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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 19, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> a fox news alert. a community, the latest to be gripped by grief over mass shooting. 10 people dead including eight students and 10 were wounded at santa fe high school athletic houston. we now know the names of the deceased. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour incentive "americas news headquarters". >> hello everyone i am eric shawn. >> investigators still
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searching for the exact motive for this horrible carnage. the suspected government is of course a 17-year-old, dimitrios pagourtizis. being held without bond at this hour on capital murder charges. investigators say that he terrorized his classmates and teachers for about 30 minutes inside of the santa fe are complex before he eventually surrendered to police. >> was dirty mutely barricading the door. as soon as we got in the classroom, me and fellow classmates are trying to calm the girls down because they were just crying, it was real. it was actually happening to our school.i knew all of them. i guess it is a small town, everyone knows everyone. i am just blown away at the magnitude of it all. >> and we live down santa fe texas. this must be an overwhelming emotional experience there for some of the students that are being escorted back into the school. >> some of them are. you can imagine what that process must be like. it is very controlled. students are being brought onto campus in groups of about 10.
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they are logged in and then they are personally escorted one-on-one with an officer to go inside the building and retrieve things like valuables, keys, cell phones, backpacks. if they had a car parked at the high school they are able to get it and driving off. but that is only for a very limited portion of the building because clearly, much of the school still sealed off. a crime scene. we also just getting a full list of the 10 victims that were killed because now, all of the family members have been notified. among the dead, two teachers, eight students. but this community has proven its resiliency before. in fact, santa fe texas, among one of the hardest hit areas of hurricane harvey. >> this is going to be a temporal community to heal.
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this is the second time in eight months we have gone through a tragedy. we had hurricane harvey. last august. now this. we will pull together. we will grieve together. we will love one another. we will work together. >> visibly shaken, congressman there at an afternoon press conference not far from where i'm standing here at the school grounds. 13 people were also injured in yesterday's attack. >> of course we have reports of the suspect that he took his father's gun. his family now -- >> to have at least a written statement. in fact this came out about 10 minutes or so before we came on the air. with you. we would like to read some of it. it reads in part, i'm quoting here. while we remain mostly in the dark about the specifics of yesterday's tragedy, we have learned from media reports seems incompatible with the boy
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that we love. 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtizis was arraigned last night could have asked for a court-appointed lawyer. now charged with capital murder of multiple persons. and aggravated assault of a public servant according to the probable cause affidavit, the teenager has confessed to the shooting to police, going even further saying that he did not shoot people that he liked because he wanted them to tell his story once this was all done. >> thank you.>> a breakthrough in the effort to avoid a trade war with china. the united states and the communist country agreeing to reduce their trade deficit. by having beijing purchase more american goods. ellison barber is live at the white house with details. did they come to any other agreement that you can report on? >> according to the statement
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seems it made at least some form or fashion, some different agreements. some related to intellectual property protections. as he said, reducing the trade deficit. all of this comes after two days of meetings between senior administration officials and chinese trade delegation. officials met thursday morning at the us treasury department. president trump met with the chinese vice premier at the white house that very same day. the joint statement says both parties agreed on court taking effective measures to substantially reduce the united states trade deficit in goods with china. pleasant is a quote - to meet the growing consumption is of the chinese people and the need for high-quality economic development, china will significantly increase purchases of the united states goods and services. this will help support growth and employment in the united states. it is messy but the president has been critical of china's trade practices. on the same to the chinese
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delegation was said to be meeting with us officials, president trump said this during a summit on prison reform. >> they been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars. it is bad for the country and we're changing it around. we are changing a lot of the horrible trade deals with the take our jobs and our money. >> both sides according to the statement agreed to encourage two-way investment to create a level playing field. they also agreed on increases when it comes to us agriculture and energy exports. they are going to hammer out the details of that and the white house says it will send a team to china are no specific dates. given that they say that china has agreed to move forward on some laws and regulations related to intellectual property protections. including things like patent trades. >> what is a reaction on capitol hill to all of this? it's not a lot of reaction just yet but we are hearing from the top democrat in the senate. senator chuck schumer. he released a statement that said quote - the key to a
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strong agreement of protecting our intellectual property here in america and stopping the chinese from keeping out our best bids until we hand over our trade secrets and know-how and such things as required joint ventures. the joint statement has nothing specific on those fronts and no amount of the media and short-term purchase of american goods will make up for that. still missing details for those on capitol hill or at least for senator chuck schumer is. some details we will be looking for. and if they will set a date exactly when they were sent delegation to china and he might possibly go. >> thank you. >> the presidents criticizing the fbi again. claiming that they are actually planted a science on the 2016 presidential campaign. sources tell the "washington post" of the fbi did have an informant and not as part of the campaign to explore the lens to russia.
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but if not the same as with the president claims? we live with more. hi molly. >> president trump has his suspicions that president obama is fbi spied on his campaign in 2016. if it is true, if they put an informant and campaign the president that it will be quote - and all 10 biggest political scandals. one of his lawyers is not knocking dallas keuchel isn't confirming it either. >> here the issue i really feel strong about what this informant. first of all is not an official if there really was one. we are told that. >> by who? >> to people that a long time say there has been an infiltration. >> cosmetologist and you have asked the justice department to turn over documents related to the informant that reportedly met with at least two trump campaign officials in the sum
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of 2016. the democratic vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee is warning colleagues not to try to unmask this by. think what the first thing a new member of the intelligence committee learns is the critical importance of protecting sources and methods. publicly adding a source rests not only their life but the lives of every american because when sources are burned it makes it much harder for every part of the intelligence community to gather intelligence on those who wish to do us harm. so for the justice department has declined to turn over information sought by house republicans. >> thank you molly. we will have more on this coming up here. >> now it's raining the director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university. any form of justice department counsel. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> i want to start with basic questions. i would like some clear answers for the audience. what one wants neck you
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informant deployed to go inside of his presidential campaign, to collect himself and how stiff are the guidelines to keep this operation legal? >> is always important to have approval from various levels of the justice department in investigation. depends on if the appointment is inside the campaign or being up against the campaign. the difference does matter. at the same time, given the importance of the investigation, given the high-profile nature of the campaign and that it was a presidential campaign, it is likely that they were high-level engagement in almost any activity with respect to the investigation. >> to be clear, the fbi saying this was not someone put inside the campaign but in fact speaking with campaign advisors. meanwhile, thus far, there is no record that corroborates the presidents claim that the fbi was spying on his campaign. was the impact of such an
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assertion by the president of the united states and is the effect somehow felt by our allies? >> certainly. i think the challenge is, president often talks about things he hears and the media reporting. the challenge is, it makes it harder to know with the facts actually are. it is important thing for the president and as rudy giuliani was little more careful, we don't really know was going on but is in the president looks at this before he tweets. because it undermines his own credibility when making statements to people they are likely to take what he is saying less seriously. and making comments about informants. just like the wiretapping at trump tower. >> and when folks around the world, world leaders and allies in particular are watching this. what is your take away and concerned if there is one on their part? >> i think they're learning to
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things. one is that the president as he was happening around him. and so they are looking to shape the immediate environment, i think it might be an effective move. the president also may not be paying attention to staff and going with staff check in on specific items. that is a helpful thing. that they can deal directly with him and not what the staff things. that could be good and bad. >> let's move on. some are asking the department of justice for documents on this. and reports of the president allegedly wants to expose this agent. how significant was such a move be by again, the president denies this. how would that be dangerous? >> is obviously troubling. if anyone exposes this. the fbi or cia, as individuals we have already learned a ton about them in the media reporting about who they are and what they do. not that people might feel a thing of the person is but it
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makes it a lot harder for americans than to work with intelligence to provide the valuable information you may need to protect the nation for that is a real problem. i hope that is not the situation i hope that they get the information they are still able to protect the confidentiality. >> to know how much has been leaking out left and right so it definitely would be a potentially dangerous situation. i want to move onto the presidents lawyer. you mentioned earlier, rudy giuliani. yesterday saying it is possible for a president to commit obstruction of justice. adding that mr. trump did not do so. mr. giuliani saying the presidents right to fire someone could never rise to the level of a criminal action. >> you do not think the president can obstruct justice? >> he can. but it is why you fire them. part of the legal analysis. >> it does not matter.
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the investigation continued and expanded. >> that is mr. giuliani with chris cuomo. as a former us attorney for the southern district of new york, rudy giuliani certainly knows his way around these legalities. of course his job now is to advise and protect president trump. sometimes this can be taken as double in the press, it is helpful to the president? the presidents defense and the americans want transparent and truthful answers. >> i think is surprising that rudy giuliani admitted that the president can be charged with obstruction of justice. this is a question and particularly for obstruction of justice. really giuliani is correct that the question whether the president can be charged for firing someone that is something he is entitled to do under the laws of the united states. it is also controversial. i bet the president was surprised to hear that. >>?
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talk about perhaps what will happen if the present want to sit down with mr. robert mueller. how much coronation and cooperation is there between the special counsel and that legal team regarding whether the president will talk to him and the questions that might be asked two. >> today we have seen quite a bit of coordination and that the mueller team is in the white house legal office the questions they want. the lawyers and looked at the end there is been back and forth. they say they've narrowed the number of topics from 5 to 2. with the team is a dangerous move. at times the president can get himself in trouble, it becomes a challenge we turn into a prosecutor under oath.i think at the end of the day the clinton team have the same problem for their trying to avoid a sitdown with the special prosecutor back then. but having it down to a narrow group of topics, and doing the
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preparation is probably the most important thing. at the end of the day is unclear for the president to testify he likely can't hear croissants to jump in quickly. i 20 seconds. as a former counselor, at this juncture, which we know about the investigation? how is run and can be trusted? >> i think it is obviously challenges that prevent people they needed to buy because of doing inappropriate things. that being said, robert mueller is not far into the investigation. some people think this will end sometime soon. >> to be clear no one here is indebted to present peer will and the investigation run its course. we are asking the questions that the viewers would like to hear answered. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and tried to give the iranian nuclear agreement alive. after the president decided to take our country out of it for the nation is now offering to step in and save the deal. we will look at that.
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breaking mike with drooping leadership and voting with democrats to sink the farm bill pretty wonderful for the presidents policy of tiny requirements of food stamp recipients. more than a million americans could have lost the benefit if the bill was signed into law. the sailboat coming at the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell issues this morning about controlled the house and senate in november saying quote - i always think it's better to be candid and not try to spin people into thinking this is not going to be a challenging election. i do not think we know in may whether it has category three,
2:22 pm
or four 45. >> -- >> if you speak any expert in washington they believe that the democrats are in the hot seat. they have the best chance of doing well in the midterms. historically that is true. since world war ii there have been 18 midterm elections, the party in power is linking seats in the house in two of the elections. four times in the senate. historically the headwinds are against republicans. if you look at the generic ballot, the democrats are a favorite to do well. just on averages, if it was an average midterm election, the republicans would lose 25 seats in the house and four seats in the senate. that would lose control of both parties. fortunately, mitch mcconnell didn't say is that republicans have some structural advantages in the senate. they are more likely to gain control of the senate.
2:23 pm
the house is where the democrats have most likely the best chance of taking control. >> you keep saying historically happens i think the president defies history when he became president. i would imagine you would say also the democrats cannot rest on this and think history will sway in their way and that they generic their campaign strategy and message to the people. >> absolutely. i think it is way too early to say this is complete. it is not impossible to imagine the scenario where there is some trade deal as we are learning that there might be with china, that converts a trade war in the stock market bones and the economy continues to grow. chuck negotiates a deal with north korea. at least the appearance of a remarkable deal with north korea that makes people believe the world is kind of check out better for the world and as regards midterms things look
2:24 pm
great where they appear to look great and best, the headwinds for the democrats no longer look so good. so absolutely, we are way too early to say that this is over. the republicans certainly have a chance here going into the midterms. it is just that if you take things on average, certainly the democrats are in a better position. croissants to show a map of nine states that they say will be in control of the senate. i believe there are seven states, thousand nine states that senator mcconnell is saying this and is focusing on. and the white house is focusing on seven other states. there reportedly go jump president trump fundraising and campaign in the states. tennessee being one of them. in fact the president witnessed and has a trip planned to nashville. the president on the one hand, you want to align yourself with
2:25 pm
him if you want to win local race. on the other hand, there may be some candidates that want to steer clear of because of the controversy surrounding the president and perhaps, whatever advances he has made policy wise that they're getting drowned in the controversy. >> i think everything is local. it depends on the district, it depends on the state. how that state or district leaves the president going into the midterms. then you will see candidates kind of terror their campaign. some will tie themselves to the president and some of distance themselves. in the senate race republicans have an advantage. many of the democrats are instead is a donald trump won. many of the seeds of, therefore fewer states that republicans are defending. democrats have to depend more states this cycle then republican. they are, have an advantage in the senate races. what they cannot do is if they
2:26 pm
lose more than two seats, this is over, they lose the senate. but they have an easier ground to defend than the democrats do. >> will be something to watch every step of the way with no one assuming any sort of comfort levels in the race. thank you! >> the european union, now they want to try to rescue the armenian nuclear deal. coming up, we look at the path forward and how they impact relationships between the white house and allies in europe. plus, another mass shooting in another school claiming more young lives. many people today saying, enough with condolences. they want answers. to finally end these horrible shootings. >> my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students. securable schools, and keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat. to themselves and to others.
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we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve your pet's life. we are redefining what nutrition can do. because the possibility of a longer life and a better life is the greatest possibility of all. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. >> the european union
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reassuring that tehran that they are still committed to therein nuclear deal. but admitting will be hard to fulfill the commitment after president trump announced the us will pull out of the agreement. mike has more from jerusalem. >> the european union has committed to undermining president trump position related to iran and the nuclear deal. a top energy-efficient with the un said in tehran said that the eu especially was to salvage a joint company has a plan of action that president trump pulled the us out appeared with the deal struck in 2015 iran temporarily halted nuclear ambitions exchange for the lifting of sanctions be no european leaders say they will try to get their world trade and investment flowing but admit it will be difficult to do without the united states. >> as to the array nuclear deal, we agreed that the eu stain the agreement as long as
2:32 pm
iran remains fully committed to it. >> president trump has long criticized the deal. there nuclear chief has said that losses the us is not trustworthy partner for international deals. but he also plans to restart enrichment of uranium to medical grade 20 percent. that is significant step above the 3 to 5 percent required for power plants and a staff for the 80 to 90 percent enrichment needed for a nuclear weapon. politically the collapse that. >> a lot on the present. they criticized for economic prosperity in iran. have endured a few popular uprisings and the fear continues economic hardship or the inability to have life necessities to be affordable is a problem.
2:33 pm
>> the aftermath of the harness mass shooting at a texas high school. latest in the sickening trend is taken the lives of people in the nation, lincoln asked have to stop this. 17 all students are classmates and killing two teachers, wounding 10 more at the campuses today. police say. is becoming all too common for the marriage enough is enough to request it was heartbreaking. another senseless act of violence in our schools say positive things such as interconnect there is something happening on a routine basis. it is terrible individual. i hope we can somehow find a way to get past this. >> copy and paste the answer becoming so common. michael is joining us for former homeland security director. is it gun-control, more
2:34 pm
restrictions on weapons? disciplinary action, psychological programs, holding parents responsible, where do we start? >> by looking at a national issue. looking at this at the local problem but yet what legislators, what they do? first what legislation is very blunt responses. because it is very intricate and immediate need. look at the short-term and long-term progress. short-term, work for the schools. we can do some hardening which is important. and as a deterrent. >> like metal detectors? >> signage. a perimeter awareness. perhaps if you use parts of the. what is going on outside the perimeter? if someone gets into the school with a gun it is too late. you can also do a delayed tactic. you have to know who is coming into the school and limit
2:35 pm
during the operation of the school how people are getting in and out of the schools. initially you have a defined area that can identify. >> there to various interest is when one way in and out be almost worse? >> again, part of a deterrent. if people know that they will get stopped, there is an awareness, there is a problem then they might be less likely to try and commit this. >> there is one person speaking out, his daughter was shot in florida and killed. this what he is suggesting. >> polk county, the school board voted in favor of training personnel. not teachers. the top of the list will be veterans, with law enforcement and i'm excited about this. i've been working with polk county. the first cadets will be going to the class in june. they will be learning specifics in a raspberry school situation for active shooting. polk county is doing this and i
2:36 pm
think it is going to be the case across the country. we have to train professionals and what is better than to have veterans in our schools give them a purpose, protect our teachers and our students. >> what about the type of program? should the counties and school boards follow that? >> yes. regular new york state, they have talked about how to invest in resource offices but also mental health officers. to take a program that is more comprehensive to see what's going on in the student population. also about social media monitoring. then overall, it takes resources. the social services, like what happened in florida? you can catch these children that fall in the cracks. >> social media as well as psychological aspects. i had a conversation yesterday with a former mob boss. he pled guilty to killing 19 people and he is outraged and
2:37 pm
he says, back in his time, there should be tighter monitoring, psychological aspect and addiction before hand. he looks at nikolaus cruz for example. >> that is part of that immediate response. crisis intervention teams. when an individual, not just a child but an individual is identified as a risk on extremist, there should be a way to go in with social services. one of the ideas is should not be controversial but we should explore the ability for people in the household that have an individual with an extreme risk profile to go to court and say take away the guns. and the individual. this is apparently faced with going to kill, about that but
2:38 pm
these washington times. this week. it is a study. -- they did not simply refer endured. roman catholic officials have been at ease of creating a lax disciplinary climate and in order to reduce other issues. what is the point of having committee when he is not accused of the horrible shooting a stoneman douglas? 23 times, more than almost 2 dozen times he has interactions with the police. >> in that case, there is infrastructure that could have responded. but it did not work. that is the challenge here.
2:39 pm
obviously after a tragedy like this everyone says what can we put in place? recognizes ready. both schools. put yourself in a position of a school board president of the superintendent. while you are transmission books, this was probably resource to do the job of educating, they cannot take on this additional burden. which is why this should be a national issue, a national funding bill. >> and shouldn't this be a primary issue?in the bank and safety of our children and grandchildren to make sure that their savior. >> in fact, sandy huff, florida, this shooting, it is not enough for the national government to come in and say that we will partner with the local government. and find these resource offices good mental health officials. and be able to get social services to respond then, we are really going to miss the opportunity to prevent
2:40 pm
violence. >> it is so tragic and it is a shame and hopefully our national leaders will listen. thank you.this conversation will continue tomorrow, "fox news sunday". one guest is the incoming president of the national rifle association. we will have that to market also a former congresswoman and shooting survivor, gabby giffords will sit down with chris paul talking about gun violence, you can catch interviews right here on the fox news channel. check your local listings for your local fox station. the interest of our 2:00 and 6 pm. >> and echostar jj watt is stepping up once again after tragedy hits the houston area. offering to pay for the funerals of all 10 people killed and yes for shooting. santa fe high school is 30 miles from houston where he plays for the texans. you may recall last summer, jj
2:41 pm
watt launched a fundraiser that raised $37 million for the victims of hurricane harvey. >> did you wake up and see the wedding? it was a spectacular emotional event. it changes your view of the old stuffy royal family when prince harry and megan said i do in the royal ceremony unlike any other. if you missed it, stay with us! we will give you a wrap up. you will not miss anything. the dress, the cake, the flower girls and everything else. thus, weeks after the first big eruption, they are warning of more. we are live on the island of hawaii. on't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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2:45 pm
plant in texas this afternoon. police in pasadena southeast of
2:46 pm
houston say a valve blue and it caused a small fire which injured 22 people. two of them had to be rushed to the hospital by helicopter. everyone is expected to be okay. officials say the chemicals released by the fire did not cause any threat to the public. >> officials in hawaii sounding the alarm again after thursday mornings at bridger electric kilauea volcano. volcanic ash going into the air. right now there warning of dangerous toxins in the air as lava continues to spew out of cracks and fissures. jeff is live on the island. what is it like there now? >> there is a lot of waiting and watching here on the big island of hawaii. in fact, there was another explosion near the summit of the kilauea volcano. a smaller one but it is still sent a plume of ash 7000 feet in the air.
2:47 pm
we also learning that lava is getting dangerously close to several homes in the area. in fact it destroyed an additional four houses. fast-moving forest the evacuation for picaresque yuba county in the national guard helicopters. the love is not threatening to track residents. the number of lava spewing openings have risen to 22 fissures here they mourned it can erupt again any time with very little warning. >> it is a very special time, the shield volcano which is not like the west coast volcanoes, they tend to blow explosively and put out a lot of acts. it will be gases coming up for the ash, it is not poisonous, it can deftly chuck you up but is the sulfite gases that actually are poisonous and can suffocate you. >> as mentioned, the air quality here, a big concern and it is extremely in part due to the active fissures that are
2:48 pm
reducing the toxic gases that we've been talking up but also it is due to the burning vegetation from the lava that is spewing into the neighborhood surrounding where we are. >> unbelievable and clearly there is potential danger that lies ahead. what about those already affected? those people whose homes and businesses have been hit with debris and lava. how are they doing? >> we just got back from the hawaiian national guard and every spot they tried to take us to to give us an idea of the current situation, it was either too dangerous or people were in the middle of an evacuation. at enough you looking at these pictures right now but this is a road that we were on a few days ago. easily passable, able to be drive-by, no problems. they can see the big cracks have opened up in the road and that is the concern that if these continue to open up, there's really a lot of just one way and in one way out roads out here. that continues to happen it will really be hard to get
2:49 pm
people out of harm's way and it will have these helicopters like they had to do for other people just yesterday. >> thank you for the update. >> this morning it was a ceremony unlike any other! the world watching the royal wedding. were you up early enough to watch it? if you were not, we are live in england and we will show you highlights and the latest news on the worlds most famous newlyweds, next. prudential aske: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. >> it was the wedding of the year. this morning prince harry married american actress meghan markle. this was at windsor castle in england. the emotional gospel singers in the past according martin luther king jr.. they say they have never seen anything like it. this is where we find amy kellogg at windsor right now. what an event today. >> it was absolutely spectacular. the main headline is that it was centuries old british tradition. needing some modern american touches. they did mention there was a gospel choir at st. george's
2:54 pm
chapel that was really rousing. very different. a break from tradition. they say stand by me, you are hearing that now just before the bride and groom delivered their vows. then there was the head of the us church giving a charming. michael curry. it is not clear what the royals thought of his very rousing sermon but it certainly touched a lot of people here and some of the press is even saying that michael curry, the very reverend michael curry, may have actually stolen the show. the bride stressed, meghan markle, now the duchess of sussex was designed by givenchy. and finally, a star-studded crowd in that chapel today. sorry george clooney and his wife, we sought david beckham and his wife, victoria. and oprah winfrey was there.
2:55 pm
really wonderful people watching, fantastic hats and outfits. now we have fireworks going off and in the background there you can see them. >> we can hear them. after the wedding and fireworks what else have they been doing in the evening? >> well, they actually, there were two moments we are waiting to hear more about. apparently they gave a very moving speech after the wedding that move people to tears. and meghan markle this evening is supposed to be giving a speech which is another rope break from tradition. she will be employing the.a professional speechwriter because she has to set the right tone for entering and to the royal family. there was that gorgeous carriage ride after the ceremony and the open top carriage with horses and got very close to the people who work lining the streets of windsor. many of them camped out overnight. and they wanted a close look at this so they really did get
2:56 pm
fantastic views of the bride and groom, sir elton john sang at the luncheon. he performed for 600 guests and then there is a fantastic cake that we've been hearing about. finally, we are seeing pictures of an elder flower in lemon cake designed by an american baker based here in london. lots of local resourced food. and the new introduced tradition, food bowls. which is a very famous designer that a local designer said it is trendy and megan is a foodie. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield and target weeds more precisely, right down to the root. roundup. trusted for over 40 years.
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alert. the latest shooting, santa fe high school outside of houston yesterday. 10 people killed in the carnage. eight students and two classmates and 10 were injured. victims at this hour continued to fight for their lives in the hour. now is the investigation picks up speed as to why the names of the deceased have been released. hello everyone, this is a new hour of "america's news headquarters". >> the terrifying scene unfolding inside of an art
3:01 pm
class yesterday. the suspected gunman, 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtizis using a shotgun and a handgun to go on a rampage. one student recounting the moments he thought would be his last. >> i was thinking, i was terrified because i didn't know if i was going to make it out. that is what was rushing through my head. we were playing dead so they did come through it would seem like maybe that he shot us and would not she does again. >> dimitrios pagourtizis is now being held without bond on capital murder charges. as police search for a motive. casey siegel is live in santa fe, texas with more. casey? >> for the very first time we are now hearing from the suspected gunman his family. they have released a reinstatement and it says in part, importing here. we show the publics hunger for answers as to why this happened and will await the outcome of the investigation before
3:02 pm
speaking about the events. they go on to say that the media reports seem incompatible with the boy they love. a boy who police say has admitted to the crime and add journals, detailing the shooting and that he planned on committing suicide after he carried out the shooting rampage. even though why remains the biggest question this community is rallying. long lines at a blood drive today for the injured and just replenish area supplies depleted from treating multiple traumas could a nearby church converted to a family resource center. grief counselors are being made available. american red cross, fbi victim services, down to help with funeral planning. the school district police chief at an early press conference discussing how his offices are doing despite the fact that one of their own was
3:03 pm
critically wounded, shot while trying to stop the attack. >> our offices have been very resilient. i don't think it has really sunk in yet. the emotions, as to allowing them to take control. we are very prepared. there are drills, they have level i and level to active shooter training.they are prepared to go into action. >> out of the 10 who were shot and killed during the first. yesterday in an art class, two teachers, eight students. cynthia tisdale was working as a substitute teacher. she never came home to her husband. three children, eight grandchildren. a foreign exchange student from pakistan has also been identified as among the dead.
3:04 pm
-- was just finishing up the school year here participating in a youth exchange study abroad program. in the coming days as the names have now been released, the stories will also emerge of the people who lost their lives here yesterday. eric? >> thank you. so many families profoundly impacted by this shooting. thank you. >> and not the only deadly school shooting. another one outside of a high school in georgia. about 20 miles south of atlanta. one person was killed in that shooting.two other people wounded. it happened after graduation ceremony for the high school last night. >> the last thing you want to do is have a situation any graduation that results in anyone being injured. definitely not -- >> this occurred after an argument in the parking lot after the graduation party. police have not yet released
3:05 pm
any information about a possible suspect. >> back to politics now. the president usually fbi planting a spy to infiltrate his 2016 campaign for court political purposes. this coming amid reports that the bureau use an informant to meet with two trump campaign officials. carter page and george papadopoulos. molly is in washington with the latest. what can you tell us? >> president trump suspect that there was an informant. if it is true he says it would be the biggest political scandal of all time. the president just tweeted on the topic last hour saying quote - if the fbi or doj, department of justice, was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. only the review of documents of house intelligence committee also senate judiciary committee is asking for can give conclusive answers. drain the swamp. this employment reportedly requested meetings of at least
3:06 pm
two trump campaign advisors for george papadopoulos and carter page. apparently meeting with carter page before the fbi officially opened its investigation. some gop lawmakers want to know what was going on in the obama administration fbi. >> i am suggesting that one administration should not have transfection not just of a disproven dossier paid for by the other party campaign or by the clinton campaign and they should not do that. that is what i am suggesting. it looks like all of that happened. what we are asking for is given information to show us. >> the republicans on the house intelligence committee have requested the information from the justice department. so by the justice department is not providing it. >> of course, we want to hear what is happening in terms of the democrats on capitol hill. >> their same republicans are taking a risk here possibly unmasking an fbi informant.
3:07 pm
democratic senator mark warner, vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee said quote - it would be at best irresponsible and worse, potentially illegal. remember to use their positions tuesday identities of nfs was to undermine the ongoing investigation into russian interference in the election for this is provided information as the fbi and cia for years. it is not clear what information informant may have given in this case. >> molly, thank you very much. >> did the fbi really put a spy in the trump campaign? the president seems to think so. and that they met with several campaign advisors during the election race for the president is calling for the senate and the house committee to review documents about this to determine if the mueller investigation was and still is using an informant either against him for the campaign. joining is now we have a columnist for the national
3:08 pm
review magazine. the new york times is reporting that the fbi was not investigating the campaign per se but the russian contacts between carter page and george papadopoulos and the russians. this was part of the russian investigation. >> they claim that the russian investigation did not happen until july 21. this pre-dated appeared almost like laughing out loud on television. the new york times and "washington post" gave us so much information about this fellow who is a professor in cambridge, england. that daily color website even reported this issue it is preposterous. >> what does it mean them? if indeed, this was going on. >> it means that predating any real concern about the trump campaign having collision with russia, we have these bizarre series of meanings and informants being shipped over
3:09 pm
to meet with carter page, mr. papadopoulos, various other people. and circumstantial evidence is that they might be trying to set them up. set up the trump campaign. the bizarre meeting at trump tower, where donald trump is an influence meeting with a russian agent. that was, they were contacts refusing the cleansing opposition research form before and after the meeting. i do not know the answers are but i know this. robert mueller has a right to every document and every thing to finish the investigation. congress has every right to every document you want to find out if there was a perversion of the intelligence activities and that is very serious. potentially the civil liberties of every american. both investigations should be given all the access they need to proceed. instead the justice department is stonewalling and basically trying to protect people inside of buildings from scrutiny. >> i was in congress, they
3:10 pm
cannot have this information because it is classified. even then it can be leaked out. >> it already has been! the stories in the new york times and the new york post. the justice department and the fbi i can guarantee you -- >> can they get ahead of the story? >> will be shocked if they are trying to spin the story in their favor before it comes out in official documents. of course they are spinning the story. >> what does it mean, if they legitimately had concerns about russian influence. we know carter page was under investigation. we know paul manafort was under investigation back to 2014. what did this have to do with paul manafort, carter page and others? there were reports of the also met with others. your potential campaign advisors, your papadopoulos there, -- and carter page on the right. what if they were legitimately concerned about potential
3:11 pm
russian actions as opposed with the present that in terms of trying to plant a spy in the campaign versus someone who is an informant that goes back to and report what is being told. >> fine. i'll stipulate that paul manafort is a bad guy. we are discussing who will watch the watchers? if they did this year and and a half ago, fine! let congress go look over their shoulder and see if everything was done. even if the investigation itself is legitimate, this is what congress does. it is an oversight responsibility on in the intelligence agencies because if it doesn't have the responsibility then no one is watching them and they can do whatever they want. >> that is your concern, no accountability? >> that certainly hasn't been any from the fisa court. with this evidence required to
3:12 pm
have blanket surveillance of people associated with the trump campaign. that was not proper oversight by the fisa court. so they need to see if it was done properly because if it can be done here, -- >> they said quote - there is no evidence to suggest someone was planted in the campaign. the source in question engaged in a month-long pattern of seeking out of meeting three different trump campaign officials. for years the professor provided information aided the investigation before and after the special counsel robert mueller appointment after, that is now. could this person or persons and others be used now? how do we know, is any oversight right now that addresses this american professor?but perhaps other people?
3:13 pm
>> i have been some of the american professor and he is a nice guy. i would say if he does not connect to the side of the trump campaign who certainly was shall we say, encouraged to present themselves into their proximity. >> do you think he did this on his own? >> the person we're talking about would not do such a thing under his own. >> what is he like? do not say his name but -- >> he is a nice guy who has been involved in this for a long time. >> really? so you, this is -- >> he has been in access to the agencies which means he would not have acted on his own. >> all right. we will leave it at that. thank you. >> thank you. >> we are learning more about the tragedy in cuba. the island nation reeling from its worst air disaster in decades. plus a possible breakthrough in trade talks between the us and china that has big implications
3:14 pm
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- anncr: as you grow older, -your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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3:17 pm
agreement that could reduce trade deficit between the worlds two biggest economies.
3:18 pm
the white house saying china will significantly increase its purchases of us goods paving the way to avoid a potential trade war with beijing. ellison barber is live at the white house with more. >> we started to get reaction on this from capitol hill. the top democrat on the senate side, senator chuck schumer released a statement. it cannot best be described as one that says he needs more specifics. he said quote - the key to a strong agreement is protecting our intellectual property here in america. and stopping the chinese from keeping out our best bids until they hand over our trade secrets and know-how. and such things as required joint ventures.they have nothing specific on those fronts and no immediate and short-term purchases of american goods will make up for that. according to the us china statement today that they reduce the deficit.
3:19 pm
and they are moving on -- us officials and the trade delegation from china met thursday morning at the us treasury department. president trump met with the christ premiere at the white house the exact same data joint statement says both parties agreed on quote - taking effective measures to substantially reduce the united states trade deficit and goods with china. it goes on to say quote - to meet the growing consumption is of the chinese people and the need for high quality economic development, connie will significantly increase purchases of the united states good and services. this will help support growth and employment in the united states. both sides according to the statement also agreed to encourage a two-way investment alert to create a more level playing field when it comes to trade. >> the chinese delegation came to the us.
3:20 pm
any indication that they will send a delegation to china? >> the statement says they do plan to buy that because in terms of an exact timeframe, we do not have that. just yet. according to the statement the us will travel to china to work on this. the chinese delegation was here in the us, then met with top officials including steve mnuchin, the secretary of commerce and united states trade deficit. so far no word on who will head to china for the meeting to take place but they are saying according to statement their planning to send a team of their own to china to discuss some of the issues. particularly when it comes to agriculture and energy exports. >> thank you. >> some news from cuba transportation, now 110 people
3:21 pm
hotels and the horrible plane crash as if it was a decades old boeing 737 just after taking off. it is now being called cuba's worst aviation disaster in 30 years. more on this little go to the new york bureau. we just received an update. is there any information on any survivors? >> yes, only three people survived. we have heard from doctors that are treating them. they are in critical but stable condition. what is conscious and communicating now. another is in a coma. all three are women. their ages 19, 23 and 39. you can see the chaotic scene yesterday as locals and emergency workers rushed to try and help get survivors to safety. right now, relatives of those killed wait for their loved ones to be identified. >> we are waiting for this because their testing dna right now to see who they are. >> a spokesman for the cuban
3:22 pm
secretary-general released a statement expressing condolences to the families of the victims and to the people in the government of cuba. the flight had been scheduled to fly from havana to a city in eastern cuba. >> also, what the authorities saying about that in terms of investigating this type of crash? do they have an faa and ntsb that we do? >> this is all just starting. according to the cuban president, a special commission will determine the cause of the crash. we do know that this exact same airplane, the same one, was banned by the south american country guyana last april. this is a picture of the 737 201. sources working for an airport of those operating in god knows the plane using the entire length of the more than 7000 foot runway just to get off the ground. take a look at this in the aftermath of yesterday's crash. you can see black smoke rising from the scene. few parts of the aircraft left
3:23 pm
intact. as it turned hard right shortly before going down just after taking off on a rainy and overcast day. listen to how one witness described what happened. >> when i heard this sound, the engine noise, really ugly noise. there was an engine on fire. it looked like the pilot saw all the houses and pulled hard right to avoid all the houses. to avoid more tragedy. it would have been a massacre. >> we do not know if the plane was in a controlled flight but it was operated by state airline cubana rented from a small charter company called global air. that is the same company that owned the plane when it was banned in guyana. >> you were a navy f-18 fighter pilot and you have a tremendous amount of experience in the air. what is your stance when you hear these officials from guyana banned the plane because
3:24 pm
it had baggage of loading problems, among other things. a 39-year-old aircraft. that may not mean anything but when you hear it is taking the whole length of the runway, was it too heavy or overloaded? what does your gut say happened? >> there are a number of things that could happen. as you know, the takeoff is a very vulnerable phase of flight. could be overloaded, or it could have had an engine problem that may be the people had seen taking off in such a long distance. bottom line is, if the plane was forced to fly before it reached flying speed.maybe the pilot got to the end of the runway but it was not a flying speed antitrust to force it off of the runway, it would be bad. this is a tragic situation. >> thank you so much. >> the european union now working with iran to salvage the nuclear deal.
3:25 pm
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> there has been a cougar
3:28 pm
3:29 pm
attack in washington state. the attack happened this morning in north bend east of seattle. they said the victims were riding on a mountain bike when the cougar pounced on the bike. then the animal has not yet been caught. they're trying right now to track him down. >> the european union trying to salvage the iran nuclear deal saying it will stick with it. despite the presidents withdraw from the agreement earlier this month. mike is in jerusalem now with more. mike? >> the european union has committed to undermining presidents position related to iran and the nuclear deal. a top energy official with the
3:30 pm
un said in toronto that the eu essentially wants to salvage a joint plan of action. with the deal struck in 2015 iran temporarily halted the nuclear ambitions in exchange for the lifting of western sanctions. now european leaders in their tried to get the oil trade and investment flowing but admit it will be difficult to do without the united states. >> after a the iran nuclear deal we agreed that the eu would stay in the agreement as long as iran remains fully committed to it. >> president trump has long criticized the obama era and ran deal and campaigned on a promise to the reader. iran's nuclear chief said the withdrawal shows the us is not a trustworthy partner for international deal. also he threatens to restart enrichment of uranium medical grade 20 presented a significant step of both the amount required for power plants but less than a nuclear weapon. they put a lot of pressure on
3:31 pm
rouhani. the harlan levels have criticized him forth and ability to bring economic possibility to your man could have endured a few popular presence but the fear continued economic hardship, inability to afford like basic necessities afford like basic necessities let's bring in benjamin freedman. bottom line, do you think the e.u. could do an end run around us? >> seems like they're going to try pretty hard and it's going to be up to the companies that are doing business with iran, whether or not they cede to the u.s. sanctions or go along with what their governments are asking them to do. it's not clear they are all decided the same way. if a lot of the companies in the e.u. don't go along with their governments and quit trading with iran, the iranians will likely or there's a good chance they'll restart up the weapons
3:32 pm
program or begin to do so. >> basically, lay it out for us. if you're a european country and you're doing business with america, if you're doing business with iran, these sanctions kick in and you've got to choose. it's either the united states economy or iran. >> right. it's the united states economy or iran but there's also the fact that what the e.u. law would do, the blocking law would say you're prevented from complying with the u.s. sanctions. so you basically have either you're sanctioned if you do business with iran or if you comply with the u.s. sanctions law, you're po poe potentiall pd in the e.u. >> what do you think they would choose. >> >> i think it will depend on the company and where they're getting their revenue. if they're mercking a large percentage of them out of iran,
3:33 pm
they're likely to stay in. if they're dependent on the u.s. market and our financial market, which many are, they're likely to walk away. >> they're even trying to, some of the e.u. folks are trying to move the money not through the united states banking system but through just the european banking system so it goes from europe to tehran and cut us out. can they really do that? that gives them business at the same time they don't have to deal with any implication here in america. >> well, i'm not an expert on banking but it seems that they could do that, they could just deal directly with the iranian central bank and it shouldn't be any surprise that the europeans are doing this. they said we're sticking with the deal. they said for weeks they wouldn't go along with u.s. sanctions. the idea they're all going to fold up their tent and go along with us into some big new security architecture i think is a little fancyful. it begs the question of what
3:34 pm
we're doing here. >> some european countries are pulling out and cutting out. total, the french gas firm, the biggest container firm in the world is cutting back iranian trade. we are seeing a result of these sanctions no matter what they do. >> well, we'll see. we'll see if the europeans can succeed in keeping in the deal. certainly they mean to try. >> what about iranian behavior? this comes as they have claimed they don't want to build a nuclear bomb but there's opposition protests, the national council of resistance of iran has video, i want to show it to you now. they've been protesting in the streets in some of the cities. that has been continuing for weeks. this video they say, the resistance says shows police snipers on the roof trying to shoot some of the protesters. the iranian deal which we were told would modify iranian behavior apparently has done nothing of the sort. can tehran be changed? can the mullas in any way change
3:35 pm
their terrorist ways? >> i think it's unfair to say it hasn't modified their behavior. they reelected a relative moderate president. i think what pulling out of the deal does is potentially undermine the relative moderates. they're not western liberals. we're helping the hard line forces in iran that we condemn. they say you can't trust the united states. we just proved it. so i'm not sure how we're helping the protesters. it seems to me we're helping the hard liners here. >> what would you do? >> what would i do in the sense of sanctions? >> in terms of this type of action with the deal. >> i think that we're out of the deal, it's a done thing. i don't think we're going to get a new one. i think that neither the iranians nor the europeans will go along with a new deal. the question is how do we avoid some bad outcome now. i'd like to avoid stumbling into another disastrous war in that region which i think some of the people who pushed this wants.
3:36 pm
some of the allies want us to do the dirty work against iran for them. i think that's a big miss that we have to find ways to avoid conflict with iran, in syria, in yemen, find ways to co-exist, rather than ex as brattin exacee situation. >> how do you co-exist when they spread their radical ideas, they're attacking israel, funding hezbollah, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world today, how do you co-exist with that standard when they shout "death to america" and they are building ballin buc missiles that could come and hit us. >> i'm not saying they're sweethearts. they're not the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. we should look to the gulf for that. >> the u.s. state department has them at the top of the list. >> i'm not sure exactly what
3:37 pm
list you mean. >> the united states state department sponsors of terrorism list. they are number one. let me read what the secretary of state -- >> if you look at the terrorist groups that are operating these days, blowing things up in europe and potentially in north america, they're not iranian backed group. hezbollah is not a nice group of people. i'm not backing them. they're not attacking the united states right now. so i think we should be a little bit more realistic about what the iranian threat is. i don't think they're 10 feet tall. i think they're fairly well contained. the issue is to avoid getting into bigger fights with them. what they're doing in syria is helping the regime. they're not destabilizing the country. they're not helping the rebels. whether or not you like that, they've got less troops in syria than we do. they don't have any forces in yemen. we could avoid getting squeeze thesintothese conflicts. >> the critics say they are the
3:38 pm
font of instability. secretary pompeo said we support the iran yarn peopl iranian peoe demonstrating against an oppressive government. bottom line, do you think the -- getting back to the top of this, do you think the europeans will succeed where we won't? >> well, i think they'll probably succeed in continuing to do business and i hope the iranians will stay compliant with the deal and not restart the weapons program. >> benjamin freedman, thank you for joining us and for your insight this afternoon. >> thank you. >> arthel: when a 67-year-old janitor died suddenly at her job at university of north texas in september, school administrators launched a search to tell her family. they even delayed holding a funeral for margaret rosa king until they could find relatives. but after months of searching, they found no one. a memorial for the air force veteran took place wednesday and
3:39 pm
before the service, the school made one more attempt at getting the story out to the media. >> everybody was commenting on it and saying how sad it was. i happened to click on it to read it and as i went to scroll, i noticed her eyes and i immediately knew. and i saw the picture and i saw the name, i had to contact my mother. >> arthel: that was king's long-lost niece who saw an article tuesday and jumped on a plane, making it in time for the service. it was wedding that was spectacular and emotional, unlike anything the royals have put on before. prince harry and meghan markle tying the knot. if you didn't get up early enough to watch it line, we have the highlights coming up, so you didn't have to miss a thing. and the house fails to pass a massive farm bill. how republican leaders are trying to regroup on that issue. today, 97% of employers agree
3:40 pm
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3:44 pm
weather alert for you now, severe storms pounding parts of colorado, dumping rain and hail. the same system is also hitting nebraska right now. meanwhile, much of the east coast seeing heavy downpours. fox meteorologist here on the set with me with more. >> it is a soggy day across the entire country. a lot of folks dealing with rain for your saturday. you're seeing from coast to coast a lot of this rain on the east coast and that's an area where it's been coming down day after day and some spots along the east coast at much as 4 to , especially in northern virginia, running up into the dmv, all spots have flood warnings stretching down across portions of the carolinas, into virginia and up around the d.c. and baltimore area. the other big story, this will be a big story running overnight
3:45 pm
tonight looking forward, we have the possibility for severe weather in the middle of the country. this is associated with what you were talking about in colorado. north texas, running up into missouri, we could see severe weather tonight. here is your hour by hour forecast, your future forecast. it explodes overnight in portions of north texas. then you watch it run to the north. any of this could be bringing damaging winds, up to 60 miles an hour. we could be seeing a few isolated tornadoes overnight, hail. this is going to be a big system and across the entire country, this is the biggest one this is the one we're paying attention to. >> arthel: you hate to hear about possible tornadoing. >> it's that time of year and folks in that portion of the country they're used to it. >> arthel: you're always on top of wit the accurate forecast. >> thank you. house republicanning failed to pass a farm bill after members of the freedom caucus
3:46 pm
tore petorpedoed it. garrett teny is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the conservative house freedom caucus defied gop leaders and president trump by voting with democrats to defeat the farm bill. the reason conservatives voted against it had nothing to do with farming. it was all about immigration. this week several moderate republicans signed on with democrats to force the house to hold a vote on daca next month. with that in mind, house conservatives who supported the farm bill said they would vote against it if their own security focused immigration bill wasn't given a vote first. when that didn't happen, the farm bill failed to pass. >> i would say that the farm bill doesn't expire until september so we have plenty of time to do the farm bill. but if the discharge petition comes we'll be dealing with that imminently next month. so it's more important right now to prioritize immigration and we've been asking and waiting for months.
3:47 pm
>> reporter: every democrat in the house opposed the farm bilker largely because of changes to the food stamp or s.n.a.p. program including requirements for able-bodied adults to work or receive job training. the agriculture committee's top democrat argued he could help deliver votes if republicans were willing to ease the requirements. >> the problem was food stamps. it could have been worked out. i'm not happy this failed. i'm not happy we're in this situation. but i'm willing to do what i can to try to fix it. >> reporter: this was a bit of a symbolic stand by house conservatives. their own immigration bill doesn't have a lot of support in the house. by forcing the vote, they're putting pressure on the moderate colleagues to go on the record against it ahead of this year's midterm elections. thanks so much. >> arthel: did you watch it live? i did. it was a wedding fit for royalty. i'm sleepy as a result, i'll admit. prince harry and meghan markle tied the knot in glamorous
3:48 pm
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>> arthel: it was a royal wedding to remember. britain's prince harry tying the knot with meghan markle at windsor castle.
3:52 pm
the event providing plenty of bompomp and circumstance for members of the royal family. joining us now is lisa janes, royal correspondent for good morning britain. what's the mood in the afterglow of the nuptials? >> reporter: it's nearly midnight in britain. i think people are still celebrating. we certainly think that prince harry and meghan markle are still celebrating. they're in the my l del o middlr second reception which is taking place not too far away from here. that will remain entirely private. they don't want any photographs or any details of that being made public. this is looking like something out of a bond movie. we have just learned a little more about the earlier reception, earlier in the day during which prince harry cried during his speech when he talked about love. then he said does anybody know
3:53 pm
how to piano. elton john went on to play three songs. it's been quite a day. >> arthel: quite a day for sure. i'm guessing that elton john and some of the other celebrities are at that party where they're at now and that's where they'll have fun and let their hair down. there was a departure from the royal way of doing things. what are people saying about the touches that are unique to harry and meghan? >> reporter: i think that is what has made this wedding so incredible. we expected it to be personal. we expected them to put their stamp on it. we expected nods to her heritage. what we got was something unlike any royal wedding we've seen before. it would have been mow men tuss having her -- momentous having her there, but it was more than that. the wedding ceremony seemed to have been designed entirely by her. she's obviously a very assertive woman. she had the approval of the queen and prince harry to make
3:54 pm
big decisions. she surely did. there was so much of her in the service, from the gospel choir to the incredible sermon from the american bishop. >> arthel: i loved the images. they are the perfect couple for this time in our universe and world where we need to focus on love and nothing else matters. how you look, how you pray, it doesn't matter. love is what prevails. so any word on where they will honeymoon or is mum still the word on that location? >> reporter: mum is the word and mum is going to stay the word. they are maybe going to have a mini-moon as they call it here, maybe a couple days close to home. they have their first royal engagement on tuesday. they are attending prince carl's 70t70th -- charles' 70th birthday party. i'm going to that actually. i'm hoping they'll say hi and share a cup of tea with me.
3:55 pm
that would be good, wouldn't it. i'm hoping. i don't know if i'm being too optimistic. >> arthel: go for it, dream. >> reporter: i will. they're going on honeymoon but we don't know where. my money would be on africa. we know that it's always been one of prince harry's favorite places. he's been there a lot and it offers him a degree of privacy that perhaps he wouldn't get elsewhere in the world. the other option would be a private island. i suspect we will find out but maybe not until it's over and done with. >> arthel: we have seen so much of them and we have so many years ahead to enjoy their lives, so i hope they get privacy on their private honeymoon. quickly, we can wrap up by telling us do you have any idea what issues they plan to tackle as the duke and duchess of sussex? >> reporter: yes, the duke and duchess of sussex, makes them sound very grown you. the commonwealth will be a big part of their lives. meghan had flowers representing
3:56 pm
all the commonwealth countries on her veil. i think that will be a huge role for them. i think they will take on some charities and causes close to their hearts. we know that meghan is keen to work with young people in britain involved in knife crimes in particular. and i think we'll see her take on some of the issues that have been important to her up until now. >> arthel: thank you and we'll be right back. ♪ what is it? the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card. good choice babe. oh, wait, hold on. earn 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries, ♪
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arthel: i was up way too early watching the royal wedding. new details on the students and teachers killed in yesterday's texas school shooting and new details on the suspect with "the fox report". julie: we are now learning the names of the 10 people killed in a massacre at santa fe high school outside of houston. the suspected and a 17-year-old student at the school surrender to police confessing to the deadly attack and saying he spared the people he likes. the tragic school shooting in santa fe texas reigniting the gun debate on capitol hill. lawmakers promising action but divided on how to do it. >> every time i continue to have this debate about guns were putting our children at


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