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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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syria. this show will be their and balanced get to us on twitter at sean hannity and facebook and every other social media. laura ingraham is back on monday. wait a minute, it is tuesday. first, if diamond and silk are a threat to the community what is the community some is that everyone? now everyone is in the community. >> two of the nicest people. love them. >> i love them. they came to my christmas party didn't but they came. >> i got no invite. how du pass the threshold test? how are you not unsave for the communality. >> good question. >> nobody would have bet i would be the last man standing at the original fox team. nobody made that bet if they did they made zillions. >> thank you, sean, awesome
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show. i'm laura ingraham this is the ecram angle. a powerful lineup including the battle against the scienceorship of conservative votes what is role has facebook played. gee real lord is here to help us answer that. how much involve am did they have with mueller's investigation? >> have you or anybody at facebook any interviewed by the special council's office. i have not. >> others have. gi want to be careful here that our work with the special council is confidential. >> the question is to what end? we'll examine it. the air over syria, it is quiet tonight. we learn a po terrible strike on loyalists could come after he
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used chemical weapons to his own people. where will the missiles come from? and we will get to tonight's angle in a moment, which includes a mess okay andad vice for the president. first, the heavy handed fbi raid of president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen reverberated. tonight coen is speaking out the unpress dented act is upset to him and his family but he will cooperate adding he still stands by are what he did with that payment. coen using the media to community now with president trump? coming up tonight, we will talk with house intel chair on what he thinks of the president's next steps with the justice department. first,an lyes lives all of this with john, a form are fbi national spokes person. democratic strategist and
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attorney and chief political correspondent for the washington exami examiner. we have a lot to get through. byron, very interesting that michael coen, chased down the street today in the puffy doun jacket of his. i don't know men and puffy jackets. we women don't like that. so, they catch up with him but on the phone with don lemon and then a reporter from abc y. is he going to media outlets that are hostile to the president? is t is curious >> to some degree there are people in the white house who community with the president through the mead enthusiasm trying to send him a message thru the media. one thing about coen if he talks about the hardship this has been on him and his family. an issua if on he were charged
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with a crime, would he cooperate and a big are part of the mueller investigation. these are message flying around tonight. >> this is part behalf he said we have a full screen and talking about not only the hardship for ace family but worried. i would be lying if i told you i'm not. do i need this in my life? no. do i want to be involved? no. scott bolden, when the fbi knocks on the door and says, hello, thanks for your phone. sit down and put up your feet. it is worry some. >> not just my office but home and total. remember, michael coen has been the most aggressive defender of trump. he has swag and attitude this is a humbling experience. before my republican friends blame mull ther is delegated to
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the u.s. attorney another trump are republican appointee who -- had this h to review this along with a federal judge. whatever they have on cohen or bank froud they got a lot. >> this started as some time russian collusion investigation. sounds disturbing. russian collusion. my gosh. now we're looking lieu lawyers hotel room and daughters and his house and his office and electricing for porn star -- the democrats were complaining and the republicans were not complaining when an investigation in white water a land beal ends up in a blue dress. now the dem the kras are salivating over inpriority that might have been paid off by a lawyer. odd deal. >> republicans who may be
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salivating, also. as a former prosecutor and lawyer. the investigation goes with the facts tame them. we don't know we are all they have. >> and i will get to the pc road about the collusion. i want to go john on this. john, set the stage for us if you would. the fbi has the separate team that goes in to the office of meekal cosxen his residence and temporary hotel room and they go in and they take what? and how long does this take in a raid like this? >> keep this in sperspective. this is unprecedented. never before an attorney for a sitting u.s. president the subject of an accept warranty in an vchlgz fbi guess in, looking for documents. computers. anything that might have information for the target of the investigation of what they
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are electricing for that is all taken depending on the size of the house tell take hours and a team gathering everything and bring itting back for review. >> what happens to attorney/client privilege. i'm an attorney you are, scott, attorney dlsh client privilege never the less, that is -- that is sack sanct when you talk about a person attorney you imagine they have significant information approximate that implicate this is attorney and criminal wrong doing. go in his office. >> at least probable cause. if they don't this stinks to heaven. fiwas doj and locking they valid to have a higher level, which would scare me if i'm the republicans. not forget about the tank team. when they go in a lawyer's
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office it may not happen to the president and his lawyer it is rare in general terms across this nation. >> start with a russian investigation. the tank team says these documents are privileged. these documents are about the porn star payment. we'll putnies here. those will remain secret. >> and trust them >> two, tle files. >> i mean you are a form are prosecutor i was not a was a former criminal defense attorney they have too much power if they want to indict you they can. byron you wrote about what happened to the russian collusion we are not talking about that anymore. we are talking about stormy and the networks spending time on it you mention porn star five times a minute and they get ratings. >> collusion remain the heart of the investigation. it is the question.
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the two things that happened in the last 24 hours suggests it is not in the middle of the investigation anymore. one, the fact that robert mueller farmed out this investigation to the southern district of new york not in his core area. other thing is we found out about the search warrant for raid on paul manfort's house last summer include looking for information about the trump tower meet nothing july where nine months later he is charged with other things but not collusion. >> i witch we could do an hour. i wish we had a 3 hour show. we gotta get to another issue. trump versus the swamp. other issues matter out there. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> despite the chatter about
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raids and porn star payments there are more important stories that are simply ignored bite mainstream media. they other ones that most affect the american people of i have to that you will president trump is getting results by largely following his instinks. on the immigration front when the others were afraid. trump called for serious border enforcement and named the threats faith the united states. >> we will end the sanctuary cities that resulted in so many needless deaths. >> it is the policy of this administration to dismantle and eradicate m circumstance 13. >> i told mexico youville to do something about are the caravans that are coming. >> what became of that caravan? well that caravan was dispersed
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what stragglering medicare it to the border will be greeted bite national guard. then there was north korea. the punnedant class attacked president trump for dare to threaten rocket man with fire and fury. if kim persisted. now north korea is at the negotiating table and willing to discuss denuclearization. winning. and remember the chorus of nay sayers that greeted trump's announcement to slap new tariffs on china? china is hitting back. after president trump appeared to raise the stakes it is a surprise. zoo who could have imagined that -- we would be put in this terrible position. >> jobs, jobs is convincing as trade wars are good and easy to win.
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how dangerous the person negotiating has his facts wrong. the person i'm talking about, mr. president is you. >> are more per swayive when you do that in the camera. cheeseburgera is blinking on trade. and president g announced cheeseburgera will be lowering tariffs on autoimports including from the united states. he promiseed protect the permanent of those doing business in china. now, why would he be making sweeping changes? huh. i wonder. president trump's political instings they are really good. but there are two major forces seek to frustrate that in. first, congress. now it was congressional leaders who lashed the president over the proposed china tariffs. they also refused to fund his border wall. they mislead him on it.
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they were the same people who railroaded the president to the 1.throw trillion fiasco of spending bill. remember, that last day his view was to veto the bill. under pressure from congressional leaders the generals and military industrial complex he signed it. they sold this bill of goods to the president with the promise that it was going to bolster the military, which is does and protect the country. now -- the president has buyer's remorse. >> i say to congress i will never sign another bill like this again to prevent the oom nibus situation from happening i'm calling on congress to give me a line item veeteeo for all government spending bills. i have a question here. how does mounting debt and rising deficits make us stronger? how does that make america great
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again? it doesn't. and now even the g. o. p. leaders who created this funding nightmare are electricing to pass show votes to show how responsible they are before the mid term. that's going to work. well, the other force frustrating the president's view is the war lobby. he is now being dragged back into a conflict in syria. which is a dangerous complex international situation fraught with trouble. assad is a vicious, horrible deck traitor and the civil war there caused thousands of lives. he helped wipe out isis and protecting the crestian minority in syria. no doubt about that. assad is aided and protected also by iran and russia. further complicating matters. any military action targeted,
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limited air strikes, they can lead to unintended consequences and conflict that we cannot predict from this point. dragging to yous another desert war is not what the president cam 59od. in fact, he ran against military adventurism in the middle east >> in my opinion we spent 4 trillion dollars trying to topple the various people that frankly if they were well and if we could have spent that in the in united states , to fix our roads and bridges and all of the other problems our airports and all of the other problem we have we would have been better off i tell you that now. we have done a tremendous disservice not only to the middle east but to mull manity the people that have been killed have been wiped away and for what? it is not like we had victory.
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>> the president is most successful when will he sticks to his are view. when he was assaulted bite burke graham establish am he did the right thing. why? the people were with him. part of the reason why he won this election a major reason why. he also is best when he follows his raw political instinks and not talked into things by the swamp kwh despise his agenda whchl he let's the skwachl lead disaster follows. my advice to the president. stick to your agenda. do not let investigations or congress derail it or distract you. and in a time when your number are up near 50% in congress are cratering. you should be giving them advice. not the other way around.
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and that's the angle. >> joining me now for reaction is victor davis hansen. we have you on at night tonight and you are peppier at night. your reaction to the anxiety and he will then the other topics. joy think you are right that -- it is inversive what the so called deep state snaenlt say say post era were sewn and this guy came in and disrupt today. what if it was chaotic and didn't make sense and somebody without exposure to their protocol had skill setting like john wayne or bill and the wild bunch and said this is ridiculous. that's what he is doing in all of the instances you point out weather a crazy open border or a nut with missiles on the west
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coast ornateo members not paying. in syria to reply, he's got dlemace did not create the situation. russia was brought in by susan and john customer and he assured there were no wmd. trump come in there is wmd and lost all deterrents because of the lead. he does not want and can't get involved in the way we did in a began stan and iraq. with the two poles and everybody suspicious of going in were the people that supported trump for the reasons you said. they will get angry. they will see that as a betrayal. people pushing him toward despise him. >> no way to restore deterrence without getting involved >> adam congress man we
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envioleted him tonight. he was asked today about whether congress should give its to military action? in sir enthusiasm this is how it went. joy think what the president did a year ago in destroying asad's airforce was good and right and i think woo have to do that again. people will say use the military force will be world war three or mean 300,000 troops, it isn't. >> does the president needs need to come to congress to get thgz for the next military act. >> i don't think so. >> that's convenient for congress. they are not on the hook if stuff goes arye >> that's what congress does. when they are against something they say have you to come and for something you don't have if is goes well they join in and if not it is your fault. trump has good advisors i sleep soundly because of pam payo and
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madis, they are affidavit vicing him stop idea you can hi iac a u.s. boat or send a missile at a u.s. carrier. we can't go in and try to nation build and medicare them like carmel, california. we gotta do something. i think there is a way to shock the russians and syrians so we don't get in on the ground and get bogged down. it snot easy. we gotta astain whether there was wmv. obama administration said chlorine does not count. it is not wm did sheing we were right. we had misinformation about the status going back to the iraq war. did they use wmd and did they kill innocent children and break their word the russians and syrians. if it is we have to send a message and do it in a way we
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don't destroy the fragile matric that trump. >> complicated situation and professor we appreciate your oonls. next. devon nunez first interview since the raid on cohen. and loe mac & cheese. classics like lobster lover's dream are here too. so enjoy these 10 lobsterlicious dishes now. because lobsterfest ends april 22nd.
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so why do we pay to have a phone connected when we're already paying for internet? shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how you could save $400 or more a year. and get $200 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile and add a new line of unlimited. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit an xfinity store today. >> fbi raiding the president's lawyer's office to find stormy danyll documents or next guest is spearheading the effort yet diameter of justice opened the russian probe in the first place surprise. the doj will not give us straight answers. joining me now house intel chairman devon newborn yessir a republican from california. thank you for being on. you have been trying to get
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documents as long as i have been doing the show. >> that's all you do. and people have been sasking where you have not held anyone in contempt of congress employeric holder was orover the fast and furious documents. what gives here? >> the situation it is trickle down documents. we issue the subpoena in august. bought through piece by piece when we get more. we had to get out major information the information on the war against cart are page a trump associate. ciprofloxacin that time we have been investigating the state department and have an interest in this electronic communication. e crashing the document that establishes the justification for naming the special council. this thing ended. jot open counterintelligence investigation. >> and initial low that let to
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the special council. a two page document i sent the chairman to see it originally. it was fully redacted. they couldn't read anything. i called back and had conversations with rod rosenstain and director ray, fbi director. they went over there and there were a few more things most of redacted. now we are at the point again a boiling point where we need this. what is only a two paged document. only, less than two pages from what i understand. you know, if the record was not that every time they hide something we findute it was bad and hay hid it. look the judge issue? >> leak the texts. leak the page. warra warrants. >> trickle down information unredacting. no that's why. now the fact they are not give thanksgiving to yous tells me well is something wrong
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>> robert costa is speck laying you are on the verge of moving to hold christopher ray and rod in contempt of congress and have a dead lean of tomorrow to get this information. is this a possible. >> i can tell you this. we will get the document. they is cough them up now or will get complicated starting tomorrow >> what are you thinking might be in this document? are you going to inat the time? early insurance policy if trump was the nominee or the vector. >> here is our challenge. if you believe in the new york time in "washington post." sometimes they do get leaked information. >> a lot lately >> in that leaked information that came out in december on the 30th. was the information on an
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austail ran diplomat talking to popdom lutz. we have not teen it to confurthermore at this time times has it the american people read it the congress does not have that information. we have the full right. >> are you disturbed from the lobings em98ing from the u.s. attorney's office about the -- intent of what that raid on the cohen office was what they were looking for. what their speck litting. seems leak a lot of information. jot big are problem are leaks the special council i thought would have got to the felony leaks of flynn's name leaked to the press with very high level information. the special council is good at leaking but not finding nel neil leakers. what are the chance you will
11:28 pm
hold them in contempt. we are not going to hold in contempt. we will have a plan to hold in consdpechlt impeach. absolutely. >> we are not mess around they will give these 2. >> they will say you are doing trump's bigged the dem the kras have been demonizing. i have been the subconjecture i know how it guess. they will say. he will run and help trump out when he is in a jam. when i see evidence of russian collusion i will be the first person on the steps of the capitol i found it with the trump cam 59. i have not found it yet but i found other is that you puts doj in a bad light. >> other media channels are salivating in a froggy frenzy over trump will fire robert mueller. huckabee was asked about this this is what she said.
11:29 pm
>> only he has the power to fire the special council. again, we have been advised the president has the power to make that decision. >> i don't think well is a sign trump will fire mueller. republicans are freaking out about that. >> he has the authority. >> said this before. he was firing people and none of that came to fruition. former u.s. attorney. he did get fired by trump and angry this is what he said. >> regulation is clear respect to special council. special council remove friday office only by the personal action. attorney general y. may remove the council including misconduct x. dereliction of duty and other things and provide those reason in writing temperature is clear if the president call under the
11:30 pm
current circumstances called up bob mull and he said i am firing you bob mull everybody would not heed that. the reg ligzs trump the institution. an executeef, judicial and legislative branch. which branch does bob mueller reside? the executive branch. i think it would not be smart for the president to fire bob mueller. attempting as it may be it does not make sense. idea he can't do that weather politically smart. do you have reaction to that. this is how far we have gone over eight or nine years the courts activist courts and judges. the fact that doj and fbi think they are above the law. congress the legislative branch we created these agency theys have a responsibility to give us documents when we ask for them. we have the property clearances
11:31 pm
the house intelligence committee exists. you know at the end of the day. we will win on this. and it is a matter of how tough they will make it for congress to do our job under the constitution and priorities we are given. >> to hold someone in contempt of congress i don't know the process p you other head of the intel committee do you need sign off. >> there is different ways to do it. now ultimately congress has to vote on it. >> how is that for quick >> what are the chances for that. i think they am give us the documents. we will follow this and check occupy it tomorrow. april 11th is the dead loin. tomorrow. thank you, congress man. we are doing something different. we are holding a caption contest. alabama won the college football championship last season and head coach and the team were honored at the white house today.
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do you have a caption idea for this. tweet me and we will read the best at the end of the show. i took the photo. next, our defending the first series you don't want to miss this.
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>> laura: welcome back. it's time for our inaugural
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"defending our first" segment where we expose the enemies of the first amendment. check this out. last month, rockland high school in california placed history jewel yoon paid administrative leave after she questioned whether the school would let students walk out. to do what? to protest abortion in the same way it did to promote gun control. now one of the students is putting her question to the test organizing a prolife walk out tem:00 a.m. local time tomorrow joining us now is julianne benzel herself. all right. julianne thshg is good. this is like you are a hero of the first amendment. because the students in all the organizations who organize and did it well, the march for our lives and the various walk outs that occurred the last month got
11:35 pm
huge participation they got huge media coverage. most was positive and glowing. what have you found with your every at your school? >> well, basically the only large entity that i know of that has taken up this prolife walk out cause is tony perkins of the family research council. i was thinking to your point there that perhaps there would be other may be a clint eastwood or brave star from hollywood they had george clooney funding the gun prosecute test walk out i was hoping for a few others to join. it is about grass-roots and what we are feel iing the pulse of t in additi nation is exciting. >> i think it is interesting we are talking about saving lives which we all want to do.
11:36 pm
we want sensible regulations that don't run afoul of the constitution and in this case. dominant culture does not promote the cause of life. and they call the cause of life antiabortion rights. they don't refer to prolife on cbs or ms nbc. i know because i worked at both place i they say you are 18 something. i'm finding students across the united states you see this at match for life, are open to the idea of, wow, this really is a human being. why are we doing this to the new generation of americans? we are snuffing them out. millions at a time every year another million by chemical abortion or surgical abortion. media act like this does not the viewpoint, prolife viewpoint does not exist. >> correct. >> and that's why my brave
11:37 pm
student chose to staej this has a prolife walk out. not antiboorz. we are for all life and all students who have lost lives by guns on school campuses this is a prolife, every life matters. you are right. i forgot her name. the out going president of planned parenthood. her book goal was to destigmatize abortion in the united states. i'm sorry that has not taken place. two articles i read gave specific statistics that the majority of americans and the majority of women are prolife. not for abortion. >> julianne, thank you, we will follow you what happens with the brave push to chance life in a different walk out. now facebook versus
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conservatives a theme with internet stars came up on capital had hill during cruz's question of mark zukerberg. >> reported that facebook purpose leand routinely suppressed stories from trending news. blocked a fox news reporter. blocked over 2 dozen catholic pa pages and blocked trump supporters diamond and silk page with 1.2 million facebook follows determining their content and brand were unsafe to the commune. are you aware of ad or page taken down from planned parenthood. >> senator, i'm not but move on -- sorry? move on. org. >> any democratic candidate for office. >> i'm not specifically aware i'm not sure.
11:39 pm
joining me now is the american spectator jeffrey lord. conditioning our defending the first segment. jeffrey, i thought that was a great exchange he said he is concerned. because silicon valsevery left. and said it is a left of center accomplice. and that is just what it is. and so heed we are concerned about protecting and aluing all voices on the facebook forum. but did not have a good answer to cruz who you met his match with ted cruz about the voices that are having trouble being heard. what was your reaction to be that exchange? well, this is what concerns me. i mean someone else on that manual asked him whether or not he could discuss the political leanings of his employees and said, well, he does not check them. point is he doesn't have to he
11:40 pm
is getting employees from a poof people that he himself says are extremely left leaning. that is what will happen here. you know i have to laugh -- this is the same argument that i was hearing when i was a teen from people like agnew the technology of the day cbs, asbestos others nbc. it is the same previce argument today except we are dealing with facebook or google or twitter. it does not change, what we're dealing with bheem have a liberal biassed. diamond and silk i could not believe that. they are fab lighthouse people. negotiation they are unsave for the commune. this is crazy. that's the way the 11 ral mind works. >> when they say community >> how do we deal. >> when they say issue community. they mean the liberal communal. offensive and unsave to the left
11:41 pm
wing mind in set that dominates in silicon valand he most of california. and so they are very concerned about that and concerned .. concerned about it catching on through perhaps increasing popularity of president trump. zuckerberg, obviously he's a really smart guy but he did not have good answers when it came to those questions of why are these examples of conservative organizations -- ted cruz rattle them off, not getting adequate response on facebook. their followers are not getting their notices. you get a mumbo-jumbo answer. not a good response. >> right. we need to be candid. the case of diamond and so, if they were african-american women who were liberal, no one at facebook would have blinked when they posted something. the fact that they are african-american women who love donald trump, that's not
11:42 pm
supposed to happen. so they have to be curbed. that's the real problem. >> laura: we do what do conserv? we are concerned about defending free expression, freedom of conscience, the first amendment. these corporations are so big. they are like many governments. they can control, keep out. what do conservatives do? do they stop using facebook? just d list? >> i hate to go that route. i don't like it the boycotts and all of this. i spoke to a advertiser who was boycotted several ye increasing popularity of trump. hoe did not have good answer withing questions of your the examples of conservative organizations ted cruz rattled them. not gettingad way response on facebook whenna haweather followers are not getting notices. >> you don't get a good response. right. we need to be canndid here if they were after can american women who are liberal no one would have blefrnged when they posted something. joy love temperature after can american women who love trump, no that is not supposed to happen. they gotta be curved. that's the problem here >> what do conservatives do we are concerned boulevard expre expressing freedom of conscious. % was not a boycott it
11:43 pm
was an organized terror campaign. his life was threatened. if they want to be a part of the social media are, which is important for connecting with friends or advancing your product leans. whatever it is. facebook is still important so is instagram and xu know snap chat andt.t.loye all the otherse topoor means of communication champion and they are nominated by liberals what do you do. >> he got a question about who is his competition. answer was he doesn't have any. i hope there are conservatives who are young and e entrepreneuri entrepreneurial minded challenge this. time.can be done over other than that at the moment i think your series on defending the first is excellent. woe have to publicize this. get the word out whether on television or print and let people know how this game is working it is not good. iothat is right and take zuckerberg out. wants the community to be okay, take you at your word. >> now let's seat wroof.
11:44 pm
>> well is no trade war to report on tonight. we will tell you about trump's trade vict row with china and what it mean for you, pocket book and our commuter when you come back.
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11:46 pm
>> favorite scare tactic used by both parties is to claim that president trump is about to start a trade war with china. you heard that at the top of the show. rather than a war chinese president promised yesterday to cut autotariffs and pledge to open china's finance industries to foreign investors. joining us is author of nuclear showdown gored an chang. i gotta say people think i'm weird. china issue is literally the most important issue faith the united states today. this was astounding news yesterday. trump gotten literally zero
11:47 pm
credit. tell us how significant this is. >> this is important because over the last week we heard from china's ministry of commerce and the ambassador in the u.s. severing on the table. and what'sed he blifrpged. he backed down on a very important issue. cheeseburgera tariffs and intellectual permanent. it will take time for implementation the important thing here is president trump pushed him off center. i think trump will condition to we gotta get him to a place we need to be. is taking on china people understand how important this is. u.s. trade deficit rose to 566 billion last year the big of the since 2008 imagine what we could
11:48 pm
do with that marco has been body on had issue tweeted the offer of opening cheeseburgera market and a farce. this is the beginning. did woe need to be cautiously optimistic >> this is the beginning for the first time since eisenhower a president understands the chine chineselet and america's leverage and willing to use it. chieba tariffs would negotiated we agreed to those when china aseeded to the global trading body. we had a series of presidents that thought supporting china was more important that american interests.
11:49 pm
establishment turns out to be wrong and trump right. only thing that got china's attention. woe will haveow radio this week despite the wrath of ms13 crimes the gobbor goes soft on saventh iary ecstasy, what is up with that. a debate, next.
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>> virginia democrat goner campaigned as a moderate and moved to the left after vetoing a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in the state that is bold it a state no stranger of violence from the ms13 game. corey stewart a republican running for senate and mark levine a democratic delegate to the virginia house of delegates. great to have you on. start with the state delegate here. i live in virginia love it. went to school at the university of virginia i'm appalled by this decision by the governor. i remember back i amming it was valentine's day of last year that recorded confession of an america s13 gay member and what she did in this murder. let's watch it. >> you need to tell me what you did to her. >> i killed her.
11:53 pm
>> how did you kill her? >> with a knife. are >> you will remember me until woe see each other in hell. don't forget my name >> vicious, brutal murder. why would virginia want to welcome illegal immigrants to live in the state when you don't know there desires and aims are, goals are or whether or not they are criminals beyond entering illegal low. i'm glad the governor vetoed this bill if it became law the bill does not do anything, the federal law preepts state law. it would enkoucourage victims n to talk to the police. they make beat up they would be
11:54 pm
a parade they would stop. let the parts stop crime f. you want to stop crime allow more people in your state that are illegal border cross who committed an offense and commit more lieu document fraud. how is that making the state save for the common wealth safer? we the get back to you that is the argument made about the hispanic commute and others in the state say we want to we are here and working let us stay. we will report measure. the left does that well is no basis in truth. we have been dooing this the toughest crack down in the country. next to the fairfax. so far 7 years later we apprehend 8121.
11:55 pm
the crime rate dropped in half not a single case of racial profiling. it would happen said that 10 years ago let law enforcement do its job whether they are illegal or not. if they are illegal we have a weapon we can use to remove them from our commune so they can't commit rapes. native system. keep them and deport them. >> put all credibility in jail. if crimes reported prince william victims are aprize and take the rape and don't report it. >> the law is nothing. >> live nothing accomplices like sterling which used to be a rural communality n. manasace. and texas.
11:56 pm
y youept they don't recognize their communities. in >> i disagree. i live here as long as you if not long are i find the at tude. they don't commit as much. i don't care if one american died bite hands of an illegal immigrant we'll say, all the others are good. one person is dead. why do you consider one murder more than another. >> we don't need more. let lite law enforcement enforce the law and go after everybody. more problem in your community. undocumented immigrants bring fewer problem. >> the ms14. bring in more illegal immigrants. what? you don't say if you talk to the
11:57 pm
police we will report you. >> we'll say. am sanctuary cities trying to do with left wingers in richmond and fairfax county. largest -- they're not going to allow iesz to pick up the dangerous criminal ailiens. what you are talking about is letting law enforcement do their jobs upon you are telling them not to do their job >> their job is not immigration enforce am. we are out of team. i being do an hour with you. we will be back with the winner of the caption ton test for the event at the pous white house wi wi with --
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
will result of the caption contest the photo they took of the national college football champions the alabama crimson tide with president trump today at the white house. doctor joseph tweets the trump
12:00 am
tide. leom writes, the ateam. and linda stone says nick if i put this helmet on it the mess up my hair. well. that's all the time we have tonight. e tonight. i like the last one. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team will take thing from here. mace shannon. >> shannon: the roll tide, they broke my seminoles hearts. congrats to you guys on winning it all and a good day at the white house. thanks, laura. i am shannon bream in washingto washington. we begin with a fox news alert. it's unclear what the president and pentagon want to do about terry. a powerful fleet is expected to deploy shortly but tonight we are watching the skies over the middle east, as european air traffic control agencies warns airlines around the world, a possible muscle strike into syria. we don't know how they came across this specificity but came check it


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