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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 28, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we begin a new hour here. the president is about to take off from joint base andrews. going from washington to washington michigan. he will talk as a campaign style rally. white house reporters have their annual white house correspondents dinner tonight. the president will be skipping this for a second year in a row. for his own campaign style rally. hello everyone welcome to branson hour of "americas news
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headquarters". i am eric shawn. >> i am molly in for arthel neville. earlier today the president coming to the nominee for an injection calling at democratic senator jon tester after he went public with reports of alleged misconduct by jackson. that led to jackson withdrawing as a nominee for the president tweeting allegations made by senator john tester against admiral, doctor ron johnson are proven false. the secret service is unable to confirm. in fact they deny any of these pony democrat charges which absolutely devastated the wonderful jackson family. tester should resign. >> more on this we go to ellison barber at the white house. allison, senator tester has since responded to the president. >> that's right. he has. we asked specifically about the presidents tweets this morning and suggesting that tester should resign, senator tester provided us with a statement
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that said quote - it is my duty to make sure that montana veteran get what they need and have earned. i will not stop fighting for them as their senator for the president as we just saw boarded marine one not long ago to start his journey to michigan for the campaign rally. we asked if he wanted senator tester to resign. he did not stop. he kept walking and he boarded marine mom without asking any of the questions. this morning tweet fairly clearly says that he believes tester should resign but he tweeted again this afternoon that tester should lose his race in montana. he also said quote - secret service is just informed me that senator john tester statements on admiral jackson are not true. there were no such findings. jackson was accused of overprescribing medicine, creating a hostile work environment and wrecking a car after drinking at a secret service party. jackson withdrew and the president says the allegations are false and fabricated.
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they reviewed documents provided to us by the white house. with allegations of a drunken conquest every secret service party. there was no evidence of a pewter crimson documents jackson was involved in minor car crashes over the course of five years but based on the documents eric, there was no evidence that intoxication of any kind was involved. >> me all the president as we just saw, the air force plane taking off his joint base andrews. for the second time, they were the president off on the 757 usually uses air force to. this is the military version. again back to the correspondents dinner. everyone in black-tie and fancy justice. are any administration officials attending in the presidents actions? >> yes. it would be to use a part of the president decided to sit this one out. not long ago he did go to one
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of the oldest journalistic dinners, some people thought maybe he would change his mind this year when it comes the white house correspondents dinner. he did not but in his place will be the white house press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders. as i said earlier, he did get a late start this afternoon. when he spits in michigan he will be speaking about the same time the white house correspondents dinner is going on here. the biggest name from his ministration it will be there will be the white house press secretary sarah sanders. >> we will see how she does not appear to have the rally here live for the first time -- a family visit. >> i have a new friend. >> for more no on ronny jackson. let's bring in a chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner.
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thank you for being here. >> hi molly. >> to kick things off, this is been a pretty nasty back-and-forth which are in the center and the president as well. when you look at the back and forth, the president makes his allegation essentially that tester should resign. he is gone far too far in making allegations but this far have been completely -- your thoughts on where we stand with what tester did was appropriate. >> we'll see if it is appropriate. i think people on capitol hill a question whether they need to be further investigation into all of these allegations. tester says he got about two dozen complaints about ronny jackson. all these complaints are anonymous but that is a lot of complaints. it is not like a couple of people or some kind of outlier. so he is the ranking member on the committee that -- is appropriate for him to want to look into this. he is also up again for election for one third term this year. it is a competitive race. clearly politics get involved here when he gets out front on
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the vetting process treaty was to show voters back home he cares about veterans. in this instance it could be backfiring. the president is and this is disproven and is trying to tell the reputation of jackson. they could be political back-and-forth that it might not work out in the favor of tester. snapping at the president won montana by 20 points. that is prehistoric victory for a republican in the state in nonelection times. now he turned his attention on tester, so this is going to really, we see this playing out in the weeks ahead. how far does the president go with this? does it hurt tester at all in montana? i know he is still the favorite even though it is a competitive race. i think the polling may in future weeks show whether this has hurt him. his allegations being disproven. >> it will be interesting to
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see because the president actually brought up the exact issue princes i want john tester for montana a state i won over 20 points. i love them and they love me. i think this will cause a lot of problems in the state. in a sense it seems that the president does not want the people there to forget this is happening. >> of course not! i think they would like a republican to win. the senate is expected to be in republican hands, is not guaranteed after the next election. they would love to get another republican in the senate. they only have a one-vote margin right after the president is someways is being political savvy here. i turning this around on tester. tester took out his nominee. i don't think that the biggest problem was that he was not a person people have full confidence had the experience to run an agency that is one of the worst running the whole government. they've never been able to straighten it out despite turning to different leaders over the years. imagine 70,000 employees, billions of dollars in federal funding and ronny jackson is in
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the white house position before rendering wait a second, is this the right choice? >> on the same issue, political reporting 12 or so hours before jackson withdrew his nomination, republican senators of the 1 to 1 is to withdraw the nomination immediately calling it a self-inflicted wound that would only get worse with time. we are talking about republicans weighing in on this and not on jackson side. could the president put -- do a better job at picking nominees and getting ahead of things? >> republican told me this week they're actually pretty pleased with the presidents cabinet. pompeo wishes confirm, they feel he is a strong lineup. however, they felt the process was missing for the va nominee and they felt we hope this is just one of those occasions
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where he went with his gut and pick someone because they don't feel the vetting process was thorough here. i'm nothing like the allegations against jackson because they're not proven. the overall film that he, is he someone that is the best person to take over an agency that only has a gigantic agency, hodges medical facilities, tens of thousands employees, but has never been reformed in the way that lawmakers on capital have been trying to do. >> hopefully this will be filled by someone that can help all veterans across the country. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you molly. >> has committee investigating russia's meddling in the 2016 election. republican chairman devin nunes say they found no evidence of collusion between moscow and the trump campaign. the democratic members are outraged for this is far too early and accuse the
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republicans of not seriously investigating it all. >> we spent over when you're looking at this. produce a 250 page report. interviewed 75 people. we found no collision between the trump campaign and the russians. all of these are very fishy and i think more information comes to light, you will see that the only real connection was there. now it seems that they've moved off of, i mean the democrats. >> gillian turner has more on this from washington. >> the report from republicans on the house intel committee largely is on the sysop and present campaigns confirming washington interfere in the election in condemns the us intelligence community. the report also accuses the president obama is intel chief of life about what information he shared with journalists and when. the language reads in part quote - former -- flatly denied
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discussing the dossier by steel or any other intelligence related to russia packing of the 2016 election with journalists. subsequently knowledge discussing the dossier with cnn journalist -- and admitting he might have spoken with other journalists on the same topic. the president was quick to embrace portions of the report, favorable to him but clear of its finding those campaigns exhibited quote - for judgment. >> is rounded by the report. it was totally conclusive, strong, powerful. but we should really do is get on with their lives and with a lot of things. >> washington's direction of the report -- it seems to depend in large measure on the phone political measure. what they deem the unserious nature of the investigation. >> is basically a kindergarten report. it was a light once over. >> lesson republicans are using this opportunity toó their own particular grievances with the process. export from representative mike
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conway reads, i'm extremely disappointed with the overzealous reductions made by the ic. many include information that is publicly available such as witness names and information previously declassified. my team and i will continue to challenge their many unnecessary reductions with the hopes of releasing more of the report in the coming months. also yesterday, a russian lawyer who attended the infamous power meeting during the campaign admitted to being sometimes an informant for the kremlin. this coming into in the view that airs on friday night. >> thank you jillian. molly? >> mike pompeo is in saudi arabia on his first trip as secretary of state. this comes two weeks ahead of the presidents deadline on whether to fall out of the iran nuclear deal. something fears likely to do despite pressure from european allies to stay in. this is the president yesterday
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beside german chancellor, angela merkel. cuesta chesley and i discussed our man. the iranian regime, violence, bloodshed across the middle east. must ensure this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon. and that i ran as a proliferation of dangerous missiles and support for terrorism no matter where you go in the middle east. wherever there is a problem iran is right there. >> david lee miller has more from jerusalem. >> molly, only hours after being sworn in as us secretary of state, mike pompeo was already on the job. attending a nato meeting in brussels. he called on nato members to fulfill a previous commitment. to spend two percent of the gdp on defense. pompeo accused russia of an aggressive campaign to undermine western democratic institutions.he criticized
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lesson support to the syrian president al-assad and also warned moscow is a threat to its neighbors. >> russia threatens allies and partners both militarily with invasions in 2008 and 2014. in an aggressive campaign to undermine democratic institutions but in light of their unacceptable actions, they are more indispensable than ever as allies agree -- >> this evening pompeo is in saudi arabia and funding is expected to arrive in israel. the next stop will be georgia. a significant regional concern and beyond is what the trump administration will decide about the iran nuclear deal. pompeo says without a substantial fix, the president will pull out of the pack. the president says he will decide on the fate of the nuclear agreement on may 12. essay make the -- pompeo
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arrives in israel days after palestinians staged a massive demonstration on israel and gaza border conflict if we can all following friday prayers, palestinian protesters demanded the right to return to land they say israel confiscated years ago. demonstrators were killed and others wounded. israeli forces used ammunition for the palestinians to protests are nonviolent. israeli officials say some of those taking part used explosives and devices to try and destroy and reach the border fence. in retaliation israel launched airstrikes in gaza. hamas is in control. using women and children as human shields. during the ongoing weekly protests. molly? >> david lee miller, of jerusalem, thank you. cuesta president nailing down a
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potential date for a meeting of historic significance with kim jong-un. this is a historic move on the korean peninsula. we'll have more on the north korean dictator stunning and surprising peace store and many question if kim will carry out the presidents demands. plus you've heard about the e. coli outbreak. it gets worse! where did it come from and what should you do? >> we now have 98 illnesses reported from 22 states. we continue to advise people not to eat any romaine lettuce. that includes all hence, parts of romaine, and mixes containing romaine lettuce.
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2:21 pm
security stopped them from leaving the hospital and taking him to go there. but the battle is over. they released a lens for the toddler that they hope would be saved somehow. this morning he died and his father writing my gladiator laid down his shield and gained his wings. absolutely heartbroken. reaction coming from all of the world from pope francis also with the father met with. this morning without mentioning the controversy the pope talked about the importance of right minded care for all of creation. >> in this situation is fundamentally improve our awareness of the ethical responsibilities and respective mankind and the environment in which we live. >> the pope tweeted this morning about alfie evans saying he is moved by his death and frank god would receive and
2:22 pm
embrace him.>> it was reaction to this from all over the world. reaction from the united states. >> there was a lot. people were appalled because of what they deemed was the ideology behind the decision that science alone would determine what child would be worth saving. i also want to mention, the vice president also got the writing i'm setting to hear the passing of young alfie evans. we are praying for comfort and peace for his parents. may god be with them all. a little background, the 22 month old suffered from an unnamed degenerative neurological condition. doctors at a liverpool hospital clashed with the parents over his case and his condition was hopeless. and he should be allowed to die. the british court system ruled in favor of the medical staff. world like controversy erupted. whether the government had the moral authority to interfere in parents wishes of care for the child. in the end his parents made
2:23 pm
peace with the hospital staff so that alfie evans could die peacefully. >> a lot of people will be looking at the british system. >> absolute purity think the battle is over but the war i think has just begun. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the e. coli outbreak has been traced to romaine lettuce and is continuing to spread. now make at least 98 people sick and 22 states. the centers for disease control reported symptoms are so bad that half of the victims were hospitalized. 10 of those with severe kidney failure. government officials are having a hard time they say depending on the exact form or forms that may be the source of all of the contaminated lettuce. >> we recognize it is very difficult for people to figure out where the lettuce is gone. and often it is not identified the growing region. asking people to look at the
2:24 pm
refrigerators and if you cannot tell throw it out. if you go to grocery store a restaurant and they cannot confirm it was not grown in yuma, arizona then do not buy it. >> previously officials said a farm in arizona was to blame for some of the cases but the farm reportedly did not supply all of the romaine. >> historic moves towards peace in the korean peninsula this week. >> let there be no doubt we will not be where we are today without president trumps maximum pressure campaign. and the work that has been done all around the world. >> by the president is saying about sanctions on the road ahead of us meeting with kim jong-un. plus adult film star, stormy daniels, will have to wait for her day in court as the spotlight shines brighter on the presidents private attorney, michael cohen.a federal court judge suggesting that michael cohen could be indicted.
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president present a historic summit between leaders of north and south korea. they declared a shared goal to denuclearize up -- the peninsula. >> we seek prosperity and harmony for the korean peninsula. not only for the future people of korea but for the people of the world. however in pursuit of the goal we will not repeat the mistake of past administrations. maximum pressure will continue until denuclearization occurs. i look forward to our meeting. >> senior correspondent greg has more from seoul, south korea. >> the inter-korean summit here is already history but the folks here in the united states and around the world are
2:30 pm
already looking ahead. >> event on friday involves between leader kim jong-un loan and the south korean president. probably the most significant recognition sunday come from the north. extensive coverage in the state run t.v. and newspapers that even cited the north pledge of denuclearization. install on saturday there was question optimism especially for the commitment to signed a peace treaty to end the korean war and other measures for the border. it is seen as a crucial warm-up to the plans summit between kim jong-un and president trump. the meeting is not to be happening either late may or early june. the possible locations, they are said to be narrowed down to two of them. a top analyst -- >> a good donald trump you want me to do. this is not a deal that the two koreas to make. the nuclear deal is only one that the united states can
2:31 pm
handle. donald trump does get credit. >> like many we have spoken to, they said the president deserves credit for getting this far. it also warns like many have told us, the road ahead could be long and difficult. molly. >> greg, thank you. >> a lot of questions about whether or not this will go forward with denuclearization and what the definition of music kim jong-un which can be different than what the word means for the president trump and the transport ministration. lots of questions. especially in terms of this stunning, unbelievable turnaround by kim jong-un. just recently, of course he was accusing the united states of wanting to attack his nation. saying that he would turn seoul, korea into a sea of fire. more bluster and arrogance from him. but suddenly, you see the images of him smiling and walking casually with president moon. just a astounding turnabout.
2:32 pm
we have the directive career working group at harvard kennedy school of government in cambridge. john, welcome. do you think that kim is generally really sincere? or is this another -- >> that is the key question but i think given the level of preparation and also interactions we look at preparations for the summit taking place in intelligence channels at the highest level. we've not seen in the us and north korea context. to that there is something to be said about then direct r mike pompeo, this is not the norm as he is in the past. >> there is concern that both sides may be misreading each other. and the former director was on cbs this morning. let's see what he said. >> both united states and north korea are coming to the table for different reasons and both sides are misreading the other
2:33 pm
side. we think that we have brought north korea to the table by putting our arms around their neck and squeezing with sanctions. north korea is coming to the table because they think they are now a nuclear weapons state and their drag nested table because we are afraid of them in that status. >> you concurred with that? and is there a real danger in the two sides like this that what is going on or not?>> i think there is the danger of misinterpretation. the question is what do you do about that type of risk? one thing to mitigate that risk, we are seeing tremendous use of -- and frankly the offer from the south koreans either providing services. here i am referencing the intelligence. national intelligence services south korea is planning this intermediary role. they have enabled each other to close some differences but not
2:34 pm
completely. this is part of meeting and negotiations which will be key. risking a lot below the surface that normally does not come to light. >> clearly, perhaps formalizing this. it could be an easier sell and something that can be much more easily achieved but what about the weapons of mass destruction and artillery on the border? and even his nuclear program. risking what has happened in the past with qaddafi. he knows that and that has been his protection. mark cassidy really give kim jong-un giving of his nuclear protection? >> is a monumental task. but i think that is where this type of deals and the idea of what the north koreans can get is the basis of this high-level type of instruction happening. >> what would make them do that? let's that is part of the negotiations and terms of putting something on the table here but with respect to the north korean claims and statements have been made in direct reference to the united
2:35 pm
states, think through this type of discussion there has been a big focus on trying to get to conditions that fear their security needs as well as the threats. but better than that there is discussion of economic development projects. leasing reference not in the past. that is the part that could be new. the fast talking kemper fast track this, the idea that is expanded upon andrew moving into this locations, there are opportunities here but the concept of moving from nuclear weapons, it is conceptually something to explore. >> when looking at the site that is an operational now. do you think is really ready to move into the modern world? you've seen the pictures. you think after all of this, having concentration camps and
2:36 pm
the like that he is ready to move into civilization? >> there is peace of the declaration that focuses very much about the future. the idea of moving to a permanent peace mechanism. there are also big references to the infrastructure project. one thing we have to keep in mind that north korean elites have tasted this globalized lifestyle and is predominantly from the one percent that is migrating operating and living in the chinese marketplace. from that perspective, what they know the experience is very tangible. i think that part makes internal commencing of some of the different groups within the north korean much more straightforward. but it is this bargain who does what, when, where and how. because of the details we will see. >> finally, one thing that we think as americans should never forget, otto warmbier. his parents now are suing north korean regime claiming that they basically murdered him in cold blood. that the 22-year-old university of virginia student was brutally tortured and killed.
2:37 pm
basically brain-dead fears of the present demand that kim jong-un apologize? and more than that, prosecute the guards responsible? >> very tragic what happened to otto warmbier. when it comes to these type of issues, there will be a time and place for terms of prioritization, the focus on how to move forward on denuclearization i think will take priority. and the hope still be opportunities later on to address this. >> is certainly hope that they do. john, ted and the school, thank you -- the kennedy school, thank you. >> -- the federal government does not just print money to stay in business. boris a. and members of
2:38 pm
congress eager to be reelected do not seem willing to do much about it. this year washington will collect $26,000 per household and spend 33,000. $1600 gap is what congress puts on a credit card. according to budget figures. more than one third goes to social security and medicare. a typical couple returned to pays 500,000 into social security but takes out 600,000 in benefits for medicare, 140,000 and, 420,000 out. according to an urban institute study. >> would have to more than double taxes to pay benefits that have been promised. >> congressional generosity also extends to many social programs. food stamps, medicaid, welfare, $6000 a year for helsel. the military, more than 5000. >> i think it goes to a bunch of politicians pockets. >> not exactly but after decades of overspending interest on the national debt seven percent of the budget. almost $2500 a year for helsel.
2:39 pm
>> interest is the ticking time bomb. you have soaring deficits and interest rates that are about to go up. >> the rest of the 33,000 peso veterans, federal pensions, homeland security, education, fda, highways and foreign aid. >> it is difficult when senior spend one third of their adult lives in retirement. squeezing out every other priority necklaces under the age of 65. >> has the republican revolution -- the do-nothing congress and today for one problem experts say is congress not only both on the third of the budget that is two thirds on is easy to ignore the problem then to tackle it. >> and coffee was not all that was in this truck. how officers took this dump.
2:40 pm
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2:44 pm
seized about 125 pounds of meth from a truck carrying stuff from starbucks.
2:45 pm
officers say the driver and passenger of the freightliner acting suspiciously during a traffic stop. a narcotics sniffing canines i was brought in and they found methodism on heroin, cocaine and pills. they say starbucks partners are not mixed in with the drugs because the stuff that makes up your double latte is not part of that t.v. box. don't worry if you go to starbucks. molly? >> stormy daniels lawsuit against the president is on hold. federal judge granting a defense request for a three month delay. the judge agreeing that a federal criminal investigation of the presidents personal attorney, michael cohen, overlaps with issues in the adult film stars lawsuit over 130 thousand dollars of harsh money. the judge ordered a state order. we do not agree with it and
2:46 pm
will be immediately found everett golson ninth circuit early next week.the justice delayed is justice denied. >> they say the defense attorney and former prosecutor thank you both for being here today. i'm so glad to talk to you. the attorney says he wants to see the action quickly. in this delay bad news or good news for the stormy daniels team? and is it good news or bad news for michael cohen? >> is greatness for michael cohen because these are competing interest if you're in civil court to get to depressed people and force them to answer questions that you don't have any of that in the criminal. that is why the judge suspended. figure we are not going to force him to take the stand and answer some of these questions. we going to suspend this and it happens all the time here we have a criminal case and a civil case with the same underlying facts and they overlap, judges routinely suspend the civil proceedings. >> and the issue at michael cohen as to think about, he
2:47 pm
does not have deep or what they are looking into, what could potentially expose myself. if he gets deposed he could they ask questions. he needs to protect himself and although everyone to read into this, he is pleading the fifth, wrong. >> one of the things regarding the whole issue, he has done a lot of saying that he acted on his own. he created this deal with stormy games give a donald trump recently told reporters he had not known about this. then on thursday, the president goes on fox and friends and says this. >> as a percentage of my overly lower pretty tiny fraction. my goal would represent me and represent me on something sweetie represents me like with this crazy stormy daniels deal here and he represented me and you know from what i see, he's
2:48 pm
absolutely nothing wrong. >> of course, not a clear statement on the part of the president. he did not say exactly when he knew that michael cohen was representing him. but you are shaking your head. >> the president is currently being investigated by robert mueller potentially for collusion. we have his personal lawyer being investigated with hush money. they are now conflicting stories to give conflicting stories and you are creating doubt in the minds of people. you are creating issues for other attorneys. lawyers need to say to him, we are representing you. we are handling. in the say that is it question for my attorneys or there's no comment pending litigation. you cannot hurt yourself by not talking. you can only conflict things by giving conflicting information. >> you are basically feeding the federal investigation because there's all this
2:49 pm
inconsistency and anyone say that the federal investigations are the most aggressive investigators you will ever deal with. you have to be incredibly careful. let's say you have done nothing wrong.the investigation this week clean. but if you live during the investigation, you hold something back, as a separate criminal charge that can be imposed on you. it has nothing to do with the investigation. and they said we did not find anything against you but you lied. therefore we will charge you with that. >> and you know they're paying attention because the next day in court, federal attorneys, they are in court saying judge, look at what he said. he said it is only a tiny fraction. >> now let's look at all of this paperwork. >> there paying attention and they are absolutely now going to use his words in an attempt to get a federal judge to get access. >> to the president hurt michael cohen by making the statement? >> michael cohen has been pretty -- we do not do anything
2:50 pm
to harm our clients. frankly, even exposing their identity especially in the throes of what is going on. it is enough to be harmful to a client. these are things that are so sensitive outrageous, anyone that looks at this as is absolutely insane that it happened to begin with. but then it is problematic because inconsistencies can harm both of them. >> what is the biggest benefit that michael cohen could potentially have? if there is anything? he has the ability to testify, proffer. and if it could harm the president -- if you go out and give statements that he didn't do this or that, are you now giving him ammunition. >> we have to go thank you for the insight. thank you.>> thank you. >> thank you. they're keeping a close eye on the so-called golden state killer. he is suspected of multiple
2:51 pm
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>> now the suspected golden state killer is on suicide watch in jail. security guards keeping a close eye on this man. he's 72-year-old joseph
2:55 pm
deangelo. former police officer and he is accused of killing 12 people and sexually assaulting at least 50 others decades ago. claudia cowan is in los angeles. claudia? >> well, good evening. 72-year-old joseph deangelo is being housed at a psych ward at the county jail. officials there say he is mumbling to himself and appeared frail when he was wheeled into a courtroom yesterday handcuffed to a wheelchair and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. he didn't turn his head and could barely keep his eyes open. addressing the judge in a whisper, he said he has a public defender and did not enter a plea. everyone is back in court may 14th. detectives matched dna from the former police officer to evidence left at crime scenes using genetic material stored by unnamed relative on a genealogy site. the site pulls genetic profiles that people share publicly so there was no need for court
2:56 pm
order. meantime investigators continue to comb through deangelo's past and his home in citrus heights hoping to find specific items that the golden state killer stole from his victims. >> he would take single earrings out of a set. he would take, you know, obviously items that had some monetary value, rings, some class rings, a variety of items like that. >> deangelo faces eight counts of murder. that number is expected to rise. eric? eric: claudia, just astounding. thank you. president trump is set to arrive in michigan any minute now ahead of his big rally tonight. more on what we can expect from him this evening when we return at the top of the hour. (vo) make her day with just one touch. with fancy feast creamy delights,
2:57 pm
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fox news alert. any moment now president trump will arrive at air national guard base in michigan as he prepares to address thousands of his supporters during a campaign style rally just as the white house correspondents dinner is about to get underway back in d.c. hello everyone. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm molly line in for ar -- arthel neville. eric: good to see you. i'm eric shawn. the president skipping the much touted annual event that's held in our nation's capital every year and he's skipping it for a second time. instead he's in michigan one of the battleground states that helped deliver a victory in the 2016 election. the president seemingly presents
3:01 pm
tonight's rally as an alternative programming to the dinner, something he also did last year when he held a rally in another swing state that he won in pennsylvania. today the president tweeted, quote, look forward to being in the great state of michigan tonight. major business expansion and jobs pouring in to your state. auto companies expanding at record pace. big crowd tonight. we will be live on tv. one of those people who will be live on tv right now is mike tobin who is live in washington, d.c. township michigan -- washington township michigan where that event is getting underway, the president expected to arrive momentarily. what's going on? >> it's as clear an example of preaching to the converted as you would find anywhere. we have a packed house. rock star treatment if you will. one of the guys spoke with he said he's been a trump fan ever since the big escalator ride. another one says he speaks for the working people. no one i spoke with today is upset the president is snubbing the washington reporters on their big night. here's an example
3:02 pm
>> what do you think about him ditching the white house correspondents to come here? >> i think it is a great idea. >> why? >> because those people lie. >> i don't blame him at all. i think -- i think he's right in doing it. unfortunately, they don't give him good coverage. they are completely negative, 99.9% of the time. >> he doesn't play around. he's a straight shooter, talks like the american people to the american people, for the american people. >> the township is in mccomb county which won trump in 2016. the state of michigan voted republican for trump the first time they voted republican since george bush 41. this is a white working class area, the kind of place where the president enjoys a great deal of support. eric? eric: mike, what do you expect the major theme by the president will be tonight and certainly he's probably going to talk about a lot of subjects. >> a lot of subjects. the president tipped his hand earlier today tweeting a good
3:03 pm
bit of anger over admiral ronny jackson, the allegations made by the montana senator. beyond that, this is an event funded by the campaign, anticipate he will weigh in on the midterm elections. michigan senator democrat is up for reelection. it will be interesting to see if the president weighs in on that particular race. particularly before they've had the primary in and a number of republicans are running. beyond that it is one of these campaign style stops. the president could anywhere from iran to the epa. they do have a teleprompter set up but that's no guarantee that the president will stick to prepared remarks. eric? eric: thank you very much. molly? molly: meanwhile, the president taking more shots at montana democratic senator calling for his resignation after raising red flags about ronny jackson who has since dropped out as a nominee for veterans affair secretary. now the senator is firing right back. ellison barber is live at the white house with more on this. this back and forth.
3:04 pm
>> senator tester seems to be suggesting he was just doing his job. we asked him his office about president trump's tweet and the suggestion that he thought senator tester should resign. we were provided this statement from his office from senator tester, he said quote it is my duty to make sure montana veterans get what they need and have earned, and i will never stop fighting for them as their senator. >> the reports that we have heard is he treated the people above him very very well. he treated the people below him very very poorly. that's creating the toxic work environment. so it is not surprising, that the president, the president's chief of staff people that surround the president would think he's doing a really good job. but once again, john, we just need to get to the bottom of it. >> president trump boarded marine one shortly before 5:00. reporters shouted questions at him. i asked if he wanted senator tester to resign. he did not answer any questions.
3:05 pm
this morning president trump tweeted in part quote allegations made by senator john tester against admiral dr. ron jackson are proving false. the secret service is unable to confirm in fact they deny any of the phony democrat charges. tester should resign. he tweeted this afternoon that tester, quote, should lose his race in montana. admiral jackson withdrew as the president's nominee to lead the va but says the allegations against him are false and fabricated. fox news reviewed government documents and police documents provided by the white house, and they seem to disprove one of the more serious allegations against jackson, an allegation that he wrecked a government car after drinking at a going away party. according to the documents we reviewed, jackson was involved in three minor traffic accidents over a period of five years, but according to those documents, none of those incidents involved alcohol on the part of many jackson. -- of mr. jackson. molly?
3:06 pm
molly: ellison, thank you. eric: for more on this and the political impact of this escalating feud, let's bring in a columnist for national review magazine. john, this reminds me that as tip o'neil said all politics is local, going after senator tester who could be in a tough race. >> well, the decision is going to be made largely on local issues. montana is an agricultural and mining state, those will be far more important than a veterans administration choice. however, i think this does go to senator tester's temperament. this is a hair trigger decision he made to rely on unattributed sources to attack the character of a white house physician. by the way who served president obama very loyally for four years. eric: how come we didn't hear about it then, while president obama was in the oval office? and it comes up now when president trump is in the oval office. >> one reason may be is apparently the two worst charges aren't true.
3:07 pm
the secret service they have no record of complaints. >> the democrats say 23 people came forward with allegations >> tell me their names. >> he wasn't involved in three accidents. >> i think there will probably be a television ad sometime between now and november in montana where somebody who served with admiral jackson in fallujah and iraq will come on the screen and i say i'm from montana, i served with admiral jackson, you know, in the west, we confront people face-to-face. we don't stab them in the back. eric: so you are saying this could have legs? >> i think that this goes to the character of john tester, and it's not mccarthyism, but it is character assassination that he engaged in because if these 23 people are real, some of those should stepped forward and put their names to the charges. eric: he says he has a duty as chairman of the committee to investigate. >> fine, once he investigates you should be allowed to confront your accusers. that's part of the justice
3:08 pm
system. eric: he won the last senate race i think by 4 points. >> it is going to be a close race. eric: president trump won the state by 20. >> the state auditor has won statewide, i think that race is going to go down to the wire. eric: tell us about the auditor. he was a state senator. he's a rancher. in montana. ted cruz, rand paul and tea party supported him, but there's been some controversy because he's originally from maryland so they don't think he's really from montana. >> he's from a part of maryland which is very rural which is the eastern shore of maryland. he adapted very well. you know what they say fanaticism converted. eric: he's a real cowboy. i like the rule of montana more than maryland -- >> montana would be heaven if it only had an ocean. eric: he said it. i didn't. jonathan swan broke the story, here's what he said. >> i broke that stupid story on sunday. i said they have deep concerns about him in the white house on
3:09 pm
the hill. his confirmation is in peril. i said there have been allegations taken to tester. i knew what these allegations were. but i didn't know if they were true. i have no earthly idea if they are true or not. i'm not just going to go well it is alleged and i'm hearing that this guy, you know, did all of these terrible things and these, you know, because i have no idea if it's true or not. and like clearly neither does john tester. eric: isn't that the point of an allegation? versus a conviction? >> when a reporter shows more care than the chairman of the senate -- ranking member of the senate committee concerning this, you have a problem. john tester went off on this. if the allegations are true, someone should be willing to step forward. the only people who have stepped forward with the secret service who say we have no record of any complaints. eric: what do you think this would mean for tester? you say he could face a potential uphill battle. if you have a contest, between as you said rosendale and tester. the political report say it is
3:10 pm
basically likely democrat as well as real clear politics now says it leans democrat. we would have that up there if we had it. but the axios poll -- there it goes -- the axios poll is pretty stunning. axios gives tester 42%. that's 13 points below a generic republican at 55. so a generic republican according to axios would beat tester now. >> but generic is not going to be on the ballot. i think generic ballots have notoriously shaky because they're not a real person. that's who you run against. but these other things that say tester is ahead easily, those were taken before this incident. so i think this incident will shift some of the ground. eric: finally your prediction? >> we're going to be up very late at night given that montana is on mountain time. we're going to be up very late at night watching this race. eric: you are comfortable with the admiral remaining as the president's doctor? >> absent somebody who would come forward and absent somebody from even the obama
3:11 pm
administration who would come forward, apparently the people in the obama administration who have talked about the admiral say he did a fine job as physician. eric: there was a note or an e-mail or something from president obama himself testifying to his character. john -- >> where are these allegations and let's have some names attached to it. eric: may continue. john, thank you. molly? molly: a migrant caravan traveling through mexico for weeks arriving now at the southern border. their next goal, requesting asylum from washington in order to cross into the united states. it is a story that we have been keeping a close eye on. william la jeunesse is live from tijuana mexico. bring us up to date. what's the latest? >> well, molly, just in the last few minutes, we received an e-mail from the chief here in san diego, rodney scott, that says that the border patrol has encountered or apprehended several members from this caravan who have been climbing over the fence. what you see behind me, that's the united states. you see the fence in the foreground, that they have
3:12 pm
crossed that old metal fence that you have seen hundreds of times in video we have had including some families with children as young as 4 years old. that of course runs counter to generally the conventional argument out of here that these individuals were going to come through the front door, through the port of entry. that remains an open question at this point. how many of the 340 central american immigrants who now come here to tijuana are actually going to go and ask for asylum tomorrow? we're led to believe it will be about 200. some will stay in mexico. we did speak to one who said he was going to cross illegally. and many others say they are going to go, despite warnings not to from the president. so they are now in meetings with attorneys being counselled by the organization that arranged this whole thing, the advocacy group. they had some seminars in mexico city. having seminars yesterday as well as today. and basically these attorneys are telling them two things, number one you will be separated from your children in all likelihood and detained for a period of time. number two, is your credible
3:13 pm
fear claim of persecution at home credible? meaning you have to have left your home country because of race religion, nationality, social class or political opinion. >> for me the asylum laws are like sacred. they save lives. so if you have fraud, then it ends up making it a million times harder for people who actually have asylum claims to take advantage of the process. so for us, we want to uphold the infrastructure of human rights law, you know, as much as humanly possible. >> so as you know, molly, this caravan started out with around 1500 central american immigrants. when they crossed the border into mexico. they are down to 340. we do know that some of those splintered. the younger men split off early on. so it is not surprising that some members tried to enter the united states illegally, especially the young men because they are going to have a very hard time in some cases claiming asylum. molly: seems like pretty big numbers we're looking at. what is the u.s. doing in
3:14 pm
anticipation of tomorrow? >> you know, it is important because whatever does happen is going to send a message. the outcome that is. so the administration obviously wants to tell everyone else in central america, don't come, so they are going to try to turn them away. but legally the united states is required to give everyone a fair hearing, if they do request asylum. so the u.s. is basically rhetorically saying, listen, don't come, if you do, you will be separated from children. you will be held in detention until your case is adjudicated. that could be months if not longer. and second -- lastly, if you lie or you commit fraud, that you will be prosecuted. so those are some of the things that the u.s. is trying to -- arguments they are using to dissuade people from come. it is important to note, however, that for many the key is not winning their case in tend, but passing the test -- their case in tend but -- their case in the end, but passing the
3:15 pm
test. back to you. molly: the process can take years beyond that. william la jeunesse from mexico. thank you. eric: let's take a look at air force one arriving at the air national guard base in michigan. a boeing 757. usually air force one is the big 747. this air force parlance thank you to one viewer vc 32, usually the secretary of state or vice president is on that plane. president arriving there to attend and a have a rally 45 minutes from now. we will be covering that rally live here on the fox news channel. please stay tuned throughout our newscast and for the president's rally tonight. kind of in competition to the big fancy digs that they have down there in the black tie white house correspondents dinner. the president instead addressing a lot of supporters at this huge rally. it is in harrison charter township that's on the shore of lake st. clair, just above detroit, michigan, as we await the president to deplane and the
3:16 pm
rally, 45 minutes from now here on the fox news channel. don't go away. meanwhile, bill cosby, he's awaiting sentencing after that conviction -- conviction on those sexual assault charges. what the disgraced comedian must now do as he awaits for the decision. a thousand teachers are holding massive rallies in two state capitals today. coming up, we will show you what they are demanding. >> we have textbooks in our classroom from 2001. think about everything that's happened since 2001 in history, and our students are still using it.
3:17 pm
3:18 pm
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molly: disgraced comedian bill cosby is under house arrest. a judge making the order after the 80-year-old was found guilty of sexual assault charges this past week. cosby out on bail and must wear an ankle monitor while he awaiting sentencing. that's expected to happen within three months. cosby could face 30 years in prison. eric: colorado kids getting some extra time off from school the past few days. that after thousands of teachers walked out and rallied at the state capital in denver. they demand higher pay, better benefits and more funding. the rally forced hundreds of
3:21 pm
schools to shut down. our denver affiliate has the story. >> the first of two straight days of teacher walk-outs in colorado. thousands of educators, mostly from douglas and jefferson county schools, descending upon the state capital asking lawmakers for more funding, better pay and yes, protections for their retirement. >> i have, you know, collected some receipts of all these supplies i have had to self-fund. >> heidi from douglas county schools wore a skirt made of receipts to show how much money she's put into her classroom, money that will never be reimbursed. >> i feel embarrassed asking my students to bring in kleenex so i buy boxes of collie nix -- kleenex. >> i'm hoping to talk to a representative. >> we are grading papers.
3:22 pm
>> these teachers working while waiting >> we always have things that we need to be doing. >> behind the scenes today, republican lawmakers not afraid to be honest, though. >> i don't believe we have at all underfunded education. >> senator kevin lundeberg and and sewn -- senator owen hill showing they are paying more on education this year. hill says the average classroom gets over 200,000 in state funding and he wonders where is that money being spent by school boards. >> $273,000 per classroom per year, and so the question we've got to be asking ourselves is where is this money going? >> still teachers today not believing state lawmakers have done enough. >> we're as mad as hell and we're not going to take it any longer! eric: it turns out the teachers could return to the capital for more rallies next week.
3:23 pm
molly: in arizona teachers will continue their walk-out on monday. teachers taking their demands to the streets this week and not backing down until they see change. >> i'm hoping to get more funding for our students. i'm hoping to get a lot more money for our buildings, for their books, for our support personnel. we need more money brought in. there's been a billion dollars missing since 2008. where is that money now? let's get it going. molly: the arizona walk-outs impacting more than a thousand schools, teachers want more pay. right now they make an average of $48,000, which is much less than the national average. teachers also calling for the state to spend more on students. eric: and let's take a look back at the air national guard base in michigan. the president of the united states has just landed there on the -- with the 757, you can see. he is about to -- well i guess he's in the car pulling out. we missed that, but okay, we
3:24 pm
know he's going to a rally tonight. the president will be in washington tonight. -- not washington, d.c., but washington township because he's holding a rally just under 40 minutes from now. we will carry it live here in the fox news channel. this is the second year in a row that he has skipped the washington correspondents dinner, that fancy black tie shindig, do you know what the secret of that dinner is, women have sneakers under the long gowns, they don't have high heels on. i know because i attended a couple of years ago. you don't know that when you see them on tv. >> stop telling the secrets. [laughter] eric: we will be carrying the president's remarks -- molly: his 11th rally since jup of 2015 -- since june of 2015. he likes it out there in michigan, happy to return. eric: he won that state. last year he had a rally during the white house correspondents dinner as well. we are expecting the president to talk about the economy, to
3:25 pm
north korea perhaps, and iran, and who knows what else the president of the united states will say. molly: we shall see there as he cruises off for that. eric: good weather. molly: the house intelligence committee releasing its report on russian meddling in the elections. saying they have found no evidence of collusion between moscow and the campaign. how democrats are reacting. plus secretary of state pompeo is in saudi arabia as the deadline on the iran nuclear deal looms. we will take up this as well next. (siren wailing) (barry murrey) when you have a really traumatic injury, we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. then i
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discovered smiledirectclub. it's easy to just grab it and go and i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. eric: mike pompeo is on his first overseas trip as our secretary of state. he's in saudi arabia tonight working closely to try and forge ties with our middle east allies
3:30 pm
in that region. this as the deadline as you know is fast approaching on whether president trump will scrap or reform the controversial iranian nuclear deal. >> i don't talk about whether or not i'd use military force. that's not appropriate to be talking about, but i can tell you this, they will not be doing nuclear weapons. that i can tell you. okay? they are not going to be doing nuclear weapons. you can bank on it. eric: retired lieutenant colonel scott mann joining us, a veteran green beret and president of rooftop leadership. lieutenant colonel, welcome. >> hey, eric. eric: let's start with pompeo. he hit the ground running. within hours of being sworn in, he's already having meetings at nato, and that's important because that's a message to the russians. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, he has hit the ground running. one of the things that i like, eric, is that, you know, right out of the gate, he met with local u.s. diplomats in the places that he's gone. i think he's taken a real stride here to improve morale within
3:31 pm
the state department which frankly i don't think was that high when mr. tillerson left. eric: yeah, i mean, tillerson was criticized, a lot of vacancies. it took until this weekend or friday, yesterday, for rick grinnell to be sworn in as ambassador to germany. he will be going there next week. >> absolutely. i think it is important to remind ourselves as we look at what's going on in the world, eric, that diplomacy, i'm a former soldier but i'm a big fan of diplomacy, when it's applied especially when your actions and words match up, you have been consistent in what you have said you are going to do and you negotiate through strength, it can be a pretty powerful instrument of power. i think we're seeing that now. eric: at the same time critics of the president say his words don't match the actions. he has not really criticized putin, did in one tweet. yet, this administration seems to have a very tough attitude towards russia. you've got them supplying
3:32 pm
offensive lethal weapons to ukraine which the obama administration didn't do. sanctions on some of putin's inner circle. why is there that disconnect? >> you know, i'm not sure. i'm not sure. i see that disconnect. i mean, look at syria, eric. when the wmd was employed, president trump said he was going to counter strike on that, and he did. and russia didn't make a move. so, you know, when i look at that, i see that as pretty consistent. eric: this is what mr. pompeo, the secretary of state said to nato earlier, pretty strong on russia. take a listen. >> russia threatens allies and partners, both militarily as seen through its invasions in georgia and 08 and ukraine in 2014. through an aggressive campaign to undermine western democratic institutions. the united states has made it clear that nato should not return to business as usual with russia until moscow shows a clear change in its actions and complies with international law. eric: that's a pretty tough statement, isn't it? >> pretty clear. you know, again, pretty clear
3:33 pm
and pretty consistent if you ask me. eric: do you think as we head toward the iranian nuclear agreement, do you think the president will scrap it or do you think they will agree to try and change it dealing with ballistic missiles, dealing with the sunset clause that basically gives them a free ride say critics in eight years but supporters say it's kept them from developing a nuclear bomb? >> what i would say is any attempt to predict what president trump will do when it comes to negotiations and diplomacy is a fool's errand i mean because he keeps folks guessing. i think in a lot of ways it has had some positive effects. i mean, not just with the iran deal but look on the peninsula of korea right now what could potentially happen if that moves forward, but, you know, my gut tells me he will probably scrap it but who knows. i mean maybe put a better deal together that has more effective sanctions and still has the desired endgame of them not pursuing, you know, nuclear capability. i think a new deal could come
3:34 pm
out of that. eric: what the washington journal is pointing out is you don't need iran and russia and china to agree if you have the u.s., britain and france because it is not a treaty. you know, it was run -- it was run through the united nations so they could change the deal according to the "wall street journal." to exactly what they want, and what they are talking about which is specifically the ballistic missiles. >> look, i like to see the game being changed on how we negotiate clearly on a lot of contentious issues like iran, that was not a great deal. the korean peninsula issue, syria, we need to change the game on how we negotiate, eric. to me it is good to see it being shaken up. i hope along both partisan lines we can get behind this if we start to see some significant movement in it. eric: at the united nations, beginning to see that. i'm going to play the saudi ambassador to the united nations. man, was he going after iran when he addressed the united nations yesterday. stunning in their directness. it seems that there's a new
3:35 pm
basic coalition of arab states, the sunni arab states and israel, against iran. here's the saudi ambassador. >> it is high time for the assembly to take stricter position against iran and insist that the international community is not going to remain silent when faced with these practices of aggression, terrorism, which undermine regional and international security and peace. eric: finally, do you think that tehran will finally get the message? >> well, isolation is an excellent thing to do with a country like iran who is fomenting so much stability in the region. i'm encouraged to see saudi arabia stepping up like this. capacity building for these nations in the middle east eric is going to be essential and them stepping up and carrying more of the load as well as, you know, just stabilizing the other areas like syria and iraq, you know, having responsible
3:36 pm
pragmatic sunni governments that step up and carry the load and stability of that region is absolutely critical. eric: lieutenant colonel, we are seeing that hopefully. thank you very much for joining us. >> have a great weekend. molly: the house intelligence committee releasing its final report on russian election meddling saying they have found no evidence of collusion between moscow and the trump campaign. former house oversight committee chairman had this to say. >> the democrats have been screaming collusion since day one. here we are at 15 months, if you ask a democrat what's your single best piece of evidence, they still don't have one. so look, devin nunes and trey gowdy and others have done an amazing amount of work. they had more than 70 interviews, countless number hours of testimony, they have poured through literally hundreds of thousands of documents. molly: jillian turner has more on this from washington. >> the report from republicans on the house intel committee largely exonerates the trump and
3:37 pm
clinton campaigns, confirms russia did interfere in the elections. the report also accuses of president obama's intel chief of lying about what information he shared with journalists and when. the language reads in part quote, clapper flatly denied discussing the dossier compiled by steele or any other intelligence related to russia hacking of the 2016 election with journalists. but subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier with cnn journalist jake tapper and admitted he might have spoken with other journalists on the same topic. the president was quick to embrace portions of the report favorable to him, but steered clear of its finding that both campaigns exhibited, quote, poor judgment. >> i was very honored by the report. it was totally conclusive, strong powerful. what we really should do is get on with our lives and get on with a lot of things. >> washington's reaction to the
3:38 pm
report. the conclusions lawmakers draw seem to depend on their own political disposition. several democrats zeroing in on what they deemed the unserious nature of the investigation. >> basically a kindergarten report. it was a light onceover. >> while some republicans are using this opportunity to underscore their own particular grievances with the process. a quote from representative mike conway reads i'm extremely disappointed with the overzealous redactions made by the ic. many of the redactions include information that is publicly available, such as witness names and information previously declassified. my team and i will continue to challenge the ic's many unnecessary redactions with the hopes of releasing more of the report in the coming months. also breaking just yesterday, russian lawyer who attended the infamous trump tower meeting during the campaign admitted to being a sometimes informant for the kremlin. this coming in an nbc interview that aired friday night. molly? molly: jillian turner, thank you.
3:39 pm
eric? eric: molly, he's landed in michigan, president trump now on his way to the much anticipated rally that he will hold in about half hour from now. it is in washington township, michigan. there it is. get it? the president in washington? well, back at the nation's capital, they are gathering for the annual white house correspondents dinner without him. we will bring you the president's rally there in washington township michigan as soon as it starts at the top of the hour, just 20 minutes from now. plus, you heard about kanye west. he's defending his support for president trump now. kanye's got a new song. that's next. liberty mutual stood with me
3:40 pm
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molly: released e-mails show the russian lawyer who met with trump campaign officials in trump tower in 2016 had close ties with the kremlin. in an interview with nbc news, the attorney also saying, quote, i'm a lawyer and i'm an informant since 2013. i have been actively communicating with the office of the russian prosecutor general. joining us now former fbi assistant director steve pomerantz. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. molly: let's start with this, this lawyer has now admitted that initially she had claimed to be a private person holding this meeting in trump tower and now she acknowledges that she does have ties to the kremlin. should we be at all surprised? are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised.
3:45 pm
that doesn't mean it is not a significant development because i think it is. you know, we should remember that this investigation whether it's is special counsel or the congressional committees has always been about two things. one, it's been about overall, about russian meddling in the election and number two, the outgrowth of that is whether the trump campaign or anybody else criminally colluded or conspired with them. and this sheds some light i think on the first question. you have a person that's apparently, officially connected with the russian government, giving every appearance of wanting to intervene and interfere in the election. i think that's kind of a bright light that shines on that first issue. now, how it pertains to the second question i think is a more difficult -- a more difficult question and not yet answerable. molly: which brings me to this tweet we have from the u.s.
3:46 pm
ambassador to russia under obama from 2012 to 2014. it reads i know a lot about how moscow works and there is no way in my estimation that she is sent to trump tower to offer -- on clinton to trump campaign without russian government approval. whether that is collusion, i will let others judge. so then the question is, did donald trump jr., the others that were part of that meeting, have any idea that she was associated with the kremlin, and if they did, would that constitute collusion? even if they had some idea that she might have some sort of larger russian connection? >> you know, the first question at this point is not nullable, whether they knew that or not. i think the first part of the statement that she would not have done that, on her own, given her nature of the relationship with the russian government is probably true. she was probably sent there and was all part of whatever the russian effort is. now, whether the campaign knew
3:47 pm
that, or whether they were being innocent, they were part of a dupe, so to speak, that she was sent in there to tempt them to do something, and they either did or didn't do it. that's a big question that goes to the heart of the issue of whether there was a criminal conspiracy entered into and a part of the trump campaign. that goes right to the heart of that question. i don't think there's anything we have learned in the last 24, 48 hours that sheds any light on that. it certainly sheds light on the question of the nature of her -- of her and what she did. molly: you know, the house intelligence committee on friday declaring no evidence of collusion between the russian government and the trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. both the democrats and republicans weighed in on this. if we could just listen for a moment. >> we spent over a year looking at this. we produced a 250 page report. we interviewed 75 people. we found no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. we found a lot of approaches.
3:48 pm
a lot of meetings a lot of things that took place but like i said, all those are very very fishy and i think as more information comes to light, you are going to see that the only -- the only real connection was there, so now it seems like they have moved off of -- when i say there, meaning with the democrats. >> basically a kindergarten report. it was a light once-over. it was bringing people in, asking them their version of events, and once they gave their version of events saying oh great guys we can close this up now and write the report. molly: so democrats not happy with the report as it stands. nunes using the word fishy looking over what occurred here. your thoughts on that? >> you know, let me say i generally agree with what congressman said. i'm sure i will feel the same way about the democrat response. i'm not taking sides here. a partisan inquiry, a partisan intelligence committee where you
3:49 pm
know the outcome before they talk to the first person, it will break down along party lines is not the way to come to the bottom of a complex scenario that we're facing today. the special counsel was appointed to do that. he's got the resources. he's got the background. his people have the capability. and i believe they are objective in their pursuit of getting to the bottom of this. molly: the mueller investigation continues. steve pomerantz, former fbi assistant director. thank you very much for joining me and offering your insights. >> you are welcome. thank you. eric: the rapper kanye west doubling down on his support for president trump. he's debuting a new song. in it west debates fellow rapper and staunch trump opponent ti. west made headlines this week as you know after tweeting his support of the president, even getting a shoutout from the
3:50 pm
commander-in-chief on twitter. we will see what that song and ti has to say. the president getting ready to speak at a rally in washington township michigan. we will have that in ten minutes from now. don't go anywhere. look at that. they are putting the plaque up on the podium. you know what that means. that means the president will be there soon. gets everybody going. this is in washington township, kind of an opposition event, so to speak, to the big event tonight in washington, d.c. the white house correspondents dinner. everyone is in their black tie and their long gowns while the president has decided to go out to michigan and speak to the people. he will be up next, ten minutes from now. don't turn that channel. we will be right back. for all the noses that stuff up around pets. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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eric: guards are keeping a close eye on the suspected golden state killer. joe deangelo is on suicide watch. he's a former police officer accused of killing 12 people and sexually assaulting 50 others decades ago. and he was busted cops say by dna. claudia cowan has the latest tonight in los angeles. hi, claudia. >> hi eric. that's right we got our first look at the 72-year-old grand father, vietnam war vet and former police officer suspected of being one of the worst criminals in california history.
3:55 pm
joseph james deangelo made his first court appearance -- appearance yesterday handcuffed to a wheelchair amid heavy security and a lot of media. his lawyer says people need to withhold judgment until all the facts are in. >> we have a law that suggests that he's innocent until they proven him guilty. that's what i was going to ask everybody to remember because i feel like he's been tried already. >> deangelo is a cop in the mid 70s during the time that many of the rapes and murdered were happening. it is believed he used his police training to avoid capture for so long. in 1980, jennifer carroll's father and step mother were bludgeoned to death in their santa cruz home with a log from their fireplace. >> i'm so upset that he's been alive this whole time. he has not been living in terror. so if you ask me what do i want to have happen? i want him to confess. i don't want to waste one more
3:56 pm
municipal dime on his trash. >> police say the golden state killer terrorized residents in ten different counties frequently attacking couples sleeping in their bedrooms, sexually assaulting the wife while the husband was tied up in a different room. it isn't clear why the decade long crime spree suddenly stopped in 86, but for the past 30 years, deangelo was raising a family and living a quiet life in a sacramento suburb. now being housed in the psych ward at the sacramento jail facing eight counts of murder and he could enter a plea at his next court appearance, may 14th. eric? and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine.
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just moments away from president trump taking the stage outside of detroit rallying supporters there. while journalists back in washington put on their black ties for the annual white house correspondents dinner. it all comes on the same day the president is called for a senate democrat to resign in an escalating war of words over there trump's nominee dr. ronny jackson withdrawing from consideration to head up the va. good evening to you. i'm connell mcshane. you're watching the fox report. >> president trump heading from one washington to another this evening arriving in the township of washington, michigan, for what is being billed as a rally on business and job creation. marks the second straight year the president h


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