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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums >> a high-stakes weekend in the korean peninsula as north korean dictator kim jong un is done with south korean president for an historic talk. president trump is treating all about it today and we'll tell you exactly what he is saying. leland: plus, chairman of the house intelligence committee tells fox news had no intelligence was used to begin the investigation of possible collusion between the tram campaign in russia. a closer look at exactly why. plus, bring a development in the massive police effort to capture this man accused of murdering four people at a tennessee waffle house early this morning.
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thank you for joining us good welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. i'm elizabeth prann. leland: very busy indeed. to tennessee as news breaks there. nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert. in the meantime, nutrients and the president on north korea saying there's a lot of good news and a lot of more work to be done before talks with kim jong un happening. we're a long way from conclusion that north korea. maybe things will work out, maybe they won't. only time will tell. the work i'm doing now should have been done a long time ago. gillian turner joins us now to break all of this down. reporter: hey, lay land a few weeks president trump will likely come face-to-face with kim jong un for the first time they've agreed to meet with the north korean regime. in advance of the encounter, senior lawmakers at home or
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expressing measured optimism. >> i'm glad they are meeting. let's look at this with great caution and skepticism. it's been going on 25 years and obviously kim jong un has learned about public relations and setting up well for him. i think everyone that has been around this looks at this as just the beginning. leland: in the meantime, busy laying the groundwork with president trump. five days from now he will meet with south korean counterpart president noon. he's already expect in a willingness to make major concessions that in the past the international community would have been nearly impossible. north korean state media announced this weekend, quote, from april 21 north korea will stop nuclear test and launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. the north will shut down a nuclear test site in the northern side to guarantee transparent they. so far, american allies react
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teen was support for the trump administration. but also cautioning the meaning in another's health doesn't can't do two victory. >> i would say the north korean president and i think we'll always have to be very careful about this kind of declaration. but i think the pressure plus the chinese role because president trump [inaudible] but now we have to deliver. >> on monday the senate set to vote on the nomination to become secretary of state. his political fate now in the hands of his very own former colleague on capitol hill. whichever way the vote goes, you'll undoubtedly get the lion share of credit for the united state's first negotiations with north korea when and if this actually happens. leland: coincidental some might
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say that it's meeting with kim jong un leak just before this vote. thank you. congressman francis rooney, vice-chairman of the house foreign affairs committee joins us now. welcome back as always. forget the skepticism for everyone being so excited about this meeting, but we have been down this road before. b. mcabee wrote careful given the three presidents he's managed to elude. >> there's been some tweets talking about the way things are and being pretty positive about death and pain that they agreed the denuclearization and to possibly talk about the nuclear station. is that president clinton victory little early on this one? >> i think so. he wants to focus on economic issues not so much on the nuclearization issues. there is no basis for the spot that's all. >> the north koreans have been masters of sort of playing the united days in the world going all the way back to the clinton
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administration. the front-page news analysis agree with the times, disagree, this is what they wrote. all of ranches for a leader who four months ago warned of the united states than he was ready to launch missiles from a nuclear button on his desk a sharpening the question long bedeviled north korean launchers. what does mr. kim should we be e him? >> i'm not sure we can give them anything until he moves further down the nuclearization pat. leland: when you say moves further down, you guys have a lot to say about this as it comes to sanctions. what would you say is the bare minimum from the north before you'd be willing to vote some sanctions? >> we got to have inspections. credible ability of these tearing down its weapons. we don't have that in iran at the big problem. we can talk about ballistic missiles and is so hopefully we'll do better if we get this far with north korea.
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leland: whatever anyone thinks of the every until you pointed out just now some of the real flaws therein verification. the north koreans already went down this path and if you might remember, blew up one of their reactors as proof they were ending their nuclear program and started it up a few miles away. is there a reason to be more step to go with north korea than with iran? yes, yes. this guy has been negotiating through three consecutive president. he's launched ballistic missiles. i don't think iran has done that. until we see some demonstrable evidence he was a nuclear eyes and we will verify, we better be very skeptical. leland: how much influence can the house, can your committee exert over the president to s. you said at the beginning you thought perhaps is given the north a little too much credit here. >> you can see the sanctions that have an effect with china and some affect on north korea. there is areas we've seen where they had innovated like the oil
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shipment, some of the call coming in and things like that. by and large is put a lot of pressure on kim jong un and engage china. >> what is your sort of redline that you are watching or this potential summit? where are you looking at? >> i just don't want another bad deal for america. >> mr. trump would say i never make bad deals. >> will find out because it's really up to master. he eluded three straight presidents. fortunately we will have john bolton in the mix this time. leland: the other person will have in the mix as mike pompeo. no coincidence perhaps his easter trip over to visit kim jong un leak. to sort of put him out there as a possible secretary of state as he is the nominee up for confirmation hearings. it seems as though he's really spearheaded this effort. how confident are you that he is the right man at the point
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person? >> we know he's a tough guy. he's a tough congressman. he's a leader. we know he spent two agencies. he should be thoroughly schooled on all the nefarious things that north korea has been doing. that gives him a bit of a leg up. now i think we kind of do have an eight team. leland: we know some of mr. bolton's thoughts there before he became national security adviser, get this over with so we can figure out whether we have a strike against the north koreans are not. congressmen, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> this is a fox news alert from just outside nashville, tennessee in antioch, tennessee. the massive effort to catch a man suspected of killing four people inside a waffle house this morning around three or do you clock. bryan llenas has been following the detailed than he has the very latest.
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what can you tell us? >> this is obviously a very breaking situation developing right now. we can see that we have s.w.a.t team members, a bomb squad vehicle, outside of an apartment complex in tennessee. at one point, a loud was heard in this neighborhood as s.w.a.t team members rushed into the apartment. from what we can under his tan for reporting on the ground, does not appear to be a standoff situation. you can see police officers were meddling around getting out there right now. doesn't seem to be too much of a sense of me. we do not know if they had the suspect responsible for the shooting that happened at 3:25 in the morning. the suspect's name is 29-year-old travis ranking. at 325 this morning, travis allegedly went into this waffle house after he parked his truck outside, killed two people outside of the waffle house, walked into the waffle house, shot and killed a third person and injured a fourth person who
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died at the hospital. this guy is accused of killing four people at this waffle house at 3:30 this morning. at that time as he was struggling with his assault rifle, a customer named james shaw junior, 29-year-old saw that -- saw him and took the opportunity to tackle the gun man to the ground. he threw the rifle over the counter and hello rick wade saved many more lives. the gun man -- alleged gunman the 29-year-old was wearing nothing but a green jacket. he ran outside the waffle house and was last seen wearing black pants and no shirt and no shoes in the apartment complex near the waffle house. at this hour, we know that travis ranking, there is a manhunt underway. we do not know if he is in custody. s.w.a.t team members went into the apartment complex and we are
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waiting for an update from police as to whether they have their guy or not. that is the latest right now. four people killed in this terrific in that shooting at 325 this morning. two others in critical condition and the manhunt appears to be underway at this hour. elizabeth: at them in a pitcher on the spot between anything about this man? was this 29-year-old alleged gunman -- >> right to me is done by federal and local authorities or the guy has the criminal code record. as to this pacific somebody's done in the past, we do not know. he was known to authorities. he's from morton, illinois from what we understand. the fact he potentially could have a residence in tennessee is something we'll have to figure out because we have to understand this is near the waffle house. elizabeth: thank you so much good we'll keep our viewers outdated and bring back as
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breaking news comes in. david nuñez says his overview of electronic communications at the fbi justice department showed no intelligence was used to begin the investigation into the possibility of collusion between the term campaign in russia. for the latest, let's bring in ellison barber. reporter: we will start with a refresher. "the new york times" reported that the russian investigation began not because of the controversial steel dossier, but information provided to the u.s. by asteroid and diplomats. george papadopoulos, trump campaign adviser reportedly told an australian diplomat that russia had thousands of e-mails that would embarrass hillary clinton and potentially hurt her presidential campaign. a few weeks later hack e-mails: from the e. leaked. that's when diplomats reportedly told u.s. officials about what papadopoulos said. nuñez claims there wasn't any official intelligence into
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russian collusion. he says the investigators have not found any evidence of that information about papadopoulos coming through the normal diplomatic channels. >> the agreement involves our friends in australia, new zealand, united kingdom, canada and us. there was no intelligence that passed through the channels to our government. we think there's some major irregularities and we are trying to figure out how it is that this information about mr. papadopoulos who was supposedly meeting with some folks in london, and how that made it over into the fbi's hands. >> democrats have long said nuñez another republican are not focused on the russian interference or preventing future elections. instead, democrats say there is a concerted effort among republicans, particularly in the
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house to try and discredit the russian investigation and protect the president in the event robert fuller finds any evidence of wrongdoing. we've reached out to congressman adam schiff to ask about his latest claims. so far we haven't heard back. >> ellison barber with the latest. thank you very much. a new round of tweets this weekend. the president accusing call me of leaking classified information as part of a plan to create special counsel. joining us now, managing editor at the weekly standard and i do want to talk about that. first the news that broke on maria bartiromo's show this morning. we saw david nuñez claim there is no intelligence to start this investigation to begin with. what are you hearing about those reports? >> there hasn't been anything yet. i have to say it seems to me if there was an investigation or did it should be relatively easy to find out how to best start.
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what led to it? the fbi and justice department must have those documents. i don't know if they are not sharing those with congress because it seems like an easy question why did this start. why are they a little more worried about how the fbi found out about what george papadopoulos was doing and less concerned about what george papadopoulos is doing and who knew about it. elizabeth: a a lot of people are asking for their lawmakers by that investigation wasn't as close to begin with. i do want to switch to the news of the day because we see the president tweeting about james comey. i just want to get your reaction this week and also, the president as i did not declassify those memos on friday, the content of those memos. so therefore, he broke the law. does he have an argument there? >> this guy didn't think it was as much of a problem and hillary
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clinton mismanage classified information. i don't think it's a surprise when we find out he might have mishandled classified information. these were private. these are my personal memos and i just did this as a private citizen. if you are in fbi are, they are not personal. anyone in government as we know in a scene from all of these different scandals, jury member, how you can share information and how it works as classified, not classified yet it's kind of ridiculous to say this is a personal thing. it's talking to the president of the united states. for him to say he was allowed to share that. >> i'm curious about just your reaction. from your standpoint, you remember the media and other networks decide stars. to take away over the past week. >> everybody's focusing on this and of course it's going to sell
10:17 am
a lot of books. i have said i don't think anyone in washington can rival the ego of donald trump except for james comey. the media has played into this. we have to talk about it because other people are talking about it. the public wants to know, donald trump fired this guy. did they do anything wrong. when you look at the book tour, he's really setting hymns outside is very much a holier than thou figure. i've heard him in interviews and he admits himself sometimes he's driven by ego. those are his own words. greed driven by ego and other interactions he says no. so he's got a tiny bit of self-awareness, but not quite enough. that's why sort of funny to watch him do in this book tour because he really is harming himself. as we now see looking into those memos, he may be getting himself into trouble by making himself
10:18 am
the star of the show. elizabeth: now see the difference between his testimony, andrew mccabe's testimony affect you and everyone, democrats and republicans, independents. really something invested in his testimony. thank you so much for joining us. >> leland. >> back to tennessee as news warrants the manhunt continuing for a gunman that killed four people overnight at a waffle house. of course the police have perhaps circled in on this. updates as they come. plus mitt romney replaced orin hatch is a senator from utah and what it does about the tough road ahead the former presidential candidate. and how the dnc is trying to push out liberal dems from the primaries as they try to retake the house. how republicans in the heartland are we funding.
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leland: welcome back. so keep an eye on the manhunt in nashville. former presidential candidate that romney suffering a major setback in his quest to become the united states senator from
10:23 am
utah. a challenge from the right is the state party convention means he now will face a local doctor in an upcoming primary. fox news correspondent anita vogel has more on the upstart candidate. hi, any day. >> hi there, leland. even though mitt romney is popular in utah, he was not a slam dunk to lock up the nomination for u.s. senate. a very raucous and very colorful convention yesterday with a lot of shouting and billing. they're a total of 12 republican candidates, including an abe lincoln impersonator. romney needed 60% of the vote to head to the ballot unopposed in november, but he ended up narrowly losing to state gop lawmaker mike kennedy. there has been a lot of talk during the campaign about the biblical story of david and goliath and just who was to them that carried into the convention in a big way. >> you know, some people i've spoken with today have said this is a david versus goliath
10:24 am
raised, but they are wrong. first, none of this of us is david. and second, i'm not goliath. washington d.c. is goliath. i started with the story of david and goliath, but not for the reason you might think. in this battle, you are firm in your fight for liberty. the light is washington d.c. >> romney was the only candidate to secure a spot in the primary by gathering signatures but admitted yesterday that was partly to blame for his loss. it was a sore spot for many conservatives in utah who want to preserve the traditional caucus system to nominate candidates. the top go-getter mike kennedy's position himself as the more conservative candidate in the race which played well to the grassroots base. they were also a number of people still upset over romney's feud with president trump during the election were romney called
10:25 am
trump a fraud and a huckster. president trump has endorsed for senate and of course to replace longtime senator orrin hatch who is retiring. mitt romney and mike kennedy will compete in a primary set for june 26th. at the moment, leland come in that romney is considered the favorite to win. leland: we'll see what the president trump inverse neighborly needs. thank you. >> coming up, turning tragic, what caused them to tip over? president trump repairing to head to south florida for a live report.
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but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. real meat #1. a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one true instinct. now, try new purina one true instinct treats. leland: all right, live pictures from antioch, tennessee just outside nashville. left side of the screen you see what please tell us is an apartment complex that they have surrounded where they believe the gun man screamed right there
10:30 am
is holed up for possibly lived. the suspect on the right-hand side is wanted for a shooting spree and a waffle house overnight. murder warrants have now been drafted for 29-year-old travis reinking who was at least partially last night when he broke into a waffle house where people were eating about 3:30 in the morning and started shooting. a patron in the waffle house managed to wrestle the rifle out of his hand and that is when he fled. he fled without the rifle, but still on the loose you can see now a little bit of police activity there. they don't appear to at least right now be in any kind of defensive position around this apartment complex that they have surrounded. back live to antioch, tennessee as police continued their manhunt.
10:31 am
>> president trump will be wrapping up his weeklong stay in south florida today. i'll start preparations here in washington for his state visit from french president emanuel macron. west palm beach with the very latest. hi, phil. reporter: hi, elizabeth. president trump will be back in washington by dinnertime. right now he is enjoying the fast closing window of his week at mar-a-lago on palm beach. no golfing for the president, but boring as usual done here begin with some presidential treats. starting with a sarcastic one this morning, gop lawmakers asking russians to investigate call me and hillary clinton. good luck with that request and the president indicated he was watching the shows inside mar-a-lago comest lambing nbc. he just stated that we have given up so much in our negotiations with north korea and they have given up nothing.
10:32 am
wow, we haven't given up anything and they have agreed to the nuclear station. site closure and no more testing. we are a long way from conclusion on north korea. maybe things will work out and maybe they won't. only time will tell. the work i'm doing now should've been done a long time ago. tomorrow, french president macron begins a three-day visit with the first lady of france. the first state visit of the trans-administration. on "fox news sunday," he told chris wallace that he doesn't think the russian collusion investigation affects the president dan and among leaders around the world. >> people of the united states elected him. you are an excellent democracy with judges, media.
10:33 am
but here in this office, i'm not the one to judge. >> in an hour or so we expect the president trump motorcade to head from palm beach over to the west palm beach international airport for air force one is on standby in sometime thereafter we expect to see the planes fly right over behind me and return to washington by 6:00. elizabeth: thank you very much come a phil keating. you can hear chris wallace full interview with french president macron at the top of the hour right here in the fox news channel in right after this show. stay tuned. leland: great interview in so many ways. the democratic party is looking to clear a large field of candidates and streamline their message. an article in "the new york times" reads in part in
10:34 am
districts from southern california to little rock arkansas at upstate new york, the party has again interceding to help the democrat best equipped to battle republicans in the fall. when they think they can flip his wisconsin. the lucky radio host, nice to see you as always. democrats aren't as confident as they say they are and therefore they are worried about this big primary field in getting to local candidates. the other way of saying they are willing to take it on the change from the more liberal members of their entirety because they are so certain of it to read. how do you see it? >> there's no question democrats are confident. they are emboldened by what happened in the supreme court race were very little candidate be a very conservative candidate. it has impacted the state now where they feel like they want to victory. just the fact he decided not to
10:35 am
run free of reelection. they are very excited in ramping up their base and at the two republicans to be equally excited and getting people to turn out the vote. >> are republicans equally as excited and motivated in wisconsin? >> i don't think they are that excited yet, but they need to be if they want to continue the momentum we've seen under scott walker here. i talked to a lot of republicans i may show. it will involve getting is ramped up about this election as they did in 2016. we are not even close to that level of energy yet. until they do that, everything is at play. leland: you are not really painting a great picture for republicans or democrats are to borrow a phrase fired up and ready to go and republicans are saying we won but we are sort of happy where we are at. >> i've no doubt republicans are going to step it up. they just need to start doing it as soon as possible. i was surprised by those results. i'm not encouraged by the fact that paul ryan laughed, but that
10:36 am
district is still very conservative. it's a good bet that will stay in republican hands. leland: the dnc seems to be stuck almost in two worlds come everybody getting 2016 quite literally as this week they sued the trans-campaign among others, wikileaks. on the other hand, they are trying to move forward to "the new york times" article points out tom perez of the dnc today. take a listen. >> we've been winning elections because we've been talking about the issues. we have organizers on the ground. we have organizers on the ground in the election in wisconsin that cleared a couple weeks ago. one of the reasons we are winning is because people believe we should stand up for democracy. leland: he's got to be some evidence to back up that they have been winning elections. they've got momentum and excitement. how do republicans counter that?
10:37 am
how do republicans in wisconsin counter that? >> well, they have to have great candidates. they have a lot of great candidates in wisconsin. governor walker is part of that story and folks like kevin nicholson running for u.s. senate against tammy baldwin. we've got good candidates. it's about fund raising, getting out on tv. leland: it's about fund raising, but without exciting the grassroots. that has to happen pretty much organically. is there an election or you can excite the grassroots without doing it organically? >> it takes a lot of effort. whether they figure this out, we will find out. in this midterm election i would tell republicans out there, those who haven't been voting in those who should go. if you want to continue the efforts of republican governors and our president and congress and keep it in republican hands,
10:38 am
this is the time to do it. otherwise everything gets thrown out. leland: forgive me for saying it, but i don't feel overwhelming confidence. if it happened with admonition. >> i'm very confident. we just have to get out and do it. leland: okay, all right. we will have you back to see the confidence was well-placed. did you as always. >> thanks for having me on. elizabeth: president trump's travel ban hasn't seen before the supreme court. we'll have a panel to weigh in on exactly what to ask back. -- expect. e. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. need a change of scenery? the kayak price forecast tool tells you whether to wait or book your flight now. so you can be confident
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10:43 am
ladies, thank you for joining me. i want to start with you and get elizabeth's response as well. the cato institute came out with a gamut of security measures that they said already reduces the risk of terrorists coming into the country. i would go along with the fact we don't need this travel ban. what is your response to that? >> they are wrong because of the primary power the federal government is to make sure the nation is saved under the constitution the president has broad power to make sure he can exclude citizens to impose risk under the national security power. the judiciary is proposed to defer to the president's exercise of those broad powers are not based on what cato says, but based on what the president feels is important. he asked the heads of many agencies in the united states government to identify these countries that pose national security risks and these are noncitizens of the united dates from countries that oppose national security risk.
10:44 am
>> i'm curious of your response. they say that's not true. >> i think what the cato institute has found back to the dozens of retired generals and admirals and experts have said in this case that this ban does not make us safer. in fact, it actually goes against our national security because it undermines key elements of our constitution. the idea we don't discriminate on the basis of religion there cannot be a religious order. that's un-american, unconstitutional and unlawful. is this a religious test? >> i think it is. >> you disagree. >> many are not included in this executive order. >> we are talking about the executive order before the supreme court. we are not talking about anything else. >> the campaign speech in executive order. you absolutely can. >> during his residency the supreme court has held over and
10:45 am
over that if you look at the ease discriminatory coming to look at the context in which the policy was created. that is why the statements by trump himself are critically important to show whether or not he had discovered her reasons for passing the travel ban. it doesn't make us safer and it goes against our primary fundamental american values and the statute is else. >> doesn't make a difference that this is travel ban three-point outcome of the we've seen these revised edition and three-point know if you will, not only that, but it been in place and upheld a lower court that there was passed. does that have any -- >> biller courts have found it to be likely to be lawful. the supreme court is allowed to it to go into effect for legal challenges go on. it's really the third verse, same as the first. there's been some cleanup. the first travel ban that went through caused extraordinary chaos and confusion and cleaned it up a little. you can put all the dressing you want on it. the fact is that still a
10:46 am
mouthful. >> you should look at the law and be bound by the law. there's an answer for that if you don't like the policy prescriptions of the president, you vote them out of office. it's not the judiciary's role to look behind the executive order. you look at the executive order and see if it is valid and if the president has the authority. he has the authority particularly in this area where his powers are at the height under the constitution. he also has statutory under the immigration naturalization act. >> would you agree or disagree he has the right? i want are your predictions from both of you. we are not going to get the actual final verdict if you will until june. i'm curious which of those things. >> the key point is that is whether the president has authority and he doesn't. as in 1965 statute so we look at the law absolutely. as in 1965 statute that says you
10:47 am
cannot discriminate on the basis of nationality when it comes to immigration law and the president of course while he does have broad discretion under immigration law must be bound by the constitution. that's not something you though someone in a row does. the cost to ship must apply to every president. >> do i hear you saying gore search will be with the liberals? >> certainly if he follows his history focus as original as come he certainly should rule against trump's travel ban. this is a real test for his independence. >> it would be the opposite i went say he would uphold the separation of powers. the president's ability to do the most fundamental job of the federal government to keep the nation safe. certainly when you're talking about the findings in the past, president reagan did this. president carter did this. this is something done by presidents of both administrations, both local parties as the core purpose of the constitution to make sure
10:48 am
americans don't have a suicide pact that we can protect ourselves. you can disagree with the policy, the president in this case has not just himself. >> the constitution said you can't do it. >> will have you guys back. very very interesting than we love having you on. appreciate it. still ahead, latest details that of antioch, tennessee or police are searching for the gunman in a deadly waffle house shooting overnight. we will have the latest. gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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leland: the suspect is still on the run in the waffle house shooting overnight near nashville, tennessee. police have surrounded an apartment complex where they believe the gunman in the waffle house shooting blades. no idea whether 29-year-old travis reinking who allegedly opened fire at the restaurant around 3:30 this morning is still there. police say he killed four. he was said to be partially at the time of the shooting. a patron at the waffle house managed to wrestle the rifle out of his hands before he fled, but it's still on the lam back to tennessee in the manhunt is to get to information.
10:53 am
elizabeth: president trump says north korea's call to end nuclear testing is a sign of progress ahead of his meeting with kim jong sunday. >> the president reading a lot and there is more work to be done, though also partially declaring victory. the heritage foundation, friend of the show for a little bit more. rents as renée, vice-chairman chairman of the house foreign relations committee an hour ago saying that he thought the president was perhaps a little too optimistic here. do you agree? >> i'm afraid i do. i am quite kim jong un is hanging is he's going to sit and pass. that is not the same as giving up his nuclear weapons. what we've seen in the past as he has tried to use this kind of maneuver to make the claim north korea is a nuclear power. there are legal implications to that term and we and the other members have all said no, you do not get to make that claim.
10:54 am
>> what are those exactly? when he has that authority on the world stage. >> basically, what kim jong un is trying to make the claim to is that he has -- we have been pushing her complete verifiable and irreversible disarmament. he makes the claim he is now a nuclear power, much of that goes away. now he is like written, like the u.s., like russia. he says i'm a nuclear power and nobody gets to make you guys give up your nuclear weapons. you can't make me do it either. leland: president trump seems to keep harping on this demutualization. that is what he wants. that is what the world wants obviously. kim jong un has a powerful bargaining chip. what is the want? it is going to give up his nukes, what does he want? >> in the ideal world of kim jong un come you would see an
10:55 am
end to the u.s. south korea alliance. the peace treaty with the two the opening of not only full diplomatic relations, but the removal of sanctions. and if we are really top and, you would see the u.s. pull out of south korea and japan and potentially even agree to limits on things like our nuclear capability and forces in hawaii because he says all of these things threatened me, kim jong un and ask him in north korea. leland: that sounds like a nonstarter. traitor may question, too, you brought up by rhiannon certification. would we be looking at the same sort of guidelines where we go the country and check out what type they haven't certified them? >> first outcome with this administration, jc poa is clearly a nonstarter as the basis of negotiation. when you look at what happened in the past of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and then proceeded to reprocess
10:56 am
nuclear material, and build a bomb and do all the other things. we have lots of agreement that north korea has violated. so there's a lot of hope i think that we would do all this. >> i like where you ended on that. how. leland: clearly the president is hoping there will be a deal. we deal. we're afraid we'll have to have you back to talk about this in the hope that may or may not exist or thanks for being with us. great show. we will watch what is going on in tennessee for the manhunt. chris wallace went over to paris for an incredible interview you don't want to miss that in just about 20 minutes. elizabeth: thank you for watching. us 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®. you might or joints.hing for your heart... to help your family be their best. but do you take something for your brain.
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>> i am chris wallace. we sit down with the president of france, emmanuel macron for an exclusive interview on the eve of his visit to washington. we asked him about france's relationship with the u.s. and the surprising friendship he has forged with president trump. i want to go back to your first meeting and the famous first handshake. the allied missile strike on syria. have you persuaded him to stay to help stabilize the situation there? and relations with russia. what do you think of vladimir putin? plus, the mass protests and - -


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