are reports of at least three people killed and 20 wounded after a car crashes into a crowd. leland: and these are some of the very first pictures coming out of the area where the crash happened. they say in a very popular part of downtown. here is where this story gets particularly interesting. the driver of this vehicle, according to police, killed himself after the crash. we now have a live picture from the ground there. you can see it is now coming up on late afternoon, 6 p.m. in
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germany on what was a beautiful saturday afternoon, 75 degrees outside, in a city of about 300,000 people, where we're told this is a pretty popular pedestrian area, a pub area, where this car crashed into a crowd of people and you can see people walking out, it would seem, from that inner containment zone. police are pretty relaxed in this live picture now. they feel that things are over talking to some folks as they are headed out. although clearly on guard. you can see police with their rifles out as well there in germany. noon eastern, 6 p.m. in muenster, germany, where this story broke, just about two hours ago. and with that, we welcome you to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm leland vittert along with elizabeth prann. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. joining us on the phone is fox news security and foreign
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affairs analyst, dr. walid phares, we're sort of breaking this down as we get it. there has been a string of incidents that we've seen. i want to get your reaction, we're still getting a lot of details as they come in. >> absolutely. well, let me begin with what was mentioned already by leland, which is the most important information we have that was released by the german police, the driver killed himself according to the report that we see now on the wires. that's important, it moves the incident from just an accident to the possibility of more than an accident, it's an incident, and if there was intention, we are already in the realm of a possible act of terrorism although we cannot confirm this, we're going to have the german authorities do so. in this frame work, if this is the case, obviously, using vehicles, vans, cars, and other
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types to create victims who kill people in europe for the past two years, of course, there's a trend and that's what i think the intelligence community is now focusing on, if indeed, that the fact that the driver killed himself is verifiable. elizabeth: kind of walk us through what's taking place right now. obviously, we heard from a spokesperson for german chancellor angela merkel. she said our thoughts are with the victims and families who are killed and injured in this injured, but we're not hearing authorities say that this is an act of terrorism and by the fact that tperpetrator ended his lif. it seems to be a fairly calm scene, all things injured. >> true, but let's go back in time to the various incidents that took place across the continent from britain, france and also germany before that. authorities are very cautious, are very slow, i would say, before making a statement because they are relying on two things, one, the actual factual
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input coming from police and witnesses. it takes time. this is only a few hours. on the other hand, you also have the intelligence community assessing, combing through information, trying to see if there were threats, and there are threats and the results will come to the prime minister or president or whoever is the head of the government in this case, the chancellor in germany and then they will make a political decision to announce it or not or when to announce it, if it is terrorism. leland: if this person has killed himself, they know who this person is, they'll have a name and they'll begin going through their cell phones, through their social media accounts, begin trying to figure out where this person came from. we're being told that it was indeed a van that plowed into this crowd. where they got the van. and as we've noted, in europe, there's been a trend of them using vehicles as weapons and they've been as sophisticated as the london bridge attack, where you've got multiple assailants,
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and unsophisticated, but deadly as the nice attack, where it guy driving an lorry, what they call it over there and mow down dozens of people. and when will they release more on what they know about the individual. fair to say though that you put this fact pattern, a crowded pedestrian area in the middle of a sunny saturday afternoon, van driven into crowd, multiple va fatalities and then the driver kills himself. that doesn't add up to an accident. >> it's true, but governments have national security considerations and all sorts of considerations, but at the end of the day, facts are facts. this information will be released. for example, first element to examine thoroughly is the identity, the i.d. of the driver. alive or dead, this is going to
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be known. first of all, they'll go through his own information, where does he live, what's his name, is he a native german or immigrant, all of that will be known very, very quickly. second, they're going through the list that they have. if he's somebody on a list of suspects. germany has a list of 10 to 12,000 what they call them potential terrorist threats, people. same in france. thirdly, if he's not on this list, if the driver, male or female is not on that list then they'll go through social media, it will be a graduation of layers of information, but it's not going to take more than probably a few hours for the real information to come to the government, maybe a couple more days to get information from the intelligence service about the possibility of, you know, what has been said among the terrorist networks website, and so on and so forth. so i would give it 24 hours to get a complete picture of who the person was e you talk about
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24 hours and i'm curious, obviously, if there were a threat at this particular location, authorities would sort of sound the alarm. i'm curious as to if this person, this driver is part of a larger network, is that something that we could hear about, really, sooner rather than later? >> let us begin with the last point, which is important. if he or show are-- probably he in this case, that's what we heard. if that's the case it will be a serious matter because you've got to examine who helped him and from whom did he get the car or if he's been radicalized. that's too far. the german authorities have a name and cross the line to state that this is terrorism. then you're going to go on multiple directions. with regard to the city, yes, intelligence and counterterrorism you look at what's in the city. are there military installations, n.a.t.o.
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installations, any point of interest. but in this case, look, the target was soft. it was in the center, in downtown as we understand, and therefore, that would eliminate a the lo of other hypothesis. elizabeth: all right, walid phares, thank you for joining us with breaking news and we appreciate your insight. leland: thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of germany back to germany as news warrants. meantime, national guardsmen from arizona and texas are quite literally, as you can see in this video, headed to the u.s. border with mexico in support of president trump's mission. arizona will send 150 troops next week and 250 troops from texas are already on their way, as you can see. so are their helicopters. joining us now lt. colonel travis walters from the texas national guard. nice to see you, sir. appreciate you being with us. >> hello, leland, thanks for having me. leland: we're glad to have you. obviously, your men and women are on the front lines working.
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we watched those helicopters take off. tell us where they're headed, what they're going to be doing. >> well, we are in the initial phases of planning right now, so, in that effort, it's important to have boots on the ground. we have deployed planning teams to all of the sectors to embed with our department of homeland security federal partners, that we are supporting in this mission so that we can figure out what their requirements are and support them accordingly. leland: when you say planning teams. tell me about these sectors and tell me what can they provide? it's one thing you get asked for by dhs. what are they able to provide? >> well, the national guard has a vast array of capabilities and as you have seen out of our governor, governor abbott, for quite some time, we've had a continuous presence, presence on the border, really, for decades and since 2014, we've been there and the entire tenure of the governor, he has had us there
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doing observe and report functions, that's aerial, eyes in the sky, ground eyes, to make sure that we augment and create a force multiplying function for our customs and border patrol partners. >> what i'm hearing from you is while there's planning teams going in right now. they're essentially supplementing national guard members from the texas guard that are already on the border. what are we talking about in terms of real access here. we saw two helicopters take off. are we talking now about dozens of helicopters? are we talking about drones? what capabilities do you have that you can offer up on short notice? >> well, on short notice, you saw those helicopters that flew out yesterday. and the-- were there just two of them or more of them? >> we are in the process of moving additional assets and we are determining what the requirements are and going on from there.
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and so, it's important to note that the texas national guard is able to deploy immediately to meet the call of our governor and the call of our president. so, capabilities from doing intelligence gathering to creating those eyes in the sky, eyes on the ground functions to logistics support. leland: fair to say 24 hours after these helicopters took off, we're in the very beginnings of this, there's not thousands of people already on the border helping out? >> no, not on the texas national guard now, but let me also saw that we have people working around the clock currently planning for a larger force to move into the area once our federal partners determine what they need exactly from us. leland: all right. well, you all are standing by, as are we, for news from you about how the deployment goes. good to see you, sir. we appreciate it and we know we'll be talking to you soon. >> thank you for having me today. leland: godspeed.
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elizabeth. elizabeth: following revelations about facebook's mishandling of data from millions of users, the social media giant has announced new agreements for political advertisements. the company's ceo sheryl sandberg says they're taking steps to be more transparent about what stories are shown on people's news feeds. >> people want accurate information on facebook and we want them to have accurate information. what we're doing, we're working with third party fact checkers. if something is marked false, we warn people about to share it and warn people who did share it and dramatically decrease its distribution and mark related articles so we can give the other side of the story. elizabeth: samberg's comments come days before ceo mark zuckerberg is scheduled to speak to congress. one of the people who will be questioning him. joe barton, vice-chairman of the energy and commerce committee. thank you for joining us, we
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appreciate it. >> glad to be with you, liz. >> first and foremost, there are multiple hearings. chuck grassley says the hearings are intended to explore approaches to privacy that satisfies customers expectations. i can't imagine it's going to be pleasant for mr. zuckerberg? >> well, it's -- i don't think any testimony before a congressional committee to be-- could be characterized as pleasant. but it isn't going to be unpleasant. first of all, mr. zuckerberg is testifying voluntarily. he didn't have to, we did not subpoena him. this is not an investigative hearing. it's not from the committee, investigative oversight committee. it's the consumer protection committee. he think it's more fact finding anything you put on facebook-- >>, but the goal is obviously that he present the case that
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facebook-- that the date that that we share is safe. can he present that case next week? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear exactly what you said. elizabeth: can he present a case, and prove to the american people, and to congress members that data is protected on facebook? >> that's going to be difficult to prove. you know, i think you need to change the entire operation and make people opt in to have their information shared, as opposed to now. you can protect a lot of your data if you'll go through, you know, eliminate the default setting on facebook, and set your own privacy settings, very few people do that. if you had a standard, nothing's going to be shared unless you say it can be, that, in my opinion, would solve a lot of this problem i'm sort of curious as the federal trade commission
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has investigated the company before and they have been fined. i'm wondering with such a behemoth company whether it sunk in. i want to get this, because we're following this breaking news out the germany. it's disheartening to see three people's lives have been taken and i want your opinion on the potential terrorist attack in germany. i was visiting with our troops, and we had a detailed briefing on the potential acts of terrorism in the region. and also, around the world. there's no question as the terrorists lose on the battlefield in syria, iraq and afghanistan, they're going to increase their terrorism against soft targets and apparently, one of those targets was in germany and that's-- it's not definite that this is a terrorism attack, but it very well could be.
9:16 am
elizabeth: right. >> it's very sad, if that's the case, it's very sad that it's happened in germany and hopefully the german government, and the german people will take steps to combat it so that it doesn't happen again. elizabeth: all right, representative joe barton from the lonestar state. we appreciate it. leland. leland: as we take you back to pictures from muenster, germany. the ap flash coming across in the past minute or so, police there saying a suspicious object has been found in the van that ran into the crowd. the driver of that van, we are told, shot and killed himself after killing a number of individuals at a very popular pedestrian area. you can see near that city of muenster, germany. three dead as of now, the driver, dozens injured as we are in the very beginnings of this story. 6:15 right now on a beautiful saturday afternoon in muenster, germany, that's now turned into
9:17 am
a horrific scene there. back live to germany as news warrants. this, as president trump doubles down on calls for more tariffs against china. how the tensions of a trade war is impacting americans here at home, especially in the heartland and, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in washington. live pictures from the national mall. not exactly a warm saturday here, as spring blooms on our nation's capital. ♪
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look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> all right. this is a fox news alert. we're following breaking news out of muenster, germany. there are reports of at least three people killed and 20 wounded after a van crashes into a popular area. these are some of the first pictures coming out of the area where the crash happened at the historic pub area. police say the driver of the van killed himself after the crash. police also say the identity of that driver is not yet known and we just learned that there was a suspicious object from authorities found inside of the van. we're going to obviously continue to follow the breaking news out of germany. we're going to keep you updated throughout the show with the
9:22 am
very latest. >> now, both sides watch and wait as president trump has doubled down on his threat to impose an additional 100 billion in tariffs on chinese goods as trade tensions, shall we say, intensify between the two countries. and and the president not backing down and the chinese not backing down either. >> the fear is that the trade dispute will break into a full-blown trade war between the two big egest economies. >> on friday, the ministry of commerce says china isn't afraid to fight a trade war and is prepared to do so no matter how much it costs. >> if the united states disregards the opposition of china and the international community, and persists in unilateralism and trade protectionism china will fight back for sure.
9:23 am
china will respond in a new and comprehensive way, who will pay the price to resolutely defend the interests of its country and its people. leland: and caught in the middle are american farmers. >> china is one of the biggest markets for u.s. agriculture including pork and soy beans, which china is targeting in response to the u.s.'s new tariffs and steel and aluminum and tariffs proposed this past week. >> this is one thing keeping an eye on, what's happening out of washington and what's happening with the markets, that directly affects our lifestyle. it affects our pocketbooks are we going to pay the bills this year or buy a new piece of equipment? you know, do you get your can kids a couple new pairs of shoes. >> the trump administration says it's preparing to take steps to protect american farmers from any new tariffs china decides to impose and yesterday the new chief economic advisor discussed
9:24 am
this back and forth with china is all part. negotiation process. >> my point is, tariffs enter the picture, negotiations enter the picture, the wto enters the picture, you follow? and you've got to walk through this process and hopefully this will have a very happy ending. >> and that process will take some time to play out. the trump administration has not designated what chinese goods the proposed $150 billion in tariffs will cover. once that happens, they'll go through a public comment period meaning it will be at least a few months before new tariffs take effect. >> yeah, the affects on the marked immediate. the dow down almost 600 yesterday almost. thank you. here so weigh in on what the trade tensions mean for american farmers and consumers, roger marshal. good to see, sir, as always. you've got to be pretty wired, your constituents have got to be pretty worried about this. >> oh, absolutely. leland. we're more than worried.
9:25 am
over two months ago, this trade war startedment when chinese announced a counter veiling lawsuit on soregum. it dropped $1 a bushel. we've got 100 million of these in storage and overnight lost $100 million in value and that's impacting agriculture. and we're seeing with corn, wheat, beef, already. leland: are you talking with the white house or things are falling on deaf ears on this? >> in private conversations with president trump, he wants the same, he has the same goals that we have. he wants a strong trade agreement with mexico and with canada. buts' very unhappy with the unfair trade practices, especially of china. so there's reassurances from the white house that they want to get these agreements done and trying to work overtime to
9:26 am
reassure us as well. leland: they may be trying to reassure you and get things down, but as you note this is hitting farmers in the pocketbook, this is terrifying the markets. take a listen to one farmer that our jeff flock talked to. >> the clients that we sell hogs to, the majority of their meat is exported to china. it's exported to the pacific rim and that would be multiple markets over there. >> so if you lose that. >> it's going to be pretty hard on things. it's-- it will eras our profitability. if we lose that, i'm concerned that we won't be profitable, we'll be operating in the red. leland: i get that the white house has said they want to get things done, they want great agreements, but if this thing-- if people go to the mat there are going to be winners and losers, your constituents are the losers here? >> absolutely, and like sonny purdue says, agriculture is always the tip of the spear when it comes to retaliation. if you go back to 1980 and think about what happened when
9:27 am
president carter put a grain embargo on, we saw the bottom fall out of those markets and farmers lose their farms and 26 million jobs involving agriculture in this country. so, it's going to be much further than just agriculture and those those farmers. leland: we'll go ahead and put up a map of the top soy bean exporting states. the chinese know the data as well as we do and they know exactly where the political levers are in america. one in three soybeans goes over to china and they start putting taxes on that, you can imagine what's going to happen to america's farmers. what are you telling president trump? what are you warning the white house that if they follow through on this could happen politically for republicans, even for yourself? >> well, certainly president trump realizes that rural america elected him and he said over and over again he's committed to helping us. so, my communication with the white house-- >> congressman square that for us. if he says that he realizes
9:28 am
rural america is electing him yet, he's driving forward on these trade proposals and doubling down on them, that he knows china is going to retaliate right into the billionly of the pig, so to speak, those two don't seem to make-- come together. >> certainly, short-term it doesn't and that's why i'm trying to press upon him how important nafta is, that they're our number one and two markets, canada and mexico and china is number three and i want to focus on solutions with the white housement we need to go down to central america and get an agreement down over there. great britain is in our office recently want to go get an agreement done. japan now has a 50% tariff on american beef and 17% tariff and australian beef. and we need to hit the singles and doubles and get the trade agreements done and begging the white house to focus in on the problems in china, state owned enprizes. leland: singles or doubles are
9:29 am
great, but to follow baseball analogy it when it comes to china it may not matter how much you're selling down south. congressman, come back as things develop. it seems as though there will be a lot of news out of the heartland on this one. >> thanks for having me, leland. leland: good to see you, sir. a lot to you can at that about on this. fox news sunday's going to have more on the tariff and the economy with white house advisor larry kudlow. check your local listings for time and channel. 11 a.m. eastern, howard kurtz and his panel talks about president trump going after amazon and "the washington post." elizabeth: all right, coming up, the latest out of the muenster, germany, as police investigate why a person drove a van into a crowd of people, killing at least three, and president trump's getting tough on border security. how u.s. border patrol are ramping up their efforts.
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9:35 am
hours into this incident. police still have not released the name of the driver or perhaps told us anything about a motive. what information they have they're keeping pretty close to the vest. back to germany with details as news breaks. 6:30 in the evening there on what was a beautiful saturday, now a tragic saturday. elizabeth: all right, back to news out of d.c. pressure and scrutiny are mounting on embattled epa administrator scott pruett over questions dealing with his security detail and travel expenses. alison barber is live at the white house with the latest. hi. >> hi, liz. yesterday at the daily press briefing, sarah sanders said they wouldn't get into hypothetical, but at least for now president trump thinks that pr pruet is doing a good job and the president said that on air force one. >> he's done an en incredible
9:36 am
job, he's been courageous, it hasn't been easy, but i think he's done a fantastic job. i think he will be fine. >> pruett is under fire for spending on travel and renting an apartment from a lobbyist whose firm represents fossil fuel companies. sources say that the president met with him yesterday and they discussed the controversies. and pruett defended himself with scott henry. >> it's been stated by ethics individuals, this business doesn't have clients that have business before this agency and at the same time we're doing these very important things and the criticism, i think this is just one of things that people bring up. >> since that interview, more reports have surfaced questioning some of pruett's spending habits and the agency
9:37 am
says he spent on 20-member detail, the security detail is three times pruett's predecessors. and some are calling for him to decline. and one said that it's embarrassing to the trump administration and conduct is grossly disrespectful to the american taxpayers. it's time for him to resign or for the president to dismiss him. former white house chief of staff reince priebus says that pruett's staying power seems to be a mix of what he's been able to achieve and support he has among president trump's base. >> a huge chunk of the changes that have taken place that are making the economy hum again are in large part from president trump's orders that scott pruett is implementing. trump world loves scott pruet. >> and sources tell fox news during that meeting yesterday,
9:38 am
president trump thinks at least for now, pruett is doing is good job. elizabeth: alison with the latest. thank you so much. the white house is following through with the latest call from our border secure. arizona and texas deploying hundreds of national guard troops to the southern border, in response to president trump's call for more security on the border with mexico. let's bring in sarah westwood. thank you for joining us. >> i want to talk about scott pruett, but border enforcement, it's a big story this week. why now? why are we talking about it now? >> a great question. some republicans are wondering because they're turning attention to tax cuts and spending millions of dollars running ads reminding voters who is responsible for putting more money in their pockets. at the same time trump is trying to change the conversation to immigration. what we're seeing is a sense of frustration that trump's
9:39 am
objectives have stalled. and immigration is very unlikely to get done this year. and he realizes if anything is done on border security it's from the executive branch. elizabeth: i'm sort of wondering with the midterms coming up, is this a tricky place i guess you'd say to follow through with his agenda? >> it's a difficult place to put the focus of republicans now because there are going to be dozens of republicans in districts that hillary clinton won or that, you know, trump maybe only held onto by one or two points that don't want to talk about as something as divisive and contentious as immigrationment they want to talk about tax cuts and the economy. if trump is trying to force, it appears he's going to, a vote on immigration, with the way that immigrants seek asylum. these difficult questions in an election year, he's putting hits own members in a really
9:40 am
difficult position. elizabeth: i want to get at least one question in about embattled epa administrator scott pruett. the president after friday is very much standing by him. a, could that change, we both know the answer to that, but also why? >> we've seen in the past that president trump has stood by his people until the moment he doesn't. and he dispatched sarah sanders to assure that mcmasters was safe, but all of a sudden he was fired via tweet. the close e-parallel would be tom price, dismissed for spending on private travel. the difference is at that point tom price had failed to make any serious inroads on obamacare repeal. he hadn't really been able to do anything administratively to do with obamacare. in pruett's case even though he
9:41 am
has a similar controversy around him, pruett has been very successful in achieving at the epa. elizabeth: we heard reince priebus say that a lot of trump supporters know his name and in past administrations maybe people didn't know who the epa administrator was. leland. leland: ahead, as we continue to watch events unfold in muenster, germany. police investigate why a man drove a van into a popular and crowded area, killed three and wounded others and then shot himself. and now they're investigating a suspicious package inside that van. and a number of military aircraft crashes just this week. the national security expert on what the pentagon is saying. as there was just another crash last night. . >> i can assure you that our resources will still be dedicated to ensuring that our war fighters get what they need when they need it.
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>> this is a fox news alert. we're following breaking news out of muenster, germany. reports of at least three people killed, 20 wounded, after a van crashed into a crowded historic pub area. and others are in critical condition. they're saying the driver of the van killed himself following the incident. they're not releasing the identity of the driver and they say they found a suspicious object inside of the van. the city's mayor says the reason that the crash, obviously, is still unknown. we're going to continue to follow breaking news out of germany, of course, keep you updated throughout the show. leland: 6:46 right now in germany there. this incident is about two and a half hours old. important to note that this is a famous and well-known pub. they're quite close to the belgium border. it was a beautiful saturday afternoon in muenster, germany, about 75 degrees, the beginning
9:47 am
of spring. you can imagine the crowds that were there. this van comes plowing into the crowds, as you can take a live look pushing down one of the streets there, and the van comes barrelling in. and then, the driver of the van at some point kills himself, and then police find this suspicious object inside of the van. based on the police response we've seen, based on the fact pattern that we've seen, police do not appear to be treating this as an accident. careful-- everyone jump to conclusion why it happened, but whether or not this was an accident or not appears at this point to be pretty clear. elizabeth: we're sort of waiting for german authorities although we heard from a speaksman from angela merkel who says our thoughts are with the victims and their families. as we had walid phares on the show and looking at information as it came in, considering the fact there's sort of been a
9:48 am
two-year trend in europe where we've seen an up-tick of perpetrators using vans, rental vehicles, to plow into what would be soft target areas, of course, we're waiting for german authorities to stay that this was an incident of terror. obviously, we're going to continue to follow this and much more coming out of germany. stay with us, we have much more news after the break.
9:49 am
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>> a fox news alert as we're getting breaking details from muenster, germany. police now saying that they are checking reports that other perpetrators may have fled a van that crashed into a popular outdoor bar area there. three people dead, multiple people injured critically, 20 people overall injured. those numbers, obviously, can change in the very beginning of situations like this, as we're about three hours into this incident, 7 p.m. there in germany, but according to associated press, police now checking reports that other perpetrators may have fled from that crashed van sometime in the time from the crash to when the driver killed himself. obviously, if that is true, if those reports are true, meaning
9:53 am
somebody did flee from the van, that opens up a whole lot more questions and takes this to a whole different level. walid phares, our terrorism expert saying that's exactly what police in germany are now doing is trying to comb through who this driver knew, why he got the van, how he got the van, what's on his social media account and who he's been talking to and now this, the possibility that other suspects are on the run. this is a live picture of germany look down towards the scene and being see police not exactly relaxed, but not exactly on edge, eitherment all of them with what appears to be heavy weapons out there, as we take another live look here, down that street. back to germany as events warrant there on this saturday afternoon that has turned very trag tragic. liz. elizabeth: well, a bus carrying a canadian junior hockey team crashed early saturday killing
9:54 am
at least 14 people. bryan llenas has the latest on the story. >> the bus carrying the humboldt broncos team, 28 people on board the bus, including the driver. 14 people were killed. 14 others were injured. three are in critical condition. the canadian junior hockey team included players ages 16 to 20. the humboldt team was on their way to a playoff game. it happened on highway 35 in saskatchewan, canada. they were on the way to the town nipwan. we're awaiting the identity of the victims. and the broncos from from a the town 6,000. this photo was tweeted by the father of broncos player derrick
9:55 am
patter. patter is seeing lying alongside his two teammates, derrick grayson and nick bonding, in hospital beds. the father tweeted that they are waiting to hear who didn't make it. the team president also tweeting, quote, our thoughts and prayers are extended to the families of our staff and athletes, as well as to all who have been impacted by this horrible tragedy. our broncos family is in shock as we try to come to grips with our incredible loss. also, canada's prime minister justin trudeau tweeting, quote, i can't imagine what these parents are going through and my heart is affected by the terrible tragedy. and the sister of the broncos head coach tweeted that her brother, coach darcy hogan is among the dead. a go-fund-me page has raised so far for the victims $5,000. you can go to the go-fund-me
9:56 am
page. an unspeakable tragedy north of the border. elizabeth: so sad, appreciate it. >> of course. >> still ahead, we continue to follow developments out of munster, germany. new reporting from counterterrorism sources here in the united states. three dead, multiple injuries when a van plowed into a popular bar there. and u.s. troops already deploying to the nation's southern border. the role they'll play in president trump's push for tougher immigration enforcement. in the modern world, it pays to switch things up. you can switch and save time. [cars honking] [car accelerating] you can switch and save worry. ♪ you can switch and save hassle. [vacuuming sound] and when you switch to esurance, you can save time, worry, hassle and yup, money. ... for the modern world.
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>> this is a fox news alert we're following breaking news out of muenster, germany. there are reports of at least three people killed, 20 wounded after a van crashes into a crowded historic pub area. it's a beautiful day officials say at least six of those injured are in critical condition. they also say the driver of the van killed himself following the incident, they have not yet identified the driver. a suspicious object was found inside of the van, and there are reports that authorities may be looking for an additional perpetrator. the reason of the crash obviously unknown we haven't heard from german authorities since hearing that the chancellor reported is with the families of the victims. we're going to be following the breaking news out of germany keeping you updated throughout the though especially as we hear
10:01 am
from authorities if they have any more information they are gathering. leland: 7:00 p.m. into germany on what was a beautiful saturday afternoon there in muenster, germany this is a very popular bar this van crashed into. obviously there is the investigation going on down that street they're looking at and then there is the investigation into this driver who we talked to, who we knew on social media and then the watching of social media accounts around the country. i'm leland vittert for hour two of america's news headquarters. elizabeth: and i'm elizabeth prann. we're going right to kitty logan she's following this story and has the latest. hi, kitty. reporter: hi, elizabeth. well details are still coming out as you could imagine. what we know is that the drivers believe to be one of the four dead. police confirm that we believe that he shot himself inside the van. that van plowing into people on this lovely sunny day in the
10:02 am
city of muenster. as you're seeing there the van crashed into a crowd in the center of the old city near a popular bar and the streets were very busy it was good weather a lot of people were sitting outside and you can see on the pictures on social media that chairs have been scattered across the pavement and across the street. now, german media does, the driver did shoot himself just recently we have heard from police saying they are checking reports that other suspects may have fled the van. that report not yet confirmed from police but they are saying, they are telling us they have not yet ruled out that this was an attack. at the same time, they are urging the public not to speculate about the motive. they may also came out in the last hour and told us we simply don't yet know what kind of incentive that driver had. what is interesting to note is that a suspicious object was found in that van as you say police are still looking into that and there is still a very large police presence now within the city of muenster.
10:03 am
very much on alert the authorities there, they are also warning people to stay away from the area while they investigate. at the moment they do believe the city is safe but of course this all brings back memories law enforcement land doesn't it that attack in berlin at the christmas market where 12 people died so although we don't know what the motive is for this attack, police are certainly taking it very seriously, law enforcement land. leland: obviously as we see the investigation continuing to go on kitty logan following this from our london news room, kitty thank you with that we bring back in obviously liz is here, julian turner as well as we point out the investigation oftentimes spans multiple continents within just a couple hours. >> oh, yeah you can bet behind the scenes u.s. counter intelligence folks are already all over this. i've heard just now, law enforcement land, from a very reliable counterterrorism source here in the united states that managers of key islamic state- linked telegram channels are promoting an invitation to pro-isis telegram channel online
10:04 am
as we speak. leland: just for clarification for our viewers for those of you not in the millennial set, telegram is one of the apps that are used by isis and other terror groups to communicate essentially securely right? this is how they communicate to try to thwart eavesdropping and other types of surveillance? >> that's exactly right and by invitation only. what we saw with the attack that happened a couple weeks ago on march 23 i believe it was in france, key managers of islamic- state linked channels propaganda actually linked with isis opened up these telegram channels started chattering about the attack while it was unfolding and two hours later isis claimed responsibility for this attack, so this is starting to happen right now. this is an indicator that the islamic state-linked propaganda are confident this is an isis- linked attack but isis has not claimed responsibility yet. we don't have any official word on that. we'll keep you up to speed on it leland: what are your sources saying in terms of the u.s.
10:05 am
posture on this? is the u.s. in support of the germans? did the u.s. launch their own investigation into who this was, how much information sharing is there going on? >> well in this particular instance at this moment i don't know. we've not heard from the intel community publicly but the way that this usually goes down is that the cia, fbi and whoever else here on the ground in the u.s. will already be linked up with their german counterparts and they are probably investigating together in tandem whoever is over there on the ground from the u.s. side is probably mobilizing as we speak. >> julian turner thank you so much. leland: great information we'll come back to you as you get more from your sources and obviously back to germany as we get any more information there. elizabeth: in the meantime we'll move on president trump says he could put more tariffs on chinese goods as trade war tensions between the two countries continues to escalate with a look at how these tariffs could impact americans here at home let's bring in pennsylvania
10:06 am
radio host chris duvall, and of course online around the world thank you so much for joining us sir, we appreciate it. >> hi, elizabeth my pleasure, thank you. elizabeth: i want to first and foremost get your take on what you're hearing from your viewers because pennsylvania has a huge pork industry, if i'm not mistaking 75% of pennsylvania the commonwealth agriculture is actually animal so i'm curious as to what your listeners are thinking and feeling right now. >> it's such a mixed bag. i mean, pennsylvania as you know is home to a lot of steel country too and while yes we're talking about the ag sector which is an entirely different economy, a lot of folks in steel country have been very pleased at how aggressive the trump adminitration has been on the tariff front, so it's a catch 22 now the president has also made overtures to the agricultural department that he wants to maybe somehow try to offset this if in fact it happens but elizabeth i'm not so sure this isn't talk. elizabeth: so you're thinking perhaps it's posturing and it
10:07 am
could be, we talked about perhaps it could be months before we start to see any of these tariffs go into place and we saw the effect on the dow law enforcement land mentioned it was down almost 600 points on friday but the president said listen this is a little bit of short term pain for long term gain. your thoughts on that? >> i can't dispute what we know china is doing to the american economy. in fact the ip commission, elizabeth i just jotted this down before we came to air, 225 billion to 600 billion they estimate annually, the united states economy loses on intellectual property theft alone. the chinese are just ripping the american public off. they're ripping american companies off. something has to be donald outside of this i'm not sure what that would be, so it's very very difficult to see how we can continue to allow that kind of money to be sacked from our economy just out right theft. its got to stop. i don't want to see anyone in the ag community or any other business community punished, but
10:08 am
somethings got to be done. elizabeth: well that's what i'm thinking that yeah something needs to be donald i think everyone agrees on that but how it's done is sort of where maybe perhaps people are disagreeing and even folks on the right side , i mean we heard from senator toomey and i wouldn't say that he's supportive in any way. >> no, no, he's not, and frankly, as a conservative i'm not nutty about tariffs and not cheerleading them. it's a real catch 22. i'm from an agricultural community myself and i have, my family sells soybeans regularly. soybean sales are huge component of the ag community in this country. to see those take a hit would be pretty devastating to a lot of farm families particularly in the middle of the country who are really worried about this. right now, i'm hoping it's carrot and stick, so as i said, in the manufacturing and ag, we're really at two desperate interests that both need some help. elizabeth: both are being very
10:09 am
much potentially impacted. my last question is if we continue to see this back and forth and the retaliation take place, when we look at voters in red states are they going to be changing their minds and is it going to be impacting the midterm? >> i think the president is really cautious now with larry kudlow as his new economic advise or i'm very confident that he's been in the president 's ear, they're very well aware of the politics of states like missouri for instance where they won by almost 20 points. they can't afford to lose momentum there. i think they're going to see to it they won't. elizabeth: chris duvall, thank you so much sir very interesting and of course we appreciate you coming on the show, thank you sir. >> my pleasure, always have a great day. leland: u.s. national guard troops are now on the border with mexico. the guard deploying overnight after president trump called for beefed up border security. julian turner, doing just about everything for us today a little double duty on the political fallout now that's taken place here. >> that's right. i just want to be with you guys.
10:10 am
guys in the wake of president trump to dispatch these national guard troops to the southern border the pentagon and department of homeland security are already on the move. a joint statement from secretary of defense mattis and secretary of homeland security nielsen reads in part, tonight, national guard troops are deploying to support border security missions along the u.s. southwest border. we are committed to using every lever of power to support the men and women of law enforcement defending our nation's sovereignty and protecting the american people. the pentagon has also announced they're creating their own special border security cell. its official mission? backing up u.s. border patrol agents. this according to the secretary of defense. >> we're looking at how we can best provide the support to the department of homeland security and we'll figure it out and it'll be consistent with law and congress no problem. >> but don't let that mission statement fool you. the new cells got a crucial role to play. it'll make sure dod and dhs
10:11 am
mentions are together 24 hours a day seven days a week. >> watching monitors and border cameras those kinds of things are helping us with a back room activity. >> but the cell will also be on the ground and in the air. >> we've used them to do intelligence and analysis for intelligence and then aviation is a big part of what we hope they bring. >> but with orders now signed for 4,000 national guardsmen to the southern border things are getting a little contentious at the state level and governors from states like arizona, arkansas and mississippi are supportive. texas has already begun to deploy 250 of its own troops, but other governors like kate brown of more more haven't been as supportive and accused president trump last night of staging this deployment to distract from his political problems so a real mixed bag. elizabeth: and we've heard from the governor of california obviously so there is a split with governors so we'll see the fall off. leland: shockingly a split among
10:12 am
political lines imagine that for more insight we bring in florida congressman ron desantis. good to see you, sir. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. leland: you look at this two ways. is this in a way sort of admission by president trump that he ain't going to get money for his border wall from congress, he's going to have to go at it alone? >> well i think it's an admission that this needs to be done now. i don't think it's an admission that he's not going to do it. i think he is looking at options to use the military to be able to do it. i think those are actually viable options, they'll have to be vetted but i think that could definitely happen, but the fact that he's having defend the national guard to the border and i support him doing that. that really shows that underscores the need why you need to have border security and an actual border wall, so the more you see a caravan of people coming, just saying they're going to show up in the united states, i think that actually will put pressure on congress particularly republican leadership who haven't done i think a good enough job of supporting the president on this
10:13 am
to actually step up to the plate and help deliver some success here. leland: what does that success look like? because it seems absolutely impossible we'll get any kind of immigration deal or border wall funding between now and the midterms. >> well, we have the funding that's going to come up now in september and i think that's going to be caught up in the election cycle so i'm not exactly sure how it's going to play out but depending upon what is happening over the summer that actually could lead the america people to be more supportive of it and i think at the end of the day it was a mistake looking back for congress not to be more supportive. i mean, i was supportive we had some of my colleagues supportive of it but this should have been something that was delivered in that first year who i think would be in a much better spot, so the president taking action through the military keep an eye on that because i do think that's viable. at first i didn't think maybe you could do it but the more i've read about it i think that could get started that way. leland: so our viewers understand you were talking about two slightly separate things. one is this use of national
10:14 am
guard troops on the border to support, advice. assist the border patrol and some of their activities. the other would be trying to use military funding that was put through in this latest omnibus spending to actually build the wall. either way, actually, you're taking money that's earmarked for the military and spending it on the border. i understand the line that border security is national security but this comes at a time when we've had four, count them four major military aviation accidents in the past week, 50% of our planes can't fly and fight tonight if they needed to. every dollar that's spent down on the border is one more part for an fa18 you don't buy. is that the right trade-off? >> well i don't think that is the trade-off because that was one of the reasons why the budget cap was raised for the defense stuff and so i think that -- leland: but congressman forgive me. it's exactly how it works.
10:15 am
you've got x amount of billions, 700 plus billion dollars for the military, you can spend it one way or the other. you can't spend those dollars twice, so if you spend it down at the border -- >> but the problem is -- leland: you don't buy as many planes and guns. >> but here is the problem with the analysis is yes acquisition is a big part it's an important part but that's not the only part of a $720 billion budget. now the president is making the point and we'll see how it shakes out, that he doesn't want as many troops stationed in places like syria. he thinks that defending our borders here is more important than defending the borders there , so i don't think it necessarily comes at the price of procurement, but look those are things that will need to be vetted and worked out and i think that the crisis of the readiness is something that i agree with you on and i agree with a lot of my republican colleagues on but i do think that will be met and i think that this, remember this is not building the whole wall, law
10:16 am
enforcement land. this is starting the process, this is not something that's going to cost $100 billion or at least i wouldn't support that much. leland: you're running for governor down in florida and when you're governor you actually have to balance your budget and actually have to have fiscal responsibility. do you worry that as republicans keep talking about this i've yet to find a spending project that republicans are really against. you voted for the omnibus bill, you've got yeah, we'll spend more money on the wall, more money on that. >> republicans did, i didn't vote for the omnibus but you're right many republicans did and i think that the whole omnibus thing, i think, was handled very poorly. i think you're right and i think it blurred the differences between republicans and democrat s. are you somebody that really wants to spend lessor are you somebody that wants to spend more on everything and that omnibus spend more on everything so i do think that it was a mistake and i think that since newt gingrich was speaker, you know, no congress has really
10:17 am
done a good job of managing nations financing, its been almost 20 years and i think its an unfortunate record all the way around. leland: if you look at the approval numbers the american people don't think congress has done much good on anything lately so we appreciate it . it was good to see you congressman. nice to see you come back some time soon. >> thank you. leland: great conservation and as you might imagine fox news sunday is going to take a lot closer look at a number of these issues one thing we weren't able to get to with congressman ron desantis is tariffs and the economy, although spending and the economy are pretty linked white house national economic advisor larry kudlow joins chris wallace obviously check your local listings for time and channel on that. elizabeth: still ahead, we are staying on top of the very latest out of muenster, germany as police investigate that deadly van crash. and facebook under scrutiny from lawmakers. what users need to know about their safety and of course their personal data. and in d.c. the very latest from
10:18 am
the cherry blossom festival in the nations capitol. >> ♪ ♪
10:19 am
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10:22 am
leland: fox news alert breaking details continue to come out of muenster, germany, where we have been told that at least three people are dead, 20 wounded when a van crashed into a crowd at a popular local pub. the driver of the van dead from a self-inflicted wound. police say they are searching for possible accomplices after reports that people fled the scene. the driver shot himself and police have identified the driver or what they call a suspicious object inside of that van. it was a beautiful 70 plus degree afternoon in germany there when this van plowed into this popular pedestrian area. obviously news breaking quite literally by the minute out of germany as they begin to come through things our julian turner with reporting that u.s. courter terrorism officials have noticed increased chatter on isis-linked messaging accounts, still a long
10:23 am
way from a claim of a responsibility but we are watching that with our sources, and we are now hearing from jill ian as well that there is increased pro-islamic state telegram chatter, more on this as it comes in. elizabeth: and more insight let's bring in former cia operation officer mike baker. mike thank you so much for joining us. certainly, we're dissecting this information as it's coming in and we're waiting on german officials to come out and say whether or not this was an accident or whether or not an act of terror but certainly with our own jillian who worked at the national security council for years it appears there is an up-tick of chatter and i'm curious to what's going on behind the scenes and what your sources are saying. >> yeah, well, look it's typical for the german leland: for the government there and for others in the eu to take their time in deciding, you know, when they pull that trigger and say that it's a terrorists incident so that's not a surprise they're
10:24 am
doing this but look, this latest incident, it's the one-year anniversary of the similar attack that took place in stockholm that was perpetrated by a refugee who had his status denied and of course we've had similar methodology used, berlin christmas market a little over a year ago, the incident in niec so the methodology and timing points to a terrorists attack but understandable they will take their time to understand what's happening, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck i don't think it's a doubt at any point what it is. elizabeth: when we talk about intelligence sharing at this point because you mentioned you made a reference to the attack a year ago in stockholm and listen , its been a two year trend in up-tick in using vehicles and vans as weapons, so what is going on right now
10:25 am
between these intelligence agencies of their sharing information to quickly dissect what took place and if there are possibly perpetrators who fled the scene. right well the police are saying they don't leave there was anybody else involved at this point as of minutes ago, so i don't know that there's any other, you know, effort out there going on right now but what they are doing is obviously and they've already done this frankly just holding the information, basically they've peeled away the layers of the individual who killed themself at the end of this attack. there's a great deal of intelligence sharing that goes on as you pointed out but there was nothing specific leading up to today's incident that pointed to a sort of specificity that would say today we've got to raise the alert of this week, so yes, there's talk about this increased chatter but just that of and by itself oftentimes is
10:26 am
going to give you much other than this uncomfortable feeling that you've got something and you don't know where or what location, so it's important to understand that we're seeing some more communication or an increased amount of communication but also important for people to understand that that doesn't mean that you're pinpointing a specific time and target location, but right now what's going on is the germans unfortunately are very well versed in how to do these post-o p reviews and all of the forensic work that goes into it. we've offered our support both from the intel community and the fbi, as have the brits who are extremely good at this sort of thing, so you know, eu comes together in incidents like this and there's been a lot of talk about dispratt views and brexit and all the rest of it but when you have an incident like this that's when you see the intel and law enforcement communities really come together and work. elizabeth: mike baker thank you
10:27 am
so much for joining us obviously the story is very fresh authorities are working hard behind the scenes and we're trying to work hard to get the information out to the people so thank you so much mike we appreciate it thank you for joining us. leland: following germany meantime attorney general jeff sessions says they're at zero tolerance for people entering the u.s. illegally. the national guard headed to the border, we'll talk about how that intersects with this new policy.
10:28 am
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leland: welcome back this saturday attorney general jeff sessions now saying there will be "zero tolerance" for illegal immigrants at the u.s. border the announcement comes as u.s. national guard troops deploy to the area anita vogel in our los angeles bureau to connect these two for us. hi, anita. reporter: well hi, leland. it's all part of a total crackdown on the border. late in the day yesterday a couple of huge announcements by the trump adminitration. first, a directive from the department of justice, announcing a zero tolerance policy for prosecuting anyone attempting enter the country illegally. this after the department of homeland security reported a 200
10:33 am
% plus increase in el little border crossings from march of 2,017 to march of this year. now, i spoke with one former u.s. attorney for the southern district of california who says this zero tolerance policy is actually long overdue. >> for the last what, 40, 50, 60 years there has been no deterrence for people coming across-the-board border. they knew the worst that would happen is they would be caught and turned around. now they know they'll be prosecuted, put in jail, have a criminal conviction, never ever be able to legally immigrate to the united states in the future. reporter: and another big announcement yesterday a presidential memo ending the longstanding catch and release program in which illegal immigrants are released from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status. essentially allowing them to disappear into the u.s.. under the new policy first time offenders who are caught crossing the border illegally will likely face a minimum of six months in jail.
10:34 am
repeat offenders could be charged with a felony and longer prison sentences and as for the role of the national guard troops on the border, they won't be directly involved in making arrests but they can assist the border patrol and also they can serve as an added deterrent along the border. leland? leland: anita vogel in los angeles more on the deployment as it happens anita thank you. liz has more on the political part of this. elizabeth: let's break it down and bring in democratic strategist robin byro and republican strategist matt. thank you both so much for joining me be men i appreciate it. i think i'm going to start with you robin because this isn't posturing by the administration because we're seeing deployment of troops 400 within the next week. your reaction? >> my reaction, well you know, speaking first as a fiscal conservative, and also as a veteran army ranger this concerns me. donald trump himself just a couple days ago tweeted out that we're at a 45 year historic low
10:35 am
against illegal border crossings so i see this as a waste of our troops because take for example, the national guard they drill one week in a month, two weeks in a year being are pulled away from their civilian jobs and families to guard against a non- threat as he's basically said it because we're at a historic low so i don't understand i think this is a waste and i just don't like the idea of these soldiers being taken away from their jobs and families. elizabeth: matt i want to bring you in because if i'm not mistaking in february and march, in march in particular it's up what was it 200% am i right? >> yeah, it was up 200% for march of this year compared to march of last year and they basically apprehended about 50,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border in march. that's not nothing. that's a significant number we don't know how many of those are violent criminals what crimes they would commit if they were able to enter. look this is obviously not the
10:36 am
first option. it's not the best option. it's a last resort but it's a step the president felt he needed to take given that democrats and republicans could not come together on a broader immigration deal and he's tired of waiting. he has a sense of urgency about this and he made a lot of promises as a candidate and followed through on a lot of areas but as it relates to immigration he's not yet had that much success on the border wall because democrats haven't fully offered the 25 billion in appropriations to be able to build it. they've offered an authorization but that is not an appropriation from congress. elizabeth: robin i want you to respond because we heard matt say this is something that the president felt like he needed to do because he was at such a stalemate when it comes to lawmakers on the hill but at the same time, politically speaking we're seeing reactions across-the-board from governors so is it going to be at a stalemate with governors? >> exactly. i'm glad you brought that up, elizabeth because the governor of nevada already said that he can not support this because they've not supplied an adequate
10:37 am
mission statement that supports this move and that's my point speaking as, excuse me, as a veteran, that there's just not a good mission statement here because they're going to be basically guarding against a perceived threat that right now is a non-threat and i want to point out elizabeth while i've got you that for every soldier, that's deployed for this, we could use those funds to provide housing and food for two homeless veterans, for every single soldier, so i just see this as a bad move financially basically. elizabeth: matt i want you to respond and also we heard robin say that this is a perceived threat but there will be those who argue that the threat is real. >> yeah, there's no question. i mean, every crime committed in america by an illegal immigrant is a preventable crime. no matter what that crime is the lt. governor of texas, dan patrick, often cites the statistics of the violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in texas, the arrests over the last seven years in fact he did it here on your air two nights
10:38 am
ago, so it's not a problem that doesn't exist and the fact that you had 50,000 of these individuals picked up just in march alone tells you that it's real. now, there are domestic politics indifferent states different governors will respond differently. clearly, republican governors of arizona, excuse me, yeah of arizona and texas have responded right away and are sending troops right a why. we'll see if other governors do as well but again the president i think has taken this step because he wants to take action here. he's tired of waiting and obviously congress is not moving with enough urgency and that frustrates him. elizabeth: robin i'll give you last word, we have 15 seconds. >> again this is just wasteful an these people have lives and families and jobs and i just see it as a waste elizabeth. elizabeth: robin, thank you very much, very interesting conservation we appreciate you coming on the show today. >> thank you. elizabeth: leland? leland: details continuing to breakout of germany now about 7: 40 in the evening there is a van crashed into a crowded pub
10:39 am
area, killing at least three , many more dead. the driver kills himself, to germany's news, plus mark zuckerberg in the hot seat next week as he faces congress over massive data breaches at facebook. what it means for all of us who use it. there's little rest for a single dad.
10:40 am
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elizabeth: we have breaking news out of muenster, germany, where we know at least three people have been killed and 20 are wounded after a van crashes into a crowded area, a historic pub area. officials say at least six of those who are injured are sill in critical condition. police say the driver of the van taking his own life following the crash, but they have not yet identified the driver. authorities say a suspicious object was found inside of the van they are investigating. we are continuing to follow the breaking news situation out of germany we're going to keep you updated throughout the show and of course bring you the very latest as it comes in.
10:44 am
leland: facebook ceo comes to washington this week with few friends on capitol hill or anywhere else frankly willing to defend him. the company's coo, cheryl sheryl sandberg, doing damage control amid admissions that they don't actually know how much personal information and data was compromised. >> we really believe in social experiences and i think what happened here is we were very focused on creating that. good things happen when you can share your information. we were really focused on that and we weren't focused enough on being proactive enough and mark is happy to say here is what we weren't doing and here is what we're doing now. leland: the revelations also called into question facebook's targeted advertising model as well as its effect on user privacy here to discuss technology reporter at the hill, allie breeland. up on capitol hill they want blood. >> a lot of them do. you've already seen a lot of pretty aggressive statements
10:45 am
from lawmakers, but others show tremendous amount of interest on the right and they're very critical of mark zuckerberg and facebook and the company's data collection policies and they want answers. leland: you make the point that a lot of the outrage is on the left. it comes because the data breach with cambridge who was the mercer's organization that was involved in the trump campaign, how much of this is political, they view it as a way to say oh, the reason hillary clinton lost was because of facebook, and its wrongdoing, not because of something else will put the blame that way? >> it's probably fair to categorize some of the impetus around political considerations but the reality is that it was able to hit such a large point because there was a lot of anger and frustration under facebook's data collection policies prior so you're seeing a bit of oil sort of being thrown on that flame but that flame was going to burn anyway. leland: you listen to zuckerberg because we take responsibility, i own this, sheryl sandberg saying we're very happy to
10:46 am
discuss this, all these platitudes which are really half sentences and the other half is what are you going to do about it and when are you going to start telling the truth about it , that's missing. >> yeah, this is all part of a larger pattern that goes back to at least 2,007 where mark zuckerberg has had to deal with the implications of people being outraged about privacy and then him having to go in and apologize and you'll see this version again and they don't have clear answers because a lot is baked into facebook's very business model. there are things they can do to fix it but at the end of the day they have to collect data to be profitable. leland: right so we're more interested in the social experiences, aka, our bottom line. what do you make of the fact that facebook has got zero friends? typically tech protects tech. you've got tim come coming out, you've got elon musk coming out there is nobody rushing to defend them. >> yeah, this is a pattern that happens in tech sometimes where companies will see what's up and kind of go after each other and it's not really good.
10:47 am
this is a particularly worse case because sometimes they will defend each other, you don't see companies going after each other and it does spell out how bad things are for facebook. leland: fair to say mark zuckerberg is not the most easygoing guy and there's no congressional hearing that is shall we say the most conducive to making people feel all that comfortable when you realize both pressure and the format and the location, but beyond sort of embarrassing him or beyond asking him some tough questions and making him squim and he gives very will-rehearsed answers as i'm sure he's prep ping this weekend can anything really come of this? >> potentially there has to be the sort of movement for legislation or further regulation. right now even though lawmakers are talking a big game there's not a lot on the table. there's a few regulations from a few lawmakers but if things don't go the right way and he does say the wrong thing this could be the beginning point for that regulation to come out but
10:48 am
it's too early to tell yet. leland: you can imagine that it's a working weekend at facebook, for mark zuckerberg and team as the prep sessions continue. great having you, great reporting, look forward to it reading some of it on wednesday when the hearings are over. thank you for having me. leland: liz? elizabeth: well, coming up washington's famous cherry blossom trees are in peak bloom and they're beautiful, but predicting the season takes some serious science. we'll hear from the man they call the master forecaster.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
leland: live look right now at the loss oming cherry blossoms along the tidal basin you can see the jefferson memorial on a chilly saturday here in washington, the monument right there, the fragile blossoms only last for a short time, and the job of figuring out when peak bloom will happen, so everyone can come and see them, falls on the shoulders of one master forecaster, lauren blanchard caught up with him. reporter: each spring, these cherry trees attract thousands to the d.c. tidal basin and if you plan it just right you can see all 3,700 of them in peak bloom. >> they're definitely worth the
10:53 am
hype. they're gorgeous. reporter: while the blooms seem to come out like clock work there is a science behind it and this guy is the master bloom forecaster. >> there is some natural processes that we can predict out there and this is one that we can kind of predict. reporter: for the last four years, the national park service , has been predicting the pink petals timing. >> if you can tell me what the weather is going to be we can tell you what the bloom is going to be within reason, within a few days. reporter: although he can predict with certainty about 10 days out the tracking begins in the fall. he's looking at a number of things like historical data, but really, it comes down to the temperature and the weather conditions here in d.c., which can seem so unpredictable. >> you just never really know what the weather is going to be. it could be 80 or 30. >> mother nature, she's got her own plans. reporter: there's a lot of pressure being the blossom guy, not only because the national cherry blossom test it value plans around his prediction but
10:54 am
because people come from around the world to see the town paint ed pink. >> great to see people come down here and the cherry blossoms makes them happy. reporter: even with all of the modern tools, he reminds folks this is mother nature, sometimes she changes her mind. >> i haven't been shy about like sharing what the model is and what we're trying to do and trying to be transparent, because i don't want it to be this prediction to be something. reporter: in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. elizabeth: i remember they bloom ed early last year and then we had a freeze and then this year, they bloomed a little later. leland: we're supposed to have snow this morning thankfully that held off but it is a remarkable moment when the sun comes up and you see those if you get to come or you can just watch them on television and enjoy them from the warmth and comfort of your own home. it's about 40 degrees outside, so there you go. elizabeth: after the break, it is easter weekend, so around the
10:55 am
world, how the holy celebration began in jerusalem. and off to a smashing start we'll show you how many turned out to drop it.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
worshipers took part in a holy fire ceremony. i covered this before. it's kind of scary with all those people in there with all the flames. torches and candles were lit from a flame they believe was lit in christ's tomb. flames from the holy fire are transported to other orthodox communities celebrating easter. i always like to be outside. >> elizabeth: here's some great video of orthodox easter celebrations in the greek isles. worshipers smashed giant clay pots filled with water to ring in the holy weekend. thousands gathered on the streets to watch the pots fall and our esteemed producer told me that that is because they are breaking with old and then celebrating the new. am i saying that right? >> leland: it's cool video. what could possibly go wrong with that? >> elizabeth: no, nothing. >> leland: it looks like a lot of fun. what could go wrong with leaving you with cherry blossoms, the beginning of spring here in washington, although it's a
11:00 am
little chilly outside as we take a look across the tidal basin. all those running the cherry blossom 10-miler tomorrow, good luck and stay warm. nice continues from new york. >> fox news alert, at least three people are dead and 20 others hurt after a van crashes into a large crowd in a city in germany. police saying at least six of the injured are in severe condition. a police spokesman confirming the driver, whose identity has not been released yet, shot and killed himself inside the vehicle. investigators giving no indication as of yet if this is being linked to terrorism. >> this happened, by the way, in a city in the northwest part of the country with a population of 300,000 people and of course we will continue to follow these breaking developments com


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