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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 15, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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a fox news alert. new warnings for syria's president and for russia as president trump is defending his use of the phrase mission accomplish regarding the syrian airstrikes on the chemical weapon facility. now the administration says it is preparing to unveil new sanctions against russia for its support of the ashad regime. >> welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> thank you for joining us. u.s. ambassador nikki haley said friday's coordinated strikes dealt what she called a crippling blow to the chemical weapons program and she said the u.s. is locked and loaded.
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they will use attacks again if he deploys more chemical attacks against his people. >> the president has as we had no tolerance for it. we can't allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons. that's why you saw the president strike this past weekend and why you saw him expel russian spies after the attack. this very easily could happen in the united states if we are not smart and not conscienc consciof what's happening. >> this comes as he met with russian officials. his mood described by them as being upbeat and he accuses the u.s. and our allies of what he calls lies and information. we have fox news channel team coverage. doug is at the pentagon. we begin with kevin who has the very latest from the white house. >> good afternoon.
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growing concerns at the explosive situation in syria could take a turn for the worst if the russians follow through on a threat to create chaos in response to further coalition action against the ashad regime. this comes after the targeted airstrike degraded the chemical weapons capability. as you know the united nations security council met several times on this issue without a consensus about peaceful pathway forward. u.s. ambassador says russia will feel the sting of sanctions as long as it backs the murderous syrian dictator. >> russian sanctions will be coming down, the secretary will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to ashad and chemical weapons use. i think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is they listen to us.
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>> meanwhile the syrians and the russians, as you pointed out did so to coordinate a response to the airstrikes. the kremlin reports that russian president vladimir putin also spoke with his iranian commish parts. this seriously damages. such actions committed in violations, if they continue they will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations. in the meantime my makers here in the u.s. have a multilayer approach including more talks and more economic pressure. >> if we can have a strong diplomatic effort backed up with pressure against those who are transferring those arms so ashad can continue this buddy conflicts, we may have a way forward for a political solution.
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we need to bring all of europe and all of the region to do that. i can tell you this, between now and the formal announcement of additional sanctions we suspect will get a readout. now back to you. >> meanwhile the pentagon claiming the syria airstrike a success with the u.s. and our allies meeting all their objectives. military officials also warn that the ashad regime still has enough chemical related facilities to again attack its own citizens with band weapons. doug is life. >> the strikes appear to be a classic case of a proportional measured response intended to take out three chemical plants with a minimum collateral damage
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and that's exactly what they appeared to do. over 100 missiles were fired from ships, submarines and u.s. french and british airplanes. all 100 plus hit their targets. satellite photos show the targets were obliterated. a non- significant factor. [inaudible] there were no civilian casualties. >> we successfully destroyed three buildings in damascus, one of the most heavily defended airspace is in the world. this will set the chemical weapons program back for years. >> syria did launch antiaircraft missiles to no effect. they came after the coalition had already struck their target. they appeared to be randomly fired and aimed at nothing. a greater mystery is why the russians did not launch their missile defenses positioned in syria. there thought to be fourth generation highly sophisticated missiles.
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russia, iran and hezbollah said that it complicated prospects and raise political unrest. they told a group of russian lawmakers that they were accompanied by a campaign of lies and misinformation. the british foreign secretary said he hopes there is no need for any additional strikes against syria. as you just heard some the stockpiles may remain and could be used again in syria. any kind of russian retaliation it takes is anybody's guess. many analysts suggest that it's not likely to take the form of any military form. it's a form of cyber attack or another poisoning of some former spy or some kind of retaliation in a diplomatic way. >> i'm sure intel experts will
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be on the way. >> let's go to general jack. he's a retired chief of staff of the u.s. army. chairman of the institute and a fox news correspondent. this was successful according to the correspondent but you don't really think it's enough. >> i credit them for taking action. i credit the professionalism you saw on display with accuracy and precision of the strike and getting our allies involved. when you actually look at which we accomplished here, i think it was disappointing and quite inadequate. here's why. the first strike did not deter ashad from using chemical weapons. i believe the purpose of the strike was wrong. the purpose should not be to deter again.
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that's already failed. the purpose should be to stop ashad from ever using chemical weapons again. how do you do that? there's only two ways. one is you take out all the power and artillery. that shuts him down from delivering chemical weapons. you take out all his chemical weapons. to tell you the truth we can take out all the chemical weapons because you have to use air explosives to incinerate and some of those are in proximity to civilians. you've got to take that off the table. we can shut down his entire delivery means, and therefore we are going to stop them from using chemical weapons for years to come. >> basically that means the helicopter. you dropped the barrel bombs. you mean we should go in and attack a russian air base. >> what i'm suggesting is fixed wing aircraft and all artillery.
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those are the primary delivery means. his airpower is not just wet flies. it's the fuel, the ammunition and the supply warehouse is that he's got in his operational airfield. you take all of that out and you would destroy it essentially. >> what would they do in response. >> the russians always threaten escalations. they are the second great power trying to put defender superpower. the united states has significant combat and military over match of the russians. they have just about scored a w in syria. they are propping up this regime. there's never gonna be any political solution. they prop them up indefinitely. can you imagine them getting into a shooting war with the united states in syria which would bring the united states
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back into syria in a significant way and they would squander all the games? we have people certainly who look at the escalation here that russia could in fact use and we left that paralyze us and not take the right action in terms of stopping ashad from using chemical weapons. >> you know russia over at the united nations, they detailed 12 resolutions and earlier on america's news headquarters, ambassador pierce, she joined me and she basically said this is the new british ambassador karen pierce saying that, let's list listen. >> we find that many people, that the country that help build the chemical weapons convention and the global nonproliferation
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that russia can now be one of those rogue countries. >> do you feel russia is a rogue country. >> i think it has those tendencies. >> to put them in that classification? >> i think she's got it about right. i got that interview myself and i'm glad she's there. she will be a good partner to nikki haley. the two of them understand what they're dealing with. russia is committing war crimes on a regular basis as they bomb hospitals and prop up the number one where. [inaudible] >> will the world ever get justice. >> i think we should bring all three countries, iran, russia
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and syria to the international court. they are enabling them to conduct systematic warfare and they all are a pariah on the world stage and they should be called out for. >> general jack king calling them out on the fox news channel. thank you for your analysis. >> a fox news alert, according to a bush family spokesman, former first lady barbara bush is in failing health. the office of george h.w. bush released a statement saying that after a series of recent hospitalizations, barbara bush has decided against seeking any additional medical help. the statement goes on to say she is surrounded by a family she adored and appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she is receiving. of course, our heartfelt prayers are with the bush family.
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>> former fbi director james comey tell all book has hit the shelves this week. it sparked a heated response from the president. both are waging a feud over twitter, we will have the latest on that memoir that's causing such a fuss, next. >> there are guidelines, publication guidelines for people who work at the fbi and the first publication guideline is that you're not suppose to write about the substantive issues in an open investigation. that seems to have been violated with mr. cummings book.
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>> president trump was blasting fbi former director james comey.
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the president tweeted this slippery james comey always end up out of whack. he is not smart will go down as the worst fbi director in history, by far. mr. comey is firing back saying my book is about ethical leadership and draws on stories from my life and lessons i learned from others. three presidents are in my book. to illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership. one serves as a counterpoint. i hope folks read the whole thing and find it useful. >> president trump isn't holding back. he tweeted about james comey at least five times. in one tweet he criticize the former fbi director for what he said, in an interview with abc news about re- opening the investigation into hillary clinton's private server.
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they asked if that decision would influence by comay's assumption that hillary clinton was actually going to win the election and calmly said, in part, i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to be donald trump. i'm sure it was a factor, i don't remember spelling it out but had to have been that she would be elected president and if i hide this she will be illegitimate moment she selected in the moment this comes out. trump tweeted, in part he was making a decision based on the fact he thought she was going to win and he wanted a job. clinton's former running mate agrees that his decision back then wasn't a great one. >> they have two rules. don't talk about a pending investigation and don't inject controversy. they follow those rules with respect to the ongoing investigation. they didn't follow the rules
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with respect to james comey. >> he is a good man who made a very consequential blunder. >> the interview is set to air. they're promoting his new book a higher loyalty. he describes the president as untethered to the truth. he said the behavior he saw from president trump was disturbing and violating a basic norm of ethical leadership and may fall short of being illegal. >> let's bring in ron. he's a former investigator at the fbi division and legal defense fund. thanks for being with us. >> let's start here. how does this public back and forth reflect on the men themselves and doesn't tarnish the prestige of the office of the president or that of head of
1:21 pm
the fbi? >> rsl, that's actually my concern, less about how it impacts jim call me the man and how it does about the fbi. the fbi didn't write this book although other people within the fbi were present for some of the activity and deliberations. he is a private citizen and gets to write a book as long as it passes d.o.j.'s pre-publication review which i understand it d did. he has the privilege to do this. my concern is how does it impact the public's view of the fbi. >> it will negatively. >> i think so. this to me feels a little bit, i haven't read the book, i've only read people's commentary and reviews of the book. my sense is that it feels a
1:22 pm
little bit like a kiss and tell that's been told to soon. other directors have written books about his experience as the fbi director, i think he waited maybe a decade to do that after he had left in the administration had changed. here it just seems like the wounds are too raw and perhaps this feels a little bit like revenge. >> he points out that three presidents are referenced but the others aren't entangled in a special investigation. in this book impact mr. muller's russia probe? >> potentially if he sees james coming as a witness in any sort of obstruction of justice in his investigation. every retelling of key facts will be scrutinized if he is a
1:23 pm
fact witness. attorneys opposing him will dissect every retelling and look for nuances that say you told it differently a couple different times. what's your motivation. you're not motivated by the truth. quite clearly part of his motivation is to sell a book. whether the work tells it differently or tv tells it differently, all of that poses risks. >> to think he would like to tell about #. >> i don't he would. my experience was entirely positive. he knows how to tell a story. he picks his words very carefully. he is compelling and personable and likable. he pulls you in and he is smart and experienced. i don't think you would inflate but i think that's part of the
1:24 pm
risk of telling a story multiple times especially if it ends up in a courtroom. >> press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said of the american people that the american people see right through the lies see right through a self admitted leaker. >> i think it's destructive but i think this white house has been deliberately destructive of the people and the reputation of the fbi. we heard one the other day where the inspector general release this report and it made a strong case that he had missed led the inspector general. those cases are to be made.
1:25 pm
more will come out from the inspector general, but the men and women will be harmed by these comments and they are deliberately designed for that purpose. >> he also said given another chance he would try to avoid calling hillary clinton's handling of classified information as extremely careless. how might history look upon mr. comey. >> that is yet to be judged. i think these wounds are still open for the american public on whether and to the extent that he may have influenced the election by his july commentary, by his subsequent october commentary, i do believe i hope that when the inspector general's report comes out that they will find evidence that the fbi acted for a political
1:26 pm
purpose. people are judging, people have judged noticing vicious commentary from the right and left about james comey and the fbi in his conduct of the hillary investigation. the challenge in my estimation is putting our personal politics and preferences aside and judging based on the fact. i see the political forces that are trying to bend the fbi to fit a particular narrative. that is disappointing but i think were still too close to those events to judge it fairly. >> ron, thank you very much for joining us on the sunday afternoon. >> i want to let the viewers know that they can tune in to the next revolution, trial is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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second amendment supporters are organizing rallies across the country. hundreds of gun owners and activists marched that state capitals pushing back against stricter gun laws. >> the second amendment is the reason the nation is free. the ownership of guns provides a balance of power between the public and the government. this point is rarely made in these people are trying to make it today. the people who are trying to take our rights away don't understand the purpose of guns in the public's hands and were trying to get that message across two the protesters taking
1:32 pm
lace three weeks after the march for our lives rallies were held nationwide. that in the aftermath of the horrible massacre at the school in parkland florida. >> when it comes to border security, the president and jerry brown are locking horns. the governor agreed to send troops to the southern border to go after criminals and drugs but not illegal immigrants which is what the president wants. could be a tricky line to walk. joining me now is hector garza. he's the vice president of the national border patrol council. it's good to have you here. >> governor brown is deflating that his national guard will help the president go after drugs and thugs on the mexican border but not immigrants. cannot work in real time? >> first of all we need to keep in mind that the support that the national guardsmen will be providing will be like air support. the be flying up and helicopters in the night, they will be at some of these illegally
1:33 pm
crossings and it won't be difficult to actually tell what type of activity is coming across until they actually engage those threats coming across. but again, the national guardsmen will be helping us out in a support role for example up in the air. >> eyes and ears, and you're okay with them, you think it will be okay that they can tell if someone is just trying to cross illegally or if they're loaded down with marijuana trying to get across. >> again, keep in mind that the national guardsmen will not be conducting those enforcement operations. they will not be arresting people. we will be having boots on the ground. something that's also important is that our national guardsmen will be assisting intelligence analysis. they will be sending some intelligence analysis that will help us gather and intelligence so our agents can better do their job.
1:34 pm
if we get direct activity we will be able to act on that depending on the information is gathered by our national guardsmen. >> homeland security secretary kristin nielsen said border crossing spiked last month, two 100% over last year including an eight 100% increase in unaccompanied children. what is your assessment of the biggest threat along the southern border, and how helpful are national guard troops with combating the real problem. we understand they can't get involved in any sort of arresting of anyone crossing illegally. >> keep in mind any crossing that happened at the border, they are all controlled by the drug cartel. they will dictate where they cross. what's been happening on the border is these drug cartel send family members but on the other side of the border there sending dangerous drugs or high-value crossers, people were coming from countries that might have
1:35 pm
terrorism but all along, what these cartels do is they are resources with families and the drugs come across. the national guardsmen will also be helping us by clearing up roads which will allow our agents to have narrow movement. they will be helping maintain those roads by clearing up the brush so that we can have a better view along the border. at the end of the day, all those activities will help our agents to their jobs more effectively. >> and they can help you watch out for the diversions that you just pointed out. in closing, as vp is the national border patrol council, what do you think is the best way to secure our southern border, and would you recommend changes to protocol and procedure at the border? >> something we been calling for on the border is additional manpower. aside from manpower were also calling for a physical wall in strategic locations that allowed to do the job better by having
1:36 pm
that strategic location and also stop the drugs pouring into our country and killing our people. >> are you consulting with the president in terms of where those strategic locations are? where you would like to have more fencing or walls. >> that is something that's very interesting because donald trump reaches out to the men and women of the border patrol and talks to the rank-and-file agents who are working the border. we have regular conditions with the white house and it's our job to make sure the president knows what it is we need. we want to thank president trump for that for actually reaching out her agents met we will leave it there. hector, thank you. >> we are learning more about why the fbi raided the home and office and hotel room of president trump's personal attorney michael colin. they tell us about the direction robert muller and his investigation
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hundreds of former justice department officials signing a statement urging congress to take swift action in the event that president trump fire robert muller or deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. laura engel has the latest from our new york city newsroom. >> these former apartment of justice officials are working on getting ahead of what they think could be coming while fine-tuning recent attacks against the agency they once worked for. in the alumni statement released this week the former d.o.j. employees defend both deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and robert muller saying they are deeply disturbed by the attacks that have been levied against them and by the men and women who work there.
1:42 pm
taking look at part of this post, it says this. it's up to the rest of us and our elected representatives to come to their defense and others to improperly interfere in the other's work. president trump has been vocal about the d.o.j. investigation calling it a witch hunt. they're talking about possibly firing muller but members of his own party are hesitant to back him. >> first of all, i don't he should be fired. he should be left to do his job. >> a pro muller ad by the group republican for the rule of law urges congress to protect the investigation. >> he has been trusted by republicans to put america first. >> have a lot of confidence in bob muller. >> this is our justice system and it needs to play itself out. >> the special counsel has a job to do. >> call your representative and tell them to protect the muller investigation.
1:43 pm
>> all that's going on, the statement by the former justice official was released shortly after reports surfaced that some advisors had been urging him to fire rosenstein. more to come. >> laura inglis, thank you for the update. >> meanwhile there is new fallout from the rage targeting president trump's personal attorney michael cohen. the justice department revealed that he has been under criminal investigation for months. white house oversight chairman suggest the seizures have nothing to do with the russian investigation. >> we also know it must have nothing to do with bob muller's probe either directly or indirectly or he would not have referred it. we don't know is what the basis of the probable cause was, what was searched and what was seized. >> let's bring in alan smith, reporter for business insider. good to see you. the investigation has nothing to do with russia but his personal business. we know what that is?
1:44 pm
>> we aren't exactly sure what the investigation his covering. we are aware they're looking at bank fraud and campaign-finance violations and looking at stuff that sounds as if it could be connected to stormy daniels payout. the important thing here. even the scope of his investigation it is really russia focus. if he stumbled upon any kind of activity, all he has to do is refer to other authorities and they will be investigated. anything that comes up in this investigation really seems to be fair game. >> whatever he finds, because it was referred to the southern district here in new york, jeffrey berman, the u.s. attorney, because i went there that would indicate it's not specifically russia -related. >> absolutely. this is looking at personal feelings that you would think would have nothing to do if they needed to refer to the central district whereby the district attorney had to recuse himself
1:45 pm
even though he was actually interviewed before attorney general jeff sessions had nominated him. it does seem to be very disconnected from russia, even though muller clearly found the evidence they are using as part of the russian investigation. >> i have people thing is not russia related but it could be campaign related if the stormy daniels payment was seen as improper, in-kind integration. >> it's the john edwards case from a few years ago, that was very prominent instance of the department of justice looking into a violation that was a mistrial and they didn't bring back to court but they could be looking at very serious stuff as opposed to the federal elections looking into it. >> the president tweeted that attorney client privilege is
1:46 pm
dead. is that the case because there is an exception of a crime, fraud type of exception. >> they went to great lak lengto explain why they were in the right to conduct the raid. this is part of cohen's insistence that any communication should be left out. there is an extremely high standard to do such a thing and they apparently had met that standard to go forth with the raid. it wasn't a something that was done willy-nilly. neither the sign off of top justice officials including someone who has been under trump's iron recently and that would be rod rosenstein who signed off. his signing off on this could potentially get him fired. >> it could, but his involvement is essentially over because now it's the southern district of new york fully dealing with this
1:47 pm
and his highest involvement has already happened with the sign off on the rate. >> to be clear, when the president said he broke the doors down of his office, that wasn't the case, that they had to go actually to a judge to get approval. it was signed off by several levels of the prosecutors including in the southern district. >> absolutely. cohen even said the fbi investigators were very professional about it. it didn't seemed like somewhere where they were knocking the door down. >> the story is going to get more crazy than it already is. you could buy tickets and see a show on broadway but there's can be a show at federal court at 2:00 p.m., stormy daniels will be at the hearing of michael cohen. what is going on? she will show up with her lawyer. can you imagine this? stormy and the seats looking at michael : and a thug and a focus on this hundred 30,000 dollars.
1:48 pm
what will that be like. >> will be like another chapter in the stuff that we've never seen before continuing to be seen. it will be somewhat unprecedented but it won't be the biggest surprise in the world based on everything we've seen. >> and some suggestions that he may take the fifth. we have any suggestions that may happen. >> it certainly may and is a relates to president trump, i wouldn't be surprised. >> apparently has a hotel room on park avenue because he's been redoing his apartment and that's where john edwards met what's her name who got him in trouble. what's he been doing. they have pictures of him smoking cigars with a bunch of guys on 62nd street.
1:49 pm
a cost of $50 just to sit down and have a cup of espresso. looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. >> he certainly trying to outwardly project a sense of calm and this time where he's courted in the paper saying he's very nervous but you see him walking down the street with a sports coat and smoking cigars in front of the camera. he looks like he's calm but we'll see where it goes red. >> finally, quickly, to expect anything significant happened in court like i'm not entirely sure but i would be surprised if something good to happen. >> her attorney certainly knows how to drive a new cycle. >> u.s. officials are going to be busy tomorrow afternoon. thank you so much. >> 2:00 p.m. eastern. a new policy at labor designed to protect passengers. what they plan to put in place the summer and why management decided to adopt the changes. decided to adopt the changes. that's . next decided to adopt the changes. that's and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms.
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listen up. big safety changes coming to over. the company announced that several measures are being put into place to better protect passengers. anita is live in los angeles with the details. >> these are changes in both passengers and regulators have been pushing for for years following a series of safety complaints. the biggest changes include an emergency 911 feature,
1:54 pm
essentially a panic button within the app that connects passengers to emergency personnel and shows them the riders location. they'll also be annual reviews of background checks for drivers and ride sharing information with up to five trusted contacts so those five can see where the passengers are at all times. >> we think these changes are a big step forward in both making them safer as well as giving them peace of mind and we are also going to be investing in technology so we can get notification if there is any new arrest for any of our driver partners so we can use that to investigate further and see if the driver was really at fault, and if they are then we can take them off the platform. >> what cooper remains very popular, there has been a lot of bad pr. widespread reports of sexual assault and dangerous driving. in 2016, and uber driver, jason dalton went on a shooting rampage in michigan shooting people and picking up passengers in between shootings.
1:55 pm
a class action lawsuit over port vetting of drivers that lead to sexual harassment and rape. they use a private company to conduct background checks on all drivers but they argue they should be subject to government background checks. the new safety measures will take effect this summer. that's when they will start showing up on the uber app. according to the new ceo, the company's new mission is to double down on safety. back to. >> lots of local taxicab companies want her to have to answer to the same regulations they have to. >> thank you. >> it spring but a snowstorm is wrecking havoc across the midwest. some spots in minnesota report over a foot of snow. low visibility and icy conditions have caused hundreds of accidents. travelers describe chaos at the airport.
1:56 pm
>> we have this app on your phone where it says your flight is canceled after being delayed for five times. it was a mad scramble to get on the next flight. >> hundred the flights had been canceled with the storm forcing several airports to close altogether. >> that's not right. it's april 15. the trump administration prepares to place more sanctions on russia for support of the asad regime. when and how and who it will hit. we will tell you.. nology this c. could make history. what's in your wallet? you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. ....
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>> that does it for us. i'm glad we had this time together. >> thank you and thank you for watching. i'll be at the un all this week offering all the doings happening there. thank you for spending your weekend with our fox news channel. omorrow. things happen, you know, i'm trying to be a doctor about this. beat up, roll off. let it go. greg: i don't know what that means. let's move on. [cheering and applause] thank you. so, like a 6-pound frozen block of in-flight bathroom waste james comey's book dropped from the sky.


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