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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 20, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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back here next sunday we'll see you then 11:00 eastern with the latest "mediabuzz." eric: disturbing details about the texas school massacre. the suspected gunman killing 10 people, 8 students and two teachers and injuring 12 others. according to court document he admitted he spared the his of people he liked and planned to kill the people he shot. and he said he mockingly taunted them as he opened fire in the classroom. arthel: heavy hearts in santa fe as we learn more about victims whose lives were cut short.
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an exchange student from pakistan. and a beloved teacher. >> we should have eyes on people walking into our schools. this student walked into the school with a gun under a trench coat. we have to think out of the box. eric: let's go to doug mcelway who is live in santa fe, texas. reporter: governor greg abbott will be attending the memorial service for the pakistani exchange student who was killed in that attack. he'll be coming here to santa fe high school later this afternoon. at a time of such profound loss, an uplifting thing happened
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here. baseball players elected on their own to participate in a post-season baseball tournament last night. in attendance at that game was rome shubert when dimitrios pagourtzis opened fire. he was struck in the back of the base of his head. but miraculously the bullet exited the back of his ear and he's fine. as he shot his way through the wooden door some student retreated to a closet and stayed there with for a half-hour with the dead bodies of their outside the closet. as cell phones began ringing. he said do you think it's for you?
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you want to cop answer it? >> we are hearing from the parents of the shooter himself. they said we extend our most of heartfelt prayers and condolences. we as shocked and confused as anyone else by these events that occurred. we are gratified by student who showed dimitri as we know him. a smart, quite, sweet boy. a picture of his t-shirt with the words "born to kill." and the pictures of the trench coat that he hid the weapons under. the mother of one of the 10 people killed suggests her daughter was targeted after she rejected the romantic advances of the shooter. he remains in solitary
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confinement. apparently he remained weirdly unemotional. aware of some of the severity of what he committed. unaware of other components of what he committed. eric, back to you. thearthel: we go to texas attory general ken paxton. our hearts are saddened by this tragedy and we thank you for joining us. now the conversation lead to the tough questions in the wake of that tragedy. i understand your immediate fix is to arm teachers. what are you hearing from the parents, the student and the teachers themselves. has this tragedy caused them to seriously consider your proposal to arm teachers? >> i haven't had the chance to
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talk to teachers. what we are dealing with is talk to the victims of crime. we start offering our financial assistance so we can help. the opportunity to talk to teachers and student is something we need to start quickly. the governor is going to have a round table monday. that's something we need to consider very quickly. if we don't, we'll have more and more shootings that cause more results. arthel: can our viewers access this fund? >> absolutely. you can go on to texas attorney they are meeting with people. arthel: according to texas law
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the 17-year-old shooter is considered an adult because he committed murder. it's against the law to execute criminal under 18. and then because of a court decision he could be up for parole after 40 years. is it time to change the law? >> i think definitely. we have been dealing with this issue. i'm not sure who will end up prosecuting it. we would be open to the legislature changing the law in the next session. arthel: are you considering changing a law that hold legal gun owners being held liable for their guns used in shootings? >> we'll make sure we do whatever we can to effectively
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stop this from happening. i don't think more regulations necessarily do the job. we have to protect our children with people who are armed. we have to deal with access points. we have to be open to a lot of idea. arthel: i understand you are not in legislation. is that something you would sanction, holding the legal owners of guns criminally responsible if their guns end up in the hand of shooters who commit murder. >> i don't know if that's the answer or not. but i'm open to discussing that as a possibility. arthel: how much wet will you give the voice of the students? they are keyed into student postings and chatter. they might see warning signs before the parents, teachers or
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police. >> there need to be some way for teachers and the schools to monitor what's going on with social media and be watching for signs like this. in this case up not sure we had it. but in many, many cases there are warning signs and things we could have caught early and ways to prevent this from happening. >> the student are the ones in the school yards, et cetera, texting and chatting about what's happening. is there a place they can go where they can submit concerns or warning signs out feeling they could be retaliated against? >> i think that's something we need to put in place. that's an excellent idea. giving student a resource or way they know about to connect to the ad min straighter and teachers if they think there is a problem. arthel: is the shooter already talking to authorities?
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what answers are you hoping to get from him in and how might the info help prevent this tragedy from happening again. >> law enforcement is doing everything they can to understand what happened, why it happened, and what made this guy do what he did. arthel: i's you don't want to compromise the investigators from getting answers from this 17-year-old. the tragedy marks the 9th fatal school shooting this year. i understand you believe the issue is societal. who or what created the societal environment and how can we change it. >> it's about the damage in our families and the damage in our culture. there is a societal problem given the fact we have more and more of these shootings going on. we need to think about how do we address this long term.
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how do we start impacting these kids that are doing this. arthel: when you say the structure of family has changed, what do you mean? >> there seems to be more chaos in families in general. there is more divorces and more family issues that changed our culture and i can't say there is a direct correlation, but clearly we have more shootings than we have ever had. arthel: if you feel that is causing the tragedies striking too often the hearts of our schools, perhaps maybe the church and the local communities and more counseling should be available to these families. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. i don't think government can solve all these problems. i think it will be a community effort. it will be churches and schools
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and other community groups. but it's not going to be -- it won't be one institution that will solve all these problems. it's something we have to think about as a society and state. how are we going to protect our kids. arthel: i would like to you mention that fund again where our viewers can access and contribute. >> the crime victims assistance fund it's on we have people on the ground to help. arthel: how has this impacted you personally? >> i am so sad. i don't know the people. i have a friend whose cousin was
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killed. when you know somebody it personally affects you. but the entire state and the community of santa fe feels this deeply. i have a connection through one of my friend and it's really sad. arthel: texas attorney general ken paxton, thank you for joining us this morning. eric: now to russia and the campaign. the congress is asking the doj to respond to questions about the -- >> the president is situation we
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are all saying. we are happy to never talk about the 016 election again. but you can't have it both ways. those who want to investigate russia collusion which the president says is a witch hunt. we are in year two of them. you can't say we can never talk about the hillary campaign and what happened there. eric: we go to ellison barber who is live on the front lawn of the white house. >> the informant what they did or didn't do during the campaign is a points of contention for the white house. the white house is reporting that an informant was sent after they received evidence that the pair had links to russia during the campaign. trump calls for the doj to have
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the fbi release the documents. he fired off five tweets after that saying there was no collusion. talking about hillary clinton's emails, the dossier, the email server. here is kellyanne conway this morning. >> all i know is what i see. the president is within his rights to talk about this. winning solves a lot of problems. winning completes many sentences. but you can't have it both ways. if you are going to investigate all of this, investigate all of them. we have a right to know what happened with respect to both campaigns and how the issues were handled. reporter: the top democrat on the intelligence committee is saying the allegations coming
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from president trump are nonsense. >> this is a string of allegations, i was wiretapped at trump tower, the investigation began with the christopher steele dossier. it's designed to create an alternate reality. reporter: donald trump, jr. returns to the news with the "new york times" reporting he met with the crown princes of saudi arabia and the united arab emirate. prior to the 2016 he called a meeting with eric prince, george nader and another individual who may be joel zamel. he was not interested and that was the end of it. a lot of reports on this.
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there are some public events on the president's schedule today. eric: devin nunes addressed the president's accusations about this informant. >> if any of that is true. if they ran a spy ring or informant ring and were paying people within the trump campaign. if any of that is true, that's an absolute red line. eric: joining us is steven elroy. so basically is it proper for the fbi to use an informant of an investigation of individuals and the russian contacts or do you think this was a politically motivated spy operation. >> i think it's appropriate. it's a routine thing the fbi does is use a confidential
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informant. president trump says they did this before they found out about russian interference in the election and it was a general motivation to get the trump campaign. but what you heard from the report, actually that's not the case. the decision to reach out to the confidential informant was prompted by information they found out through the australian ambassador that there was potential russian interference in the election. i are don't think there is anything inherently suspicious about that sequence of events. what we know is that man for the *, paul -- what we know is manafort, paul manafort was investigated in 2014. they have carter page on their radar. so if you deal with papadopoulos, carter page and clovis, a foreign policy advisor
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who reached out to or talked to about this informant, you see nothing wrong with that versus they are investigating the campaign. >> you definitely articulated there are independent red flags that make the fbi concerned about potential russian interference in the trump campaign. it would be natural for them to begin an investigation which they didn't do until august 2016, and a natural step in that process would be if they had a confidential informant, to use a confidential informant. that's not the same thing as embedding a spy in the trump campaign. eric: rudy giuliani and the president see it differently. they don't differentiate. let me play you what adam schiff said about that this morning.
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>> this claim by the president and suggestion by giuliani there is a political spy embed in the trump campaign is nonsense. you hear it in the same terms trump often speaks. people are saying or i am being told. that's another way of saying this is patently untrue and we would like to spread it anyway. eric: if you are targeting those three, isn't that the same as trying to target the campaign? >> i don't think it's so much if you are targeting the campaign or the individuals. what's the motivation behind targeting at all is. if it's a generic let's get the trump campaign, it appears to be let's investigation specific leaks we have about potential russian interference in the campaign and russian contacts with key members of the campaign.
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that's an entirely legitimate line of investigation. eric: how do you think this will play out? >> i think there will be a deal worked out between the republicans and the justice department. they will probably give them some redacted form of the documents. answer their questions without revealing the source's identity. trying to work something out to satisfy them that this wasn't a generic spying campaign, i'll at the same time protecting their jurisdictional interests telling confidential informants, we'll keep your identity secret. arthel: residents in washington state on high alert after a savage mountain line attack. >> it latched on to his head. he had his whole entire head in
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the jaws of this animal. arthel: hear how one of the victims barely made it to safety. we'll have more on that volcano in hawaii.
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>> people brace for more explosive eruptions and fast-moving lava continues to flow from the kilauea volcano. one man was seriously injured after he was hit in the leg by lava splatters. >> alarming details here on the big island. we are learning about the first serious injury involving this volcano where a man was standing on his balcony. laugh ar is starting to cross over this lane. the roadway, we were on it just yesterday it's a main escape route for many residents. the fear is the lava flo could soon trap those residents. the air national guard had to airlift four people to safety. and there could be more calls as lava continues to increase and
9:26 am
move faster. >> we are doing everything we can to get the last few holdouts evacuated as soon as possible because it could turn precarious really fast. i can't be any more frank. it's time to get out. >> lava is starting to cross over the coastal highway. when it does that it creates steam and it's packs with glass particles. if you are in that area where the lava is starting to flow faster, get out. arthel: i can't be more frank, it's time to get out. thank you so much. eric: the iranian nuclear agreement was picking up steam in europe.
9:27 am
plus, how conservatives when they have scuttled the farm bill friday pressed for a deal on immigration. we'll have a white house press reporter on this what the mid-term elections fast approaching. >> if they want the president's help and direction on this they will recognize he thinks we need to have started constructing that wall. ployers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. . .
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9:32 am
whip scalise says they are prepare today bring a new bill to the floor but they just don't have the votes needed. >> it's a priority that's supported by many people across the country. we need to be a sovereign nation that has borders, it's very simple. >> secure it is border and also solves the daca problem in the way that we are in sync with the president, unfortunately the votes aren't there to pass it. , we are working on alternatives with president trump so we can be in sync. >> you have two different viewpoints in terms of how to proceed, what is at the heart of this division and where did gop leaders think the party's focus should be? >> the heart of the division is you have two wings to have republican party that have very different aims and perspectives in midterm elections, you have the moderate members, people who are trying to force a vote,
9:33 am
trying to force a discharge petition on to the floor to get a vote on immigration bills, many of them a majority of them hillary clinton won in the 2016 election. district that is have large number of hispanic voters. you have the conservatives that think wrong and we should not pass legislation that could frustrate and anger the base. arthel: what should be the focus, the economy? >> that's what a lot of republican leaders say that should be the focus, it's really an interesting moment here where you had the farm bill basically taken hostage by the house freedom caucus, look, we need to put the immigration legislation on the floor right now and what they are really concerned is the fact that if the discharge petition goes forward f these moderate republicans succeed in getting this on to the floor, you could have piece of immigration legislation that's opposed by a majority of republicans because it's a
9:34 am
bipartisan bill. arthel: even if the gop house can divide the cohesive strategy on legislation, how do they convince senate contingent to get on board? >> we saw how this went down in february in senate where nobody could agree in legislation and you have the president and it's unclear at this point whether he would be willing to sign any legislation from either houses. arthel: do you feel bad in the process that the voice is being heard, it seems that they are trying to craft a plan, i get it, the idea to win in november, if you listen to the people isn't that the way to win? >> the problem, i think, is that the people in different districts are telling members of congress different things, they get their own priorities right now, you have house speaker paul ryan who is in a lame duck session right now and tried to managed things and everyone has different and competing objectives.
9:35 am
arthel: that's what i'm saying, it's about them and not the people. meanwhile you just said that speaker ryan, he may not no longer be an effective compass for house republicans and he announced retirement prematurely and there they are utterless in the process. >> that's what a lot of people complain about that. i think the first item on the agenda would be at some point passing a new foreign bill which was held out by debate and see how this proceeds over the next couple of weeks. arthel: next six months leading to midterms, do you think they can strike a unified cord before then? >> you know, we are going to have to see going forward but this is, you know, we are now, it's incredible, six months away from midterm elections and you have members who are concerned about the fact that putting immigration out there will be divisive issue, there are a number of people that feel like
9:36 am
what you should be talking about is economy, the republicans passed the tax cuts right before december that people are feeling the benefits of those now and that's the message that we need to be hammering home and that's what will bring voters to the polls. arthel: in the process what can president trump do to help his party? >> well, the president has said and i think we heard that again you kellyanne conway that he's not budging, he has four pillars and priorities that he wants to see enacted in every piece of immigration legislation that goes from border security to funding for his border wall to to reductions in legal immigration, more merit-based system, but the president at this point is getting increasingly frustrated. he wants to see funding if for border, he wants to see movement on this issue that's very important to his base. arthel: important to his party and what about party as whole and those who are fighting to be reelected and fight to go win seat ifs possible? >> very important to those people as well, the president so
9:37 am
far hasn't necessarily shown much of an enthusiasm getting -- interfering in the races and many contentious and go to congress to work it out amongst itself. we decide if he decides now. very close to freedom caucus and close to members like mark meadows. if he wants to reach out here and try to formulate some type of a deal, try to bring people together and master dealman way of doing things, he hasn't done that yet but i wouldn't be surprised if he choses to go that way. arthel: thank you. >> thank you. eric: diplomats in several countries plan to go meet in yemen in discussing to save eye ran yum deal. european is reassuring tehran, that it plans to stick with the agreement despite the u.s.' departure from the deal.
9:38 am
conner. >> president trump pulled about the iran deal two weeks ago but the leaders who helped negotiate the deal from around the world, they remain deeply committed to try to salvage it. european leaders have told both the trump administration and iran that they remain committed to the deal and that there are reports from diplomats from the uk, germany, france and russia will meet in viena in the coming days to discuss ways to salvage the deal, eu officials are publicly denying that there is this meeting, one of the main concerns of the trump administration and of israel and saudi arabia and other countries in the region is the fact that the nuclear agreement didn't address any of iran's ballistic missile program or address support hezbollah, the eu, russia and chinese officials are considering the possibility of trying to address some of these concerns to save the deal. now, it's not clear how far any of these groups are willing to
9:39 am
go and whether or not tehran was willing to reopen the deal as well. it's important to keep in mind that all of these countries whether it's from europe, russia or china, they very -- have a lot of companies that do business in tehran. so there's a business aspect in terms of the eu and russia and china that wants to try to save this agreement and not only try to limit iran's nuclear capabilities and deal with the other issues but there is a real pressure domestically on the other countries to try to find a way to save and to salvage this agreement, the question is, eric, whether or not the trump administration, whether or not these countries can come to some type of agreement with iran that could salvage the deal and -- and save off potential sanctions that the u.s. and the trump administration are considering
9:40 am
putting on on dismantling the agreement. they haven't been able to come to an agreement in past because it is such a difficult situation to try to negotiate on top of the agreement, but that is the goal, eric. eric: those countries in either can either choose to do business with tehran or with us, doesn't seem to be, you know, seems to be a stark choice. arthel: with that as the backdrop, the u.s. is confronting the nuclear threat that is north korea as kim jong un's regime threaten to cancel the much-anticipated meeting with the dictator and president trump. but is this all posturing or is this a sign that they're not committed? beijing sends message to the world by show-casing bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, all straight ahead. bolder grill combos.
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arthel: fox news alert, the white house saying the u.s. and china have agreed to take steps to reduce america's massive trade deficit, this amid reports the chinese air force has landed long-range nuclear capable bombers for the first time in the island in the south china sea, earlier in sunday morning futures, house committee chair weighed on the message beijing is sending. >> the south china sea is their lake and everybody else had better ask permission if they wanting to through there. one of the concerns i have is that the world has been so rivetted on the north north korn drama meanwhile china has progressed step by step in militarizing the south china and trying to intimidate the philippines, vietnam, indonesia and other countries in the region as well as the united
9:46 am
states. arthel: garrett tenney with more. garrett, a lot of entangment there. >> the white house is feeling optimistic after initial rounds with china, china will buy more goods and services and significantly increase import of american agriculture and energy, this is part of a larger effort to reduce the u.s. trade deficit with beijing and that trade deficit currently stands at around $375 billion. on friday, administration officials suggested this new agreement would cut that by more than half. however, today white house economic adviser larry kudlow said it's rough estimate and progress is extremely encouraging. >> they are offering to make structural reforms such as lowering tariffs and lowering
9:47 am
nontariff barriers which will permit us to export, you know, billions and billions of more goods to china. >> complicating these trade negotiations, though, is the upcoming nuclear summit with north korea, china is the north's ally and will play any deal that that's made. steve mnuchin talked about that balancing act today on fox news sunday. >> it is only part of trade talks in the sense that i have very direct conversations with the vice premier, i'm responsible for sanctions and i have a commitment from them that they are going to continue to enforce the sanctions in place and this is very important and china has the same objective as we do, they want to get rid of the nuclear weapons. >> at the same time as you mentioned, u.s. is also trying to figure out how to respond to china's aggressive behavior in south china sea after landing the nuclear capable heavy bomber on the island for the first time this week and that's something
9:48 am
that china's president said he would not do. eric: for more on this gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown. north korea takes on the world. gordon, it is troubling that this nuclear capable bomber has landed in this south china sea, what is the message from beijing? >> well, the message, of course, is south china sea which everybody else considers to be international waters the chinese say it's there, they have promised not to militarize, this is a 1950's russian badger but nonetheless, our bombers, they're 1950's too, b-52's, we are more capable than they are, nonetheless, what they are saying they have more political will, they have stronger military and they have more political will. i think the united states has to go on a number of different
9:49 am
fronts, for example, we need to have destroyers there to tell the chinese this they can't start reclaiming the area and we need to be more aggressive in freedom of navigation operations. we have been timid about that. the most important thing, they have been laserring our planes in south china sea, they did in north of africa. injured two american pie -- pilots, there has to be a severe cost on china. eric: that's astounding. we haven't heard much of that. if two servicemen were injured, with lasering. >> you essentially say i'm intending to bring it down. they were intending at least from what we can tell to kill american servicemen. eric: what is the reaction from the administration, do we know? >> we've heard nothing. eric: is that for diplomatic purposes?
9:50 am
>> you know, i don't know, i wish i knew, it seems to me that the united states needs to impose severe cost. we cannot send personnel in harm's way and not try to protect them. we know where this ends. we can eninjury you and you are not going to do anything about it. eric: what should the white house say about it, do you think? >> first condemnation, all end of military cooperation with china and we should even think about expelling some of our -- their diplomats from american soil. eric: we will talk about trade and that situation as well as north korea when gordon chang stays with us in just a moment.
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eric: now to china and trade back to gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china, gordon, beijing has agreed to narrow the deficit somewhat, but not by what the white house wants? >> the white house wanted 20 billion-dollar number, commitment, chinese refused to do that, we have seen in the past, chinese say, we will buy more american goods, it rarely works out. i'm concerned about this, also we have to remember, they are going to buy more agriculture products, u.s. only has, for instance, so many soybeans right now.
9:55 am
we sell more to chinese, we are not sell to go traditional customers. so, you know, this is not a win for u.s. trade overall. eric: what would you like to see? >> i'd like to see for instance a commitment on the part of china to get rid of made in china 2025 initiative, its industrial policy, big assault on the world trade obligations that they have. also, you know, i'd like to see the administration impose those section 301 tariffs to protect u.s. intellectual property, the chinese steal it, if we are not protecting innovation, eric w doe don't have an economy. eric: north korea, the summit, what's your prediction? >> i think it will occur. the north koreans need to get sanction's relief. it might not occur on june 12th in singapore where it's currently scheduled but it will occur sometime. >> all this back and forth about the joint military exercises, we canceled the b-52's, was that a
9:56 am
concession to north korea or is that something -- >> that's a concession to south korea, moon jae-in. that shows moon is trying to undermine the u.s. alliance with us, with the south korea and the united states. that's not a good thing and we have to be concern about moon jae-in and north korean ruler. eric: gordon, that's all the time i have, good to see you as always. arthel. arthel: i'm arthel neville, that does it for you. eric: i'm eric sean, we will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon, let's go to washington with more news, stay with us here on the fox news channel, thank you for watching hey shrimp fans - this one's for you. it's red lobster's create your own shrimp trios.
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leland: nra incoming president oliver north blamed the disease of youngster who is are steeped in a culture of violence in the latest school children, we will introduce to each and every one of the school victims shot in high school. liz: sunday morning tweet ripping into the russian investigation as, quote, the world's most expensive witch hunts, live to the white house. leland: immigration taking center stage in the georgia governor's race, lieutenant governor on the ballot explains why it's a key issue in a state hundreds of miles from the nearest border.


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