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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 12, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's an interesting one. i'm sure the establishment would love it. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team is next. they have a big show on tap. >> shannon: i thought they were going to say that diamond & silk should be the next speaker of the house. that's where i thought you were going. they have to get elected to the house first but it could happen. great show. thank you. welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. new tonight, g.o.p. leaders on the house and help committee finally get a look at documents they say the doj has been withholding from them. just ahead of the subpoenaed that line. and a surprise move, the senate judiciary committee is moving forward with a bipartisan bill to protect special counsel robert mueller. the bill could go to committee as soon as tomorrow but what are its actual chances of getting past question plus company president dines with leading republicans tonight. are they talking syria or
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tomorrow's hearing? cia director mike pompeo faces questions thursday finally a look at documents that have been held from them. the senate judiciary committee is moving forward with the bill to protect robert mueller. what are the chances of getting past? the president dined with leading republicans as mike pompeo faces questions on his bid to become secretary of state. wewe the senators questioning him moments from now. kristen fisher tracking et development in the middle east following the president's tweet that missiles are headed for syria. syria. the latest on the showdown the latest on the showdown between the gop and fbi but we begin with national correspondent and henry covering the mueller probe. >> so much breaking news, one source is saying the real goal was a search and destroy mission against donald trump. the washington post breaking a major story saying steve bannonu now has a controversial plan to now has a controversial plan to blow up all cooperation with robert mueller, all of this stemming from the fact that we are learning a lot more about
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what the fbi was looking for when theyy targeted the president's personal attorney they wanted more details on the access hollywood tape raising access hollywood tape raising new questions whether there were other attempted payoffs in the 2016 campaign and raising eyebrows about why this investigation is veering far from the original mission of finding collusion between russian adventures and disrupt finding collusion between russian adventures and disrupt him. the present is furious and still peaked about theor way his personal attorney was treated. sources a part of what the fbi was looking for was documents related to the infamous access hollywood tape, appears to be an attempt to link the tape to stormy daniels which was the president's attorney trying to stop more bad publicity late in the campaign. did any of this constitutes an illegal campaign contribution or violation of campaign finance law. cbs news is reporting search and seizure warnings executed against:mentioned the president's name several times
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one source saying it was a search and destroy mission to specifically go after the president all of this infuriating the president, his a top aides and leaving sarah sanders to make clear the president believes robert mueller's probe leading a witchhunt and appealing his mandate and leaving the door open to the firing of rod rosenstein who approved the raids, as one of the president's outside legal advisors urged the atty. gen. to get more active. >> paul ryan has been given assurances the president isn't planning on fire rosenstein or mueller. do you know where he is getting those assurances? from the president or others? >> i don't have any announcements on that front. >> what bob mueller is doing and has done is destroy the department of justice and for jeff sessions to sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing r
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is disgraceful. >> washington post says steve bennett is urging his old colleagues in the white house to get more aggressive with a multipronged assault on the federal investigation telling administration officials get the president to fire rosenstein to rein in mueller and stop cooperation, have no presidential interview with a special counsel and bannon once the president to retroactively invoke executive privilege, to cooperate with special counsel, that he can noe longer use that material. shannon: we will see if the president is listening to his advice. the threat of legal action and more for the justice department, learning more about why trump administration officials have been reluctant to share the contents of a top-secret fbi memo involving russia and the 2016 election. catherine herridge late details. >> reporter: after threatening
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contempt of congress the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee devon nunez along with congressman trey guardians committee staffers went to the justice departmenttw and met with rod rosenstein and a copy of the memo that kick started the russia probe and lawmakers demanded government source told fox reductions were, quote, minimal and justified. the two page memo from july 2016 was drafted by or with significant input with peter stzrok after the discovery of anti-trump text messages which nunez said legal action was warranted after months of delay by the fbi and justice department. >> that tells me there's something wrong. >> what are the chances of contempt of congress right now? >> not just hold them in contempt, but to impeach.
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>> to impeach christopher ray? >> we are not messing around. >> despite the 11th hour resolution fox news said congressional investigators remain concerned about the underlying intelligence and the credibility of its sources and it will require further investigation. the justice department provided a statement that the rejections are tailored to protect the name of foreign countries and the name of a foreign agent. there was no immediaten.ry resp from the fbi. >> reporter: wall street journal editorial board calling the fbi raid on donald trump's personal attorney and extraordinary intrusion into a target's right to counsel. mike huckabee, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think of that, people who see these search warrants it was really the president who was the target and it was a search and destroyt
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mission. anything about that surprise you? >> not nothing surprises me because whilst would you coh go after michael cohen. you don't know breaking doors down and taking over people's computers and going into their homes, personal residences and upsetting their children because you think he might have made a campaign contribution, that is nonsense. this is clearly annin attempt t intimidate the president, to do everything possible to intimidate his attorney and most americans have a good sense of justice, they want their to be justice apply even if you are the president but they wanted to be applied equally and they don't see that happening, nobody busted down cheryl mills store, nobody went into home's house when anthony weiner had all kinds of information he shouldn't't have had on his computer. there is something tawdry about
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all this. >> is parties from the wall street journal editorial board saying the smart advice which the won't take is to keep quiet about robert mueller and the political capital by trying to succeed as president. he can't control mr. mueller but he can control himself as that might be the only way to save his presidency and rush limbaugb says he doesn't think mueller -- it would've leaked if he did so this is the purpose of the raid. >> the drive-bys want trump to fire himself by firing mueller. they are asking him if he is going to. they are goading him into doing it because that is the only way they think they will succeed and be able to participate in the great project of bringing down donald trump. >> the only people who think donald trump is going to fire
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mueller are the press people who hope he does. but the president has not said that. 's staff hasn't said that, they technology has the power to do it but having the power to do it and actually doing it are 2 different things. i see no indication that donald trump has an intention to fire bob mueller because he knows the firestorm it would create that this is the narrative the media has created to discredit donald trump and to be a distraction. to make it appear that is what he is doing. why else would they be contemplating passing legislation that would protect bob mueller. was going to great -- protect
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the great republic of ours and the integrity of the office of the president and the separation of powers? who is going to protect every american from the intrusion of a federal agency coming and busting into your home on a fishing expedition that has nothing to do with russia and collusion? a shannon: there are concerns about attorney-client privilege, the document separate from the investigative team, thanks for drinking the red pool. >> thank you. >> thank you. shannon: the crisis over syria, leaders of the united states and russia talking tough, each side with a defined posture. kristen fisher looks at the back of this rhetoric. >> reporter: the self-imposed deadline of 48-hour to make a decision about what to do in syria past a few hours ago and theys white house says the president has not made a final decision and all options are unstable. the us and its allies are trying to confirm that the asad regime was behind this attack. here is the secretary of defense.
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>> we are assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies. >> the pattern of the strike. >> we arens ready to provide military options as the president determined. shannon: those include -- 75 tomahawk missiles and also in position the french frigate known as the aquitaine but russian warships also on the move. these images show 11 russian warships in syria have been put to see. there is a ton of firepoweradly the region. tensions incredibly high and this morning donald trump said this, roosevelt to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria, get ready, russia m becae they will be coming nice and new and smart. the president is taking a lot of tweet, critics say he did what he criticized his predecessor of
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doing, broadcasting us military strategy before it happens buth the white house press secretary says not so fast and here is why. >> we are maintaining we have a number of options and all those options are still on the table. final decisions haven't been made on that front. >> will donald trump follow through on these threats and if so will russia retaliate? us and russian militaries are preparing for direct confrontation. paul ryan has r had enough, part of the questioning tomorrow for secretary of state nominee mike pompeo, purse during his confirmation hearing to defined from administration foreign policy. the committee on foreign relations joins us, good to have you with us. let's back up because right now
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we are standing by what is going to happen with syria. the president has talked tough publicly about it, sen. lindsey graham say earlier on fox the graham say earlier on fox the president better deliver because he talked big and if he doesn't come through foreign leaders are not going to respect him. what responsede do you expect? >> a year ago in terms of the cruise missile attacks on syria, i expect more of the same and this time he is involving france, great britain, saudi arabia. we have a coalition, we cannot allow this to stand. the questions in the hearing willtand be how does one hold a accountable? mike 6 is the right person to be secretary of state and people listening to my will be convinced of that. >> the chairman of your committee says he has doubts how the us response will go. here is what he said. >> becoming a little concerned we may move into a situation like we did with pres. obama
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where statements are made, no action taken. >> wears that coming from and do redline and it turned into a green light and we saw asad using chemical weapons on his people. people. when donald trump took office when donald trump took office the same thing happened in syria donald trump reacted decisively and i expect he will react again, canceled his trip to latin america and secretary of defense mamattis has canceled h trip and he will be here throughout the weekend, we have got to get a secretary of state in place and that is why hearings are consequential adequate confirmation is necessary. >> chris murphy had this to say about what he sees shaping up with these nominees. a lot of us are worried about the combination of neil gorsuch and the national security visoro
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putting a set of military options on the table for the president, could do real damage to our national security. we will see what questions he has and how he votes but he has doubts about that combination. >> i have no doubts about that combination. very confident inde their abili. mike neil gorsuch, i travel to international security conferences with them, he knows the issues, he was number one in his class at west point, graduated harvard law school, member of congress for t the la year director of the cia and confirmed 15 democrats voted for him. he is the right person. he understands he and donald trump have wonderful chemistry. he understands our enemies out there, a lot on syria, issues of russia,, it ran, north korea, there is a full plate of issues internationally and if we want safety and stability at home you need to have a world where there is peace and stability as he wants to get that done from the standpoint of diplomatic
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activities but isieie not afrai take other measures. shannon: the committee has split 11 republicans and 10 democrats, rand paul saying he is a no vote, opposes the nomination on numerous grounds. you need some democrats to support them, you mentioned 15 supported him in the vote for cia director but a number of them are saying this is a d different job. totally different. will you get democrat support at least the committee is more broadly? >> i believe we will and we need to do that. such resistance by the democrats to donald trump putting any of his team in place, time to say the world is a dangerous place, the president needs his teamam place, mike pompeo has been selected and to me he is the right person to do that job. i support him fully. after people listen to him tomorrow they will see in terms of the immediate threat syria,
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iran, north korea, the right person in terms of ongoing threats from russia, the right person in terms of the long-term concerns in terms of where china may be going, their long-term plans and dramatic standpoint. >> a lot of people think he will go about this differently than rex to listen did and depending where you are on these issues thatat is plus or minus. good to have you, sen.. paul ryan says he has had enough of washington, why he decided not to run again and how this affect the midterms. >> we all agree we do not once to have on our service. >> diamond and still is not terrorism. that was congresswoman marsha blackburn, she's live with us in studio to talk about that and speaker ryan's retirement in the previous speaker of the house, john weiner, involving pot.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> shannon: speaker paul ryan's potential retirement was one of the worst kept secret in washington with the timing of today's announcement that he won't seek reelection, seven months before the midterm, a lot of people drop a political bombshell. chad pergram, who knows
12:22 am
everything that is going on, we'll break it down. the president talk today about the legacy that ryan will leave behind. what does he leave? >> at his tax reform. this is something that paul ryan wanted to do from the minute he walked up to congress in 1999. he got that done. that is a major part of his legacy. but earlier today on fox, he talked about some of the things he didn't get done and there are a couple of drinks in his armor. speaker repealing a note -- repealing and replacing obamacare something that i wanted to do. i'm proud of the fact that the house has done at. >> entitlements are the biggest drivers of the debt. remember, house speaker paul ryan had been the chairman of the budget committee, the fabled ryan budgets, which were supposed to bring things into balance. that never happened. one of the things that paul ryan will be remembered for is the fact he did not bring down spending. they just passed the omnibus bill, tax reform, congressional budget office did come of this will add almost $2 trillion to the debt in the next couple of . $21 trillion in debt right now.
12:23 am
that is a part of his legacy. he didn't bring down deficit spending. >> shannon: he certainly wanted to. a hard sell. how does his leadership race shakeout? >> the reason paul ran a speaker of the house right now is because kevin mccarthy, the majority leader, did not have the votes to the reason paul riney speaker of the house as kevin mccarthy did not have the votes to succeed john boehner and this is a leadership race, people thought there would be blood on the floor, they couldn't get somebody to step into the fray and that was paul ryan a couple years ago. you are hearing about kevin mccarthy who solidified with the house republican conference. he is close to donald trump but the fact that steve scalise is on the radar tells you a lot. he literally took a bullet for the team on baseball practice field last june in virginia. his name is in the mix, he would like to move up in leadership if the opportunity avails itself,
12:24 am
donald trump may have an important role in this and there could be some dark horses, republicans who don't like the current leadership structure regardless of who is there and we are hearing about mark walker, chair of the republican committee, the largest block of republicans in the house of representatives, conservatives in the house and also former speaker of the utah legislature rob bishop, chairman of the resources commission. >> a busy day for you tracking testimony of mark zuckerberg, thank you very much. my next guest is one of the lawmakers who had tough questions for mark zuckerberg including wanting to know why diamond and silk were banned from facebook. >> we don't think about what we are doing is censoring speech. there are types of content like terrorism but i think we all agree we do not ones on our service. >> let me tell you something right now. diamond and silk is not
12:25 am
terrorism. >> marsha blackburn, member of the energy and commerce committee, did you get your questions answered to your contentment about privacy and addressing these concerns? >> i did not. i thought it was interesting that he was so ill prepared. he didn't realize there is privacy legislation, he seemed unaware of that and how can you be coming before congress, before the committee, before the member who has written the bill, me, and not be aware privacy having one set of rules, one regulator for the entire internet ecosystem? this is something i have worked on in a bipartisan manner for four years and it was astounding he was not briefed on that or the ftc consent decree or the
12:26 am
lawsuits and settlements they have made. we expected more prep work. shannon: you would think the prep team would have prepped them for all of that. he took a lot of grilling. chris wilson used to do research and analytics and digital strategy when he was running for president. the questions of whether facebook is censoring, they made a lot of changes but this is how they play out. and review data since facebook up limited changes doesn't demonstrate bias against conservatives but a drop in traffic for an trustworthy click bait websites and scams that have the potential to embarrass supporters. he said things like fox news and mark meadows, conservative member of congress, a lot of conservatives are doing well on facebook, it is more about click bait traffic and buys. as their political issue? >> i think there's a political issue. mark zuckerberg mentioned he has 15 to 20,000 content managers and even though he doesn't want them to bring their liberal bias
12:27 am
and it was his word saying silicon valley is liberal, that seems to be coming into the workplace with him and that is why i asked him if they subjectively manipulate their algorithms because if they are subjectively manipulating their algorithms to go in and censor free speech or prioritize coupled with somebody who brings that liberal bias no wonder you have issues like diamond and silk or other conservative groups or organizations that seem to be banned or have content -- liberal organizations. >> to the speaker's decision not to run again. a piece on hot air said this. there is no way to read the
12:28 am
impending retirement of a young speaker of the house is anything but a start concession the gop house majority is ending. >> i wouldn't say that. paul ryan has been here 20 years, he has three teenagers at home, he has accomplished his main goal, he and his wife are ready for a different chapter. he wants to be in every day dad, not just a weekend dad. i appreciate that and this is the time to reposition himself. >> any predictions? it is consistently there's going to be a blue wave although the generic ballot democrats have a 3 deck advantage in the quinnipiac poll which is tied up and it has been. >> when you get to district and the selection that localized that blue wave is going to run into red walls and people like their member of congress so i think they will keep the house, i think they will pick up a seat or two in the senate and i think
12:29 am
it will be a tough election season. but it will be good. >> 7 short months ago and who knows how many roller coasters between now and then. thank you for coming in. former house speaker john boehner will promote nationwide legalization of marijuana. he joined the advisory board of acreage holdings, multistate cannabis company, he wants to allow veterans affairs department to offer marijuana as a treatment option. and calls for his impeachment misery republican governor eric wright is calling the investigation to visit the extra marital affair witchhunt and statehouse investigation releasing testimony claiming he initiated an unwanted sexual encounter with his hairdresser and threatened to distribute a partially nude photo of her if she spoke out about it. the report signed by all 5 republicans and democrats on the committee describes the woman's testimony is credible.
12:30 am
and tabloid trash gossip based on lies and falsehoods. is a win for the president? california governor jerry brown of green to send national guard troops to the border but wait until you hit the limits he is placing on them. are you ready to build a homeless shelter in your backyard? west coast politicians proposing that and other interesting solutions to the homeless problem in california. many residents, businesses not happy about it. trace gallagher has details and one school taking a different approach to arming teachers. you don't want to miss the real news roundup. >> this is a tool to have in the event we have nothing else. ♪
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's people in the homeless cri >> homeless crisis in california taking a few stunning turns tonight. this is not the onion, this is for real. >> los angeles county homeless
12:35 am
authority says the number one reason homeless numbers are going up is rents and housing prices are going up and the irony is many cities don't want to build homeless shelters because it hurts real estate prices. a series of not in my backyard protests has blocked homeless housing intensities in several areas including all of orange county. watch. >> the people living there, it evolves internally and externally to its community. >> reporter: a few years ago la county voters approved the tax hike to raise $1.2 billion to build 10,000 housing units for the homeless but it could take decades to get the builder the problem is growing by the day so now the county board of supervisors is trying a pilot project that would literally put the homeless in your backyard. the idea is to build a handful of small backyard houses with electricity and plumbing where the most stable individuals could live meaning people who
12:36 am
don't have drug or mental health issues that are ready to get their lives back on track lose the initial would finance the units at a low interest rate and after 10 years of the program the debt would be forgiven and homeowners could do as they please with a small house. seattle has a similar program with a few backyard homes and so far it appears to be working. here is one homeowner. >> just like another neighbor. we see him 3 or 4 times a week and passing. we try to have dinner, some sort of a more involved get together where we get to sit and talk. >> reporter: experts say there's a difference in getting a few homeless people to live on someone's property and finding a big picture solution to la county's 60,000 homeless and some argue the problem is being exacerbated by california lowering or eliminating penalties for drug use and petty crime meaning people who were once forced to get mental health
12:37 am
or enter rehab are now left alone on their own. shannon: time now for your real news roundup. on the flight to washington dc hunter jk scott of the crimson tide says he was listening to a worship song when he decided he should pray for donald trump. the 22-year-old college football player said when he shook the president and sandy asked him would you let me pray for you. the president reportedly said yes, come on and that is the story behind the now iconic moment yesterday outside the white house. claire mccaskill's to fight for reelection may be getting more difficult as a prominent african american newspaper claims her campaign is dodging issues of concern to the black community. a local community organizer writing, quote, i know what role racism plays in the democratic party. is the highest elected official in the majority democratic party the capital misleading
12:38 am
confronting the scourge of racism and white privilege. in the wake of parkland, a pennsylvania district applying 470 teachers with 18 inch baseball bats. the superintendent said they could disarm a pistol with a nice wing in any event of an active shooter. one parent said she thought he was joking and laughed. they will remain locked up unless and until there is an emergency. the president sends a warning to russia and as we wait for a response to the chemical weapons attack in syria madeleine albright ways in. >> it is very dangerous because terrible things have happened with the chemical attack and their needs to be some response but it can't just be a one off. >> did jerry brown just blinked? he is going to send national guard troops out but with some substantial restrictions. insurance that won't replace
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vof hundreds of families, he'se hmost proud of the one the heads he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you. >> two new california cities voted to oppose the sanctuary law. westminster city is in a closed session. also in california governor jerry brown announcing he won't allow another 400 national guard there was to deploy but it doesn't mean the state is going to be in force or helping to enforce federal immigration law so is donald trump starting to
12:43 am
win in california? lindsay marshall, fox news contributor and syndicated radio talk show host, larry o'connor, from washington dc and opinion editor at washington times and the senior -- great to have all of you. i will start with you. you are out there. is the president winning in california? leslie. >> i think it is funny we are looking anywhere in the oc especially newport beach, a rich republican enclave of california. it is no surprise they would be on board with the president being against sanctuary cities. that is not the way the majority of californians feel that in these republican little hotbeds, newport beach where they have lower crime, more money for law
12:44 am
enforcement unlike the city of los angeles or the county of los angeles. dell mac out there, kurt. >> the kind of towns which used to be the backbone of california both a middle-class went to texas. i'm excited about what is happening out here in california. we are finally fighting back and excited about the national guard thing too. i was in the national guard in california for about 23 years which i commanded the platoon -- battalion and acting brigade level so these are my guys and this is a mission our guys have done. i give some credit to jerry brown because he went back on his mission to the pentagon and said some other things we can do here like cover our coast which is exposed and get up in northern california where we have real problems with crime
12:45 am
and illegal aliens and do all that. shannon: this is what jerry brown said. this is not what you think it is going to be. with be clear on the scope this mission. this will not be mission to build a new wall or roundup women or children or detain people escaping violence seeking a better life. the california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration law. >> i'm not going to give brown any credit. last time i saw a democrat governor defined federal law it was the segregationists standing in a school doorway, last time democrats really loved defined the federal government they were protecting slavery. this is nothing to be proud of. i grew up in newport beach, i'm in dc now but this is not the bob dornan newport beach anymore. i have been back home. retta sanchez is there congresswoman now. the demographics of changed.
12:46 am
these cities on the border, they are south of sacramento hundreds of miles south of sacramento near the mexican border and dealing with crime and the economic impact of illegal immigration. they are pushing back because they are trying to protect their community. >> the gentleman will start us off next time that you wrap this up here. >> thank you for admitting we have a blue wave coming in california with the changing demographic and by the way let's talk about one of the problems in california, some of the people have problems with individual even if they have a domestic violence offense they want those people deported. that is why the devil is in the details with this legislation but most californians don't want like the governor said families broken apart. they want drug traffic, sex trafficking at high violent criminals to be stopped and we
12:47 am
in california, we are the victims of anything that happens with regard to immigration more than any other state in the united states because of the population we have. >> we need a wall. >> the highest in the country. >> we can argue about the wall during the commercial. we have 4 hot topics, panel. chemical weapons attacks after the obama administration assured us syria didn't have any more chemical weapons. we will search for questions and answers when we return.
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>> shannon: in 2018, they have been at least at least four suspected chemical weapons attacks in shannon: in 2018 there have been four suspected chemical weapons attacks in syria the latest last weekend. at least 500 people have been treated with symptoms consistent with toxic chemicals, roughly 70 are reported dead. former pres. obama said we eliminated them. >> we limited the declared weapons program. >> we could cut the deal that got 100% of the declared chemical weapons out of syria. >> let's bring back the panel to
12:52 am
discuss. he used the word declared and maybe they did get what was declared. theory has made new weapons. what do you make of it? >> i don't believe a word john kerry says or where the obama administration says. they have a track record of deceit and deception to cover up there massive failure in syria. bishara side is murdering his own people. obama couldn't do anything about it. donald trump will. the russians know it, they are pulling their ships out of the ports and asad is trying to hide his aircraft. it won't work. they are going to get hit and it will hurt. >> madeleine albright on late night tv was asked about this and whether donald of his right to blame the previous administration to this trouble. >> barack obama did put down a
12:53 am
red line and i wish we had followed through on that. >> what do you make of that? >> i agree with her and that and that is where i got in trouble and you like having me here is i'm a democrat but i'm honest and this is an area i thought the president failed. you don't make a threat like that, put down the red line, puff out your chest and retreat into the corner like donald trump who is tweeting about a missile attack he shouldn't have been doing that if we are not following through with such threats. if i may something to your point if you don't believe john kerry you don't believe the opc w because the opc w was tasked only with transporting chemical weapons out of syria on different vessels, norwegian, dutch, icelandic, they in april 2014 said they had 92% and
12:54 am
a few months later said those remaining by july were the ones who gave the information to the united states government and allies on an international level across the world, 100% of chemical weapons. >> i don't believe them because i have seen videos of people dying with symptoms of chemical weapons whether is sarah or mustard or chlorine, those weapons are being used. that is just a fact and there is no hiding it. disparately belongs to obama. had he enforced the red line -- >> it is worse than that because i'm not convinced america has a direct interest in this excursion but america has to lead to send a message to bad guys. there are russians on the ground. when we fire missiles we will hit russian soldiers. this could be a really complicated messy conflict and one that trump inherited because barack obama when he drew the
12:55 am
red line that he then ignored and backed off on handed it to the russians. he commented with the russians to solve the syria problem, to get a stronghold in the region and now if we tried to do something against asad we are doing something against the russians also thanks to the obama carry incompetence. shannon: as they try to figure out appropriate response, thank you very much. more news next. two parts incredible. new steak & ribs at outback. $15.99 for a limited time. get a 6oz sirloin and make it your own with a choice of honey sriracha, barbecue, or dry rub ribs. so hurry in to outback now. we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years.
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> reason never to give up on your dreams. andre ingram spent 11 years trying to make it to the nba, played in the minor-league and overseas but never give up on his dream. the los angeles lakers signed
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the 32-year-old but graying rookie and in his nba debut scored 19 points, fans screaming mvp, the oldest player to score 15 points in 15 years through perseverance that paid off. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us, good afternoon from washington. >> the syrian army is on the move evacuating bases and moving planes to airfield with the russian presence. >> the fbi and doj caved. >> impeachment and contempt and resignation should all be on the table. >> rioting in washington dc. >> this year will be my last one is a member of the house. leaving the majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. ♪


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