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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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kelly: president trump declaring mission accomplished followed by two air-led air strikes in syria targeting three sites associated with the chemical weapon's capability. the un security council rejecting resolution from russia to condemn those actions taken by the u.s. and its allies. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm eboni williams in for julie banderas. vice president mike pence to speak and we will bring them to you when they begin. this as un ambassador nikki haley says the u.s. remains locked and load today strike if the syrian regime uses poisonous
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gas again, the coordinated effort serving as a punishment for suspected chemical attack against civilians last week. pentagon touting the operation's success and refuting claims about russian and syrian governments that they missed several missiles. >> i used three words to describe, precise, overwhelming and effective. all weapons hit their targets at very close to the designated time on target of about 4:00 a.m. in syria, which, of course, is 9:00 o'clock here in the east coast, we have no indication that russian air defies systems were deployed. weft confident that all of missiles reached targets. kelly: fox team news team coverage john roberts live at the white house, but, first, let's send it to our national security correspondent joan for griffin live at the pentagon, jennifer, good to see you. >> hi, kelly, a carefully limited strike design today send
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a message about the use of chemical weapons, it is not an effort at regime change or an effort to end the syrian civil war according to pentagon officials who spoke this morning at a briefing here at the pentagon. over 100 u.s. french and british missiles all hit targets simultaneously within just a few minutes despite being launched from assets deployed from the mediterranean to the persian gulf, 105 missiles destroyed three of facilities according to director of pentagon joint staff. >> there's still a residual element of the program out there. i believe that we took the heart of it out with the attacks that we accomplished last night. i'm not going to say that they are going to be unable to conduct chemical attack on the future. i will suspect they will think long and hard about it based on activities of last night. >> the french laujed from the mediterranean, the guided-missile cruiser, uss monterrey fired 30 tomahawk
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missiles from the red sea, laboon fired 7. over in the gulf, usshiggins launched 23 tomahawks and u.s. navy submarines, the john warner, sledge hammer of freedom, launched six precision missiles from undetermined location. a pair of u.s. air force b-1 bombers flew from qatar launched missiles we were told and russian and state media claim they shot down dozens of missiles but adding syria fired missiles wildly into the air after hitting targets. >> syrian response was in effective in all domains, that's probably the best answer i can give you, they had no material impact on the strike. >> as secretary mattis said last
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night, the russians disinformation campaign has already begun. there has been a 2,000% increase in russian trolls in the last 24 hours. >> despite a blot of bluster, russian forces did not engage and failed to protect the assad regime, that according to pentagon officials. kelly: thank you for the report. this is fox news alert, vice president mike pence speaking from international summit in south america right now. let's listen in. >> that has significantly degraded and crippled the ability of syria to conduct chemical weapons attacks and attack and chemical weapon's program against innocent civilians that was the morally right act to take and as i spoke to the president this morning, we couldn't be more proud of our american forces and our allies
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who conducted this attack with such professionalism and -- and brought about an extraordinary success. the president has also made it clear that the united states of america is prepared to sustain this effort to -- to reestablish the deterrent framework that exists in order that the syrian regime and its patrons know that there will be a price to pay if chemical weapons are used again against innocent men, women and children. i've been heartened by the support that's been expressed here at the summit of the americans and the leaders around the world. many, many world leaders here at this summit in lima have expressed support to me privately, many have publicly
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for the joint action last night and expressed appreciation for president trump's strong leadership in the efforts of our armed forces. so we -- we stand against as the civilized world has for more than a century, we stand against the use of chemical weapons, against innocent civilians and america with a strong support of the united kingdom and france took action last night to bring our instruments of power to bear, to see it to it that the syrian regime understands and patrons understand that there will be a price to pay if there are any additional use of chemical weapons against innocents. that being said, in addition to that topic, we've had productive bilateral discussions with a number of countries.
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i met this morning with the president of perú, i also spoke with the president of colombia and with prime minister of canada and president of méxico. we had in each case substantive and meaningful dialogue about the relationships with each country. the focus of this overall summit is on the -- on the tyranny and humanitarian catastrophe that is venezuela. we appreciate the strong leadership of the new president of perú and their country in formulating this summit around that principle. first organized around dealing with corruption which is an issue i will speak about before the plannery session today and nevertheless also the united
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states indicated that will be supporting a declaration today that will have many signatories condemning the oppression, collapse of democracy and humanitarian crisis in venezuela. identify just -- i've just completed a meeting with president santos of colombia and expressed appreciation for additional resource that is we announced yesterday that will be flowing into colombia to assist their efforts to deal with nearly a million refugees from venezuela. there are sham elections approaching in the week ahead in venezuela, but as the opposition leaders expressed to me yesterday, the world is not deceived. leaders across the region are not deceived. democracy has collapsed and dictatorship has risen and to have in maduro a leader that will not allow humanitarian aid
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into his own country as people are starving and people are dying is unconscionable and i'm encouraged, i know president trump will be encouraged at the level of focus across this hemisphere on the crisis in venezuela and as i will express today before the session, the united states -- the united states is prepared to continue to bring all pressure to bear, working with our allies until democracy in venezuela is restored. with that, i would be happy to take questions and what's on your mind. >> vice president pence, how concerned are you concerned about retaliation against syria and allies iran and russia and did you take that into any consideration when you were planning targets to specifically target any of their assets? >> well, i can assure you that any time that our commander in chief puts on forces in harm's way we consider every potential response by the enemy and every
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was explored and we con ortinueo monitor and to be clear the united states is ready to take additional action in a sustained way to ensure that syria understands there will be a price to pay if they ever use chemical weapons again, but we -- we carefully examined the possibility of a response by syria or by its allies russia and iran in this calculation and the president made the decision to target chemical weapons of facilities having counted all the costs and the potential of those decisions. >> mr. vice president -- >> mr. vice president, in the year between the u.s.' first strikes on syria and the latest strikes, syria carried out a number of suspected chemical weapons attacks, why do you
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think that the action that the u.s. took last night will change the regime's calculus in any way? >> the action last night at president trump's direction with the strong support of allies france and britain was focused exclusively on the chemical weapon's program and we believe that it has significantly eroded and crippled the ability of the regime to produce chemicals that they've been used against innocent civilians. the attack a year ago was against the military base that it deployed, that type of ordinance, this attack, the president made the judgment was to be focused on the actual chemical weapon's regime itself and our hope is that -- that syria and their patrons got the message, but -- but syria should know there's -- their supporters in iran and russia should know
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that the united states and the allies and civilized world are prepared to continue this effort until we are assured that chemical weapons will never be used again against innocent civilians in syria. >> but they do still have the ability to carry out further chemical weapons, correct? >> we believe that -- that we significantly degraded their program. we believe that we significantly degraded their ability to produce chemical weapons, but this was also about reestablishing what we call a deterrent framework of working with our allies as president trump reached out to the united kingdom and france, almost daily telephone calls, negotiations between our various national security teams to arrive at the targets to arrive at strategy and the president made a
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decision to go, it was all-in effort to do everything in our power not just -- not just to destroy aspects of the chemical weapon's program but also to send a message to syria and to patrons in russia and iran that there is a price to pay if they ever use chemical weapons again. >> mr. vice president, when you talk about a deterrent framework, other than additional military strikes, what does that look like? the united states to cut a deal with assad and get rid of chemical weapons and russia was going to get rid of that, clearly that has not happened, what does your administration plan to do in this case and president said mission accomplished and you think it was wise for him to use the phrase -- [inaudible] >> the president's decision was to use military force in concert with our allies to make syria pay a price for using chemical
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weapons against innocent men, women and children. just think about that for just a second. i mean, the images have sered the conscious of the world and this president worked with our allies to come to the place where we use the instrument and the american power that is military force to degrade their ability but also to send a very clear message that there will be a price to pay if syria ever used this chemical weapons in the future and that price will involve the use of military force. that being said, we as the president also said last night while we don't -- we don't look for an open-ended to destroy isis in syria, we are reaching out and have been in recent days to allies in gulf state who invite greater participation, greater level of support so that
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american forces, syrian democratic forces, coal in addition the region that has been successful on primary mission in syria, to defeat and destroy isis will be in a position to facilitate a political solution, ultimately that's the hope, is that we -- that we have -- we have managed to restore a deterrent framework so that the brutal assad regime understands the chemical weapons are no longer available to them to use without paying a very high price but our ultimate objective is to destroy isis in syria but be a part of what we are widening effort across the world to achieve a political settlement in the long term. >> what chemicals do you believe were used in that attack and why did the united states not wait for the inspector to finish their work in syria and to make a very clear determination of
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what was used before taking action? >> well, let me say all along the way, it's a process when you're dealing with brutal regime like syria, the ability to obtain evidence is complicated, but we went into this effort absolutely confident that the syrian regime had conducted this attack despite what some of their apologists around the world are saying and high confidence that minimum chemical weapon of chlorine was used in this attack. i will tell you that investigation is ongoing and we may well ultimately determine that seren was in fact, used as it was in the past but the president made this decision with high confidence of our intelligence community supported by our allies that syria had conducted the attack and -- and
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dropped the chemical weapon bombs and ordinance on innocent civilians and at minimum it was the chemical weapon color -- chlorine. >> do you think the president's tweet about the mission accomplished was appropriate given the nature of the conflict and you have very important meetings with leaders of méxico and canada, do you think there's a possibility, separately, did you ask president peña nighto -- nieto to fund the border wall, did the border wall come up in your discussions? >> let me thank you for your questions. last night the commander in chief give military and allies was completely accomplished with swift professionalism.
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i was hardened this morning to hear initial reports from the pentagon that despite having had fired between ourselves and our allies over 100 cruise missiles that there were at this point no reported civilian casualties, we hope that continues to be the case, that was the report this morning, but as i said before, the president and i couldn't be more proud and i think the president's expressions this morning were strong affirmation that mission that he gave our military to go in and destroy key elements of the chemical weapon's infrastructure in syria was completely and professionally and swiftly accomplished. the meetings with méxico and canada were very productive. i will tell you with regard to méxico, the topic of funding of the wall did not come up. i think president peña nieto
11:19 am
have difference of opinion but we spoke where we are making progress, we spoke about changes that méxico is deliberating over their own immigration policies that will impact transnational migration. i spoke as the president has appreciatively of president peña nieto to intervene a caravan of a thousand and we talked a great deal about nafta. i will tell you about with the conversations with prime minister trudeau and pemplegga -- peña nieto, i will leave this summit that we are very close to a renegotiated nafta that will -- that will be a better deal for the american people and will have the kind of fairness to it that will permit us to go
11:20 am
forward in a productive mutually beneficial relationship with the people of méxico and the people of canada. it's not done yet, there are still issues that need to be resolved but we believe that there's a real possibility that we could arrive at an agreement within the next several weeks for a renegotiated nafta that will be a better deal for the american people. >> we have to go. one more. >> mr. vice president, russia condemned the u.s. actions and has generally speaking assumed that the u.s.-russia relationship has gotten frostier over the past week over this issue. what's your message to russia now? >> our rush -- message to russia is you're on the wrong side of history. it's time for russia to get the president that president trump delivered last night. you're known by the company that
11:21 am
you keep. it was 2014 when then secretary of state john kerry negotiated an agreement that that he would represent and that administration would represent eliminated 100% and russia agreed to be the guarantor and we see the brutality of this monster in demascus and all the while we understand that russia has been standing by, aiding and abetting this brutal regime and the time has come for russia to join the family of nations in condemning the assad regime's use of chemical weapons and demanding that they live up to the commitments that they made in 2014 under the last
11:22 am
administration, denying on the world stage, offering resolutions that were properly rejected at the un security council a few hours ago is not a pathway toward a better relationship with the united states of america and the wider world for russia. russia and iran are in the wrong side of history and last night president trump called on them, called on them as we call on every nation across the world to join us in condemning the use of chemical weapons and -- and, again, restoring the kind of deterrent framework that will ensure whether it be in syria or anywhere else that these type of weapons have the capacity to suffocate and murder innocent men, women and children are never used again in the world. >> roberta didn't get one.
11:23 am
go ahead, roberta. >> thanks, the remarks being made to the point and he made comments that there needs to be mutual respect in the relationship. i'm wondering if he brought up with you the tone of president trump's recent remarks about putting national guard troops in the border and other issues, did he bring that up, was he angry and if so how did you reassure? >> the united states of america has a strong president, méxico has a strong president and when you two people with strong penalties they occasionally have strong differences. we talked about that, but we -- we also talked about the fact that méxico respects the right of the united states to defend our border, respects our national sovereignty, we also focus on the areas where we are
11:24 am
working in greater concert every day and so we -- we spoke a bit about that. we talked through those differences some of which we set aside for a later date. but i have to tell you, i left the meeting with the president of méxico grateful for his leadership and more confident than ever that we are very close to the kind of breakthrough on issues of immigration, of drug interjection and will be benefit to both of our peoples and will set the stage for much better relations for years to come. >> we have to go, guys. >> the president earlier this week -- kelly: all right, vice president mike pence and the vice president making it clear that there will be a price to pay if syria uses chemical
11:25 am
weapons again, eboni is here with us, eboni, quite a telling dialogue that he had for the past 25 minutes or so about the united states and -- and the uk as well as france making that chemical weapon's strike on syria? >> absolutely, kelly. what struck me the most was the vice president kept using the term sustained, he really talked about the willingness of not just the u.s. but as you say allies both the uk and france to sustain the efforts that were started last night and i think that was very telling. kelly: three kings he said morally right to act -- right act to take. >> yeah, russia is on the wrong side of the history. president trump praising the military operation tweeting a perfectly executed strike last night, thank you to france and the united kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine military, could not have had a better result, mission accomplished. john roberts is live at the white house right now with the
11:26 am
very latest, john. >> eboni good afternoon to you, officials at the un security council walking us through some of the run-up of missile strike last and the justification was, officials from nse telling fox news that they have large volume that chemical weapons were in fact, used on attack on duma on april 7th, you see the aftermath,, chlorine and sern nerve gas, photographs, also foaming tat mouth -- at the mouth and something called miosi, those are hallmark symptoms of gas poisoning, eyewitness accounts, nsc said that bombs after the attack are consistent with what syria has used before in its typical
11:27 am
weapon's attack, there was a helicopter in the area and that no other actor in the syrian theater aside from russia and the united states, of course, is -- has any access to any air assets so if there was a helicopter in the area when the bombing took place it had to be a syrian one. the reaction from russia as you can expect belligerent, as you can expect sergey kislyak, president putin denounceed action committed without mandate and violation with un charters and principles of international law. putin did not call it an act of war, white house officials say they are pleased that there's been no sign of any kind of conflict with russia other than the statements they have been issuing over the past 18 hours,
11:28 am
nsc officials point out to fox news that the russian antimissile system was on but did not fire, the idea that russia has impenetrable system has been put to rest. we imagine that he probably spoke with french president macron because theresa may spoke with macron as well. in a statement read out of the call, the three leaders agreed that the military strikes taken against the syrian regime's chemical weapon sites had been a suck et -- success. the public support from the world leaders that the uk, france and the united states had taken to degrading syrian chemical weapon's capability, sending clear message that the use of chemical weapons can never be normalized, that's the take home from this. the united states and its allies
11:29 am
telling syria, telling russia, telling iran and anybody else in the world who would think to use chemical weapons that their use will not be tolerated, ebon. eboni: thank you so much, kelly. kelly: much more on the air strikes, okay, it's fine. the strikes of syria, we will speak with former navy seal about the pentagon's reaction to the mission. we look at the politics at home plus moscow is warning of consequences for the u.s.-led strikes, what are they, what are the implications could this have on the already rocky relationship between the u.s. and russia? >> we have been seeing that to russia all along, stop, if you want to be a responsible international member, responsible party to the international community, then russia needs to take responsibility and they need to cut this out.
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eboni: international reaction rolling in. british prime minister theresa may, president trump and french president emmanuel macron all agreeing that this was a necessary move. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin calling the air strikes an act of aggression, but some u.s. lawmakers say it's the result of putin's inaction in syria. >> of course, putin will say it's our fault but the reality is their failure to uphold end of the bargain is regrettable, predictable and have to be held accountable in terms of not bringing out the chemical weapons there. if the president drew a red line and has been very clear that we will not stand for this, the world won't stand for it. eboni: senior foreign affairs greg pellcock in london. what's the latest. >> absolutely crucial for the trump administration that this be seen as allied operation,
11:35 am
they called it a combined operation with the armed forces of france and the uk and, in fact, jet fighters were involved in targeting with syrian chemical weapon facilities, french president macron close ally of president trump saying the country had proof, british jet fighters also in the sky targeting syria, uk prime minister may also an ally of france tieing in the use of chemical weapon in syria to alleged use chemical weapons against exrussian spy and daughter here in the uk, take a listen to what she had to say. >> we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized, either in syria or streets of the uk or elsewhere. we must reinstate the global consensus that chemical weapons cannot be used. >> in fact, russia, president putin criticizing the action of
11:36 am
u.s. and its allies disputing even the assertion that syria had used chemical weapons but it was notable that while the missiles from the three allies were raining down on syria, they kept their powder dry, their missile defenses in check, finally, a show of defiance on state television showing syrian leader bashar al-assad going to work like nothing had happened, remember, it was we at fox news, one of the first to prove that assad had chemical weapons, got him to admit it and got him to say that he was going to get rid of them. five years later and many chemical attacks later sadly eboni, assad continues. eboni: sad, indeed. kelly. kelly: for more on this former navy seal and iraq war veteran, eli craig. thank you for your service, sir to this country. i want to begin with the statement that was made by
11:37 am
general jack keane on america's news headquarter earlier, let's listen. >> as a result of this strike, we still lead them with multiple chemical store sites and production capabilities, we didn't put a single glove on an airplane or delivery system or an airfield, his calculation was, i'm going to use the weapon, i know the united states is going to respond, i suspect there's going to be another modest response and i'm willing to pay that price. kelly: so based on what he's saying which is basically oppose to what the president and the vice president have stated have we done enough? >> well, i think we've done enough for now. i think it's important to acknowledge that unlike like our last president, president trump understands peace through strength. i think we have seen it not only in syria, you have seen in it north korea but also seen it economically in china. i think the world is a better
11:38 am
place when the u.s. leads from the front. kelly: eli, when you say mission accomplished which is what the president tweeted earlier today, was it wise to tweet or appropriate or had we been really able to accomplish that mission when we don't know if assad will launch another chemical weapon's strike? >> well, i think the president said that and tweeted that out because of the reports that he's getting that the chemical weapons in syria and their stockpiles have been diminished and so that was his mission, that was the mission of the coalition forces and i do believe that mission has been accomplished. kelly: i want to get to something that the vice president talked about from lima, perú at the top of the program and he went onto say that the united states, the uk and france were morally right to take this action against a country that was willing to take out its own people through the use of chemical weapons, having said that, what should syria be
11:39 am
doing and russia and iran be doing knowing that we will take the high moral ground and also act to make sure that that's enforced? >> well, i don't think it's any coincidence that the syrian, the russians and iranians are feeling bolstered and they're testing boundaries with this new administration, but what they are finding out is this president will not draw red lines and back down from them and i also think it's appalling that the russians are acting hurt and offended that the u.s.-led coalition would come in last night and do what they were supposed to do back in 2014. if anything, they should be apologetic for the genocide that's going on in syria. kelly: to your point and the president of of the vice president, that russia needs to get on the right side rather than siding with bashar al-assad. we have to leave it there, eli,
11:40 am
thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. kelly: quick note programming, chris wallace will have exclusive interview with u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley, you can catch that right here on the fox news channel. you don't want to miss that, check local listings for times. >> the pentagon says air strikes in syria successfully hit all three targets, significantly and successfully crippled the ability to make more chemical weapons. holy is on the ground in syria, holly about the effectiveness, the president said mission accomplished around the implementation of his intended mission, but the impact, we are seeing conflicting reports, rather, around the air defense structure that syria was able to intercept some of those, but, of course, our pentagon reporting that everything went off without a hitch and everything landed according, what are you seeing on the ground?
11:41 am
>> well, i'm a little further north in controlled areas but what i'm hearing from here and also in demascus there's a great appreciation for what happened. i don't believe that the intended targets were -- i think a lot of people -- a lot of people wanted to see probably a lot more action, i think people wanted to see the palace targeted but greater appreciation that after 7 years of war that america and allies came in and took charge and people are standing by waiting to see what happens next. so i think there's a lot of hope that this is only just the beginning and there's a lot of hope that the u.s. will perhaps deepen its presence in syria both in demascus and with our allies in the north as well. so overall, the general has been quite positive and people are just standing by wait to go see
11:42 am
what happens next. eboni: hollie, do you think there's an expectation of people standing by of what we heard vice president pence speaking earlier, do you think there's expectation to see show of force from the u.s.? >> absolutely, people having going through the war for a long time and are ready for the resolution. i think that the action having the international coalition come do this, people are hopeful it's going to bring peace and bring people to the table at least to get the negotiations some further than it's been and it's clear that bashar al-assad could not be part of the final future of syria and i think that's very clear from very different range of perspectives here on the ground and i think people are hoping that the u.s. is going to take a bigger role from now and until this comes to an end. eboni: absolutely, reporter hollie mckay on the
11:43 am
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kelly: president trump speaking about u.s.-led military strikes in syria saying the u.s. is prepared to sustain this response until bashar al-assad stops using chemical weapons on his own people. the president says u.s. military does not seek indefinite presence in syria. former ambassador to syria joins us now, kissinger fellow at the yale jackson institute, ambassador, thank you for joining us, your first response to what unfolded last night with this joint military strike with the uk, the united states and france? >> i think it's important to send to syrian president assad a very clear, blunt message that the united states will not accept its using chemical weapons with impunity.
11:48 am
it was overdue and i was glad to see it. kelly: ambassador on the ground in syria, there were people on the ground celebrating in demascus, celebrating bashar al-assad even after the strikes basically in an act of defiance, what should the international community perceive with that type of celebratory behavior? >> well, assad will pose himself as the underdog, david fighting goliah, if you will that he had survived what they would describe a massive american attack, tri apartheid aggression. kelly: i don't want to interrupt you but i have to get to the answer, so based on that then, would you somewhat assess is he getting it, is he getting the clear message that he needs to
11:49 am
stop using chemical weapons on his own people? >> the message he'll understand is he should stop for a while and test us again and it'll be necessary to strike him again in order to ensure deterrence. kelly: is there any way in your view to actually bring a permanent solution to this other than regime change? >> well, we can't bring about regime change ourselves without massive invasion like 2003 in iraq, no, the syrian civil war will be going there. there are a lot of countries involved. the best thing we can do is set a norm against the use of chemical weapon. kelly: and keep russia and iran at bay. thank you. >> my pleasure. eboni: reaction from capitol hill is swift in the wake of u.s.-led strikes in syria, we will talk to our political panel
11:50 am
on what this means in an election year. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. that's it? everybody two seconds! "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college.
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eboni: so what could the political fallouts of strikes in syria will look like, we will bring the panel.
11:54 am
bolton and brad blakeman. in order to go to war you need congressional approval. i will start with you, scott, the president and the white house have been clear, these attacks were narrow, they were limited and they were very, very specific, so for the sake of going to war, do you think these air strikes qualify for something that needs congressional approval? >> well, executive lawyers in the white house are both dems and republicans have debated this. i go back to 1973 war power's act that says if we are attacked or if we are going to go for war for any reason we have to go to congress. that being said, presidents have taken not as act of war but acts of protect humanitarian and attacks continue and chemical -- eboni: you said if. as we sit here this afternoon, do you think that we've crossed that line of war? >> i think if he continues to
11:55 am
bomb then regarding chemical weapons, if that's the red line, he's got to go to congress. eboni: got you. >> he has the option of doing that, he should do that, now he assessment there was a one-off strike last year, we have what's being called at this point a one-off strike at this point, is there a need for congressional approval right now? >> no. the president acted within his jurisdiction under article 2 of the constitution that requires the president as commander in chief to guard our national interest, this was in national interest as well as the world's national interest. the president acted constitutionally, he informed congress within 48 hours as required as to his actions and now congress has the ability under its powers to hold hearings to question the president. eboni: brad, a quick follow-up on that, right now you've say nothing congressional approval needed today?
11:56 am
to scott's point of us takenment, if there was another one-off, how many one-off does the president get in the issue with syria? >> again, depends on the circumstances and the urgency of the president's actions. the president has to be free to protect our country and, you know, congress can debate forever. they can have consensus -- eboni: i think we can all agree with that point. we are running up against hard time, guys. we can debate this a long time. we are up against a hard block, we have to get out, kelly. kelly: that was it for us, we will see you back here in an hour for the latest on syria and debate. [laughter] the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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paul: president trump promised this might not be the last military action in syria. >> we are prepared to sustain this response until the syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents. paul: but trump's own secretary of defense seemed to offer a


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