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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 18, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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arms around each other and being there. our thoughts and prayers are with the bush family tonight. great lady, great memory, great legacy and now it henry is in for shannon. take it away. >> i am it henry filling another busy newsnight. breaking details of the horrifying gnerre the, the first us airline fatality in decades. live coverage on the passing of first lady barbara bush continues which we heard from pres.s and first ladies across the political divide. barbara bush will be remembered for her devotion, the obamas noting she is the rock of a family dedicated to public service. the clinton saying simply she was fierce and feisty but full of grit and grace. what struck me is the reaction of a basketball great named earl
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russell to help the celtics win 11 championships. barbara bush walked up to this and said i want to introduce myself. and said to the former first lady i know who you are. that always stuck with me. i thought it was nice of her. joining the with reflection, brett bear and senior political analyst britt hume. i want to start with you because i heard the stories how white house correspondence used to go to kennebunkport and you would find the president in the backyard flipping burgers, drinking beer out of a can and this couple that was known as being very powerful, very rich also seemed very approachable. >> they certainly did and it had been customary for presidents on vacation to throw a little party
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for the press that have to cover them on these trips and the family could come and kids could come they were there and they always did a very friendly and gracious way and mrs. bush was especially gracious of those events but you always sense that while she was sympathetic and well-meaning and friendly and full of hospitality that if your shirttail was untucked or you look sloppy, she would not fail to notice. you ever attended this events were always aware of somebody was on patrol she always was. we never felt she was being horribly judgmental but we knew to be on our best behavior. >> we met each other covering the second president bush and had the great fortune and honor to cover these powerful people, this was a woman who was formidable in her own right. >> he was the matriarch and anybody in that family will say she lay down the law, she had warmth and wit, a sharp tongue
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and you knew where she stood a lot of issues. what was striking was the love affair between barbara bush and hw bush and she said i married the first man i ever kissed and she said when i told it to my children they just about throw up. she had a lot of humor. on this date is important to remember that 41, hw bush held her hands all day. according to staff, he was there throughout the day and was there when she passed. he is being stoic and strong, lifted up by a large and supportive family but obviously this is saying goodbye to the love of his life, 73 years, they celebrated 72 years of marriage january 6th and there was nothing like that covered. >> you saw the couple up close, brett is referring to the statement we have seen from the longtime chief of staff to bush xli as he is known.
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it is obviously impossible to get in his head but this has to be heartbreaking for him. >> of course because their marriage was so solid, so enduring, the family was such a success. they had one tragedy when the little girl died at the age of 3 but we know who the other members of the family were. they have done well and prospered, the president served two terms, governor jeb bush, dorothy, a man we all know around washington is a terrific success in business, these people were close to one another, their admiration for their parents was palpable when you saw them all together. that was teasing and friendly competition but this was an unusually close family and they
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set an example, family values, a family we could look up to and admire and sympathize with and i speak for everyone when i say our hearts go out to them especially pres. george hw bush who has lost the love of his life tonight in the late stage of his own life when he has had plenty of health challenges. our prayers are with him for sure. >> the young george w. bush came home late last night, stumbling at 2:00 in the morning and this agent says you might want to be careful, your mom was looking for you and they are upstairs sleeping and mind your business and gets out of the way and w opens the door and makes all this noise, light come on, mrs. bush comes running down it yells at him for being out late and you go apologize to that agent,
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be more polite. my mom said i need to apologize to you. that says a lot about young george w. bush but she did - she lay down the law. >> she treated everybody -- >> the secret service put out a statement. they have a real love for hw and barbara bush. the people who worked for the bushes expressed that. her codename was tranquility. george w. bush used to say he had his father's eyes but his mother's mouth. they knew the language, she was going to come back with a quip. she published in her memoir in which she advised them, enjoy life, don't cry over things that were or things that aren't, enjoy what you have to the fullest.
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you only have two choices, like what you do or dislike it. i choose to like it and what fun i had. she said on her 90th birthday she is the luckiest woman in the world, she lived a full life that dealt a lot with the family. >> she had to be second fiddle sometimes to a president of the united states and mother of a second president, in the 80s, she was asked on the today show it seems he is a man of the 80s and you are a woman of the 40s and left it off and said later she felt like crying. >> she would never do that with all her dignity and strength. and absurd comment, those people
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are from a second-generation. and a certain set of values and codes of conduct, something you can admire and did. >> i don't with medical care anywhere, she had the family around and told she was enjoying some bourbon. >> until the end, you can imagine that scene. it is powerful that we know that, she chose to not continue medical care and chose to be with her family in comfort care in the hospice, to go through the choice, how they did it. >> a final thought, first ladies pick issues that are important to them, sometimes it matters more than for others which nancy
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reagan, mrs. bush is all about literacy. >> one of the last times i saw her was last december when i went to the bush library to mc part of the pearl harbor commemorations. she was not, president bush 41 hosted a dinner, she was off in the literacy event. that spoke to her commitment to that cause she never wavered on but my final thought about her was the example she said as a mother and first lady, what she is remembered by, the woman they call the several -- silver fox, someone we all looked up to and that was an exemplary and she
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certainly was. >> commencement address, i chose literacy because i believe that more people could read, write and comprehend we would be closer to solving so many problems plaguing our society. she was about privacy, being with her family. at this end, suite but better end for a nation and the bushes continue. >> thank you. flags are at half staff in the bush library. these are live pictures, in the bush family neighborhood. >> we have seen quite a bit of crowds showing up, neighbors, people from the public dropping by and show their signs and support, have been asking the
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press a lot of questions, we have not seen a lot of activity in and around the black irongate, entrance to the exclusive neighborhood where mrs. bush passed away, for the president, he did in fact, was at her side when she, quote, left this good earth. and his, quote, stoic and strong, lifted up by his large and supportive family. one of her sons, former pres. george w. bush had this to stay in a statement, mom kept us on our toes and kept us laughing until the end is i'm a lucky man that barbara bush was my mother. our family will miss her daily
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and thank her for her prayers and good wishes. one of her grandsons, george p bush, and commissioner the state of texas writing my grandmother didn't just live life, she lived it well and the sorrow of her loss is softened by the knowledge or impact on the family and country. flags lowered half staff outside the george w. bush presidential library and college station, across the country ordered by donald trump, and the former first lady will be laid to rest, to the daughter she and george lost to leukemia at age 3. it is ultimate going to be the resting place of president bush himself at the library. here's some reaction from well-wishers there tonight. >> her activism continued on past her husband's presidency,
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superactive. >> the whole bush family, hope they can get over this tough loss. >> broadcast to the masses about the funeral. it will be held on saturday in houston. it is a private affair, invite only. and the respect in houston on friday, mrs. bush will lie in repose from noon until midnight on friday, in houston, you can go to the website with more information. with the schedule of activities in the next few days. the country says goodbye to
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barbara bush. condolences pouring in, the nation and the world on the loss of barbara bush. donald trump and first lady milania trump noting her gravest achievements, recognizing the points of literacy as a fundamental family value that requires nurturing and protection. she will be long remembered, strong divisions country and family both of which she served unfailingly well. chuck schumer tweeting mrs. bush personify grace and class as first lady and she will be missed and i send my heartfelt condolences to the bush family. nancy pelosi says mrs. bush brought dignity, civility and spirit everything she did. her strength of character, strength of principles and
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strength of her faith were a great gift to our nation. bill clinton got close to the bushes after that election battle, barbara bush was a remarkable woman with grace, brains and beauty, she was fierce and feisty in support of her family and friends, country and causes blue showed what an honest vibrant full life looks like. hillary and i mourn her passing and bless her memory. a former deputy assistant to george w. bush, still knows the bush family quite well. what pops out about mrs. bush? >> a consummate first lady. don't warn me, celebrate me, the luckiest person in the world, and 73 years, and lived in the best country in the world and served the greatest nation. mrs. bush was somebody, a class, dignity, cared about people.
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never about her but others. did she talk about -- >> casey reported she will be buried next to the daughter the bushes buried at 3 years old because of leukemia. did she talked openly about that? it was devastating and they really tried to keep her memory and that legacy alive. >> not too often, when they did it was heartfelt and every time i heard them talk about robin, the grief, you can never get over the loss. >> on a more positive note, you are a young staffer for the bushes, mrs. bush was upset about you.
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>> when you did something right, she praised you. i was a young staffer in charge of president bush's trip to the un gen. assembly in new york. i was raining cats and dogs, get to the motorcade. items in the elevator with pres. and mrs. bush, didn't have my raincoat, everybody else had a raincoat, where's your raincoat? and she said that wasn't very smart, you need to go up and get it. and my coat came back. and when i get to the un she passes me, turns to me and said you are smart and try. she was everybody's mom. >> to get a raincoat, thank you,
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we appreciate it. breaking news, sanctions or no sanctions. a battle of words, the trump administration and whether russian sanctions are coming or not. donald trump in mara lago with japan's prime minister a talking trade and north korea. it may be a breakthrough. john roberts is next with the big story breaking tonight. helped put a roof over the heads
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sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> ed: this is a fox news alert. confirming tonight would could be a major breakthrough on >> fox news confirming a major breakthrough on north korea. john roberts joins us from west palm beach. >> reporter: it is difficult to overstate the significance of this. the cia director mike pompeo traveled to pyongyang, north korea, over the weekend with talks with kim jong un, the, groundwork of a summit between donald trump and kim jong un, donald trump says that happen in may or early june. at mara lago was asked about a statement he made earlier in the
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in the united states and north korea, there is speculation, talking to kim jong un, it wasn't the president that talks levels of the administration, and was engaged in direct sitdown talks with kim jong un. we heard several weeks ago and the intelligence that he would take the lead on setting up the summit with the president and we did not know that mike pompeo would get in an aircraft and travel to north korea. this revelation happens on the same day south korea announced it and north korea are working on a peace accord they may sign as early as april 27th meeting happen that quickly but this be a peace agreement that
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would supersede the cease-fire, the armistice that has been in place for 65 years. the planned meeting between donald trump and heartburn. shinzo abe looking for assurance the japanese interests will not be given short shrift. >> the importance of achieving the abandonment of missile programs. >> donald trump tried to call those fears saying they represent japan's interests event when he sits down. >> they do respect us, we are )!8núodcj up many different things.y different >> reporter: prime minister shinzo abe bodiless confident talk when it comes to trade. donald trump is taking aim at a
12:25 am
japan. donald trump said trade is high on the agenda at mara lago. >> a lot of great things between our countries. thank you for being here we appreciate it, thank you very much. >> aluminum tariffs. >> japan wants to see the us back in the transpacific partnership but donald trump free trade deal with japan japan, who has hit us hard on 6 of the 11 nations in tpp, and working on the biggest of those nations, japan hit us hard on trade for years. >> not a big fan of multilateral agreements, would rather go country to country bilateral tomorrow today and tomorrow.
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>> there is concern that japan may link trade with security issues saying to shinzo abe if you want guarantees with north korea on them getting of their ballistic missiles, you gott to give a little bit on trade. the trip that mike pompeo made, the president is optimistic in the possibility, welded down 5 possible oulocations, would not tip his hand, one of them couldm >> john roberts. war ofol words involving possib sanctions against russia but th. kremlin is not the one firing
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back for more. back for more. >> the administration has steadily punished russia, sanctions, expelling diplomats, officials would announce more sanctions yesterday. the us ambassador to the united nations nikkit haley said this weekend, thinks the construction companies involved in the assigned regime's chemical weapons, came, went, sanctions. with the president decided or the admin station changed course, it's most public foreign-policy figure with no confirmed secretary ofon state. the un ambassador was simply mistaken. >> we have a set of sanctions and additional sanctions are under considerations but have not been determined.
12:28 am
and might be momentary confusion about that. >> ambassador haley said, quote, with all due respect i won't get confused. senior and ministration official said the senior economic advisor called nikki haley to apologize vn2,/> sanctions are not off the table. we just don't have anything to announce. >> russian legislators considering sanctioning american previous round of us sanctions. >> immigration showed in california, the state's that are largest county voted whether to remain a sanctuary city. the votes are tallied, the results coming up next. can be exciting. empowering. downright exhilarating. see for yourself
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in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ >> ed: this is norman fox news
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alert. sanctuary state law. huge win for the trouble administration is california's second largest change sanctuary state law a huge one for the trump administration of california have second-largest family voted against the centauri policy, san diego board chairwoman joins us live in just a moment but we saw team coverage, kristin fisher covering jerry brown's controversy filled trip to washington but we begin with trace gallagher who tells us what happened north of the border. >> reporter: san diego and orange county the second and third largest counties voted to back the trump administration's lawsuit against the sanctuary law. and like orange county which joined the federal lawsuit, san diego county voted to support the federal lawsuit by filing a friend of the court brief. san diego along the us-mexico border which would indicate a push to enforcement in a key area.
12:34 am
county supervisors meeting today both 5 soda to protest, supervisor showed a stack of emails in support of sanctuary law and a stack opposing the law. the second posing was 15 times as high. supervisor jacobs says it is all about safety. >> we are talking about people crossing the border illegally coming into this county and committing a crime. and probably commit another crime again. >> reporter: two counties and tween 9 cities voted in some capacity to push back against california absent to worry about and los alamitos which started the anti-sanctuary movement has voted to officially opt out and exempt 12,000 residents from the sanctuary law. jerry brown said this. >> they are human beings with
12:35 am
families, very important they be integrated, and the predatory football that lowlife politicians exploit. it is shocking, despicable and harmful to california, mostly the people. >> reporter: governor brown said despite recent battles he still thinks there's common ground for california to work with the federal government. donald trump lashed out at the governor pardoning 5 criminal illegal immigrants facing deportation including drug dealers, a robber and a man who barely beat his wife. 11 million plus illegal immigrants, 27% or 3 million in california. >> i remember the president calling him governor moonbeam. he came here to washington, his battle with donald trump over
12:36 am
what national guard troops in the border. and whether it can be repaired. >> the california governor has agreed to send the national guard to the border but there is a catch. you won't allow them to be immigration enforcement. they can help with stopping human traffickers and drug smugglers but they cannot stop illegal immigrants which donald trump defeats the whole purpose. minutes before the governor of california took the mic in washington, donald trump ripped into him on twitter saying looks like jerry brown in california, not looking for safety and security along the border. he cannot come to terms with the national guard to control and protect the border. the high crime rate will only get higher. governor brown fired back by saying he believes this deployment will make a difference even if it does not implement the white house's
12:37 am
immigration policy. >> stop drug smuggling, human trafficking and dozens going to mexico. trying to catch desperate mothers and children coming from central america. >> governor brown has agreed to deploy as many as 400 guardsmen to the southern border prompting donald trump to thank him in a tweet last week. >> the governor said his letter to the homeland security secretary, this will not be a mission to build a new wall. women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. in texas national guard troops, the trump administration's request conducting air and ground surveillance in new mexico and arizona offering aaron brown's support.
12:38 am
>> ready to go. >> reporter: chomping at the bit and ready to go but only according to the governor's terms. >> appreciate your reporting tonight. the centauri state movement in california reeling a bit. san diego's all republican board of supervisors voted 3-1 in favor of directing the county attorney to file a brief in support of the federal lawsuit pushed by the trump administration against california sanctuary policy. the chairwoman of the board of supervisors, gop congressmen darrell isa, good to have you. >> great to be here. >> talk about the significance of what happened in san diego. >> today marks the day of a clear message to governor brown, enough is enough, we are committed to putting our public safety first and governor brown's clear violation of the
12:39 am
u.s. constitution put san diego at risk. the board voted to move forward to file that brief, it is a significant day. i showed viewers the piles of emails the putting in support of what we are doing. i showed an updated visual today of what those emails look like by this evening, really quite remarkable. the number of email communications we received, people say we support what you're doing in san diego. >> looks like old-style telegrams piling up, we appreciate it. we mentioned governor brown. earlier, he had this to say, to push back on was you are doing. >> human beings, very important they be integrated in a humane
12:40 am
way. very lowlife politicians like to exploit. >> lowlife politician? >> we have 31/2 million in san diego to protect. sb 54 didn't make the community more safe. just by way of example under governor brown's sb 54, between one and 3 inmates walk away free each and every day in san diego. since january alone, 284 inmates have been released onto the streets without any communications immigration authorities and they have to go out into our communities and seek out these criminals were potential deportation.
12:41 am
our communities are less safe, we don't have the body to collaborate at the local, state and federal level. harmful that a 3 million -- >> governor brown -- attacked fox news saying we are exploiting this issue. and disrupt the state's economy. we have been here 5, 15 years, part of the economy and you want to deport them and it is disruptive. >> governor brown is mixing the issues. we talk about people who came illegally into our country and committed crimes. these are people we need to keep an eye on. these are people eligible for deportation. they are not safe people in our community. >> appreciate you coming in tonight. brace yourself coffee lovers, starbucks is closing thousands
12:42 am
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the afternoon of, quote, consensus bias training as protesters but at least were chanting starbucks is anti-black. after a viral video police arrest two men. tonight's panel, richard fowler, political editor of guy benson and white house correspondent for the daily caller, you see the situation where these gentle blue sitting in starbucks, people started calling the police. and leadership team listening to the community, steps we need to take, this is not limited to starbucks but being part of the solution. and this is one step in a
12:47 am
journey, and every level of partnerships in local communities. is this a good first step? >> unconscious bias we deal with every day in our society, what happens in this case, individuals waiting for a meeting as many of us do that their local starbucks and reaching out and finding out why they were there this manager decided to call the police after them. the police chose to arrest them because they were waiting for their meeting which is something we have all done on this panel. starbucks is moving in this direction is hopefully other companies will join that because unconscious bias is a problem and it starts by looking in the mirror and figuring out do i have unconscious bias? >> what do you think of this training? >> i agree with the second part of what richard said, the ratings for starbucks to correct
12:48 am
the situation that happened at this particular store. the ceo met with the people who were improperly arrested, don't think it was handled well in that instance but does that justify a nationwide closing of the entire chain to get the entire workforce at starbucks and this diversity training, a bad call by one employee at one store out of 8000. that seems like overkill, overcompensation for a bad decision in one location. >> another story, stormy daniels on this publicity to a. a lot of people on the president's either frustrated with that and when she went to the view she got more hostile reception and she was expecting. >> it had nothing to do with the case, seemed like you were trying to get attention which i understand your being sued by our president but you are
12:49 am
benefiting a lot. >> granted me access to address the court if we had no business being there. >> i got more bookings than usual but i'm doing the same job i have been doing for 20 years. >> are her 15 minutes of pretty soon? >> she will be going for quite some time. she has a booking at strip clubs including in dc. what i heard is stormy daniels heard the message very loud and clear, she donated $130,000 she received through planned parenthood and donated a part of that money to the organization and the president's name. many people that is because of the hostile reception she received on the view this morning. >> megan mccain, a colleague of our that fox is at the view and crushing it, asking tough questions that aren't being asked of people. it is no mystery that stormy daniels is trying to get
12:50 am
attention. her lawyer will be beating down the door of any television studio that will have him for weeks on end, it is part of their strategy. if there is a poll that comes out the american people believe stormy daniels, it is not that big a story. don't know where this works. >> stormy daniels is allowed to get his attention because the president decide non-disclosure, we wouldn't be here. >> a false story was damaging. all of you gentle blue. core in the sky, a fire's worst nightmare, those stories will return. ♪ but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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>> ed: this is a fox news alert. f passenger on a southwest flight is dead after >> fox news alert, one passenger of a southwest flight is dead after the flight from new york to dallas made an emergency landing in philly. new audio from the control tower talking with one of the pilots on that southwest flight. >> meet us on the runway. they said there is a whole and someone went out. >> when a piece of shrapnel or
12:55 am
blue out a window a female passenger was partially sucked out the window. listen to the horror described by this passenger. >> totally surreal. my wife is in her third trimester, our first child. trying to articulate why i wanted my final words to be to my unborn child, to my wife. >> some other passengers sharing their harrowing stories on social media. marty martinez briefly went live on facebook wearing an oxygen mask, engine exploded in the air, blue open window 3 seats away from me. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spend the evening with us.
12:56 am
good night from washington, i am in henry as we reflect on the legacy of barbara bush, the second woman in american history who saw a son follow his father to the white house, early supporter of civil rights and tireless champion of literacy. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from.
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neil: is wednesday, april 18th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 remembering barbara bush. >> it is supposed to be fun. i love reliving the most exciting life i have ever known. >> remarkable life, tributes pouring in for one of the most iconic first ladies of our time. we have team coverage for


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