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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 22, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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dvr the show, watch it later, we appreciate it and back here next time sunday 11:00 eastern. ♪ >> fox news alert, new reaction from president trump on north korea. the president taking wait and see approach in a tweet today saying, only time will tell if things will work out this after pyongyang announces it will close nuclear testing site and end long-range missile testing. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric sean, president trump tempering expectations somewhat, optimistic to try to denuclearize the korean peninsula ahead of what it's shaping to be a historic meeting between the president and kim jong un, this as we get confirmation that secretary of state nominee, while he is confirmation remains up in the
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air, mike pompeo lacking support he needs to receive a favorable vote tomorrow from the senate foreign relations committee, though his whole nomination is expected to pass the senate narrowly. congressman ron desantis earlier today on fox news channel saying it will be remarkable feet if the president can resolve the decade's long tensions with north korea. >> donald trump has shaken this up. he has kim jong un on the defensive. i think that's why you are seeing this. i still think we are a long way from actually getting there. boy, if we could get that done, that would be one of the best achievements since ronald reagan ended the cold war. arthel: live in washington with more. hi, gillian. >> in just a few weeks, president trump will likely come face to face with kim jong un. first time an american president has agreed to meet with the head of north korean regime, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are expressing major
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optimism. >> i'm glad they're meeting, i think all of us look at this with great caution and skepticism that's been going on for 25 years and obviously kim jong un has learned about public relations and is setting up well for him but i think everyone that's been around this looks at this as just the beginning. >> in the meantime kim jong un's busy laying the ground work for his historic encounter with president trump. just five days from now he'll meet with the south korean counterpart president moon. kim is already expressing willingness to make major concession that is in the past the international community would have deemed almost impossible. north korea state media announced this weekend, quote, from april 21st, north korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missile. the north will shut down a nuclear test site in the country's northern side to guaranty transparency and suspending nuclear tests, so far america's allies around the
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world are reacting with praise and support for the trump administration, but they also caution this meeting in and of itself doesn't constitute a victory. >> i think we will always have to be careful about this kind of declarations that i think the pressure, plus the chinese role because president trump, but now we will have to deliver. >> president trump does, indeed, face a tough challenge ahead both in terms of managing his engagement with kim regime and managing foreign policy team at home. on monday the senate set to vote on mike pompeo's nomination to become secretary of state. his political fate is now in the hands of his very own colleagues on capitol hill whichever way the vote goes, he will undoubtedly get the lion share of credit for the united states'
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first diplomatic negotiations of north korea if and when the trump-kim summit goes forward, arthel. arthel: we will be covering it all for everyone right here on fox news channel. thank you, gillian. coming up we will talk with congressman mike gallagher about whether north korea will really deliver on pledges to suspend nuclear and missile testing. eric: and new fallout continues right now in the release of james comey's memos, president trump slamming the fired fbi director over allegedly leaking classified communications to the media. republican lawmakers calling on the justice to open a criminal investigation into comey amid the revelations that some of that material that he made public was then later classified. here is what house intelligence committee chairman republican devin nunes said on sunday morning futures. >> if there is obstruction of justice we want to know about
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it, clearly there wasn't and that's what the comey memos prove. for mr. comey when you match up memos with what's in the books with the interviews he's giving, he's got a lot of problems coming in the future as it relates to what the ig is looking at into his behavior. eric: ellison barber has more on the continuing controversy in washington. >> nunes claims he knows that there was not certain intelligence to start the investigation into collusion between the trump campaign and russia because he says he has not found evidence that that intelligence came through normal channels. >> what we found now after the investigators had reviewed it is that, in fact, there was no intelligence, so we have a traditional -- we have a traditional partnership with what's called the five i's agreement, five i's agreement involves friends in australia,
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united kingdom, new zeland and us. >> in december "the new york times" reported that the russia investigation began not because of the now notorious dossier but because of information provided to the united states by australian diplomats over drinks in london bar george papadopoulos reportedly told in australian diplomat that russia had thousands of emails that would embarrass hillary clinton and hurt her presidential campaign. a few weeks later e-mails stole from the dnc were leaked and australia reportedly told america what papadopoulos said in that bar, nunes seems to be questioning all of that information. >> we think there's some major irregularities at the state department and we are trying to figure out how the information of mr. papadopoulos of all people who was supposedly
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meeting with folks in london, how that made it over across into the fbi's hands. >> after the comey memos were released, 11 house republicans sent a letter to attorney general jeff sessions calling for a criminal investigation to the actions of comey, former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and hillary clinton. democrats have long said many republicans, the president included, are not focused on the truth of russian interference or preventing it in future elections but instead are trying to slander the fbi and discredit the russia investigation to protect the president in the event the special counsel finds any sort of wrongdoing. >> these documents just further flesh out this intense effort which donald trump has had right from the beginning of his presidency to try to sweep the entire russia investigation under the rug and all this is going to do is just further
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intensify the public's demand that they know everything that did happen. >> eric. eric: all right, thank you, ellison, arthel. arthel: we will bring in steven, former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, he's also a law professor at the university of memphis, professor, nice to have you here. >> thank you. arthel: thank you. as you watch this saga unfold on whom, what and where is your focus and also what do you make of mr. comey's memos? >> right, well, arthel, i think the significance of the comey memos first and foremost have corroboration of some disputed facts between trump and comey about their meeting, most notably whether trump did, in fact, pressure comey to drop the michael flynn investigation and whether trump demand quote, unquote, loyalty from comey in the context of a conversation about whether he would keep his
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job. i think that's the big significance. i know that some are saying that comey memos show that perhaps he was bias, but i don't really think it's surprising that comey would contemporaneously document conversations with president trump, at the time he knew there was ongoing investigation to trump campaigns with contacts with russian and brief him on the very topic, it's natural that he would document it as a law enforcement official what he said about that particularly because it was somewhat sensitive information and relatively soon in the chronology when trump starts pressing him for loyalty, there's also red flags about potential obstruction of justice which would be another reason why comey should memorialize those conversations. arthel: as you well know, mr. mulroy they'll be supporters of the president, there were two men in the room, what should we trust what mr. comey is saying
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versus what the president said? >> that's an excellent question, it would be for the independent investigate and the american people to decide but i will note that on the one hand comey seems to have some corroboration because of the contemporaneous documentation of the memos which were written and filed at the time closer in time to the actual conversations and he also apparently said some of this to other people at the time, you know, other witnesses who corroborate in realtime that he was saying this. we haven't heard any such corroboration from the trump side at least not yet. arthel: all this said, can mr. comey's memos and book tour influence special counsel mueller's investigation or southern district of new york? what do you make of the timing of comey's book release? >> well, we certainly that it wouldn't influence either the mueller investigation or the southern district of new york, i think that would be improper,
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and i think reasonable minds can differ about the propriety of mr. comey doing public book tour while still investigation ongoing but i guess we have to hope that the mueller people and southern district of new york are professionals enough not to allow the public relations blitz to have influence on investigation. arthel: so should americans be concerned about the trust and the esteem of fbi director and that of the department of justice as a whole? >> i'm not really sure that the comey memos themselves or anything that we've heard in the last few months give us any real doubt the ongoing and continuing professionalism of the department of justice and the fbi. i think that comey's, you know, there's no real reason right now to know that comey leaked classified information, for example, or did anything that would involve criminal
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wrongdoing. i think the handling to have matter was rather arguably. we don't have any reason to doubt that the fbi and the department of justice were before and are now a professional organization. arthel: meanwhile this has a public spat between the president and mr. comey, the president has not been charged personally charged with anything, but could his tweets ever be introduced into a court of law and if, yes, how would a prosecutor use the tweets and how would a defense attorney use them? >> well, that's an excellent question. i mean, they are the admission of a party opponent, so if, you know, mr. trump were actually the defendant in a trial, they can come in that way, but there's an ongoing legal question right now, arthel, about whether it is legally possible to indict and prosecute a sitting president. there's some reason to suggest that maybe that couldn't happen,
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that the only remedy would be impeachment. i do think that if there were actually impeachment proceedings that the tweets would come in as evidence. as to the second question as to how a defense might use those tweets, i think there's plenty of room for argument about how you actually interpret mr. trump's tweets, i mean, the president often does brag, he may not be using words in careful, legal construct so it may not always be that superficially, they might be maybe more damming than they actually are in context. i think a confident defense argument, competent defense attorney could make those arguments, i think. arthel: we appreciate your arguments, university of memphis law professor steven mulroy, i'm sure you and your students have to analyze in particular to this case. thank you.
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>> thank you. arthel: eric. eric: visit by oldest ally, president trump will begin hosting french counterpart president macron starting tomorrow for the administration's first state visit at the white house. the three day-event includes state dinner and comes after last week's joint air strikes with france and britain against syria's chemical weapon sites. >> the day we finish the war against isis, if we leave, definitely and totally even from a political point of view, we will leave the floor to the iranian regime, bashar al-assad and his guys and they will prepare the new war, they will fuel the new terrorists. eric: president macron talking to chris wallace in paris, phil keating covering our president in west palm beach where he's spending the week in mar-a-lago, hi, phil. >> the president is wrapping up
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a week-long-stay in mar-a-lago. he's heading back to washington. last weekend of busy tourism, no golf for the president today giving him more time for twitter, starting the morning with sarcasm. gop lawmakers asking session to investigate comey and hillary clinton at fox news, good luck with that request. the president indicated he was watching the sunday political shows inside mar mar-a-lago slag nbc, quote, chuck todd stated that we had given so much in negotiations with north korea and they have given up nothing, wow, we haven't given up anything and they have agree today denuclearization so great for our world, site closure and no more testing. we are a long way to conclusion, maybe they work and maybe they
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won't, the work i am doing now should have been done a long time ago. tomorrow night president trump and the first lady will host a private dinner at mount vernon, george washington's historic home welcoming emmanuel macron and his wife, first state visit of the trump administration. trump and macron when they first met had the memorable 6-secondhand shake and macron spoke with sunday chris wallace today about some consider an unlikely friendship. >> look, i think we have a respecial relationship because both are maverick of systems on both sides, i think president trump's election was unexpected in your country and probably my election wasn't expected in my country and we are not part of the classical political system. >> air force one is parking nearby on a tarmac at west palm beach international in the next couple of hours president trump
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will make his way there via motorcade and return to washington for this big week. eric. eric: no word yet on the menu for state dinner, do you think macron would like wine from california or long island or three wineries from mississippi? washington state or oregon, thank you so much. arthel. arthel: all right, guys, thank you, right now there's a manhunt underway following a shooting at a waffle house in nashville that left 4 people dead, who the police are searching for and also how one heroic customer helped save lives, plus cia director mike pompeo has been instrumental in planning diplomatics with president trump and north korea's kim jong un but now his confirmation for secretary of state has hit a major road block ahead of the senate committee vote that's happening tomorrow. critics say this is not the time to play politics with u.s. diplomacy and national security
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>> well, i'm going to be candid, i believe he should be confirmed. the fact that he was in north korea, he's setting up the summit, he's the president's choice for secretary of state. i worry about some of his views but i do think for these negotiations, i think he should be confirmed. (burke) vengeful vermin. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (vo)just one touch.ith with fancy feast creamy delights, she can have just the right touch of real milk. easily digestible, it makes her favorite entrées even more delightful. fancy feast creamy delights. love is in the details.
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arthel: isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in the afghan capital today. officials say a suicide bomber targeted civilians at a voter registration center in kabul as they were getting national id cards. the large explopción -- explosion killing 57 people and wounding 19 others. eric: president trump saying the north korean crisis is far from over after the rogue nation pledged stop testing long-range missiles and testing site, all before summit between the president and kim jong un, joining us now for more on this, mike gallagher from the great state of wisconsin, homeland
9:23 am
service's committee, served in marine corps in iraq. thank you for your service to this country. do you think that's enough or a first step? >> definitely not enough. i'm happy to interpret as positive step. to the extent kim jong un has agreed to anything it's reversible concessions on his end and i think serious questions remain as to whether he's serious, is he serious when he talks about denuclearization and when he talks about denuclearization, is he talking about what we are talking about, what we need to have happened dismantling of the program. so the good news about this being elevated to the presidential level to quickly is we should be able to ascertain whether he's serious quickly and should be a short conversation, hey, we have the c-130 to go, show us where the weapons are and we will get them out of the country. eric: do you think he will give up his nuclear program? i mean, i don't think so. he sees that as his defense, that's protecting him from any
9:24 am
type of attack. >> i mean incredibly skeptical but makes sense for the president to give him every opportunity to prove my and everybody else's skepticism wrong. do i think the strikes in syria helps in terms it sends a message to everyone around the world and general secretary xi in china that we are willing to take action in our interest. the president is willing to walk away from the talks, where president obama really got himself into trouble with the iranian nuclear negotiations is that was very transparently obvious from day one that he and his administration were desperate for a deal, any deal, and unwilling to walk away from any circumstances and that's why we wound up with a bad deal. if kim jong un is not serious, we can walk away. eric: ambassador bolton had been on fox news here 15 years, he
9:25 am
told me a couple of weeks that it should be a short meeting if kim jong un doesn't agree to specifics. here is ambassador bolton four weeks talking about that, listen. >> i think the very worry that unlike barack obama and other of his predecessor, when president trump says he's prepare today use military force he means it and not afraid to do it. i think it's also consistent with the joke i like to tell a question how can you tell when the north korean regime is lying, answer, when their lipping are moving. i think they are very surprised at this. eric: very surprised at this, looks like the administration is realistic and they are playing hardball and kim jong un is not used to do that. >> i agree. ambassador bolton's joke is true. they have been lying even when they agree to certain things as they did in clinton administration, they agreed to stop advancing on the plutonium track and continuing to advance
9:26 am
in uranium, we have to be skeptical. men like john bolton and pompeo are clear-eyed about this. they understand the game that the chinese are playing. while they don't want war oncor intean peninsula and collapse on kim and xi, our military presence in the korean peninsula would damage. eric: that has always been a request by demand by them that with withdraw from south korea. >> i would be very skeptical of that. i actually think what's happening here, what kim is saying is being filtered through the south korean government and the current south korean government under president moon is desperate for a deal. i think they are getting a distorted version of what he's actually saying. that would be a sea change for the kim regime. eric: if the meeting ends with the president walking out, does that mean it's a failure? >> not at all. we are beginning to scratch the
9:27 am
surface on the campaign in terms of economic pressure we can put on them and chinese, more creative things we can be doing to undermine the north korean regime on shaming them on abysmal human rights and we need to continue the military rebuild that we have started in congress. this is multiyear effort to give diplomacy the best chance to succeed and needs to be backed by the credible threat of military force and we have done so much damage to our own military. eric: you know the firsthand having served in iraq, thank you for your service in iraq and marine corps and thank you for your service in congress now. >> thanks for having me. eric: arthel. arthel: national police searching for a gunman they say was wearing nothing but a coat when he opened fire on people at a restaurant overnight. what we are learning about his identity and the customer credited with saving lives, plus more california cities making moves against the state's
9:28 am
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ancestrydna has 5x more detail ...and it's now on sale for just $59. it can lead you on an unexpec ted journey... discover your heritage. get ancestrydna for just $59. the lowest price of the year. arthel: san diego county joining a growing list of local governments in california that are taking action against the state sanctuary law. leaders of the county voting last week to back the trumpet minute rations lawsuit against the golden state, which limits local police cooperation with federal immigration agents. >> we have a governor is rolling out the welcome mat for the 13 gang members in the state of california. we have a governor who consistently is out on our streets. the interest of neighborhood and school safety, but in san diego
9:33 am
we say enough is enough. governor brown has unsafe policies. arthel: border patrol agent in tucson, arizona-based president of the national order patrol council. good to have you. if you start by telling us the broad strokes of the presidential lawsuit and whether or not it's about protecting public safety. >> the bottom line this is what is going on. no one has the right to put someone else's safety at risk and that is what is happening in california by opening up the sanctuary cities. you're inviting the criminal element. it becomes a magnet for criminals to enter into our country. the reality studies have shown the illegals that we capture in the smuggling we apprehend. what this is doing is you do not know what that other 50% is. so what these leaders are doing by allowing sanctuaries to move
9:34 am
forward as you are putting the safety of the public at risk because you don't know what these other 50% of individuals entering the country says you do to their gang, drug smugglers. frankly, you don't know if the radicals trying to harm america. >> if you take this into real-time, places at the border and tell us how border sanctuary states would hamper the job and effectiveness of border regions. >> what it would do is create a funnel for the majority of these individuals and alien snail where they can enter. it puts not only the communities at risk, but it puts the agents putting their lives on the line everyday to secure borders. it's putting their lives at risk because of the individuals that go to the area. >> you are feeling perhaps agents might be overrun by an influx of bad guys if you will? >> the reality is you don't know
9:35 am
when individuals are seeking the sanctuary for seeking asylum, the correct way to do it is go through a port of entry and get the documents in order there. there's individuals entering the country trying to avoid inspection. you can bet there's individuals are trying to harm her country. arthel: when i get through two more points if i can. the board of supervisors last week. many of those were against president trump's lawsuit against california appeared was arrested is concerned that backing the lawsuit would discourage immigrants from reporting crime. is that a valid point? >> that's not even close to a valid point. the reality is they need to understand the difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. there's a right way in the wrong way. i come to your home and going to knock on your door so you can
9:36 am
come in. i'm not going to sneak in through your window. arthel: finally come unless the laws and restrictions aside. the vice president of the national border patrol council. in your estimation, what would be the most useful and cohesive way in which local law enforcement and federal immigration officer should be allowed to interact and cooperate? >> the bottom line is as law-enforcement officers, we are all sworn to protect the public. regardless of whether our jurisdiction allows it, we need to contact the right agency that's in charge of the crime being committed. attorneys to be done. arthel: of local law enforcement runs across her federal rights, whoever's in charge of that particular portion of the border, they should reign supreme in terms of enforcing the law. >> correct. we are out there looking for
9:37 am
drug smugglers. somebody that is drinking and driving, putting lives at risk they shouldn't be drinking and driving. arthel: thank you very much, sir. good luck with everything. take care, sir. >> thank you. eric: mitt romney turning to little bit of political travel. he's now fighting its way out of the primary there after the former massachusetts governor failed to win the nomination outright at the state republican convention for the senate nomination. following this political story from the west coast, and not a slam dunk for him. >> no, it really wasn't. even though mitt romney is very popular in his adopted home state of utah, he still doesn't have enough votes to lock up for u.s. senate. it was very colorful convention yesterday with a lot of shouting and doing.
9:38 am
to help republican candidates including an abe lincoln impersonator. from a needed 60% of the vote to head to the ballot in november. he ended up nearly losing to this day gop lawmaker mike kennedy who took 50.88% to run these 49.12%. of course, no one got to 60%. there hasn't been a lot of talk during the campaign about the biblical story of david and goliath and just who is to end that carried into the convention in a big way. take a listen. >> you know, some people i've spoken with have said this is a david versus goliath race, that they are wrong. first, none of us is david. david was anointed of god. and second, i am not goliath. washington d.c. is goliath. [applause] and your neighbor, i'm a man of faith. i'm ready to serve the people of
9:39 am
utah. >> i started with the story of david and goliath but not for the reason you might think. in this battle come you are firm in your for liberty. goliath is washington d.c. intimidating but beatable. i am your stone ready flown at the foes who seek to impress us. working together,. >> romney was the only candidate to secure a spot by gathering signatures but admitted yesterday that was hardly to blame for his loss is batted an eye sore spot for many conservatives if you saw who want to preserve the traditional caucus system. mike kennedy, a physician is the more conservative candidate in the race which plays well to the grassroots audience. a number of people still upset over the favorite president trump during the election where they called trump a fraud and a huckster. they have endorsed romney for
9:40 am
the senate. this he replaces longtime senator orrin hatch who is retiring. mitt romney and mike kennedy will compete in a primary set for june 26th at the mall that mitt romney is considered a favorite to win. eric, back to you. eric: thanks so much. arthel. arthel: police outside of the apartment of the expect of a suspected gunman who killed four people and left several others injured overnight at a waffle house restaurant in nashville, tennessee. live from our new york city newsroom with the details. brian, what can you tell us? >> this is breaking right now could the bomb squad and platoon or a night at the apartment complex. an armored vehicle brought s.w.a.t officers and a loud boom was heard about 15 minutes ago outside an apartment. the slot is not trying to enter the suspect's home. a megaphone announcement from police said we have a search
9:41 am
warrant. come outside with your hands up. police are searching for a 29-year-old travis drinking. he's accused of walking into tennessee. wearing nothing but a green jacket as he shot six people, killing four and critically injuring two others. a criminal record. the pickup truck used by the gunmen to drive to the waffle house was registered in his name. the shooting took place in antioch, tennessee 3:25 a.m. about 25 minutes southeast of nashville. the gunmen arrived at 3:19 a.m. he sat in the parking lot of the restaurant for four minutes. he then got out of his car, shot and killed two people outside the waffle house and then went to guide shooting and killing a third person. the nashville metropolitan police treated this photo of the rifle used by the suspect. this could have been even much
9:42 am
worse a heroic customer who heard the gunshot, ran back to the restroom for cover until he found and tackled the gunman. they were terribly struggling unlucky not his rifle. at that point the page rushton, was able to grab the gun away from him and tossed it across the counter. >> you flood the waffle house did in his field emission. near the waffle house, spot team members are outside where the suspect is supposedly living right now. he was laughing wearing black pants. again, three people died at the restaurant. for her son died at the hospital. two other big ones in critical condition. and it looks like he is surrounded by s.w.a.t members.
9:43 am
>> i know this is unfolding. we have any idea to someone inside this place with him? is it a single home or apartment complex? what's stopping police from going in now? >> i don't think anything is stopping them. local reports on the ground appears the s.w.a.t team members have decided to enter the apartment complex. this is an apartment complex seemingly near the waffle house where this took place this morning. arthel: later we can get an interview with the guy, the patriot who went in there and risked his life and body slammed this guy, i would love to hear from him. >> we are expecting a press conference in the next hour or two from police will have those answers coming out. arthel: bryan llenas, thank you. eric: will have a lot more coming up. the first african-american heavyweight boxing champion. the general for decades a questionable convection that jack johnson is a president but now set the record straight. leo, i know i'm late.
9:44 am
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eric: president trump is considering using the power the presidential party to clear the record of the first black boxing champion johnson. -- jack johnson. his trials and tribulations were great, is less complex and controversial. others have looked at this over the years. most thought it would be done, but yes i am considering a full party. others have waged for years. the white house correspondent, first, the first african-american champion served one year in jail in 19 dirty, convicted of violating the mann act transporting a white woman across state lines. for immoral purpose is to later married. it was an all-white jury. what do you think is behind
9:49 am
this? >> well, we know sylvester stallone and president trump are on good terms. he was a trump supporter inez president trump said yesterday he gave them a call and presented how the president is looking at it. there has been on speculation to by the president would want to pardon johnson specifically and if you look at what sisters salon is doing right now, he is filming a movie in which he has his role as rocky balboa in training a heavyweight champion a little bit akin to mr. johnson who is also a boxer. so perhaps based on the fact is filming this movie right now and the president said that sounds like a great idea. >> the imac, there is a real injustice here. >> it's a very different person than the one the president trump has issued so far. for that reason that the other ones have been contemporary, the
9:50 am
other ones have been very political in nature. this one is the one in which republicans and democrats noted previously have come together in the house and then it and ask that mr. john then be pardon of president obama and president george w. bush has president trump is saying this is something that has been pushed in the past and political in terms of both parties coming together. eric: why did you think the others didn't follow through on this? >> that is a very good question. so that is why things like president donald trump could follow through on this one because it wouldn't have the same blowback as arpaio for that matter. eric: is really interesting. we'll have a little more on jack johnson the history of the united states really intriguing. we will be right back with more. in jellyfish.
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eric: francesca chambers, white house correspondent continues to be with us. on the jack johnson potential pardon. it was a different time, but a pardon issue would touch the issue of race relations perhaps today. we see that taking on the confederate statutes. you see a new effort to try and address our history of race and the president may be mindful of
9:55 am
that? >> that is absolutely another reason he could be taking a look at the specific pardon going back to the speculation about why the president is doing this now. some people also say he could be trying to send a signal to michael cohen and other people involved in matters affiliated showing that the fee issue date, it would be the second pardon he would've issued in the last month. really flexing that most of the presidency and the bully pulpit. that's another potential reason he could do this as well. eric: is pardon sheriff r. pio -- even just floating this out right now, really a dog whistle is somewhat say about the pardon issue. >> as absolutely possible. one thing windows and president trump pitches in on an idea, he often moves very fast, acts very
9:56 am
quickly. they could again be sylvester stallone decided this is sent being he wants to look into. u.s. previously why president obama didn't sign and wanted to point out the justice department said at the time he couldn't afford to use its limited resources on issuing a pardon if someone who's no longer living. that's another reason. previous presidents have issued pardons support. eric: think we will do it? yes or no? >> it sounds like it could be saturday thinking about it it sounds like it. arthel: but i'm sylvester stallone for suggesting it. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®.
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when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums >> a high-stakes weekend in the korean peninsula as north korean dictator kim jong un is done with south korean president for an historic talk. president trump is treating all about it today and we'll tell you exactly what he is saying. leland: plus, chairman of the house intelligence committee tells fox news had no intelligence was used to begin the investigation of possible collusion between the tram campaign in russia. a closer look at exactly why. plus, bring a development in the massive police effort to capture this man accused of murdering four people at a tennessee waffle house early this morning.


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