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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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for once, a whole school in -- a high school in new jersey has been plagued by a man who was relieving himself on the field. it was the superintendent himself. we have been telling you that schools are rotten. that's it for us. sean hannity from new york city. >> sean: great show as always. welcome to "hannity." president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, making massive nizam's program. he took james james comey to to much more, but tonight, this abuse of revised news media in this country, they only cared about one space my 32nd clip. weip had a 40 minute interview. all making news. this regarding revelations around stormy, stormy, stormy. we are you how insane, ridiculous the anti-terms of media and their echo chamber has become in this country. plus we have breaking
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developments tonight over the fbi's investigation into michael cohen. earlier today, fake news nbc reporting the fbi wiretapped drum's longtime attorney. now we are learning that much of that story was fake. we'll explain coming up. finally, a massive development out of north korea. the media is howling at the moon over michael cohen and stormy daniels and russia, russia, russia, they are visibly yawning over the report that three of our fellow americans that were imprisoned by kim jong un, they may soon be released. sit tight, we have this and so muchg- more intimate important breaking news opening monologue. ♪ last night right here on this program, we did something you don't often see from so-called journalists, yeah, we actually broken our lengthy interview with rudy giuliani covered a wide range of topics. unearth a lot of important insight, including this knowledge with a former new york city mayor, now
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president drums attorney, called out robert mueller's pathetic witch hunt. take a look at plates because the president is right when he says which end. >> you can't exclaim as any other way. there should not have been an investigation. there is no rush occlusion. case over a period all over themselves to investigate him, they have committed numerous violations. >> sean: he slammedli the special counsel's questions to president trump, the ones recently leakeds to the fake nes "new york times." take a look at this. >> when you look at those questions about what is the president think, what does the president feel, what does the president really desired, those are all questions intended to trap him in some way and contradicting what is in fact a
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very, very solid explanation of what happened. >> sean: the former mayor is absolutely right. breaking tonight, while robert mueller set the perjury trap for president trump, the special counsel has filed a request for 70 blank subpoenas in the case of paul manafort. in other words, mueller now has the power subpoena thousands off americans so long as he writes a name on the paper before he serves thehe document. wow. we'll analyze all of that, what is seemingly an aggressive legal tactic, one we would expect from him. first, more news for my sit down withmo a former mayor, including these comments he made, the media paid little attention to, pay attention now, about hillary clinton. take a look. >> 13 crimes she committed and we got up to about 18. i'm sorry, hillary. i know you are very disappointed you didn't win but you are a
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criminal. equal justice would mean you should go to i do not know why the justice department is not investigatingg you. >> sean: equal justice for me hillary goes to jail. now giuliani also took on the disgraced former fbi director james comey. watch this. >> you have an investigation in which mueller has selected, the day after he was turned off or fbi director come by rosenstein, who was there when mueller was turned down. there are thousands of people that could have been selected for thatth job. also a friend of james comey. james comey seems to be therefore of their investigation. he is telling the truth, the president isn't. i know james comey prompt, i know the president. sorry, jim, you're a liar. a disgraceful liar. every fbi agent in america has his head down because of you. >> sean: a disgraceful liar. the former mayor also slammed the fbi's handling of the
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michael cohen investigation. take a look at this.l >> $130,000 payment, settlement payment, a very regular thing for lawyers to do. the question there was, all possible violation there would be, was that the campaign finance violation? it usually would result in a fine, by the way, not this big stormtrooper coming in and breaking down his apartment and breaking into his office. >> sean: let's take a step back. if you can believe it, all the news we just laid out for you, all those crucial developments that you just watched, that we aired last night live on this program, were largely ignored by the abuse of revised news media in this country. instead, for 24 hours, these lazy, abusively biased echo chamber people in the fake news overpaid media have been erupting over only one 32nd clip. again and again and again. take a look. >> having something to do with paying some stormyto daniels won 130,000, which is going to turn
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out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money, sorry, i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaignn' money. no campaign finance violation. >> sean: the final touch for a law firm? >> funneled through a law firm and the president repaid at the. >> sean: as usual, the media's analysis, their interpretation is all wrong. this doesn't change the fact that president trump did not initially know about the payment or that the purpose for the payment that he did not know initially, until a long time after the transaction took place. it doesn't change the fact that michael cohen took this action to benefit the company that he serves as vice president and attorney for. let's hope the media follow the bouncing ball, play close attention. in january, "the wall street journal" first reported about the cohen payment to stormy daniels, whichch we kw happens in october for the election. in february, and an interview with "the new york times,"
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michael cohen denied that neither the trauma campaign nor the trump organization had reimbursed him, meaning michael cohen. he said he used his own money. clearly leaving open the possibility that thehe president himself, then president-elect at the time, might have reimbursed him from personal funds. on april 1st, president trump said this aboard air force one. take a look. >> did you know about the $130,000 to stormy daniels? why did michael cohen pay her? >> you have to ask michael cohen. he is my attorney. you have to ask michael cohen. >> sean: now the president, he obviously knew about the story at this time, it had been so widely reported since january. he saying he did not know about the payment prior to the story being covered. of course, this did not stop the
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mainstream media and their hysteria from reaching yet another fever pitch, like the russia, russia, russia story that they have no evidence on. take a look. >> could we do -- good evening, rachel. i have to confess i did not watch all of your show tonight because rudy giuliani went on fox news and stayed on longer than when, he should have becaue i do when he out of the stormy daniels s admission, which is gigantic, blockbuster. >> he thought he could be someone who could take a harder line when it came to the mueller investigation but he created c another mess. >> there seems to be an assumption that rudy giuliani has a strategy of some sort at all. i just remain unconvinced at this point that that's the case. >> with rudy giuliani had been, let's say, counsel for ibm, and delivered a performance that undercut ibm, like he did last night for the president of united states, he'd be fired the
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next morning. >> in many ways, the hero of 9/11 is almost being forgotten. he is severely damaged as a legacy. >> what do you make of giuliani's legal strategy here? >> i liken it to a murder suicide. metaphorically murdered the president and committed suicide with respect to his own reputation. >> sean: for 24-hour nonstop coverage was so constant, so obsessive, soo outrageous, it's actually almostas funny, except it's too serious. take a look. >> again with that stunning revelation from president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani. last night, telling fox news that trump reimbursed his fixer, michael cohen. > this was a stunning admissn that giuliani overnight says was approved by his boss, the president, offering a completelt contradictory account about that payment to stormy daniels. >> after saying he did not know anything about the hush money
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payments to an adult film actress who said they had sex, he said he reimbursed his lawyer for making that payment. >> startling admission from rudy giuliani leaves president trump facing new legal questions about whether he knew about an attempt to silence stormy daniels. >> sean: how many times have i said that journalism in america is dead? it's almostbo unbelievable but it's too predictable. the media cannot stop playing this show, meaning "hannity," and the interviews we conduct. it seems like they are featuring me more than their own hosts. i'm beginning to think at this point maybe i need to start collecting a paycheck from abc, cbs, nbc, fake news at cnn, and the conspiracy theory network msnbc, and you know what, i am providing the real news that they really to rarely make on their own. let's turn to even more fake news. earlier today, and bc broke a big story, a serious story, about michael cohen. okay, according to the original report, cohen had been
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wiretapped weeks before the fbi raided his home and office and his hotel room. there was even more damning developments. take a look at the report. >> this wiretap occurred several weeks before the search warrant that was executed several weeks ago. in addition, we learned at least one phone call conversation between a line belonging to michael cohen and the white house was also intercepted. we know from court papers, federal prosecutors have said they conducted covert surveillance of michael cohen's emails leading up to the search warrant beingle executed. this is a lot more than just knocking on the door and asking for documents. >> sean: now we are learning that a major component of this report was once again fake new. nbc was forced to issue a full correction, reads in part, "three senior u.s. officials now dispute the wiretapping sayingnd that the monitoring of cohen's phone was limited to a log of calls known as a pen register, not a wiretap, where
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investigators can actually listen to the calls. yet again, fake news from nbc. while the media's busy reporting all of the fake news about michael cohen and spinning in circles over the small, tiny portion of my 40 minute interview with rudy giuliani, we have actual news about the lives of three of our fellow american americans, long held hostage by north korean dictator kim jong un. little rock man. president trump is currently working on their release and is hinting at some very hopeful news on twitter. he wrote... this is just one new positiveit development from the korean peninsula that is seeing tremendous progress under our new president. let's break this down.n. three american lives are at stake. you are mainstream media is yawning, being very little attention. m kim jong un is making unprecedented concessions. the mainstream media is yawning.
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we are talking about denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula. we have historically low unemployment now in 14 states, record lows, the media yawns, americans receiving unemployment is the lowest since 1973. the media could care less. african-american unemployment, hispanic unemployment, women in the workforce unemployment, 17 year lows, record lows. the media could care less. do you need any more proof that the news media in this country does not care about the truth about doing their job, about you? they care about the liberal, left-wing left wing, pathetic agenda. they are one big,al huge, massie echo chamber with a bunch of overpaid, spoiled brat anchors that don't do their job. joining us now, former u.s. attorney joe digenova. for a full disclosure, as always, he's done legal work for me in the past. he and his wife victoria
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attended my radio show christmas party and we shared drinks and talked and laughed. good to see you, sir. >> you, too. >> sean: so much news was made in that interview. >> indeed. >> sean: you. ed news coverage. let's start there. your reaction? what does it say to the american consumer about the news industry in general in this country? >> i think when you take a look at the white house correspondents dinner and the conduct of the people there and when you look at the absence of coverage, something so major asa your show last night, it is pretty clear, sean, you are right. american journalism is dead. it's dying. it's in a coffin. the fact is these people are not journalists anymore, they are people with an agenda, they want to prove something, they don't want to find something out, they want to say something on their own. thisr is an example. it's really a sad day, sad, sad day. >> sean: joe, we've had massive surveillance abuse, unmasking abuse.
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we've had the leaking of raw intelligence, samantha power unmasking a person a day. then we have the bigger scandal. rudy giuliani is right. hillary committed felonies. hillary obstructed justice. james comey, peter strzok, lisa page, andrewed mccabe, and loretta lynch, they rigged that investigation. then of course, supposed to be trump-russia collusion, it turns out hillary is paying a foreign national to use russian sources that turn out to be debunked and that false political document, that dossier, is used for a fisa warrant to spy on an american associate with the trump campaign in the lead up to an election. they are virtually silent on the biggest abuse of power scandal and history of the country. >> i don't think there's any doubt that that judgment you just made is absolutely correct. it is quite evident now that the mueller probe is illegitimate. this effort to attempt to interview the president of the
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united states has now reached a point where there is just no doubt at all that the president should refuse to be interviewed by them. that's because it's clear that mueller and his team of democratic thugs are acting in bad faith. they know that the president, under department of justice rules, cannot be indicted. they have no evidence to indict him. the office of robert mueller was created by rod rosenstein illegally. they mentioned no crime to be investigated. all of this leads to the ultimate conclusion that the perpetuation of this investigation by mueller is doing grave damage to the united states, it's doing grave damage to the united states foreign policy. it's doing grave damage to u.s. law enforcement because of the thug-like tactics that have been used in that paul manafort case and in the cohen case. it points to something that really is disturbing. after watching the deputy attorney general of the united states, rod rosenstein,
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accuse congress of trying to extort him and others in the department by conducting legitimate constitutional oversight, i would say that between the mueller and rosenstein and the absent attorney general, god bless him, we have a very serious crisis in american federal law enforcement. >> sean: oh, i agree. i think it's the biggest abuse of power scandal in history. stay on rod rosenstein. he wrote a letter and said the fbi could never recover if james comey stayed at the helm. he would be a witness on that o part of it. we've also discovered that rod rosenstein, we talk about the fisa application that relied on unverified, uncorroborated dossier paid for by hillary clinton, they never told the judge it was paid for by hillary. then he went on to say, there are false information presented to a fisa court, serious consequences, isn't he obligating himself? the same statement when he said
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he want to be extorted? >> of course. the problem for rod rosenstein, he has multiple conflicts of interest, should not be supervising this case. he wrote them a maranda that led to the firing of james comey.y. he signed the fisa application.s he continues to know and personally care about comey and mueller and others. he should be removed from this case. this is absolutely disgraceful. now hehe will pretend that he is above all of this. but when all is said and done, mr. rosenstein represents the part of the department that i thought we had lost a long time ago when the obama administration people left office. apparently they haven't left office. >> sean: joe, we are headed for o a showdown. every attorney that i know says the president should never sit with robert mueller, andrew weissmann, his pit bull, with his atrocious track record, his team of democratic donors only, and if the showdown goes down,
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the president says no, if they won't agree to a proper written answers to legitimate questionsi which i don't think they will at this point, that means it's likely that robert mueller will subpoena the president of the united states before a grand jury. this is where it gets somewhat illegally a little bit tricky. let's walk down that road. what happens then and which of the response be? > first of all, i think thatf mueller issued a subpoena to the president, it would be an unconstitutional subpoena. since he knows the president cannot be indicted, and since he knows that the president is not a necessary witness to anything he is investigating, it is clear that he would be using the grand jury subpoena for only one reason, to get testimony from the president to use in an impeachment recommendation report to the deputy attorney general. that is an illegal use of the grand jury subpoena. the president should resist it. they should take it all the way to the supreme court because under article 2 of the constitution, all executive power rests in the president of
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the united states. he had ultimatee authority to fire james comey he did. >> sean: mueller -- >> the courts can always be wrong. >> sean: we know that. >> is going to go all the way to the supreme court of the issue is a subpoena. i will make a prediction. mueller will never issue a subpoena. >> sean: why? >> because he cannot win back. i disagree with some of the comments of judge napolitano earlier about the fact that mueller will win on the subpoena. ultimately, let me just say this, mueller will lose on the subpoena because it is unconstitutional. >> sean: if it was granted in the president fled the fifth, then they would offer him immunity and the perjury trap remains, correct or not? >> that is technically correct. but you cannot issue immunity to someone when you are doing it illegally under the statute because the only reason he would be giving him immunity would be to force testimony for an impeachment report. mueller does not have the t
10:21 pm
authority to issue an impeachment report and he does not have the authority to use a grand jury subpoena to get presidential testimony for impeachment or any other criminal activity that never occurred because he is dealing with thehm power of the presidet to fire people. if mueller wants to have that right, and tied up in the courts for six months to a year, he can do it but he will be doing a grave disservice to himself because at this point, mueller has become a cross between madam lafarge and inspector job they are. embarrassment. >> sean: joe digenova, i always appreciate you being on the program. when we come back, dan bongino, sebastian gorka, also the great one mark levin weighing in. a lot to say tonight as we continue. ♪ and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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>> i know james comey and i know >> i know james comey, and other president. sorry, jim, you're a liar. a disgraceful liar. every fbi agent in america has his head down because of you. this has become a witch hunt like the president said. if you look at those questions that are being asked, they are trap questions. a first-year prosecutor would do better than that. >> sean: what were you thinking about james comey, jeff sessions, and a special counsel? you're allowed to have thoughts. you can't criminalize thoughts. that's so idiotic that list of questions was. more of my interview from last night with rudy giuliani. the media continues to distort every aspect of this interview. looking for an example, joy behar on the view, went off the rails again today. >> i will take a psychological position, i think that giuliani is unconsciously throwing him
10:27 pm
under the bus because he didn't make of the attorney general or thehr chief of staff. that is what is going on. giuliani loves to be the center of attention. when bill bratton was on the cover of "time magazine" because he covered up crime in the city, he was fired shortly after. that is giuliani. >> really? >> hold on. >> he's out to get >> sean: that's joy behar. she's not a genius and obviously she didn't watch the full interview because rudy giuliani set on the program last night he was offered the job and he regretted turning it down. might want to pay attention. joining us now the reaction from a former deputy assistant to the president, fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka. nra tv contributor, former sigg receivers -- former secret service agent, dan bongino. all the things that the mayor said last night, the president's
10:28 pm
attorney said last night, about hillary, about mueller, about comey, about the investigation, huge news that he's making here, and they focus on 30 seconds because that is where the corrupt media goes. they don't want to hear the truth. >> first things first, sean. i have to congratulate you because you are getting close to the president's record for living rent-free in the mind of the liberal left media. they're obsessed with you. and i like how they spend the whole day -- i followed it all day -- how they collected one half a sentence from the mayor's statement on your show, but they missed the beginning where he said "amongst other things, that's the reason why he was fired." these people haven't even passed year one in journalism school and they have to maintain a narrative. it is like those 49 questions. those 49 questions are a mark of
10:29 pm
desperation. there is no case, there is no conclusion, so three quarters of those questions are about trying to police your thought. we only do that in dictatorships. we don't do that in america, sean. >> sean: by the way, these are the actual questions. "what'd you think about comey's testimony? what did you think about sessions recusal? what did you think about the appointment of the special counsel." it doesn't matter what he thought. it matters what he did. and the fact that it goes over their head, on one hand, it infuriates me come on the other hand, i got a a to left. he talked about how mueller's questions are a perjury trap, comey being a disgraceful liar another probe is tainted. he talked about how hillary is a criminal, belongs in jail, , and that comey fixed the entire case with hillary. then he talked about how comey should be prosecuted for leaking
10:30 pm
confidential information. none of that, for the most part, is covered today. but the only thing they cover is stormy, stormy, and they even got that wrong. >> sean, they are invested in us now. they can't get away from the russia hoax. they are embedded in it. sean, this is a case built by lawyers for lawyers. the three layers, clapper, brennan, and call me. they built this on a lot of lies, four layers on capitol hill, and people in the media that had to obstruct the prompt on mike trump presidency with the fake collision hoax. when i was a secret service agent, i went through a very sophisticated, advanced interrogation school. they came into our training center. one of the things they always taught us when you're trying to get people into a trap in an interview, ask open-ended questions. in other words, don't ask "is your name sean hannity," you will say yes. open-ended question would be, "what'sea your name," if you are
10:31 pm
involved in identically to theft case, you may give the wrong name. that is what they are trying to do. do not do this interview. it is a huge mistake, it is a trap. >> sean: what do you think i'm a sebastian? >> the president, right now, i've been saying this from the beginning, should never, ever set down. joe, victoria are right. they have no way to do this. s the president cannot be indicted. at the end of the day, this is a perjury trap, nothing more, nothing less. this man wants a scalp. mueller wants a scalp and along with comey and mccabe, they have destroyed their reputation of the fbi. i'm getting texts from fbi agents saying, they record every meeting they go to now because jurors no longer believe them. three men have destroyed the fbi. >> sean: i will never sweep with a broad brush here. this is a few at the top. not to the rank and file. dan, you worked with these guys can we know how great they are.
10:32 pm
>> they are great. they are terrific. sean, listen to me, guys, they have nothing. do you understand mueller has nothing? you can fabricate collusion, it did not happen, it's not "back to the future." there is nothing here, sean. what do they have? all they have as process crimes. lying to the fbi, and a perjury trap. >> sean: when you think, for the president of the united states, you would think they would put the country first here. but for them to succeed, the president has to fail. >> it's about them, not about america. >> sean: that is sad. if we lose, this is venezuela, not the united states. when we comes back, the great oe mark levin. you do not want to miss this. as eric carter, gregg jarrett straight ahead. ♪
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house, i think, you know, to have that one great barrier just knocked down, i mean, it's crucial. homes for our troops is a wonderful nonprofit that builds a mortgage-free, fully adaptive, handicap-accessible house. and there's no catch. it'll be our very first home that we've ever owned. this is a game changer. this is where your life begins again. we need you to join us in completing this important mission. please visit and help build homes and rebuild lives. because of you, everything's gonna be okay. ♪ >> sean: as mueller's witch hunt continue, may you may remember mark 11 last summer
10:37 pm
explaining the doj policy that says a sitting president cannot be indicted. this is something the media kind of forgets. take a look. >> it's been the possession of the united states department of justice under republicans or democrats, in 1973 memorandum, and october memorandum under the clinton administration that you must not, cannot indict the sitting president, not the vice president would be. as a matter of constitutional interpretation, for a 44 years, that's been the position of the department of justice. we've had law professor, homeless people, would be a law professor, all over tv and radio talking about obstruction of justice. media types talking about it. members of congress talking about it. it doesn't matter. the official position of the justice department is, we don't charge a sitting president with a crime. >> sean: mark reiterated that point on thise. show just a few weeks ago. you may remember. >> a sitting president, the
10:38 pm
indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting president would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions. page after page after page saying a sitting united states president cannot be indicted! now my question is this. did the issue anothers ma'am mt the justice department traversing these? know. >> sean: hexo joins us with reaction. the house of cr tvs "life, liberty, and levin," the number one show sunday nights, ten easn right here in the fox news channel, i call him the great one, mark levin. i wanted to play that again. as usual, you're ahead of the curve. you are a constitutional attorney. our lazy, overpaid liberal activists that call themselves
10:39 pm
journalists are wrong like 99% of the time. so i want to go through this legally tonight and give you te opportunity to explain it to them yet again. >> all right, sean. this is not me speaking. this is the department of justice speaking, and the position of the justice department has not been repealed and not amended. the last decision, october 16th, 2000. the president of the united states -- this is getting way too complicated and are necessarily so. a lot of second tier slip and fall lawyers all over tv spewing things they don't know, they don't understand the constitution, having to study i first of all, this opinions as among other things that grand juries and prosecutors cannot supplant congress. they cannot supplant congress. the only way to remove a sitting president is through the impeachment process. not through the indictment process. they cannot disable or hamstring a presidency, which is what they
10:40 pm
are trying to do as i speak. a prosecutor cannot trigger the 25th amendment by the 25th amendment is the purpose is not be triggered by that prosecutor.e he can't step in and take advantage of it. these are things that were discussed. the president cannot properly defend himself in litigation under the constitution as an individual american when he has time that he has to spend on official duties. unlike so many other individuals, a president of the united states, they point out, so unique in the constitutional system, it is enormously damaging to him because he can't focus on his defense, which is different than civil litigation, andis can focus on the nation's security and well-being. a presidency can't function properly with these kind of burdens. this with the memo says. you cannot be indicted as a sitting president, period. this is why, despite all of the -- presidents have received
10:41 pm
subpoenas before. name a president that has been before a federal grand jury. there hasn't been one. canisters dean martin subpoenaed bill clinton for lying aboutti litigation that was taken place, and he decided to do a video. here is my advice. to the president, and to his lawyers, focus. you are making this too complicated. the constitution is on the side of t the president. the department of justice's opposition, on the side of the president of the united states. historical president is on the side of the president. legal precedent is on the side of the president of the united states. stop listening to the babbling, pleading the fifth, should he sit down with a subpoena, i would say if i were the president's lawyer, mr. mueller, we want you to present us with anan explanation of your defiane
10:42 pm
of the department of justiceus policy, would you are required to follow as a employee of the department of justice, j moreov, we want to understand how it is that you believe that you can burgeon a president like this while he's in office. while i'm at it, sean, we seem to have a few republicans and assented to our very confused about these things. they voted to protect mr. mueller rather than the office of the presidency, the constitution. the americanon people. they seem to think that they have the power, even though we have separation of powers, to tell a president who he can hire and fire. part of the problem the president has is he is dealing with ignoramuses, both inside his party and outside his party and some of whom are dressed up as lawyers. so i would take us all the way to the united states supreme court. i would make mueller and his band of democratic prosecutors make their case all the way to the united states supreme court. if they try to subpoena him, in
10:43 pm
any way to appear before a federal grand jury, make them make their case against the owner department of justice, against supreme court precedent, and against the constitution of the united states. if it takes six months, it takes six months. if it takes six years, by god, takes six years. we are not just talking about the president, which would be enough. we are talking about protecting the office of the presidency, separation of powers. when you look at those 49 areas of questions, there's not a single criminal statute, not a single obstruction! what has been obstructed! they are not investigating russia. what it said that they are not investigating that they don't want to investigate? they want to know his intent on whether he obstructed, they want to treat him like they treated martha stewart. guess what? is the president, mr. mueller. this is's it one of your failed anthrax cases are one of your failed "whitey" bulger cases. this is the president of the united states. you know what that means? week of the people come have a stake in this. we, the people, get to decide.
10:44 pm
the framers decided the only way he remove a president to his through the body politic, through the house and senate, and it's a heavy burden. not by some rogue prosecutor with a bunch of democratic prosecutors. they don't get to do it. the people need to rise up and demand, demand, that this go all the way to the supreme court to put these rogue prosecutors in their place. >> sean: that's what i call you the great one. this abusively politically biased and ethically challenged weissmann, there is the answer. mark levin come every sundayfe night, ten eastern, "life, liberty, and levin." always great to have you. when we come back, sara carter, gregg jarrett, they weigh in on breaking news straight ahead. i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations-
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♪ >> i'm sorry, hillary. i know you're very disappointed hehi didn't win what you are a criminal. equal justice would mean you should go to jail. i do not know why the justice department is not investigating you. >> sean: james comey? >> james comey fix the whole case. >> sean: it was rated? speaking you can't read that stupid report he wrote, the beginning of his destruction, in which he says we are not going to prosecute -- no reasonable prosecutor would indict her. no honest, reasonable prosecutor would not invite her. >> sean: s a president's attorney rudy giuliani on this program last night. talking about hillary clinton. hillary's a personal, criminal y fix the whole case. joining us, fox news contributor sara carter. the author of the soon-to-be released book released book, look at it right there, already the liberals are attacking it, they haven't read it yet, the
10:50 pm
russia hoax, the leisure scheme to clear hillary clinton and reem donald trump, fox news legal analyst. this whole issue of allowing the president to talk to mueller, rudy said, there's not a lawyer in the country that advises that. >> mueller has proven he cannot be fair and neutral and objective. why would you subject your client, the president, to somebody who has every intention of being unfair to you? my recommendation would be, if mueller will not accept answers to a limited number of written questions, then what mueller's a beam of the presidentti in front of a grand jury and i would ignore the subpoena. why? because it mueller then have to move the hold the president in contempt, which are to vent the mic eventually mean detention oa rest. that would be unconstitutional, the framers wrote that, the supreme court hasfi confirmed tt that would be unconstitutional
10:51 pm
and inferior, an elected officer may remove the president. >> sean: why is everyone making such a big deal about it if he does it have to do a thing? >> i think they must understand that in because they think that president clinton complied with the subpoena. he did not. the subpoena was actually withdrawn by mutual consent. it was relative to a civil case, not a criminal case. >> sean: very different. all the while, what you've been pointing out, all of this other news, sara, corroborating your hard work as an investigative journalist, beyond the fact that mueller is setting a perjury trap but comey is a disgraceful liar, gregg has talked about it, i've talked about it, you have talkedle about it, mueller's pre is tainted, hillary's a criminal. it all begins with hillary, 18 usc 793, espionage act. the obstruction, which was represented by deleting subpoenaed emails, acid washing her hard drive, beating up
10:52 pm
devices with a hammer, and strzok and comey and loretta lynch and others come up with the fix and the exoneration before the investigation. >> absolutely. rudy giuliani was right on the market. we know that michael horowitz is going to release a report very soon on comey's handling -- >> sean: how soon? >> very soon. i would imagine within weeks. he's waited. he's waited for comey to begin talking, he's listening to what he says, going to be listening to that too included in the report. all we have to do is look back, sean. all we have to do is look back and realize that from the very beginning, remember, it was may 9th, almost a year to this day, when comey was fired. comey was fired by who? none other than deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who advise the president to fire him. what did he sign his mentor memorandum? he cited the clinton investigation, saying how it
10:53 pm
completely destroyed the fbi, he even put quotes in there from former fbi director's, from intelligence directors, really hammering on comey and his handling of the case. i can tell you this. horwitz is going to have a scathing report against comey. comey knows is coming out way that is why he is lawyered up. >> sean: who also is likely to be mentioned? >> andrew mccabe certainly. >> sean: bruce ohr? >> peter strzok elusive page ohr. there is going to be very -- >> sean: loretta lynch? >> yes, absolutely loretta lynch. she was a big part of all of this. >> sean: what about people like clapper and brennan? brennan, i took it as a threat, you know, "stay tuned" or the president of united states. >> i think brennan and to some extent clapper were the two instigators of the phony dossier -- >> sean: did and they both lie>> under oath? >> well, one can argue that
10:54 pm
brennan -- clapper certainly did,ai got away with it, statuef limitations -- they were the instigators. those who i think very clearly should be prosecuted under felony statutes would include james comey at the top of the list and andrew mccabe. >> sean: will be here about susan rice? ben rhodes? will be here about cement powers basically unmasking an american a day? >> i hope we do hear about samantha powers. i don't know if we will hear about all the players.f i do have one thing to say, sea sean. brennan was in charge of the ci cia. they are supposed to deal with foreign issues. what is he doing involving himself in what is fbi issues and are nation security issues that have nothing to do with foreign issues. we should be asking him why he is involving himself in. this is not the purview of the cia. >> sean: thank you so much. good luck with the book. hillary clinton's latest excuse
10:55 pm
on why she lost next. ♪ are you done yet?
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>> sean: since her crushing election loss in 2016, clinton clinton h has a long list of excuses. yesterday, the twice-failed presidential candidates a loser, had a new excuse. take a look. >> you may be the only presidential candidate who had to stand up and say i'm a capitalist and you did. did it hurt you? probably. you know, it's hard to know. but i mean if you're in the iowa caucuses and 41% of democrats are socialists or self subscribed socialist. and i'm asked if i'm a capitalist and i say yes but with appropriate regulation and accountability that gets lost in the oh, my gosh, she's a capitalist.
11:00 pm
>> sean: you lost because you had a terrible vision for the future. and we're doing so much better now. that's all the time we have left this evening. we'll always be fair and balanced not the destroy trump media. there she is, i've got the football. >> laura: you have the -- >> sean: this is a hannity original football. >> laura: is that a regulation size leather football? >> sean: no. this is a "hannity" football. this is special. i don't copy other people. >> laura: my 7-year-old can catch that one. i want a big football made in the united states. >> sean: i will sign one to laura ingraham, best wishes, sean. >> sean: all right. take it over. have a great show. >> laura: throw it to me. raymond threw it. i don't know if