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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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give us a like. and look at our new home page, redesigned"mediabuzz." eric: breaking and stunning developments this hour on the korean peninsula. in the wake of that historic meeting the south saying kim jong-un is not only pledge to shut down his nuclear test site by next month ahead of the anticipated meeting between him and the president, but also vows to give up his nuclear program completely if the u.s. promises not to invade. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shown. molly: i'm molly line.
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>> it's historic to see the two leaders walk into each other's country. trump convinced him the only way his regime will survive is for them to give up their nukes and end the korean war. reporter: president trump's new national security advisor isn't getting swept up in the hype surrounding his boss's face-to-face meeting with the north korean dictator. while the media has been caught up in speculation about the practical elements, he's keeping his eye on the political prize. >> if kim made a extr -- a strac decision to give up his nuclear
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program. i think the president sees the potential here for an historic agreement. reporter: the ground work for the summit is being laid by north and south korean leaders half a world away. we are learning more about the historic meeting friday. it culminated in kim agreeing to denuclearize the peninsula. now another strategic gesture, kim says they will shut down their nuclear program in may. mike pompeo is counting this development as a win. >> it's a big deal it's important. every step along the way matters. reporter: but some democratic lawmakers while optimistic are still urging caution. >> we have been here three times
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before as you know under previous administrations of both parties. kim jong-un, his father, his grandfather, the regime that rules north korea has done a two steps ford, one step back strategy. reporter: they are deep in discussions about how and when to open up the testing site to international visitors. a move that just weeks ago would have seemed impossible. eric: we'll have more on the peace talks coming up and whether kim jong-un can be trusted. we'll interview a former state department official who advised president trump. during a joint press conference with benjamin netanyahu within the last hour, he had a message with tehran and whether the president will or will not withdraw from the iranian
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nuclear deal. molly: president trump blasting the white house correspondents dinner while holding a dueling event in michigan. he called out some by name like montana senator jon tester. while defending ronny jackson. president trump: he served three presidents. president obama said he was began as particular. president bush said he was fantastic. i say he's fantastic. this is a high quality individual they would love in montana. tester has been throwing out things he has heard. i know things about tester, too, and if i said them he would never be elected again.
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reporter: president trump has taken a lot of hits from tester. the president spoke to a large crowd in washington, michigan. tester released a statement saying he'll always stand up for montana veterans and it's his duty to make sure they get what they need. trump went after tester at his rally, questioning his politics and at times seeming to question his integrity. president trump: senator jon tester of a really great place, montana, who voted by the way in favor of sanctuary city, is weak on the border, didn't vote for tax cuts. reporter: tester's staff reached out to say tester wrote the va accountability act along with
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other senators. the job admiral jackson withdrew from, va secretary, still needs to be filled. he has five candidates he's look at to lead the va. he talked about mid-terms, the economy, trade, immigration, north korea and kanye west. >> kanye west gets it. he gets it. and he saw that when he sees that african-american unemployment is the lowest and wages are going up for the first time in many, many years. >> a lot of people probably expected him to do, president trump criticized the media. the media was at an event of our own in d.c. comedians typically roast the press and the administration. >> i actually really like sarah. she is very resourceful.
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she burns fat and uses that ash to create a smoky eye. maybe she is born with it. reporter: there have been many comments about comments from that comedian. sarah huckabee sanders was sitting just a few seats down when the comedian said it. some people think it made an event that was supposed to be about journalism, by the wasn't necessarily about that. if you want it to be an event about the scholarships give be out at the dinner, you shouldn't have a comedian host it. ellison barber. president trump: you watch comey and you watch the way he lies.
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comey is a liar and a leaker. i did you a great favor when i fired this guy. i tell you. eric: president trump renewing his attacks on james comey. he repeated his call that the former fbi director is a liar and a leaker unquote. mr. comey pushing back against that accusation when he was interviews thursday by fox news' bret baier. >> i don't consider what i did with james richmond a leak. i gave him nothing else ever to share with the media. eric: not a leak? tom fitom fitton president of jl
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watch. >> we asked for these reports last year, specifically the memo he did leak to the "new york times" through his friend. the justice department and the fbi came back at it and said you can't have that. it wasn't authorized, and they compared the leak to the wikileaks leak which the justice department considered to be a criminal activity. james comey is making it up as he goes along to justify his misconduct. he thought he was going to get a free pass during this book tour. i'm glad to see he's being held accountable to his violations of the public trust. eric: you tried to get the the same documents that he supposedly gave to the law professor of richmond to be leaked to the "new york times" apparently. you tried to get them and the justice department said it's illegal to hand them out, you
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can't get them. you can't do that. >> they said it's like the wikileaks leak. it wasn't authorized and said it was being used by the robert mueller investigation. which makes we wonder why he was able to use it in the book. we have been doing this work for 25 years. we know records of conversations with the president are the most of difficult to get. they are held most of securely by the government. i don't understand why james comey could think the fbi records he kept on president trump could be taken out of the fbi and shared with his friends. eric: he says they are personal record of his own like a diary that they are not government record at all. just because he was in the oval office talking to the president of the united states, work on an fbi laptop during fbi time when he was getting paid by the taxpayers of this country.
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>> that's a dishonest description of what he did. if he admits otherwise, he'll be admitting he broke the law. it's something for the courts to decide in the end. it's unbelievable to me we have the former fbi director going out saying a leak isn't a leak. eric: do you think he broke the law? >> i have little doubt he broke the law. the question is will he be held accountable for breaking the law. i think the government is stuck or the justice department is stuck. >> comey and hillary are in the same legal boat. eric: it seems similar with what happened with comey with what was later labeled as classified material. >> we have been waiting for a year and a half for the justice
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department to do something on hillary clinton's outrageous classified information. are they going to do something with james comey after they bent over backwards protecting his disclosures, protecting his misconduct? we have been might be the justice department for records about taupie and they have been defending him. i'm not sure they are willing to go as far as needed to uphold the rule of law. if the i.g. calls him out, they may have no choice. we don't have a prosecution there, we'll see how that work. eric: comey said he didn't know the clinton campaign paid for the dossier. let me play a sound bite.
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president trump: he said the other night, the fake, dirty dossier. he said strongly no, i didn't know it was paid for by the democrats and hillary clinton. he didn't know. how about that? eric: do you buy that? don't you think the fbi director, the number one part of any investigation would be where did this stuff come from? >> i don't buy that. and even worse, he said i still don't know it was paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. it embroils himself in another controversy, another scandal over which there is an investigation. the i.g. is investigating the misuse of the dossier to get the fisa warrants. he's not going to go on tv shows to confess to miss conduct or crimes. if he admits he knew, it calls into question what clapper knew,
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what brennan knew and what president of the united states barack obama knew. the setup for the trump meeting was discussed in the whole office with barack obama. eric: do you think we'll ever get the transcripts of that? >> we sued for record of meetings comey had with others like barack obama. eric: are you waiting for the answer on that? >> we just sued the other day. tom, thanks so much. molly: secretary of state mike pompeo holding a press conference in israel with benjamin netanyahu over discussions on iran. president trump calls for funding that border wall as a caravan of asylum seekers reaches the southern border. president trump: we have a wall with big holes in it that's old.
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it's a horrible dangerous journey for them. and they come up because they know once they get here they can walk into our country. we have the greatest people on and they can't do anything because the laws are corrupt. eric: let's go to william lajeunesse inly juana. reporter: we are in tijuana in an area called friendship park on the pacific. the administration will be sending a message to congress and immigrants around the world. should they spend the money and take the risk to come here? for some up grants they were not willing to wait to claim asylum. they have gone over the border illegally. they were caught by the border patrol. one family had a child under 4
9:21 am
years old. another with a pregnant female. but most of those in the caravan. we expect 20. >> to claim asee you legal today. they will claim they have a credible fear of persecution at home, and that's why they are asking for protection in the u.s. >> the only thing i would tell mr. trump is to look at all the people how they suffer. the people are coming from those countries. they are not doing this for pleasure. they face danger and extortion and they are look for a better life. reporter: they have been meeting with lawyers saying do they have a case? is there a claim of credible fear? and what to expect when they enter the asylum process. they will be separated from their children and could remain in detention for the entire process. the administration claims this caravan is a deliberate attempt
9:22 am
to overwhelm u.s. law and the courts and suggests the advocacy group arranging this is coaching the immigrants on how to game the system. here is what a 16-year-old unaccompanied minor from honduras told me yesterday. >> like how to defend myself with immigration. how to carry myself. reporter: in the next 30 minute there will be a news conference. the immigrants will be here as well. then around probably 1:00 we expect them to present themselves at the port of entry just south of san diego. i doubt all of them will hit the bored at the same time. they will make their credible fear claim. they will have an interview. they will be taken to several
9:23 am
detention centers. there is a hotel the women and children are taken to before they see a judge. some may have a notice to appear. some could have an ankle bracelet and some could be kept in detention the entire time. eric: over your right shoulder is the against it's that simple? >> the surfers used to come over from mexico and surf into the u.s. you can see the fence extend 150 yard out. there is a double fence. then you have a secondary fence over there. this is the first 14 miles of fence out of san diego that was built in 1998. parts of this is just that low old steal mesh you see. that's where the immigrants
9:24 am
climb west to the san ysidro point of entry. that's where they are trying to put in a replacement fence 30 feet high. but the state of california and governor brown challenges that in court. they lost the first part of that. eric: thanks so much. we'll check in with you later. president trump: we have to have borders and we have to have them fast. we need security. we need the wall. we are going to have it all. that wall has started. we have $1.billion. we come up -- 1.6 billion. if we don't have border security object september 8, we'll close down the country. holly * that is when the massive
9:25 am
funding bill expires. let's bring in hector garza. vice president of the border patrol division. we just heard the president talking about a poe tepg government shutdown. government shutdowns have not been historically popular with the american people. 84% said the shutdown was mainly unnecessary. is this a good move on the part of the president? >> president trump is sending a strong message to congress that we need to get serious and build the border wall. building a border wall will save american lives and we'll be able to stop the dangerous criminals coming across. we are catching a lot of criminal aliens. they have criminal record in the united states. they are murderers, rapists, child predators, they are very,
9:26 am
very dangerous people coming across. we need to build that also we can save american lives. molly: the caravan of individual have he singly reached the border. but 200 are expected to file for asylum today. just your thoughts as it begins to unfold and the administration's bushback against caravans in general coming across mexico to enter the united states. >> pretty much they are abusing the immigration system. they know if they say a few key word to the border agents they will get released into the country. we need to make sure they stay in mexico while their claims are being processed. because if we end up releasing people and catch and release, that even kowcialgs more illegal immigration to our country and
9:27 am
more people will be claiming asylum. we need to stop catch and release now. molly: they have received a lot of attention. there is talk about mothers and children being separated or families separated as they enter into the process crossing the border. the president has even brought up nafta when he has spoken directly with mexico saying i don't want to see this happening, and pushing back as far as trade is concerned. what can the american people do? >> we need to stop the magnets encouraging illegal immigration. one of the major things encouraging illegal immigration is catch and release. they know if they make it to the border they will make it into the country. so if we stop catch and release they will stop coming because they will know they don't have an open invitation to the united
9:28 am
states. molly: the president goes to these big rallies. a lot of crowds are pro trump. and he brought up this issue of border security. is part of this feeding that base that has been proactive for him in the course of his run for the presidency. they chanted build the wall. is that part of this. that he wants to let them know he's trying? he has not given up on this effort? >> president trump is not gig up. i had personal conversations with president trump and he want to secure the border. but congress need to back up the president and make sure there is funding. this is about border security and national security. we get poem from all over the world. we deal with good people, bad people. within those groups of people that come across we get a lot of dangerous criminals.
9:29 am
ms-13, people that do kidnapping and murder for the cartel. it's very dangerous. we have to build that wall. we have to back up president trump. eric: for the first time since the end of fighting between north and south korea in 1953, you saw the north korean leader setting foot in south korea. we'll take a look. secretary of state mike pompeo is on the road meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he said you are an incredibly important partner and occupy a special place in my heart, too. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you.
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eric: history be made in the korean peninsula after kim jong
9:34 am
un says he will shut down its nuclear testing site and allow expert and journalist into the country to ensure transparency. this comes on the heels of a stunning meeting between the north korean tater and south korean president. the high-stakes summit setting the tone for the expected upcoming face-to-face sitdown between kim and president trump theatre's national security adviser john bolton this morning on "fox news sunday." >> we need to agree on a place and that remains an issue. but if in fact kim has made a strategic decision to give up his entire nuclear weapons program, then i think deciding on the place of the day should be fairly easy. >> a former state department adviser under president trump and former president george w. bush. the south korean says, his
9:35 am
strategic decision. >> it's a move in the right direction. it's an impressive statement this early. we haven't given them anything yet it may appear to be making confessions. this has happened twice before with north korea under kim's father, kim jong il, where he promised the george w. bush administration that they give up a nuclear arsenal never to deliver goods. it's a good time to wish and take them at face value. eric: 1994 the clinton administration made the oil and gas deal in north korea totally lied about it basically appeared president george w. bush removed them from the state sponsor terrorist list. i list. i wake out with a slap in the face. >> that's right. rush gave them a bunch of food assistance which can reasonably be sold. clinton gave a bunch of energy p
9:36 am
and bush and clinton, which is trump is going to walk away from the negotiating table and for any american who's engaged in any negotiation, you know that willingness to do that will get you a better deal and trump is hunting for a better national security. he's not just looking for a nobel peace prize. eric: in terms of the difference, here's lindsay graham this morning on "sunday morning futures." give any warning to kim jong un. >> we are very close to historic peace, but were also very close to historic war. if they try to play trump and goes back to his old way of doing business we are in a path toward. i hope china knows that and i hope north korea knows it. if i were the north koreans i would not meet with donald trump unless i was deadly serious about giving up my nukes. if you play trump to be a big loser. >> if you play trump to be a big loser. how does the president hold their feet to the fire to make good on promises?
9:37 am
>> the answer is not to trust north korea. we've been through this before. their implication of any deal will be very important critical to john bolton as national security advisor before national security adviser before he was u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he was a top verification and arms control negotiator and created something called the proliferation security narrative. we have the right people in the right place. it's not except the north korean promises. it is visibly observing actions especially before reduced sanctions relief. eric: john bolton a few weeks ago said it would be a short meeting if they agree to do that. thanks so much could stay right there. your reaction to breaking news in the middle east. >> secretary of state mike ang pao gearing up for the third stop on his middle east trip, jordan. pompeo met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. u.s. top diplomat reaffirming a strong alliance between the two nations amid rising tensions in the region. conor powell us live from our jerusalem with new developments.
9:38 am
>> molly, secretary of state pompeo pride with a full slate of topics to discuss with benjamin netanyahu in a time of growing tensions novel in the region, but israelis and palate demand. pompeo landed in tel aviv earlier today after meeting with officials in saudi arabia and was on the ground just for a few short hours. the newly confirmed secretary of state is using the middle east trip for international action against iran and offered strong support for israel against iran. >> we remain deeply concerned about the dangerous escalation of threats to israel in the region and ambition to dominate the middle east remains. the united states is with israel in its fight. >> the trump administration of course plans to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv. it's angered many in the region especially with the palestinians here. last month or so we've seen
9:39 am
violent clashes between palestinians in gaza and israeli soldiers along the israeli security fence there. israeli officials have approved the use of violent ones which there have been many and nonviolent funds. more than 40 palestinians have been killed, including two journalists and several children in some 2000 people injured or the trump administration has been promising for months a middle east peace plan. the secretary of state pompeo left you without any mention of his peace plan or any effort to try to lower tensions between israel and the palestinians. it was a bit of an odd trip in that sense, but the main focus on the trip very much as iran and trying to bring international effort to push iran out of syria and also to try to get them to start up and the missile program and has a lot of people in europe in the region very, very concerned.
9:40 am
>> the secretary's visitor is entire trip yet to be done yet. conor powell, thank you. eric, back to you. true to form on the first trip as secretary of state, we're back with christian white and the senior adviser. during that meeting, prime minister benjamin at yahoo! says the greatest threat to the world in our two countries in all countries is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons and he pointed directly at iran. really a solidarity between our two nations. >> yeah, i think that is important. what is happening there as israel is under attack from a strategic attack from iran and tactically from terrorist emerging from gaza they've been getting a lot of grief from europe in the usual suspects at the u.n. i think it's terrific and import that pompeo went to stand unequivocally with our ally and moving the embassy to their actual capital, jerusalem and said their noncapital tel aviv. these are important steps, but
9:41 am
the other thing to do is signaling the deal is going to die the death it deserves and finely focused the world's attention on perturbing iran rather than appeasing them. eric: what about those who say the iran deal has prevented them from having the sunset clause, what happened eight years from now. supporters of the iran deal says that prevents them from having a bomb right now. >> yeah, that is a finite amount of time. all the goodies were frontloaded including cash they went to tehran in the middle of the night. also, iran isn't fully complying with the agreement they are proliferating ballistic missiles to the hands of terrorists in yemen for lobbying in saudi arabia, for example. they are produced another ballistic missile components and of course they are exporting islamism, radical islam throughout the region. i think the idea that you look at iran holistically and also try to empower the people of
9:42 am
iran who want to take some the theocratic regime and you can't do that. we should focus the world as cortes who burned his ships to focus the attention of his men and their expert on a project and so too should be too should be given to the arena deal and get the europeans office appeasement track. eric: pompeii was tough in blunt about the arena deal. here's what he said in tel aviv. >> this deal is very flawed. if we can't fix it, he'll withdraw from the deal. a tree into what think the president will do? >> they keep asking for more extensions. they deliver nothing so it's time to get out and have a new strategy. eric: all right, christian white in, we'll see you in a couple weeks. >> president trump opting out of the correspondent dinner choosing instead an event in michigan. did the president make the right decision?
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>> president trump rowling has president trump rowling has based a say in michigan with the media media event. today he is sounding off about the white house court on the dinner after skipping it for the second year in a row. the president treating while washington michigan was a big success, washington d.c. just didn't work. everyone is talking about the fact the white house correspondents dinner was a very vague boring bus. the so-called comedian really bombed. joining me now, political editor for the national journal, thanks for joining us here today. >> good to be here. >> touching on what the president did, he headed off to michigan, the second time he's done this anything to eat at the crowd up there as he so often does when he feels that the airport hangars with thousands of pro-trump supporters. did he make the right move? >> judging by last night dinner
9:48 am
and by comedian michel boasts performance, he made a very smart political decision. michelle wolf was an only personally insulting to sarah huckabee sanders, kellyanne conway, but she was that funny either in that the cardinal sin for comedy for an event like this. the stock trump wasn't there to take her personal attack is looking like a smarter decision. please write to his political base. his political base believes a lot of people in the elite hollywood in comedy world in parts of the media don't have a lot of respect for the administration and most performance in her comments really played into that narrative. trump is plain to his base and he said everything they wanted to hear. if you're in the press and the correspondents association come you don't want to play the tropicana go down to his level. >> use the money seems to understand messaging pretty well. we saw this lovely pictures that
9:49 am
they're huckabee sanders sitting a few feet away from michelle wolf who had some offensive jokes not about sara sanders professionally, but also about her looks. what are we asking our elected leaders when they're invited to come to this dinner or to send representatives in this case, sarah huckabee sanders who sat there eloquently throughout these. it's supposed to be the night where one can walk away, have a little joviality, reach across the aisle and set things aside. a lot of these jokes and rather abrasive and cruel in a sense. >> yeah, molly. it is to singe and not to burn. in the case of michelle wolf, she didn't do either. her jokes fell flat even among a lot of the journalists in the room. politically speaking this is exactly what plays the trump aired. when he says the media is unfair or they're invited comedian that's just out to get him. this is what she provided. we have a lot of partisanship.
9:50 am
a lot of polarization in the country right now. this is a reflection of that. but like you said it doesn't really bring the country together. it is the whole point of the white house correspondents dinner. molly: just quickly, not wasting time in the president's party, not being complacent, even feeling he could be impeached talking about maxine waters where she goes around, we will impeach him. he wants to keep the house in the senate. is this about getting work done essentially? >> trump is doing the only way to hold the house for the up coming election to his base. i would expect president trump in republican candidates on the ballot this year to start raising the prospect if democrats want to impeach the president. republicans about a hard time getting their own base. a lot of trump voters in the polls in these off year elections. i think you'll see a lot more
9:51 am
from president trump and republican candidates on the ballot raising the specter of the democrat. molly: josh, i'm up against a heartbreak. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight. we'll be right back.
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molly: meteorologist adam klotz has the details from the fox news extreme weather center. reporter: hater, molly. this week and things are looking too bad. here's a would have across the country. cooler temperatures on the eastern half and as far as precipitation goes it's fairly mild the last couple days. here's what you look out from coast-to-coast. mostly clear across the country. we will see a change in the weather patterns the next couple days. it will cause severe weather here eventually. here's what's going to take place. warm air cooling up. is there a daytime highs the next couple days as temperatures climb up into the 80s from folks in the eastern half of the country. we'll almost feel summer like the next couple days as you run into tuesday and eventually run into wednesday. the defined line in the back of that where you start to see severe weather. a lot of my share of the gulf of mexico where the warm air and cold air meet will be a spot for paying really close attention to. chance of severe weather in the
9:56 am
middle of monday. by the time we get on tuesday and wednesday, these are days that most concern. it's not often we get this alert this far out which means we could be looking at really nasty weather. molly: we hate to see the word tornado on any screen. thank you. we appreciate it. that does that for us for right now. we will be back in three hours at 4:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon. molly: more coming up with leland vittert and elizabeth ran this afternoon. for all the noses that stuff up around pets. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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which is breast cancer metastatthat has spreadr, to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include low red blood cell and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. alice calls it her new normal because a lot has changed,
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but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. leland: a fox news alert. 10:00 a.m. pacific screen lapped tijuana mexico where the terror van of migrants from south america has arrived and you can see, folks scaling the fence between the united states and mexico. the screen lapped tijuana on the mexican side of the border print screen right committee united states of america, were evidently some pro-immigrant activists have gathered to greet these arriving migrants. we know from our reporting as we look at a live picture from tijuana come a big crowd climbing over the fence. the past couple of days


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