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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 15, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? eric: well, that does it for now. tranter will be back at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. we will see you then. leland: coming up, president trump goes on a twitter marathon this morning tweeting about everything from fired fbi director james comey's new book to the airstrikes in syria. we'll go live to the white house now the administration is pushing back against critics from all sides. elizabeth: learning new details about the effect of mass a friday night missile strike wisteria and threats from all sides about what could happen next. tranter where bipartisanship in washington both republicans and democrats with james comey's new book going rogue with the autobiography titled a higher
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loyalty. leland: busy sunday in a busy week this week in washington. welcome to "america's news hq" pyramidal and bitter. elizabeth: thanks so much for joining us elizabeth prann. unleashing on twitter ahead of the former fbi director spoke to her and upcoming tv interviews for the president also defending his mission accomplished tweets in reference to friday next military action in syria. joining us from the white house to break it all down. >> always good to be with you. this back and forth between the president is either popcorn grabbing fun, snark loving fun or is beneath the dignity of the office depending on your. i report, you decide to do simply have it, we may as well bring it to you. what the president had to say today. he called them slippery james
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comey. a man who ends up out of whack. he's not smart, will go down as the worst fbi director in history by far. the president's latest criticism coming as he prepares for his perch major tv interview tonight that to send the right to the top of "the new york times" bestsellers list and the reason saying he's obviously quite well documented. criticism is not just limited to the white house. some democrats on capitol hill acknowledge that the comey situation with empire brought on by himself. despite his good intentions, he made plenty of mistakes. >> is to clear rules. don't talk about an investigation don't inject controversy before an election. they follow those rules with respect to the ongoing investigation into donald trump at the time to begin follow the rules with respect to hillary clinton. there is a clear double
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standard. >> if you've lost in king county flossed into the president continues to monitor the situation in syria following coalition airstrikes against the assad regime could response to the use of chemical weapons on the syrian people. take you back to the president's favor social media platform twitter. it was so perfectly carried out with such position that the only way they could do meaningless by my use of the term mission accomplished. i knew they would seize on this, but it's such a great military term that should be brought back use often. that harkens back to mission accomplished by a former president a former president george w. bush. remember that proclamation during the iraq war? it certainly brought plenty of chortles in the u.s. .read more into the tweaked them was meant. the idea they are, elizabeth, and this is not just a military term. it can be as politically but the president was focused specifically on the mission itself. by the way, we don't expect to
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see the president make any comments today in syria, but if that changes naturally will bring it to you here first. for now, back to you. elizabeth: kevin, you said it best here we report, you decide. leland has more. tranter about 24 hours after airstrikes against syria and overwhelming success, top pentagon officials acknowledged that bashar al-assad had enough chemical weapons to gas his own people. doug mckelway with us with more on this. how did they explain this to set the facts? >> not to say they were ineffective even though they hit their targets and destroyed his capability to produce chemical weapons. it may not have destroyed all the stock piles are hidden chemical weapons. russia could also supply more. russia has vowed consequences in the u.s. british french allied attack in wall and left out that meant an overt à la terry action may take the form of a
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cyberattack from a poisoning like we saw in salisbury and great britain weeks ago for some diplomatic retaliation. ambassador nikki haley and knowledge that the u.s. relationship with russia is not good. >> very strained right now. our hope is to make sure we can get a better relationship with russia. it's in our best national interest to do that but we are going to put out bad behavior to do it. >> 100 allied missiles within minutes of each other washed from warships in the mediterranean sea to the persian gulf. three of the chemical weapons facilities were obliterated including the research center just outside of damascus. chemical weapons sites were also destroyed outside the city two hours north of damascus. >> we also know we've successfully destroyed three buildings in metropolitan damascus. one of the most heavily defended areas in the world. >> also a first in the attack. the first combat use of extended range standoff missiles, 19 fired for b-1 bombers out of
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qatar. they also launched tomahawk missiles from the mediterranean. this video apparently shot from the periscope of the submarine which we don't have for you. we will get that later appeared despite russian threats of consequences, it's interesting to note its sophisticated fourth-generation air defense were never used. the forces did fire their missiles at their own into the sky but they were launched after the allied missiles saturday struck the target of virtually nothing. leland: we have the attack in the spin for not. doug mckelway, thank you very much. the civil war seemingly goes on as if nothing happened for "the wall street journal" reports today that the day after u.s. airstrikes in syria, assad has launched a new onslaught against the rubble. the forces moving against areas outside of damascus that are still under rebel control.
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the reaction may go to lee zeldin, member of the house foreign affairs committee. nice to see you as always. thank you. >> good to see you. tranter the president doubling down on this idea of mission accomplished. your thoughts in a tactical sense and the strategic. >> well, tactically and strategically, to mission to degrade syria's chemical weapons capabilities was accomplished yesterday morning. the mission was not to completely eliminate serious chemical weapons capabilities because the conduct proportionality test. we care about the law of armed conflict. we want to make sure the advantage of conduct in the strike outweighs any amount of collateral damage, which means if you have a target. leland: is that part of the problem, congressman? the assad regime realizes this. they know we are going to be proportional and they have protection of the russians.
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we effectively blew up three buildings that buy a lot of reports had claimed much of the stuff out from. if you're going to deliver a message to someone as brutal as bashar al-assad, doesn't inherently have to be disproportional? >> well, the united states isn't going to ignore the law of armed conflict. we are going to continue to abide by principles -- leland: when you're attacking a sovereign nation as we did, how do we not already violated the rules of armed conflict? i am confused here. other parts of the syrian air force would've violated the rules of armed conflict? >> first off, i would say serious subscribed to the chemical convention. then reported what was supposed to be all of their chemical weapons. turns out obviously they didn't do that. what we saw last weekend with urea with a willingness and following through again with the
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murdering young children and being suffocated to death. leland: no one is disputing the horrific mess of the chemical weapons attack. it seems as though you are laying out an overwhelming attack for what the president authorized. i am wondering why are you okay with one that seems so much like a slap on the wrist and that is not me saying that. jack king, voice -- vice chief of staff that let them off affectively scot-free. >> i would say comparing to what we saw a year ago you have multiple countries involved in this attack into one a year ago. we need to see more of the involvement from arab nations within the middle east. the united states should not be responsible for taking out assad and owning all the cost to rebuild syria. the united states should not
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have a sole responsibility to get involved in a serious civil war to the extent that others want to get involved with. what you saw was a limited, targeted, well executed attack to degrade serious chemical weapon. leland: we have that. we also have the administration pushing up his narrative that it was about more than not. sending a message to the two main sponsors of the syrian regime. the iranians who were watching and also the russians. yesterday talking about the message to the russians. >> we've seen the united states and many other countries as bad acts. in other parts of the road racing up of the roadracing upper rounds of sanctions and other actions at the state department. we take out the russian spies in the united states and will continue to hold russia to account for its bad actions elsewhere. leland: now we have two diametrically opposed images, which was earlier today niki
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ailey talking about potentially more sanctions and the sanctions would go against russian companies involved in helping the assad regime. the russians seem undeterred. coming to fox news with some of his russian friends and compatriots, counterparts and enablers frankly. they don't seem all that deterred in damascus. they go on to business as usual. >> that might be the case that you have people who are going to act emboldened. they may even lash out and target their own civilian population again in syria. doesn't make it right. their response will be just as wrong as it was a week ago. leland: even if the response is wrong, you don't feel like the united states should care about that. so long as they don't use chemical weapons, we should let the civil war go on. >> that is not what i'm saying at all. the whole reason why i supported
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the attack that took place in the early morning hours yesterday morning was because we had a mission to degrade serious chemical weapons program and we are building a coalition. our efforts should continue to build that coalition. we can't be silent. leland: forgive me. i'm trying to understand this because you keep saying we shouldn't get involved in syria's civil war. in many sail the seven wonders chemical weapons involved do have an attack but that doesn't mean we should get involved with serious civil war. which one is it? >> would have a serious population targeting young children and they are being suffocated to death. leland: this is important. should it matter to the united states. maybe it does. but if the young population there is targeted by barrel bombs, indiscriminate arming by the russian air force, that cluster munitions outlawed by the international community come
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is the only thing that matters if they are targeted by chemical weapons? that is the logic we are getting to hear. >> we are trying to combine a whole lot of different things. getting involved in the syrian civil war, being responsible for obedient enough for to put syria back together again, to replace assad, to eliminate the forces of russia and iran and now we've had a vacuum that is filled with turkey. you can say it's taken place aside from state actors that involve terrorist groups. for the united states to on the cost of that to be trying to fix out of washington d.c. is not something the american public wants. we don't have the bandwidth to do it. when we have a problem with syria, the united states and britain and france and other countries are having an issue
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with using chemical weapons to murder. >> we also heard the president saying we will not be in the business of rebuilding things either. appreciate it. ask for your thoughts. >> a lot more to talk about the syrian airstrike. "fox news sunday" coming up. ambassador to the u.n. niki hayley was awfully tough yesterday joins chris wallace right after the show at 2:00 p.m. eastern. elizabeth: as we've been reporting, the president pushing back this morning claims he made former fbi or james comey's tell-all book that lawmakers are also weighing in on what to reveal either the big interview tonight. ellison barber has more on that story. reporter: hi, liz. the book is an officially out just yet, but the white house is working to discredit it. president trump on twitter writing the big question in his ad they reviewed the current answered, like how come you get the classified information.
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why did he lie to congress? jail. why did they refuse to give to the fbi. why did they take it? why the phony memos. white house press secretary sarah sanders said the book is a pr stunt. a partisan hack when asked the justice department to investigate, she said this. >> i'm not aware of a sisters it -- specific act, but any wrongdoing they should certainly look into that. >> the former fbi director criticizes president trump calling him on ethical and untethered the truth. they were disturbing and violating basic norms of ethical leadership, that may fall short of being illegal. >> i never thought these words would come out of my mouth. it is possible.
10:16 am
but i don't know. >> the white house is pushing back hard from the numerous tweets today. they are calling this a pr stunt >> instead of being remembered as a dedicated servant, and comey will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack that broke a sacred trust with the president of the united states president of the united states. a dedicated agent said the fbi and the american people he vowed to faithfully serve. the greatest achievement will go down as director james comey. >> he thought hillary clinton would win the 2016 election and on some level he thinks that assumption might have influenced his controversial decision to announce the fbi would reopen the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. his running mate, senator tim kaine said he made a blunder but he's a good man. elizabeth: ellison barber, thank
10:17 am
you so much. thank you for joining us. i want to ask when things started to shift for the former fbi director. i'm going to play a sound bite in 2016 when he went to congress to tell them he was investigating hillary clinton's e-mails and he said this. >> it had to abandon that she's going to be elect the president and if i hide this from the american people, she would be illegitimate romish is elected, the moment this comes out. elizabeth: that was the shift in his decision-making that started this timeline of events. agree or disagree. >> i think the director of the fbi making a decision in part because of the political implications and is a sure thing hillary would win and if he didn't disclose this investigation and came out after the election, then he and her would be criticized for having
10:18 am
been surprised. regardless of which side you are on, partisan wise that is disturbing. we want them for that matter to make decisions based on calling and strikes and just leaving the politics out of it. you have to even unjustified criticism. that is what you sign up for. >> are you surprised? we have been getting these headliners, the spray tan sedan size, are you surprised we are not getting any bombshells? some people say we are wanting them in those other pieces in there. are you surprised for not getting much out of this or that not your interpretation? >> i'm happy we are not doing much because it would be disturbing if comey have material information on mueller's investigation and held onto it for 11 months to monetize it in the form of a book rather than coming forward with this sooner.
10:19 am
the whole thing is a former doj employee myself, to see the fbi director in the mud making insults about spray tans and things like that and openly acknowledging considerations in politics played a role in the decision-making. it's kind of awkward to see and i don't tank it makes him look great. elizabeth: got what i find confusing. what is the endgame here? is it to monetize his position? what are we going for? >> i am unclear as to what is trained to do. maybe is trying to repair the relationship. his reputation has been one of playing all sides, make everyone happy. when the election was over he continued to work for trump and he was finally working for trump until he got fired and then all these negative things started coming out of trump. again, it seems as though his acting more in self-interest and public interest, which is odd because it's supposed to be about high ethical standards and
10:20 am
frankly the whole thing makes him look self-serving. elizabeth: where does this leave all the men and women who are working hard at the fbi? this puts them in a hard position. >> they are not thrilled to see it, but they are happy to get all of this behind them. they have a new director with an amazingly low profile. i don't think that's an accident. i think you the men and women of the fbi to know that he is just going to do his job. elizabeth: thanks for coming on. leland: much more on james comey tonight, liz. you can watch a trial of james comey on the next resolution with steve hilton 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. a lot more on this in this eerie and strikes when we come back. including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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elizabeth: vigil was held in massachusetts is taken for a police officer killed in the line of duty. shawn gannon and his canine officer were shot attempting to serve a warrant. he survived a gunshot wound to his face and shoulder. an eight-year veteran of the force died after being shot in the head.
10:25 am
>> we tried to find reason to this. and when i personally am hurting, i have to find my way to resolve so i can carry on my duties to leave this family through this tragedy. >> officer gannon was 32 years old. leland: the bashar al-assad's forces are on the ground again. the lone survivor of the arab spring civil wars. despite his repeated use of chemical weapons. julian turner joins us now with how assad has defied all the odds and to help along the way. >> syrian president bashar al-assad rose to power in july 2000, 1 month after he ruled the country with an iron fist for 30 years passed away.
10:26 am
since then, he presided over sectarian civil war that scene million killed on the entire region into turmoil and attacked his own people some 50 times according to the u.n. and yet his reign of terror continues unabated. since 2014 is been focused on drawing the u.s. ever closer to the brink of lord and despite western and arab countries, backing the opposition, refuses to step aside. officials across the board take great care to hold bashar al-assad personnel responsible for the course of events leading up to the administration airstrikes. >> assad and his pictures would do well not to test our resolve where the capabilities of the armed forces of the united states. >> we don't say that bashar al-assad will all of a sudden become a real nice guy. he has continued to kill many innocent civilians than enough
10:27 am
is enough. >> it is unclear how when why someone so clearly opposed by the superpowers in his own people is able to claim to power. a large part of the explanation lies in the families prize alliance with russia. he's been a staunch as reporters since he came to power since the other side due to the opening of a russian naval base in 1971. that gave the russian military that they had desired most. a firm foothold inside the middle east from which to counter american influence. more recently, russian military has been active on the ground inside syria, launching airstrikes against opposition stronghold, deploying special forces and even supplying syrian troops of medical and food aid. all in the interest of propping up the regime and ensuring its survival. this type of costly and risky outside military support from russia from president putin is
10:28 am
the type that he only extends from his oldest and dearest friends. >> he's been rewarded mightily by the regime. if you look across the middle east you see other capitals not cozy enough and warming up a little bit to russians because of their loyalty to assad. >> you made a great point that he is the sole survivor, the lone survivor of the arab spring, which he ousted many of the regions evil dictators. leland: he learned those tactics from his daddy and remain true when you think about gadhafi things i'm trying different things happen. thanks so much. lives. elizabeth: president trump not holding back on the criticism of former fbi nerd james comey. our talk radio panel will weigh in on the war of words.
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people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. leland: a preview this sunday what is to come in the site this week. former fbi dirt james comey hitting back at president trump's morning tweet storm. my book is about ethical leadership and draws stories from my life and lessons i've learned from others or three presidents are in my book. to help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership. one serves as a counterpoint. i hope folks read the whole thing and find it useful. you discuss, talk show host out
10:34 am
of philadelphia here with a. missing from comey's tweet is read and buy my book, which i guess is implied. totally partisan as washington as a time, you would think that even democrats come you may not love comey because what happened with hillary clinton to running to his defense. it was impossible for us to find anybody willing to come on. even staunch anti-trump folks and defend comey. >> it's a matter of time. give yourself a couple months. on my side of the aisle there has been this emotional with comey when he didn't churchill or clinton he was the hero. when he released the information from the election and then trump fired him. it's a blooded murder. when a couple of months. either he will be loved or
10:35 am
hated. leland: that brings up an interesting point. the republicans as well, at one point he was the worst guy in the world when he came out with a press conference before the election clearing hillary clinton. then he was the most ethical stand up guy in the world when he came out saying there were more e-mails and now he's the most terrible person ever. so how do you square that four republicans now who just want to trash them when before there were many sane people and records mean he was a standup guy. >> that's a great question. i can tell you i never saw a gem comey. maybe they saw him as useful with hillary clinton. the book itself is this the way. he talked about the ethical back and forth policies that missed out that trump is deficient in. that is one thing. when you get into the sides of his pants, tight, russian and spin it towards trumps marriage, you will diminish yourself.
10:36 am
>> that is the talking point we heard from the rnc yesterday. this is the fbi director to which i asked, perhaps in some of the president's tweet, including calling him a slimeball beneath the dignity of the office of the president. >> yes. i would say it is. this is the problem conservatives like myself, when he does things like that, i would agree. but then comey, the guy who's lecturing about other presidents rises above the personal attacks at the mob boss in this type of thing. how is that countering which rob is by engaging in that? trade to dare i say, berlin, no one in washington is bracing about anything. >> the concept of an ethical investigation. it's hard to look at, to read what former director comey has written and believes he was part of an unbiased investigation, whether it was the e-mail
10:37 am
investigation. leland: there's the pushback by comey and others about this very vitriolic way. the name-calling and everything else. and then there's people like chris christie you said when i work for jim call me if i told him 11 days before an election that i have the information that could affect an election by polling, he would fired me on the spot. would it be better for republicans to push back on points like these rather than on the name-calling and talking about hands and spray tans and everything else. >> been a basketball referee. you call what's in front of you. you don't look 25 points ahead, 25 points behind. his problem is he thinks he is above everybody else dared he will make decisions that an fbi director should not have been making in any level right before the election. that's a big problem.
10:38 am
>> he dances around those as he explains the experts. we've seen what is to come this week in the conversation. thanks for being here, guys. elizabeth: sylhet, raging wildfires in the midwest with major investigations. what authorities are saying is making the fire spread. kfast es. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. be their best. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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leland: while the president doubled down on mission accomplished this morning from america's closest ally in the middle east is not so sure that we did enough to send assad and i ran a powerful enough message. conor powell live from jerusalem where it's already late sunday night and the fallout continues. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has not only base support but is also encourage president trump to
10:43 am
take action. for prime minister benjamin that yahoo! and many of america's allies in the region. they are very concerned about the growing iranian presidents. these strikes, and the chemical facilities in syria were just about limiting the ability to carry out future chemicals. it is about sending a message to iran. that is pretty much what we heard today from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is prepping the united dates, and in iran to do more. >> the element more than any other in the president assad must understand to establish its military presence in syria, he is endangering syria in the stability of the entire region. >> this is also something we see played out in the media here. several newspapers in israel and
10:44 am
across the region who of unnamed military quotes is essentially saying that the u.s. strikes in syria did very little to damage the regime stability to carry out future chemical weapons attacks and very little to actually send the message to the regime. it's a sort of backhanded complaints that we are hearing in a lot of different places in this region. they are concerned the u.s. isn't going to do more to confront iran in the region. we've seen pictures of these destroyed facilities where the u.s. carried out these strikes. there is a lot of criticism in the media that these were empty buildings. facilities that were concrete and there wasn't enough to not only to the regime, but more importantly to iran. that's a big thing going forward is how much israel, saudi arabia and other countries, that's what we have until the next couple
10:45 am
weeks and months. leland: from a position of experience in that airstrikes with iranian target has been far more significant than the u.s. strikes. we've got a lot more on this. leland: for more insight from a green beret captain ben collins. thank you for joining us. and what your reaction from the regional criticism we are hearing. the mission accomplished from the president inserted the aftermath and now we hear these criticisms. what you think about it? >> what we have to do first is that i can understand what was the mission and what is the mission. the answer to that is very different for the united states, for russia and iran denies the heard from connor for israel. the games that iran has made inside syria over the past two years have been significant. that presents an existential threat to iran. they are strategic and much more pronounced than ours. russia, a landlocked country has
10:46 am
always wanted that access. leland: if it is in their entrance, we don't want that to be in their interest. is that where we step in? >> where we are stepping in for that specific cases the use of chemical weapons. the message wasn't just a message to the sponsors of assad and the only reason he's still in existence. but it was the message the broader global community, state actors and nonstate actors that any use of the chemical weapon would not be tolerated. the 192 countries signed on to say we will not tolerate these chemical weapons. elizabeth: did we send that message? >> retargeted the manufacturing and storage facilities of chemical weapons and i'm sure there is still even if we did hit everything 48 hours ago, russia still has the ability to provide more. it was targeting that use of the
10:47 am
chemical weapons. we could have gone after his air platforms. go after his rotary aircraft coming six wing aircraft, but that would've split us into what everybody's talking about and taking a strike that is getting us more involved with in the civil war. the fact is iran and russia have much broader strategic interest in that region. iran has their hegemonic teens. they won a much more powerful ability there. since the iran deal they've got the ability to do that even more. they want access to the naval base. >> does it behoove us to go all in? >> i don't think it really does. we have about 2000 soldiers and our air that are part of that organization that's witnessed here in defense wars. going in if we are going to do that, that's not a question that we can answer right now. but the broader question.
10:48 am
elizabeth: do we go in because of isis or the rebels? do we go in there. why do we go in there? >> the primary reason we been in there from the very beginning was to combat isis. we have done a tremendous job in combating isis. there is actually a debate in terms of how much effort to attend and russia has put into it. there is a mutual benefit in mutual interest to combat terrorism. russia has a big problem with their own islamic fundamentalists. there is some symbiotic relationship that is there. just because we can play well together between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. does that mean we will for the rest of the week. russia will be much more willing to push for the strategic interests unless we determine what the president determines for that matter, the congress and the people of the united states can stand up and say this is what we are willing to
10:49 am
support. this is what we agree on our interest or not our interest. i think that the broader theme anywhere that russia is a bad back or we do need to push back. elizabeth: overall you are pleased. >> im. a part of me wishes we had hit more, but obviously i'm not privy to all the information the national security team does her house. i think it sends a message to the rest of the community that we are not going to accept use of chemical weapons. those chemical weapons called them the poor man's nukes for a reason. we know they would love to get their hands on it. elizabeth: we will leave it at that. thanks for joining us. leland: middle of april in tornado season begin across the midwest. now you midwest. that is typically the cleanup and relief effort underway. arfat right for me? my doctor told me about eliquis.
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transfer more than 300 for just as employees or con on congress to take action as president trump does decide to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein overseeing the federal russia flow. laura ingle has the latest on this. >> hello. the former department of justice officials working on getting ahead of what they think could
10:54 am
be coming while fine-tuning a campaign to defend recent attacks against the agency they once worked for. in the department of justice, alumni statement released this week, the former doj employees defend the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and robert mueller saying they are deeply disturbed by the attacks levied against them in the good men and women of the department said in part not only is it in the boat to their public service, but any attempt to corrupt or undermined the evenhanded application of the rule of law threatens the foundation of our republic. president trump has long been vocal about the investigation into russian meddling calling it a witch it a witch hunt in any recent trade, criticizing the agency calling it an embarrassment to our country. he also blasted moore for hiring 13 heard and democrats to join his team. mr. trump talking about the possible firing tuesday while members of his own party are hesitant to document. >> why didn't i just fire mohler?
10:55 am
well, think of disgrace what's going on. it's really a sad actuation when you look at what happened. many people is that he should fire him. >> the president is the head of the executive branch. he doesn't have to run this hiring and firing decision by s. is he the power to get rid of rod rosenstein? yes he does. do i think it's wise? i don't. reporter: the statement by the former justice officials was released shortly after advisers to president trump had been urging him to fire rosenstein, the one who signed off on the vi search of home office and hotel room of the personal attorney is expected to appear in new york federal court tomorrow. we will be their life for that hearing. back to you. leland: hundreds have been canceled. roadways close after his stirring the powerful storms have pushed across the midwest. three people have been killed
10:56 am
for this term has dropped heavy rain, snow, hail, strong winds as well. arkansas residents clean up after tornadoes prove for one town mayor that injured four people. in oklahoma, they would love some rain is strong winds there are strengthening more than two dozen wildfires not only oklahoma, the texas as well. hundreds of people have been evacuated across those two states and as we would be hastened to add here, this is just the beginning of tornado season across oklahoma. elizabeth: we've been seeing the weather picking out. this is crazy. leland: nikki haley, trey gowdy as well. chris wallace in just a couple minutes.
10:57 am
. .
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good choice babe. oh, wait, hold on. earn 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. what's in your wallet? chris: i'm chris what -- wallace, the u.s. and allies strike assad regime that used chemical weapons to murder its own people. ♪ >> these are not the actions of a man, they are crimes of a monster instead o. chris: we will discus the decision to hit syria again, what it means for the civil war there and the president's message to other countries supporting assad. >> to iran and to russia, i ask, what kind of a nation wants to be associated with a mass murderer of innocent men, women and children? chris: nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the united nations live only on fox news


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