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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that is the story for tonight, we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. now down to d.c. and our good friend tucker carlson is up next. have a good night, everybody. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, i mark steyn mark steyn and forechecker. there are conflicting reports tonight on whether president trump is a target in the various investigations roiling washington from the mueller probe to the michael cohen reins. for possible criminal charges, ed henry is in the white house with all the developments paid what's going on? >> great to see you. this could be a big deal because
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what you're learning today is at the deputy attorney general and the oval office meeting last week told president trump he is not a criminal target and either at the michael cohen investigation or the special counsel probe involving robert mueller. bloomberg kicked elvis off by reporting that during this meeting, rosenstein basically said to the president that he's a subject would meeting his conduct is under investigation, but there's not enough evidence to charge him. rosenstein was reporting this for the first time since cohen's home and office were rated. mueller is important to note has not ruled out making the president a target at a later date based on evidence that could emerge, the same could happen in cohen investigation which explains why tonight the president has now added to his legal team. you see him there, rudy giuliani, the former new york city mayor, former federal prosecutor.
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he is been critical of the ff are going light on hillary clinton, but attacking the president. fbi officials like andrew mccabe. the former number two who was fired for leaking and of the inspector general at the justice department has sent a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney here in washington saying that mccabe tried to cover all of that up by lying to the fbi's own investigators. mccabe says tonight he believes he will be vindicated, but it's worth noting that former justice department officials are telling us that the fact that the inspector general whose nonpartisan and the justice department sent this out, this criminal referral. it carries a lot of weight and that's why the president tweeted a few moments ago that maybe james comey and andrew mccabe are getting a dose of their own medicine. >> mark: that's pretty amazing news, thanks for that. chris is the executive assistant director of the fbi. he's not one of those who is under criminal referral and tom fitton is the president of
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judicial watch. tom, this is pretty amazing. we basically got a situation where the director of the fbi it would be the principal witness in the criminal prosecution of the deputy director and possibly vice versa in comey's case. it's bizarre times. >> remember, he is the number two at the fbi or at least was number two with the senior official charged with investigating hillary clinton over the email matter. and targeting president trump. as far as i'm concerned, his conduct has been alleged by the inspector general, now he's facing potential prosecution, it's painted boast investigations and remember, andrew mccabe ironically is the fbi official who reportedly set up the ambush interview of those agents with general flynn and general flynn was later charged with lying and admitted to lying to those agents. now mr. mccabe is now charged,
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could be charged with lying at least three times under oath to fbi officials. incidents ordinary development and it doesn't bode well for mr. mccabe, mr. comey, or frankly mr. mueller who is handed this investigation by mccabe and his team. >> mark: it you're pretty embarrassed by the state of your old agency and what it's come t to. the fbi is now the issue. nobody cares about russia, that's all gone away. it's actually the conduct of the highest figures in the fbi that is now the issue in this story. >> let me just say, it's not the fbi, this is what my op-ed was about, it was about not equating the fbi and the good men and women of the fbi with comey and mccabe, strzok, page. a very small group. remember, comey was only director for a very short time,
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so i hate to have the entire fbi tainted with that broad brush when we all know that this small inner circle and did things her own way and broke the rules. some very well established rule rules. >> mark: we all know it's a crime to lie to the fbi and michael flynn supposedly did that and he would have been looking at several years in jail if they decided to go and prosecute for that. mccabe did it three times as often as michael flynn, do you think there's any serious chance will be going to jail? >> i think the referral by the inspector general is a very serious thing. it's ironic that the potential charge would be 18 u.s. code 1,001 which is lying to the fbi. that's what flynn and papadopoulos and others have been challenged with. it is ironic that he's facing
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those same charges times three. >> mark: let's go to mccabe's old boss jim, who has managed to make enemies on all sides which is voting poorly for his book tour. this was the scene outside a new york city barnes & noble where there are both pro and anti-trump supporters, united or nothing except how much they detest james comey. >> he might as will be running the dnc given his hatred for it president trump and his deference to hillary clinton.
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breaking the rules to get a special counsel to target president trump, that's his legacy. andrew mccabe's legacy. peter strzok's legs and c, lisa page's legacy. this is the corruption that james comey set up when he was appointed by barack obama to run the leadership position that ruined the fbi. >> mark: let me ask chris a question about that because you've been very strong on this idea that basically, like an county court terms, the policeman usurping the role of the county attorney when he absolved hillary clinton from any prosecutable wrongdoing. he's not the prosecutor, he is the investigator. why didn't president obama fire him as the fbi director? >> that's good question.
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they have a very sound system and that's to keep the fbi out of politics. in this case, he thrust them directly into politics, sort of a thumbs on the scale investigation, a nonwith clinton and then he pushed the envelope on the president. i'm in favor of an all-out investigation. it's fully predicated, go at it. in this case, they did not. i think that fit in with the whole agenda there. former director comey cited the reason he bypassed her because they were running interference for her. you can't do that differently just for her. the system has rules and he should have followed the rules. >> mark: as we reported, there's news tonight that deputy
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attorney general rob rosenstein told president trump he is not a target of cohen investigation, but there's still questions surrounding both cohen and mueller probes. christie joins us now, as we were talking about earlier, the fbi is actually the issue here. if i had been told by rosenstein that i wasn't the target of the investigation, i would laugh and say you got that right, it's you guys who are the targets now. it's about corruption at the department of justice and the fbi. >> no, i would say this shows that rob rosenstein is no fool, he sees the long trail of people ahead of him who dared to go into the potentially criminal activity that surrounds the president.
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every day they're looking at the potential of being fired just for daring to say that trump may have been part of this criminal activity as well. if i were rob rosenstein, i would say you are not a target. >> mark: you think this is a crafty move by rosenstein to get himself off the hook and avoid being fired and in three months' time, he can supply the articles of impeachment. that's a master plan, is it? >> i think it's possible. either he's just appeasing him and saying he is not a target because he doesn't want to get fired, he can live another day or it's possible that he is not currently a target of the investigation, but that's not to say that he couldn't be tomorrow or that he is not a target and that mueller investigation -- >> mark: that's not true. he might be a target in 15
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years' time when mueller will be ramping this thing up. i think this is a serious point, we've got james comey who is going on on the late night comy show spewing jokes about what the were up to allegedly and trumps moscow hotel room. allegedly. at the same time, michael flynn has had his life ruined and his savings exhausted and he's kaput, he's finished, he is ove over. he pleaded guilty to some phony baloney stupid halfway process crime that shouldn't really exist. is this the democrats position, is it your position that it should be a crime to lie to the fbi, but the fbi, like mccabe should be able to lie to us as often as they want? >> absolutely not. i do think that it could be a crime to the fbi, but it's
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always been curious to me as far as what exactly was andrew mccabe's wrongdoing here initially? what was his original sin? he said he was leaking stuff to the press. i hate have worked with the press pretty much every day for the last 20 years. leaking to the press could also just mean giving truthful information to the press of which there was no crime. >> mark: it's different from being a hot shop cracked at a p.r. person like. >> the understanding was that he thought the article was going to come out and it was going to make him look bad. >> mark: the wrongdoing may not be the leaking, but then he lied under oath about the leaking. let's talk about the leaking.
5:13 pm
we have three leakers in "the new york times" the other day saying not to worry. the fourth guy who is looking at all the michael cohen evidence, he's not going to leak. >> those aren't necessarily leakers per se, those are people who are giving freely of their own free will information to the press. it happens a reasonable day. >> mark: there is a whole scale of leaking from moscow hotel rooms to the fbi. it's basically the same quality of material. here's the question. you talked about criminal wrongdoing that surrounds the president, where is it? where's the collusion? where is the russia? where is the russian stuff? >> it seems if you are mueller, what's going on is creating these circles are on the president. you're starting with people who are left close to him that their skills are obvious.
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as i said, the circles get closer and closer. now we're talking about michael cohen, his personal lawyer who has worked with him for decades who knows where all the bodies are buried. if i'm doing that, that means that where knocking on the door for trump pretty soon. >> mark: you're awfully optimistic. harry truman used to say that if you want a friend in washington, get a dog. luckily for jim comey, he's getting licked by the puppies and the political media. why do they adore him so much? that's coming up next on "tucker carlson tonight," stay with us. ♪ tu liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
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♪ >> mark: the former fbi director jim comey has alienated nearly everyone across the political spectrum, but he still has some big fans and most of them host tv shows. take a look. >> when i was at the justice department, i think it continues, your character was -- i consider you a patriot. >> denied it and pretty strong terms and i assumed rhetorically, he looked a guy who needed service of -- [laughter] he tweeted at me probably 50 times, i've been gone for a year, i'm i a breakup he can get over, he wakes up in the mornin morning. >> to the truth. [laughter] >> mark: i'm getting sick of comey's neck, put a tie on.
5:19 pm
joe concha is the media reporter at the hill. he joins us. joe has a tie on. this thing isn't really going well for comey, is it? >> i would say it's an unmitigated disaster. it shows the highlights. these are the highlights. that was the extent of it, you touched on it last night. meghan mccain scolded him pretty good in the interview on the view which i don't think he saw coming. today show, friendly environment, jake tapper today. it bears repeating, this quote that he said to colbert because he can't get over it where he says him like a breakup he can get over, president trump. he wakes up in the morning and he tweets at me. a self-awareness gene wasn't planted into it jim comey's dna because he just wrote a book that's 300 pages long on the president and he sounds like he's auditioning for the brenda role in the reboot of
5:20 pm
beverly hills 90210. >> mark: he is the one writing about the hands and the eyelids and the hair. he is the one that's still hung up on the boyfriend who dumped him, it sounds. >> i looked at others, john brennan, phil mod who is fbi and cia, counterterrorism on cnn, james clapper. i see vitriol, i see a tax at the president of people say the president attacks them, yeah, but, these guys were law enforcement officials, another trying to sell this narrative that when we are on the job, we never let that get in the way of us doing our job. we weren't vindictive or vengeful in any way, but now that they're in the public eye like comey is, it's hard to believe that they are actual abo
5:21 pm
separate the two. they're hurting people who are at those bureaus right now because they're showing themselves to be anything but apolitical. >> mark: they lead credence to the deep state narrative because it's this troika of the most powerful figures with the most powerful secret agencies at their disposal when you talk about brennan, klapper, and comey. the minute they are out of office, they're basically the worst kind of partisan hacks. >> it seems that way paired with james comey, he doesn't need the money. what he needs is attention. he craves to be relevant. i think that's why he's doing this. now it's resembling much like the hillary clinton book tour. that's a public therapy session that we're watching in real time. it seems like we're going to the same thing. the clinton book to her, that is a going well either. hillary is now down 13 points and approval since the election because this book tour has gone on longer than cats on broadway.
5:22 pm
i think the same thing will happen with comey. >> mark: she's in a barnes & noble and waco do will -- i said that jim comey and stormie daniels are merging in my mind into one comey-daniels. i think the porn star -- she is still out there. what do you make with how her to her? >> her lawyer is the most ubiquitous thing on tv right now. what bothers me so much is that he tweeted out about a month ago that he had a desk and i asked her producers to put together come up with us up on, a desk that he says a picture is worth a thousand words. he presented his evidence and he still doesn't present it. if i'm a producer, i'm not booking him until i get what's on that disk. you can't tease something like that. he's playing the media as well
5:23 pm
as anybody since president trump where if he wants to get books somewhere, it's one phone call, they put him on the air, but no one's pushing him to back up all of his assertions that he's making. and the sketch thing, i've never seen so they way that ridiculed in a long time could have you seen the resemblances? there it is. if you're wondering what happened to kato kaelin since the o.j. trial or gary from team america, i think it's gary. >> mark: thoughts stormie's husband, stormie has done a perfect composite sketch. thanks a lot. the left is waging an all out war on conservative speech. a victim of that crusade is here to talk to us next. ♪ gers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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>> mark: the intolerant left has engaged in an aggressive campaign to silence and intimidate speakers they disagree with. consider the scene at the city university of new york law school where angry left-wing students shouted down a free speech advocate. >> thank you very much for having me. >> we are not having you.
5:28 pm
>> the answer is to change the law. >> what you are a law school. >> mark: when they're not silencing conservatives, they're threatening to attack them. movie star robert de niro calls trump "the lowlife in chief" and in the past, he said this. speak out this is the president. the guy is a [bleep] full. of course i want to punch him in the face. >> mark: bring it on, then there is likely the the left expressed online at the news of barbara bush death. r.i.p. barbara bush, the only woman who is 92 for 30 years.
5:29 pm
barbara bush was a generous and smart amazing racist to along with her husband raised a war criminal. f out of here with your nice words. josh blackman is the professor you just saw here he was shouted down at the law school and he joins us tonight. josh, you were giving a speech on free speech and the position of your opponent is that free speech now is just another example of white supremacy, white privilege, white nationalism and all the rest of it. >> exactly. i tried to come on campus to talk about free speech and i was shouted down here they yelled at me, they screamed at me, they called me a fascist, weitzer premises, a nazi. the irony is that they're protesting free speech by shutting down my speech. >> mark: 's they're becoming more snarly and articulate. we have law students here, paying for an expensive education who are pretty white
5:30 pm
themselves by comparison with the demographic population outside of the doors of their privileged law school. they are shouting f the law at you. those who have been in american courtrooms have reached that point at a certain stage of the proceedings, but it's odd to find law students doing this, isn't it? >> i feel bad for these students. i can't imagine they go to court and say your honor, may it please the court, f them all. in a couple years, these people may be judges paired what is our future? what is our law? at petrified as me what they're in class. >> mark: is the next stage after jury nullification, it's the whole legal fabric nullification. you go to a lot of campuses, you're not a white supremacist, you're not of nazi or a fascist.
5:31 pm
i sense among people under 50, under 40, certainly by the time you get to students that free speech has less and less purchase on this generation and it's not a value for many, if not most of them. >> what you're exactly right, there's a generational shift. people came of age during the ' 70s and '60s, they understand that free speech is possible to approach war. they don't understand my free speech is important and that's why i was there. i wanted to engage them in the discussion. when i tried, they couldn't handle the truth. >> mark: what's interesting is the university administrators and the police forces at their disposal actually often wind up giving the protesters and an effect, the heckler's veto. they don't push back and they don't ensure that you're able to speak. >> if you watch the video, they
5:32 pm
were standing inches over my shoulder, the redoing us for 8 or 9 minutes, they were given a warning, there is no discipline paired the dean of the law school defendant these students. >> mark: we have to break it there, thanks. this is a fox news alert, the texts of redacted memos written by former fbi director james comey have been sent to three separate house committees. the memos were written by comey just minutes after he met with president-elect trump. we are going through those memos, stay tuned, we will have more of that as the evening proceeds. keep it on fox. democrats have a winning strategy. if you can't convince voters, replace them. should illegal immigrants have the right to vote? we'll talk about that next on "tucker carlson tonight" ." ♪ t, , ♪
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>> mark: this is a fox news alert, the texts of redacted memos by former fbi director james comey have been sent to three separate house committees. the memos were written by comey just minutes after he met with the president. the great tammy bruce joins us to discuss this breaking development. it's a little dicey for comey at this point, is not? is already revealed this in the book, now they're going officia official. >> this has been the problem is that nobody has been allowed to see these. he's claimed that he delivered them when he was a private citizen, doesn't matter. the fact is that when it comes to certain reports, we need to find out if it's a fact. some of this was classified information. now with the mccabe referral, maybe the messaging is important here to people who were doing things before that maybe they thought wouldn't get caught or it wouldn't matter because they weren't participating in a clinton world, now they're looking at all of what has
5:38 pm
happened and maybe mr. comey and others should be very nervous about the fact that they too might have to face the rule of law. this is very important when it comes to the content, issues of confidentiality, classified information and whether or not what he told congress before was accurate. it's a minefield for him as it has been for mr. mccabe as well. >> mark: the rule of law should apply to law enforcement agencies. what a concept. tammy, we'll stay with that story if anything else breaks, but we also to talk you about this, the democratic party has a new strategy to win elections but rather than convince existing voters on the issues, they'll just create new voters. that's why we have proposals to grant the right to vote felons children and illegal immigrants bridge running tammy and me know is professor jason nichols. jason, what's the thinking
5:39 pm
behind this? why should children vote and why should people who aren't citizens vote? >> with children, i would agree, i read about the proposal for washington, d.c., and particular. this is not a power grab. washington, d.c., has never been in play for republicans. 91% went for hillary clinton, 4% went for donald trump, so this is not a power grab by democrat democrats. >> mark: even accepting that it's a one-party state, extending the franchise to minors, if you're saying this is unnecessary, it's fine, but it's a radical move nonetheless, isn't it? >> i would agree with a 16, but at 17 with parental consent, you can enlist in the military, so i would say perhaps we should have some sort of proposal where you can vote at 17 with parental consent.
5:40 pm
we would trust you with the national security of our country, then why can't we trust you to cast a vote? >> mark: speaking of national security, what about people who bust into the country and illegal immigrants, voting is a privilege of citizenship and allegiance, or am i just being mr. square as well? >> [laughs] i would say if you're referring particularly to a couple of localities in the state of maryland, particularly college park, obviously i have an investment in college park, i would think that the first thing is that this is a local matter, it's not about voting for president or governor or anything like that. it's about fixing potholes, it's about removing snow. i think that people who have an investment, a lot of the people whether they are documented or undocumented, pay taxes in those areas, pay property taxes, they have the right --
5:41 pm
>> mark: tammy, go for it. >> the city didn't actually end up passing that because there was suddenly a concern that citizens were able to chime in. your point, market, is key. at such a tone and our president and its things like what l.a. and london do, tell you what the left is up to because there's no pushback. this is about the franchise, it's about the importance of being a citizen and i think that's what the american people are concerned about. where is this road going? of course, you can't have children voting. their brain literally is not complete. there is a web that doesn't complete until you're about 21. these are efforts to and some cases change the vote or to enfranchise more people because you can't persuade them on the issue is. the democrats are having trouble with that, but it's also to set the precedent that can move through the rest of the country. >> mark: you use that phrase the iraqi people, tammy.
5:42 pm
jason, a very famous observation after things went badly in east german election, he said it's time for the government to elect a new people. this new rainbow coalition, because i don't know what it is, people with color, transgender's, whatever, wasn't enough, so we are now importing people and we are now extending it down through high school and grade school until there is a majority, is that the master plan? >> of course you're being very hyperbolic there. we're talking about was happening in college park. i think tammy is absolutely correct that you can't change the charter unless you have a 6 out of 7 votes. they have for, so it's a moot discussion, but there are areas in maryland where undocumented people who pay taxes, who are
5:43 pm
anticipating in those communities, are allowed to vote on a pothole. i don't think there's anything necessarily crazy about that. it's a scare tactic that says this is coming to new york city. we know that's not happening. >> mark: which paragraph of the constitution has this amazing pothole vote? i'm a foreigner, help me get up to speed. >> politicians have one idea what they want and that is to bring in people or to allow people have the vote that they think will vote for them. they conveniently forget about the fact that we are the sovereign. speaking of new york, governor cuomo says he's going to allow 35,000 felons who are on parole, who have not completed their sentence because they're still on parole, to vote and he'll be able to do that by pardoning them. that already allows felons to
5:44 pm
vote -- >> mark: will get to the felons next time karen think you tammy and jason. we'll be right back with more on tonight's breaking news on this before memos. ♪ thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. claritin and relief from of non-drowsy symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> mark: fox news has obtained a series of memos that former fbi director james comey drafted about his interactions with president trump before and after the inauguration. fox business networks ed lorenz has read the memos and he joins us tonight. >> here they are, this is the redacted version of these memos. the unredacted version wear hearing, we make it possibly
5:49 pm
tomorrow, but in these redacted versions, a couple of things jumped out at the moment. you can see that six conversations are aligned that james comey had with resident donald trump, some on the phone, some in person. everybody talks about the pledge that the president had asked before to follow, to pledge loyalty to him. in the memo two times, the president has been outlined as a saying he would like a pledge of loyalty from comey. one of those times, comey responded saying you will get that. another thing that jumps out here is we are talking about the russia investigation into meddling. james comey documented that president donald trump asked him not to -- to get out the information that the president was not a target of that investigation. as we go through here, very sensitive conversations between the two. i can tell you that in february
5:50 pm
of this year, a judge ordered that these memos not be released. they were assigned to it several committee members today, they've been requested of both the house and senate judiciary oversight and intelligence committee got these along with house speaker paul ryan and minority leader nancy pelosi. a few things jumping out. one that there was that pledge of loyalty according to comey, but in one of those instances, comey said you will get that back to the president. the other thing that's in here, james comey's rep tells a president a number of times that andrew mccabe is an honorable man heard the president questioning mccabe's motives on several occasions and meetings, phone calls, and meetings with us before, but again, reiterating each time that was brought up that mccabe is an honorable man heard also telling the president of the fbi is impartial and doesn't want their feelings get involved in their investigations. >> mark: thoughts directly related to not just the mccabe referral, but also seems to be
5:51 pm
at odds with what comey told george stephanopoulos on the big abc interview where he said he didn't give loyalty, he talked about honesty instead. in this version, he pledged his loyalty. >> maybe it's an oversight, but written in these documents, it doesn't say in james comey's own words that he did say you will get that on at least one occasion when he talked to the president. >> mark: fox news producer child program is joining us. he's on the phone. chad, the lurid meeting is the one where comey met with trump to reveal the existence of this dossier and the more salacious elements of it. did we learn anything more about that in these memos? >> what we have here is part of this memo that was sent to
5:52 pm
capitol hill is where comey told the president that the russians "allegedly had tapes involving him and in moscow around 2013." comey says trump said there were no, there were never any. he said the hotels he stayed in were liars comey also said it was a house full of women who falsely accused him of grabbing them or touching them. he says there was a stripper, doesn't say who the stripper might be. and that the president gave me the sense he was defending himself to me. we're still kind of going through this. i have to say that we heard about elements regarding that from sources on capitol hill probably in the spring of last year. the veracity of that is unclear, but that's something that's been rattling around and intelligence circles for quite some time. >> mark: let me ask you this,
5:53 pm
chad, because the whole issue is that there is no evidence of this. it's a story that comes from this dossier, the dossier comes from a foreign national, a british subject to got it from supposed russian sources. does anything comey says add any credibility to this allegation? >> there's one thing that comey says in the memo, he indicates to the president that he was not saying this was true. only that i wanted him to know that it had been reported in the reports were in my hands. he said it was important that we not give him the excuse to lied to the fbi and that they were keeping a close hold. this is something where if you read between the lines of what comey is saying, he says this is "inflammatory stuff." and it's comey's decision and the fbi director thought it was
5:54 pm
appropriate to check out. again, we don't have any direct evidence that it's in the dossier. >> mark: thanks for that come out we'll be right back with more on this breaking news about this before memos. that's next on "tucker carlson tonight" ." ♪ i'm mark and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried, um, cold turkey. i tried the patches. i was tired and i was fed up. i wanted to try something different. for me, chantix really worked.
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5:59 pm
memos that happen vaunted as sos anything to this russian collusion, any evidence of russian collusion in their conversations or obstruction of justice. number two, i'm also looking at one of the comey memos, goes to a dinner, we've heard before, between new president trump, and comey, bottom-line, comey says during the dinner, he told the president, i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak, comey said to the president, adding that he thinks the fbi gets a lot of the blame but leaks to the media very little. that is very ironic given the fact that it is comey who's been accused of leaking classified information by the president and number two, on a day when andrew mccabe, the former number two do comey is now facing a criminal referral for leaking and flying. >> mark: we've got to leaks how these guys are. that is terrific stuff. and no collusion. that is about it for us tonight.
6:00 pm
tune in each night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying lying, pomposity, smu, groupthink, and the james comey memos about how he has leaked but he doesn't leak. that is it from us. sean hannity will have lots more on this, no collusion. sean is here to bring us up to speed as this story breaks. >> sean: absolutely zero. this is the busiest breaking news night we have had in well over a year short of last friday. welcome to "hannity." we'll get to my opening monologue, extensive. so much news today. first, fox news has now obtained a redacted version of the comey memos that were just handed over to lawmakers and joining us now live in washington with all of the details is our chief national correspondent ed henry. i heard ironically, it says, oh, i am not sneaky, i don't leak. okay. >> this is remarkable, sean. one of the comey memos is james comey put


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