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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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of one. what you don't know about people sometimes can be astounding. to our correspondent bryan llenas and our eyes and ears, lissa kaplan, thanks for trusting us for news and information. "your world" with neil cavuto begins now. >> neil: dr. huxtable, we barely knew you. he was always america's dad. today bill cosby playing a far different more damning role. the first and perhaps most stunning fall from grace victim of the me too era. found guilty of drugging and assaulting a woman at his home some 14 years ago. this is "your world." i'm neil cavuto that woman, andrea constand, at the at the time, a temple university employee he mentored. it turned south very quickly. that case unlike my other women who made similar charges, but none of which seemed to stick seemed doomed, even a year ago
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when the the first trial ended in six days of deliberation and a hung jury. who happens now? keep in mind, on each one of these counts, ten years in jail, 30 years entirely at a minimum. bill cosby looking at a life behind bars. bryan llenas with the latest. bryan? >> america's dad, bill cosby, is now a convicted felon. you just said it. he was accused of sexually assaulting andrea constand. he was found guilty on all three felony charges in this case. the jury spent 14 hours deliberating. seven men and five women and they came out with their verdict just before 2:00 today. bill cosby came out and actually put his hand up in the air with his cane in the air, looking as though he was acquitted.
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this is an incredible scene. an awed i believe shrieking was heard in the courtroom when the verdict was read by the juriors. andrea constand was sitting behind the d.a. she stayed stoicly. bill cosby was stoic as the verdict was read aloud. bill cosby lashed out after the district attorney asked for his bail to be revoked because he was afraid that bill cosby would flee. bill cosby said, he yelled "he doesn't have a plane you a-hole." he said "i'm sick of him" when talking about the district attorney. that was him lashing out after this verdict came out. an extraordinary scene in the courtroom. as for andrea constand, she has gone through 14 years ago,bill
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cosby invited her to his home, gave her three blue pills and sexually assaulted her. despite it all, two trials and years of litigation, she went -- she said she wanted to do this for justice and justice was served today. listen to the d.a. speak about andrea constand. >> 14 years later, it may be easy to forget that she was that first courageous person that stood up in public to go to the authorities and say that bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. her courage, her resilience in the face of horrible and unfounded attacks upon her and her family has been so inspiring to all of us. >> incredible. she was called a liar a con artist, gold digger by the
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defense and still testified in front of everyone. it wasn't just that. what was the difference between this trial and the last trial last summer, the big difference is the judge allowed the testimony of five women that came and spoke about the pattern in which they say bill cosby also sexually assaulted them. that seemingly seems to be the big turning point today. gloria allred was here. she represented three of the women that testified. she had this to say after the verdict came down. >> and after all is said and done, women were finally believed. we thank the jury so much for that. and they were believed after the prosecution met mare high standard of having to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> neil, there was not a lot of
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physical evidence. it came down to who the jury believed. they believed andrea's story and bill cosby, the comic legend found guilty on all three counts. he faces up to 30 years in prison. he was let free on bail. million dollar bond. a home on house arrest. we await the sentencing hearing. his defense attorney said the fight is not over. that's tom mesereau, famous for defending michael jackson. so we expect this to go to appeals. right now a big victory for andrea constand and the dozens of women that accused bill cosby of sexual assault over the years today. neil? >> neil: bryan llenas, thanks very much. just to put this in perspective here, constand is the focus of this attention in this case and these allegations. more than 60 woman have come forward making similar accusations and a pattern of
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behavior. putting it in perspective, constand testified that in her case in 2004 meeting with bill cosby, he gave her three blue pills and she drank wine at his request. she passed out, woke up and saw bill cosby was sexually assaulting her. she was jolted awake. she felt mr. cosby beside me. i was limp and i could not fight him off. he gets more graphic and district. this is a family show. i want to get to the implications of this, a trial where mr. cosby never testified himself. emily, was that a mistake in retrospect that he never took the stand? >> i don't think it was a mistake. as the d.a. said after the trial, the d.a. said his character emerged in the five
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witnesses that testified to his prior bad acts. note after the verdict was read, bill cosby yelled and expletive. he called the prosecutor a name. that was all in front of the jury. so everyone saw really during the course of the trial the kind of man that he was. the kind of character that was on trial. if he had testified, it would have opened a can of worms even further. i want to point out that i think the additional turning point here is the testimony of the forensic psychiatrist that only recently pennsylvania legislature passed approval for. also the fact that the reason this criminal investigation was reopened in 2015 is because the associated press requested the release of prior sealed deposition testimony from the andrea constant lawsuit years prior. the judge determined that because bill cosby was a public moralist, that behooved them to release and unseal the depositions. that's why the portion was unsealed here. so really bill cosby's character
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himself doomed him. >> neil: and that conversation ignited am response from his lawyer, tom mesereau. he referred to constand as "this woman will say anything. she will absolutely say anything. she's a pathological liar." he went on to say "in light of the development today, we're very disappoint by the verdidiv. they obviously plan to appeal. do they have a case? >> they absolutely have a case. living in a house of girl, that verdict was a travesty of justice. there was one victim in this case, the complaining witness. that should have been the testimony. for this judge to allow five other victims to come forward, no charges prior uncharged
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crimes. was it the jury believing mrs. constand or was it the piling on, the guilt by propensity? if he did it before, he might have done it now. that's not what our criminal justice system stands for. he shouldn't have been convicted on a propensity. it should have been mr. constand's testimony. not the other five uncharged victims. >> neil: there were allegations and stories of dozens of women. we don't know why these five were the ones that would -- that they would focus on. there was a pattern of behavior that he would drug women and abuse them. the bottom line, emily, they are arguing, the defense team, that this was unfair. after the mistrial last year, they just sort only rammed this there, doing things liberally
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that were not permissible. what do you think? >> the judge ruled soundly and squarely on every motion. as you said, criminal rules allow for there to be established patterns of behavior. that is soundly within the rules of evidence in trial procedure. that's what the prosecution did. note that the d.a. mentioned his wealth, celebrity around network. they said he's hidden behind this facade of power to so long and we finally pierced it. it was frankly as the d.a. called it, violent times in his name calling and the level of toxicity levelled towards the victims here, again, it's soundsly within the rules of evidence that you can establish a pattern as well that bill cosby himself testified to, that he said during oath sworn deposition years prior that he did engage in sexual acts after
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drugging females. the issue was one of consent. cleary the year didn't buy it was under consent. so establishing that character, as he himself confirmed it years prior. >> neil: if we step back from this, much has been a focus in this case and especially the emergence of the me too movement, you know, was it consensual sex, consensual relations, one-night stands-whatever you want to call it or something more forceful going on here and more that harass something are you going to say in order to appeal this and successfully appeal this, what would be their central point? >> i don't think it's central points. for the judge to have allowed these other victims -- he's not
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been charged for those five. that would be a central point of an appeal. remember, what was the first note that was sent out by the jury? the jury was looking for the definition of consent. as far as i can see, the judge punted on that issue and didn't go back and instruct them in the law. basically said use your common sense. in new york it's clearly detyped in our penal law what consent is and what consent isn't. now do back to the fact that once upon a time, the reason why mr. cosby testified in the civil case, he had an understanding that he wouldn't be prosecuted. that's going to be a point. there was so much going on here. i don't know why the prosecution didn't play it conservative, not self yourself up for appeal.
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that's why mr. cosby didn't testify, to preserve his appellate rights. >> neil: could you think they have much of a case on appeal? >> i don't know for the reasons i stated earlier. an actual charge that doesn't have an impact on the witness' able the to testify as the judge ruled. i do want to talk about the power facade and the celebrity. d.a. team called the settlement paltry. they said $3.8 million is a paltry sum. he noted as a convicted felon that bill cosby will be on the hook for the charges of the prosecution in two trials that the taxpayers inherited. so he said given someone that caused $3.8 million paltry, i'm sure there will be no question covering this. it's an uphill battle and fought vigorously. as it stands right now, he was convicted.
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>> neil: guys, thank you very much. again, the appeal goes on. found guilty on all three counts. he could be in prison the next 30 years. he's 80 years old now. even if that sentence should an appeal fail or drastically be reduced. its increasing likely that bill cosby, america's dad, a man 30 years ago was the most popular entertainer america who transcended racial boundaries and of whom his dr. huxtable career was considered to be the basis of virtue. now looking at jail. more after this. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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>> neil: we're just getting our first images only mike pompeo first approved to be the secretary of state. this might have been a big reason why he secured that vote.
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the meeting over easter weekend with kim jong-un of north korea. that certainly helped improve a number of democrats reconsidering and voting for him. he was indeed voted to be secretary of state. that vote again, 57-42. illinois republican congressman adam kinger, a member of the house for rip affairs. these images just getting to us right now. they come on the heels of the south and north korean leaders planning their own meeting ahead of the donald trump meeting with the north korean leader. things are moving fast. what do you make of it? >> first after, congrats to mike. he was going to be a great secretary of state. on this issue, we can't understate how important this moment is with north korea. number 1, we're having very good progress seems like both within the meeting between the north and south to try to negotiate an end to this 50 some, 60 year long war.
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the fight that mike met with kim jong-un, the fact that they agreed to freeze nuclear testing is great. you can't have any stronger diplomacy than what you have here. this better not fail. this lesson to kim jong-un is don't fail now because there's no other alternative after this. i give the president a lot of props to coming from this from strength and willing to negotiate from a position of strength. >> we can show the two meeting here. obviously it's not a frivolous encounter. they talked about an hour. the president seemed to indicate on "fox and friends" this morning. it was all business and brief and to the point with the cia director and soon to be secretary of state. president trump indicating again that he's open to walking away from the table if it looks like they're dilly-dallying, the north koreans and nothing is coming of the discussions.
1:20 pm
what do you think of that? >> i think it's a good position. when mike meet -- secretary of state pompeo meets with kim jong-un, it needs to be business. kim jong-un is a terrible man. we do have business to conduct with them. mainly they cannot have nuclear weapons. for the president to come at this unlike the iran deal where it was obvious that barack obama was going to get a deal no matter what, the president has come at this, president trump and said, we want a deal, but we're willing to walk away from it. i think that puts the impetus on north korea. you night want to negotiate with us and we'll treat you fairly but having nukes is not an option. >> neil: and the white house doctor, ronny jackson, has stepped down from heading up the v.a. the president intimated in that "fox and friends" interview that it would be someone with some
1:21 pm
political experience. i assume by that he means someone in congress. i could be wrong. a former member of congress. what do you think of the way the whole jackson thing was handled? >> it's hard to tell. some of the allegations were ridiculous. some had merit. this is what i would caution my democratic friends. they're nitpicking every cabinet secretary to the nth degree. they always blow this into a major story. we're not taking it seriously anymore. some day the democrats will be in the white house again. i hope it's a long day away but they will. we have treated president obama's cabinet secretaries fairly. they are trying to nitpick these people to death. sometimes you have to let these folks go forward. it's a shame that a guy that has given so much to his service went out this way, if you want to put it that way. we'll get a new nominee to replace him that will be good. >> neil: you should hear about what democrats say about not letting president obama get his
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security pick in. i what is goose for the gander can be -- whatever. >> that's true. >> neil: jeff bezos, if success is revenge and revenge is success, incredible numbers after this. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> neil: all right. amazon shores are soaring in after-hours trading. up 7% after earnings and revenues from the couple that doubled year ago levels. they're expected to be strong, but not this strong. jeff bezos is about $8 billion richer. having said that, it completes what is a big comeback for the markets. the dow was up 238 points. facebook was soaring.
1:26 pm
a lot of technology stocks were soaring, and all on the strong earnings. there's a great wind at the market's back. people will tell you higher interest rates are in the cards and representing potential head winds. let's go to heather and professor brian. brian, we'll begin with you. what are the markets telling us? >> they're watching amazon and facebook and they're astounded at the numbers. take facebook first. they had 70 million daily active users. >> neil: after all of this controversy. >> are you on facebook? >> i am, but more importantly all of my students are on instagram and not leaving. amazon, the 100 million prime subscriber, the cloud business came above expectations. they control what you buy, they control where you store your data and control what you watch on tv. they're very, very big stories -- >> neil: and if it's a story
1:27 pm
about retail sales and the consumer and people buying things, heather you can make an argument that must be a good underpinning for the economy. >> it is. consumer confidence is going up, unemployment is going down. the economy is picking up steam. >> neil: is that why interest rates are back up? people are freaking out. 3%. oh, my god. >> that's positive. the ten years closed shy of 3%. that's a positive sign for the economy. i'd rather see highest interest rates and growth in the economy than low rates and a recession. >> neil: i always think though that every time i hear this concern, it depends on the age. people like me can remember 10% for a ten-year note. >> 15. >> neil: a lot of people here and i work with a young crew and they treat me like grandpa. but you guys do. you know who you are. i'll tell you, one of the things they come back with, neil, this
1:28 pm
is really scaring me. >> oh, my gosh. 3%. investors still have to have historical context. we're not at a problem spot when interest rates are. the bigger problem is -- >> neil: don't you worry how much higher? >> it's a matter of how much and how fast. i agree. the federal reserve is set to increase rates four times this year, already once. >> neil: and because of an improving economy? >> yes, and the fed is raising rates and will affect credit cards and mortgages and auto loans. >> you have some inflation here, too. people are looking at the prices at the pump and seeing gas go up. that's part of the story. >> middle east tensions and iran sanctions may 12th that could be impacting price of oil as well. >> neil: the last week, talking to a lot of republicans and democrats, but particularly republicans, mitch mcconnell and
1:29 pm
others, we think the tax cuts are a secret weapon and work to for us at the polls and prove to be a far bigger deal than the media makes it out to be. what do you think of that? >> we're seeing it with the small businesses. we have the bank of america small business index. they're excited about the tax cuts and reinvest in their businesses 20% want to raise wages. you have a lot of optimism with small businesses. i think over time that translates to the consumer. we have a lot of years -- >> neil: and republicans say hey, we're talking november. >> the problem is if the only real boost we see is next year when we file our taxes, consumers have to see this get in their paycheck before november 2018. i think it's going to happen. >> not just small business but voter attitudes are changing on both sides of the aisle. even the new york times say no
1:30 pm
fan or friend of trump says there's a wave of optimism sweeping over business liters. >> neil: it starts with businesses, people feel it and -- >> wage increases. people are hiring and big bonuses. 21% according to the bank of america surveys. >> last year -- >> neil: it was 21%. >> 21% of businesses survey and the bank of america survey are giving wage increases or -- >> last year it was wall street happy about the tax cuts. this year it's small businesses that are happy about the tax cuts. that's a better indicator of how voters will feel. wall street not a good indicator. if small businesses are doing good, that's the main street people, the voters. they will affect political outcomes in 2018. >> cavuto, the top rate was decreased on the individual side.
1:31 pm
i know you have more money in your pocket. >> neil: really? well, so great having you. all right. yeah, i'm limiting my deductions here. my state is new jersey. >> i feel for you. >> neil: somehow i do not think after certain developments that bill cosby is focusing on markets or these gyrations and the economic numbers or how amazon is doing. he's in a world of hurt right now and everything rests on appeal for something that seemed unthinking for once the most popular and iconic figure in entertainment everywhere. that was then. the story of bill cosby now. ♪ say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee?
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>> neil: our fight is not over and neither are we. bill cosby's attorney, tom mesereau, saying there's an appeal in the works. what basis? something that could be landing bill cosby in jail the rest of his life. back in 60.
1:35 pm
>> neil: for the me too movement, bill cosby is an incredible prize. his lawyers are making sure he's not that most famous of prizes. right now he's looking up to 30 years in jail. found guilty on all counts
1:36 pm
against him. jahmile, what do you think of that? this is their most high profile catch, if you will, and changes things going forward as women press their case now against men who they argue have violated their trust? >> i think it's a good day for victims. the outcome of this as far as how it will play into this movement that is giving voice to victims i hope is going to be that there's a real reckoning when it comes to statutes of limitations for criminal rape and sexual assault cases. you've seen some of the cosby victims really galvanizing behind that movement. we should not have laws in place that benefit the criminal. this is one of them. so hopefully there will be momentum around there. it's great to have the -- sharing the stories on social
1:37 pm
media and the attention brought to this. the real change needs to happen within our criminal justice system. >> i have to be honest, neil, i'm heart broken by what has occurred. i understand there was a victim here and glad to see her get justice. but for many, this was america's dad. in the black community, this is the first visual of a black family that was a super power with a mom that was a successful lawyer a dad that was a doctor and a family that didn't always get it right. for an individual like me that you know, i didn't grow up in a traditional family like that. my mom was addicted to drugs. i saw my dad regularly, i'm thankful for that but my heart is broken knowing what he did and what so many invested in that visual of what we believe to be a really good man who apparently was writhing at the
1:38 pm
core core. >> neil: among the jurors was an african american man. obviously it pained him to make the decision. this did not end up in a mistrial like a year ago. it's a weird conundrum, isn't it? >> no, not for me. as someone who has been the victim of sexual assault, i don't think there's any woman in my life that has not been a victim of sexual assault or harassment. my heart swells with pride that we have moved to this place in this country where it doesn't matter how famous you are, doesn't matter your celebrity status or america's dad. there's accountability for these crimes. i'm a little bit tired of the kind of woe is he approach to this. the pain that these women, the
1:39 pm
victims, 60 of them, one in this criminal call, but 60 who have come forward, the pain that they health on to for decades. that's the pain that today has finally been rectified or start to be rectified. >> neil: i was trying to relate to the confusion of this young man of realizing he was doing the right thing in his own mind, jurors stand by their decisions, but that's the fall-out to worry about. that there's losers here, messengers here and lessons here. he'll be damned to come up with them right now, but what happened you? >> i think bill cosby is a monumental figure. he's been -- he's broken through the bounds of race. what people think african americans can be and whatever particular circle. i understand there was a heavyweight on this young man. but as jehmu said and i didn't
1:40 pm
know about that you, jehmu. i didn't know you were a victim of sexual assault. this is a scenario where justice has to be blind. the evidence was obviously overwhelming and this young manmade the right decision. i imagine there's a heavyweight for those individuals that have to learn today that this individual that many of us looked up to were doing things in his past to hurt people and obviously hurt a lot of people, over 60 women that have accused him. this is a tough day in america. it's one in which we're all waking up to. the me too movement is a part of that waking up process. >> if i can just say that we have to also remember the young comedian. i'm sorry. i'm blanking on his name. he is the one that really kicked this off as far as bill cosby when he made a joke in a standup
1:41 pm
set about how this is a vision -- thank you to him and -- >> neil: that -- none of this would have come to light otherwise. >> that's the role he played but there's a role for most men to play in this me too conversation. and to hold each other accountable. >> and that's a very good point. hold each other accountable. just making sure that we're judging things based on its merit and not making quick decisions. i can appreciate that. thank you, jehmu. >> neil: to be fair, tom mesereau, bill cosby's attorney does not believe this was a fair trial or fair process and he's planning to appeal. again, on specific grounds of what jurors were able to see and hear. he's not done. neither is bill cosby.
1:42 pm
so cosby's passport has been taken away. we'll have more after this. and the first thing they askeda was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. no one thought much of itm at all.l people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all.
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>> neil: you know, you can almost hear republicans across the country after debbie lasko won in arizona. congratulations. welcome. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> you know, there were so many concerns about your race and that you, you know, you wanted to win obviously, but there was this tide going that it wasn't happening that way. very quickly, democrats and many in the establishment media said yeah, you didn't win by the same margin that, you know, donald trump had won your district. so how do you answer that and the high expectations that were
1:46 pm
had? >> well, i certainly wish i would have won by more but the bottom line is that i win. who is not being said is my democratic opponent spent over a million dollars on false tv attack adds and i didn't attack her. so that has to be put in play as well. hey, i won and i'm a congresswoman and i'm going to continue to work hard for the constituents in the west valley of phoenix area and arizona. i'm going to be going to congress soon and be sworn in probably may 7. >> neil: that soon? have you heard from the president at all? >> i did. it was very exciting. he called me yesterday morning. we had a really good conversation. we talked a lot about he congratulated me and we talked about arizona and politics and how the race went. it was a good long conversation. i really appreciated it. i asked him if i could go meet him in the oval office.
1:47 pm
he said sure. so i'm going to take him up on that. >> neil: aren't you a big cheese. in all seriousness, congratulations. it was quite a heroic effort. it was looking dicey as you pointed out. a lot of people saying given the closeness of your race in a strong republican area, might be telegraphing problems for republicans in november. do you buy that? i know what you're saying about a win is a win. and you're right. a win is a win. but republicans have been having a devil of a time in a lot of these contests. you know what has happened in pennsylvania with a few of those contests and in alabama. special situations. but all have been corey some for republicans. what do you think? >> i think that republicans need to continue to be energized and become more energized. it's normal for the party that is not in power to be energized because they want to take back the majority. they want to take back the
1:48 pm
majority in the house and the senate and take back the presidency. you know, i'm going to work hard to make sure that doesn't happen. i want to be a congresswoman in a majority congress. i want a republican president that is doing a good job. >> neil: you want to join the freedom caucus? 40 conservative congressmen but i stress all men. you would be the first woman. >> yeah, isn't that something? i'd be the first woman but the only woman right now. >> neil: only woman now. >> yeah. my congressman, trent franks, he was a member of the freedom caucus. almost all of the congressmen from arizona are members of the freedom caucus -- >> neil: all of those members as you know voted against the $1.3 trillion spending measure that the president lambasted. the president wants to rescind a lot of that spending. mitch mcconnell said he can't to
1:49 pm
that, it's not wise. he agreed to it or his people agreed to it prior so too late. what do you think? >> the part that i liked about it is that it increased military funding and gave raises to the troops. i like that. the thing i don't look about it, increases the deficit. if i was there, i would have fought for cutting in areas where there's wasteful spending so we're not increasing the debt. we can't continue to sustain this. we have to do something to cut spending. i certainly though like the tax cuts that we did. it's good for america. it's good for the economy. it's good for my congressional district. >> neil: congratulations congresswoman-elect. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. that caravan carrying dozens of migrants to the u.s.-mexican border a and most are not
1:50 pm
mexican. what next after this?
1:51 pm
to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly 50%. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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>> if you illegally enter our country, you will be referred for prosecution. if you file a false claims, you will be prosecuted. if you aid and abet, you will be referred or the prosecution. >> neil: all right. kirstjen nielsen doubling down on the warning to a caravan of migrants arriving at the border sometime this week, we don't know when. we know a lot of them are not mexicans. they're hondurans. what they plan to do at the quarter or whether they plan to cause trouble or if there's others behind them.
1:54 pm
there's record there are. or whether this will be made a big deal to step up a national guard presence there. this next fellow is on top of it. this david whorter joins me. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me back. >> neil: what will happen? they get there let's say tomorrow, saturday. then what? >> it all depends where they come from. if they come from the port of entry, the inspectors there will probably turn them around and have them go back south. if they persist, they'll be referred to an asylum officer. what i'm afraid of, they'll be going backs into mexico and do an end around around coming across the border around turn themselves over to the border patrol who will have to leave their porschst, process them, opening up the border for the cartels to exploit with drugs and whatever else comes across. the other thing with this migrant group, it's a concerted
1:55 pm
effort by an anti border, anti-sovereignty group out of california who is orchestrated this entire thing and they have done it for several years. why they have not been prosecuted at this point is beyond me. they can be prosecuted. they need to be for allowing this to happen. >> neil: what i don't understand, and i know we've gotten into this, i'm told that caravan is the word of choice. whatever you call it, large groups of illegals moving through mexico and getting to the border that is not unusual. what is slightly unusual here, the mexican government sort of paving the way for them. i don't know who to believe on this. i want your thoughts that a lot of these honduran illegals have very little difficulty getting into mexico and even less getting to this point now. is that true?
1:56 pm
>> it is true. mexico allegedly is a democracy in which these alients could turn themselves over for that asylum to mexico itself. most of these groups out of central america and some of them are coming from overseas from probably the middle east or whatever, we don't know who is all in this group. >> neil: all right. >> a lot of them are infiltrated by cartel members, ms-13, special interest countries in the middle east. we don't know who is coming in. there's no way to vet them. >> neil: that's worrisome. david, thank you. i just want to bring you up to date in the last few seconds, a lot of the earnings news come out on top of the big day of the dow, up 238. we told you about amazon on fire blowing past earnings. and microsoft doing the shame. intel with numbers that were 15 cents a share better than expected. again, all of these technology
1:57 pm
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>> fox news alert a guilty verdict for a fox new tv icon. >> there is no music coming through the head set. are you still poppin bopping tos left in your brain? >> dana: bill cosby rose to super stardom in the 1980s. today he was convicted on all three counts of indecent assault in retrial for a crime committed in 2004. cosby remains free on bail until his sentencing let's bring in fox news' bryan llenas live with the details. brian? bill


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