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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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breaking tonight the trump administration is planning the next move as the world reacts in horror in the latest chemical attack. this is the home of positive populism. we'll go live to washington for more details. president trump promises there is a big price to pay to the syrian leader he. we'll also debate the latest on immigration with antonio sabato. you can't miss tonights swamp watch. we will look at the massive
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spending week from the other week. we'll have an eye opening take on the trade agreement against china. should he be targeting google. arnold will weight on the latest. garrett, they are meeting late in d.c. what is the latest you are hearing from the while house in this syria situation. >> president trump team has been reviewing photos and videos of the alleged attacks and coming up with a number of response. a volunteer with the syrian self defense said rockets hit on saturday night landing near a shelter. when relief workers arrived they found families in their home that died by suffocation and had
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foam on their mouth. there are 42 fatalities. international investigators have not been able to verify the atacts becaus -- attacks is onet by both the of them are calling this fabrication. the rest of the world is saying this is very serious. president trump made it clear who he believed is responsible. he said president putin, russia, and iran are responsible for backing him. lindseyglindsey graham caused te defining moment. >> if he doesn't follow the
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tweet. you need to follow-through and show a resolve that obama did and never got right. >> this comes the day after a strike in syria. that was in response to another attack. today they said this time around all options are on the table including additional air strikes. tomorrow we'll learn more as well. the u.s. and other u.n membered called another meeting. also john boltens first day at work. this is at the top of his list. steve. thank you fosteve: thank you fo. i appreciate the chance to get your prospective. >> good to be here. >> let's start with, i guess
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there were two big questions that people are asking. first of all, what do you think should happen and secondly what do you think might actually happen in practice. let's start with your take on what the president's response should be to the latest attack if that's what it turns out to be. >> president trump and his tweet framed the issue right. yes, assad is a thug and animal. he's a flunky of the iranians and russians. you don't deal with assad in a vacuum. part of the problem is president trump inherited a major mess, one of the biggest messes one of the president's inherited. obama through the red line and never enforced it. they claimed they got all of the chemical weapons out.
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i would say look at iran, look a russia. that's the root of the problem. be mindful it's such a mess there isn't an ultimate outcome we can just will or bring into focus giving all of the negative forces on the ground right now. steve: i think one of the phrases that stood out was the president made a big price that will have to be paid. what do you think is the kind of price americans are prepared to pay to deal with this situation. it feels to me if i'm guessing what people are looking for is trump saying enough action to stop this monstrous dictate tor but not get ourselves involved in another war in the middle east. how do you think the president should balance those two considerations?
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>> well, you are right. there is not an appetite to have a war in that region or area. part of the reason there isn't is because there is not an obvious victory you could obtain given all of the forces on the ground. the president last year struck assad. he did that decisively. he may like at additional air strikes. if you are going to worry about iran. one way to do that is sock them with the sanctions we used to have on there. we may be able to get our partners to show them they haven't improved things and lets hit them where it hurts. you may see a kinetic strike but some of the stuff you can do to iran on that front would probably be more effective in the long run. steve: of course john bolton has
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been tough on iran. that's an interesting take. i would like your reaction on something john mccain said. he blamed the president for the latest attack. he said we should get out of syria. he said this response came in response to that. what do you have to say to john mccain for bringing that aspect into the situation today. >> this is completely unfounded speculation. he's constantly happenin harpinn president trump. he does have a valuable prospective in certain respects but he can't help himself and always trying to knock the president. steve: there is so much more to talk about on that issue. we will see what evolves in the next few days. i would love your take on a big issue we will talk about tonight which is immigration and the
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border. you tweeted earlier about this situation with the caravan of migrants, that's something you'll address in congress. tell us what you are thinking on that issue? >> we'll do a hearing on my national security subcommittee. we will have analyst. we want to make sure we actually have a border. that the president has all of the tools he needs to prevent these mass waves of illegal immigration. there are a lot of things the president can do and willing to do to get this right. >> congressman, thank you so much for that. good to see you as always. >> thank you. >> next we'll go indepth on the president's plan to send troops to the border. antonio sabato will join me here live. plus president trump threatened to veto the spending will. we'll tell you where he should
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fortify the southern border with national guard troops. some are hailing that plan and others are saying it's just a political stunt to shore up his bases for the midterm elections. joining me now is tamo lahren and antonio sabato. i got your name wrong. >> antonio sabato jr. steve: everyone needs to know how to say it properly. >> antonio sabato jr. steve: one thing i was reading. this issue of immigration was one reason encouraged you to make the shift. >> we are living in a society where we can have an open border. we can come in and allow them to use the american people. they are bringing in judges.
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we have a president that is standing up for us. it would be great if both parties would stand-up and say we need a border. we can't spend over $100 million in immigration every single year. finally we have the right leadership and i'll do the sam thing for my county. steve: what was it in your personal story that made this issue important for you. >> when i came here in 1985 there wasn't a thing as crossing the border and getting free programs and this and that. you worked hard. the american dream. if you worked hard you would achieve it. these democrats have lost their mind in california. now it's sanctuary cities, what are we talking about here. the american people have to have a sanctuary country and border and finally secure the border once and for all. the american people want it. steve: you are nodding along.
6:15 pm
>> you know how i feel about the wall. you talked about some of them losing their mind. they want them in our backyard. they don't want them in their backyard. theirs are gated and protected. i suggested why don't we split this caravan. we can put them in mark zuckerberg's yard and the rest of them that talk about our president. we can place them in their backyards. they can police them and feed them. whatever needs to be done. chelsea handler said her house is big enough and she will invite them into her home. i'm waiting to see if that
6:16 pm
happens, steve. steve: we should follow up on that. there was a national guard announcement this week. is this a good idea or poor substitute. >> what other chose does the president have. his job is to protect the american people. we have to protect our border. i can't understand why we are talking about this. the democrat party said if you want a wall you are racist, no we are americans. now we are putting america first and they don't like it. they get their votes. california gets their votes from these illegal voters. now they are allowed to drive cars and do everything. it's against the constitution. california is part of the 50 states and we want it back. >> tomi what do you think about
6:17 pm
the other things they found money for in the massive spending bill but not the wall. do you think the national guard move is a smart move given at the moment there is no extra money for the wall or is it kind of a disappointing substitute for what people want. >> people want a wall. president trump trump said if i don't get my wall then we'll secure the border. illegal immigration is not a race but an activity. it's an active americans shouldn't believe in. if we have to put the national guard there to make sure i'm safe the california whether they are black, white, what color they are. americas will be safe. if we don't get the wall yet we'll put troops down there. >> i'm a latino, all of the racist things. we had a president who was black
6:18 pm
and ran the country for eight years. aif you talk about this presidet you were racist. it never ends. that's what they use every single day. it's not about that but it safety of the country and the american people that live-in it. >> do you think, will things every change. you mentioned democrats losing their minds. do you think they will keep going in this direction or see a time when you can have a reasonable conversation about immigration where you are not called a racist. >> they are passing laws like ab 109. my opponent was down there for six years. it's devastating for the state. sanctionry st.s in san francisco state it's looking really bad. they are pro prostitution,
6:19 pm
prodrugs. we want to build the country. instead they want to deter rate it. i'll protect my county even if it's a little county i'll do whatever it takes. the american people are fed up. we have a chose right now. this year you can vote. you can vote the other side. not the democrats who are there for illegals to come in. >> coming up next swamp watch is exposing the shadddy secrets. coming up the former governor arnold schwarzenwgger will be on talking about the president trump. don't want to miss that. in the modern world, it pays to switch things up.
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welcome back to the next revolution. two weeks ago we ran the first part of our interview with arnold schwarzenwgger. a week ago we heard that arnold schwarzenwgger had to have heart surgery. he didn't let this keep him down. he tweeted i'm back. i went to sleep expecting a small incest but i have a big one. but i woke up. i didn't try to do my arnold impression all the way through that tweet. here we are talking to the governor and what he thinks about the state of the gop. steve: here we are today talking about new way california. it's a vision of a new focus for the republican party here in california. you know what people will say, there he is arnold
6:25 pm
schwarzenwgger. he's not a proper conservative or republican. he's too moderate. what do you say to people who would have that reaction. >> i also say people here need to fix the environment. people here demand we talk about education and to fix our education system. it's not equal education for everybody. people want to go and get insurance and healthcare. all of these issues need to be addressed. it doesn't matter what you call anybody. you want to get it fixed. these are our constituents. they demand that. this is dr. wilson it's important for democrats and republican to work together and address the issues. these are not republican issues or democrat issues they are people issue.
6:26 pm
people say arnold you are a republican in name only but i remind them that the true republican party is the party of abraham lincoln and freed the slaves and gave them citizenship and voting rights. it's the teddy roosevelt party that put more land aside for future generations and he was a republican. richard nixso nixon tackled healthcare. ronald reagan who protected the environment and closed the hole in the ozone. that's the kind of republican party i'm used to and signed on. it veered off to the side and american channel got -- the democrats got more to the left and republicans to the right.
6:27 pm
i don't pay attention to this stuff. i'm an action guy. i want to get stuff fixed. it's not democratic or republican, just getting it fixed. steve: one thing people want to get fixed are people like donald trump or bernie sanders are things are not being fixed in the economy. what's the economic message this new way might have? >> i believe the republicans have been good in stimulating the economy and creating jobs. i think that, you know, now the idea is to get up to 4%. to employ everybody and solve the problem that there is 8 million jobs out there that are unfilled because people don't have education. they are not qualified to fill the jobs. that's embarrassing. there are a lot of things that
6:28 pm
need to be done. california is coming back economically like gangbusters. hopefully we get to the 4% trump envisions and have more revenues and we are able to payoff the debt. right now giving a tax break to people like myself and corporations is enough of a stimulus yet. >> do you think there is anything positive that happened sings presidenpresident trump he elected. >> i'm happy with the way the economy and stock market is going even though it has it ups and downs. if anyone thinks it only goes up remember what goes up must come down too. this is normal. that's the way the stock market always goes. i'm happy with the way the stock market has gone and hopefully people will come together and be as polarized.
6:29 pm
i'm the first one that says when the people have spoken we have a president. we need to support the president no matter what. you may think it's the wrong party or this is wrong or that is wrong. we have to all work together. we all know from sports. i've learned a lot of lessons from sports. when a teamworks together they win. if there is fighting amongst each other they lose. we are in a damaged america if we attack the president because we don't like his style. we must support him. if we have done something wrong we should have the right to speak out and criticize him. steve: you have done a bit of that. you have had a bit of fun with the president on twitter and so on. being serious about it, do you think he's someone you can support in 2020. is there anything he could do to win back your support? >> look, i have been friends
6:30 pm
with trump for many years. we have run into each other. we have run into each other in business or with his show. we are not enemies. when he asked me to support him but i said i would love to but that would go against everything i've done when it comes to the environmental issue. if you acknowledge we have a problem, you don't have to acknowledge global warming. let's assume you are one of those who doesn't believe in that. you have to acknowledge we are killing 79 people per year because of pollution. let's assume you don't believe in none of that. i believe in that and someone else does and that's okay. acknowledge we have pollution and we have to stop the pollution. we can do better than that. if there is an intersection and
6:31 pm
cars are crashing into each other we have to stop it. we have to save people. that's the ultimate responsibility of government. you can't continue on knowing people are dying with pollution and fossil fuels and not do anything. steve: i have to thank arnold. he's back home now. joining me is adrienne elrod. >> i liked the fact he was coming together for democrats and republicans. we need more moderate voices. we have extremism going on the far right and on the left as well. he was a really good governor of california. he had issues in the past few
6:32 pm
years. he was pro business and pro environment. i would like to see a bit of this getting back into politics today. steve: yeah, okay, from who? who needs to move to make that happen? >> both parties are responsible. i worked with a guy who was pro-life and democrat on everything else. it's nice to get the more moderate part of both parties back here. steve: one thing he said was talking about california's economy. i can't remember the exact word he used. >> economy, if you look at google and facebook they are doing good. as far as the american people living and working on the streets, i mean we have more people living on the streets than anywhere in the country. homelessness is number one.
6:33 pm
unemployment is number one. we have a sanctuary state so we are not secure. also he is talking about climate. stop driving your private jets and hummers. let's make it harder for those purchasing the american cars. you want to talk climate and build the cars we have to help the american people to make it more affordable. steve: tomi you are on the hunt to establish the issues in california. we see you out there battling the liberals you come across. there are conservatives out there. the way for the republican party to come back in california, it's doing really badly statewide is to be more moderate. does that make sense? >> if that was the winning strategy we would have mccain
6:34 pm
as president or romney. when they allow the name-calling and don't stick to their guns literally stick to their guns then we lose. it takes someone like donald trump who will be a leader and get out and recognize what's plaguing the american people. here in california this state is a mess of issues. climate change might be one issue but as you mentioned the homelessness and the fact that california is unaffordable for most that live here. oh, and by the way the border situation is something we should be mildful of. i love hold hands. it shouldn't be just the right. we should continue what president trump started. steve: from my point of view, i used the phrase the other week that here in california the
6:35 pm
democrats here have moved so far left they are halfway to hawaii. they really are. >> democrats have run the state for a while now. >> they are running it into the ground. the american people, this november vote for republicans to get the state back on track. steve: the results are in and it's not good. look around the big city. there is a lot more to talk about there but we are out of time. coming up later as president trump ramps up talks with china a lot of the problem is right here in california. we'll take a deep dive into the $1.3 trillion bill. we'll look at the special interests that will make their way into the budget. don't go away. let's begin.
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remember that $1.3 trillion spending bill put together the other week just days before the government shutdown. we called it a swamp bill written by special interest for special interest. how right we were. we have taken a look at that 2,000 page peac piece of legisl. the spending bill is tonight's swamp watch. steve: one thing people liked was more money for the military especially a pay raise for the troops. how was that? it's really a 1.1% raise. it's less impressive that you compare to the industrial swamp got for the bill. the total increase was $55 billion. the raise for our troops adds up to 200 million. so just 3% of the spending
6:41 pm
increase will actually go to our troops. not .3%. think about that number. when they talk about their generosity. their real generosity was to defense. including $577 million to boeing for 17 helicopters and $5.4 billion for two submarines produced by general dynamics. what do you think explains the generosity, you know the answer, this is the swamp after all. it's lobbying and corruption. huntington spent thousands of dollars for lobbying including a well place $10,000 to steven. no less than 88% of the lobbyist they hired previously held government jobs. including a lobbyist for bgr
6:42 pm
group that was the chief of staff for congressman steven. the special interest corruption goes much farther. nearly every major item in the bill was influenced by someone who stood to gain for it. the bill included $290 million to rural health programs. this includes flexibility grants designed to enhance quality and improve financial viability for the lobbyist. there is a national rural health association that just so happens to spend $500,000 since 2016 lobbying the federal government directed at a -- pro aappropria.
6:43 pm
the current chairman of the ways and means committee. another one previous worked for the chief council lisa. no wonder this association managed to double it's funding from the government. this is also strange. they are talking about this amongst themself. lisa talked about the money she got for the university of nevada. they are also one of her top five donors. this press release was sent out about how he helped get funds for the children's program. that program that provides money for training pediatricians will get $300 million.
6:44 pm
no wonder he's celebrating. turns out some of that money ends up in his own campaign funds. the cleveland hospital that gets money is part of the cleveland clinic hospital that's one of the highest contributors to his career. they have given him more than $180,000. that same hospital spent nearly $1.5 million on lobbying between 2016 and 2017. it gets better one of their lobbiest worked for senator brown. just to be clear this isn't a small charming local hospital. cleveland clinic is a eenormous business. it's expanding into other countries. in 2015 they made a half-billion dollars in profit and paid their ceo nearly 5 million. it's no wonder they are making so much money when they are so
6:45 pm
good at milking the public purse. what was missing was the one thing you actually voted for, the wall. they couldn't find the $25 billion for that. surprise, surprise they found that kind of money to spend on themselves. $9 billion for the federal buildings fund which will provide for construction repairs, cleaning utilities of federal buildings, $7 million for the architect to maintain
6:46 pm
the projects for all that work in the capital complex. they had support for their time-honored tradition of sledding on the capital ground. sledding on the capital grounds is secure. how about the border? congress found an extra $200 billion for the treasury department. aren't these the people that should save us money. the house and senate budgeted 2 billion for the house and senate but no money for the wall. there is one reassuring thing. this bill included $5 billion for the european reassurance initiative. nothing for what you voted for. this spending bill like everything else in washington is a swamp of inefficiency and corruption. the more you spend on lobbying the more you get from taxpayers. no wonder people want a revolution. coming up, what role does google play in the war with china. we'll have more coming up. people would stare. psoriasis does that.
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welcome back, everyone. we keep hearing about how the chinese are forcing the hand over vital technology. a lot of that goes on. some silicone valley giants aren't being forced but doing it voluntarily to make more in china. google set up a artificial intelligence center in beijing.
6:51 pm
this week they called for them to pullout. google is okay helping our enemy, the communist country. they said google needs to shutdown their intelligence in china. >> this is a mess. we have had constant issues with china over intellectual property or the tariff issue we are dealing with. there does seem to be a trade war. steve said on friday this is not a trade war. of course, i'm sore redid say this could be a trade war. larry, the president's nec advisor said this wouldn't be a trade war. we are getting mixed messages. >> look, i mean, tomi i don't
6:52 pm
think there is much doubt that president trump would get tough on china. there is the video of him saying china over and over again. why is anyone surprised that he's following through on his promise. >> we shouldn't be surprised. he always follows through. someone needs to make china play fair. what we have seen time and time again on matters of diplomacy the world will have to answer to that. i'm comfortable because they won't test him. >> the markets will be crazy because we don't know where the president is going. >> we are the greatest country in the world. we don't need china. china needs us. we need to make things in
6:53 pm
america again. it has to be made in america once again. you see people working finally in america. it's been a long time. we have a president that puts america first. >> these companies are falling all over themselves to suck up to the -- chana. >> whic china. >> that has to stop. steve: we shouldn't use such a strong word but when you look at the big picture china has targeted artificial intelligence as part of their plan in their own words to achieve world domination. surly, any part of this should
6:54 pm
be stopped. >> this is the first president that has to guts to stand-up to china. as you said putting america first and making sure we don't have this issue. if if we don't hold china accountable in any of the areas it will not stop. it will get worse and worse and worse for the american workers. we will have a president be stuff and strong and china will respond. all of this right now will go away. >> you pointed out inconstancies. do you think democrats can get behind this top action on trade. we talked about hit swampiness earlier. >> we can't get behind when you have this escalading trade war going on where you have a president trying to out to another president. they are trying to out man each other on this. you can't do that. you need a consistent trade
6:55 pm
policy. imposing tariffs on steel look where they got us. now they will tax you on everything from soybeans to wine. this will impact farmers that voted for trump. we should be really careful. >> we are out of time on that. they said they will help the farmers. we are out of time on that. coming up an important announcement about next weeks show. don'ton go away. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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he claims. the trial of james comey. that's next sunday, do not miss it. follow us on twitter, facebook an instagram. smart living is next with special guests. join us next weekend when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello america, this is life, liberty and mark live in. i've a special guest, governor sarah palin. >> you flew down from alaska. i can be more appreciative than that. >> you know, we know little bit about your background. you grew up in alaska most of your life. >> all your life. you settled there, your


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