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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 27, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the white house, every single day now and always. >> we salute you, thank you and we will be grateful for the sacrifices you made. >> they are kicking off the annual soldier ride. hope you have a great weekend planned. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. merrymaking is april 27th. fox news alert. breaking overnight, kim jong un walking into south korea greeted by pres. moon, just warning secretary of state and notorious dictator just-released. >> when did you learn the dnc and hillary clinton campaign -- >> i don't know that for a fact. rob: did hillary clinton campaign pay for the steel
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dossier? james comey says he doesn't know. he told his side of the story in an interview you will only see on fox news. jillian: the prayer going viral for all the wrong reasons. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: i can't believe we recycled this song. i don't mind insync, i don't mind this song. i am amazed i heard this one. insync would be very proud. jillian: and folks in the control room singing in our
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years. do you have a favorite? rob: i would have to think about that. it is friday, you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. history on the korean peninsula, kim jong un the first north korean leader to cross the border just weeks before he is expected to sit down with donald trump. rob: this is a life picture, kim jong un ends pres. moon, a top us commander warning our military is ready to step in if necessary. there is a lot of nervousness around this meeting. in seoul, south korea, details on this historic summit. >> reporter: historic is the word. we are looking at the two leaders of north and south
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korea, kim jong un and moon jew in giving -- after 11 years since the two happened to have been together, after a furious year of missiles and nuclear testing and entreaties towards these two, and as we are expecting, kim jong un and the pres. donald trump have their own summit in the coming weeks. we are listening to what they are saying. this extraordinary day happened when something hasn't happened like this before in decades. the leader of north korea went from north korea to south korea, the first time that has
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happened in decades. kim jong un shaking the head of pres. moon more confident that i have seen, i have seen him a few times, a korean honor guard, north korean leader looking stern, made a deck of looking straight at the military and signed a guestbook at the peace house in the joint security area where these talks would be held talking about in his words a new age of peace. and talking between the two leaders at a conference table in that conference room in that conference hall, government insider solely most things were agreed-upon like inter-korean relations but was not agreed-upon was north korea getting rid of its nukes and that was worked on to a large extent today. after the last year of missiles and nukes, a big concern on the
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korean peninsula and the united states why the white house in the past couple hours, has wished these discussions well, looking forward to discussions in the next couple weeks to be a more important summit with kim jong un and donald trump. there were more ceremonies, almost like a made-for-tv summit, like a reality show summit, watching them talking for half an hour as they sat in a park, certainly there is something of a chemistry here between these two leaders. we are waiting to hear what they say in the crucial thing, we will get back to you at the bottom of the hour with the substance of what they are saying, the crucial thing is how much will kim jong un spell out what he will do security his arsenal of nuclear weapons,
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we are finding that out, a little more detail to get it done in the next step. rob: great to see this as a big moment in time and with all the tension between the two countries for the last several decades incredible to see these two seem to get along, smiling and shaking hands, a powerful moment. >> smiling, shaking hands, joking, at one point kim jong un says you have to bring the ball of cool needles from the ongoing -- pyongyang for dinner, he was brought to the south side, and took him by hands, walked him and said you come over here, joking,
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laughing, the chemistry is good. pres. moon is 65 years old and kim jong un is 33 so there's an adjective -- age gap but there is something there. we have just seen, the line from these leaders is there will be no more war in korea. that is not a bad key line. heather: a huge development. another big story, bombshell claims disgraced fbi director james comey in an exclusive interview with fox news. rob: he claims he doesn't know who funded the anti-trump dossier. lou: highlight and a lot of them. >> reporter: right off the bat comey doesn't hold anything back saying he would be head of the fbi to this day if he was not fired for mishandling the clinton email probe.
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>> had you not been fired you would still be working for this guy you say is a crime boss, morally unfit, you don't just agree with on principle and values, you still have that job tonight. >> absolutely. my goal would be to protect the fbi and serve the president of the united states. >> reporter: to explain the timing of the clinton investigation. >> is it true you and your colleagues made the decision to exonerate secretary clinton before she was interviewed? >> no. >> why wait until the end and write up the memo you bring forward? >> good question. come may after we have done it for 10 months, i started as part of my regular briefing to investigators it is unlikely, the prosecutors would bring. heather: is as comey professes
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his innocence regarding the bossier. >> what did you learn the dnc and hillary clinton campaign funded christmas deal's work. >> i don't know that for a fact which i have only seen it in the media. i never knew which democrats funded, it was funded first by republicans. my understanding was the activity was begun, was first funded by republicans, then picked up by democrats opposed to donald trump. >> he couldn't help but slam donald trump after he said this. >> comey is a leaker and a liar and not only on this stuff, he has been leaking for years. >> facts do matter which is why i am on the show to answer your questions. that memo is unclassified, it is in my book, the fbi cleared that book before it could be published. that is a false statement.
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heather: we asked what you thought about his defense in the 90 accusations his memo contents were leaked, run on facebook says comey is lying through his teeth, he knows what he did, it goes against everything the fbi stands for. sarah tweets he is on a different planet, he should never have been fbi director. gail says this guy likes to play the word game most lawyer types love to play depending on what your definition of the word is comes to mind. rob: the definition of is. heather: in south korea, rob: meeting with south korean pres. moon, kim jong un speaking live. we will keep you updated on that. one of the big headlines is about ending the war. >> how long has this been going on? it would be a symbolic move,
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the president of north korea, a major moment, 6:00 in the afternoon in that country and you are seeing a historic moment, never happened and this is a preface to another huge meeting we expect between the president of the united states and the north korean president as well. jillian: we will keep you updated. rob: all eyes on west virginia where mitch mcconnell, the target of an ugly primary race. our next guest is here to talk about the critical midterms. jillian: the royal baby's name just leaked? the clue on the royal website. what do you think it is? ♪ i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
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rob: live look at south korea, kim has crossed the line to meet with the leader south korea, they just wrapped up a news conference, a formal and somewhat symbolic end 65 years later to the korean war which was anticipated from this news conference. we expect the declaration to be signed at some point today. jillian: historic, taking a look at a quiet scene, a few short minutes go, kim jong un wrapped up his speech in the last four minutes, we will keep you posted on that information, talks of peace and prosperity. this is a historic event that has never happened, very big deal and we will keep you
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updated. rob: it prefaces donald trump's meeting with kim jong un. domestic politics, all eyes on west virginia as we look toward a crucial midterm election. which are the other races we need to look out for, this election season has seen more heated than ever. thank you for joining us. let's start in west virginia. seemingly two people we are focused on. >> it is that we 2-person race between pat morrissey and one of those things, the reason there is so much excitement on the pentagon side, they think they can beat joe mention -- manchin. donald trump won 42% of the vote. he tried to tie himself back to trump. a big problem, on the two
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biggest votes in the senate, obamacare and the tax cuts he voted with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. that will be a problem for west virginia voters. and evan jenkins. what i have been hearing in the ground. i have been talking with people on the ground, pat morrissey, a lot of boots on the ground, the conservative reformer, a great campaigner who finished at the end of the day. folks on the ground. >> ohio the classic swing state. what will happen here? >> a lot of fun, sherrod brown has run slick campaigns over the years, raise a lot of money, but is too liberal for ohio so it will be interesting,
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you have mike gibbons, jim wrenacy and mike gibbons running as a businessman, another race in the rustbelt where donald trump won by eight points. jillian: i printed up an article from the chicago tribune and subject line is don't even know, nation's nastiest gop primary in alabama commissioned insight into why. >> they think they can beat joe donnelly. a lot has been made about the democratic intensity in special elections but the truth is you are seeing a lot of intensity and republican primaries.
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and primaries have a bad reputation at times. and they choose the best candidate. >> arizona, nevada, florida. >> the big cheer in florida 10 days ago from republicans across the country was when rick scott got into the senate race. republicans think they can beat bill nelson but the truth is you look at rick scott he has a tremendous record of the governor, has come out guns blazing talking about term limits, a lot of support behind him, nevada, dean heller, the only republican running for reelection in a state hillary clinton won. only 3 points. rob: jeff flake as well. >> no question. democrats have done a good job.
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and what will help with the primary, you get a good candidates out of that. >> lots to keep an eye on. >> 20 minutes after the hour, he murdered 3 police officers and after today is a freeman. >> when you kill a police officer, you are in there for life. rob: a lot of outrage over this story is a cop killer is about to go free. >> second amendment under fire, do you see anything wrong with this shirt? a student is punished for wearing it. he took matters into his own hands when "fox and friends first" continues. why did we re-engineer america's #1 detergent?
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> fox news alert, out of south korea, taking a look, rob: in south korea meeting with south korean pres. moon. >> the demilitarized zone. keeps everybody apart. and they just had a formal treaty, peace treaty between countries that is something like 68 years in the making since the beginning of the korean war and they have
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formally ended that war in the korean peninsula. >> any new development we will send your way but a big moment here. rob: the press conference ended a few minutes ago. jillian: a cold-blooded cop killer will run away a freeman, after a failed last-minute attempt by the benevolent association to block his parole but appellate judges will hear arguments to put him back in prison next month, he served behind bars for his role in the murders of nypd officers in 1971. rob: the legal immigrant and calculate left about his crimes in court has been sentenced to death. this is lewis ragamontes using
2:26 am
profane language as he learned his fate. he was convicted for brutally killing two california deputies in 2014. rob: bill cosby found guilty of sexual assault after two days of deliberations which a jury convicting the man once known as america's dead on three counts of drugging and raping a woman. >> we have indicated and now part of those 2 nominee of women power and justice. jillian: bill cause the yelled expletives after they suggested he be taken into custody right away. he faces 30 years in prison. rob: a lot of news this week. a fox news alert. breaking overnight kim jong un side-by-side with south korean
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pres. moon agreed to end the decades long korean war. we are live with what this means for donald trump's upcoming meeting with kim jong un. jillian: kanye west calling out pres. obama on twitter saying nothing changed in chicago when he was in office. our next guest, a chicago native, bland the reverie speaking out, could mean trouble ahead for the left. and so should you. on struts, brakes, shocks. does he turn everything to gold? not everything. now get $100 back on a 2-axle brake service with your midas credit card. book an appointment online. with your midas credit card. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa.
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we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. patty: 1 back. if you are just joining us big news, a historic milestone in the korean peninsula. rob: leaders from north and south vowing to end the korean war. heather: griff jenkins in washington dc, what do you think? >> reporter: what everyone hopes comes next is a step
2:31 am
toward denuclearization but history is unfolding, the first time a north korean leader set foot across the dmz. a declaration of no more war between the koreans. here is dictator kim jong un pledging not to repeat the past. >> reporter: this exhilaration shouldn't repeat the tragic history of the previous agreement so we are going to work closely together for full implementation of the declaration. >> reporter: stunning optics. you see kim jong un shaking hands laughing and hugging pres. moon when they signed a joint declaration. this as the white house says they are optimistic but stressed denuclearization is the only option.
2:32 am
>> cautiously optimistic about upcoming hearings but recognize he has been a murderous dictator, dishonest on the national stage many times before so the president is expecting to see fool denuclearization before concessions are given. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo hit the ground running coming on the heels of his secret meeting with the north korean dictator which laid the groundwork for much of the upcoming summit, donald trump calling him a patriot and an incredible asset for the country. it is a very busy, historic morning. pompeo will head to the middle east to saudi arabia, israel and jordan over the weekend. jillian: we continue to follow this news.
2:33 am
rob: kanye west facing heat for a twitter rent in which he shared praise for his brother donald tran. jillian: black people don't have to be democrats. rob: thanks for coming on this morning. >> led to be here. looking at this thing it is interesting. these two must really believe in the message they sent out this week because hollywood almost has this silence the other side mentality and doesn't usually go so well for people who are seemingly conservative if they are in the industry. >> not surprising, such a demonization on the left that people are seemingly forced to capitulate the political correctness from the start
2:34 am
without hesitation. when it comes to kanye west, a figure who has been unapologetic and unrelenting in thoughts and views about himself and what he is able to do it is not surprising to me that he would love a figure, donald trump, who is unrelenting, we saw in 2016 election when he said things people disagree with and the outrage from people on the left and instead of pulling back, he doubled down and that is something kanye west loved to see in his brother donald trump. of the 20 your take on this. i have been a fan of john legend for years, i think they are hilarious but was a lot of people would agree, was really appalling look at the text message from john legend to kanye west he posted on twitter
2:35 am
and it is very lengthy but it says i hope you will reconsider aligning yourself with trump, your too powerful and influential to endorse who he is and what he stands for, don't let this be part of your legacy. kanye west clearly had an issue with this. what is your opinion? >> i thought kanye handled it beautifully and showed a side of him we don't necessarily see. i feel like what you are doing is trying to manipulate me, it is a fear-based tactic but i love you. i thought that was powerful and a true testament to what could be in today's day and age when politics is so polarizing and individuals have different opinions so instead of using because i appreciate your support the president of the united states, i can't be your friend or disown you, you can say we have different views but we can love one another and move forward. >> an example of someone on the left trying to persuade someone on the right you shouldn't be
2:36 am
doing this. rob: you are from chicago. went after don -- nothing in chicago changed. some big problems, crime rates, guns. if you go back to 2008 when obama was elected, you see the video from the inner cities, looked like a hopeful moment from the communities. and eight years, does pres. obama get a pass, and the policies being ineffective, no one called him out on that. >> what we saw with pres. obama, the largest urban radio station. and a very big part in the development and the violence in
2:37 am
chicago and a democrat by the name of michelle, and what you can send could provide funding, programmatic activity. there were a lot of missed opportunity. and a group that is obviously -- and others listen to the concerns people of chicago bring in resources, talking about money. is a big improvement instead of talking who didn't do something, i hope i can be part of that same mission. jillian: this is something we
2:38 am
should talk about. >> we appreciate it. >> 37 after the hour. and a right-wing thinker, some students provided counseling, to stop schools from silencing conservatives. >> saying grace, the prayer going viral for the wrong reasons. why this photo sparked outrage. ♪ it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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>> fox news alert, history on the korean peninsula. south korean pres. moon and north korean dictator kim jong un vowing to end the korean war
2:42 am
officially during peace talks. jillian: they decided to relay war-torn families, the stunning announcement ahead of the planned north korea us summit. we are following a lot of stories including this. going viral for all the wrong reasons. rob: why this photo is being criticized online. >> frank somerville, a reporter for a fox affiliate in oakland, california was sent this picture of a group of students praying before their prime. he posted to facebook calling the student behavior impressive. it sparked some outrage online, some people said his comments could offend those who don't pray. jeanette on facebook said these stories are not news or even inspirational. whether you are religious or
2:43 am
not it doesn't make you good people. i have seen terrible christians and amazing atheists. i don't get the point of this pick. some responded calling the criticism surprising. he said i wasn't trying to imply you have to be christian to be a good person. they are respectful, humble and appreciative for what they have. a lot of people coming to his defense. kevin says the comments are proof once again that people will argue with anything. kevin is spot on. >> over a dress code. >> an eighth grade student is suing his school district claiming they punished him for wearing this pro-gun t-shirt. the school says the t-shirt violated their dress code. the student is saying the school is violating his first amendment rights. an interesting debate occurring on this was one twitter user says i have nothing wrong with
2:44 am
this shirt, the second amendment is the law of the land. it doesn't promote violence. doesn't have a picture of a gun. if a student or an anti-gun t-shirt the student will get suspended as well? people debating about this. this is why some people say let's go uniform. how many times have we done stories about dress code violations? jillian: uniform, you don't have to think about it. 18 films, ten years in the making, expected to smash box office records. avengers infinity wars worth your box office bucks? kevin mccarthy live next. jillian: let's check in with abby huntsman for what is coming up with "fox and friends". >> reporter: some huge news out of south korea. i don't know if you saw the
2:45 am
interview with bret baer and james comey, get his reaction from that. i'm in the couch, ainsley in south carolina. she is going to be there with sen. lindsey graham, kellyanne conway, tim scott, a great show. it is writing, who is not happy about that? your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free.
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change discoloration shouldn't be, shouldn't repeat the tragic histories of the previous agreement that we are going to work closely together for full
2:49 am
implementation of the declaration. jillian: major news, his story on the korean peninsula. south korean pres. moon and north korean dictator kim jong un vowing to end the korean war during peace talks at the dnc. rob: the two leaders did not outline specific steps toward a nuclear free peninsula. this comes ahead of the planned north korea summit with the us and donald trump meeting with kim jong un. we will keep you posted on all this as a development. the parents of an american student in prison in north korea sent back home to die are suing that regime. cindy and fred warmbier said north korea tortured and killed their son otto. he was in prison for more than a year before the country sent him home with severe brain damage and days later otto
2:50 am
warmbier was dead. >> north korea is not a victim. they are terrorists. they purposely and intentionally injured auto. rob: north koreans denied torturing auto warmbier. jillian: nikolas cruz is charged with murdering 17 people at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in february. 's lawyers say he will plead guilty if he is guaranteed a life sentence without parole. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. this as union members give overwhelming no-confidence vote to broward county sheriff scott israel who is not up for reelection until 2020. rob: diamond silk testifying about alleged censorship, getting heated with lawmakers saying their proton page was labeled unsafe. >> how facebook has been censoring conservative voices like ourselves.
2:51 am
for 6 months, 29 days, 5 hours, 43 minutes and 40 seconds, that is what they did. rob: mark zuckerberg said it was a technical labor. they will join us in the 6:00 hour on "fox and friends". jillian: a free-speech lawsuit filed on the uc berkeley campus can go forward, two groups suing school officials in the wake of fallout from the milo you anapolis -- what they call secret restrictions, thousands of dollars in fees it charged to host another conservative guest, ben shapiro. rob: 10 years and 18 films in the making, expected to break box office records. jillian: avengers:infinity war everywhere today, and kevin mccarthy got a sneak peek at the film, the highest grossing movie of all time. he is excited and joins us live
2:52 am
now. >> reporter: i have been waiting 10 years for this film, my two favorite films in the in cu, there have been 18 films leading up to this movie and this is the 19th film that they juggled beautifully. it is perfectly balanced as all things should be. you are in sheer amazement how they balanced these storylines. and the performance capture, characters trying to create all 6 infinity stones and wipe out half the universe, the avengers team up with the guardians of the galaxy, to try to stop him. this movie will blow your mind. it is dramatic and emotional,
2:53 am
dark but one of the funniest marvel. happened today, highly entertaining. ellen silvestri's scores brilliant, and superhero history, so many amazing moments every superhero has an incredible shining hero moment in this film. i love this movie, i have been waiting 10 years for us and i love iron man one. this is incredible, a master class storytelling, no question, my second 5 out of 5, makes use data the ending credits of this movie, trust me on this, when the movie ends, your job will hit the floor, i will go to the weekend to pay to see people's reactions.
2:54 am
no spoilers, 5 out of 5, a brilliant film in the marvel cinematic universe. jillian: did you take a breath at all during that? >> know. by the way it is 2:50 in the morning in la. i have not slept. this movie is so great the bible talk about it all day long. you will be crying nerd tears during the entire film. weight until you see what happens. tweet me your thoughts at kevin mccarthy tv when you see the movie. jillian: on the movie or the suit? >> the suit is awesome. look at the pants. rob: glad you got through without having a heart attack. we appreciate it, your tenancy and vigor. thank you, kevin. 54 minutes after the hour. was the royal baby's name
2:55 am
leaked? jillian: a 3 wheel trailer crashing out of control, see the dog on crazy reason why. we will explain. ♪ as king midas, i expect things to last a looong time. and so should you. midas has a lifetime guarantee on these parts. that's right. on things like struts, brakes, shocks. all kinds of automobile parts. guaranteed for life. does he turn everything to gold?
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time jillian: i lovjill. rob: i lo this song. jillian: i know you are humming along here. rob: beautiful thursday in the northeast. we're finally happy that we have some good weather. jillian: absolutely. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first we start with the good. a little boy finds $100 at walmart. instead of keeping it, he gives it back to the 86-year-old who lost it. >> that right there he is 100 percent -- >> the louisiana man giving the boy $20 as a reward. >> great kid with a clear conscience. >> the website may have revealed the new prince's name early. type prince albert on the url access denied appears. the same thing happens when you type in prince george and princess charlotte. if you type in prince arthur one of the other options it says page not found. it looks like it's going to be albert.
3:00 am
we will see. jillian: what appears to be a driverless cab crashes into a store in china. take another look. the pup pops his head out from behind the wheel. rob: happy friday, see you later. >> mike pompeo was sworn in as the secretary of state. the white house photos of him meeting kim jong un over easter weekend. >> kim jong un speaking side by side with south korea's president agreeing to end the decade's old korean war. >> did you other things. >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richman a leak. >> jim comey has a definition of the word leak that no one else has. what he says is a leak, is what the rest of us call a felony. >> 4 brand new additional pages uncovered text messages between peter strzok and lisa page. >> having a tough time


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