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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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jeanine. thanks forto joining us. laura ingraham is next. >> good evening. i'm laura ingraham. hundreds of illegal immigrants preparing to assault our border. and consult their attorneys. i will debate the head of the group advising illegals on how to get into the united states. plus, big mis big news from cons investigation. we'll share findings. also, the house chaplain has been dismissed. this is a huge controversy. a political firestorm. raymond arroyo has exclusive reporting. what did democratic candidates want from president trump? impeachment. how they might turn their blue
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wave into a blue ripple. i'm going to explain. plus, we begin with president trump on the verge of a truly historic diplomatic triumph at his t tough talk appears to be paying off. the leaders of north and south korea agreed to remove all nuclear weapons from their country and work towards ending the state of war that has existed since 1953 truce. the president acknowledged there was much work to be done, but he sure sounded optimistic. >> a lot of good things are happening with respect to north korea, president obama told me when i had the one meeting with him, he said that's the most difficult thing you have. and honestly, i wish it was handled earlier, i wish it were
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handled byrl another administration years ago, i'm not just talking about president obama. i go back to any administration you want.ea this should have been handled a long time ago. but we will handle it. we are handling it well. >> is it time for trump's critics to concede that his tough rocket man talk made a difference here? republican congressman has been urging colleagues to support, wait for it, a nobel peace prize for the president. he joins us from fort wayne, indiana and former trump campaign adviser and china policy expert is going to be with us, as is asia policy expert. great panel. this is, i never thought i would see this in my lifetime. i have to say, guys, the idea of the north koreaen dictator
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crossing the dmz to meet the south korea leader, speaking the same language, meeting together, embracing at one point after the handshake, after they had their meeting. this is initial still, it's in itsia initial phases, but congressman, i have to say, i think the only person who could have gotten us to this place, again, we'll see where it goes, was donald trump because of his unconventional approach in negotiations and, frankly, his. tough talk. are they going to launch a nuclear war? no, but we are going to solve this. congressman, how did donald trump manage to get us this far? >> it is extraordinary. i have been saying for a couple months now, if north korea ends its nuclear program and you bring peace to this peninsula after 70 years, donald trump deserves a nobel peace prize.
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the only reason that the evil north korean dictator is coming to town, president trump's talk is bringing them to the table and china, too. we have a long way to go. these events over the last 24e hours are extraordinary and24 almost impossible to overstate. it's a very big deal. it is happening because of president trump's leadership. >> we'll talk about the chinese involvement in all this. we can't overlook the fact we have major administrationat officials going to china on tuesday, the ustr and, of course, we have steve and other senior level members of the administration going to talk trade. but mike, i want to go to you, i want to do a flash back, it's flash back friday and play for our panel the scene from the nobel prize ceremony involvingba
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barack obama. let's watch. >> to hold and tenacity to make these hopes come true. that is what makes it so important, by his own behavior and leadership, he is demanding that we all take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges. we congratulate this year's laureate, president obama, on what he has achieved. >> that wasan was in ten and a half months. he was getting people to accept responsibility for facing global challenges. now, if that's the benchmark, mike, then donald trump, regardless of what happens, has to be a shoe-in for the nobel.
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i think the congressman is right here. >> perhaps president trump has earned two nobel peace prizes. the authority of these peace prizes is in doubt. it's a committee of five who are chosen by the norwegian parliament, and they are retired members of the norwegian particlement. the case of president trump, this is a tremendous success. the only problem is the degree of pressure he used to get it may turn the stomachs of some. he had nuclear aircraft lining toward north korea, he had a discussion with the south korea minister that we might return our nuclear weapons, as many as 800 or more. other kinds of pressure was the focused sanctions, even on the royal family in the north. so this is not your ordinary
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dealistic make a speech kind of nobe onobel peace prize, this is someone who got results. but they came only through pressure. i think the chinese helped. frankly, president trump linking trade and the delegation going next week to helping with north korea, that was a very bold gesture, heavily criticized by the left wing media. it looks like it was a stroke of genius. the chinese helped us on north korea. >> that's a great point. reilly, i want to go to you. i'm a little worried on the linking of china trade to north korea. the 2025 program, where they dominate every industry, it's not the easiest of concerns to look at when you look at them both. we can't allow china to dominate high tech, we cannot allow china to dominate 3d printing,
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commercial aviation, but that is their subsidizing goal. they are doing that across every industry. i'm worried that donald trump is so focused on north korea deal,e that we'll let up the pressure on china. so far he's had great judgment. >>e' there's a difference on opinion on what the immediatepi threat from north korea and future threat from china represent. obviously, last night was a historic event. this is setting up toward the upcoming meetings between north korea and donald trump. china's role in this going forward is skeptical, i think. the president of china has the north korean leader visit him out of the blue in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago to preempt his visit with south korea and the united states. i think the maximum pressure that the united states has been
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applying has been influencing and incentivizing them to come to the table. >> i want to play for you and the panel a few of our favorite friend on the other side of the aisle who refuse to give president trump even a modicom here. >> people talk about donald trump, anybody in north or south korea winning the nobel peace prize. >> my message is curb your enthusiasm. if you have expectations and it fails, that may draw us closer to war. >> this was the show that nobody else in control and that china and the united states is not in control, that the two koreas are seizing the process. >> okay. just sua sponte came together, liklike pixie dust.
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that was the most moronic. >> the president is being strong towards china. that's why we are in this position. >> he cannot let up on china. they are ripping us off at every turn. mike knows this. just because they have helped on north koreatu doesn't mean we ct let them off. they are poised to dominate all these industries. >> and we are where we are because this president has shown strength. he will show strength towards china. you have seen them caving in. here's the deal. the withering criticism of folks on the left, can you imagine how they would be behaving if barack obama was president and the events last night. they have criticized this rspresident's diplomacy. look, twitter diplomacy is working. north korea has come to the table in a way that most of us
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would have never imagined a few months ago. you cannot overstate how big a deal last night was. of course there is a long way to go. but we are here because america is safest when america is strong. and with this president, president trump, we are strong again on the world stage. and to have events like what have happened in the last 24 hours is another big step in the right direction. i afreagree with you. we have to be strong towards china, he's been tough on china. i'm confident he's going to continue to do it. >> he's had great instincts. >> it's been a big foreign policy week for president trump. he held the first state dinnerin for the french president and today he met with german chancellor. >> translator: they have to take
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their destiny into their own hands because we can no longer as we used to during the years when germany was divided. > we need a reciprocal. the united states has a trade deficit of $151 billion. and the chancellor and i have discussed it at length. we are working on it and we want to make it more fair and the chancellor wants to make it more fair. >> iss it just me or does angela merkel, a couple of points she looked like she ate something bad. she did not look all that thrilled. had to be there. but she didn't like trump, she doesn't like being bossed around by the americans. but she had to come here and deal with them. what was your thought? >> i think she's motivated by her own china problems. the german media exposed quite a
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bit of technology theft by china. and influenced operations inside germany. the rise of china in terms of german attention to it is a big problem. and there is an effort now for the germans, french and on thes through the european union to join with the united states on these predatory trade practices of china. she didn't mention that, but it's behind the scenes what's going through merkel's mind. >> i think merkel wanted relief from the tariffs. the president did not give her the relief she wanted on may 1. she came to get some assurances on that front. and donald trump, he was cordal to her. it's got to be a recipro cal relationship. no more free ride. it's a mutual relationship and
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that's how it's going to go down. >>e i think angela merkel, the relationship this meeting was better than the last time they met. she's coming in third, if we see the prime minister of japan visiting two weeks ago. >> she could have been first. she blew the relationship. >> it's not just her asking for exemptions. it's the eu asking for exceptions on the tariffs. we want to target china, a lot of these non-fare issues. we hurt our allies in japan andt eu who would be supportive of us in national security concern, one of those things. the purpose of these tariffs were to address national security and even the argument made by the administration when shoddy at best. >> what are you talking? this is where conservatives drive me crazy you tell me what the alternative is to china.ur
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we took them to world trade court. we tried to work with european counter parks, china says thank you, i will take another. we have warned them, met with them. he did every manner of diplomacy. donald trump got to the point where frankly these previous presidents should have been at 15 years ago. we got walked all over by china and now they are coming and buying seed money into our early upstart corporations, early funding of major tech companies. they are in our high tech industry like never before. and that's just the beginning of what they are doing. >> w absolutely. they manipulate currency, they treat our products unfairly. the president is showing bold leadership that hasn't been shown by either party. it's s fascinating to see these world leaders coming to meet
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this president because they realize who the leader of the world is right now, it's president trump. you see it with the german leader, japanese leader, french leader. what's happening now in north korea. this president is showing that strength, when america is strong, america is way better off. i can tell you out here in fort wayne, independent, people getn it. they may not get it on the coast, but out here in thet middle of the country, people understand it. he's making a difference. it's strengthening america on the world stage. >> we are almost out of time. the future is going to be china's or ours. i prefer that it's the future of the land of the free because if china end up dominating these industries, all these academic arguments about tariffs, they are over. the whole freedom measurement is down. we lose, they win. it's over for freedom and sovereignty. last thought. >> i od have good news for you. if you go back to the year
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2000 you will find a book by donald trump, called the america we deserve. it has an eight page section on china with all these criticisms and the desire to be tough spelled out. this is not something new. he's been thinking about it a long time. this is his time to implement his original vision. >> he was ahead of the curve. i want to you stay i talked to a group coaching illegal immigrants on the best way to get political asylum in the united states. and later nancy pelosi is lecturing fellow democrats, what they should not talk about in the upcoming election. i will tell you why she's probably out of luck. mom, dad, can we talk?
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>> hundreds of illegal immigrants are determined to get into the united states this weekend. first, they are getting free legal advice from a number of american attorneys who are advising them holding workshops on u.s. immigration law p particularly on how to seek asylum. a recent poll conducted found that only 11% of hondurans immigrate to escape violence while 83% are seeking better economic opportunities. human rights first announced it will partner with law firms providing guidance to asylum seekers. wheree is the line between providing guidance and helping people gain the system. is there a line? joining me is the president and ceo of human rights first. this is a tough situation. we have at least 300 people,
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women and children included, many of whom made a trek starting in march, around easter, all the way up throughic mexico ultimately getting here, close to the united states. there are a lot of people who watched our show over the last few days and wonder how is it that american lawyers go down to mexico and advise people from another country about how to get into this country when most of their concerns are economic. i don't blame them, they want a better life. but that's not a valid claim fob asylum, is it. >> let's separate two things. first, what human rights first is doing, we are not in mexico, not going down to mexico. but what we are doing is working with volunteer lawyers to help people who present themselves to u.s. authorities for protection. we provide advice, answer questions. >> you areti providing lawyers
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with advice? >> lawyers are providing, people who ask for help. >> they are in mexico because the individuals that we are talking about are in mexico, correct? >> no, we won't be doing that until they present themselves. >> i want to understand this. >> no, no, it's important. >> there are 300 people in various tent village in tijuanac i understand that there are a number ofnd american lawyers already down there. and they have been advising these people for at least three and a half, four weeks. >> that's not human rights first. i'm flood to hear that there are lawyers advising those folks. it's not illegal, it's part of our law. the system, as you know, you are a lawyer, works best when people understand how it works, what the standards are. so better for people to know that in advance. but human rights first is going
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to be helping the people, less than a couple of hundred, mostly women and children, coming mostly from honduras, when they present themselves to the authorities at the border, they can access freed a vize from american lawyers. they are stepping up to help people who are in need, we are americans, that's what we do. >> usually help americans in need. there are a lot of americans who can't afford a lawyer. their husband beat them. >> a strong tradition of pro bono. >> who fund you guys? >> we have all kind. >> any big guys, george soros? >> lawyers, law firms, we get a lot of money from law firms. the second issue is really important about who are these folks. the report that you mentioned, i took a look at it quickly, i have to say it's ridiculous. the report basically, that survey, what it did was go down
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and interview about 1500 people in honduras and ask them to you know anybody who left and why die think they left. that's where that data came from. frankly, that reflects a breath-taking misunderstanding of the people. you are not going to tell peopl- >> you would concede there are millions upon millions upone millions of people around the world who could state they haveo a credible fear of crime, of persecution, of concern for their social group, whatever that means. if that's the standard, and it is the standard in u.s. law, there is no end to the people who will show up and throwt themselves at an immigration point of entry and say i want asylum. >> that's not correct. >> i spent a lot of time in africa and there is a lot of people there, villages are being burned by flame throwers by
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islamic groups, mothers and sisters have been stolen and kidnapped. they live in fear for their existence. >> let me tell you about that -- >> my point is -- >> let's just say, to the point you just raised. >> i spent a lot of time there, i know honduras. >> it's one of the top most dangerous countries. number one is syria. >> chicago is pretty dangerous right now. >> the problem is that people are fleeing violence. >> chicago is fleeing violence. >> the law says that people who are fleeing persecution are entitled to ask for asylum. >> but your lawyers are helping them recite the lines that are necessary to report. >> that's untrue. >> do you have any videos about how they conduct the workshops?
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we have tried to get them. >> the people haven't arrived yet, laura. >> there are already lawyers -- >> they are lawyers with human rights first. >> are they standing at the border right now, like at the border whent the people throw themselves at the immigration officials, is one of your lawyers you fund at the border saying i will represent you? how does that work? >> we have a couple of staff people down there by sunday. and we have volunteer lawyers who are prepared to answer questions on a hotline for people who have questions about how does the system work, here's what happened. does that qualify me for asylum. it's part of the system. lawyers make the system >> tom is the i.c.e. trekker. thidirector.>> they are real se? they passed through a nation in
11:27 pm
mexico. they went through mexico. they could claim asylum there. i don't know if this is as much claiming asylum as get to the uniteded states. >> my sources say they have been offered asylum in mexico. why haven't they accepted that? >> a few people have. >> a dozen. >> mexico is not a safe country for a lot of people who are fleeing. we have documented cases of people being sent back,d deported, to mexico and being killed there. so it is, you know, we have journalists, political activists, people sent back who have been murdered. it's not a safe country for everybody. >> but they are crossing through mexico to get to the united states. >> you got a different way for them to do it, let me know. >> basically all of honduras should be able to come to the united states. >>th no.
11:28 pm
it's a country that's rife with persecution, every year a thousand people decide they are going to claim persecution, the whole country is a disaster. take the country and put it in kansas. >> there is no question the country is a disaster. >> take them all in. it never ends. that's the problem. >> we are talking right now, this is a manufactured crisis. >> really? when newer public schools in northern virginia, it's not manufactured. i went to public schools, i know what it's like. >> you had a segment on north korea, talk about threats we need to worry about. this is a couple of hundred people who are fleeing. >> it's 11 million people in the country. we are talkinghe about it more d more. >> a couple of hundred women and children. >> you know it's not just women and children. i love the fact you came o we look forward on getting a report. i did a lot of pro bono work.
11:29 pm
a lot of the lawyers want to do good stuff. how do border officials deal with car van caravans. okay, you heard the point here. this is the system. if you don't like the system, change the law. the law is now that you present yourself at the border, you can get the advice of attorneys, these attorneys aren't violating the law. they are doing pro bono work across the united states and across the globe. it's congress' deal now. brandon. >> well, first off, what she said is not absolutely correct. she misrepresented what asylum s it's a legal mat tor legal matte here. you are making a false claim. if they cross the border illegally, which people in this
11:30 pm
caravan have crossed the border other than points of entry, that's an illegal act and we can't have that in this country. we have to abide by the rule of law. >>ha let's go now. let's, claude, you have done a lot of work as a special agent. the agents on the ground are the ones, they see the way things really are, not an academic argument. what is the truth about people who present themselves at the southwest border, various points of entry, el paso, arizona, and, of course, in california. >> well, first of all, i would like to make the point, laura, that survey you initially cited, 83% are economic migrants. that's accurate. 80% of honduran claims are ejected. that means those 80% were not
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valid. the real reason they are coming here is to find jobs. they are migrant workers. that's the fact. the problem with this process is that as my colleague pointed out, that if they are representing, making false representations, they are committing fraud. it's actually a felony. this is the problem. and they are coming here to work. that's the magnet. we have a lot of vulnerabilitities in the system. we have to shut down the magnet, allowing them to get employment here. we need to build a wall to deter people. >> the wall is not going to change the asylum claims. >> for some of them. the ones that are here illegally. you need the law to be changed. >> i want people to get a sense of how things are developing now on the border. last week the numbers of adults
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with children who have been apprehended crossing the border, it's 700 a day. okay. that's last week. that's the highest level we have seen per day crossings since 2016. you saw a big drop-off when trump came into office. now it's gone up, up, up and up. and that's, i mean, that's endangers people who are crossing as the months get hotter. we'll have problems with human trafficking, drugs, all the problems that it brings in. not all of them, but we know there is an ms-13 people apprehended last week. what we are hearing from the administration, we want a hundred percent prosecution for adults who try to bring in children. really quickly, we got about 15. >> we need that prosecution f we continue to release people, we
11:33 pm
have the right to send them back to mexico. >> the problem is they can't go back to guatemala or honduras. >> mexico. >> great panel, thank you so much. friday followlie follies up nex.
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>> welcome back. it's time for our friday follies segment. we have fantastic stories. first news. democrats are launching a religious war over the departure
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of a house chaplain. i'm glad they know there is a house chaplain. raymond, what is going on? this is a fire storm. >> it should have been a small story. it washo announced, father conry has been the chaplain for a number of years. he was the second catholic chaplain. >> the house of representatives has a photo of him. >> here's the deal. he apparently gave a prayer before the tax vote and some thought there was a little partisan intent. nowan democrats are saying he ws removed by paul ryan because of the prayer. this is what they said today, they stormed the floor, demanding not only ang investigation, but more. watch. >> dismissal of father conroy following this prayer shows republicans true refusal to embody faith and charity. resolve there is hereby established a committee to investigate the actions and
11:36 pm
motivations behind the resignation of the house chaplain. >> they want a special council against paul ryan. nancy pelosi says it was unjust. >> one democrat, three democrats, what did you find. out? >> some complained to paul ryan. told me father was a little more partisan than pastor. others went to him for counseling, thought he wasn't as warm or understanding as he should have been. they went to the senate chaplain instead. it was the aaccumulation including pushing for certain bills. that's what led to his dismissal. i have gotten that from high officials. >> this is a tempest in a teapot. >> now they want to find a new
11:37 pm
chaplain. he wants a man who has a family and children. >> theyy married. >> i don't like that comment. facebook censored free speech of diamond and silk. diamond and silk took capitol hill. do we have a clip? watch this, this is classic. >> you all have been bashing facebook and making a ton of money, isn't that correct? >> no. >> wait a minute, hold on. >> i have been making a ton of money on facebook? >> we didn't bash facebook, we brought to light how facebook has been sensorring conservative voices like ourselves. and shame on the ones that don't even see that we have beenen censored. if the shoe was on the other foot and mark zuckerberg was a conservative and we were liberals, all chains would have
11:38 pm
broke loose. you know it and i know it. >> tyler perry should sign them up. diamond and phil goes to washington. this is a mini series. >> i was screaming laughing. every time they started asking a question -- >> a, a, a. >> no, no, hold on. >> there is a big story of the night. the big friday follies story. >> people are paying for cuddles. there is a -- therapy. >> if you don't get enough human touch. >> we have video of this. this is a group. >> pay that person not to cuddle with me. >> there are 1200 professional cuddlers. we have a growing number of
11:39 pm
people who are single without spouses. they claim because of that, more peoplele than ever, they are having cuddling parties here in washington d.c. because people are so upset after the election, they are scared, they want cuddles. you know how much they are charging? >> how much? >> $80 an hour. you lean against the provider, hold hands while you talk. it's nonsexual touch. it's affirming. >> $80? >> i have done the math. i'm not going to cuddle with you, but i will give you a hug for $1.30. >> get away from me, don't touch me. oh, get away. cuddle? this is really a sign of thes decline of the times. >> my favorite is the party. they are all together. >> no, no. i rather go to a tupperware
11:40 pm
party. >> i don't want to cuddle with anybody but my wife. >> some people cuddling, i'm not going to cuddle with you. >> they should have a bath certificate before they cuddle. someom of these folks are -- >>e no bathing zone. god bless them. we didn't go to nancy pelosi. next time. >> have a good weekend. >> don't ever think of cuddling here. congressional investigation finds no evidence of trump collusion with russia. it raises a question about what the democrats were up to. congressman helps us sort it out next.
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>> president trump was given a fresh reason to call for the ena of the special counsel's investigation. the republican-led house intel committee released its final committee thatl found no evidene of conspiracy or collusion
11:43 pm
between russia and the trump team. while the president just tweeted at the top of the hour, the house intelligence committee rules that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia, as i have been saying all along, it is all a big hoax by the democrats based on payments and lies. it should never have been a special counsel appointed, witch hunt. the democrats can't let go. >> i think it's just a gloss on a very political report, document that could have been written by the white house. >> close the investigation and write anti inaccurate, incomplee and premature report does nothing to protect us. >> this complete partisan white wash by the republicans just shows more so why we need an honest report. >> in many ways it was a kindergarten investigation. >> joining me now for reaction is shawn duffy in wisconsin and
11:44 pm
leslie marshall in l.a. great to see both of you. the president was all over this tonight. he's tweeting about it. time to end this russia investigation. jeff sessions said as much this week as well. but our democrat. this is all political. there is no serious examination of these issues and they are not letting this go. >> so for democrats, maybe we can cue jack nicholson, you can't handle the democrats will never absorb the truth there was no russia collusion. dianne feinstein from california who is the head of the democrats for the senate intelligence committee and james clapper who worked for barack obama, both have said they see no evidence of collusion. democrats don't look for the truth. this is about politics. if you don't have the russian
11:45 pm
narrative and story, you might have to talk about korea and what happened today, you might have to talk about gdp growth and wage growth and securere border. democrats can't talk about those things. and that's why they have to stick on this narrative of russia collusion. they can't run anything this november election. this is about politics, not truth. >> leslie. >> oh, congressman, with all due respect, we can multitask, we democrats. this is political and it is partisan becauseis when you look at this committee, it's not the bipartisan committee that said no collusion. it's the republicans. there's a senate committee and we have an independent counsel by robert muller. i say democrats and republicans back off and let the guy do his job. if there is no collusion, we need to find that out. this committee has not interviewed the people that muller hesperin viewed.
11:46 pm
this committee has not looked into the documentation that the independent counsel has before him. this does not give an exxon raise to the president. this is a republican saying based on what we looked into, we don't feel there is an issue here. >> how about dianne feinstein, james copper? this will never stop for democrats. no matter how clear it is that donald trump won by the force oe his ideas and outworked hillary clinton. when will you accept it? how much evidence do you need? how much information do you need that donald trump had a hard time trying to collude with republicans let alone russianings. when do you acceptit it? >> let me jump in here. i think one thing that congressman duffy mentioned was this interesting tidbit that has been confirmed that former dianne feinstein staffer, daniel
11:47 pm
jones, was the person responsible for getting that fusion gps dossier going which is interesting. obviously feinstein is an important senate figure herself. but it just reinforces this idea that this was a political hit job from the beginning. it was research pushed through this christopher steel who was disassociated from the fbi for leaking information to the democrats brushed that off, but it was now confirmed. >> i don't have a problem of the confirmation because of the time line. he was working for the senator in 2015. that's when he left. then it was after the election that he, with his organization, and money from private donors, hired, tried to hire mr. steel and a fusion gps. i don't have a problem because of the time line. what. was his motive?
11:48 pm
clearly, it was political. do we se see any corroboration. i don't have a problem due to the time line. >> of course she doesn't. they raised $50 million from ten donors from new york and california to drive the narrative of the russian collusion story and phony dossier. i thought democrats were opposed to dirty money. if it helps them, they love dark money. this was $50 million to promote this story. >> thanks to both of you tonight. nancy pelosi may be helpless to stop her nightmare scenario in november. we'll tell you what she is afraid of the other democrats talking about.
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>> laura: >> democrats keep insisting that there is terrible disunity in the g.o.p. looks like they are not even on the same page as their own voters are. a new poll shows 70% of at that timic voters want to impeach trump if their party retakes the house in november. that's a big red flag for the
11:52 pm
woman that wants to be speaker. >> i don't think we should be talking about impeachment. i have been clear from the start, it's a gift to the republicans to talk about impeachment. we want to talk about what they are doing to undermine working families in i our country. >> let's talk with andrew stein and democratic strategist. andrew, nancy pelosi is smart enough to know that the impeachment mania will drive republican turnout because republicans want this president to succeed. yet, there is a fever within the democratic party to get him out of office no matter what they do if they take back the house. >> i go back to the democratic party, to humphrey, way before your time, my father was a
11:53 pm
pallbearerme at his funeral. the fact is trump is doing a great job. unemployment is as low as it's been in a year. he's pulling off a deal on north korea. if you look at the merits, trump is doing a fantastic job. but the democrats are johnny one note. impeach, resist. they have no positive program of theirno own. >> you got a couple of things to think about. in terms of why the economy is doing well, donald trump is benefiting from barack obama's work while he was president. point two, it's not the only issue on the ballot. democrats are focused hard on winning this when it comes to the economy. >> what would that argument be? >> middle class families are still that's not good enough. everyday people don't have money to go out and pay their bills
11:54 pm
and have food on the table. >> over eight years of obama, median income flat lines or declined. >> six of those years were controlled by republican congress. >> obama gets credit when things go well, but no no blame. >> he did a great job keeping drama out of the white house. >> what does that mean? no one cares like who's the assistant secretary of xyz. they care about what's in their ballet. >> they care about the honor of their country. president trump made it hard to be proud of america. he's tweeting every day to jump on fox and friend for half hour
11:55 pm
and your own hosts tell him you are running out of time. >> a guy in ohio, andrew, you can get in on this. a fact friday worker inac ohio o is hoping his job doesn't get shipped to china, vietnam, the president called in to fox and friend to 27 minutes, i wish he got off in 15. this is an insight the beltway. the democrats thought queen hillary would never lose. they didn't see the regular working class spirit of people in the country what are sick of being looked down by both parties, republicans and democrats. >> every weekend hillary was at a different friend of mine's house. the hamptons, beverly hills. the president was making six, seven speeches and connecting
11:56 pm
withth people. i knew in the summer he was going to win. help ago message and he was connecting with the average working guy in ohio and michigan. hillary was playing to the elites and it didn't work. >> look, what we can say about that is hillary clinton still got 3 million more votes. that will matter. that's a straight election up or down. that's going to work well with the democrats. conner lam won on a message. we haven't seen jobs for a long time. >> that's because donald trump is reinvigorating our country with a lot of proper trade chuck schumers like the trade policy, bring jobs, claire mccass kill praises him. >> what i can tell you, why aren't they voting for
11:57 pm
republicans. >> they did. we still have an electorial college. >> but now with the midterms, we have the democrats looking good. >> resistance, do you think it turns out big in the midterm? >> the democrats are going to santa barbarsnatch defeat from f victory. the president has a strong message. the economy is doing so well. unemployment is at 17 year low and the democrats are going to lose the congress again. >> fantastic panel. we have to go black. great panel. we'll have you both back. we'll see what happens. stay with us.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> laura: before we go let's take a look at the tweet we received before the show. ramon aaroyo. you're a riot. >> way to breakthrough lawyer's defenses. >> what defenses? >> she needs but deserves a hug.
12:00 am
ingram angle. >> okay. >> i order a cuddle. >> five, four, three -- >> cuddlers. >> i don't want anyional cuddlers. go away. have a good week. no cuddling. shan tonight, you will hear for the first time from tonight you will hear from ambassador rick brunel operating the most important diplomatic worst in the world, negotiations over the iran deal, nato spending and trade and kristin fisher digging into an unfolding capitol hill mystery, the congressional chaplain by house republicans and is it legal to throw someone out of a bar for supporting the president of the united states? stick around for night court. welcome to fox news at night. as


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