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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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relieving himself on the football system. they their man and the superintendant thomas traingalini. we have told you for months the on the roton school. >> sean: trump's newest opportunity made news. he slammed mueller out of control witch hunt and took james comey to task and so much more. but tonight the biassed news media only cared about 130 second clip. we had a 40 minute interview all making news regarding the revelations around stormy, stormy, stormy. we'll show you how insane the anti- trump media echo chamber is in this country and breaking
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developments in the fbi investigation of michael cohen. and "fake news", nbc reports a wiretap trump's long- term personal attorney. we are learning that story much of it is fake. massive development in north korea and media is howling over stormy, stormy. they are yawning over the report that three americans in prison by kim jong-un may soon be released. we have this. opening monologue. right here on the program, we did something that you don't see from so- called journalist. yeah, we broke news. we had a interview with rudy guiliani and reports insight in the legal team.
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and now rudy guiliani called out robert mueller's witch hunt. >> the president right when he said witch hunt in>> yes, you can't explain it any other way. first of all there was no russianclusion and shouldn't be a investigation. we are year and half and two years in this. no russianclusion. in falling all over themselves. they committed numerous violations. >> sean: guiliani slammed the special counsel's questions that were recently leaked to the new york times. >> when you look at the questions about what does the president think or feel, what does the president really desire, those are questions intended to trap him in some way in contradict what is in fact
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a very, very solid explanation of what happened. >> sean: the former mayor is absolutely right and robert mueller sets a perjury trap, there is a subpeona for manafort. mueller has the power to subpeona so long as he writes the name on the paper before he serves the documents. what is seemingly an aggressive legal tactic and one that we expect from him. more from my sit down with the mayor. the media paid little attention to. pay attention now about hillary clinton. >> 13 crimes she committed and we got up to 18. i am sorry, i know you are disappointed you didn't win, but you are criminal. equal justice would mean you
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should go to jail. i don't know why the justice department is not investigating you. >> sean: equal justice means hillary goes to jail. he took on former fbi director james comey. >> you have an investigation in which mueller is selected the day after he's turned down by fbi direct or by rosenstein. there are thousands of people who could be selected from the job and james comey seems to be their core of their investigation. he's telling the truth and president isn't? i know james comey and i know the president. sorry, jim, you are a liar. a disgraceful liar and every fbi in america has his head down because of you. >> sean: the former mayor slammed the fbi handling of the
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michael coheninvestigation. look at this. >> the settlement which is regular thing for lawyers to do. only possible would be is whether a campaign finance. and as a results in a fine and not storm troopers breaking down his apartment and office. >> sean: let's take a step back. all of those crucial developments that you just watched and we aired live on this program, were largely ignored by the abusive biassed new's media instead the lazy, abusive biassed echo chamber "fake news" over paid media erupted 130 second clip again and again and again. take a look. >> having to pay stormy daniels woman 130000? that will be turn out to be
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perfectly almost. that money was not campaign money. i am giving you a fact that you don't know. it is not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> sean: so they funneled -- funded by the law farm. >> sean: it doesn't change the fact and purpose of the payment initially or a long time until after the transaction took place and michael cohen, took the action to benefit the company he servement follow the bouncing ball so you can keep up. wall street journal reported about the cohen, payment to stormy daniels that happened before the election and in february in an interview with the new york times, michael
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cohendenied the trump campaign reimbursed him. he left open the possibility that the president himself then president-elect at the time might have reimbursed him with personal funds. and president trump said this on board of a force one. did you know about the payment? >> you have to request michael cohen, my attorney. you will have to ask michael. >> now the president obviously knew about the story at this time. it was so widely reported since january and what he said, he didn't know about the payment prior to the story being
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covered. this did not stop the hysteria of the mainstream media with a fever pitch like the russia, story. >> i did not watch all of your show. rudy guiliani went on fox news and he stayed on longer than he is have, that's when he got to the stormy daniels. which is blockbuster. >> and he could be out there defending the president and take a harder line when it came to the mueller investigation. but he created another myth. >> there is an assumption that ruddy guiliani had a strategy and i am unconvinced that that is the case. >> had rudy guiliani been counsel for ibm and undercut ibm like he did for the president of
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the united states he would be fired next morning. the hero of 9/11 is forgotten and severely damaged his legacy. >> what do you make of guiliani's legal strategy. >> he met phorically murdered the president and committed suicide with respect to his own reputation. >> sean: 24 hour coverage was obsessive and it was almost funny except that it is too serious. take a look. >> stunning revelation from president trump's attorney rudy guiliani. last night testifying fox news that trump reimbursement his fixer. >> it was a stunning admission that guiliani said approved by his boss the president and offering a contradictory account about the payment to stormy daniels. >> after saying he didn't know
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anything about the hush payment. and now he reimbursed his lawyer. >> startling admission by rudy guiliani has president trump facing new questions about whether he knew about the attempt to silence stormy daniels. >> sean: the media can't stop playing the show and hannity and they feature me more than their own hosts. i am beginning to think i need to collect a paycheck from abc, cbs, and nbc, and msnbc. and i am providing the real news that they rarely make on their own. turn to even more "fake news". this is serious. nbc broke a serious story about michael cohen. according to the original report.
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cohen, had been wiretapped weeks before he was raided by the fbi. and there was more developments by nbc news. >> the wiretap occurred before the public search warrant. and in addition to that, we learned that one phone call conversation between michael cohenand the white house was intercepted and we know that federal prosecutor conducted a surveillance of his e-mails leading up to a search warrant. this is more than knocking on the door and asking for documentless. >> sean: and once again we learned that this report was "fake news" and nbc was forced to report. three senior officials dispute the wiretapping and the monitoring of cohen's call was limited to a pin register and
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not a wire tape. yet again "fake news" from nbc. and the media reports all of the "fake news" about michael cohen, and spinning in circles of a tiny portion of my 40 minute interview with rudy guiliani. we have actual news of three americans long held hostage with kim jong-un, little rocket man. president trump is working on their release and hinting of hopeful news on twitter. as everyone is aware, the past administration asked for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp. but to no avail, stay tuned. this is it a positive development from the korean peninsula that is seeing progress under our new president. three american lives is at stake. and your major media is yawning
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and kim jong-un is making concession and talking about denuclearization of the korean peninsula and historic unemployment and the media yawns and americans receiving unemployment is lowest since 1973, and the media could care a're a less. african-american unemployment and hispanic unemployment and wim in the work place. media could care a less. do you need more proof that the media in this country doesn't care about the truth and doing their job and you? they care about their liberal left wing agenda. and like a huge massive echo chamber with overpaid spoiled brat anchors that do not do their job. and joining us is joe. and he and his wife victoria
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came to a christmas party and shared a drink together and talked and laugh. so much news was made in the interview. >> indeed. >> sean: you saw the coverage. your reaction, what does it say to the american consumer about the news sfrae in general in this country? >> when you look at the white house correspondents dinner and the conduct of the people and look at the absence of coverage as your show last night. it is clear that american journalism is dead, dying and in the coffin. they are not journalist. they are people with an agenda and they don't want to find something out. they want to say something on their own. it is an example and it is a sad, sad day. >> sean: joe, we have had masking surveillance abuse and
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leaking of raw intelligence and samantha power, and then the bigger scandal. rudy guiliani is right. hillary committed felonies and obstructed justices. james comey and loretta lynch rigged the investigation. and turns out hillary is paying a foreign national to use russian sources that turn out to be debunked and that false political document and deszier is used for a fisa warpt to spy on an american in a trump campaign. they are silent on the biggest abuse of power and scandal in the country. >> i don't think that that judgment is absolutely correct. it is quite evident that the mueller probe is illegitimate. and the attempt to interview of
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the president united states. there is no doubt at all the president should be refuse to be interviewed by them. it is clear that are mueller and the democratic thug are act nothing bad faith. they know the president under the department of rules can't be indicted. and they have no evidence to indict him. the office of mueller was created by rob rosenstein illegally. and all of this leads to the ultimate conclusion that the perpetution of the investigation by muller is doing grave damage to the united states and foreign policy and grave damage to u.s. law enforcement because of the thug- like tactics used in the manafort case. and after watching the deputy attorney general of the united states, rod rosenstein accuse congress of trying to extort him
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and others in the department by conducting legitimate constitutional oversight. i would say between mueller and rosenstein, and the absent attorney general, god bless him, we have a serious crisis in american federal law enforcement. >> sean: i agree. i think it is it a biggest abuse. and he would be a witness on that part. and rod rosenstein, we talked about the fisan applications that relied on unverified and dossier paid for by hillary clinton. they never told the judge it was paid for by hillary. and if there are false information presented to a fisa court, he is implicating himself when he said he would not be
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extorted. >> of course, the problem for rob rosenstein and he has multiple conflict of interest. he wrote the memrappedum that led to the firing of james comey and signed the fia s and cares about comey and mueller and others. he is be removed from the case and this is disgraceful. he will pretend he is above all of of this. when all that is said and done he represents the part of the diameter i thought we had lost when the obama administration people left office. >> sean: joe, we are headed for a show down. every attorney said the president should not sit with an true wise man or mueller and his team of democratic donors only and if the show dpz down the
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president said no. and they will not agree to proper written answers which i don't think they will at this point. that means that robert mueller will subpeona the president of the united states before a grand jury and this is where it gets some what legally tricky. let's walk down that road. and what happens then and what is the response? >> if mueller issued a subpeona to the president. he knows the president can't be indicted and since he knows that the president is not a necessary witness to anything he is using. he is using it to get tell from the president to use in an impeachment recommend report to the deputy general. and the president should resist it and take it all the way to the supreme court. all executive power rests in the president of the united states.
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he had ultimate authority to fire james comey and he did. >> sean: courts can make the wrong decision. >> they can be wrong. it will go all the way to the supreme court. let me make a prediction. mueller will never issue a subpeona. >> sean: why? >> he cannot win. i disagree with judge napolitano that mueller will win on a subpene a. let me say he will lose because it is unconstitutional. >> sean: they have a pertrap that can remain in >> technically correct. but you cannot issue immunity to someone when you are doing it illegally under the statute. mueller does not have the
6:21 pm
authority to issue the impeachment report and does not have the authority to use the grand jury subpeona to get grand jury tell for impeachment or activity that never occurred. and so if mueller wants that fight and tie it up for six months and a year he can do it. but he will do a disservice of himself. mueller is a cross of insfektor ja var and madame defarce. >> sean: things are just getting started. make laven waying in with a lot to say tonight as we continue. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.
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>> i know james comey and i know the president. sorry, jim, up are a liar, a disgraceful liar. every fbi agent in america has his head down because of you. this is a witch hunt like the president said. and if you look at the questions, they are trap questions. first year prosecutor would do better than that. >> sean: what were you thinking of james comby and jeff sessions and the special counsel? >> you are allowed to have thought and that's how idiotic the questions was. >> sean: the media continues to distort every aspect. look at joy behar, from the view who went off the rails. >> i will take a psyche lonlicical position.
6:27 pm
i think guiliani is throwing him under the bus because he didn't make him attorney general or chief of staff. jum joule loves to be the center of attention. when bill bratton cleaned up crime in the city he was fired shortly thereafter. that is guiliani. >> really? >> i am giving awe a tip. trump. he's out to get you. >> sean: joy behar, is not a genius. and rudy guiliani said on the program, he was offered the job and he regretted turning it down. she didn't pay attention. and we'll have sebaeftian gorkan and secret service agent dan. starting with you. all of the things that the mayor said last night. and the president's attorney said last night about hillary
6:28 pm
and about mueller and about comey and the investigation, huge news that he's making here, and they focus on 30 seconds because that's where the corrupt media goes. they don't want to hear the truth. >> first things first. i have to congratulate you, you are getting close to the president's record for living rent free in the mind of the liberal left wing media. they are obsessed with you. and i like how they sfent the whole day. they selected one-half of a sentence from the mayor's statement and they missed the beginning. amongst other things that's the reason why he was fired. and these people inventory passed year one in journalism school and they have to maintain a narrative. like the 49 questions. they are a mark of desperation. there is no case.
6:29 pm
there is no conclusion and three- quarters of the question is trying to police your thought. we only do that in dictatorship and not in america, sean. >> sean: what did you think of comb's's tell. and what did you think of session's reusual. it doesn't matter what he thought. it matters what he did. >> no. >> sean: and the fact that that goes over his hand one hand infuriates me and then on the other hand i have to laugh. rudy guiliani talks about how mueller's questionsar a perjury trap and comey is a disgraceful liar and how hillary is a criminal and belongs in jail and comey fixed the entire case with hillary and talked about how comey should be prosecuted
6:30 pm
for leaking confidential information. none much that is covered today. but the only thing they cover is stormy, stormy and even got that wrong. >> well, sean, they are invested in it now. they can't get away from the russia hoax. and sold it for a year. this is a case built by liar accident. clapper and brennan and comey. they built it on a bed of lies for liars on capital and people in the media who obtrukted the trump presidency. let me tell you, when i was a secret service agency. i went to an advanced interrogation school. one of the things they taught us, when you are trying to get people in a trap ask open ended question. don't just ask sean hanity. you say yes. >> if you are victim offed in
6:31 pm
a ident theft case you may slip up. do not do the interview. it is a trap. >> sean: what do you think, sebastian? >> the president should never, ever sit down. joe and victoria are right. and they have no right to do this. and the president cannot be indicted. it is a perjury trap. this man wants a sca l. and they have destroyed the reputation of the fbi. i am getting text from fbi agents say they record every meeting now because jurors no longer believe them. these men have destroyed the fbi. >> sean: i will never sweep with a broad brush here. this is a few in the top. not the rank and file. dan, you know how great they
6:32 pm
are. >> they are terrific. but listen to me. they have nothing. mueller has nothing. you can't fabricate the collusion that didn't happen. you can't go back to the future with marte mcfly. they have nothing. it is just a perjury trap. >> sean: you would think for the country it would be the country first. >> it is not. >> sean: if we lose it is venezuela and not the united states. when we come back, we have mark and sara. ontrol enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges.
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>> sean: as mueller's witch hunt continues, remember mark levin last summer explaining the doj
6:37 pm
policy that said the sitting president cannot be indicted. this is something that the media forgets. >> it is the position of the united states and 1973 memrappedum under the clinton administration. you must not and cannot indict a sitting president, not that this president would be. as a matter of constitutional interpretation. 44 years that is the position of the department of justice. we have had law professor and homeless people all over tv and talking about obstruction. media types talking about it. and it doesn't matter. the official position of the justice department we don't charge a sitting president with a crime. >> sean: mark reiterated that point a few weeks ago. >> a sitting president's
6:38 pm
immunity to indictment and prosecution that would unconstitutionally undermine the assigned function. page after page saying a sitting united states president cannot be indicted. did they issue another memo in nixon and clinton. no. >> and the host of crtv levin tv. number one show sunday night right here on the fox news channel and i call him the great one. mark, i wanted to play that again, as usual on legal matters you are ahead of the curve and a constitutional attorney and our lazy overpaid journalist are
6:39 pm
wrong 99 percent of the time. i want you to give an opportunity to explain this. >> this is the department of justice speaking and the position of the justice department has not been amended since october 16th, 200. you have a lot of second tier slip and fall lawyers all over tvp spewing things that don't understand the constitution and have not studied the cases, i have. first of all the opinion said grand jury and prosecutors cannot supplant congress. only way to remove a sitting president is impeachment. they cannot disable or ham string a presidency which is
6:40 pm
what they are trying to do. a prosecutor cannot tweak the 23'd amendment. he can't step in any take advantage of it. these are things that were discussed. a president can't properly defend himself when he has time to spend on official duties. unlike so many other individuals, the president of the united states is so unique in our constitutional system it is damaging to him, because he can't focus on his defense which is different on civil lit gagdz and can't focus on the nation's security and well-being. the president can't function with these kinds of burden. and he can't be indicted as a sitting president. period. presidents have received subpoenas before.
6:41 pm
tell me, tell me one who has been before a federal grand jury. ken starr's team subpeona bill clinton not so much for the sex of the intern, but lying about litigation that was taking place. and he decided to do a video. here is my advice to the president of the united states. he didn't seek it and to his lawyers. focus. you are making this too complicated. the constitution is on the side of the president. the department of justice's decision is on the side of the president of the united states. historical precedent is on the side of the president of the united states. stop listening to all of the babbling and pleading the fifth and sitting down with a subpene a. and i would say to mr. mueller. present us with an explanation of your defiance of the
6:42 pm
department of justice policy which you are required to follow as an employee of the department much justice and moreover we want to understand how it is that you believe that you can burden a president like this while he's in office. and while i am at it. a few republicans in the senate are confused and voted to protect mr. mueller than the president and the constitution, and the american people. and they seem to think that they have the power even to tell the president who he can hire and fire. part of the problem of the president he is dealing with ignoreammous in and out of his party and some cressed up as lawyers. i would make mueller and his band of democrat prosecutors make it all the way to the court court and if they try to subpeona to appear before
6:43 pm
a federal grand jury and make the case against the supreme court precedent and against the constitution of the united states. and if it takes six months, six years, by god it takes six years, we are not just talking about the president which would be enough. we are talking about protecting the office of the presidency and separation of powers and when you look at 49 areas was questions. there is not a single criminal statute or what is it that they are not investigation. any want to know his intent. and treat him like they treated martha stewart. guess what, he's the president mr. mueller and is not a failed anthrax case. this is the president of the united states. we the people have a stake in this and we get to decide.
6:44 pm
framers decide only way you remove the president is through the house and senate and it is a heavy burden and not a rogue prosecutor. they don't get to do it andet people need to demand it go all the way to the supreme court to put rogue prosecutors in their place. >> sean: that's why i call you the great one. it is by the abusively and biassed and ethically challenged mueller team. mark levin. life and liberty and levin. thank you, sir. when we come back, sarah carter and greg jarret weigh in on breaking news. coppertone sport.
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>> i'm sorry, hillary, i know you are disappointed you didn't win. but you are a criminal and equal justice would mean you should go to jail. i do not know why the justice department is not investigating you. >> james comey fix the case. >> it was rigged. you can't read the stupid report which he said he will not prosecutor. no reasonable prosecutoror would indict her and no honest wouldn't indict her. >> sean: that was the president's attorney rudy guiliani talking about hillary clinton and she is a criminal and comey fixed the whole case. that is big new and joining us with reaction sarah carter, author of the soon to be released book. we'll get it right there. and already they are attacking.
6:50 pm
russia hoax to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. and the whole issue of allowing the president to talk to mueller. rudy said there is not a lawyer in the country that advises that. >> muller is it proven heap is not fair and neutral and nottive. why would you subject the president of the united states to somebody who has every intent of being unfair to you? my recommendation would be if mueller will not accept answers to a limited number of questions. let him subpeona the president and then i would ignore the subpeona, why? then mueller would have to hold the president in contempt and they would mean detention and arrest. and the framers wrote that and the supreme court confirmed that would be unconstitutional. and interior unelected officer
6:51 pm
can do that. >> sean: why do they think that. >> they think president clinton complied and he cannot. it was withdrawn by mutual consent and it was relative to a civil case and not a criminal case. and all the while all of this other news. a lot of it coroberating your hard work beyond the fact that mueller is setting a perjury trap. and comey is a liar. and mueller's probe is tainted and hillary is a criminal and all begins with hillary clinton and the espionage act and obstruction that was represented bee the leading subpened and acid washing the hard wire and
6:52 pm
beating them up with a hammer and joemy and mccabe and loretta lynch put the fix before the investigation. >> absolutely and rudy guiliani was right on the mark. we know that the release report on comey's handling. >> sean: how soon? >> i would imagine within weeks. he's waited for comey to begin talking and listening to what he says, and going to include that in the report. and all we have to do is look back, sean and realize from the beginning. may ninety-ninth. and almost a year to the date when comey was fired. when comey was fired by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who advised the president to fire him. he cited the clinton investigation saying it destroyed the fbi.
6:53 pm
he put quotes in there from former fbi director and intelligence director and hammering on comey and his handling of the case. i can tell you horrowitz will have a scatting report against comey and he knows that. andrew mccabe. and peter strzok and lisa page. >> sean: and loretta lynch? >> absolutely. she was a big part of this. >> sean: what about clapper and brennan? i took it as a threat, you know stay tuned to the president of the united states. >> i think brennan and clapper were two instigators. >> sean: did they both lie under oath. >> one can argue that clapper
6:54 pm
certainly did and got away with it and the statute of limitation run out. but they were intigator and those who are clearly should be prosecuted would include james comey in the top of the list and andrew mccabe. >> sean: what about susan rice and samantha powers basically unmasking a an american a day? >> i hope we will. i don't know if we will hear about all of the players. but brennan was in charge of the cia. the cian is supposed to deal with foreign issues. what is brennan doing putting himself in other issues. why are you involving yourself in this? this is not part of the cia. >> sean: we are following hillary clintonary latest excuse
6:55 pm
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a crushing election loss, and hillary clinton has come up with a pretty long list of excuses, you can see them on the side of your screen. yesterday at the shared values leadership summit, the loser had a new excuse. take a look. >> you may be the only presidential candidate since world war ii that actually had to stand up and say, i am a capitalist. did it hurt you? >> probably, it's hard to know but, if you are in the iowa caucuses and 41% of democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, then i answer you and say yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability. you know, that probably gets lost in the, oh, my gosh, she's a capitalist. >> you lost because you had a terrible vision for the future, and barack obama had 13 more a
7:00 pm
million more americans to poverty and the food stamp role, and we are doing much better now. we will always be fair and balanced, but let not your heart be troubled. there she is, i got the football. this is a hannity original football. >> laura: i have one question, is that a regulation sized leather football? >> this is a hannity football, it's unique. >> laura: . my 5-year-old could catch that football. i want a big football made in the united states. >> i will sign one to laura and graham. take it over, i have great show. >> laura: raymond through it, i