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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 7, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> a fox news alert per the first national guard troops are out on the border with mexico this weekend. it is part of the present plan to crack down on illegal immigration and drug trafficking. hello everyone i'm eric shawn and this is a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> almost 500 troops deployed to the southern border in texas and arizona. california and new mexico have not yet announced whether they plan to participate in the border mission. which the president says is important before his long promised wall is built. in california a congressman agrees. >> the border wall is in fact
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about the efficiency and safety of the border patrol and until it is built, we will have the inefficiency of having to supplement border patrol agents in pretty large amounts. >> gillian turner is live in washington. tell us what the reaction to the president plans thus far. >> he made the decision was made to deploy the 4000 national guard troops as a matter of national security urgency. he is not shying away from bringing politics into it today. he tweeted a little while ago, we are ceiling of the southern border. the people of our country when safety and security. this has been a disaster on this important issue. the reaction from the governors across the us are understandably mixed. this is governor brown of oregon. >> there has been absolutely no planning. there has been absolutely no collaboration with the states. this is just something that the president reeled off to
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distracting the problems that he is having in washington d.c.. >> are the governors from state like arizona, mississippi and arkansas are supportive of the presidents moves. high-profile former governors even weighing-in this afternoon. >> i think it is terrific news. i think the president is taking real steps to secure our border. all the while that we have certainly tried to get it done. he is delivering on his promises. the state of texas is already begun deployment of 250 of its own guardsmen to help support the mission at the border. arthel? >> doing no more plans and specifics as to how the presidents strategy will be executed down there? >> a joint statement from secretary of defense james mattis and secretary of homeland security nielsen makes it clear that the pentagon and dhs will be working hand in
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glove on this mission. it reads in part, tonight, national guard troops are deployed to support border security missions along the us southwest border. we are committed to using every power to support the men and women of law enforcement defending our nations sovereignty and protect the american people. the pentagon announced their quit in their own special border will provide backup for border patrol agents. according to the secretary of defense. >> i guess we don't have that bite. but do not let that mission statement for you. the new cell has a crucial role to play. on the ground and on the air. we'll get into that at some point in the newscast. >> thank you. >> now have a controversy continuing in the nations capital. environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt is under mounting pressure to resign after reports of his questionable housing deal and
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improper spending. ellison barber is live at the white house with the latest. first, how is the apa responded to any reports that he partly spent millions of dollars on security detail? >> there is edges and it was a necessary expense.they say he has received far more death threats and people in the past. they previously told news outlets that the administrator has received more death threats than those before him. in a statement they told foxnews this quote - according to epa assistant inspector general scott pruitt has faced an unprecedented amount of death threats against him and his family. americans should all agree that members of the presidents cabinet should be kept safe from these violent threats. the report there jesse is from the associated press. quincy reportedly epa spent millions on a 20 member
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full-time security detail for pruitt. security detail according to the ap is three times the size of his predecessors. this as far as i can tell, no one has been arrested or charged with threatening pruitt. security is far from a controversy surrounding the administrator. he is under fire for spending on travel. often flying first class on the taxpayers dime. bonuses for two of his closest aides that previously worked with him in oklahoma before all of them headed to washington d.c.. pruitt claims he did not know about the raises. and he said he canceled the bonuses when he found out about them. pruitt is also under scrutiny for renting a apartment from a lobbyist that represents fossil fuels.>> this individual doesn't have clients that have business before this agency. -- >> he does not represent exxon mobil. >> is firm has --
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>> they do not represent them at this point. >> eric? >> thank you. meanwhile democratic and republican lawmakers are calling for pruitt to resign. four for the president to dump him. the president recently has endorsed him so what is the latest on this? quite explained outcome of the white house and the president seem to be standing by the president. yesterday sources tell fox news that he met with president trump in the oval office and they discussed some of these controversies according to a source, the presidential pruitt he did a good job and he wants him to continue. the press secretary, sarah sanders, says the white house is conducting a review. she would not go into hypothetical questions about whether or not if it turns out some of the allegations are true and whether or not he would then fire pruitt. she just sat there looking at some of these things and for now the president believes pruitt is doing a good job at the epa. >> thank you. that was a president calling
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let us know. >> we can only hope he calls! >> nazi germany where they're trying to figure out why a man used a band to plow into a crowd outside of the bar killing two people and then taking his own life. there is no link to terror as of now. kitty logan has more from london. >> a chaotic scene after the van drove into a crowd. the german security official said that there is no evidence of a terrorist motive although they continue to investigate. a man drove a van into a popular restaurant. the restaurant was busy on a sunny saturday afternoon. and one of those killed was the driver of the van. they say he shot himself after the crash. unconfirmed reports from german
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media say the van driver was in his middle 40s with no link to terrorism. but had a history of psychological problems. 20 people were also injured in the incident.six of them seriously. emergency response says there is no further danger to the public. the state is choosing to call this a terrorist attack. but they continue to investigate and determine more details. the mayor says -- who helped with the outcome of this investigation to learn more but certainly, as a reminder of other terror attacks such as that at the christmas market in berlin that left 12 people dead. >> kitty logan reporting from london, thank you. >> the trump administration slapping sanctions on russia and taking at the inner circle of vladimir putin in the
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process. there business tycoon with ties to mr. vladimir putin. so-called oligarchs and 12 companies. 17 of the officials, a weapons trading company and a bank. they said quote - the malign activity worldwide to request that the president has said he wants to have a good relationship with russia but that will depend on some of the actions by the russians. however, at the same time the president will be tough until that change takes place and will continue working forward and what we can to have the meeting and a meeting with vladimir putin at some point. >> will the measures -- we have a retired station chief and moscow. good to see. he spent years in moscow. you are the station chief for
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the cia is a pretty things these measures really will work and be enough as sarah sanders says to alter vladimir putin and his behavior? >> i think some of the measures vladimir putin -- i'm not sure this will deter him from ejection but it was a major effort on our part to hit him hard. the well-being, it was in my view, the right policy move. i think the administration is looking as well to drive a wedge between the influential russian government officials and business people can vladimir putin. i also think that we will have to wait and see how this shakes out over the coming weeks. we've already seen that an aluminum firm lost 10 percent of the value of shares right after the sanctions were announced. there will be an impact. >> this really hurts in the pocketbook.
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this is a further step. we did have sanctions on the oligarch for allegedly being involved in election meddling. but for the first time this is directly going at the people who support vladimir putin, the money and right at his pocketbook. >> record in the last point i would make, it is counterintuitive perhaps but in the lead up to the summit this is exactly what you want to do, demonstrate to vladimir putin that we can make them hurt if he continues to mount these nefarious espionage and influence operations against us. >> we are looking, the aluminum king. he apparently had paul manafort. tell me about him. >> he is known as the aluminum king. he is a diverse global holdings. airports, agriculture and financial services as well. he was hit pretty hard in 2007 and 2008 during the financial crisis. there is a famous incident when vladimir putin visited one of the cement factories and
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berated him. for failing to pay $1 million in wages. but apparently they have gotten their relationship back on an even keel and he is considered a really important and valued putin insider and trusted insider. >> must be splitting like a stuffed pig getting hit with this. >> yeah and as far as paul manafort is concerned, the allegations are that he was in employee. and he offered some briefings about something that never took place. >> it is no significant nothing trump administration targeted him. >> i think it is significant first and foremost because he is so important to russia's economy and vladimir putin. i think of the special counsel continues to investigate paul
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manafort and we learn more than we might learn more about the extent of paul manafort and the relationship. i think it is something worth tracking in the future. >> meanwhile the son-in-law of vladimir putin. what do you know about him? >> as far as we can gather, the former son-in-law. they separated in january 2018. he is a pretty young guy, there's six years old. he was the co-owner of the russian bank and senior executive in a gas company. he was also an economic advisor to the president. >> divina why he may have separated from the daughter? we don't really know anything about vladimir putin and his family. >> vladimir putin is extraordinarily discrete when it comes to his personal life. he himself is separated from his wife. he really doesn't talk a lot about his family and his
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daughters. >> finally the president has been under a lot of criticism for not being tough enough on vladimir putin. listen to what nikki haley said at the un the other day.she says the actions in a sense, speak louder than words. >> we are doing two things that russia never want this to do. expand all military and expand our energy policy. this president has actually done more against russia than any president since reagan. since the words are not the same, people view it differently. >> to concur with that? >> epic investor nikki haley is right. we have not had an evil empire speech from president trump as we did from president reagan. but this administration has been hard on russia. i think will recognize our relationship with russia is more of a diagram with shaded space. things we need to work on mike's arms control, counter narcotics, counterterrorism, fighting organized crime.
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and real problems with russia. we are making them pay for it. i was the election meddling, western europe and attacking the russian defectors with nerve agent. >> very troubling behavior. we will certainly continue this conversation. the former station chief for the cia and moscow, daniel hoffman, thank you. >> the student organizers behind the march for our lives rally last month are now taking their messages to town hall. they called for events across the country to be held today. the day coinciding with congressional recess and lawmakers from both parties pledged to participate. checking this twitter feed right now, there is a number you can text to find out if there is a town hall in your area. organizers are trying to keep their efforts in the public arena as a demand action on gun
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laws following valentine's day attack at stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida for more than 100 town halls are plan and 34 states today. >> and still ahead, what a day and watch repair fears of an all-out war in china splitting after the president spoke out at the start of the moment the other day. the stock market went down! the competition continues to rattle the markets coming up for next week. what that means, what could be done. we will take a look at the industries that could be hit the hardest. and morehouse races. they could be moving to the favors of the democrats at the end of the majority republicans of -- republicans fighting to hold majority. as we continue right here on this saturday afternoon on fox news channel. >> they have fielded pretty good candidates. i think they've done a great job.
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it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. >> difficulties in pittsburgh
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this afternoon. look at this video. looking at part of a major road that collapsed during a landslide. this is route 30 in eastern part of the city. the apartment building nearby was damaged with people living
2:21 pm
in several other buildings ordered to evacuate. transportation officials had previously closed the road. they are not expected to reopen until sometime -- >> looks like morehouse races could be shifted to the left ahead of the november midterm elections. changing the ratings in 13 house races in favor of the democrats. suggesting a so-called blue wave could begin a momentum. the former white house chief of staff reince priebus on what the gop needs to do now. >> for one thing you have to get ahead of nancy pelosi and joe that works for people in the middle but second, the party and i think they're doing this but i would just trickle down on it. you have to invest very heavily on absentee ballot, early boat operations. meaning checking off the list every 70, 80, 90 percent republican. you have to put massive field organization on the ground.
2:22 pm
as much as you can possibly afford. >> let's bring in national journal politics editor josh, we'll get to mr. previously mom but i want to run a first how are you protesting this? >> the cook report now that's over 70 republican health policies as competitive in the upcoming midterm election. democrats only need to win 23 of the seats. 23 republican sees they basically need about 300 which is a doable task. usually i have a couple dozen seats that give an election can live a bigger map and more opportunities for democrats to play offense and the only need to win 30 percent of the seats making nancy pelosi a lot more optimistic about chances to take over the speakership. >> but of the democratic voters at this yet again who love to grab the independent voters? >> that is the key. we have had about a year of the presidency in every election from dog captioner to the races we have seen red-hot democratic
2:23 pm
turnout. democrats are voting in every election on any ballot. that is likely to maintain their likely to maintain the intensity all the way to november. i think the big question is independent voters of the suburban voters often vote republican in some of the key districts. are they going to end up voting democrat in the election? if shown a willingness to do so. also republicans turned out there on base. and that's what reince priebus was talking about. apathy on the republican side under president trump and the republicans turning out their own core voters. >> you think the republican candidates will attach themselves to the president personally or will they campaign on the record and do we know, perhaps which of the policies the gop candidates will tout on the trail? >> they need their base to turn us of the janine donald trump job approval rating to move upwards to get a little better and getting the base to be
2:24 pm
energized. the real challenge for republicans facing from the white house is that president trump wants to talk about trade, he was a focus on immigration but a lot of congressional republican leaders like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan want their candidates to talk about the tax cuts. they wanted to talk about the state of the economy which is quite good. and there is a ride going and even within the republican party we have the congressional side of the party wanted to focus on the economy. but the president wants to talk about the trade from conflict with china and that is not where every republican 24 congress is right now. >> you think they'll get together between now and november and come up with a solidified message? >> there will need to if they want to hold the control of the house. the one way republican might have a chance to salvage majority is if there base turns out at the same number of democratic base does. right now, it will take some kind of unity that we have not seen on the republican side for that to happen. quizzes get read to the reince priebus strategy that we heard
2:25 pm
at the top of the segment. would you think of that? >> he is identifying the get out to vote element which is essential. democrats have done a really good job of getting early voters to the polls in getting people in the absentee ballots. they are spending millions of dollars. there are no outside groups spending a lot of money to turn out voters to get people to the polls even before election day. that will be an essential element with a base turn out to the level needs to be an essential for them to have a chance at holding the house. >> according to the political report, it seems that there will be a so-called blue wave. what is it that democrats can possibly take for granted that can stop that wave? >> some of their own candidates and some of their own leaders are well to the left of where the average voter is. i think democrats can sometimes be their own worst enemy. they want this to be about the present are they not really advance their own policies. the more this becomes about
2:26 pm
their policy of the more the party gets pushed to the left on a lot of big social issues, that is where the democrats are and that's where the democrats can build opportunities. of the fact that they are using nancy pelosi as a leading spokes person and figure. >> always as antidemocratic campaigning. i ask you, thought about this do my research for the segment. maybe out the box, do you think nancy pelosi would step down before then to avoid being a punching bag? >> that is $64,000 question in washington. what really is interesting is that some of the candidates on the democratic side that are running are saying that they would not necessarily vote for nancy pelosi as speaker.if you remember the election last month in pennsylvania, democrats coming to congress, conner lamb that he would not vote for her as speaker. there are a lot of internal divisions and democratic party
2:27 pm
that can hurt them in the battle for the house as well. >> we have to leave it there. we will see you next time. >> thank you. >> following a deadly developing story out of germany. police are searching for answers to explain exactly why a man plowed his van into pedestrians in an historic downtown area. you will have the very latest coming up. plus the president doubling down on penalizing china over what he calls beijing's unfair trade practices. what this gave me for the prospect of the potential trade war.
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trying to figure white man that they call psychologically deserved and drove his van into a group of people. this happened in a city in the northwest part of the country. the driver shot and killed himself inside of his van. six people were injured and are now in serious condition. investigators say it is too soon to call this a terrorist attack. but they are looking at all possible motives of why he did this. they say it does not appear to be related to islamist terrorism. >> rising tensions over fears of potential trade war with china going to fight back after president trump and to impose an additional $100 billion of
2:33 pm
tariffs on chinese imports. the present tweeting united states has not had a trade surplus with china in 40 years. they must and unfair trade commenting down barriers and only trade reciprocal terrace for the us is losing $500 billion a year and has been losing billions of dollars for decades cannot continue. garrett tenney picks up the story now from washington. >> with big concerns on wall street that the trade dispute goes into a full-blown trade war between the us and china. they say they would like to avoid a trade war but on friday beijing said it is not afraid to fight when it is prepared to do so no matter how much it costs. >> china will fight back for sure. china will respond in a new and competence of weight and they will pay the price in the interest of his country and its people. >> china is one of the biggest markets for us agriculture and
2:34 pm
any additional terrace by china would have a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of american jobs. >> china buys one out of every three soybeans produced. and the number one state in the countries illinois. so we would certainly be a devastating situation if the tariffs were to go into place. and so ultimately we hope the both countries can walk back from the edge of the cliff and maybe find a better solution. >> the trump administration says they're preparing to take steps to protect american farmers from the tariffs that china imposes previously the presidents' day chief economic advisor says this is part of the negotiation process. >> this is negotiations and this is something of the walk through the process in we will see hopefully this will have a very happy ending. >> initiation is not nuts what chinese did you propose the tariffs. china still has not nuts what
2:35 pm
it plans to do to respond. >> garrett tenney, thank you. >> for more on this we have the president of the committee for responsible federal budget and head of the campaign to fix the debt and we need that! the president, what about what he says. 40 years a trade imbalance. are they related to the cleaners?>> for quite some time now this is been unfair and we should take action to make changes. so that we have set her access to the market, they are not subsidizing certain industries and unfair ways. i think most important, they stop looking the other way when there is ongoing intellectual property that happened from a lot of what happens in the us. but is this a chest thumping
2:36 pm
threat going to lead to real trade war which is one of those five uninvolved? or will we be able to resolve this and change some of the terms of traits of a more fair? and that can make a big difference in the overall economy. >> some are saying really the president being a negotiation is raising the stakes are potential negotiation. it is not a trade worker less listen again. he says this is not right now i trade war with china. >> president trump says enough is enough. now, we're not running a trade war. if you read this you will see it is just a proposed idea which would be vetted by ustr and open to public comment. now he has been executed. i read about how derek they're not there yet but it will be. >> there it is, a proposed idea. nothing set in concrete. those are very important word. >> this is a fair point. this is the start of a negotiation. it is a loud one. not reassuring that we are putting certainty into the
2:37 pm
market. and we have seen massive uncertainty in the stock market. where having more ups and downs in the market. but that is not the overall economy. and it can translate into fair terms of trade. and when these moves to the wto only made formalized complaints and resolve issues that we. this could end up being better for the economy. but if we choke up, that is lose lose. means us consumers are not able to buy as many of the goods they now can afford and are less expensive for us. and ends up putting a lot of producers. a lot of complaints and concerns coming from farming companies, forming territory where soybeans and all sorts of different food production is really vulnerable. and it will continue to get ratcheted up. >> what about the soybean reducers, 30 percent of the cross go to china. so who pulls back and what do they do? do they actually really modify
2:38 pm
their behavior and what do we do in response? >> i think this does have a good chance of ending without turning into a trade war because it is against everyone's best interest. i am optimistic that this is the right thing to do and it could play out but i will say one big concern i have. china has a different way of fighting against the us. we borrow, we have a trade deficit but we also have a budget deficit. we borrow starting next year, what will be over $1 trillion per year because we're spending so much more than we take in at the federal government. because we don't have an isa finance we borrow a lot to finance the deficit from abroad. china is our number one lender could have another, we have a point of vulnerability there. which is that they make any rumblings about not limited to the us as they have been, concerns about a trade war pale in comparison of how vulnerable we are. >> they did that a few weeks ago. potentially they were going to
2:39 pm
dump some of the treasurers. >> yes we saw multiple things. we are vulnerable and as we do not want to be dependent on the lender with different economic interest. not where we are with trigger with their own self-imposed budget deficit. >> to expect -- when you are lying there that what goes through your head? >> what happens is that if we have something where the foreign lenders do not lend twice as much as they would have, how interest rates go up. just one percentage increase in interest-rate costs us $1.6 trillion in 10 years and additional interest. that is worse than any credit card. it means you have really put our stuff into vulnerability where we should not be. i think about how we will get the us finances back into good shape. a lot of things could go wrong when you're borrowing this much. >> finally, i mean, your
2:40 pm
prescription. what do you suggest specifically that the president should do? you mentioned going to the wto. how do you think this can be resolved? >> again, on the trade focus on china i think we really do have to improve the terms of trade. i think it's right to focus on that. we will not be able to change the overall trade deficit. it has a lot to do with different things but we can improve in terms of the relationship with china. i think getting our own situation under control at the same time will put us at a stronger point of leverage which i would bet -- >> meanwhile, as you fix that that we have not been addressed that. especially after the last omnibus bill. we will get back to that hopefully in the future. maya macguineas, thank you very much as always. >> thank you. >> interlake -- in the wake of the parkland school shooting,
2:41 pm
so-called red flag laws allow police to take weapons from people to think our extreme risk and even gained the support of some gunnar bentz activists. we are in seattle with the story. >> i'm grateful that the police -- >> this veteran being treated for ptsd had his gun seized from police. -- legally under the washington state new risk protection order law. even though mckenzie has committed no crime, he realizes due to his mental state that being armed was too risky. washington is one of six states with red flag laws. but in the wake of the parkland school shooting this campaign says at least 30 states are considering this. >> i think we have interest in states and red states that this is a good way to balance public safety. giving people second amendment rights. >> government for one year but
2:42 pm
there is due process. only family, roommates or police can petition the court for the civil order. a judge has to determine a person is a danger to himself or others and the owner gets a chance to make his or her case. even gun rights advocates afraid of government abuse say it appears to be working. >> we have seen the downside to people who are distraught or crazy. taking out their problems on the general public. we do not want that. >> one petition to seize guns was turned down by a judge while others all were granted. including this ar-15. according to the pastor of this church a former member threatened to kill them and wished the recent texas church massacre had happened there. >> and no doubt this is a tool we can use to prevent further tragedies. >> taking someone's guns is always potentially volatile. they bend over backwards to
2:43 pm
avoid being heavy-handed. they said the law is being used sparingly and no one has violation of rights saying it is more likely for other states to follow -- >> much tragedy order. in the fieldbus transfer claimed the lives of more than a dozen. there's little rest for a single dad. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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helicopter crash. this happened last night during a training exercise at fort campbell in kentucky. the soldiers were members of the 101st airborne division. their names have not been released. this marks the fourth military air crash this week killing seven servicemembers. one of those incidents, four marines were killed in a helicopter crash along the us mexican border on tuesday.
2:48 pm
>> sadly, the death toll is rising at the tragic bus crash in canada. they now say 15 people are dead including many young people. the bus was taking a junior hockey team to again when it collided with a transport truck. brian yannis has been following this very sad story. >> unspeakable tragedy. the president tweeted he spoke with the prime minister to express his condolences. the bus carrying the broncos junior hockey team collided with the truck around 5 pm friday in western canada. 29 people were on board the bus including the driver. 15 people were killed, 14 others were injured, several are in critical condition. the canadian junior hockey team included players ages 16 through 20. the broncos were on their way to a game five semi finals playoff. a collision took place on highway 35. they were en route to the town
2:49 pm
of -- the broncos represent a small close-knit community that has a population of 6000. the photo was tweeted by the father of one player. he is seen lying alongside two teammates. -- in hospital beds. the father tweeted their waiting to hear who did not make it. reactions are just coming from everywhere all over the world. including the national hockey league. this is the head coach of the toronto maple leafs. >> you cannot make up for this. we pray for the families. >> at this hour we are still waiting on the identities of the victims. the sister of the broncos head coach has tweeted that her brother, coach darcy is among the dead. that is the head coach. have raised $1.5 million already on go fund me.
2:50 pm
you can donate on go fund for -- >> heartbreaking. >> the justice department doing what it says congress has failed to do. the attorney general jeff sessions has ordered border agents and what they should do when encountering when trying to enter the country illegally. he's playno, with us. he's trying to tell us something. let's see what forensics thinks.
2:51 pm
sorry i'm late. what did i miss? wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 49 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> the justice department
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
cracking down on illegal border crossings good jeff sessions having a zero tolerance policy that will step in the penalty for first-time offenders. telling prosecutors they must make this a priority. we are live now in the newsroom on the latest. >> a couple of new directives from the trump administration to try and stop the flow of people entering the country illegally. first, in order from department of justice calling for zero tolerance. meaning anyone who enters a country illegally will actually be prosecuted. the first-time offenders even who are caught will be arrested, subjected to prison time and deported. longtime federal prosecutors say that it is a matter of finally enforcing existing law .
2:55 pm
>> i started a federal prosecutor in san diego 1972. it is the first time in all of that time. where any present or any attorney general has really done what has to be done on the border. this is not a complicated thing to deal with. it is very simple if you have the political will to do it. this president and attorney general of the first in 40 years to have the will to tackle this problem. >> this calms after the department of homeland security reported a 200 percent plus increase in illegal border crossings from march 2017 until march of this year. another big announcement yesterday, a presidential memo ending the long-standing catch and release program in which illegal immigrants are released from detention while awaiting a court hearing on their status. essentially, allowing them to disappear into the us. as for critics of the new policies, we reached out to a number of immigrants rights
2:56 pm
groups yesterday los angeles to see what they think. so far, no comment. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> a delivery truck slamming into a crowd in germany. leaving two people dead.what we are learning about the incident and the driver behind it. remember janet? she got cash back shopping with ebates and hasn't been skeptical since. where'd the money come from? stores pay ebates. psh!!! psh!!! then ebates pays you. psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! and they'll send you a check. psh!!!! oohh!! sign up for free. shop your favorite stores. get cash back. ebates. something to believe in. join today for a $10 bonus.
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3:00 pm
into a crowd of people outside of a bar. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> eric: good evening, i'm eric shawn. three people are dead including the driver. at least 20 others are injured. authorities say the driver who they call psychologically unbalanced killed himself after that attack. police trying to determine exactly why he went on that deadly rampage. kitty logan has more from lond london. >> reporter: a van drove into a crowd in the german city of munster. the german security officials say there is no evidence of a terrorist motive, although they continue to investigate at the scene. a man drove a van into people sitting outside of a popular restaurant in the center of the old city of munster. the restaurant was busy on a sunny saturday afternoon. it's understood one of those killed was the driver of the van. police say he shot himself after the crash.
3:01 pm
unconfirmed reports in german media say the van's driver was a german citizen in his late 40s with no links to terrorism but a history of psychological problems. 20 people were also injured in the incident, six of them seriously. emergency services responded but police say there is now no further danger to the public. police also say it's too soon to call this a terrorist attack. but they continue to investigate to determine more details. the mayor of munster says there is as yet no clear motive for any deliberate act. however, this incident does remind us of vehicle attacks such as the truck attack at a berlin christmas market which left 12 people dead. >> arthel: an initial deployment of nearly 500 national guard troops are heading to the mexican border. president trump said he wanted to send in thousands of troops to secure the border until his wall is built and while texas
3:02 pm
and arizona have responded, california has remained silent, a move one california congressman is calling purely political. >> why is it when president obama supplements the border or takes credit for lowering the amount of undocumented workers fleeing over the border, particularly from south and central america, you get one attitude versus another? >> arthel: we have a live report from washington. jillian, how is the president's plan going to be executed? >> well, last night he defense secretary mattis signed orders under article 32 to deploy up to 4,000 troops to the border. the mission will be carried out by the pentagon and department of homeland security. they said tonight national guard troops are deploying to support border security missions. we are committed to using every lever of power to support the men and women of law enforcement, defending our nation's sovereignty and protecting the american people.
3:03 pm
the pentagon's announced fair creating a special border security cell of their own. it will provide backup for border patrol agents. according to the secretary of defense. >> we're looking at how we can best provide the support to the department of homeland security and we'll figure it out. it will be consistent with law and the spirit of congress, no problem. >> reporter: the new cells got a crucial role to play, conducting reconnaissance on the ground and in the air. >> we've used them to do intelligence and analysis for intelligence and aviation is a big part of what we hope they bring. >> reporter: so far, the texas national guard has stepped up. they offered 250 troops plus helicopters and vehicles for the mission. the state of arizona offered 10 troops they plan to deploy next week. this falls short of the several thousand president trump has stated he wants for the mission. >> arthel: jillian, what's the reaction so far to the
3:04 pm
president's plan of sending several thousand troops down there. >> reporter: when the commander in chief made the decision, he billed it as a matter of national security urgency. he's not shying away from bringing politics into the equation. he tweeted we're sealing up our southern border. the people of our great country want safety and security. the dems have been a disaster on this very important issue. the reaction from governors across the u.s. by comparison has been mixed. here's governor brown of oregon. >> there's been absolutely no planning, there's been absolutely no collaboration with the states. this is just something that the president reeled off to distract from the problems that he's having in washington, d.c. >> reporter: but other governors from states like arizona, arkansas and mississippi supportive of the president's plan. and even some high profile former governors are now weighing in. >> i think it's terrific news. i think that president trump is
3:05 pm
taking real steps to secure our border, all the while that we have certainly tried to get it done, but he is delivering on his promises. >> reporter: so arthel, a very mixed political bag there but it's early hours yet. the decision was only about 12 hours ago. >> arthel: that's a point there. jillian turner, thank you very much. eric. >> eric: another kind of issue is in the nation's capital today over scott pruitt. a new analysis by the associated press says pruitt reportedly spent millions of dollars in taxpayer money on a 20 person full-time security detail. this comes amid questions that have been raised about his traveling costs and housing situation. allison barber is live tonight on the north lawn of the white house with more. the president has backed pruitt. will that last? >> reporter: it's hard to say for sure one way or the other at this point but least for now
3:06 pm
president trump says, and he is saying it himself, that he thinks pruitt is doing a fantastic job. he said i think he will be fine. at the press briefing yesterday, sarah sanders said ultimately whether anyone is fired or hired in the cabinet is up to the president. >> i don't have any personnel announcements. the president feels that the administrator has done a good job at epa. he's restored it back to its original purpose of protecting the environment. it's gotten unnecessary regulations out of the way. i'm not going to walk through hypotheticals until we have time to go through a full review. that's what we're doing right now. >> reporter: the sources tell fox news pruitt met with president trump in the oval office yesterday and some of these controversies surrounding administrator pruitt came up. the president told pruitt he's doing a good job at the epa and wants him to report. there's a new report about pruitt's security detail. he has a full-time security
3:07 pm
detail that's three times the size of his predecessors and it's costing taxpayers about $3 million. the epa says that it is necessary and in a statement the epa told fox news, quote, scott pruitt a has faced an unprecedented amount of death threats against him and his family. americans should all agree that members of the president's cabinet should be kept safe from these violent threats. >> eric: are they offering any evidence of those threats? do we know more about what's been apparently threatened against pruitt's life? >> reporter: ththey asked for specific details on that and they didn't hear back. in the past, the assistant inspector general has told a number of news outlets that pruitt has received more death threats than his predecessors. that's what the epa seems to be reiterating in their statement. but the a.p. says they did a search of nationwide state and federal records and found no arrests or charges against people who had made threats in regards to pruitt.
3:08 pm
they said, quote, they found no case where anyone has been arrested or charged with threatening pruitt. that's from the associated press. security is not the only controversy surrounding administrator pruitt. he's under fire for his spending on travel, for unapproved bonuses and for renting an apartment from a d.c. lobbyist firm represents companies who are tied an work with fossil fuels. >> it's been stated by ethics officials here, this individual doesn't have clients, the that e business before this agency and at the same time we are doing these very important things and the criticism i think this is just one of the things that people bring up. >> reporter: as for those bonuses of the two aids who worked with pruitt in oklahoma and came to d.c. with him, pruitt said he didn't know anything about those and when he found out about them, he stopped them. >> eric: thanks so much. >> arthel: daily editor suggested pruitt and president trump had have a lot in common
3:09 pm
tweeting the calculus surrounding pruitt is identical to the trump question, are you looking to overlook and excuse and defend huge character flaws in order to achieve policy goals. the chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner is here with us. susan, hi, first of all. i want to talk about this. our chief white house spoon dent, john roberts is reporting according to a well-placed source that the president did discuss the controversy swirling around scott pruitt at the apartment, the epa, et things review letter, during -- ethics review letter during the oval office meeting yesterday. the president told pruitt you're doing a good job, he wants him to continue. i ask you, was this the kiss of death or a lifeline for pruitt? >> that's a great question. on the one hand, he's doing things very aggressively at the epa to roll som back some of the regulations that many on the right believe have hurt the economy, have hurt jobs, and
3:10 pm
that the president promised to undo when he campaigned for president. so pruitt has been very aggressive in achieving those goals, and clearly the president appreciates that. he likes that, that that's happening. on the other hand, we know the president does not like to be surprised by these negative news stories that are embarrassing and create an atmosphere that there's a swamp in d.c. that's not being taken care of. he doesn't like that either. so you see him weighing these two things here. one important factor here that i think the president tweeted about, that we should think about arthel, is that he thinks he's under siege and i think he's right in a sense that because he's been so aggressive in rolling back these environmental regulations, he's been a particularly strong target for the left. >> arthel: but he's giving them a lot of ammunition though. >> well, is he? let's -- for example, let's look at the issue of travel. a lot has been made about the
3:11 pm
expense for his trips that he's taken so far. but if you look at his two predecessors, they spent more money on travel. there's a double standard that's being employed with scott pruitt, in part i think because of what he's doing with -- >> arthel: the associated press found the epa spent millions of dollars in a full-time security detail, three times the size of his predecessors security contingent. >> i like that they tried to figure out if the arrests had been made for the threats. i think that's an important part of the story. on the other hand, i don't think there's anything to argue about in terms of who was more under threat. i mean, pruitt's moves against these epa regulations i think have stirred a lot of anger by environmentalists and it doesn't surprise me to hear that he's getting these death threats. what do you do? you say okay, we're not going to increase security. well, how much do you increase security if he's being threatened quite a bit more than
3:12 pm
his predecessor. that's a fair question and how serious are the threats. i don't think it's fair to question that he's getting more security because i don't think there's any doubt that he is under more threat, just given the aggressiveness of his rolling back these regulations. i think that's something we need to keep in mint. >> arthel: mind. >> arthel: if he keeps his job will he have to a answer to a congressional ethics committee. >> i know that trey gowdy is looking into it. he's the chairman of the house government oversight committee, a republican, i'll point out. he wants to hear more about the travel expenses because he feels like we need to keep a close eye on no matter what party, how much money's being spent and whether this travel is necessary. i think that's a good move for republicans to show they're keeping an eye on this. the other thing to keep in mind, arthel, is what pruitt is doing as a regulator and how that's impacting the attacks on him, whether fair or not, the degree and the volume of attacks on pruitt. what i'm hearing from members of
3:13 pm
congress is say president trump decides to remove him. putting in a replacement who will be as aggressive as pruitt has been will be really difficult. in other words, it will change the face of the epa i a and they it's moving at this point to implement president trump's agenda. >> arthel: of course, mr. trump is the president. however, will he have to explain his decision to stand by pruitt if he does, who do you think he has to explain it to and also what does it say about the president's relationship with chief of staff john kelly? because kelly reportedly wants pruitt out. >> well, nobody likes the embarrassing stories. it depends on how far the president wants to go, how far he wants to think this through. if pruitt goes, whoever comes in is not going to be as aggressive rolling back epa regulations. that may be okay with some republicans and some members of the trump staff. it's really going to be up to the president. >> arthel: will the president --
3:14 pm
will this cost president trump politically on some level? >> it could on either side. if he removes pruitt he could hurt his own base who agree with the moves on the epa. i feel like if he got rid of pruitt he's going to be pleasing the environmentalists and it will be a victory, it will be a scalp for them. >> arthel: susan, great analysis. thank you very much and i'll see you next time. >> eric: arthel, the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward, stepping up the search for a fugitive linked to one of the worst air disaster in our country's history. they're looking for this man, manuel reyes. he was an airline mechanic. he's accused of mishandling oxygen generators in 1996 that were place on flight a value jet that burst into flames and slammed into the everglades in florida. the generators in the plane
3:15 pm
ignited right after it took off from miami international airport. that caused the crash and all 110 people on-board were killed. authorities say he was facing federal charges but he vanished before the trial. investigators believe he could be in either atlanta or chile and say he could be living under a fake name. >> arthel: facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg in damage control mode as he prepares for some tough questions on capitol hill about the data mining scandal plaguing the social media giant. will he be able to put it behind him? plus, an investigation on a deadly incident in full swing. what police are saying about the driver of the van that plowed into pedestrians in a university town in germany. we'll have those details for you coming up next. get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients
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3:19 pm
>> arthel: flooded roads, canceled flights and a rare baseball rainout, northern california taking a direct hit by a powerful storm double calle pinpineapple express. warnings and watching remain in effect for some of those areas. >> i heard a loud crashing
3:20 pm
sound. i looked out the garage and saw the pole was being pulled on, a lot of the cables had snapped off. >> we came from new york and it's raining. >> are you upset? >> we have to leave on sunday. i don't know what to do with the ticket. >> arthel: things are getting back to normal at san francisco international airport which canceled about 180 flights yesterday. meanwhile, the dodgers, giants game in san francisco had to be rescheduled. >> eric: well, facebook are in a big p.r. crisis. a lot of users are upset after revelations of a recent data scandal. ceo mark zuckerberg is getting ready for a grilling. he's going to appear before a joint senate panel in a house hearing next week on tuesday and wednesday. the social media platform says it is making major upgrades to ensure the safety of our user information. here's what the chief operating
3:21 pm
officer, sheryl sandberg, had to say yesterday. >> mark is happy to go to congress. mark wants to answer every question people have about the service we offer. we really believe in social experiences. i think what happened here is we were very focused on creating that. good things happen when you can share your information, right? you can find your friends' birthdays. you can share events with them. and we were really focused on that and we weren't focused enough on being proactive enough. and mark is happy to say here's what we weren't doing and here's what we're doing now. >> eric: is mark zuckerberg really happy to do that? we have the founder of big eyed wish and an expert in digital branding. do you think this appearance, two of them actually by zuckerberg will quell the controversy? >> absolutely not. he's done it before where you act first and beg for forgiveness later. that's a standard procedure in silicon valley. we see that with uber and other conditions. they -- and other companies.
3:22 pm
they push the limits and they're getting scolded. when it affects the stock price, you'll see changes happen. i don't think one testimony will change the situation. >> eric: are they arrogant? >> no. it's not arrogance. >> eric: what is it? >> i think they're computer guys and computer guys are a little sterile and they think about themselves as a platform. i don't think they appreciate how big and powerful their company is and that in 15 years they've become one of the biggest companies in the world that changes the way people communicate. there are ramifications. with great power comes great responsibility. i think he's seeing that now. >> eric: it's up to 87 million that were potentially hacked by cambridge analytica. do you think the steps they've taken so far will protect our privacy? do you think they're sufficient? ddo you think we'll pay for it? we don't know what we're giving up. >> they'll try to make things
3:23 pm
more transparent. thel do the right moves in the press sense. you get facebook for free and they get to make money off of you. the reason they make so much money off of you is they have such great data that advertisers can target you. this situation got political and went to an democracy, an election. >> eric: still, the information is getting out there. they say they don't give it to the advertisers but they use it themselves. people are worried about this. >> absolutely. i think there's a lot of people that they say delete facebook and get off of it. there's a certain generation that understands privacy's like a thing of the past. whatever i'm doing there, i presume you're going to use it to me, against me, for me in some fashion. >> eric: for some people it's like the electric light bulb. it's out there and you can't do anything about it sometimes. >> we just saw what happened. this will be the big course correction here. i think the reason a lot of tech people, and you'll see a lot of op eds, they say we need to regulate ourselves because they're afraid of when the government starts to slap in
3:24 pm
regulations. >> eric: what should zuckerberg tell the senators and congressmen when he appears. >> he's on the apology tour right now. he should do a heart-felt apology and he should give the plan of what he's going to do to be as transparent as possible with people's information. >> eric: do we have an indication of what that could be, what they'll be doing? >> usually they put the privacy settings in a hard to reach place. they'll elevate them and it will be a dashboard so you can have a better understanding of who has what. they've shut down companies that have been able to use their a.p.i.s. i know a lot of people whose businesses have folded up shop because their entire business was based on taking that data information and putting up content. >> eric: they're not getting the algorithms now. there's something called the honest ads act and they say they support this so they know exactly who is paying for the ads. do you think they will sufficiently do that to prevent the russians from putting the
3:25 pm
ads up again or anybody doing something false? >> i'm not sure. there's no algorithm that will solve this. mark said he will hire people to go in and look at it. you need actual people going through it and checking the information, not everything will be done with just a computer. >> eric: in terms of the falsehoods, sheryl sandberg said they'll go after that too. let's listen to what she said. >> we did not pay enough attention to that and now we are getting ahead of the problem. we're working really hard on soft news. people want accurate information on facebook and we want them to have accurate information. so what we're doing is we're working with third party fact checkers, from the a.p. to the weekly standard, we have people in all 50 states ahead of the election. if something is marked false, we warn people who are about to share it. we go back and warn the people who did share it. we dramatically decrease its distribution. and we mark related articles. >> eric: they maybe should have been doing that before. do you think these steps are
3:26 pm
enough to alert people about what they're reading? >> i think it will improve the situation but there's always hackers and people that are a step ahead. if you heard mark, he spoke on some pod casts that they already can see in the privacy chambers that there are people trying to figure out the next step. they need to make sure they're ahead of it. they need to be open about it which is anti-thetical to their company. >> eric: what about zuckerberg himself? he's not warm and fuzzy. he's seen as a humorless, autmotron, whether that's fair or not. can he change that image when he appears? >> that will be the ultimate challenge, the change for him. facebook is something we love but it's not something we need. apple admitted they slow your phones down, that's a huge deal but we kind of like, okay, apple. with facebook we'll have to find a way, he'll have to find a way
3:27 pm
to create love for his brand. that will be the toughest thing for him, because it's not who he is. >> eric: he's got a high hurdle when he appears on capitol hill. thank you so much. arthel. >> arthel: meantime, facebook is cutting ties with another company it says has misused its data. the social media company is suspended aggregate i.q., a canadian data firm that played a key role during the brexit campaign. facebook is saying a.i.q. may have improperly received user information, citing a report that links it to cambridge analytica. a.i.q. is denying that claim, saying it has never had any connection to the data firm. and the death toll now climbing as police work to figure out what caused a deadly bus crash involving a canadian junior hockey team. voters in a small midwest city falling victim to russian hack tosser. what lay makers are doing --
3:28 pm
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3:32 pm
>> arthel: new york city firefighters confirming there is a three alarm fire on the 50th floor of trump tower. you can see these pictures here, lots of action there on-scene. a producer is giving us this picture, live picture from afar. brian lebrian yannis is on the r there. the first family is at the white house, they are not at trump tower. 58 stories in that building there at east 56th and fifth avenue. keep it right here for more details. this is live pictures coming to you from mid town manhattan, outside of trump tower where there is a three alarm fire happening right now on the 50th floor. we'll have a live report coming up. and another fox news alert out of germany. investigators are trying to figure out why a man drove a van
3:33 pm
into a crowd, killing two people and injuring 20 others. it happened this afternoon outside a bar in munster, a large city in the northwest part of the country. the driver shot and killed himself after the incident. six of the people injured are in serious condition. investigators say it is too soon to call this a terror attack. local reports say the man had psychological issues. >> eric: russia attacking a city in the heartland in a cyber attack. galesburg illinois appears to be a typical small city in the midwest. that city of 32,000 people said they were hit by the russians during the 2016 campaign. the fbi and doesn't of hoke land security said the hackers were from the russian intelligence service, allegedly linked through servers in the netherlands. the board of elections tells fox news that 7.9 million registered voters in illinois, about 76,000
3:34 pm
of them may have had personal voter registration information hacked and nearly one in five of all the voters hit, 14,121 of them are residents of galesburg which authorities say was attacked because it had similar digital voting numbers. authorities want to prevent what happened in galesburg from happening to you. >> reporter: the russian assault on our election system prompted new measures to protect your vote in the midterm. >> you can add people to it, you can delete people and you can create chaos on election day. >> reporter: james langford is a key sponsor of the secure elections act, aimed at providing local election officials with new tools to guard against election hacking. >> we need to be able to step up our game, to be able to protect the systems. there's 21 different states the russians probed in 2016. they didn't get into all of those states but they were probing and looking around to
3:35 pm
see what they could do. >> reporter: officials cautioned there is no evidence any vote was actually changed. but what is known is that foreign entities did poke around into some states' voter rolls, checked individual voter registrations and assessed the type of election software states used. state officials didn't have the security clearance to be told their systems were under attack. the new bill changes that. it grants one day security clearances to state and local officials, creates a new pan l he'll of cyber security experts to assess vulnerabilities. >> the bill really does offer the key steps that congress should be doing to protect our elections. >> reporter: an election expert at the brennan center for justice is the author of the report, securing elections from foreign interference. he wishes the new measures were in place right now. >> there's a vulnerability there. when you're talking about the potential for a state actor
3:36 pm
whether it's russia or china or north korea or iran and the intelligence agencies tell us we've got to worry about all of these guys, then there's a a vulnerability. >> reporter: he says while congressional proposals are a much needed step, old vote machines need to be replaced. a survey of more than 200 election officials in 33 states found they want to buy new machines by the next presidential election but right now do not have the money. >> that's a concern not only because older machines are more likely to break down, they're also more likely to be vulnerable to cyber attack. you're talking about systems that haven't gone through the more sophisticated certification process that we have now and that often run on outdated software like windows 2000. >> in 2016 we know that russian actors targeted state election systems. >> reporter: last month, a senate intelligence committee held hearings on election
3:37 pm
security. officials called for states to only use voting machines that provide paper proof of a vote, a so-called paper trail. no, notconnecting machines to te internet and mandating audits of the vote after every election. >> maintaining the ingritty in the voting -- integrity of the voting system is extraordinarily critical. >> do you expect the russians to try it again? >> i would fully expect the russians to try it again. >> reporter: he's cautions it's not just moscow. he warns other adversaries could try to target your vote. >> they could determine i want to create turmoil in the american government, i wan or a certain state. it can be copy catted by a lot of folks. it doesn't have to be a foreign actor next time. we have to remain vigilant in the process. we need to make sure we secure the election system.
3:38 pm
>> reporter: several new safeguards were in place after the attack to try to prevent a repeat, such as adding encryption software and they monitor web server logs every day to detect any other possible attempt. election experts are warning that some states remain vulnerable and as senator langford told us, while it was the russians last time, next time it could be somebody else. >> arthel: students organizers are holding town halls to relay their message on changing gun laws, plus the president wants to withdraw troops from syria but not right away. john garamendi joins us next with his take on the president's strategy. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
3:39 pm
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3:42 pm
>> eric: the student organizers behind the march for our lives gun reform rallies health last month, they're taking their messages to town haul halls this
3:43 pm
weekend. it's coinciding with members of congress being back at their home districts. they are trying to change the nation's gun laws following the horrible mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas in parkland, florida in february. more than 100 town halls were planned in 34 states today. the organizers plan to place an empty chair on the stage for any lawmaker who did not show up. >> arthel: president trump now saying he would ideally like to start with drawing u.s. troops from syria within six months. >.>> we'll be coming out of syra like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon we're coming out. we're going to have 100% of the caliphate, taking it all back quickly, quickly. but we're going to be coming out of there real soon. >> arthel: the president
3:44 pm
expressed hopes of bringing the troops home sooner but now says the plan is to finish defeating isis first. >> one of the things we haven't been given is a time line. that's very effective. in afghanistan we operated against a time line that was known by the enemy. the president has been good in not giving a specific time line. that's a tool we can use to our effect as we move forward, as we reach finale against isis in syria, we'll adjust the level of our presence there. in that sense, nothing has changed. >> arthel: joining me now is john garamendi from california, a member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. congressman, i'm so happy to have you. if you would excuse me a moment i want to hear a tweet from eric trump, saying thank you to the men and women from the fdny who extinguished a fire at trump tower. they've been given the all clear there. we had a report earlier of a
3:45 pm
three alarm fire on the 50th floor of trump tower but everything is clear and that is good news and the first family, they're at the white house safe and sound. no injuries on-scene there. so congressman, back to you and our discussion here. i understand that you have a bill that would perhaps rectify the solution but if you would allow me, i want to talk about some of the concerns first. there are conflicting messages from the pentagon and white house. which strategy do you think will prevail? >> i don't think there is a strategy. ijust the quote that you gave that the president and then the more recent quotes and tweets indicate that there's not a clear strategy and therein lies the real problem. we do know that just four days ago there was a top level meeting in turkey with turkey, iran and russia. guess who was not invited to that meeting?
3:46 pm
the united states. >> arthel: why is that? >> well, this is the -- that's precisely my concern, is that our interest in the area is not at all clear. the president says we're going to be out of there, we're going to turn it over to somebody else. is somebody else iran? iran is no friend of the united states. and certainly russia's been an adversary. we know that russia's trying to reassert itself in the middle east to the detriment of the united states and our allies. the point i'm trying to make here is we need a coherent, strong strategy about what we're going to do now that isis is either on its heels or perhaps even defeated, at least on the ground. they're probably not defeated at least in ideology, which is another issue we have to deal with. and so what is the economic, the political, and the military strategy for that entire region, iraq, syria being the central pieces of it. we don't know what that is.
3:47 pm
and that's a problem. >> arthel: listen, as we said, you're a senior member of the house armed services committee. you received briefings from and you've spoken with top military officials, managing the syrian war. how are the mixed messages on strategy impacting our military personnel on the ground? >> well, the military personnel on the ground we're told by the president they were going to be leaving right away, which runs counter to what the president has always said is that he would never give a time line. then he said six months. so i'm sure that they're not sure and neither is i or probably the rest of the members of the armed services committee. we really don't need a time line to leave. what we need is a strategy of how to deal with the reality that it is an extraordinarily complex political, ethnic and religious conflict in the area. it seems to me that we cannot leave both militarily,
3:48 pm
economically as well as politically, unless we want to turn over that entire region to iran and that would be a serious mistake. we do have allies that are opposed to iran, certainly saudi arabia being the principal one but there are others. so what we need to do is have a coherent strategy. we're certainly going to have to deal with russia because they are seriously in place, in syria. turkey has a very, very critical interest, not only because they're the neighbor, but also because of the kurds who happen to have been our ally in the effort to eliminate isis. and so in that complexity, the united states must engage and the president i'm sure really didn't mean it when he said that he was going to turn it over to others, let others take care of it. that just isn't going to unless we really -- to happen unless we want to turn over the entire area to russia and iran and that would be a mistake. >> arthel: tell me about your new bill to address the issue.
3:49 pm
>> there's legislation that we've been working on for a long time, trying to gain clarity. it is what it is called an authorization to use military force. we introduced this repeatedly over the last several years, during the obama administration, basically to force thed administration to provide clarity on how it wants to use our military, not just in syria, but also in iraq and further into africa into the sahill. and the purpose of it, first it's constitutional. the congress of the united states is the only body of the three in government that has the power to he declar declare war. that's one thing. beyond that, we really need to have a clear strategy that leads to a conclusion that is desirable for the united states. that strategy is just simply not in place and the president said as much. so that's what we're trying to do, is to use that piece of
3:50 pm
legislation as a tool, if you would, to force a coherent strategy to be in place and to share that strategy with the congress at least an outline so we can appropriate the necessary money and whatever other laws might be required. >> arthel: good luck with that bill, congressman. i didn't mean that tak facetiou. do you think your governor, jerry brown, will commit to sending national guard troops to the border? >> i believe he will. we already have 55 national guard there, have had them there for the last almost a decade now. so, yes, i believe he will if the federal government pays for it. and that's a question not just for california, but i'm sure texas, arizona, new mexico are all asking the same question, where's the money. >> arthel: well, thank you, congressman john garamendi. i appreciate your time this
3:51 pm
afternoon. take care, sir. thank you. >> i'm pleased that that fire is out at the trump hotel, trump tower. >> arthel: we are too. the first family is safe and sound. back in a moment. n made it hardo sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. the northern percussion massage. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool. coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells. with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary.
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>> eric: three boys made the discovery of a lifetime after they unearthed an ice age era
3:55 pm
fossil that they say could be nearly 100,000 years old. the stunning find came as they were playing in the backyard. we have more from mississippi. >> reporter: it's a prehistoric find that took thousands of years to discover. while playing near their backyard in a mississippi town, three boys doug u dug up a jaw e from an animal from the ice age. >> i tried to pick it up. i saw teeth on it. at first they thought it was a dinosaur bone. then they found out it was from a mass take don. >mastadon.>> this is our first f teeth we've found. >> reporter: they lived in parts of north and central america during the ice age. they went extinct about 11,000 years ago. the fossil weighs around
3:56 pm
50 pounds. >> we got the golf cart. we couldn't get i get it up the. >> we find pieces of ice age creatures all the time. you may find a fragment of a tooth or perhaps part of a bone but they found a really intact half lower jaw with two teeth. >> reporter: the giant animals are often confused with elephants. one thing that differentiates them is their teeth. as you can see here from these fossils recovered from mississippi -- >> arthel: that was willie james reporting. in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at
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quickbooks. backing you. >> arthel: the trump administration moving forward with the plan to deploy the national guard to the u.s./mexico border as democrats accuse the white house of playing politics with the military. good evening, this is the fox report. jim mattis signing orders to send as many as 4,000 national guard troops to the southern border to combat what president trump describes as a surge of illegal drugs and gang activity. some democrats are dismissing the move as a political stunt but republican congressman darryl isa pointing out that deployment is not without precedent. >> under both republican and democratic presidents, this has gone on. as a matter of fact, general ma


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