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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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crater at that point. it was acting up a little bit but nothing like this. >> julie: this is incredible stuff. thanks so much for joining us. >> jon: outnumbered starts right now. >> harris: lot to get to this hour. a fox news alert on a white house push for answers. did the fbi spy on the trump presidential campaign during the 2016 election? for political reasons? a meeting is set now for tomorrow. it's official, with top republican lawmakers, the fbi, and the justice department. but now democrat leaders want to shut it down. this is outnumbered. i'm harris faulkner. here today, editor of town and fox news contributor katie pavlich. republican strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice, very independent. [laughter] >> harris: lisa booth. >> very independent. >> harris: state department and fox news analyst and host of the brand new show on the radio maria hamp is
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here. in the center see co-pac and veteran g.o.p. strategist david ow. >> happy lucky penny day. as we all look around now. >> there is sincerely a day for everything. >> there is. >> harris: world turtle day. pennies for a turtle. >> harris: producers are telling me i have got to move on. the white house is coordinating a meeting take place tomorrow to get to the bottom of whether the fbi was improperly spying on the trump campaign during the election. no one from the white house will attend. republican chairman nunes and gowdy will be there along with fbi director christopher wray, director of national intelligence deny coats and doj official ed owe cool hand. the white house says democrats will not be there because they did not request the information. senate minority leader chuck schumer, well, he's not happy. >> it's unprecedented. it's outrageous. and it has overtones of
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things that would be done in a banana republic where the dictator just pushes what he wants done. i just find it mind-numbing the kind of assault that this president and some of his allies have launched or the justice department and it's just so unamerican. >> harris: meanwhile, president trump tweeted this: look how things have turned around on a criminal deep state. they go after phony collusion with russia. a made up scam and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before. what goes around, comes around islam. just a short time ago senator schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi sent a letter to rod rosenstein, the deputy a.g. and the head of the fbi wray. saying they should not hold that meeting. part of it read this way: such a meeting would be highly irregular and inappropriate during any open criminal or counter
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intelligence investigation much less involving the president as a minimum it unseemly opportunity for the president and enablers to prematurely access investigatory information and selectively leak national security vetoes for the purpose of publicly distorted the facts in all this case. they go on to say that if the meeting does happen, democrat leaders should also attend. so, the meeting is not right. but they want to go. david? >> the bob mueller investigation is officially off the rails. we now have a situation where no matter what outcome this investigation has, a significant portion of americans are going to feel justice wasn't done. that this was a corrupted investigation. that there was so many missteps in this investigation. there were illegal things done that it's hard to see how you get true justice out of this. all of that said, the democrats should be a part of this meeting.
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why? because americans will finally find out what happened in this meeting. you know adam schiff can't wait to get out into the milk phone to tell you what happened in the meeting or chuck schumer tells the friends at the "new york times" or "the washington post" what happened in the meeting. >> maria: republicans never leak. devin nunes never leaks anything to the press. please, come on. members of congress leak. the reason democrats should be at this meeting because if they really want to appear to be bipartisan, this is not just a partisan issue, that they are trying to get to the bottom of it, invite the gang of 8. that's what happens when you are looking at sensitive classified information. bring everyone in. they requested it, so why not do that. >> harris: they don't have anything broader than the gang of 8. >> maria: right. >> harris: that makes sense, actually. >> lisa: it was senator chuck schumer who said it was dumb for president trump tore go after the intelligence communities because they would have six ways from sunday to get back at you. those remarks he made recently are interesting given that -- and you know who else leaks? james clapper. you remember, according to
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comey, james clapper was the one who told james comey to sit down with president trump to go over the yea. james comey even told president trump that cnn was looking for a thook publish the dossier and then what happens after that meeting? the meeting gets leaked, cnn runs their story. and then buzzfeed publishes it in whole. there are concerns about potential politics in play here and bias. just look at the fact that a democrat opposition piece, the dossier was used to obtain a fisa warrant in some format and in some way. look at the fact that obama officials unmasked trump officials in the process as well. >> maria: go back to the meeting tomorrow then, should democrats be included? >> sure. i also think that, you know, again, you are talking about republicans leaking. so do democrats and look at people like james clapper who has a katyushay gig on cnn. i wonder why. >> harris: i just want to take everyone back. okay? remember the empty chair? it was like between two ferns? and the president is sitting
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there. >> that's a different time. >> harris: we were talking shutdowns and all sorts of showdowns and all of that and i recall when democrats didn't show up to certain meeting, too. so i just question, i guess they want to fight for some but not for others. chuck schumer left an empty chair. >> katie: at the white house, right. i think it's fair that democrats wants to have a seat at the table for this meeting. what i find interesting is that nobody can leak this information. of course we don't want politicians, either republican or democrat, giving classified information about what happened here, meaning the beginning of the investigation, which eventually prompted the special counsel to just be leaked without any kind of care to the general public or the media. however, that being said, the entire purpose why the trump administration and why people like trey gowdy have requested this information is because the american people deserve to know what happened, what the abuse was, whether things need to be changed. >> maria: if there was abuse. >> that's the big question? we don't know that if there
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is no transparency. moving forward, it is important for both sides to see this information and to allow the american people to understand what's going on. because, if the obama administration, as they had done before, by using the federal government to go after their political opponents used the fbi and the justice department and fisa court system to go after a political opponent to save his legacy in faferl of hillary clinton, that is corruption. and that is something the measure people should be concerned about. >> harris: since we are talking about an fbi informant, potentially, i want to go to this from james comey the former director of the fbi. he says in a tweet facts matter. fbi's use of confidential human sources, the actual term is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. attacks on the fbi and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. how will republicans explain this to their grand children? david? >> james comey has pretty much discredited himself about one day you don't know what he is saying is true or not. him and mccabe are now in this leaking out who did
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what stuff. here is the bigger question. why is maria's colleague, eric holder, not before a committee asking what he did in his justice -- that he overseen as the head of the justice department who left the justice department and ran -- now running an organization to elect democrats and defeat republicans. if that is his mentality now. was that his mentality when he was running the show for president obama? >> harris: are you calling for a hearing on that. >> he absolutely should be asked what he knows about all of this. >> maria: going back to what katie said, i actually agree i do think we need transtarren (is i. some allegations put out in the press not backed up by evidence in part because there is so much classified information there is a lot of insinuations being thrown around i would argue for partisan purposes to defend the president and discredit the russia investigation that i actually want all the information out there. because i don't think that there was someone spying on the trump campaign. i think the intelligence communities. >> transparency --
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>> harris: what does it say about performance. this person didn't come out of thin air. democrats are so protective of this person. they are concerned that this person actually could be harmed if his name comes out. so what. >> if they leak about it. >> maria: what jim comey said is right. >> harris: by the way we already have his name because it leaked. >> maria: what comey said is right. the use of these informants is tightly regulated and controlled. if there is any evidence that was abused i would like to see it too. indicate indicates we need to be careful seeing evidence of bias. >> maria: we have no evidence that the fbi acted. >> katie: we have seen evidence in tfms between peter strzok and lisa page. [talking at the same time >> lisa: only way to get to the bottom of this is inspector general. every entity here is too tainted. people don't trust congress anymore. look at the approval ratings of congress. people don't trust the fbi anymore with good reason.
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people don't just the doj with good reason. people don't trust. history of going after government abuse when needed is the inspector general. that is the only hope to try to regain trust in these institutions and to get to some level of truth in all of this. >> harris: there will be some things that the inspector general can't get his hands on like people who left these agencies which is why there is a call for a second special counsel which can go all lat attitudes and we couldn't control that. but, that's one of the arguments for it. i want to get back to this meeting tomorrow, katie. because republicans are saying that democrats are not invited to the table because they didn't request the information that they are going to be taking a look at. do you think they go back and they say they make an exception? i mean, how does this go forward and become bipartisan or do you think that it doesn't? >> i don't think it. will the special counsel investigation and everything has been so politicized and if it is true that again, the justice department was using the power of the federal government to go after the trump campaign for political reasons, you can't
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mend that partisan rift. i want to address the issue of the spying. this was an informant working on behalf of the fbi for counter intelligence investigation because the fbi didn't have enough evidence to open up a criminal investigation of the trump campaign. so they did the counter intelligence investigation instead. and i find it interesting that james clapper is no longer denying that the spying happened. he is now actually shifted to admitting that it happened. >> saying it's a good thing. >> saying that the president should be happy it happened. >> maria: spying was against russian interference and when that touched parts of the trump campaign, which it did, which we know, there were americans caught up in this because they were talking to russians. >> costs hillary clinton the election which is what this investigation all started about. >> maria: that's actually not true. that's actually not true. >> that is exactly what this investigation started out as, did the russians co-bliewd trump to cost hillary clinton the election and the proof, to date is it didn't. >> katie: speaking of president trump's legal team is reportedly trying to
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narrow the scope of any potential interview with robert mueller. according to cnn the president wants to limit the questions that to matters that occurred before the election. wants audio recording of any interview so there is no doubt of what was said. alleged business part of nerve michael cohen pleading guilty to tax fraud in a deal that requires him to cooperate with the mueller investigation. the person briefed on the plea says freidman agreed to cooperate with authorities. the president's lawyers are already resigned to the possibility that any inquiry into cohen's businesses could lead to his cooperation. in a tweet today, mr. cohen denied that he was partners with freidman. so, lisa, my question for you is, this is turns into a strategy with the white house in terms of the public relations appearance of this. it's pretty smart that they want audio recordings of the president's interview should he choose to give them to the special counsel. >> lisa: sure, look at the flynn case as evidence why
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president trump would be cautious and wanting to talk to mueller. i think that president trump should do everything can he to not with speak with mueller in any capacity whatsoever. look, mullen's intentions have already been questioned and they are further going to be questioned as we get additional information. michael mukasey who was the attorney general under george w. bush recently penned an op-ed for "u.s.a. today" saying that rosenstein had no evidence and no basis for the special counsel investigation to begin with. you had a federal judge in the manafort case basically saying that some of the charges against man ford were purely designed to go after president trump to bring impeachment and political harm against him. so i think the more information that we learn, the nor you're going to have voices coming out against the mueller investigation and concerns that a lot of this is political. >> katie: david, the big concern with the special counsel is they would have unlimited authority. that's why the congressman are asking about the scope memo to see what rosenstein outlined in terms of what he
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is allowed to investigate what his jurisdiction is with the cohen guilty plea, this seems to ramp up fears about getting the people around the president, squeezing them to get them to cooperate and give information to the special counsel. >> it would be a failure of duties if the president's legal team wasn't trying to limit the scope of the investigation. that's what any lawyer does for their client is they try to keep it specifically on what the ultimate investigation was about. and if he was allowed to lay out something, anything in donald trump's life could be investigated for, that is a completely against what this investigation started out as, which i continue to remind maria was about whether the russians colluded with the trump campaign to defeat hillary clinton. >> maria: it was about collusion and obstruction of justice. it was about two things. the obstruction of justice charges deals with what president trump did as president. while his lawyers are doing what lawyers do, in trying to limit the scope to not include obstruction, i do not think they will be successful because that was in the original mandate of
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the special counsel. >> katie: harris, there are questions about how long this goes. chris christie, new jersey governor, said that the president has done some things in his legal opinion to expand the special counsel's investigation. rudy giuliani, who is now working for the president as his counsel, has said they want it wrapped up by september 1st for political reasons, midterm elections and because it's been almost two years since this has been kicked off. the question is how the white house moves forward with people like cohen entering guilty pleas and starting to cooperate with the special counsel. >> harris: the white house has all along been doing what is politically expedient. and the president made a promise and maybe he used different words, but he knows that he said that, you know, there is political value in sitting down. so the white house, in the estimation of just pure communications has been very smart to just keep the door open. keep talking. that doesn't mean that your attorneys that you hire are going to be the same way. can you play the political game and play the legal game at the same time. so, giuliani is going to look for the best deal.
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that's his job. that's why he is being paid. and the president is going to look out for the politics in all of it, because have you got to be careful. his base won't run if he doesn't give an interview. independents and others may look at that as you said you weren't afraid to sit down and it is about fear now. everybody keeps talking about how it's entrapment. the president has come disprong with this and said no, no, no, no. i will do it if my attorneys tell me it's the right thing to do. you can do both. it's a smooth gymnastics move if your attorneys are looking out and you are listening to them. we will interest so see. how long is the mueller investigation going to go on? who would have known that there would have been a spin-off program like a spin off from a rom tom like michael cohen. >> maria: white water investigation went on six years. not unprecedented. >> lisa: if you look at public perception. a poll out showing that majority of americans now think this is political. the more information we learn about. >> harris: it always has been. >> lisa: the more information that we learn the more troubling it is and i think those opinions are
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going to continue to shift in believing this is political. >> harris: it's political on all sides, right? everybody is looking at the polls and trying to figure out what to do next. >> lisa: that's a dangerous precedent. >> harris: we don't know what mueller has. >> lisa: we don't. wait for it september 1st instead of four or five years. breaking news on talks with north korea amid growing doubts whether the summit with kim jong un will happen as scheduled. the white house confirmed do details about the preparations underway and a short time ago, secretary of state mike pompeo testifying on capitol hill telling congress what kim jong un told him. all the details on that plus, president trump about to head to long island, new york, where he will stress the importance of cracking down on illegal immigration and gang violence there and across the country. and we are expecting remarks from the president before he departs. we will bring those to you when we get them. >> we're liberating our towns. i never thought i would be standing up here talking about liberating the towns on long island where i grew
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illegal immigration and gang violence will be the topic. he made some comments though just seconds ago before leaving and we will bring those to you as we are turning around the videotape right now fresh. so keep watching for that as soon as it happens we will pop it up on the screen. at the new york event, we. expect the president to stress his commitment to ending gang violence on long island and across the nation and tout his administration's crack down on sanctuary cities. so a lot to cover there. the president recently dubbed ms-13 gang members, you may have heard, calling them animals a term that got blow back ever media outlets took the comments out of context. separated them from the gang members he was talking about. and put them on others. but the white house refuses to bend the criticism. just yesterday, the white house released a fact sheet with this le headline what you need to know about the animals of ms-13. no misunderstanding that white house press secretary hogan gidley backed the
9:23 am
president earlier today on america's newsroom. watch. >> what do you call somebody who comes into this country illegally, unlawfully, whose motto is rape, control, kill. it's not gum drops, hugs and kiss. it's a violent brutal gang that goes across this country, terrorizing american citizens. they have been caught cutting people's heads off. tearing people's hearts out of their own bodies. this is the type of behavior that animalistic. the president rightly called it out and he should be praised and lauded and heralded for calling evil what it is. >> harris: david, i want to come to you. we are getting just some note on what the president talked about outside marine one and, yo again, as soon as that video comes up. talked about spy gate the issue we just talked about here atop the show. a lot of bad things have happened with regard to the fbi informant, his campaign, is he talking about. >> many americans will woo agree with that just as he has also talked about his
9:24 am
ms-13 gang initiatives to stop that. the efforts he is doing that. that's where americans are. they want to be kept safe. and it is in part why the president won because he pounded that message all throughout the campaign. that he wanted to build a wall. he wanted to get illegals who were here committing crimes out of this country. he wanted to make sure there was a system to make sure people who come in this country are not criminals. so that we are ultimately being kept safe and to get rid of sanctuary cities. so all of what he is saying today is in line with what he has been saying since he came on the national stage. >> harris: we are inside of a two-minute warning now to bring that you brand new videotape from the president of the united states. who sometimes will speak. he is going from marine one to air force one. in fact, it's kind of unprecedented because you probably couldn't say that that often about other presidents. but you know you might get a little nugget. let me talk for a second, maria and talk about why long island. long island, if you live in this metro, has been a place
9:25 am
where so much blood shed has happened at the hands of ms-13 members. that has been a focal point. he is going to beth page, new york on long island with this message. >> maria: right, i think he has done a good job of focusing on the threat from ms-13. i think it's something a lot of people didn't know a lot about. and he is focused on that. i think that's a good thing. i keep saying this every time we talk about immigration, but i want a larger national conversation led by the members of the united states congress about how to fix a whole lot of issues. i know in an election year, that's probably not going to happen. this is only one piece of it and i want a bigger conversation about how to tackle all of it, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, legal immigration, what that should look like. i know it's a pipe dream but i'm going to keep saying it. >> katie: we have had the conservation. >> maria: the conversation hasn't done anything. >> harris: he has talked about it and dealt with it more than the previous eight years under obama. >> katie: the reason why
9:26 am
it's a focus imminent threat to communities inside of america. the president had two families at the state of the union address whose children were killed by ms-13. we will talk more about that later this is a dangerous threat happening today. >> harris: i will get us prepared to watch this tape. another thing the president talks about is that meeting in singapore with cuk. there is a loft news-making in the next seven minutes or. so the president of the united states outside of marine one stopping to talk to the cameras. let's now watch this together and watch for all the news points. >> looks like a very serious event. but we will find out. when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. i hope it's not so. because if it is, there has never been anything like it in the history of our country. i hope -- i mean, if you look at clapper he sort of admitted that they had spies in the campaign yesterday i inadvertently. i hope it's not true but it looks like it is. >> president and former fbi
9:27 am
director james comey says you use the word -- >> i think james comey has a lot of problems. if you look at what he did. if you look at all of the lies, the tremendous lies. if you look at all that's going on, i think james comey has got a lot of problems. now, at some point, they have an ig report. and then let's see what james comey has to say. but i asthma assume he is -- i s covered in the ig report. look at what he has said, all of the lies, all of the fiction, i think he has a lot of problems. [[inaudible] question] >> i don't want to get into it yet. i will tell you after we look at the proof, we know? i would certainly hope not. but i think it's going to be pretty obvious after a while. we're going now to talk about ms-13 abou ms-13 with thet police officers. we're going out to long island. i don't know. are you coming with us? >> no. >> no? going to be very exciting.
9:28 am
[inaudible question] >> we are not undercuttings. we are cleaning everything up. this was a terrible situation. what we're doing is cleaning everything up. it's so important. what i'm doing is a service to this country. and i did a great service to this country by firing james comey and, excuse me, a lot of people have said it and you go into the fbi and a lot of those great people working in the fbi, they will tell you i did a great service to our country by firing james comey. [inaudible questions] specifically doj to give them the documents. >> i want them all to get together and i want them because everybody wants this solved. but a lot of bad things have happened. we now call it spy gate. you are calling it spy gate. a lot of bad things have
9:29 am
happened. i want them all to get together. they will sit in a room. hopefully they will be able to work it out among themselves. [inaudible question] >> excuse me, nafta? >> automakers? >> i think your auto workers and your auto companies, in this country, are going to be very happy with what's going to happen. you'll be seeing very soon what i'm talking about. nafta is very difficult. mexico has been very difficult to deal with. canada has been very difficult to deal with. they have been taking advantage of the united states for a long time. i am not happy with their requests, but i will tell you in the end we win. we will win and we will win big. we'll get along with mexico. we will get along with canada. but i will tell you they have been very difficult to deal with. they are very spoiled. because nobody has done this but i will tell you that
9:30 am
what they asked for is not fair. our auto workers are going to be extremely happy. >> what about rod rosenstein? what about the deputy attorney general, sir? >> singapore. >> say what? >> are you 100 percent committed to going through or -- >> -- we are going to see what happens. on singapore, we are going to see. and it could happen. could very well happen. but, whatever it is, we will know next week about singapore. and if we go, i think it will be a great thing for north korea. [inaudible question] >> i can't hear you, john. >> you said yesterday in the oval office, you seemed to suggest [inaudible] do you think that will actually happen? >> some day a date will happen. it could very well be june 12th. some date a date will absolutely happen it could very well be june 129. we will see. we will know next week. >> mr. president why won't you say whether you have
9:31 am
confidence -- >> -- they will all be in a room tomorrow. we will see what happens. what i want is i want total transparency. wait. you have to have transparency. and even they probably's transparency because this issue supersedes the party. this supersedes republicans and democrats. so what i want from rod, from the fbi, from everybody, we want transparency and you know what? i think in their own way they are obstructionists but even the democrats, i really believe, on this issue, it supersedes. i think they want transparency, too. thank you. >> harris: wow, the president making some big news with that last part. did you hear about that? he talked a lot about what the media are calling spy gate with the news there was fbi informant talking with people in the trump campaign. the live look you see on the left side of the screen.
9:32 am
you will see the president walk into that, is he actually already on board i should say because that was taped play from moments ago. now that's marine one. marine one heads to joint base andrews where he will get on air force 1. he will fly from maryland to new york for that meeting, that round table discussion on illegal immigration, ms-13, all of it here in new york, bethpage, new york, long island where so much of that gang activity has happened in this part of the country. it has been vicious. and some of the cases that you hear about have happened right here. so people here on the east coast are very familiar with the viciousness the blood should by ms-13. let's bring it out to the couch. >> now the president saying i want total transparency. he did lean in and talk just a second about north korea. and then flipped back to spy gate. who is inside looking at the trump campaign? he says from rod, first name which we think is the a.g.
9:33 am
deputy, right? rod rosenstein, from the fbi, he says, all of this supersedes republicans, democrats, even democrats want to know the answers. david? >> exactly. the best way to get this investigation wrapped up is for there to be full transparency and questions answered. but you know, seeing the president have that conversation right there, it goes to all of this complaint that he is not doing enough media conferences and having people into the east room to have a big presidential press conference. is there any question what the president thinks given his twitter and willingness every time he goes on a trip he stops to make a few comments? this is a very open president, if you want to know what he is thinking. >> katie: in terms the transparency argument is he making about the special counsel interview talking about with him sitting down and specifically the meeting today with congressman on capitol hill going and looking at the information, the more transpinner is i the better.
9:34 am
the thing that's frustration straght is media reports redacted material. if we can get both sides. not so much he said, she said getting to the bottom of it make sure it doesn't happen again. >> maria: i totally agree. as i said earlier there is so many insinuations being made and because there is no evidence in the public to back them up, it's really ease to to say oh, we think they had a spirks let's just get the facts. >> harris: step in here, you see the president saluting military there on the ground at joint base andrews. he will board after getting off marine one. he will board air force one and head to new york. to long island, gang activity will be his focus, just want to acknowledge the fact that the president of the united states walking across that tarmac. and we have already heard from him. but i will tell you what, the microphones are always on with this president. you never know.
9:35 am
we think now he is going to board air force 1. we will let him climb up those red stairs and continue the conversation right here. this trip, obviously, is not very long. so he will pop up in the next little while on the ground in new york. the discussion will continue. he has set the stage, lisa, for a lot of different topics today. and the illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. talked about at that round table on book ends of that discussion is did someone spy on my presidential campaign and can we get to the bottom of that? >> lisa: there are a lot of topics to go through. >> harris: north korea. >> lisa: of course, this is an issue, we do want to get to the bottom of it my concern, guy back to my original point. my concern is that everyone is so tainted in this. and i think americans are so frustrated with the abundance of information out there. some of it having not been true with some of these various reports having been debunked, not true. i think everyone views congress as too political.
9:36 am
they don't trust the doj. they don't trust the fbi. they don't trust trump. my hope is that the inspector general report both with the way the clinton investigation was handled and now that he has been tasked to look at potential fisa abuse and expanded view on if there is political bias varadkaring president trump as well, my hope is that it gets to the bottom of this, it leads to any firing that need to happen as we saw with andrew andrew mcmccabe there is cleaning of house and bad actors and get back to a place where americans can trust these institutions it is important to trust the fbi and the duong. and important to trust the president. >> harris: it's important to not to have to talk about it the fbi should just be doing its job. >> maria: i think they are. and thousands -- >> harris: thousands are you are absolutely right, maria. we are talking about bad actors, potentially and those who showed bias in text messages. >> katie: andrew mccabe having lied four different
9:37 am
times. >> katie: fbi agents on the ground want to be subpoenaed so they can talk about their side of the story. right now people at the top getting all the attention. have something to say. >> harris: this question came up. there was a lot. when i board a helicopter, it doesn't happen. will the north korea summit actually happen or not? new reaction to the president warning it could delayed and moments ago he said outside marine one, some day a date will happen. could be june. some day a date will happen, we'll see, we'll know next week. breaking news from the president on the issue of the meeting with the man on the right, the dictator from north korea from our president just moments ago. new insights on north korea's dictator, too, from secretary of state pompeo testifying on capitol hill. it's all happening now. stay close. >> he has shared candidly, that he understands that economic growth for his people and the well-being of
9:38 am
his people depends on a strategic shift. i'm very hopeful that he and president trump will get a chance to elaborate on it further in the next couple weeks. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> katie: fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo on capitol hill taking questions on next month's highly anticipated summit with north korea. a day after president trump warned that it may not happen on june 12th. the president saying there is a substantial chance it could be delayed. during an oval office meeting yesterday with south korean president. >> there is a chance it won't work out. that's okay. that doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time. it may not work out for june 12th. >> katie: the president also appearing to back away from demand that north korean dismantle north korean program immediately. >> it would certainly be better if it were all in one. does have to be? i don't think i want to totally commit myself but
9:43 am
all in one would be a lot better. >> katie: secretary pompeo says a not a bad option dictator kim jong un. >> he has shared candidly that he understands that economic growth for his people and the well-being of his people depends on a strategic shift. and we hope he is prepared to make that our demands have been unambiguous. when i spoke with him, i could not have been clearer about the scope of the verification work that would be required. all of elements that would be necessary in order for american to understand that there had been real denuclearization, i'm very hopeful that he and president trump will get a chance to elaborate on it further in the next couple of weeks. >> katie: also, two white house officials confirmed to fox news that a group of top administration aids are heading to singapore this weekend to set up agenda and logistics with the north korea's for the summit. sill scheduled for june 12th. david, based on secretary pompeo's remarks about not going in with a bad deal, it seems like they have been very clear about what's
9:44 am
expected and maybe that's the reason rye kim jong un is having a little bit of cold feet when it comes to giving up his program. >> the status quo is worse for north korea than it is the united states. and pompeo, secretary pompeo underscored that by your people, his people, and north korea cannot get enough food. they can't get enough medicine. they are in a terrible situation. he blew up their nuke collar facilities according to reports. they don't so much equipment according to some intelligence analysis. what they have is the knowledge of how to build it and that's really what we have to put a tap on is them continuing to gain knowledge on how to build a nuclear weapon. but, if he wants and, quite frankly he is a hassle for china that every time the president talks with the chinese president. another hassle for china. he can't have the status quo. >> that's not how he sees it set though. >> harris: it's interesting because the president was upset that he thought that north korea's behavior, that
9:45 am
kim jong un's behavior actually changed every time he talked with the president of china. he said he was concerned about that, that he didn't like it, i'm quoting him now. i don't like it i'm curious to know what those conversations are really textured as. because you know who doesn't want to get left out of the party is china. >> i want to get your position on that, maria because have you worked in these kind of negotiations before at the state department. >> maria: right. >> when the president is talking about what he ♪ lying, that means he thinks china and north korea is working behind his back in secret meetings to derail some of the efforts by the united states and south korea. >> maria: absolutely. and i wouldn't be surprised at all if they were doing that north korea feels like it's in a pretty good position right now. they have nuclear weapons. they have ballistic missiles increasingly capable of reaching the united states. they feel like yes, their people are starving and i don't think kim jong un cares that much. he feels like militarily he is in a position of strength. i think what have you seen
9:46 am
is president trump calibrate expectations for the meeting when it happens and if it happens. i think is a good thing. the expectations were so out of whack with the reality here. what's interesting is the south koreans may have oversold this a pit. the south koreanens are very much pushing for these talks, and i have a sense the south koreans oversold to donald trump what the north koreans were willing to do just to get everyone to the table because they're scared of conflict. >> harris: to show you just how much south korea is hoping that this will work out, they were still well north of 50%. >> katie: they were at 9 the99%yesterday. >> harris: even though they weren't allowed to do what were allowed to do watching some of the disman threatenindis --dismantling. you have lives at risk in south korea. talking about tens of millions of people that could die as a result of some sort of military conflict. particularly given if nukes were involved. it was interesting. i read a report talking
9:47 am
about how kim jong un is worried about some sort of military coup back home if he goes and meets with president trump. i wonder if that has anything to do with any hesitancy. president trump should be willing to walk away. hairs airlines he says he is. >> lisa: sends a strong message to kim jong un. i don't want to just deal i want a good deal or no deal at all. >> katie: we have more breaking news coming up. new nfl policy on players kneeling during the national anthem. that, of course, a huge issue for president trump during football season. we're going to have those details coming up next. ♪ ♪ psh!!! psh!!! then ebates pays you. psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! and they'll send you a check. psh!!!! oohh!!
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>> harris: kneel gate. a fox news alert. the nfl now saying it will try to put the big controversy over players kneeling during the national anthem behind them. the league released today its policy, new policy in a statement says this: this season all league and team personnel shall stand and show respect for the flag and anthem. personnel who choose not to stand for the anthem may stay in the locker room until after the anthem has played. we believe today's decision will keep our focus on the game and the extraordinary athletes who pray and on our fans who enjoy it the players' association not too happy with the new policy. part of its statement reads this way: the nfl chose not to consult the union in the development of the new
9:52 am
policy. nfl players have shown their patriotism through their social activism, their community service and support of our military and law enforcement and, yes, through their protests to raise awareness about the issues they care, about end quote, david. >> fans watch the nfl to see football they don't want players kneeling for tax cuts or social justice reasons. people go to watch football. and that's what the focus ought to be on. >> harris: that's an interesting policy. >> maria: it is. bizarre one. sort of. >> bizarre? would you advocate. >> harris: their paychecks got bigger. >> advocate for players getting on their knees for a conservative cause. >> maria: i'm for players exercising first amendment rights? >> whatever that cause is. >> maria: absolutely. the nfl may have stumbled a little bit here. this has been a very hot
9:53 am
issue. as would outline know we covered it here. they should have coordinated with you the players association. >> harris: why? >> maria: you can't have games without players. they have incentive for the players to be happy. >> harris: do you think those players aren't going to play this game because they have to stay in the locker room. >> maria: it would have done everybody. >> harris: first name is unemployed. >> why couldn't they coordinate with the players association? >> harris: maybe they didn't want to fight. maybe they wanted to come down. >> maria: now they have a public fight. >> katie: i find it disgusting that a guy who wears socks dispicketting policdepicting policeofficers af anything. disgusting anyone ever looked to him for leadership for anything. period. >> maria: bigger than him. >> lisa: play a game play a sport. stand up for the national anthem put their hand over their heart and be happy they are living in the united states of america, a place that allows them to get paid millions of dollars to play a sport and to be able to climb the ladder and
9:54 am
live that country where have you upward mobility and the ability to play sport and make money. we live in the greatest country in the world. it's disgraceful that this ever became an issue in the first place. >> under maria's thinking i want to work for him because i will get a say never personnel policy that gets made. >> harris: boy, that will be complicated: katie if you flip this and look at the other side would it be fair to keep in the locker room and show protest politically. >> katie: copout if you don't want to be on the field were your team can you stay inside. >> harris: do you think that is stifling their right to protest? >> katie: i don't think you have a right to protest at work. that's exactly what these people are doing. the nba has had a policy for years about standing up for the national anthem. when you look at the statement that roger goodell just put out he says it's unfortunate that the on field protests gave the nfl a depiction that we are unpatriotic. well, guess what, that's exactly what you did. it took you two years to deal with this problem and
9:55 am
finally after your ratings went down significantly, and had you people fans of 30, 40 years tuning out of your games, not going to the games, you finally stood up with a spine on behalf of the american flag which so many people have died to represent. so, it's really wasn't a tough decision it's unfortunate he took so long to make it. >> maria: it's all about money. >> harris: yes it's a frequent. when you talk about patriotism for those players who wanted to show their support and show in a different way, it kind of colored everybody with the same brush. the president played a role. you had politicians playing a role. >> look, it's a hot-button issue. there is no question about it. it doesn't change the fundamentals which is fans tune in to nfl games to watch football and that should be. >> lisa: how ridiculous it ever became a controversial issue standing for the flag. how is that a controversial issue from the beginning?
9:56 am
>> maria: protests incredibly patriotic theme too throughout our history. it's about being patriotic. they believe they're trying to make the country better. >> harris: we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
thank you to david, up from the swamp of washington to hang out with us today. >> absolutely. looking forward to spending the weekend here in new york with my daughters, 4 and 2 as we go see the sea lions. >> sounds like a fun time. lisa marie, thank you. back tomorrow at 12:00 noon
10:00 am
eastern. here is harris with your news. >> harris: we will begin with this. big developments in the russia investigation as the president gives it a new nickname. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. house g.o.p. chairman devin nunes and trey gowdy will meet with top intelligence officials tomorrow to review classified information on the f.b.i. informant who met with trump campaign officials. no democrats have been invited so that meeting. that is outraging some of their leaders. meanwhile, the president is sounding off moments ago on what he now calls "spygate." >> president trump: when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. i nope -- i hope it's not so because if it is there has never been anything like it in the history of our country. if you look at clapper he sort of admitted they had spies in the campaign yesterday inadvertently. but i hope it's not true but it looks le


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