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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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paying tribute to the passenger who died on board the flight and the heroic passengers who tried to save her. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ," why are you criticizing jim comey and andrew mccabe? tif a friend asked you it would be hard to answer that. comey was the shift he is most -- you try that. he would wind up in jail. why j criticize these guys? because they deserve it. let's say a federal prosecutor asked you the very same question using thisam language. "what is the reason for the continued criticism of mr. comey and his former deputy andrew mccabe.
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"suddenly it's ominous, it sounds more like a threat than a question. what's the point of asking that, since when is criticizing fbi officials ag crime in this country? apparently since robert mueller became special counsel. according to "the new york times" that's more than 40 questions he plans to ask the question under penalty of perjury. another one, what was your opinion of mr. comey during the transition? your opinion?si whose business is that? aren't americans allowed to have any opinion they want without being grilled by law enforcement about it? then there's this question, what is the purpose of the july 2017 criticism of mr. sessions? criticism of a government official reigned as a crime as if dissenting views aren't allowed or must be justified to a prosecutor. what country is this anyway? the president is allowed to have anyone he wants, of anyone who works for him, they get to hire or fire appointees.
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this is aot democracy, donald trump got elected, robert mueller didn't. voters can decide if they agree with the policies, then here two more mueller questions. what discussions did you have during the campaign regarding russian sanctions and what involvement did you have involving 2016 republican platform changes regarding arming ukraine? let's review, trump ran for office promising to improve our relationship with russia, he said it frequently in public. voters heardre it, they agreed with him and he won. permit washington hated the idea of getting closer to russia, they've been pushing. he had to be the arch villain, the most evil men in the world. never mindco china, mexico, othr countries whose behavior is hurting the united states. russia needed to be the enemy,
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they needed to be evil no matter what voters said they wanted. america is that much closer to war with iran, mission accomplished. byron york's chief political correspondent, they join us both tonight first to you. you read these questions, election w is what. >> you might be curious as to the answers at trying attack donald trump. for a prosecutor putting out questions like this and the demand the president of the united states is an abuse of his power. mueller is just wandering around, bumping. it's apr waste of time and the president's time. i can't imaginean a judge is gog
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to allow him to force the president to have to answer many of these questions since they are so off-kilter, from any legal analysis. >> tucker: they are confusing to nonlawyers like me, do they suggest a direction? what do they tell us? >> it's a potentially unlimited number of questions. when did you first find out about that june 2016 meeting in trump tower, doesn't that lead to who told you, what did they say the purpose was, how many people were involved, did they tell you what happened? each question would seem kind of benign and lead to all sorts of additional questions. i think what you are getting at in your introduction is a point we've seen a lot which is asking trump's motivations for a perfectly normal action of a president. we've seen that in other court cases from the travel ban to
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daca, two other things in which the legitimate exercise the presidential power is questions because the president apparently had a some of unacceptable motive. that's what's involved here. >> tucker: that's a theological debate, are you pure hearted? that's not the concern of federal prosecutors. >> everybody knows he had the power to fire the director of the fbi or he has the power to rake his attorney general over the coals whether or not that's a good idea is completely separate. the question here with comey seems to be what was your state of mind when you were doing tha that? if you are doing that with a pure intention, okay by me. if you did that with a bad intention, you could be innt dep trouble. >> tucker: is he martin luther, it's bizarre for a secular government to pursue that line of pt questioning. >> he's asking about himself. >> tucker: this is like the playboy questionnaire, what are
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your greatest strengths, what are your turnoffs? i think the key question is, is this investigation moving in the direction from which it started, the investigation into collusion with the russian government during the campaign. do you get that sense from these questions? >> i see this as a fantasy list of fusion gps questions, pushing that narrative that's been out there. forget about the fisa court misusing this dossier or being led to misuse this dossier, it looks to me like mueller is using the dossier, his business dealings in russia taking this anti-trump media narrative integrating it into the prosecutorial function of the justice department. it's an abuse and rod rosenstein needs to be held accountable for unleashing this on the american people, the presidency, and the justice department. >> tucker: i haven't checked,
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you are current with the law. is it a crime to say sympathetic things toward russia?ru >> as far as i know, absolutely not. this list of questions, i completely lost my train of thought. >> tucker: an examination of whether russia played a significant role in our election. >> there's not a whole lot new in these questions. it doesn't indicate that robert mueller has come up with some completely new area of inquiry we didn't know about before. this is prettyy much what we hae been talking about for the last year or so.o from that point, it seems to me the trump people should be relieved in the sense that we seem to knowat everything. >> tucker: itng sounds like a
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morning show segment, i have lost interest. carter page was not submerging g democracy. >> the housef intelligence committee says there was no evidence of collusion and there's nothing that suggests that mueller has info. >> tucker: gentlemen, thank you. a long time advisor to hillary clinton both of the of state and on various campaign trails, he joins us tonight. here are the questions, why are you criticizing jim comey and andrew mccabe, is that an appropriate line of questioning? >> my question is imagine if you,ma byron, and tom were talkg about the fbi giving hillary clinton all the questions they were going to ask before the interview was heard. i have a feeling you would not say that's great. >> tucker: cannot just just be clear -- i defended repeatedly
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hillary clinton's campaign against jim comey because i thought>> he was unfair for her. i think the abuse of law enforcement power is scary. i said so at the a time. what world ass it were a federal prosecutor asks any politician what you criticize a federal official so much? >> it's a world where we have laws. >> tucker: you're not allowed to criticize -- that's not the law. >> a president cannot obstruct justice because if they could, if they could burn files, if they could just stop things it would never end. >> what is the reason for the continued criticism of mr. comey and his former deputy andrew g mccabe. if were starting with the supposition, but you're allowed to criticize public officials, why would he ask something like that?
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>> a lot of it is trying to figure out what was on his mind when he fired jim comey. if he shows up late to work and he doesn't do a good job, you fire him. you don't fire him when he's investigating you, that is not a legitimate reason to do so. >> tucker: that's not theto question. >> if he hadn't done that we would be talking about this. >> tucker: what was your reason -- if we had a functioning left into america and care about civil liberties they would be having a heart attack about that. >> the heart attack they are having is the rule of law being trampled over. obstruction of justice is all about what you intended. that's why they'rear asking. thisis is that they playboy turn on, turn off, robert mueller's turnoffs are obstruction of justice and lying. >> tucker: i'm strongly for the rule of law, all laws -- that's why i'm opposed to sanctuary cities. in this case, why are you criticizing a federal official does not lead us toward obstruction of justice, it leads us toward the chilling of the
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public expression ofio opinion. >> the president had has it ben chilled in any way. >> tucker: he doesn't care. >> if he doesn't care, he should talk to mueller. it's two hours out of the day he can't watch television. >> tucker: why did you change the republican platform in 2016? that's nobody's business. at the republican platform. >> it was made favorable to russia, if that was fun because of some larger reason it doesn't allow us to collude with a foreign nation? >> tucker: the democratic platform is filled with data points that are there because foreign governments want them there. the republican platform, same thing. it calls for statehood for puerto rico, what yousp think tt is there? puerto rican politicians push for it.
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>> puerto ricans aren't walking into don jr's offense and saying here is email on hillary clinto hillary clinton. >> tucker: but lots of other foreign representatives are. it shows in our foreign policy it shows in all kinds of decisions and it shows in the partyf platforms. it's not illegal -- i think it's wrong but it's not illegal.i why is he asking about that? >> there are illegal elements about this. if you have a quid pro quo, it could be money, -- >> tucker: they weren't asking about that. >> may be he will. >> tucker: would you say is it still legal to be lit for lifting sanctions? it sounds like what we're doing this criticizing policy differences. >> that's not true at all.t' >> tucker: you don't think so. >> i really don't. i sit here a lot of these times and think what would you be saying if it was hillary clinto hillary clinton? if you had heard of that she had
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changed a position >> tucker: i know that she has. >> you would assume the worst, you would assume that because saudi arabia gave a contribution to the clinton campaign it was some kind of quidso pro quo and that was horrible. >> tucker: and that happens all the time. but unfortunately it's not illegal. >> these are questions, not accusations. if he goes in there and says i don't believe we should be sanctioning russia. >> he said that on the campaign and now he's treated like a criminal, a suck up to put in. >> criminals don't get to the questions ahead of time. >> tucker: the attacks, his attempts to change to the russia policy are related to the desire of many in washington to wage war against iran. >> tucker: >> that's taking it a multiple, geopolitical -- >> tucker: you know i'm right, it's great to see her. there is moree today on the
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the sacramento convention center. admission is free. register at ♪ >> tucker: robert mueller's >>en tucker: robert mueller's investigation apparently has dozens ofono questions that wans to ask of president trump and nowat at least some of those questions have been leaked -- we're not sure by whom -- to
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"the new york times." what do they tell us about the investigation's current approach to the story? for that we turn to fox news and with brit hume. this is a procedural question but do we know where these questions came from? >> i don't think we do. our senior white house correspondent john roberts has confirmed their authenticity so we can trust these questions reflect what robert mueller lines of questioning to mr. trump would be. i think there are two ways of looking at it. one is can you believe these are the questions and do they trespass on his obvious rights and duties as president? the other question i would have agreeing with byron york is -- is that all there i is? we've been told by so many for so long that we don't know what we don't know which is obvious if you think about it -- mueller may have things we haven't heard about it. he may have uncovered things we never heard about.
9:19 pm
nothing in these questions relates to anything we haven't heard't about. we've certainly sit up and take notice, with the president's conversations with a certain russian representative we've never heard of c before. we would say it looks h as if mr. mueller is onto something. it may be looking into potential follow-up questions to those that are listed here that there will be some sort of new information. on the face of it, there's not much here. if this is all there is -- >> tucker: what about that night in azerbaijan in 1985 -- this sounds like a cable news segment these questions. they are totally general and airy. i was confused by reading them, do you know where they are going? >> it looks to me like they relates to everything that has been discussed so far. the question has been raised, are getting into
9:20 pm
his red flag area which they said would lead him to fire the investigator. i'm not sure that's true.hi one of the things that trump might end up having to say to mueller is why did you fire comey? rod rosenstein sent a letter telling comey he was out it listed a bunch of things dating back to the hillary clinton investigation saying it was improper usurpation of the justice department's functions. trump was later askedhe on nbc about the reasons for firing comey, he said he was going to anyway. he indicated it was about the russia investigation -- that's a valid line of questioning if you were firing the guy to try to stop on the investigation, that's a serious matter. there is an alternative explanation to that which i think is quite possibly valid which is comey had said to trump three times that he was not
9:21 pm
under investigation. he asked him to say that publicly and comey and the fbi wouldn't do it. if you are trump or if i were me, it would infuriate me. there's information out there that would be exculpatory and they won't allow it to go out leaving this cloud over the presidency. these are all things trump could say i think properly prepared by lawyers and disciplined in his approach, the president probably can handle all of these questions. i didn'tin see anything that wod look particularly scary.ul >> tucker: give me a response to a story i keep reading which is a series of attacks on general kelly suggesting that he's at war with trump, he's about to be replaced. are these stories real, are they planted by his enemies, is that going to happen? >> they have the earmarks of stories planted by his enemies, if you are trying to bring down
9:22 pm
kelly, how would you do that? you would make trump furious with him. you put in the word out that he has from time to time referred to trump as an idiot. i can understand how a disciplined military minded organization man m like john key dealing with trump, trump is a man child. he does what he wants a lot of the time, sometimes to his own detriment. he might infuriate you, he might under your breath say the guys being an idiot about this. you wouldn't leak that's not to hurt trump, you would like it to hurtll kelly. the only people who know that are the people who know what the sources are. >> tucker: he seems like a decent man and an effective chief of staff. >> someone that trump respected which is important. >> tucker: barry.
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maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> tucker: hundreds of members of that migrant caravan in central america with been telling you about are now >> tucker: hundreds of members of that migrant caravan are camped at the u.s.-mexico border. if they have no right to enter the united states legally but thatt op has not stopped the prs from openly encouraging them to do it anyway.
9:27 pm
talking heads suggest the statue of liberty has become federal law and commands us to let them in no questions asked, watch. >> the public test of american resolve of immigration policy as well as the limits of american compassion. >> these are the basis of the desperate locked out of the doorstep of the united it's because the president said have you seen this caravan? i ask you mr. president, have you? what do you the statue of liberty would say. >> tucker: how do people that dumb get tv jobs? over at cnn, w, bell says all borders are immoral. >> the point is, walls sucked.
9:28 pm
this $3 billion manifestation of irrational fear is made of concrete barriers, steel beams, and barriers fit for the beaches of normandy. welcome to america's got talent but it's wastingtdi it on buildg this wall. >> tucker: do you lock your door, you have a password on your email -- it's a manifestation of fear i guess. cnn and nbc operate out of america, americans work there but they are not interested in the interests of americans obviouslyus. the california radio host joins us tonight, i assume like every good progressive year for letting the members of the caravan and, i'm not against the members, i would want to come here too, i understand completely. it raises the question since they aren't the only people who want to come here, where do you draw the line? what's the limit for seeking a better life coming to this country . >> we have great capacity to accept people into our country,
9:29 pm
it follows judeo-christian ethis and morals that we help those who are less fortunate, we also signed the 1951 u.n. convention on refugees which sets forth the three aspects of how we determine who tore let in under asylum and refugee status. that's what these people are coming here for as they are fleeing the violence. they are fleeing the government is not able to protect them from violent gangs. they are coming here to get a better life. >> tucker: in some cases theyp are joining violent gangs for the government refuses to protect us from. let meme ask you what the limit is. therewi are 1.2 billion people n africa, probably a billion fall into the categories you just described, how many haves a rigt to come here? what is our capacity? >> with been able to absorb roughly a million people legally immigrating to the united states every year. we know that under president obama it was 100,000 refugees that we were able to allow in as well.
9:30 pm
this caravan -- >> tucker: before you make generalizations, i want to get specific. t those arere basically the numbes and then various people come in, we've done this for a long time. the left is saying that's way too restrictive. what's the number? stipulate a billion people want to move here next week, probably all from san diego. how many should be let in under the judeo-christian ethic you are citing? >> this is also part of the judeo-christian ethic wouldth be to help their governments become bettere functioning. this is where foreign aid -- >> tucker: let's not dodge. if there is evidence our foreign aid made any government better. lifet expectancy in a lot of africa is lower than it was in 1965 when the colonial powers left. it doesn't work that way as you know. when are we allowed to say it's too many?
9:31 pm
>> i will answer your question as well which is -- the trump administration has dramatically cut back on the legal immigration. syrian refugees, we left 11 in as opposed to 15,000. >> tucker: that's one category. >> that the most clear example of helping o refugees. these are on the margins, again -- is there a number or just talking about it scared the out of the country and reveal agenda which is to totally overwhelm and change the country? that's what it is about. you don't want to be honest about what the limit is? as long as our compassion last, it's a sincere question. >> i think that 1.5 million number is pretty fair. >> tucker: 1.5. that will make the country totally unrecognizable in 30 years but not in five years. that's enough, 1.5 million. i don't thinknk that's what whe left is arguing for.
9:32 pm
>> the country is unrecognizable from what it was in 1900, 1800. we are all strangers in a strange land and we have to remember that -- we are a country of immigrants, of people who are refugees and asylum-seekers. >> tucker: were a country ofhe americans. were a country of americans, not ary country of foreign nationals pledging allegiance to multiple countries simultaneously, who look many different colors, many different religions, but americans. when you stop acknowledging that, that's when things fall apart into thiso mosaic of tribl warfare, why does no one ever say that? >> carlson, i don't know if that's norwegian or german -- we didn't allow germans to teach german to their kids until a supreme court case that had to be settled in the early 20thle century. we don't like people who are different from us.
9:33 pm
>> tucker: the longer this conversation goes on, the more you get to the beating heart of the truth which is this is is.shment, that's what this as you know. >> all the studies have shown the job set the refugees and asylum-seekers take it benefit the economy within five years upon her bible, all of the studies have shown a positive economic impact in the regions. >> tucker: we are out of time, let meon just say, that's totaly untrue. text me those studies we will talk about a it next week, it wl be fun. we are out of time. the u.s. appears to be lurching much closer to conflict with iran, is that a good idea? will tell you next. life pocahontas -- we found one, -- she says the president's use of the word pocahontas is not a racial slur, were going to meet her in just a minute. we are excited here, we hope you are too.
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♪ >> tucker: of the israeli government and build a huge trove of intelligence on iran monday night, prime minister benjamin netanyahu implicated the iran lied, the revelations appeared to increase the chances the trump administration will repudiate the iran deal, it could put the u.s. on the path to another military adventure in that region. colonel doug mcgregor is a retired army colonel, he joins us tonight. let's start with a simple question first and i'm assuming that all of this skin tale is real and they never assume good faith on the part of iran obviously. is it in our strategic interests to have a conflict with iran? >> i think the answer is clearly
9:39 pm
no, there is no benefit in going to war with iran, none. >> tucker: that's not the impression you get from listening to nikki haley -- many republicans in the congress and a lot of democrats seem to believe that it's essential the united states goes to war. >> we have the tail wagging the dog. we have two smaller allies, one is tel aviv and the other is reality. w most of them would like to see iran end up as a smoking ruin at some point. whatever they can do to persuade us to abandon this joint comprehensive plan of action, they will do in the hopes that will clear awayt the optical to direct military confrontation. >> tucker: let me just say i understand why both of them would want that, i would want that too if i were them. what effect with a tab on the united states, that's my main interest as an american. >> if you go to work, you were
9:40 pm
in territory that is hard to predict. iran is not isolated, they are not alone. we don't have china for instance telling the leader of north korea shut up and do business with the united states which is effectively what happened with xi. i hope he focuses on that but we don't have anything like that. the chinese are in the background, europeans look at us and are dismayed. from their vantage point it's not iran, it's the sunni islamist erin arabs and turks. >> tucker: i don't remember a lot of it she ate inspire terror attacks on our soil and i keep hearing iran --- which i'm not n any way defending -- i keep hearing they are the greatest threats to americans but it
9:41 pm
seems like all the terror attacks in this country are sunni. >> there is no question about that. if you're interested in securing the country, -- we forget that the 9/11 group came here legally, became illegal and were never tracked. >> tucker:what were the agents f iran? >> of course not. they were sunni arab islamists, largely from saudi arabia and north africa. >> tucker:ke why wouldn't we see that as the threat? consistently over time it has been. why is everyone saying the exact opposite. >> our two allies in tel aviv and saudi arabia are absolutely determined to halt what they continue to be the onward march of iranian influence. we forget of course that we installed iran in power in a rack. we the conditions. that's not something iran did.
9:42 pm
when it comes to syria, iranians look closely to defeat the islamist opposition toti them. that war is effectivelyuc over. the bottom line is they want us to l effectively reverse the strategic outcomes of the last 15, 16 years. that's not possible without a major war. i don't think president trump is interested remotely in going to war. the joint comprehensive plan is the last obstacle on the road to war.t that proves we can achieve our strategic aims without going to war. >> tucker: things were coming on. the state of california is obviously falling apart, crime is growing, junkies shoot up in public literally. some people say parts of california look like the
9:43 pm
countries that president trump described as a foul word -- holds. we'll talk to a california politicianli next you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. to bring together a group of remarkable people. to help save the universe... from paying too much on their car insurance. hey, there's cake in the breakroom... what are you doing? um...nothing?
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: san francisco is one of the richest cities in the world, it's got to be one of the two or three prettiest, it's really pretty. you can't really live there anymore. we aired a video last night that showed vagrants shooting up while lying passed out in their own vomit in the middle of the train station right downtown. turkel blocks from twitter headquartersrs. local reporters found needles in human on every single block in downtown san francisco, one of the estimates said the city spends $30 million a year just
9:48 pm
cleaning up needles and human waste. as an added bonus, the city is suffering from an epidemic of car break-ins, they are more than 30,000 of those just last year.. i know you are a lifelong resident of thatof city of coure and i wonder how the people in charge, as the commute on bay area rapid transit don't notice the junkies shooting up in the station, what did they think when they passed those people doing that? >> we've reached a point in san francisco where it's not just -- the new district down there which was nonexistent ten years ago but the tax break brought all of the twitter people in at higher incomes and put a lot of people out onto the street. 70% of the people that were homeless were not home was five years ago but we abandoned the homeless policy that was working when the new administration came
9:49 pm
in. under gavin newsom, there was a very effective homeless policy but when the new administration came in many of those people got pushed tose the streets especiay with some of those larger income jobs. the last time you and i spoke, we talked about focusing on the middle income. the middle income in in the lor income people it's a very small delta between those people. lower income people are living in lower rent apartments becauss they have been there for a longer time and they are protected.n then you get these twitter people coming and making 150-$200,000 a year who are also living paycheck to paycheck because they are paying for the same apartments, five or $6,000. >> tucker: the housing shortage and at the geography of the city makes it a tight housing market heard i'm asking a basic question about what the leaders of this city care about. if you walk to work and you see people degrading themselves, in
9:50 pm
the street, shooting up -- why wouldn't that horrify you to the point where you would drop what you're doing and fix it? instead they are lecturing the rest of us aboutf how we are immoral because we don't want illegal aliens in the state oft california. it seems like their priority is totally backward they don't care about their own people. why wouldn't you reach that conclusion? >> i don't think it's that they don't care, it's that they don't know how to fix it. some of the progressive values and spent san francisco is what they do with these politicians, they create new institutions, new entitlements around problems that they see because old departments, new departments as well on solving the specific problems. the department of health which hass a three billion-dollar budget in san francisco, that was the entire city budget at 15, 20 years ago. now we are up to $10 billion, probably just over $10 billion. the mayor last week, what he did was say we've got this needle problems are what we are going to do is hire ten new people. we are going to get the aids
9:51 pm
foundation, the budget for ten new people. those ten people aren't going to go away. instead of hiring ten people you can imagine what that would look like. firing ten people from the aids foundation that wereci hired to pick up needles. instead of hiring ten new people andd creating a new institution around it like we did with the new homeless department in san francisco, why are we looking at the department of health and saying these are people on the street with opiate problems. these are people on the street with mental health problems. you have a $3 billion budget. >> tucker: think about it in terms of your own children. you're not allowed to shoot heroin on the street, i don't care, you go to someone else's county that will put up with thisp. you would do that with your own children, weren't you doing it with your own people? >> my child will never be on the street doing opiates and
9:52 pm
shooting needles into his arms and legs, that will just never happen because in my family, i grew up in a family we support your own family, you do anything for your family and that's very -- catholics and italians and somethingik like that. you never see not seen in roma. >> tucker: they don't care, they are still walled off in their fantasy worlds, but actual people are dying. >> it absolutely should, it's stuck in building these institutions which last for years and years which don't solve problems. >> tucker: were out of time, give me the one line. >> the department of health and san francisco go out with a handful of needles, let's takeof up, care of those people, more accountability in san francisco is what we c need. >> tucker: thank you for that, i appreciate it.
9:53 pm
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i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> tucker: senator elizabeth warr >> tucker: if senator elizabeth warren runs for president in 2020, and a lot of us are rooting for that because we believe in diversity, you will hear a lot more of president trump's nickname for her, pocahontas. warren says that nickname is racist, but a direct descendant of pocahontas who you are going to meet does not agree. she says she can trace her lineage right back to pocahontas and she has a challenge for senator warren. thank you for coming on. it is nice to see you. what is your challenge? we are honored to have you. what is your challenge for senator warren? >> my challenge would be that i don't know how she is saying that pocahontas is a racial slur. pocahontas is a real person.
9:58 pm
>> tucker: it sounds like a compliment, when people point out that you are related to pocahontas, do you take offense? >> no, i don't. i was in a restaurant the other day in palm beach and i was leaving with someone and the person said, oh, you are with pocahontas, it was not offensive to me at all. i was proud that they said that. >> tucker: how do you view w senator warren's claim that she is an american indian, do you believe her? >> well, i respect senator warren as a u.s. senator, but i wish she would take the dna test. if she took the dna test, then that would end a lot of the controversy. if she was part american indian, i would be the first to welcome her into our heritage. >> tucker: maybe she is related to pocahontas too. weirder things have happened. why do you think she will not take the dna test? it does not cost much.
9:59 pm
>> i know, maybe she is afraid that she is not. it is not right and is a little bit offensive that she does not take it. but you cannot make somebody take something if they do not want to. >> tucker: no, of course youot cannot.t but if she were here, you would encourage her to take thedyet t. >> yes, yes i would.d. >> tucker: good. she may run for president and you may have other opportunities to encourage her to do that. we will have you on just to remind her if she runs and she may. it is great to see you. >> good to see you too, tucker. >> tucker: have a great night. we have had a great night, s 59 minutes of it.uc total fun. thank you for joining us every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. and boy, are all of those in over overabundance right now. our small part to fight back.
10:00 pm
back from washington, guess who is next? >> sean: hey, tucker. >> tucker: there he is! [laughs] >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity," so much out in the news, robert mueller's witch hunt in to trump-russia collusion on day 349. so tonight, after 50 weeks of investigation we still have zero evidence that donald trump did anything wrong, absolutely zero. now breaking just moments ago, this is huge from "the washington post." robert mueller threatened to subpoena the president of the united states and take the president before a grand jury.y. this witch hunt is way out of control.nd ed henry has a full report coming up tonight. plus, according to information, the first leak to "the new york times," mueller has dozens of questions that he wants the president to answer. okay, coming up we will reveal the special counsel's most insane and ridiculous questions and why this report is full of crap, we will also show you how


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