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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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your convenience. maybe that would be a good thing to do. we'll be back here next week. see you then with the latest buzz. eric: we begin with a fox news alert. almost one century after chemical weapons were band by the civilized world after their use in world war i they are being used in syria. activists say 40 people were killed and hundreds wound on a targeted attack on a hospital. welcome to "america's news headquarters." arthel: many women and children are among the dead. pictures of the horrific attack coming inthe to our newsroom. this is part of a resumed offensive after a truce with the rebel militant group was broken. reaction was pouring in from washington today.
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>> this attack with chemical weapons which are banned by international convention is absolutely horrific. >> clearly there needs to be a response. there needs to be an international response. >> they see our determination to stay in syria waning and it's no accident they used chemical weapons. arthel: we begin with conor powell live in our middle east bureau. reporter: rescue workers are saying the death toll in douma could increase in the next few hours or even days. the video shows families, parents and children, some parents cling on to their children suffocating in their homes and emergency shelters, many with foam in their mouths.
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it appears to be far more powerful than the previous chlorine attacks we have seen. asaad regime is denying using chemical weapons. but the u.s. and western powers are saying there is clear evidence the regime is using chemical weapons. douma is the last area held by rebels in the suburbs of douma outside of damascus. the last three or four months has brand-new a total warfare there. douma is one of the last areas the rebels control there. the group is there, the militant group called the army of islam, they have been negotiating with the assad regime through russia with the assad regime.
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the assad regime backed by russia has most of of the area held by opposition forces. they have been accused of using chemical attacks in the past. the fighters of this army of islam refused to surrender. one of the questions being asked is why would the assad regime use chemical weapons now. one of the heries is there isn't much of a price to pay internationally. the trump administration launched cruise missiles and tomahawks at a syrian air base a year ago. arthel: we'll see if that changes. conor powell, thank you very much. eric: president trump responding to the tragedy in syria. last year the president ordered
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a missile attack on the syrian air base. he called for troops in syria to come home within the next six months. reporter: this attack that caused dozen of people to choke to death violates every single agreed upon law, norm and code of human decency the international community has agreed upon in the last 70 years. and it poses a direct threat to the national security interests of the united states. take a listen to senator graham. >> i was asked what would be the biggest challenge and i said syria. pompeo and bolton need to explain to the president of the united states, what happens in syria matters to america. reporter: syria has gone on the
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defense saying the photos and videos are take. international investigators have yet to independently verify the attack because the town of douma is nearly inaccessible to the outside world. but the state department seems convinced about who is to blame. a statement reads in part, the assad regime and its backers must be held accountable. russia with its unwavering support ultimately bears responsibility for these brutal attacks. so president trump may have to consider his plans. >> we'll be coming out of syria. let the other people take care of it now. reporter: all eyes will be on the leader of the free world to
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see what his policy response is. we heard from him on twitter after a similar attack. last year a military strike executed or ordered by president trump decimated a syrian air base and garnered present praise from his enemies around the world. arthel: for more on this we'll bring in retired four star general jack keane. the chairman at the institute for the study of war and a fox news senior strategic analyst. general keane, i want to get to your military moxie. but i want to start with what is most of significant. is this a pivotal policy point in mr. trump's policy? >> we were talking about leaving sir yeah and i think there is probably a connection here. assad using chemical weapons
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again. but he possibly thought maybe he has a free hand. we never made him totally pay the price for the use of chemical weapons. so i think that's what we are about here. if this suspected use is so unverified. i think this time we don't deliver a measured per portion that response like we did last time which is to strike the airfield from whence the airplanes and chemicals came. we take out the six operational airfield. we should do tonight concert with some of our allies who also want to uphold the international community norms and standards here. this is an assault not just on the syrian people. this an assault on the entire international community that prohibits the use of these tragic weapons. arthel: there is no embolding
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bashar al-assad without the back of iran and russia. could this be a play by them to provoke or test president trump. and you have president trump beating in part that president putin and iran and russia are responsible for backing assad. how would you advise the president to specifically handle those countries? >> i don't think they are trying to provoke them. i think they have incredible confidence about what they have been able to achieve in syria. they conducted a military buildup in syria to even controversy on israel. there are thousands in hezbollah that are killers. not assad's ground source. russia and iran have been enormously successful in consolidating their power base in syria. that's why it's an anchor for so
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much of what is wrong in the middle east. iran has a land bridge to move stuff across the terrain through iraq, through syria, into lebanon and set up missile bases in syria. this is a make problem strategically for the united states. russia wants to replace the united states as the most of influential country in the middle east that's outside the region. and they are about to do it. we work -- i have said for some time it's time for an arab nato. it's time to come together in alliance. the president a year ago last summer said at riyadh with 55 head of state there. it was an his tore you can visit and a profound visit. the word he chose to use. he said i will stand with you against the major strategic threat in the region, iran.
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together we'll eliminate radical islam. i think he used the word violent extremism. but the major strategic threat in that region is iran's aggressive behavior having a major political and military ally in russia. i think we have to formalize the relationship and counter and confront these agressors in this region. >> you are the chairman of the institute for the study of war. is fighting against the chemical attack a different kind of war? >> you have to destroy the delivery systems of that tell cal attack. what we'll likely do is use cruise missiles, stand-off systems, they will come from surface ships and submarines. hopefully we'll bring some allies into participate.
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we'll take out all the struck around it. ifr if we want to -- if we want to take out the airfield, we have to bring in a stealth aircraft to do that. that's a decision and recommendation and options that will go to the president in terms of how comprehensive the strike, where it take place and the lethality of it. arthel: the president will be meeting with and having dinner with some of his military leaders this week and i'm sure that will be a topic of discussion there. eric: back at home, president trump following through with his plan to increase security in the effort to decrease illegal immigration at the southern border. james mattis ordered as many as 4,000 to the areas that see the most of illegal traffic. it's a decision that has drawn
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mixed reaction. garrett tenney, some republicans expressed scepticism on this move. reporter: nearly everyone agree sending the national guard to the border is not a long-term solution to our problems. as you heard from senator lindsey graham, it's pushing that issue to the forefront. but today a number of democrats echos those calls for congress to address immigration. on "fox news sunday" -- >> with the verbiage and the language by our president begins grants in this country. it's abhorrent. it's not representative of who we are as a nation. this is different than any other
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president doing it frankly. >> reporter: others such as the big one in california haven't decided. eric: the administration is tackling several issues on the border. >> attorney general jeff sessions instructs u.s. attorneys to. the homeland security advisor said there is only so much they can do without congress. >> we have. >> leaking boat on our border and we are equitabling or how much water is in the boat. we need to fix the problem and stop that leak. reporter: lawmakers say getting a border wall or getting congress to do anything on immigration before the mid-term elect is highly unlikely.
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arthel: a new discovery in a west coast mystery. what police found as they piece together the final moments in a crash that killed a family of 8. new questions about the president's cleave of staff. president trump is responding to reports that john kelly is losing control of the west wing. mark zuckerberg will be on capitol hill to defend this company's evident to protect your information. we'll look at what to expect from his testimony.
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arthel: a body has been reconsidered near the northern california site where a family's suv mysteriously plunged off a cliff. officials say the remains may belong to one of the missing siblings of the hart family. authorities say it stopped at a tushoff before driving into the ocean. data from the car suggest the
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crash was deliberate. eric: president trump attacking "the washington post" over an article that there are growing evenings between himself and general kelly. officials suggesting kelly could be losing his grip. he has not been fully could be consulted on self key personnel decisions and he lost the trust and support of some of the staff. the president tweeting back, the post is far more fiction than fact. story after story is made up more than fact. >> i believe "the washington post." yes, it sounds like the president is frustrated with the chief of staff.
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the president has been frustrated with'' many chiefs of staff and other staffers. the story rings true to me in part for one thing, i have no reason to doubt "the washington post." they have been a worthy competitor of me. i have never known them to make anything up or fabricate anything or write news that's fiction. and the story passes the smell test because we have seen over the last year and a half of the presidency that's many people who have come into the white house with high expectations, fresh start, and the president wears them down. any white house chief of staff is going to be on thin ice sooner or later. it's a very tough job. it's all about saying no to the commander-in-chief. eric: he's used to being the boss. >> his whole success in business
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was he's entrepreneurial, impulsive and decisive and trusted his gut. now he's brought in a cleave of staff who is the antithesis all of this. eric: laying out time, instituting time in the president's schedule for policy briefings. you can understand with someone with up a free spirit up as president trump would chafe at that. >> we knew from a few months ago about executive time, much ridiculed executive time, time the president was left to his own devices for in many cases tweeting. now we learned john kelly instituted policy time when he brings in senior administration officials to debate in front of the president on important decisions to be made.
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eric: the article says the clashes between the president and his chief of staff trace the downward arc of kelly's eight months in the white house. a mandate to bring order to a chaotic west one. what jumps out at me is "administration officials said." in your experience in decade in washington. is it your experience reporters make up sources, and is cook an exception at "the washington post." >> he is the exception. i dealt with dozen of reporters at my company. never once did i suspect one of
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my reporters was make up a source or fabricating a fact. never once. i never worked for "the washington post," i have no stake in their success. they are among the best in the business. they don't make stuff up. it shouldn't surprise anybody to read this story. it passes the smell test. it tracks what we know to be true about this white house. i think we should begin from the presumption that what "the washington post" is reporting is true. eric: what does general kelly do? >> presumably general kelly knows even better than the "washington post." he knows his relationship with the president uniquely better than any of us. he probably knows well where his
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handing is. and the story is not entirely sort of focused in one direction. there are aspects of the story that says president trump and he still have a working relationship and he talks to the president more than anyone else. white house chiefs of staff tend to come and go. our last two or three first-term presidents, have had two or three chiefs of staff. there have been some reporting the president is thinking of going without a chief of staff. that's an old promise of freshmen congressmen who come from the business world. it never works. eric: david hawkins, got to go. i have to add there are denials
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about mr. kelly's status at the white house. but time will tell. arthel: a fire at trump tower in new york city leaving one man dead. what we are learning about the cause today. plus under pressure. the head of the epa under mounting calls to step down while getting the support of the president. where things stand with scott pruitt. >> the bottom line is it doesn't look good. i don't think he could get a room for $50 a night. your brain changes as you get older.
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both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. eric: environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt facing intense scrutiny over what some lawmakers are calling questioned the use of taxpayer money. president trump doubling down on his praise of pruitt in a tweet this morning. ellison barber is live at the white house with all the latest. hi, alison. reporter: hi, eric. not the first time that pruitt has -- president trump has defended pruitt, but certainly one of the strongest offenses he has heard from the president since all of this came out in the past he said he's doing a fantastic job but he hasn't gone in to specific details. he did and the tree today talking about not only for work
9:31 am
pruitt had done at the epa, but also security detail appeared incredibly controversial in the last couple days. "the associated press" reported he had a detail that is costing taxpayers about $3 million. president trump tweeting today that is something necessary because of the unprecedented amount of threat because entrance words he has done such a good job as epa administrator. they did a search of statewide federal as well as state records but he did not find any specific people charged or arrested with making threats against pruitt. but that is something the epa has repeatedly pointed to and that's what we heard from president trump again today. president trump defending him, but some members of his own party think perhaps there is a problem here. >> doesn't look like he's engaged in questionable behavior to you? i don't take you to get a room
9:32 am
for $50 a night. >> ethical violations serve to further distract the agency from accomplishing its very important mission. reporter: pruitt is also under fire for renting an apartment from a lobbyist who represents companies who work with fossil fuel companies. peart has denied any wrongdoing in regards to that. he says the epa affects what data and said it was okay, but they have said they really only looked at the terms of belief and not necessarily other questions that have come up of late. for now it seems president trump not only standing by pruitt, the doubling down on a number of different issues come is specifically addressing some questions and concerns about pruitt's behavior. eric peered eric: allison, thank you so much. arthel. arthel: a fire raging through trump tower last night, killing a trump tower resident and giving several firefighters
9:33 am
injured. life outside this skyscraper with the very latest. ryan. reporter: arthel, this is the just one of trump's properties. note the $100 million where he and his family has spent pretty of time then. headquartered here in secret service is constantly protecting this building. 5:30 p.m. yesterday, 200 firefighters and personnel responded to this. shoppers and tourists look at to see a raging fire coming out of the 15th floor of the 263 luxury condominiums at trump tower was engulfed in flames. thick black smoke came gushing out of the window. debris was falling below is firefighters rushed in. unfortunately, the 67-year-old owner of the apartment i appeared he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but it was too late. the victim was a wealthy art dealer, but had fallen on hard times recently filing for
9:34 am
bankruptcy in dealing with health issues. six firefighters suffered minor injuries battling this blaze. at least two with burns. >> quite a large department. units made their way up to the 50th floor appeared the apartment was virtually entirely on fire. >> the upper floors, but the building shore stood up quite well. reporter: you are looking at a live shot right there in the actual apartment. no fire sprinklers in the residential area in this building which may come as a surprise to some folks. this is built in 1983 when fire sprinklers aren't actually supposed to be -- aren't actually required by law and other buildings and residential buildings don't have to have the sprinklers installed. nonetheless, terrified residents inside that they never got an announcement to evacuate and the president did read about the fire yesterday stating fire at
9:35 am
trump tower is out. or he can find, well-built building. fire men and women a great job. thank you are the cause of the fire under investigation and none of the philip morris to the trump family were inside at the time of the fire. arthel: bryan llenas coming thank you very much. eric: russia within breezing an unprecedented cyberattack. it did happen in the 2016 presidential campaign. galesburg on illinois a typical small city in the midwest with the city of 32,000 people say officials was hit by the russians. the fbi department of homeland security blamed hackers from the gr euchre the russian intelligence service for the attack on the city. the alumni board of elections told fox news 7.9 million registered voters in the state of those about 76,000 they've had their personal voter registration information geared. the greatest number of the sick ones, 14,121.
9:36 am
authorities want to prevent what happened to them from happening to you. >> the russian assault on our election has prompted new measures to protect your vote in the midterms. >> of you can get into voter will come you can change it. add people to come in to lead people to it and create chaos on election day. >> republican senator james langford is a key sponsor of the secure elections act good legislation aimed at providing officials with new tools to guard against election hacking. >> we need to step up our game. there's 21 different states the russians probed in 2016. they didn't get into all of those states, but they were probing and looking around to see what they could do. >> officials caution there's no evidence any vote was changed. foreign entities did poke around in two sons dates voter rolls, check individual voter registration and the type of election suffers atheists.
9:37 am
what is more common state officials did not even have the security clearance to be told their systems are under attack. the new bill grants one-day security clearances to state and local officials, creates a new panel of cybersecurity experts to assess vulnerabilities and provides more federal money for aid to beef up their election security. >> bill really does offer the key steps that congress should be doing to protect our elections. >> bernardin, expert at the center for justice is the author of the report covers securing elections from foreign interference. he wishes the new measures were in place right now. >> there's a vulnerability they are. when you talk about the plan for a state act are, whether it is russia or china or korea or every in and the intelligence agencies tell us we've got to worry about all of these guys, then there is a vulnerability. eric: while congressional proposals are a much-needed
9:38 am
step, of machines need to be replaced. a survey of more than 200 election officials and state tony they want to buy new machines by the next presidential election, but right now do not have the money. >> that concern not only because older machines are more likely to break down, they are also more likely to be vulnerable to cyberattack. you were talking about systems that haven't gone through the more sophisticated certification process that we have now and often run on outdated software like windows 2000. >> and 2016 russia knock stirs targeted systems. >> last month the senate intelligence committee held elections and called for states to use voting machines that provide a so-called paper trail are not connecting machines to the internet and mandating audit of the vote after every election. >> maintaining the integrity of
9:39 am
our voting systems and more importantly the public space that will be counted in a fair and accurate way is extraordinarily critical. >> you expect the russians to try it again? >> i fully expect them to try it again. >> it is not just moscow. he wants other adversaries, even domestic act of his groups could try to target your vote. >> they determine they want to create turmoil in the american government were certain states. now the russians do at once become a copycat it by folks anonymously doesn't have to be a foreign actor next time. we just have to remain vigilant and in the process or election system is important. we need to make sure we secure those. >> the illinois board of elections tells us they have instituted several new safeguards to prevent a repeat. they are resetting all passwords multiple times. they've added encryption software and air monitoring weblog servers every day to detect any other possible attempt.
9:40 am
experts warn that some other states are vulnerable. senator langford told us while it was the fifth time, he fears next time and he does think there will be a next time. arthel arthel: eric, thank you at a gas explosion since an entire family to the hospital. plus, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg getting ready to face the questions on capitol hill as executives works to prepare the company's tarnished image. >> our goal is to always be a platform for all ideas. we are running a service and work in a bipartisan way. ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. my healthy routine helps me feel my best.
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9:45 am
the dallas-fort worth area. the surveillance video, police say the driver lost control of the vehicle when his brakes went out. the driver has been arrested for traffic violations. one person who lives inside the home remains in critical condition. arthel: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg appearing before congress this week for two open door hearings. zuckerberg expect dean to take questions on everything from the company's fleet response to fighting off russian to cambridge analytic as mishandling of user data. facebook ceo -- co zero sheryl samberg supporting the push for transparency. >> mark is happy to go to congress because mark wants to answer every question people have about the service we offer. you know, we really believe in social experiences. what happened here as we were focused on creating that. his happen when you share your information. you can find your friends bert
9:46 am
days. you can share events with them. and we were really focused on not only were focused enough at being is. mark is happy to say he was what we were doing and here's what we're doing now. >> alex little is here, criminal defense and former assistant u.s. attorney. alex, what are some of the most crucial answer is zuckerberg will have to provide? >> he has to tell congress what facebook did with respect to the russian brides, what steps they took before the election and after the election and why they haven't said more until now. arthel: just heard sheryl sandberg in that interview who sat down with dana perino on friday. in her answers, and they kind of give these flowery answers to these very important questions. should zuckerberg be prepared for a grilling? can we expect them to be forthright or will zuckerberg
9:47 am
try to come in with these answers in the lot is ambiguous information? >> that's absolutely their pr strategy. facebook has been brilliant at pr. it is time for some tough questions. at its core, facebook is not a good corporate citizen when it comes to public access to information or even just the process. if you look at the way they handled the investigations into the russian interference come and they certainly were not particularly cooperative and that's been for five or six years. facebook was not cooperative at all and really had to drag them to get them to help. now facebook is having to face the music for the behavior of her decade. eric: i told you that sheryl sandberg was also one dana perino friday. i want to play a little bit of that right now. >> in the fall of 2015, dictates that no data problems with russia trying to influence? >> we learned about this late. we did not know then.
9:48 am
we had seen some early dvd. we publish and stuff, but you get an understanding that we do. we are taking action this week with an additional 270 pages from the russian backed ira. arthel: so what do you make of mark zuckerberg date meant that facebook user should have known what was posted or shared on the site would not be protected? >> i think it's absurd. they present this very perfect persona. it's somebody else's fault and i will fix it we should have known all along it was a problem. at its core, facebook spend a lot of money getting advertisers and people do use the service and little money relatively to protect users and findings that russian interference. their business model is upon carrying much more about advertising than it is the customer or the user is actually using the site. as users you get this for free.
9:49 am
their customers the adversaries are -- advertiser. i think when faced that goes before congress, they have to explain how they become this behemoth without really accepting responsibility for what they've become. arthel: what you mean they are not except in responsibility? hang on. they are company and they want to make money like any other company. if their money comes to advertising, what is wrong with that? >> that's totally fine. right now facebook has hundreds of millions of people in the united states, but if you want to see a subpoena for information, we want information help us in a criminal case that facebook said we can't do that. we don't have anyone on staff to help you there. arthel: torture scene could have got to keep going because the amount of time. what are -- what is the likelihood, what is the potential unlikely outcome after these hearings this week? >> it will raise a lot of hard
9:50 am
questions that people will talk about regulation and forced facebook through legislation and make changes. arthel: will be watching and they will have you back on to analyze the outcome. the next step. alex little, thank you. eric: more than a dozen illegal immigrants were injured during what they say was a human smuggling attempt. we'll have the shocking details coming up. oh good, you're awake!
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eric: police illegal immigrants were injured in southern california after a horse trailer was smuggling them in to our country was involved in a crash. live in los angeles now with this. >> hi there, eric. as the national guard began arriving on the border they'll see a variety of different areas where people are looking to slip into the country illegally. sometimes in dangerous ways. take for ample this accident that took place yesterday in san diego. a horse trailers acted as carrying illegal immigrants smuggled into the country. and at least 20 people were spotted scurrying into the area. they were being chased down in the border patrol ended up with about 18 people and at least six were taken to area hospitals. meanwhile, the national guard
9:55 am
already assembling says they'll be working with law enforcement and border patrol to help and assist with these kinds of incidents. >> we see this as an evolving mission. as requirements develop at the department of homeland security, will engage with the difference turbulence equipment, light and medium aircraft. >> now a caravan of central americans is on its way to the u.s.-mexico border with some looking purely to make a political statement, others to come across the border. often times paying coyotes and smugglers to get them in. the white house says the president is doing the right thing by removing the welcome mat for those in the caravan trying to come in illegally. >> i think he's doing the absolute number one best thing he can do. he is stopping the problem. you had to spend directly. i've taken a journey.
9:56 am
>> the caravan of central americans is currently in mexico city. many marchers will stay there while others plan to make their way to the u.s. members of the national guard began arriving in texas as we speak in arizona early next week. back to you. eric: thank you that much. >> today for members of the eastern orthodox church, jerusalem is the site where jesus was crucified, buried and me. they often fall on different days because they are based on different calendars. we are back at 4:00 eastern could be happy to enjoy us. eric: see you in three hours. stay tuned here on fox news channel. prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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leland: a fox news alert as we are getting new and disturbing images out of syria for a suspected chemical weapons attack as killed at least 40 people and left hundreds more in need of desperate medical attention. the attack taking place in the rebel held town of falmouth, just east of the capital city of this. president trump has called the attack another humanitarian disaster and his advisers say no response should be taken off the table. it is quite literally a very busy sunday. the story developing over the past couple of hours as we understand the p


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