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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the technodystopia is around the corner. we'll be back monday. we'll see you >> we'll reveal how off of the rail this anti- trump phasing is become. and robert mueller suffered a major beat down in federal court. the court escorerating the mueller legal team and accusing
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it to go beyond the man date and using authority it doesn't have to politically persecute president trump. the judge said all of that. we'll explain and this is major new and a huge set back for robert mueller and shows we were right. and you will probably not see the story in the media. they are rooting for the president to fail at all costs. we'll explain this at a very important news opening monologue. it is now day 352 of robert mueller's witch hunt and 0 evidence of collusion. and yet the investigation goes on and on and on and got bad today. a federal judge courageously standing up to the out of control witch hunt in what is the single biggest beat down i have seen in my life by a judge. during a federal court hearing,
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former co-chair for compain paul manafort. the u.s. district judge ellis rebukes the entire special counsel investigation and telling a member of mueller's team. you don't care about mr. manafort. you care about information that mr. manafort can lead you to mr. trump and impeachment or whatever. and the judge went on to say you want manafort to sing and slamming the scope of the mueller investigation saying we don't want anyone with unfettered power and mocked the special counsel. saying this is what the investigation is about but we are not bound by it. and we were lying. the federal judge confirmed
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everything we said on the show for months. there is nothing that mueller will not do to malign the president and it is always about trump and not the people. and the president at the nra reacted to ellis' stunning beat down of mueller and take a look. >> none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. it doesn't have going to do. then how does this have going to do with the campaign, the judge asked? let me tell you, folks, we are all fighting battles and i love it. >> sean: equal application over the law and a battle over the constitution and according to
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our producer, judge ellis raised important questions of why rod rosenstein has not recued himself over the russian investigation. this comes after the deputy attorney general shot down the freedom caucus to review the memo as to why the investigation of collusion started in the first place. it is important to note that the out lines the scope of the russian investigation. it was written in may three months before mueller was appointed and this is one more example of the justice department actively preventing members of congress and conducting investigation over the russia probe, fisan abuse and called check and balance and co-equal balance and rosenstein and the fbi and justice department are not impervious to
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the rule of law. it is time for rosenstein and the witch hunt to resign and end. the off the scope mueller probe is a flawed and destructive see called russian investigation. we have multiple leaks revealed and we see dirty and aggressive tactics that team mueller has for the president himself including series of open- ended. and we know that mueller has been holding the threat of a presidential subpeona over the white house. and there are serious issues surrounding the team and anti- trump and democrat and i can obama and dnc donor and ethiccal questions was like andrew
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weissmann he is called the pit bull. and he has convicted multiple people. people have lost job and merrill lynch executives went to yale & upending so many people's lives and president trump addressed the topic today. >> have you changed your mind of willing to sit with robert mueller. >> the problem you have. you have a group of investigators and i am not a target. and i am not a target. but you have a group of investigators that are all democrat and some cases went to hillary clinton celebration that turned out to be a funeral. you have all of the investigators that are democrat and in all fairness robert mueller worked for obama for
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a year. >> sean: the president is right. she should never agree to any interview of any kind. as mark levin said last night, the constitution is on his side. the mainstream media is rooting for a show down of robert mueller and president trump and cheering for any new anti- trump revelation. you would think that the bias press, you think they will focus on what judge ellis said and historic remarks he said on this particular case? of course not. and as we saw last week, the destroy trump media, they are obsessed with delegitimizing the president. they are out of control. watch for yourself.
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did he or didn't he? and if the trump presidency is a house was cards let it fall, too. we can see the business misdeeds that he might be get. i want to know if he cheateded to win by have the russians neeven the margins stack the deck. >> there is not only a legal but the political coming in to pay. he may face political fallout especially with the midterms. >> no one can be sure how it turns out. there is no reason for the white house to be optimistic. >> sean: just fathetic. and it is an extreme tunnel vision and result nothing multiple flawed stories &
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including everything that you see on the side of the screen and might be even worse is the media's bias of admission. over 15 months the president is building economic and a cheeverment. but you would not know it if you watch cnn and msnbc. the president pointed it out. >> we had the best numbers we have had. and yet all we hear about is a phony russia witch hunt. >> sean: without a doubt president trump has achieved a lot. we have an unemployment rate that dipped to 3.9 percent and the lowest rates since 2000. and add to that african-american and hispanic- american and women in the work place. lowest unemployment rate.
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and successful tax hikes and regulation reform. and expansion of american energy and the president is seeing huge progress on the world stage the likes of which obama could not dream of accomplishing. peace could be within reach and help of benjamin netanyahu iran held accountable. and they have a nuclear program and the u.s. regained the international back bone with trump's actions in syria. and russia is getting economically squeezed. and the american people elected the president to win on the world stage and here at home. don't be fooled by the tactics of the left. they are russian collusion. and pa hatred of the president and everything he represents. the president in spite of all of this is succeeding and more good news is just around the corner.
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and finally tonight a breaking news report that we want to bring you to the less redakted version of the house intelereport. and know that james comey made a shocking admission that he testified and fbi saw no physical indication of deception for former national security advisor mike flynn despite telling bret baier something different. that is it a line. catherine herridge. it takes pageses on 53 and 54. >> reporter: good evening. the new version was released a short time before. it is a cleaner section and fewer redakzs. michael flynn who pled get of one count of making a false
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statement on december 1st about his conversations with the russian ambassador. the report states that fbi director james comey testified that the fbi agents that intrude flynn find no signs of deception. two people who interviewed flynn did not think he was lying which is not the great beginning of a false statement case. comey said the agents saw no change of posture or eye conduct or anything that they knew he was lying on them. and pressed last week. comey suggesting something else about the tell. >> did you tell fbi agents that fbi agents didn't believe that he was lying. >> i don't know if someone misunderstood that and i didn't believe that or say that.
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>> reporter: they pressed to see if they had found new evidence. >> sean: how about redakt being the rest of it. there is reaction and fox news contributor and author of the soon to be released best seller and the scheme to elect hillary clinton and frame donald trump. gregg jarrett, i have never in my life in the manafort case, heard a judge call mueller's team liars the way he called them out today and then go on to see what relation it has to do with the special counsel. you don't care about manafort's bank fraud. all you can is the information
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manafort can give you to lead to mr. trump for impeachment. >> mueller's investigation is rife with underhanded tactics and the judge is not buying it and he warned them, don't you suborn perjury to implicate the president. you are trying to make manafort sing and singing can turn in to composing. that is, the threats by government to get people to say things that are untrue in order to go light on them. we are not going to tolerate that. that's what the judge said. and the most important thing he said. where do you get the authority to charge paul manafort. your authority comes from the trump collusion and any matters that arise from the investigation. the manafort investigation doesn't arise from the
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investigation. mueller went in to the archives at the department of justice tax division and appropriated an old case against manafort that was cleared and he's used that. and the timing is unbelievable. bras remember sarah, it was july 26th, the morning raid, guns drawn and paul manafort's home and all he had to do is call the attorney and he would have surrennered. and august 22nd. approval came. and that means the special counsel had to be investigating beyond the man date and then the raid and then man date permission for the raid. >> judge ellis is not going to be bullied and made it clear in court today. that's why he said. i want that memo redakted. the one that you gave to me i
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want it unredakted. he wants to know the scope of what rosenstein gave authority to to mueller and he want its now. and they said this has nothing to do with going to do combrnd the manafort case. he said i will be the judge of that. i think this is important. it also means that the judge sullivan who is overseeing a case has the same kind of issues. judge sullivan played it out differently and made himself clear and we see two more months. and then judge sullivan is probably going through the right thing. it is refreshing and greg was right on the money and he understands the legalies. they are starting to understand that this is appearing and what we have said all along it is a witch hunt and goes beyond the scope of russia and doing
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everything they can to twist people's arm and turn on people even if there is not evidence. >> sean: the page 53 and 54. there is so much more that needs to be reducted about comey. brett baier caught him in a bold- faced lie. he said that is not true. and he said no inication that general flynn was lying. did they squeeze flynn and threaten to go after his kid or family. >> they never had a case against flynn. and mueller decided to bring one even though the agents said he was bringing the truth. comey is lying on not only to bret baier bear. but on meet the press. he denied that the agents said that flynn was telling the truth. was comey lying in front of the
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intelligence committee or last sunday or bret baier bear or the american public. no one is reporting judge tillis. and rosenstein, or isn't he recused. now rod rosenstein, he is a witness in the case. and then we know rod rosenstein signed off on the fisan issue and now rod rosenstein here, it seems to me, he's in trouble. and that he needs to go next. >> he's in huge trouble and he needs to go next. if you talk to anybody with common sense. >> sean: but back dating permission to raid manafort's home. >> man dating permission and if you look at the report and what was unredakted version on page 53 and 54. you will see that mccabe, it
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appears was trying to put pressure on the fbi agents. i have reported that all along. when they came back and said flynn did not lie, we don't believe any detection and he was not lying and a lot of reportses that i was receiving that mccabe was putting pressure on them. i wonder how much will come out in the inspector general report. michael horowitz report we expect to see in the next week or so. it am be important and play in the investigation. hopefully, it is a great question that judge ellis posed. who is in charge much overseeing rosenstein and mueller. it is these judges. they are going to lay down the law and hopefully let the special counsel exceed any of their privileges beyond the russia scope. >> sean: unbelievable. and we have a lot-ground to
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cover. and coming up. ed henry is here with more details on the federal judge that is exposing mueller's mission to takedown president trump and we'll speak to a former campaign aide who had to sell his home to pay for legal fees because of this witch hunt. special edition of hannity continues. you won't see these folks at the post office they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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rudy guiliani believed it was a witch hunt. the president is willing to sit down with robert mueller for a interview but most investigators are democrats and he's not sure he can get a fair shake. it was mueller's team in court over the paul manafort charges. they are seeking unfettered power the judge said to bring down the president. judge ellis said you don't care about mr. manafort. you care about the information mr. manafort can give you to lead you to mr. trump and impeachment or whatever and seeing the unredakted information. and he's overseeing this. and the president said they are still new to the team and getting the facts straight. and president clarified his comments to you. and he's spoke to the nran in
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dallas. >> none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. it doesn't have going to do. it is from years before. then how does this have going to do with the campaign, the judge asked? let me tell you, folks, we are all fighting battles. but i love fighting these battles. [applause] >> sean: ellis served in the law school and was nominated by reagan. he has issued over 1000 decisions and making it all more dangerous for mueller. and what the judge was saying, manafort charges go back to 2005. and finally the federal judge is saying wait a second and what
10:27 pm
does that have to do with the 2016 election. >> sean: the time table is unbelievable. the memo confirming mueller's authority to go in manafort's home, that came after july 26th. it was like post dated permission. ed henry, big news. and joining us is natural strategist dr. sebastian gorka. and david limbaugh. david negotiated my contracts on tv, and radio and other business and we once broke bread together and i paid for it. we'll go through the time line here. putting aside the judge who escorrated mueller's team. manafort was raided on july 26th. and the memo didn't come out
10:28 pm
until august 2nd. and that means before they raided at dawn with gun's blagz manafort's home. they investigated something they didn't have permission or man date to go into. b, they got permission specifically after it happened. what does that mean, david. it tells me it would be done and thrown out? >> sometimes the judges fool people. but is was unambiggous and the judge is irritated and rightly so. i have begin the special counsel the benefit of the doubt but enough is enough. i have kept my powder dry. they have no evidence of collusion or obstruction and they are trying to lure him in a perjury trap and pressure people to flipping on trump. here's what is ironic. the whole investigation is set up on the pretense of protecting
10:29 pm
democracy and here we have an out of control special counsel in the federal government imbued with all of the unaccountable authority and attempting to thwart the will of the people themselves harming for democracy. and the people who are voted for trump, they are obstructing what he's doing and abusing their authority to do it. who holds them accountable. >> sean: dr. gorka, david and a lot of us have warned about the team of democratic donors, we have warned about mueller's team and the ethical problems they and weissmann's atrocious record. and when they are told you don't care about manafort, you really care about mchl inform on trump
10:30 pm
to lead to prosecution and impeachment it was looked in to 13 years ago. they used it to try to get manafort to get the president. that sounds like a witch hunt, dr. gorka. >> we have it from the bench. it is a witch hunt. and your guest is right. they are undermining the democratic process, not only with the going after the targets they are not authorized to go after. where is the scope memo and whether they acted without a memo when they went after manafort and his wife and everybody else. there is a larger issue. a president can only leave office three ways.
10:31 pm
if he dies, if he resigns or impeaches and the senate convicts him. you can't have a rogue agent of the fbi and doj take a president in front of the grand jury, the u.s. constitution and case law forbids it. and mueller is out of control, sean. >> sean: the judge today, he didn't recuse himself? the judge said rosenstein is way too conflicted. he would be the witness because he recommended the firing of jim comey, number one. and he signed on to the unverified clinton law people and phony russian dossier and never did his work in that particular case and now back dating after robert mueller's team morning raid on paul manafort. he's back dating the permission.
10:32 pm
it sounds like rod rosenstein needs to go yesterday. >> yeah, you know what is scary about these guys, they see themselves serving a higher good skchlt they think they can bend the rules because their higher good on removing trump is the end justifying the means and they are scary, there is no one that holds them accountable. and they are doing something right so they back date thing and abuse the very process they are pretending to protect. how would we like it, sean, and dr. gorka. we had local prosecutor and instead of law enforcement authorities to bring it to them. and we just assign them prominent community members to investigate and look for crimes. how would that work in our justice system? the framers set up to prevent
10:33 pm
that. we have a executive branch trying to eat itself. we don't have trump trying to abuse authority. no evidence since he was elected or before abuse authority and they are not trying to hold him accountable and yet they are the ones who is exceeding the authority. we need to rethink the entire special counsel law because they have to get a special crime or get machine to flip. >> sean: the judge addressed that. no one has unfettered power. co-equal branch and separation of powers here. >> we don't have unfettered prosecutors in america. the founder of the precursor of the kgb in the soviet union famously said show me the man and i will find you the crime. robert mueller is trying to pin
10:34 pm
a crime on the president and can't be allowed. this is america, sean. >> sean: that is great analysis and we want to speak to a former trump advisor and he will talk about the personal way that it impacted his family. he had to sell his home to pay for legal fees. stay with us on this special editionful hannity straight ahead. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel...
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>> a sigh of relieve for the former 41st president. george. bush released from the hospital after two weeks was medical care. he was treated for an infection that spread to his blood. the medics treated him saying for a man in his 90s tis not unusual to be prone to infection. meanwhile, president trump is speaking critically about mayor
10:39 pm
guiliani. saying he needs to get his facts straight. he referred to the interview with sean hannity where he contradicted his statements. he said mr. trump repaid hush money before the election. back to sean hannity on fox >> sean: our next guest is caught up in the democrat witch hunt and cost him dearly and personally. former trump campaign aide had to sell his home to pay for legal fee and fearful that his kid's future is in jeopardy. he had harsh words for the senate intelligence committee. he said america needs an investigation. investigators, i want to know who is paying for the spies work
10:40 pm
and coordinated attack on president trump and crushed our kids and cost us money and forced us out of our home all because you forced us out of our home. i want to know because gd you to hell. i know you said what a lot of people feel. i said it to rudy guiliani, i watched whole picks. and i am guessing and she probably spent more legal fees than she was paid last year and that is a case for a lot of people. explain how this impacts you and your family? >> thanks for having me, sean by the way. it started on march 20, 2017, the house intelligence had a public hearing where representative jackie spear
10:41 pm
brought my name up and my wife's name and called me putin's image maker. and threats to our family came one after another. death threat and one guy called me i know you are not home and we'll burn your home with your wife and children inside. it was clear that i was going to be pulled in the congressional investigations. and since the hearing and a senate committee hearing and now, sitting before the mueller team on wednesday, we are out $125,000. we were on the way out of our home, sean, and we couldn't have a home like we and make money. we had to move to washington to make washington money so i can pay the debt. 125000 is more than i make
10:42 pm
a year here in new york. we don't make that much here. we are wealthy in a quality of life. so what happened. >> sean: go ahead. >> what happened was surprising, one last thing we were trying to do before we pack up put up a go fund me and between the time i told them to go to hell and check my go fund me, we raised over $125,000 in $20 increment. i was shocked by this. it is a good thing for people to see. there are other people who can't afford this and really having trouble and they need to know people are backing them up. i am proof positive that people are sick of this. >> sean: nobody should have to lose their home. here's the problem for you. they drag you into a legal case and you must hire a lawyer
10:43 pm
because no person can fight this on their own because we learned this week, they set up perjury trap and if you don't answer the right way you are charged with perjury and look at catherine herridge tonight and unredakted portion. house intel report, literally no one thought michael flynn was lying including comey who lied about it. >> i tell you, sean, i walked in to the same situation with mueller team and it was three hours remarkably short. and they aren't nice and they didn't ask me one question that they didn't know the question to. they were there to ask me questions and i am intimidated by this. and they warned me they would be
10:44 pm
watching me on tv. >> and they know it is another $25,000 for me. sean, it is a stickec wicket in there and they are not pulling me in there for a barn dance. they are putting you in a situation where you make a mistake. >> sean: how said we'll be watching you on tv. it is obvious millions of dollars are spent to try to smear me in the last recent weeks. we'll either remain the united states of america or be venezuela. this abuse of power is out of control. michael,in am sorry with what happened to your family. all my heart. >> my go fund me. and in need to raise another 70 or 80 and after this interview probably another 150.
10:45 pm
this've this thing has to end. >> sean: what you describe should put a chill up the spine of every american. michael, my best to you and your family and we'll put that on the screen when we can. please come back and talk more. when we come back, a ri flesher and monica crowley on a special edition of hannity. to move california forward,
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we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought republicans and democrats together to balance the state budget with a budget reserve, while investing in local schools
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and career training. as mayor of la, he put more police on the streets and reduced violent crime by nearly fifty percent. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. >> have you changed your mind at all about sitting with mule i. >> the problem is you have a group of investigators and they say i am not a target and i am not a target. you have a group of investigators that are all democrat and some cases they went to the hillary clinton
10:50 pm
celebration that turned out to be a funeral. you have all of the investigators that are democrats and in all fairness bob mueller worked for obama for eight years and i have to find that we are treated fairly and everybody sees it now as a pure witch hunt. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today and he was blasting what he called robert mueller's witch hunt. and concerned that he would not be treated fairly. and sitting down with a ri flesher and monica crowley. let's just break it down a ri this way, the president is right. mueller work would for a democrat. and he had all democratic donors and then andrew weissmann twice with holding evidence and overturned in the supreme court
10:51 pm
and in the fifth court of appeals after centeding innocent men to jail for a year. and then rod rosenstein after the july 26th raid of paul manafort giving permission on august 2nd to go into the new air of investigation, not in the original man date. i don't care if you are a liberal, conservative or republican or democrat, that stacks up as unfair and the judge's words today stung because as ben franklin said the sting in any rebuke is the truth. >> the judge's words did sting and that is a remarkable statement and we'll see what his ruling is. but bob mueller work would seven years for george bush and fbi director. >> sean: served his country. but he appointed andrew weissman. >> i worked with him in the bush
10:52 pm
administration and i have respect and admiration and he earned it and he erred in his hiring. he is not have made himself vulnerable donors and andrew we iszman and only reason you go to a victory party, you want to get a higher ranking job. you want a job or believe their ideology. he shouldn't have gone and makes him to the charge of bias. and so sean my bottom line, let mueller finish. i can't imagine any sweater vindication. >> sean: finish? would you want to be investigated by andrew weissmann after tens was americans lost their jobs in anderson
10:53 pm
accounting and who had with held evidence and overturned in the supreme court and sent people to judge and would you want him to work on a case involving you, i wouldn't? >> and that's whyin am sure donald trump's lawyers don't go in. he will not be questioned by it. and i can't imagine that will happen. for just the reason you said. even if you know you didn't dop wrong government overreach can be a problem particularly in the hands of prosecutors in the end of the day, if there is no collusion, there is no collusion. no one has seen it. >> sean: they seem to be post dating the new man date. monica crowley, this is as the judge said they don't care about manafort from 13 years ago. this is now and they want to takedown the president. they will do whatever they have to do. >> none of this is fair.
10:54 pm
and dismiss of the whole fiction of the premise. just as the phony dossier was generated to get fisa warrants. the entire returnian lie is a trojan horse issue to gen eight a if counsel authorization and try to undermine the candidate and te destroy the president. that's why you have investigation after investigation in to paul manafort obstruction and michael cohen, stormy daniel and when all of that falls apart they will try to find something else. it is all about something much bigger to destroy donald trump. why he is a threat to the guardians of the elite ruling class. if trump succeeds it is over. >> they are using every tool
10:55 pm
legal and illegal and ethiccal and unethiccal to take him out. >> sean: what the judge said about unfettered power. this is a game- changing day. when we come back, you will see a video of the day that you do not much to miss. that's straight ahead. as a control enthusiast,
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>>as we continue our special as we continue our special edition of hannity, our video of the day is amazing. v check out the surveillance videi from last month, out of columbus, ohio. it shows a good samaritan putting himself at risk to help catch a t suspect. he is simply known as bill with cane in hand. officers thanked bill for apprehending the man. the 18-year-old suspect was pearmed with an 9-millimeter glk pistol with a clip. good job. you know, we see the worst in
11:00 pm
people and sometimes the best. that's all the time we have left this evening, we will always be there and balanced. we will have much more on these huge breaking development on monday. have a great weekend. let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. >> laura: good evening from washington, i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle "the ingraham angle." the present i a rock star reception at the annual meeting and sarah sanders faces an out-of-control press. and another college mascot segment. but first, a federal judge just unloads on bob mueller's legal team suggesting they are lying and only out to get trump. the district judges hearing the case against former trump campaign manager paul manafort in the eastern district of virginia. in court today, he blessed of the special counsel's legal team,