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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that's all the time we have. guess what? you are lucky, very force fortunate, very blessed, you have shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team, at the next with a very fantastic show, all the news of the day in the opinion that you need to get you through the rest of this day. see you tomorrow. >> shannon: who doesn't love raymond, by the way? >> laura: i know! [laughs] >> shannon: thank you so much. welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. coming up, veterans affair nominee dr. ronny jackson under fire on numerous fronts as of several democrats say they are not even going to think about voting for him if he is for privatizing the system. g.o.p. congressman mark walker weighs in on jackson's troubles and how to fix the v.a. the president's travel ban 3.0 gets its day at the supreme court. it is the administration poised for a victory? our legal eagles will debate. first, this is a fox news alert. admiral ronny jackson facing explosive new allegations to night of drinking and driving and wrecking a government vehicle. the the presidents and battled effectively at the veterans affairs department was spotted
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on capitol hill tonight. reportedly meeting with senator tom tillis who is a member of the v.a. committee. there are reports that republicans support for jackson's confirmation is dwindling. he's anxious to answer the charges. team coverage tonight. kristin fisher will have details on rudy giuliani's efforts to wrap up the special counsel investigation. plus, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reporting on james comey and his friendship with a law professor who also had a special deal with the fbi. was a line crossed? first, chief national correspondent ed henry on the latest on dr. jackson. >> great to see you. breaking tonight, fox confirmed that president termite today for the second straight day with ronny jackson and he hanging it's now amid reports that the white house is bracing for the possibility at least that he will throw in the towel. i spoke tonight with white house spokesman raj shah and he said the president still supports jackson but he added, "we are prepared for anything." so is jackson, who told reporters many of these new allegations are not true after
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senator jon tester, the top democrat on the vets committee, released a summary of conversations with 23 current and former colleagues of jackson, most of them still in military uniform, who charged misconduct, including allegations he repeatedly drag on duty, and has an explosive temper. this report charges while jackson had to be on call, if the president had a health issue come issue come "on several occasions, jackson would reach e intoxicated, to show he was in charge. on at least one occasion, dr. jackson could not be reached when needed because he was passed out drunk in a hotel room." the report alleging "it is a great service going away party, jackson got drunk and wrecked the government vehicle." that report came just hours after sarah sanders claimed the white house did a good job of venting this nomination. republican jerry moran says the nominee told him in private, he never had a drink on duty and was blunt about saying he's not sure what to believe i made these allegations, as democrats suggest the nomination may be doomed. >> do you feel like he was
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forthcoming with you in this meeting about this information? >> i don't have any sense that i was not told the truth until they had more information. >> they are very credible and significant. i see no real path forward for this appointment. the administration has failed, abjectly and utterly failed the proper vetting. >> jackson denied the salacious allegations of the white house has been defending him in part by citing glowing performance reviews by then president barack obama, like this one, october 2016. "ronnie does a great job. genuine enthusiasm, poise under pressure, incredible work ethic, and follow through. he continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me, my family, my team, continue to promote ahead of his peers." mike pompeo is the currency at
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director, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talking about than a fox. >> five democrats have come on board, should have been a lot more. this nomination really should not have been so contentious. nevertheless, we have the votes and he'll be confirmed tomorrow. to speak at the president is also finally getting a boat on the ambassador peck for germany, richard grenell, former fox contributor. he's been particularly upset with the president because of the democratic delays which are finally ending german chancellor angela merkel is coming on friday. it would have been embarrassing for democrats to hold that up, shannon. >> shannon: timing can be everything. ed henry, thank you very much. if he manages to get past the allegations about his behavior, democrats worry dr. jackson will become a pushover for the trump administration when it comes to reforming the department of veterans affairs. speak of the political people in the white house push so hard for privatization. to the koch brothers bedding, that is what they are all about. to the point that i was going to ask at the hearing, how hard are
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you going to fight, are you willing to be fired making that fight for veterans. >> shannon: the v.a. has been called the swampy list of the d.c. agencies. that is saying something. even democrats like senator brown requested questid shulkin. let's talk about it. mark walker, chairman of the republican study committee. great to see you tonight. let's talk about this issue with dr. jackson. first of all, on the house side, you don't have to play a part in confirming him. how concerned are you about the allegations rolling around? questions arising about whether he will get to a confirmation hearing? >> any allegations, as members of congress, house or senate, something we should take serious. however, we seen a pattern of character assassination that happened for many of these nominations to be confirmed. i look back at a president obama, ed henry mentioned 2016 remarks, president obama also in 2014 gave great praise to the doctor as far as how he had connected
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and traveled with his family. this wasn't just a one time -- president obama set over the years, this gentleman performed great service. it's interesting this information only comes out now. it is something that needs to be vetted. i believe from what i've seen, this is a man of character. time will tell. >> shannon: he says he's looking forward to the hearings. he wants to answer the questions. anxious to rebut. in the meantime, a number of prominent democrats have said it's a no-go for him if he is going to be for privatizing in any way the veterans administration. you heard from senator sherrod brown. here is more about what he had to say about whether the vets want that or not. >> i don't know any veterans, organizations or individual veterans, hundreds of veterans i have talked to, pretty regularly in ohio, i don't know of any that think that privatizing the v.a. does anything except enrich the owners of the new privatized v.a. and compromise the care veterans. >> shannon: what you make of this? this is a limit to us for the lot of the senate democrats. >> there are pros and cons to
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privatizing the d.a. some of the bureaucracy have infiltrated. could you be able to cut costs or short of the times? you could but remember, veterans have served the federal government so ultimately, it is the federal government's responsibility. if you push the edge of the private sector, that could create additional problems. is it in need of reform? there are great reforms, 2017, we added two, the veteran choice act, it allows the veterans to have quick care. we saw back in the obama administration, some very strong horror stories over that time. members of the house and senate, we continue to improve. it is a big leap to go to the privatization at this point. >> shannon: i saw an interesting stat, hurts and numbers thrown around, the study by the military times, last year, about a third of all medical appointments were outside the veterans health administration. in some parts, this is already happening, simply because the v.a. is so overwhelmed. numbers of people, ten different people either on a permanent or
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interim basis in the last ten years or so have headed this agency, many of them coming in with great promise and bipartisan support. why is it so hard? >> i believe we have not had the proper legislation that held people accountable. we passed legislation again under this administration that allowed us for the very first time to go after employees that weren't doing their job. i believe, the last record we counted, 1,873 employees have either been fired, removed, or demoted in one year. part of our budget that we are adding to that is to expand that to all of our employees. imagine that federal employees in these agencies that are part of the swamp actually have to do their job during the day instead of being protected by federal law. >> shannon: a lot of folks would like to see that. they would like to see fewer federal employees altogether. they've often talked about how hard it is if somebody has legitimately done something wrong, it is still difficult to make sure they get through the disciplinary process and to have real accountability. >> no question about that.
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serving on the house oversight committee, i remember we brought in witnesses that had been whistle-blowers, people watching certain websites all day long, and not really doing their job, but there was no accountability. we are trying to expand their whistle-blower act to increase and add across the line to all federal agencies, that way we can hold more of them accountable. >> shannon: congressman, great to have you with us tonight. thank you for stopping in. >> always a privilege. >> shannon: the latest addition to the president's legal team has been vocal about letting special counsel robert mueller do his job. tonight, they are new indications that could include an interview with the president himself. kristin fisher is tracking all of the latest developments including a surprise meeting between former new york mayor rudy rudy giuliani and robert mueller. >> when he joined the president's legal team last year, it wasn't clear what role would be. now it appears that he'll be taking point with robert mueller. sources tell fox news he's taking over discussions with a special counsel about a possible
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interview of president trump. a negotiation remain ongoing even after that fbi raid on the president's personal attorney, michael: pray that reed is said to have really rattled the president. making it much more resistant to sitting down with a special counsel. remember, this is the very issue that reportedly divided the president and his former lead attorney, john dowd, part of the reason he resigned was because he believed an interview with mueller was too risky, it appeared the president was poised to ignore that advice. then the cohen rate happened. 15 days later, giuliani joined the team on the probe working alongside ty cobb, jay sekulow, and two other attorneys. in a statement, giuliani says "the objective of our team is to end this investigation and distraction from a critical issues facing our president as quickly as possible. the president has produced 1.2 million documents, that is historically unprecedented. we believe it presents overwhelming proof that the president did not collude with regard to the 2016 election."
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if anything else is needed, we will consider it if there is an open mind as to the merits." it would appear the last sentence is a direct reference for an interview of trump by mueller. that's exactly why white house officials say they are so excited that giuliani joined the team. >> we think that given the fact that there has been so much time and money and energy spent on trying to prove russian collusion, it is simply no evidence, may be rudy giuliani can, you know, figure out a way to move this investigation toward its end. >> as for whether the president should fire mueller or the deputy attorney general, giuliani has been vocal that both should be allowed to do their job. he wants the investigation to end and soon, shannon. >> shannon: okay, kristin fisher, thank you. michael cohen, the president's personal lawyer, is planning on asserting his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. in a civil suit brought by adult
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film performer stormy daniels, she said she had a one night stand with president trump at 2006 and she wants a nondisclosure agreement invalidated. she pretty much told the story everywhere. his lawyer says the separate criminal investigation overlaps with the issues in the lawsuit brought by daniels, so his client need to protect himself legally. daniels' attorney called cohen pleading the fifth a stunning development. james comey confirmed that the doj inspector general is taking a look at how he handled his memos, detailing conversations with the president. comey insists he did not break the law. >> is it okay for someone at the fbi to leak something, an internal document, if it's not classified? 's and that leaking? >> there's a whole lot wrong with your question, anderson. there was nothing protected about this, it wasn't classified, was an privileged. >> shannon: about those memos. new questions over comey's friendship with a columbia law
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professor. fox news learned that professor also had a special arrangement with the fbi. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports on whether a line may have been crossed. catherine? >> in an email to fox news, columbia law professor daniel richman confirmed he worked for then fbi director james comey as a special government employee. not by the shorthand, sge, on an unpaid basis. sources familiar with his work said that comey assigned him to special projects. he had a security clearance as well as badge access to the building. a replica lawmakers want more answers. >> maybe we need to talk to mr. richman under oath, and front of members of fiduciary and oversight committee. it would have been nice if we had a full understanding of the full relationship with that mr. comey had with a guy who orchestrated the leak. >> during his june 2017 testimony, comey did not describe richman as an fbi employee. the former director testified that he gave the memos documenting conversations with the president to richmond to kick-start what is now the mueller probe.
8:14 pm
>> asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter, didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons, i asked him to because i thought that might prop the appointment of a special counsel. >> was that? >> a good friend of mine at the professor at columbia law school. >> another person who has come under, huma abedin, questioning the special status that allowed her to work at the clinton state department and private sector at the same time. by the fbi declined to answer specific questions about richman's role, fox news understands he was a talking point on the clinton email investigation, comparing and contrasting clinton's use of an unsecured personal server for government business with a case of retired general david petraeus and sandy berger, the late national security advisor under president clinton. three sources tell fox news that to some or all of this be if memos were shared with at least one of the person beside professor richman, patrick fitzgerald was identified as a
8:15 pm
likely recipient. mr. fitzgerald, a former special counsel, now one of comey's personal attorneys, did not respond to requests for comment. shannon? >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. i met all that business going on to the white house, apple ceo tim cook met with president trump today to discuss trade tensions with china. the president has criticized the technology giant in the past, specifically over its decision not to cooperate with law enforcement and break iphone encryption. he also met with economic advisor larry kudlow. positive news to report tonight on the health of former president george w. bush. 41, as he's called affectionately, has been moved out of the intensive care unit at houston methodist hospital. he's expected to continue his recovery from a blood infection over the next several days. his doctors are "very pleased" with his progress. he's alert and talking with hospital staff, family, and friends. i spent the day of the supreme court, straight ahead, a rare chance to hear the justice's voices themselves.
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moments from today's arguments over the white house travel ban. it is unusual to get a same-day audio from inside a court. we want to play some moments you may find stunning. >> that's a really new development for a district court that asserts the right to strike down a federal statute with regard to anybody, anywhere in the world. >> shannon: a jury begins the process of deciding bill cosby's fate, asking a very interesting question just minutes into their deliberation. what was it? later, a "fox news @ night" exclusive. we ride along with u.s. marshals on their operations to make america safer. you'll only see it here. stay tuned. ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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>> shannon: the supreme court hearing one of its most controversial cases of the entire term today. president trump's travel ban. of course, plenty of discussion of the president's past statements. the high court appears to be split along ideological lines, a lot of eyes on justice kennedy, could he be the swing vote? will be watching for a decision by late june. in the meantime, let's break it down and talk about it with harry litman, former u.s. attorney in constitutional attorney robert barnes. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: hairy, you spent time over there as a clerk. you've also coclerked with justice kagan, who sits on the high court. what did you make of what we
8:21 pm
heard from the bench today? >> it was a hot bench. i tend to agree with your observation, shannon, it wasn't as if justice kennedy was going to vote to uphold this before and possibly even a couple more. it might be as much as 7-2. the real -- as you say, the real 900-pound gorilla in the room are the former comments that the president made when he was campaigning. that gave the government attorney some trouble. with the attorney said is, look, even if, and his heart of hearts, president trump was motivated by animus against muslims, you should still uphold the ban out of deference to the executive and my best guess is that principle is going to prevail. >> shannon: a douglas back to the question of whether there is religious discrimination afoot. to and putting together this before. critics say it seemed as muslims, although it has korea and venezuela, not majority muslim nations. this is what justice alito had to say. here is his take on whether or
8:22 pm
not this is a muslim ban. >> with would any reasonable or reading this proclamation, without taking into account statements, think that this is a muslim ban? i think there are 50 predominately muslim countries in the world. five countries, five. haven't done my predominantly muslim countries are on this list. the population of the predominantly muslim countries on this list to make about 8% of the world's muslim population. if you looked at the ten countries with the most muslims, exactly one, and ron, would be on that list in the top ten. what a reasonable observer think this was a muslim ban? >> shannon: i was on that hue, robert. is that a strong enough point? >> the first point of the challenge, there is no first amendment basis that foreign
8:23 pm
aliens have first amendment constitutional rights. there has never been precedent that says the exclusion of foreign aliens constitutes these habits meant to pull religion under the first amendment. putting that aside, the reality is as the solicitor general side before the court today, if this was a muslim ban, it was terribly drafted. it does not reference muslims, it's not based on muslims. it was based on an objective standard applied worldwide by multiple agencies improved by multiple cabinet officials, 92% of muslims are not banned, the countries that are included countries that are not majority muslim countries, such as venezuela and north korea, countries that do not have the means to assure us that their methods of issuing passports can provide security and safety to the american people. so even if the first amendment did apply, it would -- it's not a violation of of the first amendment at all. >> shannon: i want to play of what justice gorsuch had to say today about the side issue of, any of these cases, a single district court judge can shut things down by creating an
8:24 pm
injunction, shutting down a whole federal law or policy. i will get reaction from both of you. here's justice gorsuch. >> we have this troubling rise of this nationwide injunction, cosmic injunction, not limited to relief for the parties that issue or even a class action. near as i can tell, that is a really new development, where a district court asserts the right to strike down a federal statute with regard to anybody, anywhere in the world. what do we do about that? >> shannon: harry, 21st, what do we do about that? >> i'm not sure what he means that it's new. that has always been the ability of the district court. if this before is that broad. on the other point of robert, i do think it would be clearly a violation if you could show it was against muslims. alito said let's get the questions out of it. i think it will prevail even given the possible animus. >> shannon: robert, what do you think about this issue that justice gorsuch brought up?
8:25 pm
kind of a side issue but a number of people are raising the alarm over the ability of one lower court judge to do it, doesn't encourage parties to shop? >> precisely. the supreme court previously in 1993, when a district court tried to issue a nationwide ban related to gays in the military said it was inappropriate for the district court to usurp their authority. if you believe the liberals in this case, hillary was sponsoring honeymoon tours to libya. the president has specifically identified security and safety risk. it was not the job of the judge in hawaii to usurp that. >> shannon: robert, you made harry laughed about the libyan honeymoon. >> just the hillary. it's always hillary. >> shannon: we'll leave it there. we'll wait and see what we get, come june. harry and robert, thank you so much. >> thank you, shannon.
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>> shannon: alfie evans, clinging to life at last check, his parents refusing to leave his side. their fight to reaching a new stage tonight. the government's resistance to them, it's going up a whole notch, too. in california, the ultimate cold case, 12 12 murders, 51 rapes, maybe more. the suspect has been living quietly in california but last night a police say they got their man. ♪ that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased
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8:31 pm
boy. we'll keep you updated. a major development in a decades-old case. officials in california announcing today the rest of the man they believe is the golden state killer. for more than four decades, the identity of the person who murdered 12 people and rape-edu thousands more in the '7 it is an '80s has been a mystery. trace gallagher has more. >> the investigation has been active for 42 years in joseph james deangelo's names was never mentioned until six days ago. the 72 euros suspect has lived unbothered in a sacramento suburb for more than three decades. when the majority of the 45 rapes and 12 murders happened, he was a police officer. he was fired from law enforcement for shoplifting a hammer and a can of dog repellent. he never contested his termination and experts say that is likely because he wanted to avoid a deeper investigation. in 1976, the suspect was initially dubbed the east area
8:32 pm
rapist after a series of assaults in sacramento that followed the same pattern, prying open a window, shining a flashlight, raping there them t gunpoint. he left northern california, a string of rapes and murders began happening in southern california. please call that spec told mike suspect the night stalker. in 2001, with advances in forensics technology, investigators from the from crimes committed the night stalker matched the east area rapist. then, the needle in the haystack. >> we got this person that looked like he might be our guide. we are able to get at least an initial discarded dna sample that gave us more confidence that this was our person and we are able to continue and get a better, more workable sample of
8:33 pm
dna. >> the share point and clarify exactly where the discarded dna came from and he would not specify how the investigation narrowed in on deangelo but a former undersheriff who worked this case back at me '70s it says the was welcome news. watch. >> this morning i've been able to talk to the victims, we've had contact with. tears of joy, tears of joy, and tears that they could finally go to sleep and not think about the man in the mask over their bed. >> a current best-selling book about the golden state killer by the late crime writer michelle mcnamara renewed interest in the case but it did not offer new evidence. joseph deangelo was initially charged with two counts of homicide, now it is six. we expect the number to go up. shannon? >> shannon: a stunning. all right, thank you for updating us. bill cosby's bait now in the
8:34 pm
hands of a dozen jurors. seven men, five women, deliberating in the actor comedians sex assault retrial. facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each one carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. prosecutors say because we drugged and molested a woman at his home outside his home in philadelphia back in 2004. bryan llenas is tracking the case tonight. >> bill cosby's fate is now in the hands of the jury. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting andrea at his home in january of two 2004. she was an operations manager with temple university's women's basketball team. cosby was a university trustee. the 80-year-old comedy icon faces three felony indecent aggravated assault charges and if convicted, faces up to 30 years in prison. she alleges that cosby invited her to his home, gave her three blue pills, and then sexually assaulted her.
8:35 pm
cosby admits that the two had contact but he said it was consensual. the defense contends the blue pills were benadryl. cosby's defense is now led by celebrity lawyer tom mesirow, who famously defended michael jackson. this retrial took a decisively combative tone. in court, he called the victim a pathological liar, a con artist, and a gold digger. in 2006, cosby paid her $3.4 million in a civil settlement. the defense even blasted her for not going to a doctor after the alleged rape. >> questioning an accuser is not jamming a victim previous accusations are ridiculous. >> the prosecution argued that cosby has a pattern of using his celebrity to betray the trust of women. in this retrial, five other accusers were allowed to testify, including former supermodel janice dickinson. dickinson told the court cosby gave her a blue pill and
8:36 pm
sexually assaulted her in 1982. >> this is the first test since the me too movement. this is going to be the first answer to my question, which is, how many women does it take? before one woman is believed? >> last summer, the case ended in a mistrial. that jury was hopelessly deadlocked. shannon? >> shannon: bryan llenas, thank you very much. stick around for "fox news @ night"'s exclusive, gillian turner has access to an elite team of law enforcement trying to make america's borders safe again. she's got an insider report you do not want to miss. plus, we look at the trump administration's next move after a judge ruled, guess what, it's time to start adding new dreamers to the role. ♪ only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample
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>> shannon: now, a "fox news @ night" exclusive. we'll give you a rare look into operation triple beam, an undercover project of the u.s. marshals service to crack down on ms-13 and other violent gangs. fox news got the only look at this, traveled to the southern border region. here is gillian turner with the inside report. >> it's going to be a one-stop shop. speak of the u.s. marshals service invited fox news to join the hunt for the worst of the worst. gang leaders, drug dealers, fugitives, and human traffickers. today's target? three capital murder suspects.
8:41 pm
mission accomplished by to speak with a marshals job is to grab the body. we've been the u.s. governments man hundreds and 1789 and we have the best in the world. >> the marshals are kind of like a federal sheriff and constable all into one. >> u.s. marshals are currently running operation triple beam, a joint effort with state and local police to take nonmajor gangs that proliferate along the border, including ms-13, 59 bounty hunters. they are all of the border region to generate revenue anyway they can. selling drugs, illegal firearms, and sex trafficking. >> we always have high numbers on the part of. >> the world's most dangerous gangs consider the u.s.-mexico border their home turf at the marshals expect the operation and the single, secret location to produce several hundred arrests. in essence, triple beam as a franchise operation at the marshals bring from city to city. they work one location for 90 days at a time and say the strategy has yielded major results over time.
8:42 pm
since 2010, more than 6,000 arrests. the seizure of 1500 illegal firearms, more than $1.5 million in cash, and over $6 million of narcotics. fox news was on the scene with a team as this crack bust went down and a parking lot known to be a favorite spot for local dealers. the acting deputy director of the marshals explains that mission is spread out across the country in order to round out gang members wherever they are. the goal is simple and straightforward. protect americans in the cities and towns where they live. >> whether it be ms-13 or any other game companies gangs are terrorizing our communities. >> the marshals claim they strive to stay at the freight of washington politics. the deputy director tells fox news his focuses on what the community needs and the marshals execute their mission without focusing on the citizenship status of the people they protect. they are just a night to get the bad guy. shannon? >> shannon: a lot of hard work. thank you very much. yet another federal judge ruling against the trump administration
8:43 pm
on those hundreds of thousands of so-called dreamers, young immigrants who status is not clear, thanks to an obama era executive order. the trump administration says it's not legal. now the white house has 90 days to better explain its legal position on daca are also it will have to start accepting new applicants. attorney general jeff sessions was asked about the ruling toda today. >> wouldn't it make sense for the administration to revisit the bipartisan daca compromise that was proposed earlier this year? >> daca was basically rejected by congress. congress did not pass it. the president has said repeatedly he could not do it on his own. >> let's bring in tonight's panel. fox news contributor and syndicated radio host leslie marshall and radio host larry o'connor. great to have you with us tonight. unlike the two other judges who ruled against the administration and saying you can't shut down
8:44 pm
the daca program, this judge says you actually have to reopen it and within 90 days, you got to take new applications or else. what you make of it, larry? >> daca wasn't legislation from congress signed into law by barack obama. it was a deep and an executive order. it was a memo! for a federal court to decide that a new president can traverse a memorandum from the prior president, why don't we just suspend all elections? we don't need presidents. we'll have someone be a caretaker for everything that barack obama did because we can't change anything. it's ridiculous! >> shannon: congressman goodlatte, the chair of the house judiciary committee, said this, much as larry did. "the daca program was unilaterally created by the obama administration in a memo penned by former homeland security secretary napolitano. just as easy as it was issued, it can be rescinded. presidential policy is not set in stone and changes from one of administration to the next." so far, judges do not agree. >> yes, there are three judges
8:45 pm
that don't agree. we might note that the third was a george w. bush appointee, as a republican president. not partisan. what he is saying is, look, you have 90 days to tell me this is specifics with regard to criminality. jeff sessions and the department of justice in the past, even recently, have said this has to do with the issue of national security and protecting and securing our borders. what we are talking about, 690,000 individuals approximately who are already within our borders. who we know we don't have the means on the finances to deport, if you will, and to constantly say, oh, congress is in passing it to. of course they haven't passed it because they constantly have other line items like the wall attached to such pieces of legislation. >> shannon: here is more for the judge said. not there at the meager legal reasoning nor the assessment of what obligation risk provided by dhs to support its rescission decision to get rid of daca, to sustain termination of the daca
8:46 pm
program, at this point, if the judges will keep ruling in favor of daca and not only to keep it alive, to renew it, what kind of motivation will there be for democrats to go back and negotiate? >> this will go to the supreme court. don't forget there are still a lawsuit against the constitutionality of daca in th. barack obama overstepped his bounds by actually trying to write it legislation via the executive branch, which he couldn't do. but the fact this is a george w. bush appointee is meaningless. it reinforces the fact that something really scary is going on in the federal courts right now. if this judge wants to write a law, he should run for office. the judicial branch is not supposed to do this sort of thing and overstepped their bounds. you know how i know this is a bad decision? when hillary clinton was running for president, it was only a year and half ago, she was running, saying, don't be like donald trump, healer versus daca. barack obama was on the stump saying, don't elect donald trump, he'll reverse daca, they weren't saying, it can be reversed because it would
8:47 pm
be unconstitutional. this obviously something that can be reversed via this president. >> shannon: a final word to leslie. do republicans now have more motivation to get to the table and make a deal on daca? if not, the judge will reopen the floodgate. >> yes, definitely. larry, democrats don't have as much incentive, i will agree with you there. one of the reasons i know it's a good deal is that i agree with the judges decision and only ray doesn't. all joking aside, republicans are going to have to come to the table. the reality is, shannon, the constituents throughout the country, left or right, majority of people, don't feel that these individuals who came here as children with her parents should be punished. they look at them differently than other -- >> shannon: larry, i know you are chomping at the vet. we got to leave it there. come back, we'll discuss it again. leslie and larry, thank you. it has been ten months since the shooting of the congressional baseball practice in arlington. up next, we'll take you inside
8:48 pm
practice with some of the lawmakers who returned to that very same field where steve scalise was almost killed. they were back there today. >> i look over there and i immediately flashed back to when i finally got my bearings, looking to my right, seeing steve scalise down. ♪ people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though.
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>> shannon: hundred 14th, 2017, a gunman opened fire on members of the rubble can congressional baseball team. steve scalise, still recovering, four others were wounded. today, some of the lawmakers made the emotional journey back to the field. >> this baseball field... i think it epitomizes what makes america great. >> shannon: faulkner's senior congressional producer chad pergram was there today to be with them. what can you tell us? >> this was unfinished business. a baseball practice which started last june on a sweltering morning, finished in the chilly mist in april. more than just a practice. it was a therapy session for members of congress who hadn't been to the field and ten months. chuck fleischman of tennessee and rodney davis of illinois came back out to the field in alexandria, virginia, to loosen their muscles ahead of the
8:53 pm
season and recall last june's horror where they sprinted for their lives. >> trent kelley was on third base because trent told me later that the shooter pointed the gun right at him and missed. larry and i, i believe, went and laid down over here somewhere. it might have been even a little further up. and then when they didn't stop, the barrage continued, i am made a run for the dugout and i knew they were people in the dugout, and all i could think of, bear in mind, i didn't know the shooter had moved from where he was around this way, i still thought he was over here. all i could think about when i was running was, he's going to shoot me in the back. >> every time i walk out of that one exit that we have, i just remember looking up and seeing that shed i hid behind and i look over and i immediately flashed back to when i finally got my bearings that morning, looking to my right and seeing
8:54 pm
steve scalise down. for my perspective, he wasn't moving. that is a horrific scene that i will never get over get over. >> it's gut-wrenching to know that, you know, i am 15 miles away from where two of my officers were injured, some of our principles were critically injured. >> u.s. capitol police chief says things will be different for this season. >> last year was certainly in eye-opener for a lot of people. members of congress really feel that vulnerability, that exists, threats are real. we will have a robust presence for the practices and games come with a game that occurs in june. >> they will practice and with the field in alexandria as well as other vocations, to mix it up for security purposes. the first base dugout or many of the players fled for safety, they are still a bullet hole when they went to practice in alexandria, that will be a reminder of the terror last year. >> shannon: such a fantastic
8:55 pm
inside look. remembering what it's like for them to go through that going back there today. thank you very much. earlier in the hour, we told you about the good news on president george hw bush's health. up next, you'll be getting much more. stay around. ♪ imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> shannon: just days ago, former president george hlb bush wore a pair of socks with books on him to honor the life of his late wife. the sock maker is a young entrepreneur with down syndrome. he is cofounder and chief happiness officer of john's crazy socks. after the former first lady passed away, the former president reached out to him to see if he could wear a pair of the socks to the funeral. we are told that all proceeds from the sales of the socks will go to barbara bush foundation for family literacy. we love that and we wish him all the best. he was on with martha maccallum earlier tonight. you can see the interview on the website. you will be inspired by this young man. check it out.
9:00 pm
most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good evening from washington. i'm shannon bream. we'll see you tomorrow night, 11:00 p.m. eastern, four "fox news @ night." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: all ofuc a sudden out of nowhere, kanye west says that bob can't "make him not to love donald trump." the internet is melting down. what is going on? it is a realignment or something weird or? first, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight."." we want to start with joy reid, you may know who she is, she's an icon on the progressive left. there was not a single fashionable opinion that joy reid doesn't have ours and tapley did announce you for not having. she's a total start in brooklyn of course. she wasn't always this way incident always have these beliefs.


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