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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 10, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tweet me because without free speech and a free conscience, we are not truly a free people. we are not afraid to debate ideas here. we relish a vigorous debate. they run from it. good luck with that. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" crew is up next. until tomorrow, good night from washington. good to be back. >> shannon: welcome back, laura. great to have you back with us in d.c. great show. i'm shannon bream in washington. >> we start with a fox news alert. donald trump promising to make a major decision tonight or shortly thereafter on syria after another poison gas attack. we are following the latest developments on syria as the president talks to his top military advisors and john bolton's first day as the national security adviser. mr. trump is calling an fbi raid on his personal attorney
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a, quote, attack on our country pushing back hard against what he calls a disgraceful witchhunt as a special counsel probe crosses new territory when it comes to presidential scrutiny. it stated full, russian interference in the 2016 election. kristen fisher standing by with presidential planning on syria, a big price to pay for that chemical attack. we begin with garrett tenney breaking down special counsel action and the president's heated response. >> this is significant. michael:is not just a personal attorney, he played an integral part in the trump business. ave he has been staying in agencies emails, text documents, business records and information about his clients
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related to a number of issues including his connections to stormy daniels. prosecutors told stephen right the raids were related to an investigation by robert mueller which is referred to federal prosecutors in new york but attorneys say a lot of what the fbi took is protected unders se attorney-client privilege including private medications with donald trump was the fbi has special procedures to raid the offices of an attorney and there's a high bar to get a search warrant to do that but the special counsel investigation is creating a lot of frustration around the president. donald trump and his attorneys dismissed the idea he will fire robert mueller, tonight seemed to leave the door open to that possibility. >> a disgracefulac situation, totalea witchhunt, a whole new
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level of unfairness.he this is the most biased group of people, the biggest conflicts of interest, when they find no collusion they go from there and favorites keep going and raid an office of a personal attorney. >> did you have an affair with stormy daniels? >> why don't i just fire mueller? it is a disgrace what is going on, we will see what happens but it is a sad situation. >> reporter: chuck schumer pushed back with a warning, if the president is thinking of using this raid to fire special counsel mueller or interfere with the chain of command, democrats have one simple message, don't. we don't know what exact crime comey is being investigated for but for these search wants to be should a federal judge would have to determine if there was enough probable cause a crime
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was committed that the searches provide evidence of it. richard blumenthal called this anv game changer in the russia investigation. >> one of the most significant, most seismic events in the trump russia investigation. this is now investigation that has a life of its own. it raises the stakes for the president. >> alan dershowitz said they believe this is an effort by robert mueller to get michael cohen to turn on donald trump but he has repeatedly mentioned he would take a bullet for the president. shannon: donald trump wants us troops to withdraw from serious and that he is faced with how to respond, left series of -- millions dead end we are tracking new details keeping
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allus options on the table. >> reporter: at the white house, point blank, the us, in chemical weapons attack. two weeks ago donald trump did something he said he wouldn't do, telegraphed his mother strategy. >> we are knocking the hell out of vices, we will becoming out of syria very soon. let the other people takee i of it now. >> reporter: he did it again a few days later at the white house. >> i want to bring the troops home. >> reporter: four days after making those remarks one of the worst chemical weapons attacks innsri syrian history, the nexy john mccain said donald trump is partly to blame because he, quote, signaled to the world the united states would
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withdraw from syria. bashar al-assad and his russian rainy and backers were emboldened by american inaction but the same day donald trump did something else he has rarely if ever done, publicly criticized his russian counterpart by saying vladimir putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal asad. lindsey graham urging himm not to let bashar al-assad cross another red line and emerge unscathed. >> you need to follow through, show resolve obama never did to get this right. >> reporter: donald trump set all options are on the table and he expects to make a decision in the next two days. the us ambassador to the un, nikki haley was at an emergency meeting imploring them to make a news. >> history will record this as the security council either discharged its duty i or
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demonstrated its complete failure to protect the people of syria. either way the u united states will respond. >> reporter: tonight the president echoed those remarks while flanked by military leaders. >> it will be met and it will be met forcefully and when i will not say because i don't like talking about the timing could but we are developing the greatest force we ever had. >> reporter: the military responses imminence. what and when we don't know but it is worth pointing out with the national security adviser john bolton's first dayfi on t job and what of first day at was, he is at the center of all of this. >> expected to be an influential voice. the president met with his national security team on syria and with his new national security advisor at his side ended up talking with the press about not only syria but the special counsel raids on his
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personal attorney. lindsey graham, the senate judiciary committee and senate armed forces committee, let's start with the raids on michael cohen. trump's allies dismissed many people as low-level campaign officials who waved away the charges, cohen is linked to the trump family. he told me he would take a bullet for the president. how is what happened today different? >> the t only thing i can tell the president and his supporters, if donald trump's campaign colluded with the russians in an improper way they are in big time trouble. if they didn't happen most of this won't matter, stormy daniels is not going to matter.
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michael:may have done something he shouldn't of done in terms of the legal transaction but one thing donald trump needs to be assured of w r is if he did work with the russians the american people will see through this. if he did work with the russians he is in trouble. i have seen no evidence he did. shannon: he has maintained he wants to talk to mueller because he says he is confident, his attorneys will fight with that, that is a point of contention. >> of the trump campaign in some way, the russian intelligence services, coordinated with him they will pay a heavy price. all this other stuff iss background noise, and dozens matter for the way, the only thing i am concerned about is whether the campaign coordinated with russian
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intelligence services or some allies, i have seen no evidence of that yet. >> on special report talking about mueller and the fact he seems to be feeling confident these days. >> he was unafraid when he botched the anthrax investigation by targeting the wrong person, blunder that cost taxpayers a lot of money but there's a burden of proof the department oftm justice and special counsel have to meet. donald trump talked about the conflict of interest and you of them. heather: he was asked why he - and talked about rosenstein. >> everybody worked for ken starr if he is a republican,
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this is not unusual. the only thing i would tell the president, mr. mueller, had a good reputation, doing his job as far as i can tell. normally you can dismiss - if he didn't coordinate, collude with the russians, nothing to worry about the only way to get in t trouble is take the law i your hands, richard nixon tried that and it didn't work out well. heather: the president publicly called out vladimir putin, you're calling mike lee, if you put together a response, military force, for authorization before military force. >> wrong about everything related to this, i likeke him lot. war, the declares
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president can't do that. the president, cmdr. in chief, to go after enemies of this nation, how many does the guy have to kill by chlorine gas until the world gets upset. the president can't rely on the united nations when it comes to rogue regimes. nothing will happen. the only thing that can happen is for donald trump to lead a coalition of the willing, e to destroy every airbase, and no planes available, and a war criminal. donald trump has brought north korea toe the table because he has been tough. and kim jong un have to say i
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don't want to cross donald trump. look what happened to asad. and embolden every bad actor on the ballot. this is the defining moment for the president, take this guy on, bloated air force to smithereens and go after him. shannon: they have high-level coalitions. government, moscow is pointing the figure at syria near home. killed four people including irani ands. they are not involved in a war in syria but in 2011 israeli policy has been to prevent transfer of advanced weapons to military groups like hezbollah. in washington federal budget grows substantially over the next few years according to new
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projections released tonight. the congressional budget office combined a tax-cut bill in the latest spending plan will push the deficit to $804 billion and protects $1 trillion deficit in 2020, a republican said this is particularly sobering, at an unsustainable pace making it more difficult to achieve balance. and the scan behind rosie rhetoric from republicans the tax bill. waiting for the next move inside the pentagon for military options on syria. mark zuckerberg on capitol hill, his company and trademark attire inside the beltway. >> major corporate leader.
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and dungarees. heather: who is telling the truth? james comey, the tarmac meeting with bill clinton while candidate hillary clinton was under investigation. we will separate fact from fiction. the blade quality you'd expect from gillette at a price you wouldn't. the new gillette3 and gillette5. available now for $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are getting word a guided missile destroyer is leaving a port of call as a heather: a guided missile destroyer leaving a port of call, a major decision on syria. when chemical weapons were used in syrians last year donald trump authorized multiple missile strikes against a syrian airfield. >> reporter: the pentagon has options for the president who did not mend his words today calling the attack barbaric leaving no doubt he planned the attack. the president indicated a major decision would be coming in the next 24 to 48 hours, no doubt who's responsible for this attack.
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>> if it is russia, syria, he ran, all of them together, we will figure it out and we will know the answers quite soon. we are looking for that strongly and seriously. >> reporter: the president mentioned the letter pruden reinforcing a message by jim matus, spoke before prescheduled meeting shifting the focus to russia which repeatedly block un resolution. >> is the us capable of striking asad? >> chemical weapons - russia - the chemical weapons and working with our allies and partners, nato is addressing this issue. >> ruled out taking these actions. >> aircraft carriers in the
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mediterranean or persian gulf, a guided missile destroyer with dozens of tomahawk cruise missiles on board left a port call in cyprus in striking range of syria. and in the syrian or base used by the russians and iranians in the overnight strike. official that the pentagon tell me israelis, heads up about the strike and suggested more could be in the offing. >> nikki haley has made have of tough talk on russia. the russian regime whose hands are covered in the blood of syrian children cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims. we tried that before, we must not overlook russia and he ran's rules enabling the asad
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regime's murderous distraction. >> the navy seal who took out usama bin laden and the decorated green beret and author of warrior department running for congress, welcome to both of you. i want to play with the president said about where we go next. >> we are getting clarity on who is responsible, very good clarity actually. >> thanks, everyone. thank you. we have a lot of options militarily and we will be letting you knowsyria. why would the asad regime do something like this which draws the us right back in? >> they have been doing it the whole time. they have gotten away with a bunch of times. they are sending a message, the resistance fighters to do this
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to them. and it is not to revel themselves for the propaganda piece and they did do it. to include the french and uk and the un and amb. haley was right and if i were betting on it that was it or not. >> the russian federation, false information being planted about the use of chlorine and other toxic agents by syrian government forces. we have to say once again, russian forces deployed at the request of the legitimate government referring to asad under contrived pretext is unacceptable and can lead to grave consequences. questioning reports about what
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is responsible, he ran as well, whether it even happened and warning us about getting involved militarily. >> reporter: the united states cannot do nothing. we can't by turning a blind eye as pres. obama did the last several years of his administration, by despotic regimes all over the world and we can tell by the movement of these aircraft, and used for them who is responsible and in terms of russian warning, russian mercenaries move into areas held by us forces and allies, and smoked them. the russians wouldn't dare.
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we have to respond forcefully. we need to take down asad's air force and president obama done it years ago thousands of was would have been saved. shannon: a quick response from both of you. what is waiting? >> it has been happening and happening and if we don't do anything now the world needs to see justice. the russians are using chemical weapons in the uk, and to enforce. shannon: your concerns about asad? >> not necessarily talking regime change, but stopping his ability to use wmd on his own people and having the region descend into chaos, refugee flows, that isys infiltrates through europe and uses those
12:26 am
platforms to attack the united states. the united states needs to stay engaged and we have less than 2000 special operators and the downside of pulling out his isys, our allies get slaughtered and he ran and russia running amok in the middle east. heather: we leave it the most time. >> if we go back again, the price would be even higher. shannon: thank you for your service and for being with us tonight. the ceo of facebook makes the rounds on o after what could be a difficult couple days. a liberal judge's passing they give donald trump a chance to reshape one of the most left-leaning courts in the country. what the president could do next.
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>> shannon: facebook founder mark zuckerberg ditching my shannon: mark zuckerberg
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apologizing for facebook mistakes making the rounds on capitol hill far from his silicon valley home in facing bipartisan scrutiny on capitol hill. >> the message i want to convey, misuse of social media, any privacy anymore. >> or give me this, what does that say? >> you don't hear the word dungarees. >> that is the term i use. i'm glad larry kudlow is back
12:32 am
on tv. heather: he is making the rounds, we have what he has today. it was my mistake. i'm responsible for what happens here. it is different from the pharma bro and that was disastrous. >> facebook wants to be regulated. what we are looking at is markets moving into maturation, the adolescence of this. the big ones don't want the wild west anymore. what happens when a company failed as completely as facebook has competitive market forces would drag them under and they would go down. what they are looking for is the gentle protective custody of the federal government, they spend money on lobbying and do all this pr and suck up to politicians and create a
12:33 am
regulatory structure that protect them from competition, there will be new rules to live by a couple billion dollars profit and take this out. shannon: sen. john kennedy, what he is saying about it. >> i'm not interested in regulating -- shannon: i won't regulate them to death. what questions do you think? is the so different than the world he operates in? >> they existed in this -- is thick in washington. and the silicon valley billionaire who is not accustomed to these issues. let's remember whatever congress does is secondary to the national discussion we are
12:34 am
having now, as online lives and digital lives and meet space rise merged into one strain and people were not careful, and successful in running favorable regulations, to crowd out competitors. we have other questions to talk about and talk to ourselves about as it relates to how much to share with these people. shannon: i assume they are reading my emails and listening to my phone calls. conservative court watchers say donald trump is making his call on the federal court system it has a chance to begin shaping what is widely viewed as the most liberal the appeals court in the country. the ninth circuit may be in for a big change. >> the ninth circuit is the largest court of appeals covering 9 western states and in recent years has handled
12:35 am
some of the nation's most civil issues like immigration, same-sex marriage and landmark environmental cases. the court has gained reputation as being among the nation's most liberal and advocates have far to keep it that way. three years ago when circuit judge stephen reinhardt, a liberal stoller was 83 his long-term friend and dean of uc berkeley school of law, judge reinhardt stepped down. democrats still had the power to replace him, like-minded liberal, reinhardt refused and now his death allows donald trump to name his replacement. it goes deeper. the 29 judges who make up the ninth circuit there are eight vacancies and with republicans controlling the senate donald trump has the power to dramatically change the ninth circuit which is a thorn in his side. the ninth circuit ruled against trump's travel ban and his plan
12:36 am
to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. this would not turn the court conservative but it will tilt it that way but california sen. dianne feinstein, senior democrat on the judiciary committee vowed to fight trump's nominees. on the outside republican members on the senate judiciary annoyed with democrats slow walking judicial nominees and bowing to change the rules to speed up the process. heather: thank you very much. critics claimed he wants to fire robert mueller, the legal team says that is not the case. let the panel decide what this means from the president today loretta lynch breaking silence on that infamous tarmac meeting, james comey and much more.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. as china blinking first on trade? we are just gettin shannon: is china blinking first on trade? were getting this from a conference in china where president xi jinping is promising to lower tariffs, the speech is reported as an effort to strike a conciliatory tone amid rising trade tensions between the us and china. and the president responding to fbi agents reading the office with his tercel attorney, michael cohen calling the raid a disgrace and mueller's
12:41 am
investigation and attack on our country. the former senior advisory to secretary of state hillary clinton. and the white house correspondents to the daily caller. quick roundup, what do you make out of china tonight? >> very interesting given that days ago the chinese were saying there is no room for negotiations, the staff go into place and no channels of communication between the white house and chinese and xi jinping backing down on this so you will see larry kudlow and the president happy on this. >> we are losing the trade battle with china for a long time, politicians in both parties have done the same thing. trying something different and hoping for a different result
12:42 am
could be worse. >> if they think -- shannon: anything that makes the markets move in a positive direction would be positive. the raids on michael cohen came from the special counsel, he would have had to talk to rod rosenstein saying referred to the local attorney's office and this is what cohan's lawyer is saying. it is inappropriate and unnecessary resulting in unnecessary seizure of protected attorney-client communications, that being described as extraordinary stuff. >> people who took it, that is why they are such important safeguards. we should attach names here. what mueller seems to have done is take it to a man named jeffrey berman who is us attorney in the southern district of new york and chosen
12:43 am
by donald trump. he is in that job because of donald trump. he said go do it. we will find out what it is or whatever it isn't. he deemed it proper, necessary. with all due respect to mr. cohan's attorney there is something there and i know that is not what everyone wants to hear but everyone should be patient and trust law enforcement to work through the process. heather: there are several steps this has to go through, the us attorney's office in new york, they would have to know if we see search warrants it is going to be the most dissected search warrants of all time behind the fisa escalations. everything would have to be in a row to pull this off.
12:44 am
>> as you say it is closely inspected, it does underscore, the degree to which the doj, over the past year pursuing what was a farce of an investigation and weapon icing investigative tools before the election and the investigative tools for political purposes doing enormous amounts of damage and the russia collusion, and real evidence of that in the trump campaign. heather: tonight. >> that happened. shannon: and the same thing you
12:45 am
would say. bill mitchell conservative radio show host says this thing with miller and trump's attorney is bad. all mueller will find out is trump is innocent, the whole thing. i'm innocent of collusion. >> when the president says witchhunt, and finding the investigation going to michael cohan's bank records, and the story breaking tonight, steel magnets, donations, and the original purpose of the council, and a strong investigation that will for the remainder of the presidency. the white house special counsel or white house counsel wrapped up by thanksgiving and wrapped up by christmas. this thing has no end insight
12:46 am
and he is so angry, it is quite in reaction, and rated in a manner, with russian collusion. >> don't go anywhere. more hot topics for you. james comey at odds with loretta lynch over hillary clinton's email. what happened in that tarmac meeting with bill clinton, new details next. downright exhilarating. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand, the last four years overall. switch into a new chevy now. current competitive owners can get five thousand dollars below msrp on this 2018 equinox when you finance with gm financial.
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>> shannon: former fbi director james comey said to give him a queasy feeling, that is how he described it, when his former boss, shannon: james comey had a queasy feeling when pres. obama's atty. gen. loretta lynch asked him to downplay the hillary investigation. it was lynch's tarmac meeting that led comey to go public. >> i had to do something simply to protect the credibility of the investigation which meant the fbi and justice department. >> other things that contributed to that that you can describe an open session. >> the only other consideration i can talk about in an open setting is i was directed not to call it an investigation but
12:51 am
holiday matter which confused me and concerned me. >> a new interview, lynch is telling her version of the story. >> to the extent he noted it and it bothered him and question your credibility. >> we had a full and open discussion about it and concerns were not raised. shannon: thanks for sticking around during the commercial. what do you make of this? that book is coming out, he had a lot to say, does that have anything to do with it? >> everything to do with it and all of these interviews out of the way now and dark after that. comey putting a lot of effort
12:52 am
and very well read. both supporters and detractors, an enormous amount of material found in the book that both sides will use to the advantage and sliced back for discrepancies like this and i don't see how it is possible to get out a book like this without finding more discrepancies. shannon: she finds it troubling when people question motivations of dedicated committed professionals, i look at the department is a place i was proud to lead so watching attacks on it is painful. we are waiting for the inspector general, the investigation. >> the data point, a new us attorney to oversee the handling of that email investigation and thousands of
12:53 am
emails regarding investigation, they are not happy about this. some of the other members said this is an efficient, and the hillary clinton investigation from the fbi and doj suspect they don't want congress, what was handled. >> appointing -- i struggle to understand what is happening over the previous months, they were working on document requests, request these documents months ago, the production was in congress. >> republican member of congress complaining in a background, it was jeff sessions, the president's atty. gen. and fbi director chris ray who decided to put this person
12:54 am
in charge so this notion, and look in the mirror because they are running the place. in terms of comey the more common ground, he is exactly where he wants to be, victim, hero, showboat or, best-selling author, look how hard it is to be right all the time, so sanctimonious. we both came down with something. shannon: the president talking about jeff sessions, very heated tonight, if he pulled a few i would have picked someone else. >> he is a dog with a bone on
12:55 am
that little thing that bothers him and doesn't let it go. shannon: on that note, thank you. in the news next. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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♪ >> shannon: tammy duckworth has become the first senator to shannon: tammy duckworth, the first energy to give birth in office. the illinois democrat welcomed her second daughter named after her husband was an army officer and nurse in world war ii. she is the first energy to give birth in office, 9 women serving in the house have done the same. congratulations to them and their family and wishing them all the best as you work and many women do and handle two little babies at the same time, breaking news from syria, the cohan raids, join us tomorrow at 11:00 eastern, most-watched, trusted and grateful you spent the evening with us.
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>> the united states is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the syrian people held to account. >> russia, syria, a ran, all of them together, we will figure it out. >> reporter: the president showing outrage the fbi raided the apartment, hotel and office of attorney michael cohan. >> the american people will see through this. >> loaded up with narcotics. >> harder to get over, harder to get through, harder to get underneath.


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