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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 7, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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a look across the tidal basin. all those running the cherry blossom 10-miler tomorrow, good luck and stay warm. nice continues from new york. >> fox news alert, at least three people are dead and 20 others hurt after a van crashes into a large crowd in a city in germany. police saying at least six of the injured are in severe condition. a police spokesman confirming the driver, whose identity has not been released yet, shot and killed himself inside the vehicle. investigators giving no indication as of yet if this is being linked to terrorism. >> this happened, by the way, in a city in the northwest part of the country with a population of 300,000 people and of course we will continue to follow these breaking developments coming out of germany as we speak.
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we've got live reports coming up just moments away from europe. and we will be speaking with a former anti--terrorism task for commander with how investigators go about looking for answers in this tragedy. hundreds of national guard troops are on the move and making the way to border with mexico. almost 500 troops deploying overnight after president trump said he wanted to send in thousands of troops to secure the southern border until the wall is built. hello. welcome to you. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm julie banderas. i'm kelly wright. james mattis signed off on orders to deploy up to 4,000 soldiers. a pentagon memo stated the troops will not be used for law enforcement or interaction with immigrants unless mattis approves it. jillian turner is live in washington with more details. jillian, good day to you. >> reporter: hi, kelly and
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julie. in the wake of president trump's decision to dispatch these national guard troops to the border, the pentagon and department of homeland security are already on the move. a joint statement from secretary of defense mattis, secretary of homeland security nielsen reads in part, tonight national guard troops are deploying to support border security missions along the u.s. southwest border. we are committed to using every lever of power to support men and women of law enforcement, protecting the american people. the pentagon's also announced faithey're creating a special border security cell. they will back up border control agents. >> we're looking at how to best provide the support to the department of homeland security. we'll figure it out and it will be consistent with law and the spirit of congress, no problem. >> reporter: don't let that mission statement fool you. the new cells got a crucial role to play. they will make sure missions are tightly synced 24 hours a day,
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sense days a week. >> they'll be watching monitors, cameras and sensor feeds. they'll be helping in back room activities. >> reporter: they will conduct reconnaissance on the ground and in the air. >> we've used them to do intelligence and analysis for intelligence and aviation is a big part of what we hope they bring. >> reporter: orders signed for 4,000 national guardsmen, things are getting contentious at the state level. some governors from states like arizona, arkansas and mississippi are suppor are supp. texas has begun to deploy troops of their own. other governors like kate brown of oregon have not been so supportive. >> thank you for that report. >> for more on this, let's bring in congressman darryl isau from
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california. thank you for talking to us. let's talk about the state of california. the governor there has been in a bit of an immigration war over what to do with illegal immigrants in california and now national guard troops are being ordered there. how is the governor going to respond? >> i think he's been somewhat silent on this particular issue because under both republican and democratic presidents this has gone on. as a matter of fact, general mattis was stationed at camp pen dingpenelton at many of these t. there is not a real barrier to slow down masses of people trying to get over and whether we like it or not, the border wall is in fact about the efficiency and safety of the border pa l troll. until it's built, we're going to have the inefficiency of having to supplement border patrol
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agents in pretty large amounts. >> i want to play an interview with homeland security secretary kristin nielsen and she talks about how they need to put pressure on congress to get involved because washington needs to be on board with these states in order for this to happen successfully. let's play that. >> i think what you're seeing is the president taking his job very seriously in terms of securing our border and doing everything we can without congress to do just that, but i do hope as soon as congress comes back that i can work with them. >> when congress comes back are they going to work with washington or will this be more butting heads? >> republicans will work to support the president's need for funding to secure the border. democrats historically, including senator feinstein of california, have voted for border fences and so the question is why have they changed, why is it when president obama supplements the border or takes credit for
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lowering the amount of undocumented workers fleaing f g over the border, you get one attitude versus another. republicans have been consistent. we want to make sure the border patrol has the tools it needs to be both safe and effective and the hope is that when we come back monday and tuesday that the president's request will be granted to give him the tools he needs. and by the way, no one more than general matt yi mattis understat the troops that will be deployed there, they will be tired and won't be able to deployed into combat. there is a cost to this but it's a necessary cost if the president's going to meet his mandate. >> there are many republicans who remain irate about the spending bill. the president signed this bill. he was unhappy with it but he signed it anyway. a lot of people were waiting for funding to be approved to build this wall that he campaigned so hard on. the spending bill didn't contain
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that. here's the problem with this. the fact is that you cannot build a border wall without the real estate and to build the wall the u.s. would need to own all 1900 miles, plus, of the border in texas. most of this land is now private property. the u.s. government there only owns about 100 miles of the 120. so with that said, should troops remain permanent? because the president said the troops will remain until a wall is built. >> well, first of all, the federal government can take land if it needs to and in many, many cases you've got people along the border who would welcome that few hundred feet of their large ranches being in a position where they could have safety and security. as you know, i mean, ranchers still put fences to make sure their cattle don't go into mexico. it's not like this is some sort of massive barrier and it's also not necessary to build fences
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and walls exactly the same along that entire 1900 miles. texas right now as you said earlier, they're deploying texas, paid for law enforcement in massive amounts, hundreds, because they know that they need to secure their border and they're helping. california obviously has an interior policy in which the governor is essentially threatening criminal prosecution of mayors and sheriffs who are trying to cooperate with the federal government. that's something that needs to change. >> and so until that wall actually goes up, the troops are a need and much like military are sent to afghanistan here, these troops are going to be there to protect the border patrol agents, many of whom are killed by these very violent illegal immigrants that are coming across our border and trying to filter drugs into the country as well. >> i think your viewers need to understand, there was $1.5 billion for fence repair in
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the bill we just passed. that includes where the president visited, along the saint yeah grow border -- san diego border, the saf safest bor in the united states. that's because duncan hunter using national guardsmen built a wall made out of landing -- steel landing material. that is being replaced with a modern wall. that's in the bill. but that has proven to work to make our border patrol agents safer, to make it safer to be honest for people who prior to that time were coming a across the border, often being hit by cars. so in san diego, we have a proof of concept of dozens of miles that has made our city safer and our border patrol able to do their job and that's a lot of why the president came to san diego, to see a system that's been working for two decades. >> let's get back to the troops for a second here. when it comes to setting nation
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-- sending national guard troops, this isn't the first time troops have been sent on missions to guard the border. it's been happening since the reagan administration in 2010. president obama even sent some 1200 natio national guard troopo border. how will this time be different? >> i think the number, 4,000, used effectively is a huge boost. what you saw earlier reported is important. the aviation assets and the other sensor assets that these national guardsmen in some cases have, the air guard particularly, really helps the efficiency of the border patrol. additionally, the border patrol being able to be quickly transported by air, by helicopter to a site also makes them more efficient and remember, this is a summer surge of mostly south and central american refugees, people who have been told if they come here and ask for asylum they're going to be released. we have the backup problem that the president and the congress
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has to deal with, which is as long as after we catch them they get released, we're not going to be able to stem the tide. that's another area in which congress has to act, has to fund the ability to quickly adjudicate people who were falsely claiming that they need asylum. >> i want to switch gears. i need to get your feedback on this. the house judiciary infuriated regarding the doj missing the subpoena ted line. deadline. you wonder why they missed the deadline. there is no coincidence here. among the roughly 1.2 million documents that they are seeking, this committee, they have only received about 3,000 out of those. why, then, is the doj stalling? >> the doj has a slow rolling history ahistory. i put forward the bill to hold eric holder in contempt for exactly that, slowly giving us documents and ultimately telling
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us there were only a couple hundred more if we just drop the investigation, he would give them to us. we then received over a long period of time tens of thousands more documents and there is still more in the fast and furious investigation. this is a rotten to the core system in which they take unclassified documents and fly spec them and redact thousands and thousands of lines, based on, quote, law enforcement sensitive. to do that, they put a few people in a room. they slowly work on it and then they tell you we're working as fast as we can. the system has to change. the congress deserves to look at at least what they call in camera unredacted forms by the hundreds of thousands or millions and this is where the chairman, a very mild mannered, slow to act person, bob goodlatte issued a subpoena and we're in a position where it's appropriate to consider contempt of the department of justice and
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particularly the fbi if they cannot quickly reverse and start giving us substantially all the documents that were lawfully subpoenaed. >> that's why the president wanted somebody to oversee this, perhaps a second special council. if laws were broken here, somebody needs to pay. if there was criminality, in regards to wrongly seeking a warrant and abusing the fisa court, that's something we want to see concluded and we want to see somebody pay for that. you can't get away with that in this country. >> you're exactly right. but it's not just the accountability of those who appear to have done wrong. it's a system there of allowing politics to creep into the department of justice and to the fbi that has to stop. so holding people accountable is part of it, but getting to the truth and causing change, change before this next election, is in everyone's best interest. the american people won't believe in their department of justice until they know that the
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change has occurred. >> congressman, thank you very much. appreciate you taking the time. kelly. breaking developments out of germany that we've been discussing today, police confirming at least three people are dead and 20 others hurt after a van barrels through a large crowd there in a popular area of munster. this happened in the city. authorities now saying the driver killed himself. kenny logan is live in london with more details on what happened in munster. >> reporter: now we're getting new reports coming from german media. these are unconfirmed reports but coming from reliable reports, outlets and they are saying the man who was driving this vehicle, who crashed into the crowds, he was a german citizen in his late 40s. he had no links to terrorism and he was suspected of having psychological problems. i must emphasize, this is not
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coming directly from the police and the police are still investigating at the scene and we have no more details from them about what happened. but what we do know is that van crashed into a crowd in the old city center of munster, near a very popular restaurant. so a lot of people were sitting outside there. the streets were busy. there's good weather there today and we've seen images on social media for example showing chairs scattered across the street. police have confirmed that the driver did shoot himself. it's unclear whether they're looking for anyone else in relation to this incident. there was a report that they may have seen a second person inside that van who fled the scene. we do not have confirmation of that. we also heard earlier from police there was a suspicious object found in the van. they were looking into that too. now, amidst all the rumors and unconfirmed reports, police are urging the public not to speculate about any kind of motive. the mayor of munster himself has come out and said we simply don't yet know what the motive was for this crash.
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but what we are seeing on the streets of munster is a very large presence of police and emergency services and they are still advising people to avoid that area while they do emphasize as well there is no further danger to the public. although at the moment it's unclear whether this was a deliberate act, of course it does echo other attacks of this style that we've seen elsewhere in berlin, no less, in december 2016 when 12 people were killed at that christmas market. although we don't yet know what happened, certainly many people were terrified on seeing a similar style of attack today. >> certainly one of the new developments they're talking about is this gentleman or this man, rather, was a german citizen in his 40s and as you stated had a history of psychological problems but at this time, according to a report, no ties to terrorism. that's some new revelations. we'll continue to follow the developments. kitty, thank you for the update. >> reporter: thank you.
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>> julie: this is a fox news alert. china saying it will not hesitate to fight back with a, quote, major response after president trump threatened tariffs on another $100 billion worth of chinese goods. escalating trade tensions between two of the world's biggest economies, sending the dow plummeting again on friday, closing down over 500 points. this after treasury secretary steven mnuchin said there is, and i'm quoting, the potential of a trade war and just moments ago the president tweeting this. the united states hasn't had a trade surplus with china in 40 years. they must end unfair trade, take down barriers, and charge only reciprocal tariffs. the u.s. is losing $500 billion a year and has been losing bill i don't believe so of dollars for decades. cannot continue. garrett kenny picks up the rest of the story from washington. >> reporter: the big concern on wall street is the trade dispute escalates into a full-blown
11:22 am
trade war between the world's two biggest economies. the u.s. and china say they would like to avoid a trade war. on friday, beijing said it's not afraid to fight one and is prepared to do so no matter how much it costs. >> china will fight back for sure. china will respond in a new and expense i'vcomprehensive way. it will defend the interest of its country and its people. >> reporter: caught in the middle of the growing trade fight are american farmers. china is one of the biggest markets for u.s. agriculture. any additional tariffs would have a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of american jobs. >> china buys one out of every three soybeans produced. i'm standing in the number one soybean producing state in the country of illinois. it would be a devastating situation if those tariffs were to go in place and so ultimately our hope is both countries can walk back from the edge of the cliff here and maybe find a better solution. >> reporter: the trump administration says it's preparing to take steps to protect american farmers from any new tariffs that china
11:23 am
imposes. yesterday, the president's new chief economic advisor suggested this back and forth with china is part of the negotiation process. >> my point is, tariffs enter the picture, negotiations enter the picture, the wto enters the picture and you've got to walk through this process and we'll see, hopefully, this will have a very happy ending. >> reporter: the trump administration hasn't announced what chinese goods will fall u7d thunder the proposed $150 billin in tariffs and china hasn't announce sed what it plans to do in response. >> julie: thank you very much, garrett. >> kelly: let's bring in jo in l cogin. what are you hearing from people about the potential for a trade war, although negotiations are still going on. we're hearing from china that there have been no negotiations. what's the deal?
11:24 am
>> you've got a lot of conflicting messaging here, china saying we're not willing to negotiate, this is unacceptable to us. you've got members of the trump administration saying we're going to continue to talk, suggesting that the threats are merely threats, that they're aimed at helping to improve the president's negotiating position with xi, with the chinese here, as he at this time is also trying to negotiate other trade elements. this is, though, when you speak to analysts, even if none of these -- keep in mind, none of these threatened tariffs have actually been put into place yet and so we're not there yet. nonetheless, you talk to experts who say at this point it doesn't matter. it's nonetheless creating uncertainty, damaging the economy. you've seen what's happened both to the stock market here and the global markets as well. this is having an i'm pac impac. this is potentially going to have a serious impact for businesses in this country as well as many of those farmers like you showed in that last segment, people who really rely on chinese purchases for their goods. >> kelly: if there's 128
11:25 am
products already that china has targeted to malign with a tariff, now, the president of course would like to see reciprocal trade and the president is pushing for fairness and the trump administration says the real culprit in all of this is china itself for conducting and stealing intellectual property and unfair practices with the united states. so as the ball moves forward, whose court is it in to be a grown up and act the right way and conduct trade the way it should be done. >> most experts would agree china is not being a fair player on the world stage. the president is fed up. this is something he promised during the election that he was going to address. it's an issue he takes personally, that he's been talking about for years now. he intends on trying to level the situation here. we will see, though. china is a very difficult partner to play with. >> kelly: indeed, it is. >> they've got a lot of cools.
11:26 am
>> kelly: china is -- they've got a lot of tools. >> kelly: china is a difficult partner in this. if the trade war should happen, should, if it should happen, it would cause a lot of undue harm to american farmers as well as wine growers and so many other products from american cars to perhaps even tobacco. so given that scenario, politically is it damaging for the president going into the midterm elections because the republican party will not be able to talk about taxes, it will not be able to talk about the good economy, instead it will be dealing with this and the plummeting of the stock market, although the stock market hasn't really indicated what's happening to the economy. >> i think you make an important point there. look, we are getting into the midterm elections. republicans are going to need to make their case to the american people about why they should stay in power and they had two major points they were running on, the economy is improving,
11:27 am
jobs are coming back, and if this happens to take a harder hit on the economy, if we keep seeing day after day hits to the stock market, that compromises the president's election going into the midterms. >> kelly: let's listen to what the president has had to say about this situation going on with china. here's something from the president speaking yesterday bernie and sid morning show. >> we've already lost a trade war. we don't have a trade war. we lost the trade war, because for many years, whether it's clinton or the bushes or obama, all of our presidents before have for some reason they just -- it's just got worse and worse and now it's $500 billion in deficits. i'm not saying there won't be a little pain. but the market's gone up 40%, 42%, so we might lose a little bit of it. but we're going to have a much stronger country when we're finished. >> kelly: the key word there, we have to endure a little bit of
11:28 am
pain. and the president is absolutely right about that. the question is, will american farmers and other people affected by this potential trade war have the stomach to endure that pain? >> exactly. look, this isn't just the farmers, the people producing these goods that are sold to china but also american consumers who have gotten used to purchasing cheap chinese goods and have based their lives around that. so it's a very difficult question. also want to keep in mind, this is really just beginning. it's escalated very quickly. you started off with talking $3 billion worth of goods to $50 billion and $100 billion the next day. both countries have a number of tools at their disposal. china put in a complaint with the world trade oranization. so there's potential legal ramifications. we heard talks that the trump administration is considering other pressure points including things like potentially targeting visas for chinese who want to come and live or visit and work in the country.
11:29 am
>> kelly: jill, thank you for joining us today. we'll continue to follow the developments of this ever-changing story. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: we continue to follow the breaking news coming out of germany as a vehicle plowed into pedestrians and a historic downtown area. there have been several fatalities, three that we know of. we'll have the very latest developments as this investigation continues. so far, not being deemed terror as of yet. plus, defense secretary james madd mattis authorizing up to 4,000 national guard troops to the southern border. is this move justified? we discuss with our legal panel, next. >> i'm encouraged they're sending the national guard to to border. we'll send 150 here in arizona starting next week. was my warfat right for me? my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots... eliquis also had
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11:34 am
authorities are not saying whether they believe this could be an act of terror. joining me on the phone is bob str ng, former special agent for the justice department. bob, thanks for joining us today. at first blush, what are you hearing about this particular attack that took place in germany? >> as you know, we have been looking at vehicles both in the united states and europe as a chosen weapon for these type of attacks. so that's something that we're looking at very carefully and have been watching for. it's the weapon of choice, unfortunately as we've seen in the u.s. and throughout europe. so all the police departments throughout the country have really been watching this very closely, monitoring it very closely, to see if there's any connection, anything that would be followed up with either in europe or in the u.s., any connections to isis, looking at all the possible terrorist
11:35 am
connections. it's a very fluid investigation right now. things are happening very quickly. >> kelly: we heard a report from our kitty logan who is based in our london bureau about this situation. she brought us new details that according to one of the leading publications in germany, that report indicated that this man was in his 40s, perhaps had some history of psychological problems, and no he know known o terror. having said that, does it rule out terrorism and could this have been an isolated case where someone with psychological problems carried out this act and inflicted i'm self with a gunshot wound that killed him? >> that's right, kelly, or a combination of both like we've seen in other instances. clearly, this is something that you've got to be obviously some connection in some way, inspired in some way, have seen this
11:36 am
sometime before, to think of something like this, to -- that's why the police right now are actively investigating all of the social media, they're going through his computer, they're talking with his family, they're doing everything they can to make sure that in fact this was an isolated case, to rule out any type of terrorism. that's how you approach these cases. that's what's happening. >> kelly: it makes sense to approach these cases, given the fact it's taking place in germany and we know that isis has actually moved into germany and vowed to carry out attacks there to disrupt the communities of germany. that's going back to 2014 when they first started moving in there. but there's a threat throughout all europall of europe because s and other groups that would like to take awar away freedoms. tell me what people should be doing, because they're so concerned about what's going on on the streets of germany and other parts of europe where just
11:37 am
having a beautiful day or a beautiful time with family and friends gets interrupted by terror. >> people, look this is unfortunately not only in europe, kelly, but in the united states, new york, you've seen this as well. this is something that's been ongoing and increasing. people need to be more aware. they have to be -- you have to be careful where you sit, where you go. you have to make sure there's some type of protection. recently we're doing more and more training with former secret service and companies, looking at how to avoid things in outdoor malls. you saw what happened in california this week. the world's changing very quickly. it's becoming where people have to really defend themselves at the end of the day. they have to be a wear and be able to look for any disturbance and see something unusual and take action. >> kelly: bob, thank you so much. i wish we had more time to talk. that leads to the question about the fact that the afternoon american or average citizen of the streets of america and homes of america as well as europe,
11:38 am
they're not trained like you are, so again, it comes down to us being more vigilant and if we don't have the trained eye, it's hard for us to see if there's a threat of terror or something out of the ordinary. but again, perhaps a topic for another time. bob strang, former co-chair of new york's anti-terrorism task force many thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> julie: a crackdown on illegal border crossings, attorney general ordering a zero tolerance policy that will stiffen the penalty on anyone entering the u.s. from mexico for first time offenders. aany a take vogel is live -- anita vogel is live in our west coast newsroom to tell us what this is all about. >> reporter: a couple of new directives from the trump administration to try to stop the flow of people entering the country inlea illegally. they are calling for gear row tolerance, which means anyone who enters the country illegally
11:39 am
will be pros cu prosecuted. long time federal prosecutors say it's a matter of finally enforcing the existing law. >> i started as a federal prosecutor in san diego in 1972. it's the first time in all of that time period where any president or any attorney general has really done what has to be done on the border, this is not a complicated thing to deal with. it's very simple if you have the political will to do it. and this president and this attorney general are the first ones in 40 years to have the will to tackle this problem. >> reporter: this comes after the department of homeland security reported a 200% plus increase in illegal border crossings from march of 2017 to march of this year. another big announcement yesterday, a presidential memo ending the long-standing catch and release program in which illegal immigrants are released
11:40 am
from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status, essentially allowing them to disappear into the u.s. as for critics of these new policies, well, we reached out to a number of immigrants rights groups yesterday right here in los angeles to see what they think. so far, no comment. julie, back to you. >> julie: anita, thank you very much. for more on this let's again to len chen, hoover institution fellow and jose rismiruno. thank you for talking to us. when we were talking about this topics moments ago, the president tweeted. he wrote, we are sealing up our southern border. the people of our great country want safety and security. thedom ems have been -- the dems have been a disaster on this very important issue. len, the president and jeff sessions have been at odds in the past when it comes to certain topics, russia, but when it comes to cracking down on
11:41 am
illegal immigration, they seem to be on the same page. >> absolutely, they do. there should be no dispute that enforcing the laws we have on the books, particularly those that pertain to illegal border crossings, should be a no-brainer. that's something i think this administration is focusing on. i think this also points more broadly to the failure of congress to act on a topic that granted is very difficult but one which they have the responsibility ultimately to act on. i think this administration is taking the right steps in this regard and i hope that many americans will realize that this is something that's very much long overdue. >> julie: in the past, democrats have wanted a wall. now they seem adamant against it. how do they feel first of all about the decision to send 4,000 national guard troops to to border, considering the department of homeland security is announcing the fact that there is an increase in apprehensions and they want a zero tolerance policy put in place. >> well, look, we have to
11:42 am
remember this was also done by president obama and president george w. bush. it was highly criticized because we have to remember that -- >> julie: president obama only ordered 1200. there are 4,000 national guard troops so more than double. >> whether it's 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, what have you, the fact of the matter is that any directive by the federal government, national guard cannot act as immigration officers. it's really a waste of time. >> julie: they're there to protect. >> they can't arrest anybody. it's a waste of money. what we ought to do, what we need to do is pass comprehensive immigration reform. that will find a solution to the problem, not sending the national guard. what the president really is doing is a sort of scheme to play to the base, saying i'm being a tough guy on immigration. it's not doing much. >> julie: i want to continue this conversation, specifically what you just mentioned, jose, about the democrats needing comprehensive i'm united nations. immigration. isn't that what the president has been asking for all this
11:43 am
time and why haven't they come up with that solution? we're going to continue that conversation right after this. there's little rest for a single dad.
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could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at >> julie: i'm rejoined by my panel. we're talking about the immigration issue, the wall, and the zero tolerance policy that attorney general jeff sessions has called for and asking attorney generals to basically fall in line. i want to ask you, president trump's order comes after data shows that illegal immigration has sharply rebounded following a plunge in his first year in office. so then what do you say to critics that say that, and much like jose was just saying, that sending national guard troops to the border is a waste of resources? >> well, i don't think it's a waste of resources in the sense that it helps to bolster the efforts that our border and customs, immigration agents are already taking at the border. there's no question that there is a lack of resources and while it's true the national guard
11:48 am
will not be directly involved in enforcing at the border, they will play an important support function. more broadly, the one thing i do agree with him on, is we do need to have congress pass some kind of immigration reform to finally get rid of the madness of our immigration law as they stand now. as they are now, it's not working. >> julie: this week the department of homeland security announced there was a 37% increase in border apprehensions from february to march of the same year, of 2018. so now you've got this zero tolerance policy. do you not agree that this will in fact deter those looking to illegally cross the border? >> i think a one page memo sent out by the doj is not going to be effective. if we pass comprehensive immigration reform we can have more money that goes to the border, that goes to lawyers to take care of these things. it's important that we have to remember that at the end of the day it's the president's responsibility to push for a broader bill forward. we have to remember, last year
11:49 am
he removed daca. now he wants to use the daca kids as a negotiating factor and nothing is getting done. look, the president has to do a better job to get democrats and republicans at the table. that's one of his priorities. i hope that he actually gets it done. i haven't seen it. and the last thing i'll say is we also have to do a better job of education campaign in central america and tell the folks down there, tell them it's not that easy. just because you cross the border you don't automatically get asylum. if we do a better information campaign i think that would help as well. >> julie: thank you very much. we appreciate you both talking. >> thank you. >> julie: kelly. >> kelly: well, we think or do you think you will like this, the company's second in command saying facebook users should expect to pay for privacy. how much could that cost?
11:50 am
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>> kelly: mark zuckerberg prepares to testify before lawmakers next week in the backe of controversies surrounding the company. this is the company's second in command saying users should expect to pay for privacy. patrick tucker is the technology editor at defense one. so, what do you make of all of this? are we going to pay for our own
11:54 am
privacy and how much will that cost? >> sheryl sandberg is saying that users of a certain level, if you want to opt out of all of the different ways that facebook takes information that you give to the site and gives is to marketers or advertisers, that might be a premium service that a handful of people might have to opt into and actually pay money for. how much that actually costs, that might be calculated and, again, we can really only speculate here but on the value of the individual user, his or her data to those marketers, based on how much facebook is losing. their original ipo in 2012, facebook had 111 megabytes of data per individual. you multiply that by how much longer you've been on facebook since then and subtract by the amount of users facebook has now, 2.2 billion versus back then, 1 billion, and you can reach a number. but bottom line, i don't really think that anyone's going to be that interested in buying that
11:55 am
product because no one's sure how much of their personal data facebook has taken from them to buy back. >> kelly: to your point, look, the jeanie's out of the bottle, the pandora's box has been opened, so how much of the privacy can you get back? it's already out there. >> this is an important point too. facebook's model is not where they give you an experience of talking to friends and interacting with them without giving up data. the business model is they take a little bit of you, they send it to marketers and according to a variety of different methodologies and they give your eyes and your attention to those marketers. that's really core to how they operate. this is not a new business model from which they're going to derive a lot of value or revenue. >> kelly: for those of us who use it, it's like getting into a swimming pool. you're going to get wet. you assume the responsibility that you want to be responsible in terms of what you post. >> there's a saying in silicon
11:56 am
valley, it's only old now because it was invented to describe facebook. if you don't understand what the product is, the product is you. this is something we'll be discovering next week when mark zuckerberg goes to testify before lawmakers, is how this new method of doing business, of creating value for marketers works in the 21st century, how much the data that we create is used to market to us in ways that actually are very helpful for our lives in a lot of ways but in some ways feel coersive. that will do it for us. >> julie: you're on social media. that's what you get. >> kelly: we sau saw it in 2001d 2008. we're seeing it again today. this level is the worst i've ever seen. >> it was the mother of all crashes. >> we have warning signs out there. >> you can see it in this chart. you have to hedge now against
11:57 am
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welcome come to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. president trump ordered national guard troops to to southern border this week, part of what appears to be a broader crackdown on illegal immigration. there are quotas for immigration judges in order to speed up deportations. the state of california was sued over sanctuary policies. president trump declared a deem with democrats on daca is, quote, dead. do these moves signal a shift in the administration's immigration approach heading into the midterms. dan henninger


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