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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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night, 8:00 p.m., to the show that is a sworn enemy of wine, pomposity, and groupthink. sean hannity is next was judge jeanine is sitting in. have a great night. ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome to the special edition of "hannity," trump, the disruptor in chief. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. for the hour, we will highlight how president trump is challenging the status quo, calling out the abusively biased breath, breaking down diplomatic walls, and dismantling the deep state, brick by brick. breaking tonight, the house intel committee just released the full-length report on its russia investigation, and guess what, the committee found absolutely no evidence of trump-russia collusion.
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here's how president trump reacted to the decisive report. >> we were honored. a great report. no collusion, which i knew anyway, no coordination,n, nothing. it's a witch hunts. there no collusion. you can believe this one. there -- she probably can't believe it. who rep can? the report was very powerful, very strong. no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian people. as i've said many times before, i've always said there was no collusion but i've also said, there has been nobody topper on russia than me. with that all being said, if we can get along with russia, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. there has been nobody tougher on russia than me. i was very honored by the report, it was totally conclusive, strong, powerful, many things said that nobody knew about and said in a very strong way. they were very forceful and segmental content campaign actually did contribute to russia.
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so maybe somebody ought to look at that. what we really should do is get on with our lives. >> judge jeanine: we'll have more on this in a moment. first, the man president trump fired from the fbi, james comey, is in hot water tonight after a very puzzling answer he gave to bret baier. about the antitrust dossier. take a look. >> you called the dossier unverified, salacious. why did you use that to the fisa court to ask for surveillance for carter page? not only y use it but you lead with it? a bulk of the advise application deals with that dossier. why?an >> that is not my recollection. i don't know that the fisa application has been released. my recollection is it was part of a broader w mosaic of facts that were laid before the fisa judge to obtain a fisa warrant. >> there was more than the dossier on the advise application? >> my recollection is there was a significant amount about a page and why there is probable cause tond believe he was an agt of a foreign power.bu the dossier was part of that but
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it was thought all of it or a critical part. my recollection. >> judge jeanine: the disgraced former director is also under fire for saying the dirty dossier did not play ath significant role in the fisa warrant of the trump campaign associate. even though two congressional my most blatantly dispute this. take a look. >> when did you learn that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign had funded christopher steele's work? >> we still don't know that for a fact. >> what do you mean? >> i've only seen that in the media. i don't know which democrats funded -- i know it was found first by republicans -- >> that's not true. the dossier that christopher steele worked on was funded by republicans? >> my understanding is his work started, funding by -- as oppo research funded by republicans. >> so free beacon said that they had glenn simpson and fusion gps on a retainer but they did not fond of the christopher steele, or the dossier.
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that was initiated by democrats. >> my understanding is the activity was begun, that steele was hired to look into, first funded by u republicans -- the important thing is, picked up by democrats opposed to donald trump. >> judge jeanine:g joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor herman cain and florida congressman matt gaetz. all right, congressman, i will ask you first. what do you think of this new report by the intel committee? the republican majority actually. >> this report is a decisive win for the president because it supports for the president has been saying all along. that is that russians had a greater involvement in the drafting of the hillary clinton funded christopher steele authored dossier than they ever had with the trump campaign. no evidence of collusion, still, frankly, this points out the need to disband the mueller investigation because it's built on a rotten premise that is now been disproven with 250
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pages of fact. >> judge jeanine: herman cain, to you, what is your take on this latest report from the intel committee? >> my take, judge jeanine, is that he is not in heart, caught water. he lied and lied and lied. now we have to wait for the process to play itself out. comey i'm talking about. we now have to wait for the process to play itself out. for him to end up in court such that a court judgment proves that he lied and tried to keep a cloud over this administration. he and others have tried to keep a cloud over this administration but with this report, the clouds have parted and now, we are seeing the truth, and that is with the american people want to see. >> judge jeanine: was iug interesting, herman, even though you say that we want to see the courts get involved, the truth is the inspector general's report was supposed to come outg comey and now they say may and probably even later than that.
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christopher steele, a reference because he lied to the fbi. i believe it was chairman grassley's committee, don michael made a criminal referral to the department of justice months and months ago. we knew mccabe lied over more than several months ago, nothing has happened. what do you think it's going to take? i think they are slow walking the documents so we don't have the evidence, so the american people get8, past 2018, change e house. to speak out i agree with you. they are trying to slow walk this cloud, slow walk these investigations, such as they get through november 2018. here's the thing, judge jeanine. the american people, including somear democrats, are not stupi. we've had enough evidence come out, even through the media, that says he has lied and discredited himself and they are
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not l going to swallow the gullible lies that the democrats and liberals are trying to push on the american people. they want to be able to slow this one because when that ag report comes out, it will be the icing on the cake. >> judge jeanine: congressman gates, you ended by saying our last, that it's time for the specialel counsel, mueller's grp to be disbanded. but today, yesterday, i believe, it was chairman grassley of the senate judiciary who led a bill outof of committee and, supportd by a few republicans like lindsey graham, saying they will block the president from firing mueller and disbanding the commission. on the one hand, we've got you saying one thing and we've got grassley sing another. why is grassley wasting his time with thisin kind of a bill? >> senator grassley has done a lot to contribute to our investigation of the fbi and theirha wrongdoing. my concern is we have some senate republicans who are more worried about protecting bob mueller then protecting the
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united states border. and of our constitution. i wish the senate will take up the 500 bills the house has sent over to advance the trump agenda and restore constitutional principles. instead they are wasting time on this frivolity. the constitution could not be clearer. the employees of the executive branch work for the president that he can't fire them. >> judge jeanine: thereo is no question about that. ik want to go back to congressmn gaetz. one of the things that chairman grassley answered, the house passing almost 500 bills, the senate doing nothing, he said we've got the filibuster, so i can't do anything unless i have bipartisan support. what do you stated that? >> they have the filibuster because they want to have the filibuster. if a democrat wants to filibuster an appointee or legislation, let him stand up and read the phone p book or dr. seuss and plot the american people see the absurdity that is playing out with democrats refusing to do their job and take tough votes. you know what? mitch mcconnell is helping them because he won't actually
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bring bills to the floor and he empowers chuck schumer and the democrats are too much. >> judge jeanine: herman cain, what you stated that? >> what i stated that his is he is absolutely right. memo to senate, you are not president. they are trying to micromanage the president by telling him who he can fire and not fire. it's his decision and they seem to't forget this.s. this is not the first time that they have tried to micromanage the decisions that this president has the ability to make if he wants to. let him do his job. united states senate, democrats, and republicans. >> judge jeanine: congressman, you know,w, america is fed up wh congress. they have one of the lowest approval ratings of anybody. i can't think of anyone other than career criminals who have lower approval ratings. theyey are not doing anything anyway.. the resistance, obstruction. here wee are a year later and
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there is nothing on russia collusion, nothing, the democrats keep saying, "it'sas coming." we are wasting away the ability to support this president. republicans, too. what is their problem with president trump? >> your point is accurate. congress has a 9% approval rating. i think more market off he had a 13% approval rating at his own people dragged him in the streets and kill him. we need to get in gear and engage in the president's agenda. the peoplet did not elect this president to rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic. we want to disrupt her, someone who will change their t ways of washington. frankly, we have too many small creatures and both parties. they want to keep everything the same. as until we start embracing this agenda to make things different, i fear the american people will still have a negative view of our institution. >> judge jeanine: herman cain, one last question. what do you think the democrats
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will come up with sincee most of the house and tell them apart with the republicans has been redacted. will they come out with their own report? >> no. they are going to come out with ava always come out with. deny, denial, and distract. the only tactics they have. here is why, judge jeanine, tds, trump derangement syndrome, it longer a medical disorder, it's a mental disease. that is what they are suffering from and they will continue to drag it out until november. >> judge jeanine: herman cain, congressman gaetz, thank you so much for being with us tonight. andd president trump is often referred to james comey as a leaguer and a liar. and an interview with bret baier, the fired fbi director lived up to that reputation. take a look at this. >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richman a leak. i told him about an unclassified conversationym with the preside.
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>> fbi protocol says that prohibits the end the dash shon have written permission? >> i did not consider it part of an fbi file, all the things i talked about. >> you brought it as an fbi director. it was a work product. no, -- >> it was a personal memoir. i can't reach her goal copies, want to give it my personal safe and another run at the fbi so the bureau could always have access but i always thought of it as mine, like a diary. >> judge jeanine: you said in the ♪ ♪ 's, i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak, i don't do weasel moves. but we can argue what a leak isi but that is a leak. n isn't it?>> >> it's not. >> okay. >> judge jeanine:fo joining us now, fox news contributor sara carter carter. matt schlapp. david abella. i will start with you, sara. to me, james comey looked like he didn't know what to say.
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bret baier pushed back and saidn this is a leak, he did not have authority to leak it and he says, it is my diary. as if fbi directors have a diary and they were able to share it with other people when it's a report to. >> you are right, judge jeanine. he was trying to explain, this is my personal memoirs, which i started at the fbi and then i put a copy of it my home. nobody can do that. at the fbi, there are explicit instructions that they are given to all agents, including the director, you cannot take your work product on with you. at the caa, it's the same way. any time of intelligence apparatus. you cannot remove documents from the office and take them home, even if you want to call them t your memoirs, your diary. he is being caught now in a number of inconsistencies andan lies and i think this is going to come back to haunt him. another question i have, judge,
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dr. richman, even if he was a special government employee with the fbi, he was working for the fbi. not four me. so he would be under the same rules andd guidelines. >> judge jeanine: matt schlapp schlapp, sara makes a great point. this guy, dan richman, a friend from columbia, columbia law school, he gives him the special status, sage, special government employee. i want to know, was he fingerprinted? photograph? was there any lie detector? a background check? a guy who leaks stuff and then was leaking stuff other people? what's your take? >> they special government employees, a legitimate way to get someone into government. a quick way, and sometimes a temporary way. what i think james comey had up his sleeve the whole time, sara is right. when i left the white house, i could not take paper with meax because it belonged to the tax
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payers. james comey wrote these memos and colluded with his law professor friend because they were written so they can be given to "the new york times" and the liberal media to prosecute the case against donald trump no matter what form, with a special council, on the front pages of these newspapers. it was all done because james comey was a never trump her. he doesn't think he is a character to be president and he wants to h get him out of the office. >> judge jeanine: the amazing part of it, david abella, when you reacher the memo that we wee also desperately waiting to read, there is nothing in there that hurts the president, that would be the genesis of a special counsel. it basically says the presidenti says, do the investigation, i wantoi to know who's doing this, and i don't need prostitutes and comey is dumb enough to say clapper told me to do it. >> exactly. james comey is in the 14th minute of his 15 minutes of fam
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fame. this book tour has done nothing except seal the t prevailing viw of james comey that every answer is ultimately given to try to make him look like a hero. sara asked a great question. here is one that i have. who will be sitting across from fbi agents under their own investigation first? andrew mccabe or james comey? >> there is talk, sara, i could see this months ago, when james comey was tweeting things, he was trying to make nice with mccabe, mccabe wasn't having any of it, now there's talk that they will end up -- mccabe assange comey gave me the right to leak, and yet now we've got the weaker, dan richman, the lawyer, playing the hillary clinton game where cheryl mills as the suspect and the lawyer and that gives everything on lockdown. >> the collusion here, judge jeanine, there was collusion.
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r you look at the report, there was collusion. it was between clack or dominic clapper, comey, mccabe, all of e players, come, colluding against the incoming president of the united states, president trump. we can see how they have tried to massage this and manage this. they believe that none of this would have, because first of all they felt that hillary clinton would win and when she didn't win, they want one step further and they moved into plan b and now everything is being exposed. now they are eating each other up. b we see mccabe and comey both saying that each other's stories don't match up and i think what we are going to eventually find out is that a lot more people were leaking, a lot more people in the fbi will be in trouble and a lot more people in the intelligence community. >> judge jeanine: matt, the whole idea if they are hoisted on their own -- we don't need them to fight with each other, their inconsistencies are glaring, whether it's saying one thing in a book on it on thing to
10:18 pm
bret baier or whether it's clapper who says that he did not discuss the steele dossier with the press. but his testimony before the committee, as trey gowdy says, was that he did discuss it. >> it's all the same theme, which is each one of these men, whether it is steele, mccabe, comey, they have an intricate way of doingl, something that is it legal, and appropriate, and they against their oath of office, releasing information tt should not be given to the press. it's not even accurate information. it's information that's used to try to go after political enemies. i tell you this, judge, i've been involved in politics too dang long braid if there is no russia, and not one scintilla of anything, the american people are fair. i think that donald trump has done a great service, at great cost and pain, to a lot of people. he has exposed these liars and leakers that are entrenched in these powerful positions and it's important for the american
10:19 pm
people to sweep them out of government. >> judge jeanine: david, last question. when you look at what is obvious to those of all of us who are really watching everything that has been happening over the last year, you've got james comey's gone from the fbi, andrew mccabe is gone from the fbi, as is baker, the council you have that whole out to upper echelon. strzok and page, in spite of their biases, they t are still there but there's evidence or information that they are cooperating. the fact that that whole upper echelon is gone, what does that tell you? >>lo it confirms with the local agents want because they arest frustrated by how this makes the fbi look. if you talk to local agents, they want all of the upper management of the fbi cleaned out. it's making the entire bureau look bad. the most important thing the president said today was, it is time to move on with our lives.
10:20 pm
here's the unfortunate thing, judge, and what is extremely important. the average special counsel investigation goes 1154 days. this is not about influencing a 2018 election. this is about democrats and their allies in the media affecting the 2020 election. >> judge jeanine: interesting. thank you all for being on this evening. and coming up on this special edition of "hannity," the left continues to hammer rapper kanye west over his support for president trump. we'll tell you what the about all ofsaying it. stay right there. ♪ you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> judge jeanine: welcome to the special edition of "hannity": trump, the disruptor in chief. president trump is challenging the political status quo and according to a report, "trump is thinking about inviting kanye to the white house for dinner," sources say. president trump tweeted, t t "kanye west -- a legacy stuff. thank you also do chance and dr. darrell scott. they really get it. lowest black and hispanic unemployment in history." a show of support between the president and west is sending then left and the media into a frenzy. take a look at this. >> kanye west as a lot of people wondering if he cares about black people. >> rapper kanye west tweeting, "you don't have to agree with trump with the mob can't make me not to love him." victor we have the right independent thought. yes, we have the right independent thought and i independently think that kanye
10:26 pm
has lost his mind. >> donald trump is your brother, it is true, i am your brother, too. brother to brother i just want to say, put the phone down. >> have you guys noticed -- do you feel it? very few people have it? >> what's wrong? >> the president has it. >> what? >> kanye has it. >> but are you talking about? >> dragon energy. before he was president of the united states, he was a tv host, maybe it's harmless, he was somebody that they could aspire to or at least aspire to that lifestyle. but i think now it's changed a little bit so that's why you have seen so much outrage against kanye. >> when the president starts bragging about all the things he's done for black folk, this man has been lost for years. >> judge jeanine: joining me now with reaction, fox news contributor ncr, deneen
10:27 pm
borelli and turning point founder charlie kirk. all right, i will start with you. who would ever have thought that we w would have discussed pop culture and a pop culture icon in a segment with donald trump? >>e let me just say, if the president doesn't bite kanye west to the white house, the left is clearly going to go over the edge. really, the messages breaking through, judge dean. the left cannot control president trump. he has over 51 million twitter followers. they can control kanye west, he has over 27 million twitter followers. the messages breaking through. i think it is great that kanye west is standing up for independent thought, and the backlash that he is getting, it is expected. but i'm glad he is still sticking to his guns. >> judge jeanine: you can see the president thereid with kanye west at trump tower, during the transition after
10:28 pm
donald trump had been elected. he was still president-elect. charlie, i'm going to go to you. the frenzy and the hysteria that we've been hearing about from the left criticizing kanye is reminiscent to me of mccarthyism. how dare you think that this donald trump is anyone that you should support. the fact that black and hispanic unemployment is the lowest in history. but it is such groupthink. it's mccarthyism. it's frightening to me. >> its model of the at that's remember how we got here. we could ago, candace owens was praised by kanye west. it seemsth to have broke the internet, seven words, "i love the way c candace owens thinks." kanye said, i will double down and tweet out a picture of me wearing a make america great again hat brady doubles down in triples down and it's really
10:29 pm
triggered a national cultural conversation of, waithy a secon, why are black people voting for democrats at a 95% clip? the democrats and their policies are the very ones that have harmed the black community the most over the last 50 or 60 years. use audience the rapper, said not all put black people have to be democrats. correct. this monolithic groupthink that has been happening politically over the last 30 or 40 years, come with us at the calls done my cultural change. >> judge jeanine: deneen, charley brought up the fact that chance the rapper said, blacks don't have to vote democrat and theyo beat down on him to the point where he has issued a statement late today saying, i was supporting my friend kanye, i really hate donald trump. i would never support him. and shania twain said, if i could have, i would have voted for him, and they beat her down and she took it t back.
10:30 pm
i can't say why are they so weak, which i would like to say, but is there anything that we can do to at least convince people like kanye and chance and shania, people are buying into what youay are saying and your free thought? >> it's a liberal mob, judge. really, anyone who is for freedom and liberty and personal responsibility, we need back up. i've been talking about this for many, many years, why i wrote my book. listen, with black voters, they are afraid in some cases to say that they are conservative and agreere with free-market values and principles because of the backlash they will get from their immediate surroundings, friends,rk families, coworkers. that is some of the reasons why black voters will not come out and say that they agree with conservative principles. but now is the time, and i would say for a republican politician, there momentum is there. they need to make the face time
10:31 pm
and get the message out abouts free-market principles and how it will be beneficial for you and your family. >> judge jeanine: okay, charlie, i want to go back to you with candace owen. she is an incredibly bright, articulate, very persuasive young woman. she is part of your organization. you hired her. are you at all surprised that a couple of lines from her or comments have literally created this pop culture divided this country? >> i'm surprised in one way, i'm surprised it happened this quick. i hired candace out one form minutes after meeting her and i've never come across anyone wh that kind of natural talent,he drive, beating dominic she said, i will lead the black revolution but igh want to do it with you. i said, -- does this all started us at ucla where she challenged black lives matters protesters
10:32 pm
head on, and untouchable activist group,ti she did it so brilliantly come up with the clip on twitter, kanye solid, praisd her, and the started a national conversation that no one i so proud to have her as the communications director. we need more courageous young warriors. with the support of many m otheo students, we will turn this around. >> i agree with charlie. kudos to you and your group. >> judge jeanine: no charlie,>> deneen, thank you. coming up, president trump could be on the verge of a big win after his historic peace summit between north and south korea. we also you have the president is reacting next on the special edition of "hannity." ♪ just one free hearing test at
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(♪light musical cords) to never give up >> i want to congratulate the republic of >> i want to congratulate the republic of korea on its historic summit with north korea.
10:37 pm
we areoo encouraged by president moon and kim jong un's expressed goal of complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i will be meeting with w kim jong un in the coming weeks. we look forward to that and hopefully it will be productive. it's taken a long time, many, many decades to get here. let's see what happens. wet will not repeat the mistake of past administrations. maximum pressure will continue until denuclearization occurs, things have f changed very radically from a few months ago. you know the name calling and a lot of other things. we get a kick every once in a while out of thef fact that i'll be watching people that fail so badly over the last 25 years explaining to me how to make a deal with north korea, get a big, big kick out of that. we are doing very well. i think that something very
10:38 pm
dramatic could happen. >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." trump: the disruptor in chief. that was the president today talking about -- with german chancellor angela merkel. talking about the historic summit that took place in south korea between north korean leader kim jong un and his south korean counterpart. the two leaders vowed to end the war between the two countries and agreed to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president trump also said this about the n situation. >> we are not going to be played, okay? we'll hopefully make a deal. if we don't, that's fine. the united states in the past was played like a fiddle, money going in, nobody knew what was happening. we will i think come up with a solution and if we don't, we leave the room with great respect, we leave the room and wee keep it going. this isn't like past administrations. we don't play games. >> judge jeanine: joining us
10:39 pm
now, fox news contributor, allen west. former treasury department intelligence analyst, morgan ortega, and the author of "reaper." all right, alan, i will start with you. ister understand that you were actually in demilitarized zone for a. lack time. what is your take that kim jong un has actually met witha president moon of south korea and actually stepped over that demilitarized zone? >> good to be with you, judge. in 1995, i was stationed there with the second infantry division and i remember as a senior officer seeingun the tunnels that the north koreans had dug to infiltrate south korea. today was a historical moment. we must understand, we have to keep the pressure on and kim jong un has proven to be a person that you cannot trust. wean have to have the systems ad sanctions in place. we have to be able to verify anything that he says he is going to do.
10:40 pm
history will teach us, neville chamberlain sat down with adolph felter -- adolf hitler, signed via courts, and then he said it was justho a piece of paper. >> judge jeanine: those will say that we've reached a point that is only due to president trump and he referenced it a few moments agos he said there was a lot of name calling and a few other things, several months back, between rocket mant out all the other back and forth, but that really did lead, or create the foundation for this meeting between president mont and kim jong would you agree? >> absolutely. i think the president deserves a ton of credit for what happened today. you are even seeing his biggest critics give him credit as well. the south korean president went out of his way to save the policies of the president is what has led towards today. i would say, though, when you look at what the general just said, we view everything
10:41 pm
skepticism, today we saw for the first time the north korean leaderer set up on the south korean soil. we've never seen that. it is not just rhetoric by the rhetoric is important. is the fact there was a credible threat of force behind the rhetoric and i would add that the historic sanctions that nikki haley and the trump administration pursued at the u.n. deserve a lot of credit because what happened was that we caused pain in his pocket where it hurts the most. clearly one of the reasons he's coming to the table is because of the government approach. americanld president, who the world believes will take action, historic sanctions, and i would add, look at what is happening with the chinese. look at the president sending his top economic team to china and the chinese -- this is a conference of strategy. >> judge jeanine: general, let's talk about the military component. the president indicated he has no reluctance whatsoever to use his military options and force to back up and he's also not afraid to walk away if he doesn't get what he wants from
10:42 pm
kim jong un. >> i think the military component is peace through strength, 28,000 troops on the korean peninsula and we've got the air force in guam and we've got -- we had three carrier strike groups in the sea of japan surrounding the korean peninsula with all of the airfare were that comes along with that and tomahawk the nuclear missiles, that can be launched. there is a credible threat from us to north korea that has been behind the other elements of national power that the president has artfullyer synchronized here as we have talked before on your show with diplomacy, information, economics, all those elements of power. what you are seeing now is it success of a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan. the media is looking for someone to t dilute their praise away fm the president for doing all of these things and they choose
10:43 pm
kim jong un's sister, who was at the olympics, and she may have gone back and talked to her brother and said, it's pretty nice down there. they have food. you might want to go check it out. it's a credible threat of military force. president trump is synchronizing mats and very good way, that has led to this point and president trump and his team deserve the credit. mike pompeo deserves a lot of a lot of credit as well as ambassador haley. >> judge jeanine: alan, i'll go back to you. looking at kim jong un with president moon, this is a guy who was killing us six months ago. he was standing there with toys of war and, did he have a little part of me, what got to this guy that everything about him has changed? 's body language has changed. where the economic state actions that severe? is someone in the country telling him that you better make this writer you are going?
10:44 pm
>> i think when you have a credible military threat and a deterrent, that back up your foreign policy. itit was 2010 when the north korean killed 46 of their sailors, wounded 56. later on, november of 2010, there was the north korean artillery bombardment of the south korean island. we said nothing and did nothing. we continued to appease and negotiate. for the first time, we have an american president that has stood with resolve and resiliency, also let us remember that kim jong un is responsible for the death of an american citizen, otto warmbier. three american citizens are still being held, as well as japanese citizens. i understand him stepping across into south korea but this is a person that has a very dark past and has a very evil intentions. we cannot put that aside. we have to proceed with caution. >> judge jeanine: general, the family has sued the north korean
10:45 pm
government, otto warmbier. how is that going to impact what is going on? suing them, does not have any chance of resolution and anyway? >> judge, i think that it's a holistic approach, as we go into these negotiations, to try a to get -- as president trump called her today, this is for the world,we and so we can scale frm a very important microcosmic issue all thehe way up to what e have to do for the world, a denuclearized korean peninsula is okay foror the world, and i think the president and his team are going to achieve that. i believe they will achieve all the other goals as well, one of which is what you mentioned. >> judge jeanine: morgan, very quickly. the idea of the large armies that are on that border between north and south korea, the fact that they might be able to come home, it is certainly something
10:46 pm
to look forward to. >> it certainly is. i would echo what the gentleman just said, we need to lay out specific steps for denuclearization. what does it look like? hows do we verify it? this administration want to do this, we can't make the same mistakes the obama administration did, i know this administration want to do that and that is whyd. we need to verify that this is going to happen. >> judge jeanine: you know v what, i think all of us would agree that the donald trump administration is not going to put together any deal without real verification. anyway, alan, morgan, general tatum, thank you so much for being with us. still to come on the special edition of "hannity," congressman ron desantis will weigh in on james comey's ridiculous explanation about his leaks as well as so much more. stay right here. ♪
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to be specially additional "hannity." congressman trey gowdy is blasting james comey's unbelievable justification for leaking his memos. take a look at this. >> jim comey has a definition of the word leaked that no one else has. what he says is a leak is with the rest of us call a felony. leaking as disclosing a confidential conversation, which is exactly what he did. >> judge jeanine: the president's meeting tonight saying the special counsel should never have been appointed. joining me now with reaction, florida congressman ron desantis.he good evening, congressman. i have to tell you, when i heard trey gowdy say, our definition of leak is a felony as opposed to james comey. james comey seemed to be
10:52 pm
actually stunned when bret baier said to him, when you leak this to dan richman -- he said, no, it's not elite. what is>> a leak? >> if you believe comey's explanation, you believe that it will snow in miami in august. he admitted it was a leak when he testified originally, he said he wanted to create a special counsel, he went to his files, some of them are classified but certainly, they were government property because he wass distributing them to people like andrew mccabe and james rybicki. this is clearly a government document, some of it was likely classified ad by him putting it out there, that is exactly what a leak is. i think he is in trouble with the law, not only for the classified potential but it can be a crime to leak defense information even if it's not a classified and he's been referred to the ig.
10:53 pm
i think you shouldet be referred to criminally. i think this book tour has blown up in his face. >> judge jeanine: i think the book tour, congressman, has created a lot of controversy and aov sense, what he said before,s opposed to what he said in the book, can be three differente versions of the truth, or his truth. one in particular, he was asked if there was any truth to the thinkinghi that the fbi agents o interviewed flynn actually didn't think he had intent to when asked this, he said then there is a transcript of his saying before the committee, house committee, that his group didn't detect any deception on the part of flynn. so he denied it twice. you got him in a transcript and now lying about it. jim, used to be a smart guy, the
10:54 pm
guy i knew. but o is he so confident that our system is so weak, and if they slow walk the doj and fbi reports, that nobody, certainly no one in the justice department will ever prosecute him? he's laughing all the way to the bank? >> he's definitely going to the bank. he's making aey lot of money on this book. i think is really doing damage to the fbi as an institution. i think he does think that he's not going toe be subjected to ay type of accountability because they are a few people have been. mccabe being referred was a major deal. w i was calling for that, i know you were. with that typically had not happened. usually that elite bureaucratic class lives under different rules amount is one of the big problems with our system is operating. i think comey, i think he has a lot of issues. if we have an equal application of the law, you can to say that a submariner, petty officer in the navy who takes a picture of a submarine, which you should
10:55 pm
not have done, it's classified, but did not disclose it, he gives a federal felony but comey can maliciously leak potential legal classified information and we at nothing ever happened? that's wrong. >> judge jeanine: and make money off of it. we0 have ten seconds. will anyone prosecute? >> we sent the referral to john huber and sessions. i think we are closer than we were three or four core weeks ago. >> judge jeanine: let's hope so. congressman ronon desantis, thank you so much. coming up, more of this special edition of "hannity." ♪
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♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> welcome back to hannity. that's all the time we have left this evening. but tomorrow night on justice, i will have live coverage of the president's rally in michigan. we'll have reaction with a-list guests including governor mike huckabee. join me for justice with judge
11:00 pm
jeanine. thanks forto joining us. laura ingraham is next. >> good evening. i'm laura ingraham. hundreds of illegal immigrants preparing to assault our border. and consult their attorneys. i will debate the head of the group advising illegals on how to get into the united states. plus, big mis big news from cons investigation. we'll share findings. also, the house chaplain has been dismissed. this is a huge controversy. a political firestorm. raymond arroyo has exclusive reporting. what did democratic candidates want from president trump?


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