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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> tuesday, may 29, 2018, and this is "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 on the east coast. a fox news alert, washed away and raging floodwaters the search intensifying for missing national guardsmen who tried to save lives in a city underwater. negotiations in overdrive, top north korean diplomat heading to the united states right now. what that means for a potential summit between donald trump and kim jong un. are you looking to get the coffee fix today? forget starbucks, the chain closing thousands of stores to give their employees anti-biased
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training. your comments pouring in on this one. "fox and friends first" now. ♪ >> good morning, thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. a live shot outside our studios on avenue of the americas in new york city. let's get straight to our top story, a lot to follow for you this morning. a desperate search intensifying for national guardsmen swept away in a flash flood. it is an urban last seen trying to help a woman when he fell into the water in a lot,
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maryland. this aerial footage showing the aftermath of all this, cars stuck in mud and debris littering the streets. this is the second major flooding just two years. >> i was in complete shock and didn't believe it was really happening until the building started collapsing in cars coming down the street i honestly didn't believe it was happening again. >> down south, some tropical depression oberto turning deadly, two tv journalists killed when a tree fell on their suv and the storm expected to move north with heavy rain today. janice dean will have more in a few minutes and stay tuned for the latest on that. marines on standby ready to airlift people to safety is fast-moving lava leaves a path of destruction in hawaii. at least 80 structures including 50 homes destroyed by kilauea on the big island.
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fountains of law the spring the molten rock 200 feet into the air. that is how powerful it is and this aerial footage showing the fiery rivers, volcanic fog drifting into the side. scientists say kilauea is showing no signs of stopping. those pictures continue to be remarkable. now another store we are following. a top north korean official on his way to the united states, hopping on a new york bound flight as preparations heat up for the summit between donald trump and kim jong un. >> reporter: there are optimistic signs this may happen, the video of north korea's ruling party vice chairman in the beijing airport, heading to the us to continue preparation for the historic meeting as donald trump told the
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japanese prime minister in a memorial day call they are in close coordination in advance of the expected meeting between the us and north korea's experts say this is a dialogue helped by south korea's pres. moon. >> a lot of communication issues, north koreans and americans historically have a hard time talking to one another. pres. moon is trying to restore communication channels and kim jong un wants to restore channels which is why he wants to meet with pres. moon. >> things can change quickly and june 12th this two weeks away. nevertheless congressman jason chaffetz says progress has been made. >> they have a dialogue freeing hostages. they made far more progress than anything else before and i think donald trump in conjunction with
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mike pompeo are moving this in the right direction. whether it happens i will be talking about. >> reporter: this talk between -- giving the final go-ahead. it is fast-moving, stay tuned. it is on again off again. we may learn more. heather: we will talk about this later in the newscast. the freed american prisoner in venezuela is back home in utah. josh cold along with his wife and daughter getting a hero's welcome at the salt lake city airport, hope's grandmother draping the american flag over his shoulders as the crowd sang the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave
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♪ [applause] >> reporter: they were accused of stockpiling weapons after flight to venezuela to marry here in 2016. donald trump helps bring the couple home. they say they are exhausted but happy to be back. china is ramping up the pace in a nuclear arms race, the china academy reports 200 nuclear blast simulations have taken place in september 2014. the us only carried out 50 simulations from 2012-2017 according to livermore national resort, the 3 nations pursuing more nuclear options to deter potential threats. new steps to end program giving immigrant business owners the right to stay in the us. department of homeland security moving to cut the entrepreneur
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rule which allows immigrant starting new businesses to stay for five years. dhs says this does not protect american workers, it was written days before donald trump took office, dhs delayed the policy before it could take effect last summer. rallying supporters in music city tonight as griff mentioned, the make america great again rally seeks to boost congresswoman marsha blackburn who is running to replace bob corker and country star trace atkins, a friend of "fox and friends" will open the rally. the trump team says he will set the perfect patriotic tone. find another place to get your coffee, starbucks closing 8000 stores nationwide today for racial bias training after that viral video, we have reaction to
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the move. >> a direct response to that incident, two black men arrested in starbucks while waiting to meet a friend. >> they didn't do anything. i saw the entire thing. >> the two were arrested for trespassing the charges were later dropped before reaching a settlement with the coffee giant, starbucks announced it would conduct racial bias training which will include 175,000 employees this afternoon. as a result 8000 corporate locations would be quote the company released a preview of the training. >> the work will reflect the abilities, ethnicity, gender
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identities and expressions sexual identities, class, language, citizenship, political views, religious affiliations and more. >> we have been asking for your input on social media, i don't care, i will never care, go crazy or don't. marietta says what a waste of time but alex has a different view, writing in part let's not prejudge but wait and see how they are going to behave differently now that they have been given their sensitivity training. starbucks also recently announced it will now allow anyone to sit in its shops whether they are paying customers or not. >> we will wait and see. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. keep giving us your opinions on that. donald trump honoring america's fallen heroes on memorial day, speaking to both goldstar families in an emotional speech at arlington national cemetery. >> there's was a lot more deep
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and more pure than most will ever know. it was a love that will them up mountains, through deserts, across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. they died so freedom could live. >> the pres. lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier into the more private moment john kelly and his wife visiting their synapse graves. first lieut. robert kelly was killed in afghanistan in 2010 by a roadside bomb. the time is 10 after 4:00 the dozens of convicted terrorists it to be free. the new warning and what it means for america. negotiations between the us and north korea, their steak in the senate and the next guest is the collapse of the kim jong un regime is the last thing china
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>> overnight, one of kim jong un's top official seen heading to the united states is talks between white house officials and negotiators are expected to continue through today so as final preparations are put on the high-stakes summit how does china factor into these talks. joining me is dr. rebecca grant who we always appreciate having. this is very interesting when you look at the relationship between china, south korea and north korea so i would begin
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with the china element in all this and how it would benefit. >> china can benefit from decreasing tensions. for a long time north korea was china's buffer state but now that china has become a global military power their relationship with north korea can shift so anything that provides better economic development opportunities, opportunities for china and could maybe over time lead to fewer us military forces in the pacific. that is all good for china. >> and china is north korea's main trade partner but with sanctions that are in place the exports to china are down 75% since the trump administration imposed these sanctions. >> that is correct and china is a full partner in supporting tough un sanctions. china has not given north korea
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economic prosperity giving kim jong in the choice to denuclearize and bring in western private investment and better economic of elements, also china doesn't need this reckless rogue state with nuclear weapons. they need a solution in north korea as much as everyone else does. >> that is what i wanted to transition into next, what would be a bad result for china in all this? >> china's worst nightmares collapse of the north korean regime because china has a long border with north korea. the last thing xi jinping once is refugees and the crisis in north korea. that is the nightmare, anything that will transition to a more stable position for north korea is good for china and north korea and south korea unifying would not be good for china because that could put more influence of the united states in the region.
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>> it is a delicate matter. we see kim jong un raising the issue of security guarantee. we don't know what that would look like but this the security solution has to be acceptable to china as well. south korea deployment for missile defenses so there's a rearrangement of military balance going on and china has to be comfortable with the end result. >> this is what the foreign ministry had to say. we think a person-to-person encounter between the leaders of north korea and the us is the key to solving problems but at the same time donald trump and others accused china of being a factor that derailed negotiations and derailed the summit this past weekend. >> the fact remains china is the single most influential country governing what north korea can do. we have seen the meetings go on. china has been very quiet about what they said and we really do
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need china's cooperation at this delicate time. i would not be surprised to see another summit, korean peace agreement and china participating in that. patty: 1 looking at other things going on with the singapore summit, increased aggression in the south china sea and trade negotiations going on right now with china so it factors in. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. protesting patriotic rules, liberals igniting a firestorm and as a boycott of nfl games, the reason will have your blood boiling, honoring the stars and stripes every single day. meet the 5-year-old girl who can teach most adults a thing or two
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about patriotism.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," top democrat in congress calling for an nfl boycott over the lead gets new and some policy but a football legend is standing with the league. todd pyro looks at what both sides have to say. >> trying to in beckett space the nfl lost the port of the democratic congressman. representative keith ellison of minnesota called for a boycott of the nfl over the rule change requiring players to stand for the national anthem or remain in the locker room until the end
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them is over. ellison, the deputy chair of the democratic national committee calling for the boycott, friends who know me know that i love football but i won't be watching because of the unfair, cowardly and idiotic kneeling band. a different response from a hall of famer, running back eric dickerson saying this gives you a choice. i think that is a good thing. if they want to stand they can stand, if they want to stay in the locker room they will stay in the locker room. you can't please everybody, you know somebody is not going to like it. it is what it is, it is like religion or raising your kids, nobody is going to agree with you all the time. everyone has a disagreement on how you raise your kids, religion, politics. i stood when we played and i would still stand. quarterback carson went taking a
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shot at anthem protesters, freedom comes at a cost. today i want to thank the brave cleveland women who sacrificed so much to provide us with freedoms we have in this country, often taken for granted and you don't get the recognition you deserve so thank you and god bless. a lot more back and forth on the kneeling issue between now and the kickoff of the regular season coming up. we have three moments of this. >> the of fans return with this decision to ride the fence on the issue is what i would say. >> my prediction is they will return but i don't know how much. >> 6 million people in the meantime are members of the national rifle association. organization sending out the milestone announcement along with this memorial day video thanking the men and women who died for our country. the new president, lt. col.
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oliver north promised to grow membership when he was chosen to take over the group earlier this month. the future of driving is now, digital license plates testing california, similar to tablets and they can display messages like amber alerts but they don't come cheap. the company behind the plates plans to expand to florida, texas, and arizona. pretty expensive. it is 25 after the top of the hour and an urgent search for a national guardsmen swept away in violent floodwaters and the worst is yet to come. we are live in the disaster zone in maryland as janet dean tracks what is up next and both parties make their case by nominating veterans. which side has the upper hand. harper little -- political panel debates up next. ♪
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>> half past the top of the hour, desperate search for a national guardsmen swept away in flashlight. edison herman was last seen trying to help a woman when he fell into the water in ellicott to become a maryland, grews forced to clean up the mess left behind by the flood. >> things get swept away so quickly and the way water takes things delicate ways nothing, cars just coming down like they were just toys. >> the city of second major flood in less than two years. down south, subtropical depression alberto turning debbie when these tv journalists were killed when a tree fell on their is uv and strong winds causing a many waterspouts at hotel pool in florida. janice dean is tracking the
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storm as it moves north was appreciate you being here. >> a lot of whether over the memorial day holiday weekend as we had deaths because of flooding. the threat is not over. heavy rainfall from alberto, what was tropical storm barbara, subtropical because it has tropical characteristics and the characteristics of a regular storm which is why we're calling it subtropical but it is starting to wind down but the threat for flooding will be ongoing throughout the day. flood watches and warnings posted ahead of the trajectory of the storm. forecast rainfall 4 to 6 inches of heavy downpours in some areas across the midsouth, tennessee, mississippi river valley, the southeast to the mid-atlantic. separate from this the threat for severe storms, we had tornadoes across the high plains, central plains towards the midwest, tornado threat today, throughout the afternoon and evening for these areas shaded in orange and yellow.
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your forecast today unsettled across the plane states where we have the threats for severe storms. what is next of alberto, a depression, not moving northward and we will see the threat for heavy rainfall. another news we get a warm-up in the northeast eventually but right now cooler temperatures, a cold front went through toward saturday and sunday, temperatures certainly across the southern us will be warm and sultry. we will keep an eye on the weather this weekend, our hearts and prayers go to those who lost their lives because of severe weather. >> those tv journalists trying to do their job, thank you so much. dozens of convicted terrorists are about to be set free, france preparing to release 40 extremists from prison by next year calling their reentry a major risk.
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a french prosecutor warning 700 french terrorists are unaccounted for in a rack and syria. france has been a terror target over the past few years including the major paris attack that left 130 people did. the new york times issuing a big correction over claims the trump administration lost 1500 illegal immigrant children. the paper says many of those children into the country alone and they are then placed with adults who are supposed to take care of them. the government began following up on the children, their sponsors did not respond, sometimes because those adults are also in the country illegally. former pres. george hw bush missing his hometown's memorial day parade because he's in the hospital but still taking time to honor our heroes, very much regret missing the memorial may today in kennebunkport. attributed patriot who made the
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ultimate sacrifice for the nation but also goldstar families whose heritages and viewed with their honor and terrorism and the 90 for-year-old is being treated for low blood pressure and fatigue at a main hospital. he is expected to stay there for a few days. our prayers are with him for a full recovery. a hero gone but not forgotten, a world war ii veteran posthumously honored with the purple heart. private raul ferrera of texas was wounded by enemy fire delivering amateur fellow soldiers in 1944. he received the bronze star while he was alive but died in 1992. he accepted the honor at a ceremony in texas. they should be very proud. making big waves in the midterms, there will be at least 39 democratic candidates and 37
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republican candidates on the ballot come november who served our country but with a growing decline in veterans in congress which party has the upper hand to push their candidate through to washington? here to debate is a veteran of the armed services, kathy barnett and for me army ranger robin pyro. thank you for joining us. this is a great topic which i was excited to see we were going to talk about this. let's look at the numbers and how they changed in terms of veterans serving the country in congress, the senate. we go back to 1971 where 78% the number of veterans in the senate and it have gone down in 2017 to just 19% and look at the house, similar numbers 1971-72% down to 18% in 2017. why do you think the numbers of dough drastically dropped? >> one reason is these politicians get into office and
1:35 am
never leave office, people with 10 years up to 20, 30, 40 years later still holding those offices. as a veteran we have a tremendous amount we can still offer our nation. pushing the narrative, identity politics alone, not the reason we should be voting for anyone. we need to check with their principles are and how they will align themselves come november. >> you said the uniform is a great equalizer. >> absolutely. it teaches us. the first thing we learn in basic training is we are all equal. the only differences we recognize are in rank. we have to work with people of different socioeconomics, gender, race, religion, everything. we learn we all have one mission so that is who you want in office because we can work
1:36 am
across party lines to get the job done. >> in terms of working across party lines who do you think is better able to do that? >> this is the issue, we learned over the past year and a half the title democrat actually means something, it is not an empty label. the title democrat means resistance to this presidency, a party, the hurt feelings of ms 13 over the lives of the greater community. we need to take off our pink put on our thinking caps and put into voting booth recognizing beyond identity politics, that is manipulation. i am a black woman but being a black person is one aspect of who i am, it is not all of who i
1:37 am
am, solely because i'm black is myopic and small in their thinking. when we go to the loading booth we need to think beyond the label entitlement actually know who these people are. patty: heather: the resistance is becoming synonymous with democrats. is that a danger to them as we head and the midterms? >> you better believe it. i have been on countless times on this network saying we have got to move past the notion of resistance. people that can get that done are the veteran candidates. kathy is right about the democratic party pushing resistance but who is not doing that are the veterans. we know how to work with everyone. we are democratic veterans, the best qualified to do so.
1:38 am
i am a gay man, nobody cares as long as i get the job done. my buddies in the ranger regiment never cared as long as i had their back in battle. heather: great advice for candidates moving forward. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and they couldn't put a woman in the white house in 2016 so what about 20/20? who could be the secret weapon for democrats in a new hypothetical matchup. a problem for starbucks that will cost millions of dollars. the coffee chain closing thousands of cafés today but will it pay off in the long run? trendsetter or fashion faux pas? the $1200 shirt theft, that will leave you stumped. what is that? ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support.
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number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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heather: chicago fire department diver killed on a rescue mission. he was searching for a man who filled overboard in the chicago river when he was somehow injured. the 15 year veteran spent the last 11 years as a member of the dive team. two others suffered minor injuries. guests can return to this amusement park free of charge after a power outage strands thrill seekers for hours. rides at cedar point in ohio shutting down after a car crashes into a nearby utility pole. some people were stuck for two hours in 90 ° heat. >> it was very scary. i felt bad for them. people on the cable rides and swing, you stopped and that is so horrible. heather: if you want to attempt it again, tickets will be ordered through labor day.
1:43 am
a foxbusiness alert, starbucks closing thousands of stores to give their employees anti-bias training. tracy carrasco is here with what it will cost the coffee chain. >> reporter: starbucks will shut down 8000 locations for this mandatory anti-bias training for 175,000 employees. an estimated cost of this shutdown will be $12 million. this training comes after the arrest of two black men and philadelphia starbucks, got back lash for that so they had to change their policies, reinstated a new bathroom policy, coming out with a new anti-bias training to educate their employees on racial discrimination and racial bias. this is the first step starbucks is taking to make things right. heather: people are waiting, waiting see how it looks out. this is a great story.
1:44 am
get your american flag cleaned for freeware? >> reporter: maybe you still have it up for memorial day or you are putting it up for the fourth of july but this dry-cleaning offering free tlc for your american flag. they will clean and restore it, there are six locations across the country. another great thing this company does is offer a 20% discount on licensing fee to open a franchise to veterans. they support the country, support our veterans. heather: have a great day. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a vicious shark attack, a teenager describes the moment the big beast took a bite but you will never guess why he is not ready to leave florida just yet. >> a real honor for someone to
1:45 am
honor him but -- heather: jeffrey earnhardt honoring a fallen soldier's family. why the nascar driver called it one of the most memorable moments of his life and he joins us live up next. ♪
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heather: extreme weather to tell you about, a desperate search intensifying for national guardsmen swept away in floodwaters. our fox affiliate in washington dc live in a lockout city as the area cleans up the devastation. what can you tell us in terms of
1:49 am
the latest? >> reporter: shock here after this happened two times in two years. when it happened in 2016 they said it was a one in 1000 year flooding event. the main street goes direct downhill from here where we are standing. they got 8 inches of rain in a short period of time and are still searching for the one who got swept away, edison harmon, 38 years old, lasting helping a woman who lost her cat in a flood, dining on a mexican restaurant on main street when the streets turned into rapids. friends say herman slipped when helping the women and disappeared. emergency groups made 300 rescues but herman was not one of them. residents are stunned after going through a catastrophic flood once again. video for madrone and on the ground shows the disaster zone. cleanup from the 2016 floods cost tens of millions of dollars, the county executive fears after looking at the damage this time it could be far
1:50 am
worse. the floodwaters almost reached the entire top of the first floor of the buildings and businesses on main street. a lot of questions whether the county did enough after the 2016 floods to mitigate the damage to keep it happening again. they didn't want to answer the questions, would love to see businesses return but would understand if they don't this time. heather: think you so much, appreciate it. switching gears, memorial day surprise for a gold star family, the grandson of nascar racing legends dale earnhardt stunning the family of the late veteran by honoring his name on the side of a race car. >> a real honor for someone to honor him. heather: what prompted this act of kindness and what else is
1:51 am
being done to help the families? joining us is jeffrey earnhardt, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. so early. congratulations on completing the longest race in nascar, coca-cola 600 over the weekend. >> we managed to make it all the way to the end. heather: and you did a good thing. on your car you have the names of 617 fallen men and women, you were able to honor them, they were surprised. tell us how this came about and why you decided to do something like that, put their names on your car? >> they do a lot to give back to veterans and the americas fallen foundation, they work with several and even have their own
1:52 am
foundation. angels of america's fallen continues to give back to the families of men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives. it was a pretty incredible experience, very eye-opening for me. heather: we are looking at the video of you meeting with the wife and mom and use it was emotional, you had to hold back tears. >> there were tears shed for sure. first, holding them back and you see the emotions from the parents, mom and kids feeling emotional, hard to feel -- it was pretty incredible to see them put a smile on their face and know that we are still
1:53 am
thinking about their loved one that paid the sacrifice to have the freedom we do. heather: the organization has raised $15,000 so far. >> we presented angels of america's fallen a check with $15,000, making a commemorative shirt, you buy a t-shirt for percentage of the proceeds to go back to the charity and also had all the servicemembers submitted that may have made the ultimate sacrifice. pretty incredible, pretty emotional. heather: i am from charlotte i worked at charlotte motor speedway, i love nascar. i love how nascar is so patriotic and you just experienced firsthand what it
1:54 am
means to the families of our veterans to do something like what you did. i will thank you as well. it was a big deal to them so thanks very much, appreciate it. >> it was a huge honor and pretty awesome to make a difference like that. heather: good luck july 4th. >> appreciate it. heather: we will be right back, stay with us. dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. that's when he had the bunny rabbits. we called him the bunny rabbit. now, those are the same two front teeth, there, that they are now. then dray ended up having to wear braces for 5 years because he never made it to appointments, because he was busy playing basketball. if he missed practice, he don't get to play in the game. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you
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can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. smile direct club fits into my lifestyle so well. the liner is so great. it's easy to just grab it and go and then i can change on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. i wish smile direct club would have been around when i was paying for them. i wouldn't have to take him out of school. i wouldn't have had missed work. it's like a great feeling to have good teeth. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important.
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heather: conservative christian attorneys gaining influence under donald trump. lawyers moved into jobs the texas atty. gen.'s office and elsewhere including the current supreme court case involving colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple. texas high school cheerleaders taken to court over banners they decorated with bible verses. putting oprah ahead of michelle obama for the 2020 run at the white house, the media mogul meeting donald trump 57% 5 to 47% giving the former first lady a wider margin but less overall support. neither is believed to be seriously considering an actual run. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good, and adorable display of patriotism.
1:59 am
♪ red white and blue ♪ >> kingsley weaver singing to the american flag in north carolina. her mom says she is always on the lookout for flags and stops to honor it when she sees one. this blurry picture showing teeth marks left by a shark, a 7 foot shark chomping down on a teenager on vacation in florida. but this won't ruin his life for his phone. he still wants to visit disney world, not calling it a day yet. the latest fashion trend is a shirt on a shirt. twitter blasting the $1200 t-shirt saying the model looks as confused as we are but mandy
2:00 am
right anyone who doesn't like the hashtag double shirt can fight me. what do you think? i think it is rather ridiculous, $1200. that wraps up this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day. rob: it is tuesday, may 29th, and urgent search for the brave veteran swept away in a wall of water. after a devastating flash flood turned a maryland city into a raging river pushing cars down the street. jillian: high-level talks between us officials and north korean negotiators. a close confident of kim jong un making his way to the united states at this hour, the brand-new clues the singapore summit could be back on. rob: a police officer killed in cold blood. now he wants a payday from the city of new york, the convicted murderer who thinks he has the


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