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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tweet me because without free speech and a free conscience, we are not truly a free people. we are not afraid to debate ideas here. we relish a vigorous debate. they run from it. good luck with that. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" crew is up next. until tomorrow, good night from washington. good to be back. >> shannon: welcome back, laura. great to have you back with us in d.c. great show. i'm shannon bream in washington. we start with a fox news alert. president trump promising to make a major decision tonight or very shortly thereafter on syria after another suspected poison gas attack. we are following the latest developments on syria as the president huddles with his top military advisors, along with former u.n. ambassador john bolton, his very first day as the new national security advisor. at the same time, mr. trump is calling an fbi raid on his personal attorney and "attack in our country," pushing back hard on what he calls a disgraceful which can't. has the special counsel
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broadcast into new territory? your room or a stated goal, investigating suspected russian interference. team coverage for you, kristin fisher standing by with the presidential planning on syria. president trump says there will be a big price to pay for the chemical attack. we begin with garrett tenney breaking down the special counsel action of the president's very heated response. >> this is very significant. michael cohen is a longtime friend and confidant who has played an integral part of the trump family businesses. today we learned he is also the subject of a criminal investigation by the fbi. this morning, agents of new york city rated his apartment, his office, and where he's been staying by "the new york times" reports agents seized emails, tax documents, and information about his clients, which are related to a number of issues including cohen's harsh payment to adult
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film star stormy daniels. the attorneys said the raids were related to investigation by special counsel robert mueller, which was then were referred to federal prosecutors in new york. but the attorney say a lot about the fbi took is protected under attorney-client privilege, including cohen's private communications of donald trump. that is significant because the fbi has special procedures to raid the offices of an attorney and there is a very high bar to get a search warrant approved to do that. the fact that this comes as a result of the special counsel's investigation is also creating a lot of frustration on the president. while president trump and his attorneys have repeatedly dismissed the idea that he will fire special counsel robert mueller, tonight he berated the investigation and seemed to leave the door open to that possibility. >> is a disgraceful situation. it's a total witch hunt. said that is really now at a whole new level of unfairness.
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this is the most biased group of people, these people have the biggest conflicts of interests, so they find no collusion and then they go from there and they say, well, let's keep going, and they raided an office of a personal attorney early in the morning. >> did you have an affair with stormy daniels? >> why don't i just buy your mueller? well, i think is a disgrace what's going on. we'll see what happens. i think it's a really sad situation. >> tonight, chuck schumer part back on those statements with a warning, saying of the president is thinking of using this raid to fire special counsel mueller or otherwise interfere with the chain of command of the russia probe, we democrats have one simple message for him. don't. at this point, we don't know what crime cohen is being investigated for but in order for the search warrants to be issued, a federal judge would have had to -- the searches would provide evidence of it. tonight, democratic
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senator richard blumenthal called this a game changer in the russia investigation. >> it's probably one of the most significant, most seismic events in the trump-russia investigation. this is now an investigation that has a life of its own. it raises the stakes for the president. >> in a number of legal experts including alan dershowitz tonight on fox news says that they believe this is an effort by robert mueller to try to get michael cohen to turn on president trump, that we should note, michael cohen has mentioned repeatedly he would take a bullet for the president. shannon? >> shannon: garrett tenney, thank you very much. president trump has said he wants u.s. troops to withdraw from syria soon. but he's now faced with how to respond to a vicious chemical weapons attack that has left dozens of syrian civilians dead and hundreds more injured. kristin fisher is tracking all the new details and what we are being told is keeping all options on the table at the
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white house. >> that's right, shannon. president trump met with u.s. military leaders at the white house where he said pointblank that the u.s. will respond forcefully to this chemical weapons attack. that is a world away from what the president said just late last month. two weeks ago, president trump did something he's repeatedly said he wouldn't do. he telegraphed his military strategy. >> by the way, we are knocking the hill out of isis. will be coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of it now. >> he did it again a a few days later at the white house. >> i want to bring our troops back home. >> four days after making those remarks, one of the worst chemical weapons attacks in syrian history. the next day, republican senator john mccain said president trump was partly to blame because he "signaled to the world that the united states would prematurely withdraw from syria, bashar al-assad and iranian backers have heard him and were emboldened by american in action."
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the same day, the president trump did something else he has rarely, if ever done before. he publicly criticized his russian counterpart by saying, "president putin, russia, and iran are responsible for backing animal assad." republicans are urging him to not let syrian president bashar al-assad cross and other u.s. presidents red wine and emerge unscathed. >> you need to show the resolve that obama never had. >> president trump expects to make a major decision within the next two days. at the same time, nikki haley was at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and imploring them make a move. >> history will record this as the moment that when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria. either way, the united states
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will respond. >> and tonight, the president echoed that there was a remarks while flanked by his military leaders. >> it will be matte ended will be met forcefully, when, it will not say because i don't like talking about timing. but we are developing the greatest force that we've ever had. >> it appears that there are some kind of military response impotent. what and when we don't know. it's also worth pointing out that today, for the new national security john bolton's first official day on the job, and whatever state it was, shannon, he is right at the center of all of this. >> shannon: very much expected to be in influence. president mouth is a national security team tonight on syria. with his new national security advisor, john bolton, at his side, talked extensively with the press about syria and the special counsel raids on his personal attorney. joining us now, south carolina
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republican senator lindsey graham. good to see you tonight, senator. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: blood starts with the raids on michael cohen. i want to read something with vanity fair. while trump's allies have dismissed many of the people i met in the special: counsel cross hais , how was what happened today different than what we -- >> i don't know what they are looking at. all i can say is the president -- if president trump's campaign colluded our work with the russians, in an improper way, they are in big time trouble. if that didn't happen, most of this won't matter. stormy daniels is not going to matter, i don't know what the nda was all about. michael cohen we have done something you shouldn't have done in terms of the legal transaction. the one thing president trump needs to be assured of, if he
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didn't work with the russians, the american people will see through all of this. if he did work with the russians, he is in trouble and i've seen no evidence that he did. >> shannon: he's maintained all along that he wants this to wrap up. he says he wants to talk to mueller because he says he's confident they won't find anything. his attorneys will fight with him about that but there it's been a big gulp point of contention. >> here's the point. if the trump campaign in someway received help from the russian government, russian intelligence services, wikileaks, coordinated with them, that is the big deal, they'll pay a heavy price. all of this other stuff is just background noise. the obstruction case, if trump didn't collude with the russians, why he fired comey really doesn't matter because he could buy your comey for the way he looks, so the only thing i've ever been concerned about is whether or not the campaign coordinated their efforts with e russian intelligence services or some ally of russia and i've seen no evidence of that.
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this michael cohen thing, not related to russia, if i were trump, i wouldn't worry about it. >> shannon: i want to play what mollie hemingway had to say on "special report" talking about mueller and the fact that he seems to be feeling pretty confident these days. >> mueller is unafraid. it's worth remembering that he was also unafraid when he botched the anthrax investigation by targeting the wrong person. a blunder that cocked, cost taxpayers a lot of money. there is a burden of proof that the fbi, department of justice, special counsel have to meet. president trump talked about the conflicts of interest. >> shannon: he talked about them tonight when he was asked about -- why haven't you fired mueller? he did not give an answer but he went on to talk about rosenstein. clearly these two men are on his mind. >> i remember they can start investigation. the democrats went after ken starr, everyone who worked for him it was a republican, you shouldn't believe a word he said. this is not unusual to make the special counsel a political
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punching bag. the only thing i can tell the president, mr. mueller has a good reputation. he's doing his job professionally as far as i can tell, and if you didn't coordinate, collude with the russians, you've got nothing to worry about. the only way you can get in trouble is to take the law into your own hands and richard nixon tried that, didn't work out well. >> shannon: i want to ask you about syria. in the wake of a chemical attack, the president has called a putin, russia, iran. tonight, your colleague had this to say. "if we put together a response is going to include military force, the president of the united states should come to congress and ask for authorization before military force is used." what is your take? >> i think he's been wrong about almost everything related to this more. i like them a lot. the congress declares war, the president can't do that. we've only had five declarations of war in history of the country. the president has all the
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authority he needs and articles are going to go after enemies of this nation. how many people does a guy have to kill fly chlorine gas until the world gets upset? the president can't rely on the united nations, -- >> shannon: a vote tomorrow. >> nothing will happen. the only thing that can happen is for president trump to lead a coalition of the willing, the arabs and europeans, to go in and destroy every airbase that assad owns. if i were president, they would be no runway available to the syrian air force, no planes available, and i'd make assad a target because he's a war criminal. this president, donald trump, has brought north korea to the table because he's been tough. this president has got the iranians worried because he stuff. here is what he has to accomplish. kim jong un has to look at what he does in syria and say to himself, i don't want to cross donald trump. look at what happened to assad. if it's one and done, not part
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of a conference of strategy against assad, then you will embolden every bad actor on the planet including north korea and the iranians. a defining moment for the president. take this guy home, blow his air force to smithereens, go after him, and the world will be a better place. >> shannon: we'll see what they are deciding behind closed doors. senator, thanks for coming in. good to see you. government is publicly claiming responsibility for the air strikes on syria but moscow was pointing the finger at israel for the early monday morning bombing, which killed at least 14 people, including iranian soldiers. officially, israel is not involved in a war in syria, but since 2011, israeli policy has been to prevent any transfer of advanced weapons demolition groups like iran backed hezbollah. back here in washington, the federal buzz address deficit is such a girl substantially, according to new productions released tonight. the congressional budget office is the combined effect of tax
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cut bill and the latest funding plan will push the deficit to $804 billion this year. the predicts the trillion dollar deficit by 2020. the budget chairman, a republican, says it is particularly so boring that mandatory spending continues to grow, as such an unsustainable pace, making it even more difficult to achieve balance. senate minority leader chuck schumer said this. "the cbo's latest report exposes this game behind their rosy rhetoric from republicans that their tax bill would pay for itself." we are waiting for the next move. we'll go inside the pentagon for military options on syria. facebooks marks mark seb walker- mark zuckerberg on the hill. >> will you behave as an adult, a major corporate leader? music >> shannon: dungarees? who's telling the truth?
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are getting word a guided missile destroyer is leaving a port of call as a president prepares to make what he calls a major decision on syria. as you may recall, when chemical weapons were used on syrian civilians last year, president trump authorized multiple missile strikes against the syrian airfield. what next? jennifer griffin trying to from the pentagon with more. jennifer? >> the pentagon has been working since the weekend to draw up options for the president, who did not mince his words today, calling the attacks barbaric, leaving no doubt that he planned to react to this weekend's attack. the president indicated a major decision on syria will be coming in the next 24-48 hours. he said in his mind, there was no doubt who was responsible for this attack and nothing is off the table. >> if it's russia, if it's syria, if it's a random, if it is all of them together, we'll figure it out. we all know the answers quite soon. so we are looking at that very,
8:20 pm
very strongly and seriously. >> the president mention vladimir putin by name, reinforcing a message delivered by defense secretary jim mattis at the pentagon this morning. he spoke before a prescheduled meeting with the -- a shifted the focus to russia, which has blocked. >> the first thing we have to look at is why chemical weapons are still being used at all, and russia was the framework, moving all the chemical weapons, so working with our allies and partners from nato and elsewhere, we will address this issue. >> taking actions, launching air strikes against assad? >> i don't rule out anything. >> u.s. has no carriers in the gulf but they acknowledged a guided missile destroyer with
8:21 pm
thousands of tomahawk cruise missiles on board left a port call in cyprus putting it within striking range of syria. the russians are blaming israeli jets for bombing a syrian airbase last night, which is used by both the russians and the iranians. three iranians were killed in the overnight strike. officials here at the pentagon tell me the israelis gave them a heads up about the strike and suggested more could be an offering plate >> shannon: jennifer griffin of the pentagon. thank you very much. u.n. ambassador nikki haley has made a habit of tough talk on russia. she's back at it tonight. >> the russian regime, whose hands are covered in the blood of syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. we tried that before. we must not overlook russia. >> shannon: let's talk about it for the rob o'neill, the
8:22 pm
navy seal who took out usama bin laden. and michael waltz. welcome to both of you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to plea about what the president said about who is responsible and where to go next. >> we are getting clarity about who was responsible for the weapons attacks and we are getting some very good clarity. we have some pretty good answer answers. >> we have a lot of options military. we'll be letting you know pretty soon. probably after the fact. >> shannon: rob, how much more do we need to know about this? a lot of people are questioning if the president said, i think we're just about done with his mission in syria, why would the assad regime do something like this, which many people believe draws the u.s.] and? >> because they've been doing it pretty much the whole time. they've gotten it away a whole bunch of times with the famous red line of obama, we didn't
8:23 pm
strike them once last april. they are sending a message for the holds out and the region. i give the president credit for taking pause to make sure it was them, for the propaganda piece, just finding out why they were doing it. it has been confirmed it was them doing it. you will see a swift response, trying to get an alliance together to include the french and the u.k. could. hopefully the u.n. i think ambassador haley was right when she said the u.n. needs to prove they are worth anything. if i were betting on it, i would say they are not. >> shannon: michael, i want to read about what we've got. statement from the ministry of foreign affairs from the russian federation. "false information is being planted about the alleged use of chlorine and other toxic agents by the syrian government forces. we have to say once again that military interference in syria where russian forces have been deployed as a request at the legitimate government under contrived and false. taxes absolutely unacceptable
8:24 pm
and can lead to very brave consequences. it sounds like they are warning us, denying, questioning reports about who is responsible. there are even reports they are questioning in iran whether it happened. warning us about getting involved military. >> two things, numbers to shan. the united states cannot do nothing. we just can't at this point by turning a blind eye as president obama did the last several years, his administration, we essentially accept the use of wmd by despotic regimes all over the world. number one. number two, we can tell by the movement of these types of munitions come by the types of aircraft, who's responsible. and thirdly, in terms of a russian warning so to speak, the number of russian mercenaries recently tried to move into areas held by u.s. forces and backed by u.s. allies and we essentially punch them in the
8:25 pm
nose and smoked them. the russians wouldn't dare and we have to respond and i think we have to respond forcefully. senator graham is right. we need to take down assad's air force and that president obama had done it years ago, thousands of lives would have saved. >> shannon: very quickly, a quick response from both of you. what are your concerns, if assad is taken out, what is waiting behind him? rob? >> there needs to be a swift response because it has been happening and if we don't need to do -- if we don't do anything, the world need to see justice. the russians are using chemical weapons in the u.k., backing them here, like michael was saying, they are lying about printing mercenaries, met -- >> shannon: your concerns about assad and what comes after? >> i don't know we are talking regime change with assad here but what we are talking about is stopping his ability to use wmd on his own people. having the region to send to so
8:26 pm
chaos. the refugee flows, using those platforms to attack the united states. the united states needs to stay engaged in the region. we have less than 2,000 special operators there. i think the downside of completely pulling out as you have isis come back again, our allies get slaughtered, and iran and russia running amok in the middle east. >> shannon: those allies become wary about working with us again. >> if we have to go back again, the price will be higher. >> shannon: michael waltz and rob o'neill, thank you both for your service and for being with us. facebook and privacy, the ceo of facebook makes the rounds on capitol hill ahead of what could be a very difficult couple of days for him before congressional committees this week. a little judge may give a president trump a chance to reshape one of the most left-leaning courts in my
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>> shannon: facebook founder mark zuckerberg ditching my facebook and hoodie and apologizing for what he called facebook mistakes. he's making the route on capitol hill for a his silicon valley home and facing bipartisan scrutiny for both the white house and prominent democrats on capitol hill. >> i think the message i wanted to convey to him, if we don't rein in the misuse of social media, none of us are going to have any privacy anymore. >> he is a major corporate leader, don't give me this phony baloney -- what is that, hoodies and dungarees? >> shannon: joining us now, fox news politics editor, chris stirewalt. you don't often hear the word "dungarees." >> no, that's a term i use. >> shannon: i felt like it was a chris stirewalt word. >> i am glad that larry kudlow
8:32 pm
is back on tv. >> shannon: i love his sound bites. zuckerberg was in the whole suit and tie, making the rounds. we have what he will say tomorrow and he will say, it was my mistake and i'm sorry and i started facebook in a run and i am responsible for what happens here. this is different vermont martin shrkreli came to capitol hill. >> we are what you're looking at is a market sector that is moving into maturation, the adolescent adolescents -- the big ones don't want the wild west anymore. what would happen when a company has failed as thoroughly and as completely as facebook has come a competitive market forces would eventually drag them under. they would go down and they would be replaced by somebody else. what they are looking for really is they are looking for the gentle, protective custody of the federal government, that is why they spent a lot of money on
8:33 pm
lobbying, the p.r., that is why they suck up to these politicians. in the end, they want to create a regulatory structure that will protect them from competition. there will be new rules to live by blood, you know, a few billion dollars profit, everything -- it takes this thing out. >> another one of our favorite sound bite givers on capitol hill, senator john kennedy. >> i'm not interested in regulating that. >> shannon: i want to regulate them to death. what kind of questions do you think zuckerberg will get tomorrow? this is so different than the world he operates in. >> it is. unfortunately for a lot of these teen titans, they have existed in this bubble. you think the bubble is thick in washington. can you imagine the thickness of bubble for a silicon valley billionaire? >> shannon: in a hoodie? >> who is not accustomed to the issues. let's remember, whatever congress does is secondary to
8:34 pm
the national discussion that we are having now, a new, as our online lives, our digital lives, and our regular lives merge into one stream. people were not careful about what they did with facebook. facebook's biggest problem, i do believe they will be successful in getting favorable regulations from a government in time, they just have a bacon of market share and they will be able to crowd out competitors. we have larger questions or talk to each other about that talk with ourselves about as it relates to how much do you really want to share with these people? >> shannon: they've seen it all. and they've read it all. i just assumed they read all my emails and phone calls. chris stirewalt, thank you. conservative court watchers say president trump was making his mark on the federal court system and now he got a chance to begin reshaping what is widely viewed as the most liberal federal court in the country. he joins us from the life of my
8:35 pm
cart -- >> it covers nine western states. in recent years, it's handled some of the most pivotal issues like immigration, same-sex marriage, and landmark environmental cases. the court, as you know tacoma has gained a reputation as being among the nation's most liberale fought to keep it that way. four years ago, when circuit judge stephen reinhardt was 83, his longtime friend and uc berkeley school of law suggested that he stepped down, while democrats still had the power to replace him with a like-minded liberal. reinhardt refused to answer now death allows president trump to name his replacement. it goes even deeper. after 29 judges who make up the ninth circuit, there are now eight vacancies and with republicans controlling the senate, mr. trump likely has the power to dramatically change the ninth circuit, which has been a thorn in his side. remember, the ninth circuit ruled against trump's travel ban and his plan to withhold federal
8:36 pm
funding from sanctuary cities. trump's nomination still wouldn't turn the court conservative but it would certainly tilt at that way. though we should note california senator dianne feinstein, the senior democrat on the judiciary committee has failed to fight trump's nominees. on the flip side, republican members of the senate judiciary are already annoyed with democrats for slow walking judicial nominees and now they are going to change the rules to speed up the process. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. his critics have long claimed he wants to fire special counsel robert mueller. the president's legal team says that is not the case. he even got asked tonight. next, we'll let the panel decide for what this means for the president today. and former attorney general loretta lynch breaking her silence on the infamous tarmac meeting. but she is saying about that, james comey, and much more next. ♪
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8:41 pm
agents raiding the office, home, and hotel room of his personal attorney michael cohen. mr. trump calling the rated disgrace and calling mueller's investigation and tack on our country. let's bring in tonight's panel. philippe reines, charlie hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times," and the white house correspondent for "the daily caller." what do you make of what we are hearing out of china? >> i think it is very interesting, giving that days ago, the chinese were saying there was no room for negotiations, that these tariffs were going to go into place and there was no channels of communication between the white house on the chinese. now a couple days later, president xi seems to be backing down. you'll see larry kudlow and the president very, very happy tomorrow. >> we been losing the trade battle trying to for a very, very long time and politicians of both parties have done the same thing, which is nothing.
8:42 pm
trying something different and hoping for different results may be works. >> shannon: the white house could use some good news tonight. >> they sure can. it >> shannon: anything that would make the markets move in positive territory. let's move to the story at hand. these raids of michael cohen today. our understanding is this came from a special counsel, he then -- according to the statutory framework -- he would have had to talk to rod rosenstein, overseeing this thing, they referred it to the local u.s. attorney's office, and the raid. this is what cohen is lawyer saying pride "it was completely inappropriate and unnecessary. philippe, that is a pretty extraordinary step. >> i think everyone is saying that. that is why there are such important safeguards before taking it. i think we should attach names here. what a mueller seems to have done is that he took it to a man
8:43 pm
named jeffrey berman, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. he was chosen by donald trump, let's not get into pnc who he is, he is in a job because of donald trump. he said, go do it. whatever there is, we'll find out whatever it is, he deems it proper. he deemed it necessary. with all due respect to mr. cohen's attorney, there is something there. and i know that is not what everyone wants to hear but i think everyone should be patient and trust our law enforcement agencies to let them work through the process. >> shannon: there are several steps of vetting this has to go through, numerous, and they would have to know, charlie, if we eventually see the search warrants, it will be the most dissected search warrant of all time. behind this patent applications, if we ever get those. they had to -- everything had to
8:44 pm
be in a row for this to be pulled off. >> absolutely. like philippe said, we don't know what is in there yet. as you say, it will be closely inspected. it does underscore the degree to which the doj has lost a lot of credibility over the past year pursuing what was a farce of an investigation and very much weaponizing these investigative tools before the election but weaponizing these investigative tools for political purposes. they've done in norma's amount of damage to themselves by doing that and the russia collusion, they've not produced any -- there's never been any real evidence that there is a russian collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> shannon: that is what we have heard from both sides of the aisle. tonight --
8:45 pm
>> that's not exactly -- >> shannon: i want to make sure we get saagar and there, too. >> as long as he said that. >> shannon: bell module, conservative radio host tweeted this out... saagar, the president says, i've got nothing to worry about. >> this is with the president and what sarah huckabee sanders told us. when the president says witch hunt, what he means is this consistent fawning out of the investigation. we have seen now they are going into michael cohen's bank records, they go back several years. far beyond the campaign. you see the story breaking tonight about a ukrainian steel magnate's donations to trump foundation. these are all things that are outside of the purview of the original purpose of the council in their view. they consistently view this is a sprawling investigation that is going to continue to exist for the remainder of their presidency. we have heard from the white house special counsel --
8:46 pm
from the white house counsel, ty cobb, this would be wrapped up by thanksgiving, then christmas. this thing has no end in sight. use awful display what damage this is doing to the president. he was so angry. it's quite in reaction to the fact that his personal attorney has been rated in the manner in all accounts has nothing to do with russia and russia collusio. >> shannon: we'll discuss during the commercial. we have more hot topics. it is he said, she said, former fbi director james comey at odds with his ex-boss, for me attorney general loretta lynch over the emails, and what happened at the tarmac meeting with bill clinton. brand-new details with the panel next. ( ♪ )
8:47 pm
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>> shannon: former fbi director james comey said to give him a queasy feeling, that is how he described it, when his former boss, president obama and attorney general loretta lynch ask them to downplay the clinton email investigation. it was the tarmac weighting that led comey to go public with news of the appropriate >> i had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the fbi and the justice department. >> were there other things that contribute to that which you can describe in an open session?
8:51 pm
>> the only other consideration i guess i can't talk about is that at one point the attorney general had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call any matter. it confused me and concerned me. >> shannon: in a new interview, head of cohen comey's book release, lynch is telling her side of the story. >> to the extent that it bothered him, did he go to you in question your credibility with regard to the clinton case? >> we had a full and open discussion about it. >> he didn't raise concerns? >> concerns were not raised. >> shannon: (back the panel. philippe, charlie, and saagar. charlie, what you make of this? that comey book is coming out, he has a lot to say. you think that has anything to do with heard positions the talk now? >> i think it has everything to do with it. getting all these interviews out of the way now and then go dark after the book comes out. it'll be interesting because
8:52 pm
obviously comey has spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this book. it will be very well read by both supporters and detractors. i would imagine that they will be an enormous amount of material found in the book that both sides will use to their advantage. but very -- it will be -- i don't see how it's possible that you could get out a book like this without finding lots more discrepancies. >> shannon: lynch also had to say this and talking with nbc. "she finds it troubling the people question the motivations of dedicated committed professionals. i look at the department is a place that i was proud to lead. watching the attacks are not as painful at times. speed saagar, we are waiting for the inspector general's report on how the fbi handled the email investigation. >> you saw the attorney general did appoint a new u.s. attorney
8:53 pm
to oversee the overseeing of that investigation and the handling over the thousands and thousands of emails regarding the investigation to congress. but congress is still not happy about this because if you see trey gowdy and some of the other members and saying, this is absolutely inefficient. you are still seeing a total slow rolling of the hillary clinton email investigation from the fbi and doj and they suspect that they simply just don't want congress to find out how the entire investigation was handled. >> shannon: let me read of what trey gowdy had to say. about the idea of appointing the u.s. attorney. "i struggle to understand what has been happening over the previous months since congress was assured doj and fbi were working on the document request. congress requested these documents months ago. congress has consistently been assured the production was in progress." philippe? >> it's important to use names. this is a republican member of congress complaining in a vacuum when in reality it is
8:54 pm
jeff sessions, it is a person is attorney general, the president's fbi director, christopher wray, who decided to put this person in charge. the notion that there is any kind of resistance, i don't know if there is or isn't, but they should look in the mirror because they are running the place. in terms of comey, the more common ground on this panel format when it comes to jim comey, he's about to be exactly what he wants to be. a victim, hero, showboat or -- >> shannon: best-selling author. >> always make him a look at how hard it is to be right all the time. >> shannon: you have a lot of empathy tonight. >> i do. >> shannon: what do you make tonight of the president talking about jeff sessions? very heated, saying, if you would have told us he would recuse, charlie, i would have picked someone else? still mad. >> he's a dog with a bone. he gets on that little thing
8:55 pm
that bothers him and he doesn't let her go. >> shannon: oh, boy. on that note, thank you, panel. a first coming up in the news next. or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ feet go here.... you know what goes here... and your approval rating... goes here. test drive the ztrak z540r at your john deere dealer today. for the big things in life, we tend to start small. less of this. cut back on that. but if it feels like a lot of effort for a little gain, change that. start with something that makes a big difference... ...your student loans. refinancing with sofi could save you $30,000. it's an easier way to reach your life goal sooner.
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♪ >> shannon: tammy duckworth has become the first senator to give birth while in office. the illinois democrat welcomed her second daughter, named after her husband's great aunt who was a army nurse. she is the first senator to give birth in office but nine women serving in the house have done the same. our congratulations to them and to their family and wishing you all the best with a new addition as you work, as many women do, and handle two little babies at the same time. thank you so much for joining us tonight with breaking news from syria, the cohen raids from the fbi, and in china. we hope you will join us tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. eastern. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening
9:00 pm
with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." leaders on both sides of the aisle in congress, in the media, in our intelligence services and virtually every overfunded think tank in washington have suddenly aligned tonight on a single point of agreement. america must go to war in syria immediately. bashar al assad cannot continue to lead that country. he must be overthrown. assad is an evil man, they tell us, his latest crime is a chlorine gas attack carried out over the weekendr by his forces against a rebel held suburb of damascus. his poison gas suffocated children. pictures of the aftermath of that are all over the internet and they are assad is a monster. that's the official story.


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