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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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have to watch out. that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and thank you all for walking. i am paul gigot. i hope to see you right here next week. >> this is a fox news alert and this hour president trump is getting set to leave the white house heading to michigan where he will hold a campaign style rally. the present this year has chosen to skip the white house correspondents association dinner that takes place this evening in dc. also today, he has been targeting a democratic senator on twitter. jackson has withdrew from nomination for public affairs. this is a new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> the president leaving one washington for another in michigan. michigan is just on the
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battleground states that help deliver the president to victory in the election. his rally will happen during the annual events that celebrate journalists in our nations capital. coming up, little talk about the optics of a former president of the white house correspondents association. but first, go to mike in washington, where the president will arrive later. >> here it is, the president located to spend an evening with both. spent time support is important to get him elected place. you can see them lining up three hours outside to look at the president inside. i can show you video blasters event. it is relevant because the president has once again opted not to be at the white house correspondents dinner. knowing that he will be on the short end of the jokes. the president will spend the evening here and he promoted this over twitter. he wrote look forward to being
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in a great state of michigan second major business expansion and job! into the state. auto companies expanding record pace. big crowds that will be on live tv.the president said where he might go tonight. in the speech. he is still pretty upset at admiral ronny jackson withdrawing from the va secretary documented allegations made by the montana senator about drinking and drugging cars and unpleasant working environment for the president tweeting a short time ago, secret service is just informing sumner john statements are not true. there are no such findings. horrible thing that we in d.c. that with her despite 40 version collision, tester sugars raised in montana. very dishonest and sick. this is an event funded by the campaign. to anticipate the stop he will weigh in on the midterm elections but the one thing we know about campaign style stopped and this president, he can go just about anywhere! >> deftly hard to keep an idea of where the president will go.
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thank you. >> this is the second year in a row he is skipping the white house correspondents dinner. over the big event in d.c. tonight. instead of going and he will host this competing event of his own. let's bring in jeff, it white house correspondent at reuters and former president white house correspondents association. i assume that will be your event of choice tonight and the junior reuters correspondent rally, is that right? >> we have a colleague going to the rally. i will be doing a quick change as soon as we finish here. >> your impression, such as it is, former white house correspondents association president and former correspondent of the president. skipping this event, do make too much of this with him skipping it two years in a row? >> i don't comment last year when i was the president i make clear the president was welcome. i know the board this year also invited him. i think he has to speak for himself in terms of what
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message he wants to send. last year was the first time since president reagan was shot in the early 1980s that a dinner had not attended. that said, last year he also pretty much beyond white house staff from attending the dinner and this year he did not do that. administration officials and white house staff will be at the dinner. i see that is progress. >> is your -- as you are speaking we are seeing live now, this is you can see -- >> the president has also made a point of regularly being critical of the media. i think it is something that comes across well to some of the people who count themselves as his supporters. he would have to reconcile that to some extent i guess if he were to decide to come to the dinner.
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i also think that you support your goal. >> ,figuring the practice of criticizing the media. sometimes, as you know he does is at live events. like the one he is attended to he may very well appoint at the media. he will point them out and be critical of them then., does that cause or cross a line in your book? >> i think is unfortunate that the president will direct that kind of betrayal sometimes at the media particularly some of the things that he said last year about the media being the enemy of the american people. those of course the things that we object very strongly. that said, i think is our job as reporters to continue to report the news and the
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president uses rhetoric we disagree with, the best method to respond is to continue doing our job and i think that as we see the white house largely doing. >> that is not going to ask you as a follow-up question. have some report is done we can just reporting the news, speaking to the facts, remaining objective and taking insults from the president they receive is personal and then tried to go back at him. >> i cannot speak for other reporters and obviously i don't speak for the association anymore either but when i would say is the repetition of before. i think the most important thing for us as journalists to do her job, do good journalism. there's been a lot of excellent journalism in the last year. >> i think it's important to note that despite a lot of that very negative rhetoric that the president has often directed at the press, he has been very accessible. and he is accessible to
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journalists. that is a good thing. >> no shortage of stories either to cover in the white house. maybe 10 on any given day. >> let me ask you about today. it was just mentioned that the president is really going after the democratic senator from montana, on twitter. this back-and-forth about jackson nomination. and the information that he put out there the president that is not true spreading this information. what you make of this? >> i think a lot of it has to do with that the president trump as well as his staff and frankly, also the step of the obama white house really like jackson. and the president feels strongly about the reaction he was given to his nomination and she delayed that jackson has been attacked and i think now that they feel they have evidence from the secret service to rebut that he physically, what senator tester said they want to be sure to get out there. i think that ronny jackson is a
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very popular figure at the white house and they are upset about how this went down. >> we'll see if it hurts him politically. it is democrat it's trying to hold up. >> good to see you we appreciate your time and good luck. have a good night even without the president. my pleasure. >> will have more coverage tonight at the presidents rally michigan as it begins it 7 pm eastern time. as when the "fox report" begins. and we will cover that live in the president in michigan on fox news channel. >> has intelligence committee releasing his final report on the russian election middle. saying they found no evidence of collusion between moscow and the trump campaign. reports getting mixed reactions from lawmakers. gillian turner has more from washington. >> reports from republican house and subcommittee largely exonerate the trunk and clinton campaigns, confirming russia did interfere an election and
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condemning the us intelligence community. they accused the obama -- quote - they flatly denied discussing the dossier to the russian hacking of the 2016 election with journalists. subsequently acknowledges discussing this and admitting he might have with other journalists on the same topic. the credit was quick to embrace portions of report favorable to him but steer clear of the finding that both campaigns exhibited quote - for judgment. >> am very honored by the report. it was totally conclusive. strong and powerful. we really should do is get on with our lives and a lot of things. >> washington's reference to the report reads. conclusions that they drive to depend in large measure on their own political disposition.
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several democrats zeroing in on what they deemed the unserious nature of the investigation. >> is basically a kindergarten report. it was a light once over. >> while some republicans are using a potentialó grievances with this lovely quote - from mike conley reason i'm extremely disappointed at the overzealous reductions made by 10 from a reductions information publicly available such as witness names and information previously team and i will continue to challenge the many unnecessary directions with the hopes of releasing more of report in the coming months. also breaking essay russian lawyer -- attended after ms. trump tower meeting during the campaign admitted to being sometimes an informant from the congo. this coming and on the interview that aired. >> thank you. >> and other fox news alert clean after nationwide manhunt for the suspendable of a
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suspected killer of a sheriff deputy the state of maine. 29-year-old williams taken his custody earlier today. four days after the date of the shooting. they're not saying that he was apprehended or turned himself in. quickly is accused of shooting and killing corporal eugene on wednesday instead of his cruiser and grabbing a convenience store. 12 the first law enforcement officer to be killed in maine in nearly 30 years. now the authorities in maine are giving a live update to see if they are monitoring that. will bring a friend information to you if we get it. >> a turning point between north and south korea. leaders from both nations taken steps to and decades of tension.b& south korea, next. plus, mike pompeo not wasting any time. he goes overseas. more on his message coming up.
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we've been following on the korean peninsula. leaders of north and south korea agree to work on making the area a nuclear free zone. all of this paving the way for the senate between the president and kim junco that we expect to happen in the near future. in a correspondent is and south korea with more. >> the summit here is a ready history.the folks here in the states and around the world are now looking ahead for the event on friday of course involved north korean leader kim junco and and the south korean president. probably the most significant recognition that we saw on saturday came from the north. extensive coverage on the t.v. and newspapers. even cited the north pledge of denuclearization. and his soul on sunday there was caution optimism for the commitment to signing a peace
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treaty. and it is being seen as a crucial warm up to the plan summit between kim jong-un and president trump. that meeting starts to be happening in late may or early june. possible locations is said to be narrowed down to two. that is a technical analyst. >> friendly pure donald trump you want to make this deal. is not ideal that that you can make is only one that the united states donald trump gets credit. -- >> he adds that could be good chemistry between the president and kim jong-un. let's make a deal. maybe. thank you greg. mike pompeo making his first overseas trip after being confirmed as a brand-new secretary of state. the secretary arrived in saudi
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arabia earlier today. he will go to israel and then jordan. yesterday only hours after being flown in mike pompeo address nato as a representative in brussels sandy alliance is as important as ever in the face of threats from russia. >> russia threatens allies and partners. militarily ukraine in 2014, after an aggressive campaign to undermine democratic light of russians unacceptable actions nato is more indispensable than ever. >> join me now in the form he is ambassador to nato. kurt volker. also executive director at the mccain institute.thank you for joining us. we hear the brand-new secretary of state saying there, that he is very concerned with russia and the fact that it has four western democracy. i would like to bring up a recent fox news poll deposit whether or not the president has been tough enough on the
1:19 pm
right of different formulation issues. and we seek 51 percent say president is not tough enough on russia. going back to that, do you think with mike pompeo now taking the lien here for the state department and being very clear on literally day one what his will look like.he's not playing with russia. you think that will change? are these the perception? >> the perception, the trump administration has been tougher on russia really from the beginning. we need to separate the domestic issues that people talking about russia investigations and things like that. as compared to what is going on internationally. we seen an increase in sanctions, attaining sanctions. much more robust pushback in syria calling michelle for some aggressive activities as they
1:20 pm
heard secretary pompeo say. i think it is already there and i think it is very important the secretary pompeo to make the first stop it nato because it is important to pull our side, the west, the alliance together as we are dealing with russia these days. >> when you are ambassador, let's go back to the campaign for a moment. candidate donald trump then, really, he seems clear that the secretary of state will move forward with some people appreciate it. and said only six of the 28 countries are pulling their weight on the spending with all these partners to agree to, we should demand more of them. what is your take on that? >> i think the president is right to signal that out. it is something many presidents going back to president reagan at least, have complained about. that the us has been paying a
1:21 pm
disproportionate share of the total cost of the defenses. that was something that was agreed in 2014 at a summit in wales. every country with spend two percent of gdp as you say very few are actually doing that. the good news is that the trendline is going the right direction. more countries are increasing dispense spending now that was the president when junco it was the case when the president was elected. >> is a mike pompeo cosmo very specifically, the wealthiest of the european allies and nato and they are not doing the job. he says flat out it is unacceptable for unsatisfactory rather so far. do you think that will have an impact to germany stepping up and leaving the way? >> yesterday there was a meeting yesterday with the president. aunt she was upset germany and other european allies need to be doing more. i think the president agreed.
1:22 pm
i think there is a recognition that the trend has got to be towards greater defense spending and even germany recognizes that.>> and when it comes to what they nato collective effort to counter these really egregious russian actions we are seeing recently as recent as the nerve agent, suspected nerve agent of the exits by vladimir putin continues in support of the assad regime in syria. but again, the collective effort of nato to counter that, there's a plus with summit in july where a lot of nato leaders will meet and talk about specifics about the russian pushback should look like. what do you anticipate will be discussed? >> first off i think the defense spending will be something that is discussed. has to be continued progress on increasing the defense spending of the european allies. second, with an increase in the deployments of forces in eastern part of the alliance
1:23 pm
over the course of the administration thus far. i think that is something that is going to continue. we saw already at the nerve gas attacks in the uk, expulsions of russian diplomats in europe to match the expulsions that took place in the united states. and placing an outcry over the use of chemical weapons and increasing willingness of european allies to call out russia for the actions in the ukraine or in georgia. and finally, we have seen that european allies are questioning the russian gas project that is trying to maintain europe's dependence on russia for gas and was go the chancellor said it is a commercial project that has some complications and we need to see that the gas transits across ukraine are dealt with first. and how that project was lord. >> ambassador, thank you so much for that input.
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>> thank you. >> maran "fox news sunday" national security advisor john bolton sits down with our own chris wallace on what should be the response to various hotspots around the world. check out local listings for when it airs for. >> and now this is arriving the southern border to talk about what lies ahead for these people. plus, former fbi director, james comey, stalking backlash for a comment he made about his memos and we will talk about what he said about president trump and other critics how they are reacting. >> you said there memos i said i don't do sneaky things i don't leak, but we can argue when a leak is. but that is a leak, isn't it? >> it's not. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. >> you give him nothing else ever to share? >> that indeed is the former fbi director, james comey, on the special report denying he leaked classified information. he decided to share memos with the president. this comes as the wall street journal reports at least two of james comey is memos that contain material that is considered classified. his comments left there's a sparking firestorm of reaction including accusations of a double standard. let's try to pick us apart. we are bringing robert driscoll. former deputy assistant attorney general. welcome, good to have you. i will start with a word and become a definition of the word. you heard it there, leak, how do you find that?
1:30 pm
>> i was at a leak is any unauthorized mission of information from a company or government to a reporter. and i think the reason the former director spokesman is not necessary the classification issue as it is testimony before congress where senator grassley asked him directly have you ever essentially information related to the clayton case or the transport case and he said no. he needs to, he has gotten in hot water for that as well. he is going to need to argue that what he did was not a leak but i think what clearly comes within the common understanding washington of what a leak is. >> because he may have broken the law? >> he denied it. he denied leaking information or authorizing weeks when he testified before the senate
1:31 pm
judiciary committee. if congress finds what he did was a leak, they can make a referral for a false statement. >> how they find if it is not a leak? is it wasn't classified at the time? does that stand up at all? >> leavy does have anything to do with it being classified. it is a separate problem. if you distribute the information is clearly a crime, is a felony. all the documents were not marked, he created them, they are not marked. documents are more classified when they fit into a classification system by someone like him. and obviously has no markings on it. the document is not classified because it is marked, it is marked because it is classified. so now it may go to something but is clearly distributed what was determined to be a classified document to someone else at the fbi. clearly is a violation of fbi
1:32 pm
rules and is a question of whether or not it is also a criminal violation for unauthorized disclosure.>> and they will have to decide this. >> exactly. and mccabe report as detailed as it was i suspect you will see something similar with respect to the former director james comey and lynch. >> essentially as we know now, the memos that he wrote. he gets in the car gets a laptop out and starts to record how he remembers a conversation because i can go home at night and you have a diary entry. and you write down what happened during the day. may go back to it and it turns out one month later to write a book. others have argued that it is a government document. what is the difference between the two and how do you see it? >> this is one of the things i just don't understand.
1:33 pm
this isn't even close. was created on a government computer while he was doing work for the government. about a meeting that took place in the course of his directorship of the fbi. it is clearly not a personal document. as evidenced by the fact that he left a copy with the fbi. so he clearly, if you put it in a workfile it seems clear to me is a work document. and you cannot just declare it private and then it loses all ability to be classified or restricted. >> it is interesting the way he chose to do it. do you think he did this on purpose? what is that he just wanted to remember what was in the meeting. he could have gone home on a personal computer or pad and paper. whatever it may be and brought it to himself it would have been like a diary entry.a personal document, personal collection. he wanted the government to have record of this. >> even that would be tough because it would be essentially putting information down which might be classified in an unclassified computer. select to be a problem. but generally speaking it is
1:34 pm
not uncommon. you have a big meeting and you take notes after and you write them up. but if there work meeting, this is a grocery list, this is his discussion with the president of the united states about some pretty serious events and involving the president and fbi. >> how do you think this all plays out? >> i think you'll see something along the lines of what you sow with andrew mccabe. he was a report in the next week or two from the inspector general. i think that you will see a referral from that to the department of justice and possibly prosecution depending on what it says. and whether or not they treat the former director in the same way he treated other people that leaked classified information. >> when you go back to my original question i didn't quite think, i'm not sure what you said about this but do you think the professional opinion that he broke the law? let's it appears that he did release a violation is the same way hillary clinton did in
1:35 pm
terms of not protecting classified information and letting it out. >> okay so, that is a big statement to make. at that point he's being so careful. >> that and the possible false statements to congress. the same issue. he is not out of the woods. this is very difficult for him because he is unable trying to sell books and he is making multiple statements about these events and i'm sure they probably getting some heartburn about the statements. this to be the subject of prosecution later in this life. >> reputation has really been changed by this. way people used to look at james comey versus the way they look at him now. even in the last few months with special counsel and he is seen as a whistleblower and in your opinion someone that broke the law. >> i think at minimum, whether he does -- his reputation will take a hit.
1:36 pm
he looks like a partisan actor and descended to the partisanship of washington. i think people like to think of the fbi and the fbi director a song because i think he is at replication for some time but i don't think he has anymore. >> did you read the book? >> i have skimmed it i have not read it all the way through. >> okay. i don't know if that name was in it. >> it was not. >> check the index. thank you robert, good conversation. he covered a lot of ground. i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> a fox news alert on the southern border. a caravan of migrants now reaching tijuana on their request for asylum. as they receive legal advice on how to properly enter the us. we are live in tijuana with the latest with william. >> let me give you some context
1:37 pm
here. the hills behind me, that is the united states. because of the fence in the foreground. only a half-mile from the border. we are of -- there in legal seminars written. they are about hundred and 40 they made to tijuana. they going over to points for number one, is there claim credible? do they leave where they would face retribution if returning home. and the lawyers are saying they want to do this? you know that you're likely to be separated from your family, from your child and weeks if not months in detention. i do like the us is entitled to provide a fair hearing to those who do claim asylum. however, despite the president stressed that people are going to be sent home, does he spoke
1:38 pm
to say they plan to come. >> young thing hotel mr. trump is to look at all of the people in the way that they suffer. the people, they are coming from those countries. they're not doing this -- they faced danger and extortion. >> i was asking, we have rights, we are running from countries for the reason. >> what is the us do to stop this or deter future illegal immigrants? number one they are saying that you can get prosecuted if you lie or use a smuggler. they that you will be separated from your children. if you are detained through the process and all noncitizens are subject to immediate removal. however, whether they will keep to that we don't know. i can say that tomorrow, whenever we believe will happen is around 9 to 11 tomorrow morning, the global go to an
1:39 pm
area overlooking the pacific. a group of people from honduras and central america coming. this will generate a lot of media attention for then they'll come back to the shelter and then show up with the board aware an untold number, we are told around 200 will express either. >> thank you. >> yet another fox news alert. the president is on his way, air force is waiting for him. they will be making the trip after the rally in michigan we have been talking about. this is the scene in washington township. the president will be there for a campaign style rally skipping the white house correspondents dinner to do it. on the other side of the screen, air force one waiting at joint base andrews. the president left be a marine one on the cell phone of the white house about political ramifications and
1:40 pm
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don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> right now, we are waiting the presidents departure from joint base andrews. he will go to michigan for a campaign staff crowded tonight. the presidents telecoms is a very busy week in washington. welcoming two more leaders the white house. also with the nominee of the va withdrawing and -- likely of holding the presidents travel ban. there -- also beverly hauser, president of district media group and also hosts a podcast. i like that.
1:45 pm
thank you for joining us for jessica, i will start with you. you have something that you don't normally say. it has actually been a good week for the president. in the midst of all the news you talked about how really, the breaker between north and south korea has got lost in the news cycle. tell me what you think it's been a good week for the president? >> i think the managing north korea and south korea is historic. that has been going on 63 years of war. we obviously know with the us and china we need to what they will do. them shaking hands and spending time together that is something a lot of people never seen a tenure. in the meeting with emmanuel macron what will it also with angela merkel presences of this i wish you didn't but -- >> like what? [laughter]
1:46 pm
>> i'm trying to be positive. tough talk about nato, paying their fair share. and it is not necessarily how i would want the president to execute but i support the message generally. it seems like angela merkel is also receptive to it. i do think the issue with jackson, especially the secret service has not released a statement saying the drunken incident did not happen. it is going to create more of a hullabaloo about whether this -- you live another republican chair agrees on this. overall i think this is something he can be part of an i know that he loves to rally. >> when the president does these campaigns are always he is very much on scripts. most of the time and really speaking to a base in michigan helped propel into the white house. what you expect to get a present talk most about tonight? >> i think you talk about that
1:47 pm
he had a great week. he did have a very good one and i think one of the areas he will focus on is fake news. what the white house correspondents dinner, it is ample time for him to think about what he thinks is for coverage in the news but coverages we got that was pretty fair to him. one of the areas i hope he talks about a little bit more is north korea. if we have a diplomatic solution to north korea getting rid of the nuclear program, that is huge. but i do hope that the president and his staff are careful. i don't want to give legitimacy to one of the worst human rights violators we've ever known and i'm worried about photos, handshakes and smiles especially after having so many photo ops with the french president. i'm hoping that we can be a little bit careful about how the meetings may go down in the future. >> jessica thomas piggyback off of beverly's point about the president possibly taking some visit the media because of the
1:48 pm
dinner going on at the same time. would that be a missed opportunity to think for the president to talk about fake news and instead of talking about pretty significant policy and political winds that he had to sweep by with the supreme court basically showing that they are likely to uphold his travel ban and some other things that are discussed. >> i think you will do both. these are things are usually scheduled for about one hour and he will talk probably as long as the white house correspondents dinner is going on. i do not think it will be shorter comments the present hitting fake news and his achievements. he will probably also tap tax cuts which are maybe not necessarily polling as well as republicans and hope for really harming the message, especially in a state of michigan which handed him the electoral college in the end. about the benefits the people are seeing. he was the other thousand extra dollars in your pocket and all that good stuff. i think will hear both sides but i completely agree about
1:49 pm
the photo op issue. he referred to kim jong-un as an honorable man on monday. which i think nobody agrees with. even if your going to get to a diplomatic solution there. i do not feel like -- the secretary of state this week. the numbers are always going to be -- once the ball got rolling, we had a little bipartisanship which was always good. and it is a big deal. we can't do anything between the iran deal and north korea and without a secretary of state. so i'm happy about that. >> certainly. to the point that the politics of it all, we also saw early this morning the president tweeting specifically about the ronny jackson situation. really taking aim, very directly politically and tester, saying that he needs to resign, that basically is spreading lies about doctor
1:50 pm
jackson and the like. again, do you think that is well-timed for the president to really be making those type of political statement? or maybe is it very smart of him to be talking directly to the people of montana sang he is going to obstruct ministration and if you like the way things are going to vote him out. >> i think many were shocked about the nomination, it is clear he is a very good relationship with him. as we have heard the reports come out i want to know more. i want to know what it is actually there. if this is the doctors character that is still extremely concerning but i would encourage them to focus more on the confirmation of mike pompeo. it is huge! you can see some of the influence of mike pompeo already in with a meeting with two world leaders this week. i think between mike pompeo and the new national security advisor, john bolton, using talk more about the iranian deal in wanted to get out of that.
1:51 pm
you're saying some of the new secretary and his advisors already take shape and i think you should focus on that. i think focusing on the story that we still need to know more about. >> image of every moment. as we are listening to you three speak about this. wonderful conversation, by the way. we are also watching on our screen now it is split, live pictures of marine one that touched down about three minutes ago and joint base andrews. and as the president stepped off his helicopter and makes a short walk to air force one, it will be a few minutes from now we are on the other side of your screen, washington township in michigan. as with this rally is taking place this evening. it looks like he has already got a full house. he will make the people wait and said the rally for the president. the stairs are down and the president of walking on flights interview let's pause for a second and will watch and walk off. jessica and beverly, they are still with us to look at more commentary from them as well.
1:52 pm
the president is saying some final goodbyes to the military group that is transporting them from the white house. he and his entourage will now be making their way over to air force one. and it's always a fun moment to large to fit the travel is great as they say. watching everyone, he comes the president. down the steps. the salute and on over to air force one and moments for quite a scene jessica and beverly. but jessica back to you for a moment because he has done it again. this president who likes to use television and he likes to use the stage to make a point, he is clearly making 12 and he is talking to the people that elected them he did it last year and he is doing it again tonight. anytime you can use the media he seems to revel in that. >> the devil gets to cable news cycles. the right has correspondence
1:53 pm
dinner and the rally. how many empty podiums of "the watch" waiting for the president to shop there? i do think that when he skips these more fun chances to interact with the media, he doesn't suck a service critic can be funny and i think the press really enjoys it as well getting to be with him. you're also getting to raise money for charity. which is going on this evening. i think he could have the rally tomorrow and gone to the dinner tonight but i understand that he just isn't as intuitive as maybe others are in terms of making the jokes. >> beverly, to justice point, perhaps as a missed opportunity by the president to attend the dinner tonight. maybe lighten the mood between himself and the media. do you think their strategy behind that? the president has decided that it is in his best interest politically speaking at least, have a rather adversarial
1:54 pm
relationship with the press and certainly him going to washington township in the state of michigan and he did win in 2016. and further and perhaps the narrative of discontent between the president and the media. maybe it is strategic on the part of the president. >> i think their strategy behind this. and he found that this would be on the same day as the dinner. i think all of us realize that he did this for a reason. there was strategy behind it. i do think that he does view the media authoritarian that's where he wants to go on his own terms you a visit from the aspect but jessica mentioned earlier. it's about tax reform. an opportunity where cameras will be hunted today and even narrative that he's not at this dinner and visit opportunity to talk about his biggest legislative victory. i'm hoping your brains out and i think as president he will do things his way and is just another example of it.
1:55 pm
>> your hoping he brings it out as opposed to getting our script for a lack of a better turn and attack an immediate or continuing -- >> he will do that anyway! >> i was joking but it wasn't really joking. that the white house correspondent that during his early, covering the white house, you get five, six, seven or eight stories a day. as the good part. but as far as message discipline rallies like us to present tends to veer off. >> i think doesn't load his teleprompter scripts are where he will go off because he often does did he loves the state! i've never seen a politician to get dressed getting front of a crowd in these campaigns are rallies like i've seen the president. i think it is where the action gives energy. speaking to the audience versus many that feel drained after an event like this.
1:56 pm
self-deprecating humor goes a long way. i agree with jessica. if he had gone to this event tonight, laughed at himself, have other laugh at him i think it can go a long way with likability. >> intercourse will continue covering this. thank you both. there is right now. united states air force one getting set to take off for michigan. we will cover that this evening. >> that will do it for us. the nose continues at the top of the hour with eric shawn. and maybe someone could be in for arthel neville. >> the rally is on the "fox report". >> that's right. new car replac, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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the president is about to take off from joint base andrews. going from washington to washington michigan. he will talk as a campaign style rally. white house reporters have their annual white house correspondents dinner tonight. the president will be skipping this for a second year in a row. for his own campaign style rally. hello everyone welcome to branson hour of "americas


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