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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 21, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> as we watch the motorcade come in, we are moments away follow -- from where we no longer have pictures to show. media is complying with the request which we will say go dark because the turn has been made behind the bush presidential library and that's where the head cars of the motorcade are going, behind the library. it's a private moment, molly, in a public day so far. >> absolutely. as the motorcade, the last few cars go around the building, final quote, as important as obligations, doctor, lawyer or business leader will be, you are a human being first and those human connections with spouses, with children, with friends are the most important investments you will ever make. the final day after funeral services and so many days of
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remembrance and so many public conversations remembering her very national public legacy, we know now there's a private moment will be for her, closest family members as she's in her final resting place. >> truly a public day and day of celebration when you lived such a life like she did and lived life to the fullest, two presidents, of course, son and husband. leader as one of the great political families certainly in american history and any doubt that there was a member of that family that observed for any amount of time that barbara bush was the leader of the family and the country remembers her today. >> mike. >> molly, connell, good afternoon, the funeral was what mrs. bush wanted. mrs. bush was well known for
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sense of humor, funny line delivered by her friend bbt abush family moving frequently as president bush's career advanced? connell: we will take you back up where he can hear us and report from the funeral today. there's the cadets, big part of experience at texas a&m. this was chosen, a family, of course, that moved to texas in late 1940's after war when george h.w. bush was moving into the oil business, had established themselves in texas and the former president had business success, they could have chosen many sites for a
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library, there's a connection there. mike is up and running, we had a little technical difficulty with your set-up, mike, let's go back to you in houston, take it away. >> good afternoon, to you, i was making reference there were latter moments, mrs. bush was known for sense of humor, had quite a wit and funny delivered by her friend about the bush family moving career as president bush's career advanced. >> barbara just laughed and said, one thing i can say about george, he may not be able to keep a job but he's certainly not boring. >> there were also plenty of touching moments with former president bush looking on his wife's funeral. the eulogy given by former florida governor jeb bush. >> mom got us through difficult times with consistent take it to the bank unconditional but tough
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love. she called her style a dictatorship but honestly it wasn't always benevolent. >> her daughter read biblicage passages and touched by the moment. bush 41, biographer mike beachum who summed the first lady this way. >> known as barb, mother, granny, silver fox and enforcers, she was candid in comforting steadfast and straightforward honest and loving. >> mrs. bush told her loved ones she did not want the service to drag on and she did not want a whole lot of weeping on both fronts it was a very successful day. connell, molly. connell: mike, thanks, live in houston. >> not a dry eye in st. martin's
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episcopal church. we will take one more look now at the sounds, the site there is from the funeral on this somber day. ♪ ♪ >> on behalf of this wonderful family and st. martin episcopal church welcome you to the service of celebration for the life and the service and the faith of barbara pierce bush. >> a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to throw away stones and a time to gather stones together. >> drinks and dignity are her clothing and she laughed at the time to come. she opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. many women have done excellently
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but you surpassed them all. >> she was candid and comforting steadfast and straightforward, honest and loving. she believed literacy a fundamental civil right and gave the cause her all. ♪ ♪ >> she was smart, strong, fun and feisty even sometimes making the headline he regretted. the world saw that and like we did, they admired and loved her for it. barbara, the tough but loving
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enforcer was the secret sauce of this extraordinary family. >> she believed in and practiced the principles of honesty, tolerance, decency, courage and strength. she would wants us to carry on, to live as she lived fully and deeply, to laugh and laugh often, to love all that god sends our way, to serve one another the common good and especially the purposes of god. ♪ ♪ >> president trump watching the funeral service for barbara bush from his mar-a-lago resort tweeting his respects to the
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family but not before bashing the new york times over its coverage of his personal lawyer michael cohen who is facing a federal criminal investigation over business dealings, the time's recording that cohen could turn on the president. phil keating live. the president making strong defense of his attorney, right? >> that he did this morning, molly, from right here in palm beach county, florida. apparently the president read that new york times story online from mar-a-lago, his winter white house which is on the front page of the newsstands of the paper. the stories suggesting cohen now has the leverage in the relationship between cohen and president trump and that he might flip on the president to avoid prison time. the president lashed out about the times' reporter using, quote, nonexistent sources and drunk loser who hates michael, a fine person with a wonderful family. michael is a businessman for own account, lawyer who i have
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always liked and respected, most people would flip if government lays them out of trouble even if it is lying or making up stories, sorry, i don't see michael doing that despite the horrible witch hunt and dishonest media. >> as i said right from the beginning, i don't think the president has real worries about mueller and the investigation of alleged collusion or obstruction of justice. where he ought to be focusing attention, i'm not his lawyer, where he ought to be focusing attention is new york, cohen, whether cohen, flips, whether he come'ses, that's -- composes, that's the fear. >> cohen's attorney mentioning to the judge that possibly the federal government could indict michael cohen sometime in the next 90 days, something that attorney dershowitz thought was certainty.
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yeah, he did after spending the first part of the morning at the nearby trump international golf club, the president indicated he would be watching live television coverage of the barbara bush funeral from houston. he also tweeted this, quote, today my thoughts and prayers are with the entire bush family in memory of first lady barbara bush, there is a remembrance display located at her portrait in the center hall of the white house. and first lady melania who attended the funeral in houston put out this statement, quote, today the world paid tribute to a woman of indisputable character and grace who is my honor to travel the houston to give my respects to barbara bush and the remarkable life she led as a mother, wife and fearless first lady. my sincerest thoughts and prayers continue to be with george h.w. and the entire bush family. president trump is at mar-a-lago right now, he has no public events scheduled for the rest to have day or this evening and he will return to washington tomorrow afternoon.
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molly. >> phil keating in mar-a-lago, thank you. connell: another political story, attorney general jeff sessions reportedly firing a warning shot of sorts tat white house threat tong resign as the story goes if president trump fires deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. all in the washington post and the newspaper has this quote, we will put on the screen, reads while trump also has railed against sessions at times, the protest resignation of attorney general which would be likely to incite other depastor in the administration would create a moment of profound crisis for the white house. joe, political reporter for business insider joins us now from washington. good to see you, joe, thanks for coming. anything that you've seen that would indicate that the president actually is preparing to fire rod rosenstein before we get to the details of this report? >> well, we already know that he tried to oust robert mueller back in december, that was
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reported by "the new york times" and at the time don mcgwan, counsel, as new york counsel threatened to resign if that was the case. now congressional leaders say they've been assured that there's no chance that trump is going to try oust rosenstein or mueller, as a result mitch mcconnell says he doesn't think it's necessary to have a bill in place to protect special counsel mueller or rosenstein, but regardless the judiciary committee still moving forward with it even though majority leaders already quashed it. connell: we had a bunch of report this is week that rod rosenstein had spoken recently, john roberts reported that he wasn't a subject to cohen investigation, and bloomberg added something that we already knew if we have been following this that he wasn't a subject, at least not at the moment of the mueller investigation. the idea is, you know, some people have looked at it, is he
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trying to keep his job, what would be the motivation if that took place. >> there's a lot of speculation of what the target is. no one knows what mueller is doing besides mueller. as a result, though, i mean, members of congress have said, you know, i mean, to me my report asking that they're not worried, you know, trump is not the focus, it's been how many months since this investigation started and they haven't found any evidence of collusion, so, you know, if trump lays lows an finish investigation as republicans think he will be off scot-free. connell: how about sessions? the washington post reported that he's thereatening to resign if the president would go forward with if firing, no indication now that he's thinking about doing this, what about the role of sessions? all kinds of reporting that the president hasn't been very happy with him, of course, a lot doesn't need reporting, it's been in public since he rescued himself from the russia investigation. >> president trump has always been upset with jeff sessions
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for recusing himself, which is something he kind of had to do because of his involvement with the trump campaign. he was one of trump's earliest supporters, obviously he can't be investigating trump if he has connections to things that are being investigated. so there's always been, you know, kind of that beef there between the attorney general and the president, this becoming public that sessions would threaten to quit if rosenstein was ousted, that's further evidence that jeff sessions is not intimidated by president trump. connell: if the president were -- it's all hypothetical, but if he were to go through with any kind of a firing, you should stop and think about it, if the goal of administration, to speed up the investigation as much as possible to make it essentially go away or have it be over, firing someone like that would prolong the investigation? >> certainly, and most of
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members of congress who i have spoken to, any attempt to fire rosenstein or mueller would prompt some kind of constitutional crisis and that's not something they want to deal with. they are going into tough election. they want to focus on tax bill, they don't want to deal with massive investigations and have this spiral out of control in the event someone does get fired. connell: appreciate the analysis, thanks for coming on today. >> thanks for having me. connell: molly. >> european union demanding action amid escalating tensions in israel-gaza border. speculation that president trump's lawyer could turn on the president under pressure of stormy scandal and more. >> that is much information as possible would be known and made known to the american people about what happened here, all of the facts relating to the negotiation around this agreement, the 130,000-dollar payment and the cover-up.
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palestinians including a 15-year-old boy was killed along gaza's border with israel. hamas has led protest during block aid of gaza, the gaza health ministry says israeli forces have killed 32 palestinians and wounded more than 1600 since late march. >> as he faces a federal investigation many are speculating whether president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen will turn on the commander in chief, the feds have not said exactly what the focus of their investigation is but they reportedly raided cohen's office seeking documents on stormy daniels' case, suing over 130,000-dollar payment to stay quiet on alleged affair with president trump more than 10 years ago. >> it's about a cover-up about what the president knew and what he did about it and i think that's at the forefront of what for american people should be concerned about and it's
1:21 pm
critically important to our entire belief in democracy and open and fair judicial process. >> adviser to bill clinton, bill, and both fox news contributors, thank you for being here today. >> hi, molly. >> it is about a cover-up, meanwhile deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is part of reportedly assured the president that he's not the focus of either mueller investigation or this investigation into michael cohen either, should the president be concerned? [laughter] >> molly, we've gone from fake news to now fake flip, just as you mentioned the rod rosenstein said that the president is not a target of the michael cohn investigation, he told him that last week, that's news, the other news is there's no proof of russian collusion with president trump and his campaign, so this is news that the left media does not want to
1:22 pm
talk about. they would rather push this other narrative out there because, a, the russian narrative that they've been harping on for well over a year has not panning up the way they want, and rather report anything negative on the president, nothing positive of what he has been able to accomplish, any dirt that they can dig up, anything they can do to really distract and distract the public from. >> doug, drawing you in here because the investigations are far from over, cohen's office has -- all the information gathered from his offices or home, means that it hasn't been court overred, they are still looking at paperwork, should the president be concerned, could he potentially become a target as things develop? >> of course, he's concerned. what reasonable person wouldn't, but i read most of the reporting and it suggested to me that much of the focus of the raid was on michael cohen's own personal feelings separate and apart from
1:23 pm
anything to do with the mueller investigation or president trump and to mr. avante's comments that this is what the american people are interested in, focused in, i don't know i -- run across too many people that the fate of the democracy turns on the stormy daniels' case. >> dershowitz had this to say on "fox & friends". >> new york, cohen, whether he flips, sings, whether he composes, that's the fear. if you're innocent, you don't worry about a singer but you have to worry about a composer, elaborates on the story. >> which is an interesting idea that there could be so much pressure on really a variety of people that have been charged in various aspects whether it's the mueller investigation or in this case mr. cohen being looked into so closely right now. could people not potentially flip but making things up? >> well, again, i think this is
1:24 pm
really coming from the left, you hear the lawyer, you hear the media outlets that have been harping on this, headline news over and over again, look at the thuggish tactics that mueller is implementing here. there was a predawn raid on paul manafort's home, they frisked his wife, no-knock warrant that they accomplished. listen, they are tieing to get anything they can on trump because the russian collusion is not working out so anyone remotely connected with president trump, looks like they are a target, really the word is don't work for president trump if you don't want to be a target of an investigation. >> that is very interesting point. doug, what do you think of what janine, just said? >> look, to return to your first question, michael cohen said he would jump out of the window or take a bullet than flip on him. i take him on his word, paul
1:25 pm
manafort has resisted all to turn himself, so far no indication that those two prime actors in this drama have, in fact, flipped as you put it. look, there's a clear investigation going on of the president, it was authorized by the -- by the assistant attorney general after the firing of jim comey, it has to run its course and what i would say to my friend janine, let's let it finish and see where it ends up and draw conclusions we want about the process or the left or the media. >> we have a new tweet -- >> it's been well over a year. >> the president tweeted this just about an hour or so ago, james comey memos are classified, i did not declassify them, they belonged to the government therefore he broke the law, additionally he totally made up many things he said i said and proven liar and leaker,
1:26 pm
where are memos on lynch, clinton, there are so many different elements going on. your thoughts on this latest tweet from the president, janine? >> yes, there are a lot of elements going on, indeed, and where is the investigation with comey and mccabe and hillary clinton, put her in there as well because in the middle of all of this, but i have to tell you, all america should be concerned about the tactics that they are seeing from this mueller investigation. it's like anyone could be in this very situation, all americans no matter who you support politically should be outraged really. >> thanks so much for joining us today. >> thanks molly. >> so many different elements and so many to follow. connell: we move on, federal government issuing demand to airlines after engine failure that led to death to passenger
1:27 pm
last week, your safety at 30,000 feet just ahead. north korea dictator is halting nuclear missile test ahead of meeting with president trump. >> it is working and let's put it in historical content that past administrations going back from president obama even president bush, there was concessions after concessions made without any real progress and right now what we are seeing is real progress just can't satisfy.
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this is truecar. >> surprise announcement from north korea's dictator kim jong un ahead of planned summit with south korea and then the united states, president trump tweeting, message from kim jong un, north korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, also shut down nuclear test site in the country's northern side to prove the vow to suspend nuclear tests, progress being made for all. kim stopping short of saying that he will actually give up nuclear arsenal. gillian turner has more. >> dramatic, north korea state agency has issued statement that reads in part, april 21, north korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, grantee
1:33 pm
transparency in suspending nuclear tests. just hours ago, new reports surfacing that during mike pompeo's meeting with kim over easter, the dictator floated the possibility of releasing three-long held american hostages as part of the pending sit-down with president trump. president trump weighing in with a tweet saying, north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site, this is very good news for north korea and the world. big progress, look forward to our summit. so today all signs point to go for a trump-kim summit and things are looking up for the trump administration's plan to try and strike a deal that no american president has been able to do successfully. these developments come just six days before kim is to meet with south korean counterpart president moon and weeks before anticipated faceoff with potus, the past week here in washington, the talk of north korea was dominated by the politics surrounding cia
1:34 pm
director pompeo's pending confirmation as secretary of state. the math still out on that but should he continue to produce results like the ones coming to light this morning, the tables on capitol hill may very well turn in his favor. molly. >> gillian turner reporting. connell: more now on the north korea story, we bring in retired air force navy general, former commander of u.s. intercontinent al. it's interesting to see what north korea has done as they try to lay the ground work with meeting with president trump, to what extent should we believe kim jong un and how significant are they? >> i think it's pretty productive that he makes these gestures. he's got a very important near-term objective, to stand in the world stage next to the president of the united states. i think he's going to certainly not do anything that is going to deliberately put that in jeopardy and if he can make
1:35 pm
gestures of somewhat consequential nature, they are reversible so we wouldn't want to get overreact to this and too much of a positive way but certainly important gesture. when we get to the level of discussing, reducing and getting him to give up his nuclear weapons, we are going to have to be worried about capabilities and not just gestures and spoken attentions because those can change overnight. connell: your point about being reversible is a point well taken and reminds me what president trump said the other night when he was talking from his point of view and said if i go in there and things aren't going well, i will walk out. that's his point of view, at least, he could not hang around for the meeting the same way if kim jong un says i'm going to stop this testing the moment he doesn't think things are going well, we could see the testing.
1:36 pm
>> i don't think it would be prudent, but at the same time we have been reading about what does nuclearization mean to kim or what does it mean to us. i think there's -- it's an absolute that it has to be elimination of nuclear weapons, so we might want to have to establish that right up front because there's little redeeming value to meeting if we don't have a common objective in mind. >> you have to know what you want going in. that's a very good point. let me have you listen for a moment to one of the advisers to the president mercedes schlapp, campaign here of maximum pressures as they call it, here is mercedes schlapp. >> you will need to stop building the nuclear sites and allow south korea and the americans to be able to have military exercises and it's because of the fact that he came up with -- his administration came up with a very strategic
1:37 pm
solution in insuring that there's maximum pressure campaign on north korea. these economic sanctions are hurting that country and the mere fact that it wasn't done -- connell: it wasn't done alone, general, to that point which is on the way out of the sound bite that we played with the chinese and others helping out, how you make this as being set up to get us to this point? >> well, let's face it, prior to this, the approach by the regional players as well as the united states has been to let him bring the region into crisis and then negotiate his way to get a favorable outcome, change his behavior is only temporarily and then go back to the behaviors that need to be corrected again. so i think that approach that the administration is taking has absolutely deserves credit for bringing this to the point that we are at right now. so i believe that we need to retain the maximum pressure through this process and until
1:38 pm
we see bonafide action by north korea that are walking down the road that, you know, it's vital for the region and the world that he takes those steps. connell: we will know next month or early june how it plays out. general, i want to get your point on important story, that's syria, finally un inspectors have reached the chemical weapon's facilities located in duma in syria and had taken them time to do so. had been delayed at first, here is heather talking about what may have happened here. here she is. >> russian officials have worked with the syrian regime we believe to sanitize the locations and remove incriminating evidence of chemical used. >> it took a week or so for inspectors to get in and you wonder what they find when they do get in. >> right, and i think that, you
1:39 pm
know, no doubt in any mind that the russians are going to make it as mirky as they can and they'll be denials, very interesting to see what the team finds and as they collect their evidence and they do their analysis and that all interesting to see how that plays out. when we look back at the strike and the french and the united kingdom made against assad's regime, it was measured, it was proportionate, it was -- it was violent, it absolutely sent a message to the regime and to the russians that the world has got to enforce these norms against using chemical weapons and that there's still room for additional escalation. connell: yeah. >> i fully expect this is going to be mirky and that's the way the russians and assad regime want it to be for the time being and -- and we will just see how it goes. connell: yeah, that's way we have to play it, i guess, there's no other choice, major general, general, thanks, good to see you today. we do have one programming note i want to point out here, big
1:40 pm
interviewing coming up on fox tomorrow with chris wallace, fox news sunday, chris, you see him there, spoke exclusively with the president of france emmanuel macron, that took place this week in paris as macron will be in washington to meet with president trump monday and tuesday, visit-ins on tuesday night but speaks about the state relations between the united states and france, the tensions we were just talking about with syria and much more, so check it out fox news sunday 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. earn on fox news channel here tomorrow. molly. >> a growing health scare involving that americans love to eat why officials are telling you to stay away from romaine lettuce. fda taking action to prevent another engine failure like the one of passenger in southwest airline. a high-profile aviation expert joins us hey, want to try it?
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connell: outbreak from e coli, cdc urging people to throw away any store-bought romaine lettuce, chopped romaine that was grown in arizona by itself, salad, packaged solid mix, the e coli has sickened more than 50 people across states. >> i'm trying not to order anything that has romaine at restaurants. >> i am concerned because i bought a bunch of lettuce at 365, i came out unscathed. connell: outbreak reportedly began at inmates in a prison in alaska who ate romaine that was grown in yuma, arizona. >> department of homeland security giving startling look at effects of sanctuary city policies as the battle over immigration plays out in
1:46 pm
courtrooms across the country. william reports. >> personally ask you don't let ms-13 slide. >> the message from washington accepted by some sheriffs is rejected by others. new data from homeland department sanctuary released 142 gang members across america despite deportation orders from ice, two-thirds of the groups which include ms-13 gang were released in california by sheriffs in los angeles, santa clara and orange counties. orange county and a dozen communities in it are fighting back joining a federal lawsuit against the statute prohibiting police from communicating with ice on most gang members and other criminal aliens. >> i see a conflict between two governing documents, the constitution of the united states and the state constitution itself. >> one city los alamitos exempting from sanctuary and
1:47 pm
aclu promptly filed suit. >> the city's actions are unlawful, the value's act is important state law that upholds the great california values of diversity and inclusion. >> they are human beings, they have families, it's very important that they be integrated in a humane, intelligent way. >> but the communities opposing make distinction. >> under governor brown's, between 1 and 3 inmates walk away freely each and every day in san diego. >> while the administration is finding support in california with san diego county voting. earlier today court upheld injunction against administration effort to punish sanctuary cities by withholding federal funds. in los angeles, william lajuenese, fox news.
1:48 pm
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>> we we wanted to proceed immediately to the aircraft and
1:52 pm
our specialist immediately focused on a missing fan blade and our preliminary examination of this was that there's evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated. >> that was the head of the ntsb discussing the engine failure that killed a passenger tuesday on southwest airlines flight, the fan blade blowing the engine apart at 32,000 piece breaking a window. now the faa is ordering the inspection of more engines like that one over 350 of them here in the united states and nearly 700 worldwide on boeing 737 jet. let's bring in john golia to talk about this, former ntsb official and former aviation mechanic, thank you for being here, john, we appreciate it. the question that pops into everyone's mind is it safe to
1:53 pm
fly and should we be concern about flying on a plane that has particular engine in. >> well, i believe it's safe to fly and i flew yesterday on the airplane. i don't believe it's the issue. we are starting to hone on engines with the fan blades, although the issue was a little bit bigger than said in the faa because we don't track the way they needed to be tracked to address this problem, so the airlines are going to have to examine every single one of their engines and the time frame to do that is shot -- >> yeah, seems to be the logical step to take. if there's an accident of this horrific take a look at everything behind that. you mentioned talking about fan blades and metal fatigue is what the ntsb had spoken about a moment ago, a blade in 2015,
1:54 pm
successful emergency landing in florida after fan blade separated from the same type of engine, really, how common are the engine failures? >> they are not common at all, this is a rather rare, but to have the fan blade the way it did, it's very rare, indeed, and that's why the controversy around what kind of inspections has occurred, that's why the airlines have been pushing back on ge, on requiring the level of inspections that they are talking about because it doesn't balance against the level of problems that we've had. >> when something like this happens, do the airlines or for that matter the manufacturers act quickly enough? >> sometimes they, do sometimes they don't. now, you have to remember one thing, the faa issues and sometimes takes a long time to put the paperwork out, but the industry sometimes and i would
1:55 pm
say probably most of the time is in front of faa, you've seen statements from american airlines that they didn't wait for the board, they started inspections over a year ago, you know, so the airlines sometimes will recognize there's a problem. what we are talking about when we say the airlines, we are talking about engineering departments and something about the dna and engineers when they see something is wrong that they really have to fix it. so they keep after it. >> all right. john goglia, thank you for joining us, we appreciate. a lot of people getting on planes in the coming days and weeks and i'm sure glad to listen to some of what you said and as we go forward. one more quick question as people go out to airplanes, can they feel assured that the right actions are being taken? >> right now i believe we are going in the right direction. everybody -- everybody will be looking at fan blades every chance they get.
1:56 pm
>> all right, thank you, we appreciate it. thank you for joining us and talking about this. i know a lot of people are keeping a close eye on it. connell: about to wrap up a busy news hour as the nation says good-bye to barbara bush, our coverage of that event will continue at the top of the hour as well as other breaking developments of the day, political and otherwise but we thank you for joining us, eric sean and arthel neville will take over at the top. >> and i will see you at 7:00. so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great.
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