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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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finally a 100-year-old handmade american flag returning home currently on display in washington but will finally make the journey to scotland. group of people spending hours selling the stars & stripes so it can be used for the funeral of 200 american soldiers whose ship was torpedoed during world war i. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues, see you tomorrow, goodbye. rob: this is not a game. the pres. of the united states, that message to robert mueller after threatening a possible presidential subpoena. deputy ag rod rosenstein could be targeted by house republicans. jillian: turning the tables on benjamin netanyahu, tensions mounting around the world as the french president steps up calls
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to renegotiate and john kerry comes to iran's defense. rob: what is more american than budweiser beer? george washington's push, the patriotic premium with presidential staff of approval. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> it is 5:00 somewhere. rob: it is warm outside. jillian: going to crack a beer right now?
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>> good morning, thanks for getting up early with us was a showdown between donald trump's attorneys and robert mueller, leaks show the special counsel considering a subpoena to get the pres. to talk. >> gop lawmakers trained to impeach rod rosenstein. >> special counsel robert mueller apparently told donald trump's legal team that he could subpoena the pres. to appear before grand jury if trump refuses an interview, that threat from our march meeting by john dowd who resigned weeks later amid a dispute how to answer mueller's interview request, this a day after fox news obtained a list of questions that trump's legal team believes mother wants to ask. possible questions cover trump's interactions with key figures in the russia saga, mike flynn, michael cohen with topics including a moscow real estate
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deal, meetings with vladimir putin and any back channel set up by jared kushner to talk to russia before the inauguration. as you might imagine donald trump not happy with the leak tweeting so disgraceful the questions concerning the russian witchhunts were leaked to the media, no questions on collusion. i see, you have a made up phony crime, collusion, that never existed and an investigation begun with illegally leaked classified information. dowd denies he is the leader but the white house is skeptical because the leak pretty much framed doubt in a heroic role. house republicans mulling articles of impeachment against him. >> making threats publicly and privately against me for quite some time and they should understand by now the department of justice will not be extorted.
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we will do what is required by rule apply and any threats anybody makes will not affect the way we do our job. >> mark meadows reportedly drafted 8 articles of impeachment against rosenstein. jillian: see how this plays out. rob: more on this with the judge later. russian fighter jet boat is a us spy plane over the ball to exceed. defense officials say the washington jet performed a safe but unprofessional intercepts coming within 20 feet of the u.s. navy aircraft which american pilots tell officials they never felt threatened, the first incident between russian and american military aircraft since january when russian fighter jet came within 5 feet of the u.s. navy spy plane. jillian: us soldier gunned down in afghanistan was part of the pentagon counterterrorism michigan. army specialist gabriel killed
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outside kabul, his family in colorado says he defined the word bravery. >> feel very proud of who he is. the kind of son that any mother would be proud to have. >> joined the army in 2015 marking the second us combat death in afghanistan this year. >> the trump administration handling major foreign-policy moment on two fronts. jillian: john carey defense the obama deal as plans for the historic face-to-face meeting with kim jong un could be revealed at any time. rob: all the details for us from washington. >> reporter: a lot on the pres.'s weight, we may see more details. >> setting up meetings and it will be announced the next couple days, location, the main thing is to get it done.
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>> a deadline on the rainy nuclear deal, iran's foreign minister firing back at benjamin netanyahu's stolen plans, calling him an infamous liar who has done nothing to offer except lies and deceit and minister sharif taking to twitter attacking secretary of state mike pompeo, no need to worry about iran not racing before the deal norwood turn to a weapon after, now says time to withdraw whether iran can enrich any nuclear material so which one is it? iran's for an administration, the only one, john kerry he was the lead negotiator of the iran deal defend it pulling out of it and every detail prime minister benjamin that yahoo presented, the reason the world came together to apply years of sanctions and negotiate the iran nuclear agreement and it is
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working. that is why israeli security experts are speaking out. the secretary of state, the department, he will soon lead. >> patriot and great americans, of america's face of the world and my mission will be to lead you, the united states diplomatic core needs to be in every stretch of the world executing missions on behalf of this country. rob: the pres. will swear in mike pompeo at 11:00. a lot of moving parts. >> a busy man in a new job. >> donald trump feeling the pressure from european leaders as the deadline for decertification looms. retired cia senior intelligence officer says unlike his predecessor, donald trump isn't going to kick the can down the road. >> uranium is building a military capability, a powerful
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expression of the concerns intelligence briefing from our perspective, donald trump does not want to bequeath to his successor a failed uranium policy similar to the one he deals with on north korea where iran is enriched with sanctions relief, icbm because that is not covered in the iran nuclear deal capable of targeting our homeland and nuclear breakout after the sunset provision closes out after 15 years with centrifuges and enrichment of uranium but they can breakout with a nuclear weapon, that is not where we want to go. >> in the country exempt from new metal tariffs will face tough restrictions like purchase quotas. peter navarro calling this a matter of national security. and steel and aluminum and tariffs on the european union, canada and mexico this week. agreements must be worked out by
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june 1st. supporters welcoming the vice president to arizona with thunderous applause. >> hello, arizona. >> the vp speaking in phoenix promoting the new tax cuts. >> it just over four months ago donald trump signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in the history of this country. promises made and promises kept, arizona. >> mike pence spoke about illegal immigration and plans for a southern border wall. >> facebook hoping to fix what kind of news you see on your feed. mark zuckerberg announcing the social media site will rank news organizations, users will be surveyed to determine which sources are trusted, news sites with the highest score will be
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promoted on the site, those with a lower score will be suppressed. rob: could there be a new branch of the military? donald trump signaling it could be out of this world. >> the space force was we are getting very big in space both militarily and for other reasons and seriously thinking of the space force. jillian: floating the idea while presenting to the army football team for its victory over air force and navy last year. 10 minutes after the hour. we have seen the obama administration had billions of dollars to iran, now the shoe is on the other foot. uranus forced to cough up cash for the september 11th attacks. rob: unlawful program, texas leading the start with a new -- the lawsuit filed to end daca. >> the crumbs they are giving, people can't hide in it.
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a bowl of doggie do, put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sundae. jillian: hoping those messages will carry democrats through the midterms. the house minority leader vowing to take back control but is this what the party needs? that debate coming your way next.
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jillian: a massive backlog of illegal immigration cases could cost taxpayers dollars, million cases still in the courts. this could prompt the fed to hire more judges to speed up proceedings. another immigration group finding 680,000 illegals targeted for deportation living
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in the united states. of suspected illegal immigrant who hung out with celebrities caught stashing 105 pounds of marijuana in his miami home along with guns, prescription label and $16,000 in cash. the colombian man under investigation by homeland security for months, frequently posts pictures online of his lavish lifestyle and vacation. >> nancy pelosi making a bold prediction for the november midterm saying we will win, i will run for speaker, i feel confident about and my members do too but is pelosi what the democratic party needs? here to debate that is republican strategist ryan and
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walking away. nancy pelosi, 78-year-old multimillionaire. is displaying a gender card in some way? what does it have to do with that? >> i don't think it is playing the gender card. we know when diversity and inclusion is present it makes the environment rich but what nancy pelosi needs to understand is on both sides of the aisle, left or right, we need new blood. nancy pelosi has been able to raise $60 million for her party, the way she has been able to enhance the democratic party cannot be understated but that's not mean we need to do the same things. for this upcoming midterm we need an open contact for who is going to lead the democratic party. rob: republicans love nancy pelosi. it has been rough for democrats,
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you had a special election in pennsylvania where democrat connor lamb won and disregarded nancy pelosi and people say that helped him to victory for the democrats. what do you think nancy pelosi should do and what do you want nancy pelosi to do? >> i want her to stay where she is. the queen of san francisco is a gift that keeps on giving to republicans, she is writing the ad force in the midterms but the fact is she's not going anywhere and she will stay where she wants to be as long as she wants to be because that is how it works in caucus leadership elections. she is the personification the democratic party has nothing new to offer to the american people. all she has is an old way of doing things, old tired message out of touch with the average americans. her promise on crumbs for the average american, what they are getting back from the tax-cut encapsulates her worldview.
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i pointed out to people as the democrat party is much in the clutches of the far left donors and base the democrat house caucus is in the clutches of nancy pelosi and she's not letting go anytime soon. leadership elections are often about who can raise the most money. nancy pelosi is raising a lot of money right now but ultimately at the end of the day what is going to happen, whether democrats take the house back or not will decide her future, if they take the house back she will be speaker. if they lose the house she will not be minority leader. >> we need to make sure it is clear it is not just a democrat problem about having someone who does not appeal to the current demographic. the gop has the same problem. we have to be honest about how both sides need to infuse new blood into their campaign. he is right when he says the fate of nancy pelosi is going to be determined by whether we win the house but again this should
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be an open contest. it shouldn't be something just given to her. rob: it has been a long four years since obama won reelection in 2012, they have given a lot of the house back to republicans. how does she keep staying in that position winning? >> money. one word. follow the money. rob: you agree with that. >> i agree. house leadership elections is about raising money and having somebody that will challenge nancy pelosi. i'm not seeing names of challengers. until somebody legitimately challenges her she is raising the money of the other thing, they don't want to challenge her because if -- committee chairmanship, nobody wants to challenge those two things. rob: thanks for the debate, see you later. jillian: hundreds of migrants
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are trying to pour into the state, jerry brown is concerned about the vice president. >> the vice president said yesterday the border is the problem in that area of all country. >> i think mike pence is the problem. jillian: that comment sparking serious backlash this morning. rob: forget uber and tesla. the army could have unmanned support on the battlefield. ♪
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gen. patrick dorsey and don blankenship battling over credentials and who is more aligned with donald trump. >> the only one with conservative record of results, we went after washington harder than these guys could. >> they take campaign contributions from planned parenthood. >> who will be the senate to support the donald trump agenda? >> really candidates on stage who not only voted for donald trump at the convention in the electoral college. >> 5 moments of this said to square off in the primary to unseat democrat joe manchin. >> campaign controversy brewing down south, brian kemp under fire for holding a shotgun. >> i am brian kemp.
2:25 am
this is jake. jake asked why i was running for governor. kim jong un she joined us earlier defend to get. >> they love that. shows love for my girls and family and my appreciation and strong support for the second amendment. >> candidate campaigning to replace governor nathan deal. >> the army making big moves to make self driving vehicles. jillian: a plan to have unmanned support on the battlefield. >> reporter: move over, depending on the first to have self driving vehicles, this came out during a hearing on capitol hill, under secretary of defense for research and engineering said the u.s. army would have self driving vehicles on the battlefield long before they
2:26 am
would be on the streets because of the danger soldiers face in combat, more than half of the deaths because soldiers are driving, delivering food, fuel and supplies. jillian: what is the deal with this beer produced by veterans? >> i love this story. budweiser coming out with the year that is a recipe written by george washington. not only is that cool but it will be brewed by budweiser veterans. on the back of each bottle and can it will be featuring the signature and the proceeds go to folds of honor helping military families, that is available through september 30th.
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jillian: 26 minutes after the hour. as the caravan of migrants demand asylum in the us, daca back on the docket. >> this is a direct result of our week immigration laws and porous border. >> what the new showdown means for dreamers. rob: goodbye policemen and firemen, the state that approved gender-neutral job titles. ♪ then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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rob: the caravan of migrants demand asylum, texas -- doing the trump administration to force the end to daca. jillian: could throw a wrench into a messy legal situation.
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rob: jackie ibanez has more. >> reporter: the trump administration tridentine the program that protects young illegal immigrants known as dreamers who came to the us as children but was blocked by 3 federal judges. alabama, arkansas, louisiana, nebraska, south carolina and west virginia, trying to force a change. ken paxton says former pres. obama unlawfully started the program in 2012 which protects nearly 700,000 immigrants. >> we hope a federal judge will rule correctly, what pres. obama did was unconstitutional and unlawful and therefore end dana loesch force congress to act or not act. it should not be done unilaterally by the president. jillian: the future of daca way to limbo so that the caravan of migrants on the border, 28 being held in the us and 100 more wait to hear their fate. >> reporter: what they are
2:32 am
looking for is well-being. >> we live the same experiences, running from the same violence. i talked to some of them and we are all the same, looking for an better life. >> the caravan exposing weaknesses of us immigration law. >> the situation is a result of week immigration laws and a porous border. under this pres. we will uphold our laws, the sovereignty and protect the border. jillian: the latest lawsuit to the supreme court. rob: thank you so much. jillian: congress wants to know more about fired fbi director james comey, bob goodlatte, asking the doj for information on columbia university daniel richmond's involvement at the
2:33 am
fbi. details of special government employee status and both committees conducting a joint investigation into the decision-making process during the 2016 election. >> are in order to pay billions to victims of families affected by the september 11th terrorist attack. in the death of 1000 people whose families sued, that is awarding 12.5 $12.5 billion to spouses, a $.5 billion to children and $4 million to siblings since iran will likely never pay the movies largely symbolic. >> the brother of the accused parkland shooter nikolas cruz arrested for driving without a license and violating his probation. nikolas cruz is not allowed within 1 mile of any school after he tracked past the high school just weeks after his brother was accused of opening
2:34 am
fire there, killing 17 people. thousands of students across the country planning to walk out of school today in support of the second amendment. % for the second walkout was created by a high school student who wants to give pro-gun students a voice. it will last 16 minutes in 300 schools in 42 states. the movement comes just a month after students staged a walkout protesting gun violence in the wake of the parkland school shooting. rob: michelle obama will host thousands of high school students for college signing day. the former first lady will become a cheerleader in chief at temple university this year while events carry-on in all 50 states. former pres. obama will be in attendance was the event started by michelle supports high schoolers seeking higher education. jillian: extreme weather, millions under a tornado watch and bracing for severe storms. look at this dark funnel clouds in oklahoma near the kansas
2:35 am
border. >> pushing through kansas into nebraska. let's go to janice dean in studio. >> reporter: another day of severe weather, main ingredients here, the warm air have this frontal system, the cooler behind it and because of that the golf moisture working into the mix, potential for severe storms. over the last 24 hours, reports of tornadoes and might be a worse case scenario for tornadoes. the jetstream, moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico and windshear with height and turning of the wind increasing tornadoes, moderate risk, not something you typically see. and those areas you see in orange and red, not to leave out the yellow areas, you could see potential for isolated tornadoes
2:36 am
but that concentrated area in the central us and that will last overnight into tomorrow. more storms tomorrow across the same area. tonight might be the worst of it because you can't see these tornadoes coming. jillian: 36 minutes after the hour, two major leaks in two days, donald trump slamming the russian witchhunt after robert mueller questions are released. jillian: the obama administration said body cameras were too expensive her body -- for border patrol to wear. jillian: in a savage move the philadelphia eagles moved ahead of the cowboys in a draft, to draft alice goddard as the new tight end. the problem, his name. >> if you go fund mes to change my name from dallas to philly.
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>> border patrol agents are testing personal body cameras to amp up security measures, and in 9 different areas nationwide. in the seaport in long beach, california. the obama administration, body cameras were not effective due to their cost and technological challenges. since then technology has evolved. paramedics can't say these words, say your goodbyes now to policemen and firemen.
2:41 am
new york approving gender-neutral job titles, firefighter and police officer. lawmakers call it a show of respect, the senate approving the bill which headed to democratic governor andrew cuomo's desk. mary back company governor jerry brown has hundreds of migrants about the flood his state but the vice president is the problem here. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction to jerry brown's remarks. >> reporter: an example how divided democrats and republicans are california governor jerry brown brushing off concerns over the migrant caravan taking a met vp mike pence. >> the border is a problem in this particular area of the country. >> pence is the problem. >> the last but republicans punchingbag, rich on twitters is
2:42 am
the biggest political problem in our country is you, jerry brown. steve says governor brown needs to look at what he has done to california, not good. a lot of anger over his comment from the republican party. >> it made me giggle in some way. let's talk about facebook, can't stand facebook. >> facebook is entering the world of online dating. take a listen. >> 200 million people on facebook with themselves a single. women have something to do here. and helping people build meaningful relationships, this is the most meaningful of all. >> this is a pretty big deal, you are not buying it? a lot of jokes about it online. one twitter user says they have data to make good matches and another tweet says will there be
2:43 am
more than just russian troll grooves? facebook, so much on it right now. it is a little complicated. rob: nothing better than mark zuckerberg trying to sell me a dating site. jillian: you don't think he is a charmer? >> the eagles, this one, i can't get down with. i don't see how this will work. philadelphia eagles fans are diehard, what it is going to take, a lot of convincing. and eagles fan set up an online campaign to get dallas goddard, a newly drafted rookie, to change his name because of the eagles rivalry with dallas cowboys. what does dallas have to say about that? here he is. >> if you go fund mes to change my name from dallas to philly.
2:44 am
people may have trouble with that but hopefully make enough plays. >> andrew says i donate to this cause, he doesn't like the cowboys either. andrew needs to donate to the cause because that go fund me page had $5 in it. jillian: he was named after the dallas cowboys, he grew up in texas, huge cowboys fans, the eagles moved up in the draft to take him because they knew the cowboys wanted to take it and look at that. savage. >> dallas will do well. rob: for anybody that hires them. thank you so much. two major mueller leaks in two days. donald trump livid after robert mueller questions are handed to the new york times. what happens now? judicial analyst judge andrew
2:45 am
napolitano ways in next. jillian: what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> he looks great in that shot. later we will compare head shop throughout the show. the mueller probe, who leaked it? some say it is coming from the trump team to show how unfair these are and how they want to urge the president not to sit down with robert mueller who has a plan b if that happens. kanye west says i still like donald trump even though i'm not political. is this worth it? is this getting out of control? this great personal story, two female veterans who attempt to climb a mountain, the tallest peak in north america at 20,320 feet to raise funds for other injured vets and one could be the first ever female veteran amputee to reach the top. we will talk to the only on this show and i urge you when you watch the show to be careful.
2:46 am
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first," donald trump laughing the russian witchhunt, after the questions robert mueller wants to ask my leaked. rob: where does the investigation go from here? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, thanks for coming on. one of the big sentences the got a lot of scrutiny was no questions on collusion. that is not really accurate. judge napolitano: the questions that were leaked in my opinion were leaked by someone in the
2:50 am
pres.'s team to server -- sober him up after the "fox and friends" interview. it went on for half an hour to remind him this will not be that kind of interview. very difficult questions, they may look easy but each is a trigger point, starting point to a dozen questions beneath it and 40 different topics. the most challenging question i saw was the one that asked if you are aware of any assistance you saw through paul manafort, assistance is the key word. collusion is the media and political -- jillian: what knowledge did you have by your campaign including paul manafort about additional assistance? judge napolitano: to put into the pres. they have to have a factual basis meaning someone, some witness told them this
2:51 am
happened and the witness knows the president knows, who would that witness be? i suggest to you who it was and that is rick gates, paul manafort's business partner who has his codefendant and became a star witness. maybe i am wrong and it wasn't rick gates. someone has told the special counsel the campaign reached out to the russians through assistance through paul manafort and donald trump knew about it. jillian: what is the good and the bad about this? judge napolitano: the good is the president sees how serious this is and will not be giving interviews in which he makes admissions that could be damning to him. and the frustration everybody knows in advance what the
2:52 am
questions are. normally when the government rights you when it is not to help you but to help the government and normally they don't tell you what they are going to ask you but because he is the president of the united states, he goes before the special counsel, not under oath and is voluntary. goes before a grand jury under oath and is not voluntary, doesn't have to answer. you have to invoke the fifth. only mobsters vote for the fifth. >> a lot of speculation whether they getting on collusion and that has been denied so much. and with comey, the questions, and easier route. >> even though it is not articulated in the constitution as a basis for impeachment it is well grounded in the law as basis for impeachment. they can show his dealing with
2:53 am
comey was to frustrate the investigation of him, donald trump, they have a serious case of obstruction of justice sent to the house of representatives. >> what is your opinion on this report that mueller raised the possibility in march? judge napolitano: they probably got testy, the mueller team and the trump team and the trump team said if i give you a subpoena you have to produce it. bill clinton testifying before grand jury made a mistake to do it on national television and it was a disaster and we know how that ended up. >> pleading the fifth would be bad. judge napolitano: it would be catastrophic for this president, can't wait to tell his story. jillian: your opinion on this statement this morning, this is not some game, you are screwing
2:54 am
with the work of the president of the united states. judge napolitano: a very fine lawyer who was a member of the pres.'s team until he quit, scrutinizing the documents that went from white house to bob mueller, the only one of the government's trump team who has seen the documents. >> he might be the leader. judge napolitano: if he is he does it if i know him because he is doing it in the best interests to help the pres. not to harm him because john dowd has been arguing don't sit down with bob mueller, don't sit down with the guy who owns a grand jury. not there because he wants to help you but because he thinks he can indict you. rob: tired of talking about this. judge napolitano: it is going to be with us. he is changing his name from dallas to philly? that is ridiculous. jillian: a shocking discovery in
2:55 am
texas where a tiger, stuck in a duffel bag was just found. >> it was $500 for dirty jeans and a laundry bag with an $800 price tag. next up for the filthy rich, these extreme cutouts and you won't believe how much they cost. ♪ .
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well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes.
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rob: time for the good,ed bad and the ugly. first the good. it is a girl. big congratulations on dale air harnt jr. and wife amy on birth of first daughter isla rose. now everything i do will be for her and my wife amy. congrats. jillian: tiger cub found stuffed inside duffle bag. the cub is now staying at a local zoo. rob: finally the ugly. how much denim do you need for jeans to be considered jeans? jillian: more than that. rob: carhartt denim selling barely there jeans pockets for 168 bucks. denise on twitter writing these pockets are expensive. jillian: if this is fashion now, i many vacating the planet. rob: disclosure i helped design those jeans. jillian: they are not jeans.
3:00 am
there is more pocket than denim. rob: matt likes them too. he is smiling over there. jillian: matt is behind the couch counting down telling us we have got to go. have a good day, everyone. steve: we'll see you later. >> special counsel robert mueller told the trump legal team he could speech the president. >> if trump could secure the same circumstances that were granted to hillary clinton, then why not sit down for the interview because everybody knows that donald trump is not going to get the hillary clinton treatment. >> several house republicans they have drafted articles of impeachment against rosenstein. >> the department of justice is not going to be -- we are going to do what's required by the rule of law. >> texas is launching a lawsuit with six other states to daca. >> what president trump did was unconstitutional and unlawful. >> what happened last week with the make america again hat. >> i felt a freedom and first of all just doing something that everybody tells you not to d


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