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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 8, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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remember, if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and thank yo >> we will have a lot more on this breaking news story throughout this hour. >> another fox news alert, activists say at least 40 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack on rebel held city east of damascus. many of them women and children and president assad is accused
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of carrying out the brutal attack. welcome to another hour inside "america's news hq". >> it is confirm this with the be the latest use of to try and regain control of the country. state news media in syria denied government forces use this. is that the alleged victims say it is a fabrication. they say that the case but russia calls this a hoax and protecting what they grand terrorists. an activist denying that they say the casualties of babies and women and children are real. earlier here on fox news channel we laid out when the
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stakes are so high for moscow. >> russia now has major strategic foothills in the middle east? what they want to do is replace the united states as the most influential country in the middle east outside of the region. >> now hear from former israeli ambassador in a few moments. first we have team coverage. ellison barber at the white house with reactions from president trump. we begin with conor powell. >> this is disturbing and awful video coming out of syria. it has been presented by the white helmet. this is in opposition with that has been anti- assad from the beginning. there humanitarian workers that go in after the attack to help flood victims. they're the ones that released the video presenting into the world. the video they have shown joe's families in this town suffocating with white foam on
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their mouths. other british is dead families clinging to each other in their homes. also a hospital, emergency center that was also hit. dozens of survivors also being treated with oxygen and inhalers. it is not clear what substance was used. it does appear to be more powerful than the chlorine gas attack we have seen in the past. the regime has denied this. they have denied previous attacks as well. this is really the last area held by rebels just south of damascus. this is the site of some of the heaviest fighting we've seen really in the last three or four months since the start of the syrian civil war in 2011. this area is really the only area rebels now control and they have been taught by the group that was held in the area. the opposition have been negotiating with moscow to leave the area that the last 24 hours these reports began to
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spring up then at some point the assad regime has used a chemical weapon there. the assad regime is pushing back forcefully but the international community condemning this. the un led by nikki haley is calling for emergency security council meeting on monday. of course the meat is in the past, russia which is a permanent member of the security council has really stopped international condemnation of the assad regime and prohibited the un security council from doing much of investigating these types of attacks. >> thank you so much. >> president trump is reacting to the chemical attack in syria. in fact is putting some of the blame on rock obama. tweeting if president obama had crossed the state inbred line in the sand the syrian disaster would have ended long ago. assad would have been history.
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ellison barber is live in the white house with more reaction. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders says president trump was briefed about the attack yesterday evening by his chief of staff, john kelly. they say he continues to receive updates as more information becomes available. president trump boarded a military strike in syria in response to attack exactly one year ago. that targeted an airbase belonging to the syrian government. they are questioning the timing of the latest attack and they also say as far as the latest attack, all options are on the table. >> i would note the timing of this.the first thing that struck me is that this is the one year anniversary of our actions the last time they made the mistake of using these weapons and pushing the rest of the world. >> you think it is possible there will be another one? xo not take anything off the table. these are horrible photos. when looking into this.
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>> early this week the president that it was time for the us troops to leave syria. they say that still stands even a military response is not of the table regresses latest attack. >> i think the president has a point that is clear. the pendulum has swung in the wrong direction for too long for the united states of america has been taken advantage of and responsibility to provide protection for the world. >> the state department has not officially confirmed the attack in syria is a chemical weapons attack but the president called it one on twitter and warned they would be a big price to pay. he read in part many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria. area of atrocity in lockdown and by the syrian army making it completely inaccessible to the outside world. president vladimir putin, russian and iran are responsible for backing animal assad. big price to pay. open area immediately for
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medical help and verification. the president of homeland security advisor says that the president has been speaking with his senior security cabinet officials. and they say they spoke with them this morning as well. >> ellison barber, thank you for the update. >> in 1925, the geneva protocol banned the use of chemical weapons in the aftermath of the horrific and barbaric use in world war i. now they are apparently deployed against innocent civilians yet again. the former ambassador to the nomination joins us from tel aviv and is also a fox news contributor. ambassador, the state direct challenge to the civilized world. it is the eighth use of this suspected chemical weapons in syria. the world has long said never again in the wake of the holocaust but it has happened again. how should the national community and president trump
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respond? >> well, put these in proportion as happened literally 40 miles from the israeli border. very near to us. very near to home. i must say that i am disappointed in the reaction so far from the international community and united states. one year ago exactly a horrific attack took place. the president sent missiles. today, so far he sent a tweet. i do not think a tweet will be very concerning to the butcher of damascus and response of the iranian and the russians. this is what happens when you let access of people run amok and they are killing their own people. their killing women and children and the world is standing still. i am struck by the hypocrisy. just a a few weeks ago when the two russian citizens were attacked in england, the whole world came up against that sent
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back russian diplomats and put sanctions on russia. these are two people who weren't even killed. here, the numbers are probably much higher about 200 people including women and children butchered and the world is standing still. this worries me very much. i think we should feel very strong and determined response by the international community and especially by the united states. >> excuse me for interrupting. the president tweeted there will be a big price to pay. that is his quote. are you calling for new airstrikes again? and what if they entangle are tangled with russia and the russian assets and warplanes and russian troops? could that lead to a wider conflict? something is certainly could be unimaginable. >> well, i certainly believe that when the president said
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there will be high price to pay, there will be a high price to pay. this should be a high price to pay. i think that if the russians are involved actually as are the iranians they should take into account that when they support the butchery and viciousness of assad they should also be prepared to pay the price. i think the united states is proved in the past that they have always done the right thing and stood by their own principles and values. this is a test for the values of the united states and the rest of the world. i do not think america should be alone in this good i think the other countries should take part and make clear to those vicious allies that this will not be condoned and this will not be accepted. >> how do you do that, ambassador? i mean tomorrow they will be security council meeting. likely again blocked by russia.
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that is basically meaningless in terms of action. what are you calling for specifically in terms of military action or some other type of move? >> eric, you know the un as well as i do and we spent some time there together. the security council will go through the motions. the russians will veto that and that will it. i don't think i will worry anymore. i think this kind of thing actually closer military action. i am always hesitant asking other countries to do what we think is right but in this case, especially after the president indicated that is about to pull out his forces from syria. i think you should reconsider because leaving a void and a vacuum in this country which has been torn apart and is now led by real forces of evil like iran and the russian support, i
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think the only force, the only thing they understand unfortunately the only thing that most people in the region understand is force and power any think it should be used when such atrocities take place. >> what about the russians saying that would be an acceptable? they said finally that would be quote - met with the most serious consequences if the us launches another round of airstrikes. >> i would not be too concerned about the russian reaction. vladimir putin is behaving as if he's the czar of a world power. russia is far from it. it is really on the brink of bankruptcy. the united states is still the strongest most powerful country in the world and i do not think words like these from vladimir putin should be in any way worrisome to a world power like
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the united states. the united states can do the things that they tried and always have done. united states was never a coward. by dictators and they should not be now. and i think one of the problems is that president obama has allowed assad to continue to rain and has allowed the russians to take control of syria. we are seeing the consequences. i think the only one who can stop this from becoming another genocide is the united states of america. >> former ambassador to the united nations from israel, talking about what has been an overwhelming human catastrophe that has so sadly and tragically been allowed to basically continue by the international community.we have had a bit of delay because you're in tel aviv. you forjoining us . >> back at home president trump is following through on his promise to boost security at the southern border. the pentagon already deploying
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about 500 members of the national guard this weekend. some lawmakers propose the move but a congressman says it is the right decision and could spark more actions on capitol hill. >> since last year crossings have gone up 200 percent pure last month of nearly 40 percent. i think that this bold action by the president playing the military and national guard down the border i hope is a wake-up call for congress to get its job done. >> garrett tenney is live in washington with more. >> it has been more than 30 years since congress tackled comprehensive reform and they are hoping that deploying the national guard will push them to take action. in the short term a couple of thousand guardsmen on the border will help with customs and border control to do more enforcement but given at the southern border is about 2000 miles long lawmakers and both parties agree it is not a long-term solution. >> they are not going to secure
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a border just by adding national guard troops. you have to go to the root cause of this. >> i think what we need is comprehensive. comprehensive immigration reform. we've been talking about this for decades we just have not seen this happen since 1986. the president talks about building a wall that mexico will pay for. now he is putting troops at the border. a very provocative move. at the same time it is not solving the problem. >> the trump administration has requested between two and 4000 troops and a number of governors had read arrays responded. so far 500 on the way from texas and arizona. new mexico and arkansas have agreed to century. montana said they will not be sending troops if requested but others like ohio, iowa and south carolina say they would support the mission at the request came. to the presence national security advisor argued those responses from the states are further proof the country want to see congress act. >> the message here is that governors are also equally --
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they sit around thinking i need to make a point. an operational need and an operational deficiency. we have a requirement that is being met. >> the one state that has not not with a plan to do is california. we are also waiting to hear some details from the administration including along the troops will remain on the border and the big one, how much it will cost. >> absolutely, garrett tenney. by the way, later in the show we will let everyone know that we will talk with a former us marshal and retired i.c.e. official about the presidents decision to mobilize the national guard to the southern border. >> and the news moments ago that we have confirmed pyongyang has told the us that north korean dictator kim jong-un is ready to discuss denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that clears the way now for a meeting with president trump. could this be a game changer
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ahead of what would be an historic face-to-face sit down? we will take a look. all of this as the president tries to tap down fears of a potential trade war with china. the friendship with the chinese president but also saying that beijing he says, will eventually change its ways. will they? what does this mean and we will look into all of that, coming up. plus, the trump administration move forward with a plan to deploy the national guard to the southern border. low boots on the ground make a difference? that is straightahead right here on fox news channel. >> the verbiage our president has used to immigrants is not representative of who we are as a nation for the president making his move is different from any other president quite frankly. our allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms our allergy pills? including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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we confirmed north korea has told the us the kim jong-un is ready to discuss denuclearization of the korean peninsula.a us official says the move clears the way for a meeting between the north korean leader and president trump. the administration is not saying when and how the insurance was delivered by the us and north korean officials have been in communication. we are joined now with the
1:22 pm
president of american commitment and a calmness. we are just getting this breaking news and what do you think part kim jong-un to this point and how much can we put into his willingness to carry this through? >> when i saw this breaking news when i was sitting in the kingdom i was struck by something that the latest column send this to the present that cuts nots and that is what we've seen you. we've seen a big break from previous north korean policy and i think that as much as the bluster and style. >> many people off but it has changed among foreign leaders. in this case it seems there but went to the table. >> you know, speaking of foreign leaders, you president trump knowing that his friendship with his chinese counterpart, xi jinping, despite differences over the trade, this will happen. we will remain friends. in fact the president was tweeting today he says, president xi jinping and i will
1:23 pm
always be friends no matter what happens with our dispute on trade. china will take down its trade barriers because it is the right thing to do. taxes will become reciprocal and a deal will be made on intellectual property. great features for both countries. it is a lot to say that before the president tweeted this morning i got the sense that this will be resolved through negotiations. but we have already seen the dow dropped what 767 points late on friday. and closing down 572 points. then you have the farmers. will they feel a negative impact in the interim? >> i think it depends on how far these go. the tariffs announced have not been implemented yet. and if these things actually happen tariffs are taxes. they will hurt on both sides. i think that is precisely why the president thinks he can get leverage on of these. that the chinese will come to the table and potentially get a deal including key concessions
1:24 pm
and intellectual policy which is huge. remember them running on concessions from the chinese and open up the domestic financial sector and buying more conductors so the chinese are starting to budge. we will not know whether this is a trademark or something else until we see how this revolves. but the white house clearly wants to have a negotiated outcome. >> by most accounts, beijing has been behaving badly and something had to be done to make them stop. where is the sweet spot? more than likely unlikely time in human stephen trade with china. what would be considered a manageable trade deficit? >> i'm not particularly concerned about the trade deficit per se because all of the dollars that go over will come back one another. they have been coming back to the us treasury purchases. they are buying us product or investing in others the dollars will all come back. my big concern about trade with china which i think is the presidents principal concern and certainly his advisors principal concern is that they steal our stuff.
1:25 pm
they rip up intellectual property, they force transfers to go to the things that have got to stop and those will be i think the key things that need to be in any negotiated agreement. >> perhaps, some public big footing and grandstanding by the president was necessary to set the tone. show the world that he means business. but is it time to take the tough talk away from twitter and tried to strike a deal the old-fashioned way? >> the tweets i find highly amusing that they also drive me nuts.i think that most of the american people in that regard. it is a style that has worked for the president on a lot of different work on this also. remember, they were ripping us off blind on the previous approach to democratic and republican administrations. doing something destabilizing, cutting that not could be a good outcome. that said this a very dangerous game when you're talking about putting $50 billion of tax $400 billion of taxes and then you have the retaliation.
1:26 pm
this is a very high-risk game of poker here. we have got a good player in president trump but if it doesn't work out, it could be very negative for us consumers. that is why use on the market. >> yes. the president poker game plan seems to have worked with kim jong-un. he says i will denuclearize the peninsula and we'll see what happens with president xi jinping. thank you very much. >> we will believe that we only see it. we will see how that develops. meanwhile, it has been almost 65 years since the end of the korean war. and thousands remains of us servicemen that died for the country i'm not return home. some families of the fallen are trying to get them back. coming up will have emotional details ahead. plus hundreds of national guard troops heading to the southern border this week and a crackdown on illegal immigration.
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police say some illegal immigrants were injured in southern california after a horse trailer smuggling them into the us is involved in a crash. we are live in los angeles with details. anita? >> we know that 19 people were taken into custody. all of them believed to be from mexico. right now 30 to try to figure how many of them are here illegally and if so what happens then? yesterday horse trailer suspected of carrying illegal immigrants were chased down by hope it's okay this is a truce gamble but the border patrol end up arresting 19 people. but at least six of them were taken to area hospitals.
1:32 pm
>> when you have patients that are hiding in rugged terrain, it takes a while for an organized search to locate them, assess them and then bring them up to the highway here to be treated or to be placed into custody of the border patrol agency. >> last night two people were released from the hospital. now a total of 15 are in a local border patrol facility in the san diego area being processed. we are waiting to find out if these will be among the first people attempting to enter the country illegally who will be subject to the new department of justice order calling for zero tolerance. which means they could be prosecuted and potentially jailed before being deported. in the meantime a caravan of central americans is on its way to the us-mexico border with some looking purely to make a political statement. others looking to come across the border. often times paying coyotes and smugglers to get them in.
1:33 pm
the white house says the president is doing the right thing by removing the welcome mat for those in the caravan trying to come here illegally. >> i think he is doing absolute number one best thing you can do. he is stopping the problem. you have to send a red light, stop coming, stop taking that journey. >> and national guard deacons arriving in texas today and in arizona early this week. back to you. >> thank you. >> for more on efforts to stop illegal immigration in the southern border let's bring in a former dhs and i.c.e. official. tommy, the new suspected illegals will be the first subjected to the new zero-tolerance policy. how is that change and what does it mean? ask it changes greatly. we use to, when i was on the border for five years we would just get them up and put them in the jail, process them and send them right back.
1:34 pm
did not get any jail time. now they things to the presidents policies the attorney general, doing the right thing we will prosecute them. it is a federal crime to illegally reenter the country. the first time he faced up to six months, it is a federal misdemeanor. the second time it is up to two years. now we take the simple process them and send them back. i have caught three people in the same day when i was on the border. >> the same person? >> the same person! numerous times. >> tell me about that. how did you do that? he kept showing up? did he take a bus? what would happen? [laughter] >> no, he did not take a bus. you would come over the fence, landing matt is a big piece of iron about 15 hi. young, illegals can jump right
1:35 pm
over that. we would catch them. i caught him, brought him to the border patrol station and in california. we processed him quick and within one hour to we send him back. a few hours later, here he comes again. i catch the same kid. he wasn't a kid maybe 24 years old. so the process him again, send him back and it happened another time. these fences do not work. anybody that says the wall will not work, has never been on the border. they've never worked the border. >> what did you say to the guy? what happened when you put the cuffs on him, what do you say to him, i just saw you this morning? >> i told him, don't come back again. don't cross the border again. in spanish. i told him again, don't cross the border again. simple as that. and they keep coming back! do you know why? because they're being drawn in. we have a beautiful country.
1:36 pm
they want to make money. unfortunately a lot of them are criminals like the president said. he had on this morning on fox news sunday with chris wallace. representative crowley. what does he say? the presidents worlds are provocative and -- >> he said going doing with the president is doing is sending the guard to the border even though the president obama and judged -- george w. bush did. they say this is not us. what is your reaction? >> i was a homicide detective after i retired from i.c.e. after 20 something years. when i look at a victims mother in the eyes and i have to tell the mother that your son or your daughter is dead, that was murdered. and you see them break into tears. you see them fades. you feel the pain and those in the remembrance project. angel mothers. 1/100 eric, have said this before. if one out of 100 are criminals
1:37 pm
that kill somebody then shouldn't we have let in the other 99 to get that one murder? no. the president is doing the right thing. the secretary is doing the right thing. i.c.e. is doing the right thing. we need to enforce the laws. this is our country, eric! seal the border and then we start removing from the interior. put the national guard down there, that is not the first time president bush did this, president clinton did this. , president bush did this, president obama, now president trump is doing it. just because they don't like president trump it is a big ordeal now. it is nonsense. >> tommy, thank you. case law may not have been in full action but certainly could be carried out according to tommy by the government. thank you. >> thank you. >> more than 7000 bodies of us service members remain on the
1:38 pm
korean peninsula. they died during the korean war and were never brought back to our homeland. but some families are holding out hope waiting for the day the bodies of their loved ones will be returned home. we are live in los angeles with the story. >> for 18 years, then has been working tirelessly to get his mothers final wish to bury his brother in el paso. and this man is a korean war mia. he is one of 53 us service members who his body remain in north korea. now at 83 he says finding his brother is his life mission and can envision the data he meets him in heaven. >> i will say, i have looked for you. we found you. we are family back. >> led many families of those missing in action is efforts
1:39 pm
have seen little progress with the united states had them search for bodies in north korea since 2005. but a potential meeting between president trump and kim jong-un one is offering a new cautious optimism. >> on president trump, you just never know. they are both in -- unpredictable characters. >> all of my life since i was three, that is where he was. >> he says he is a struggle to bring those bodies home. >> the two sides don't trust each other at all. >> the state department spokesman said, we do not link this important humanitarian mission to any political or security issues and we have consistently urged north korean officials to be responsible stewards of us remains. >> i won't give up hope. i will do it until isaiah.
1:40 pm
>> the pow and mia agency told us that when approved by the us government they are prepared to receive remains at the dprk is currently holding and start talks on resuming recovery missions in north the meantime, they'll keep looking for them in other conflicts. >> thank you so much. >> the president last april launched estrace in syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack. will he do the same now? in a few minutes we will look into the various options that trump administration has after the eight suspected chemical attack that they say has exported occurred in syria. every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ tripadvisor compares prices from over 200 booking sites to time to bask... in low prices!
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1:45 pm
president trump we just last year ordered dozens of missiles to be fired at a syrian air base. after more than 80 people died in another apparent chemical attack. can we expect a similar response this time? here the president homeland security advisor. >> first i would note the timing of this. it is the first and it struck me is the one year anniversary of our actions the last time they made the mistake of using these weapons. i would not take anything off of the table. these are horrible photos. we're looking into the attack. >> that we bring in a former green beret commander, former counterterrorism advisor and a republican congressional candidate in florida. good to have you. >> thank you. >> wesley not feeding a war drum here but when you have the homeland security counterterrorism advisor telling the president that an attack on syria is not of the table with three military experts like you for analysis. as an alternative to the only
1:46 pm
response at this point? >> well, we have certainly seen that folks like putin and assad and the iranian regime respect strength. often only respond to military force. in this case, i think the president was absolutely right to call out both the iranians and the russians as did nikki haley for being complicit in these attacks could limit eyewitnesses so horrible. the siblings in eastern damascus have been under bombing and artillery attacks now for months and months and months. they often do is go to low ground into basements and into ditches and other places to avoid the shillings. guess why these chemicals settle and fall after they have been launched? they go right into this basements, killing dozens and dozens of women and children. we just cannot stand for this. not only making statement in the middle east but around the world that the united states,
1:47 pm
the west will not stand for these kind of attacks. >> of course not giving a roadmap, give us an idea what would be the most effective military response and what other countries would have to be engaged in order for this to be successful? >> the key here is not the russians have stationed their air force and their units in syria is avoiding the escalation. it is making a statement if we do move to the military option as we did one year ago and taking down assad capabilities. which i think we can do. they are primarily located on an airbase and on a navy base. it is the only base in the mediterranean. we need to separate the syrian regime from the russian capability. we can take those out with standup lessons and we can certainly make a statement of the assad regime with both long-range cruise missiles from submarines, ships and aircraft. how easy would it be to
1:48 pm
separate them and draw the us into unintended conflict with russia? >> i think you have to look at the downside. of course, there could be an escalation but vladimir putin is playing a very weak hand. i would not be too concerned with too much of an escalation there. he does not have very strong military capability. a very weak economy and he is essentially in the obama administration particularly for the last eight years. it is always a concern but i would not let that outweigh the downside of doing nothing here and letting these war crimes continue. >> a statement from the state department spokesperson reads in part, these reports, if confirmed, are horrifying and demanded an immediate response by the inner national community. if president trump does nothing, what are the consequences? >> the consequences are that putin will continue these types
1:49 pm
of atrocities. and backed by both russia and iran. you are going to have and continue to have major iranian buildup just over the border with israel and you continue to have groups like hezbollah continue to gain ground and get more and more sophisticated weapons. the united states has to lead. when we leave a vacuum, bad actors for liquid united states is the leader of the free world. we have a resident civilly small presence there less than 2000 troops. not only to keep prices from returning but preventing the entire region from exploding again and going back to we have massive refugees into europe. they stabilize in europe that isis infiltrates and uses to attack america. >> quickly have 30 seconds. since we have some 2000 troops left in syria, with the airstrikes and be suggesting that you discussed early with that involve our troops in the ground? >> those troops are further
1:50 pm
east where the isis enclaves are and the kurds are located. it should not, however, we have to think about retaliation against those troops. went to think about that when the president reported this a year ago. but the russians would not dare. they tried to send their own mercenaries into those areas a few months ago and they walked away with a huge bloody knows where we killed over 400 russian mercenaries. >> colonel, i had to leave it there. thank you for your service. >> thank you arthel. >> lawmakers and bernie sanders say they want passing legislation that tightens gun laws. this would ensure -- the governor and others are up in arms. we will talk about that when we come back. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started.
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1:54 pm
has prompted protests from dendrite activist. rallies taking place in several cities like burlington and bennington. they are expected to sign gun-control laws. -- they also make it easy for officials to take guns away from those that are at risk. branyan is in new york with more. >> two separate gun-control bills were approved this week.
1:55 pm
they make it easier for police to take guns away from people who for instance are suicidal or suspected of domestic violence. but yesterday several hundred gun rights supporters came out to protest. not necessarily those two bills but one third bill which passed two weeks ago in vermont. raising the legal age for gun purchases to 21. expanding background checks and banning high-capacity magazines and bump stock. that leaves one marine veteran for his ar-15 to the right to prevent put the rifle is not evil, it is a tool. last week gun rights advocates path of high-capacity magazines outside the vermont state house before these gringos were passed. vermont was among the most unfriendly states in the country. notably, this is bernie sanders escaping the vermont legislation was passed in response to the parkland shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. this weekend students organized dozens of town halls nationwide to valley former gun-control laws. 150 people showed up the town
1:56 pm
hall in brooklyn new york. yes i lead by maloney. >> personally i believe we should ban assault weapons, ban the magazines, the bump stock, that take ordinary guns and machine guns and have a good background check. >> as for vermont, the gun-control bills are waiting signature from the republican governor, scott. >> thank you. we will be right back. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection.
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i am arthel neville. >> i am eric shawn. we will see you next weekend. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. next. >> i met the outer aspects of what you might and the in barack obama. >> you are the stupid sinatra. [laughter] 's. [laughter] all right, the caravan hit the fan, or rather a parade of unchecked immigrants hit a wall, an orange wall. a 71-year-old cheeseburger eating wall that is donald trump. his blood response to a plan symbolicay


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