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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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right anyone who doesn't like the hashtag double shirt can fight me. what do you think? i think it is rather ridiculous, $1200. that wraps up this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day. rob: it is tuesday, may 29th, and urgent search for the brave veteran swept away in a wall of water. after a devastating flash flood turned a maryland city into a raging river pushing cars down the street. jillian: high-level talks between us officials and north korean negotiators. a close confident of kim jong un making his way to the united states at this hour, the brand-new clues the singapore summit could be back on. rob: a police officer killed in cold blood. now he wants a payday from the city of new york, the convicted murderer who thinks he has the
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right to sue. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ you make me want to hold my hands ♪ down the middle ♪ to you ♪ jillian: i could listen to this song all day. i don't know why. the morning whether. rob: perfect. jillian: it is 90 in the city. thank you, florida georgia line, for making my wish come true. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. and north korean official on his
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way to the united states. the diplomat hopping on a new york flight overnight. jillian: preparations for the high-stakes summit between donald trump and kim jong un. rob: griff jenkins has the latest on this. >> reporter: diplomacy in overdrive, multiple sciences on-again off-again summit may end up happening, the brand-new video of the vice chairman in the beijing airport headed to the us, according to south korean reports to continue preparations for the historic meeting. the us delegation at this hour meeting with north korean officials made up of son kim and ac director, allison hawker and randall shriver. this comes as donald trump held a memorial day call with the
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japanese prime minister telling him they are in, quote, close coordination in behalf of the expected move between the us and north korea. experts say this dialogue was helped by the south korean president. >> pres. moon was trying to restore communication channels. kim jong un also wanted to restore channels which is why he wanted to meet with pres. moon. >> reporter: things change quickly, june 12th this two weeks from today. former congressman jason chaffetz says progress has been made. >> donald trump in conjunction with mike pompeo are moving this in the right direction. whether or not it happens on the 12th or not. rob: there is talk of the last meeting between secretary pompeo to get a final go-ahead. the pres. heads to nashville for a rally where we will learn more. jillian: interesting to see what happens on june 12th the.
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rob: the freed american prisoner held in venezuela for two years is back home in utah. josh holt with his wife and her daughter getting a hero's welcome from friends and family at the salt lake city airport, grandmother draping the american flag over his shoulders as they sang the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers] rob: many wondered if they had ever seen him. they are accused of stockpiling weapons after they flew to venezuela to marry her in 2016, donald trump helped bring the couple home. they are exhausted but happy to be in the united states. jillian: donald trump sets to rally support is in the music city, the national make america great again rally seeks to boost gop senate hopeful marsha
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blackburn who is running to replace bob corker. country star trace adkins will open the rally, trump team says he will set the perfect patriotic tone. rob: depressed search intensifying for national guardsmen swept away in a flash flood. edison herman last seen trying to help a woman when he himself fell into the water. jillian: aerial video showing the aftermath with cars stuck in mud and debris littering the street, this is the city's second major flood in two years. >> i was in complete shock, couldn't believe it was happening. until the building started collapsing and cars coming down the street i honestly didn't believe it was happening again. kim jong un in the south, subtropical depression alberto turned deadly, two tv journalists killed when a tree
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fell on their suv. jillian: janice dean is tracking the storm and it is a powerful one. >> reporter: loss of life is terrible with this storm and we still have to watch as it moves northward. it is downgraded to a subtropical depression but the threat is heavy rain the next couple days, a slow mover as it moves northward. there is the latest trajectory as of the 5:00 am advisory. it will if north over the great lakes but the big threat is flash flooding. people need to know what to do if there is a flash flood watch or warning. forecast radar as we go through time, it will start to dissipate but we have moisture in the industry, heavy rainfall is the story not only for mississippi and the tennessee river valley but towards the mid-atlantic as well. also went to mention we have another system in the plane states with severe threat, tornado reports across portions
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of the high plains, the rockies and the midwest, that threat today as well, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes throughout the day into the evening. if there is a tornado watch or warning in your area, there is your forecast, very warm, minneapolis hit a daytime high of 100 °. it will be warm in the upper midwest, houston 85, in new york, the remnants of alberto will come up the northeast and there is your forecast, june 1st the official start of the hurricane season and we expect an active season. it only takes one hurricane to make it a bad year. rob: it was a bad year last year. jillian: off to an early start. >> the path of destruction in hawaii continues.
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80 structures including 50 homes destroyed by kilauea. fountains of lava spraying molten rock 200 feet into the air, amazing video out of this, showing the volcanic log drifting into the sky. scientists say kilauea is showing no signs of stopping at this point. jillian: an emotional return to the classroom in texas. santa fe high school students returning for the first time since we 10 people were shot and killed, there were no classes today. they will gather for general assembly honoring the 10 lives lost, classes are canceled for the rest of the year so teachers can focus on students emotional needs. rob: a twice deported illegal immigrant suspected in a deathless girlfriend and disappearance of her child is in ice custody. he admits to burying the woman's body at a western new york farm that says he doesn't kill her.
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the search intensifying for calderon who was last seen two weeks ago. jillian: donald trump honoring america's former that has fallen heroes on memorial day speaking to goldstar families in an emotional speech at arlington national cemetery. >> there is was a love more deep and pure than most will ever know. it was a love that will them up mountains, through deserts, across oceans, and into enemy camps, and unknown dangers. they died so freedom could live. jillian: the pres. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and in a more private moment john kelly and his wife visiting their sons grave. first lieutenant robert kelly was killed in afghanistan in
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2010. rob: switching gears, the golden state warriors are heading back to the nba finals, defending champion winning game 7 against the houston rockets 101-92. jillian: the warriors will face lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers for the fourth straight year, stefan curry and company winning their fourth title in four seasons, they are impressive. rob: nba playoffs last month, the whole routine gets in. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour. a real-life spiderman hailed a hero for scaling the side of the building to get a toddler dangling from a balcony. where the child's father was when his kid came face-to-face with death will make your blood boil. >> watch this border get violated time after time after time thanks to the lawless open border policies of jerry brown.
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rob: an interesting conversation. call for the border wall not from the president but a california candidate for governor. assemblyman travis allen rallying voters on the mexico border. this is enough to send him to the crucial primary next week? jillian: flag fury, outrage after old glory is taken down for costing too much. veterans sounding off this morning when "fox and friends first" continues ♪ fly like an eagle ♪ in pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom for our driest best fitting diaper. pampers ♪ ♪
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why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. rob: a republican gubernatorial candidate taking a page from the pres.'s playbook. travis allen rallying california voters near the mexico border. >> i watch this border get violated time after time after time thanks to the lawless open
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border policies of jerry brown and california democrats. build that wall, build that wall, build that wall. jillian: will this message help send him through the primary next week? the california candidate joins us live this morning, thank you for joining us. what was the reaction to your rally? >> it was huge. look at california, one of the hottest issues is open borders in california and illegal sanctuary state, californians don't agree with the concept that we don't know who is coming into our border. we need to secure the border and build the wall for a simple reason. when you leave your house you lock the front door, when you leave the car you lock your car so why wouldn't we secure the border, so we know people coming into the country are vetted first and get rid of the illegal sanctuary state, the concept that people who came here illegally are committing crimes
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while they are here being sheltered with taxpayer dollars is something no california agrees with. rob: we have seen communities rallying against the sanctuary status. looking at poll numbers, show people what it is looking like. gavin newsom is in the lead. the top two candidates no matter what party will get through next week. behind him, the lower ghost and john cox, the only republican who has a chance to your 11%. if any republican has a chance in this race it will be somebody moderate, that is not you. what do you think your odds are? >> not the will i be in the top two in the primary but i will win the general election and here is why. john cox is from chicago. he lost every political race he ever ran. he ran for president of the united states, u.s. senate, u.s. congress twice, and lost every
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single time. border security, one of the hottest issues, earlier this year he told me he wasn't in favor of the wall. when he ran for president, he wrote a book in 2006 he said he wasn't for the wall. now he is for the wall. california republicans are not fooled by this. what california republicans went is not another governor like arnold schwarzenegger, they want another ronald reagan, a strong principled conservative the has a clear vision how to lead california and make us the greatest state in the nation. jillian: i will play devils advocate. as we heard for months now if not longer, some people in the country do not believe in building the wall, sanctuary cities in california, jerry brown and his message. how do you feel confident that you will get enough of these votes, that enough people want to follow the message?
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>> i grew up 5 minutes from the border of san diego. i know what i am talking about. when you look at the border it makes no sense not to have a fence and a wall. we need a way to vet, nobody wants people coming into the country we don't know anything about. the concept of ms 13 gang members hiding in refugees, this is absolute nonsense. there is a real problem in california and it gets worse because most of the people try to lead a good life and keep out of trouble but there are some who say the things race a concept that i led the fight against, last year i had legislation defund everything to worry jurisdiction. in january, on fox news telling trump and sessions to come to california and to california. what this is about is not someone's grandmother sitting on a couch, but case to the state
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illegally committing crimes while they are here. you only need to hear the story about kate steinle once, to know that we do not want to be a sanctuary state in california. rob: there are republicans in california. we will see if we can get them out to vote if you can pull that off. >> very important to understand california has more republicans than any other state. in 2014 jerry brown got 4.3 million votes, donald trump out 4.4 million votes in california. we just need to turn up the trump motors. jillian: we will be watching. rob: 19 after the hour, get your coffee fix, the chain closing thousands of stores together employees anti-bias training, your comments pouring in. jillian: forget the protein shakes, passed apart, people
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turning to cannabis to curb their workout was. dr. mark siegel is here to sniff out the rumors on the latest workout supplement. ♪
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rob: the plague of violence in chicago didn't slow for memorial day weekend. a series of shootings killed eight people and injured 30 others despite 1300 extra officers on patrol. the weekend bloodbath just days after ronnie manual was accused of turning his back on officers. donald trump said the city will not let police do their jobs. war police department turning to
2:24 am
drones to combat crime. public safety agencies with drones of more than doubled since the end of 2016 with 900 agencies using devices to take photos guide firefighters and search for suspects as well, drones are cheaper and faster than helicopters with cameras. jillian: forget the protein shakes was more americans spicing their workout with marijuana many claiming to have improved focus, relaxation and pain management but is it the safest way to work out? here to weigh in is dr. mark siegel. thank you for joining us. what are your thoughts on this? >> can't believe anyone says it improves focus when studies show it interferes with the ability to focus. long-term for sure overtime you don't focus as well. everyone would agree with that. something like caffeine helps you focus. people who use caffeine, protein
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shakes, workouts cause loss of breakdown so your place with protein. jillian: they have nutrients your body needs to recover. >> absolutely. university of texas dallas brain health has studied this and shown marijuana doesn't improve muscle function whatsoever so people said i am running a mile, two miles, went to detach from the process of training so that is where this is coming from. jillian: the drug and alcohol dependency survey, 15% increase in thc levels after using marijuana and working out. >> it has more effect on you than you think. what will happen after that? you don't realize how much is in your bloodstream, you could walk into a wall. jillian: a lot of people say smoking marijuana helps ease the maximum pain.
2:26 am
could you in the theory get hurt even worse working out because you don't realize you're putting your body under too much stress? >> great point. if you want to reduce pain, marijuana has been looked at for chronic pain, not acute pain. for acute pain, if you have a problem with your shoulder or your need take an advil. here's another excuse, to use marijuana on a daily basis which interferes with cognitive function, causes anxiety, risk of psychosis over many months. jillian: this article from the boston globe caught my attention, quote from the massachusetts state police was working out high is legal, driving is not. will you get to the gym or get a ride to the gym to q >> a designated driver to go to your work out.
2:27 am
the world anti-doping agency has bands this. there is no time you can use this in the boston marathon. jillian: can you see any benefit to this? >> absolutely not. somebody with cancer or chronic pain syndrome, i'm okay with that. big disadvantage using it for your workouts, don't do it. if you are pregnant and working out it is bad for the fetus. we should not advertise this, bad long-term consequences, i vote no. jillian: appreciate your time. fox news alert, breaking overnight, terrorists in gaza firing a barrage of rockets at israel is one of them hitting a kindergarten, live on the ground. he killed a cop in cold blood but once a payday from this he. convicted matter jumped in jail who thinks he has a right to sue, stay right there. ♪ it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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rob: fox news alert, the iron dome, defending his real from dozens of mortars fired from the gaza strip. one of those strict near a kindergarten classroom shortly before school started. jillian: mike tobin has the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. i can show you the shrapnel from the mortar that impacted here. you can see potential devastating impact as shards of metal fly around this kindergarten shortly before parents showed up to take their kids to class. there is a metal pole holding up the awning pierced by shrapnel. as you look at the building and the kindergarten itself, a reinforced kindergarten is reinforced for attacks just like this. you can see the flex on the wall where the shrapnel impacted the school itself. we just heard an explosion of
2:32 am
some sort that went off. there could be two of them. i don't know if the audio is picking up on that. the attacks are not over but i want to emphasize this happened just before kids came to school. israel iron dome defense was activated. a number of projectile's were intercepted minimizing the impact of this particular attack accompanied by machine-gun fire aimed at the border town, buildings and cars were hit, no one was injured, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising of azeri operation. islamic jihad has claimed response ability, spokesman say our people's blood is not cheap and israel cannot continue spilling it without determined. this goes back to clashes on the border fence with gaza. a pipe bomb was found last
2:33 am
sunday detonated by soldiers, and responded against the islamic jihad position, promised retaliation. this was that retaliation. israel promising retaliation, they are meeting in his relapse version of the pentagon and we will see what their response is. >> stay safe at the gaza border. thank you. the father of a toddler safe after dangling from balcony left his cologne to play pokémon go. that little boy rescued by real-life spiderman who scaled the building in paris. the father accused of neglect to be going to jail. spiderman is an immigrant offered french citizenship and a job as a firefighter. >> killed a police officer in cold blood but is suing new york city for not protecting him in
2:34 am
prison. dimitrios blackwell claims he was jumped by two inmates who suffered a cut to his face. he claims prison staff did nothing to stop it. blackwell is serving life without parole for assassinating brian moore in 2015, no comment from the department at this time. >> amerigas largest group of doctors wants to curb gun violence in the wake of several school shootings, the house of delegates such to consider a dozen proposals on gun control next month. the measures include sailing that is banning the sale job am stocks, banning semi automatic weapons and increasing the legal age for purchasing firearms to 21. >> starbucks closing 8000 stores for racial bias training. >> this after that viral video
2:35 am
out of a store last month, the reaction to the move. >> this is a direct response to the incident in philadelphia, two black men arrested in a starbucks while waiting to meet a friend. the two were arrested for trespassing though charges were later dropped before reaching a settlement with the coffee giant, starbucks announced it would conduct racial bias training which will include 175,000 of its employees this afternoon. roughly 8000 locations will be closed. the company released a preview of the training. >> we understand racial and systemic bias has many causes showing up within each of us in
2:36 am
our communities. >> we have been asking your input on social media. k rights just like the nfl they don't get who buys their products. john says they can give the staff all the training they want but it is up to the individual whether they will apply what they have been taught or not. starbucks announced it will allow anyone to sit in its shops whether they are paying customers or not. >> have a coke and a buzz. coca-cola rolling out its first-ever alcoholic drink. >> 311 flavor booze and sodas making their debut in japan ranging 3% to 8% alcohol. keeping with tradition, no word what will hit the state shelves. >> it is not as bold as they used to put in coca-cola.
2:37 am
>> 36 after the our. energy and search ramping up for a brave veteran swept away by a wall of water, live in maryland next. a few liberals quick to delete a picture of immigrant children in cages after they found out this happened during pres. obama's tenure. they were enraged when they thought it was donald trump's fault, do they still care now? we debate that coming up. >> they sacrificed for us so we can sacrifice for them too. a military member pausing in the rain to respect the baseball fans. ♪ west virginia ♪ take me home ♪ puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk?
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they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> we are back with extreme
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weather. a desperate search intensifying for national guardsmen swept away in floodwaters. in washington dc the area cleans up from the devastation. >> reporter: people here are in shock. this happened two years ago, in 2016 it was called the one in 1000 year event, mainstreet ellicott city goes down from here and in the distance we see movement as they do cleaning up and searching for the veteran who swept away. edison herman was last seen helping a woman who locked her cat in the flood sunday afternoon dining with friends on main street at 5:30 when the streets turned into rapids. friends say the veteran slipped while helping the women and disappeared. emergency group last 300 rescues but herman was not one of them.
2:42 am
residents are stunned they are going through a catastrophic flood once again, video from drone and on the grounds is the disaster zone, tens of millions of dollars and howard county officials fear that this time it could be even worse. answering questions to the media people wondering why did this happen again? they put money into flood mitigation efforts and this is going on. there are questions about contribution of developed and the howard county executive hopes businesses will clean up, pick up their bootstraps and return but he will understand if they make a different decision this time around. rob: backlash over the new kneeling policies, top democrats calling for a boycott. jillian: a football hall of famer arguing it is a good
2:43 am
thing. >> trying to win back the base, the nfl lost support of the democratic congressman, keith ellison of minnesota calls for a boycott of the nfl over the rule change requiring players to stand for the national anthem or remain in the locker room until the anthem is over. ellison, the beauty chair of the democratic national committee calling for the boycott and tweeting friends who know me know that i love football but i won't be watching this nfl season because the unfair, cowardly and idiotic kneeling been, boycott nfl. a different response from a hall of fame or. eric dickerson telling tmv this gives you a choice, if the guys went to stand they can stand. if they want to stay in the locker room they will stay in the locker room. you can't please everybody but you know somebody is not going to like it. it is what it is what it is like religion and raising your kids,
2:44 am
no one will agree with you all the time. everyone has a disagreement how you raise your kids, religion, politics. my thing is i stood when we played and i would still stands. carson weighing in at the anthem protesters tweeting freedom sometimes comes at a cost. i think all the brave men and women who sacrificed so much to provide us the freedoms we had in this country, it is often taken for granted and you don't get the recognition. >> the kickoff away on september 6th. >> we are in training camp. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't.
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rob: so glad you're up, not monday, it is today. i urge you to get dressed and for the next 3 hours, unless you have a different rundown in your tv guide andrew mccarthy will be with us talking about spygate and how in precedented it is and talk about the questions he has as a former prosecutor. kellyanne conway, the quest to get the singapore summit back on track has had turbo speed, she will telus about that and the of his quest to stop the leaks inside the white house. of they finally got all on the same page? ben shapiro, conservative
2:49 am
pundit, columnist and on air personality. as he really bummed? a democrat believes public polling -- republicans are bums, we have gotten down to name-calling, 6 months before the midterms, we will discuss that along with all these different cards that are highlighted over the next 3 hours including judge andrew napolitano. getting back to work with what the supreme court has on tap. time for me to toss back to rob to see what he has planned? rob: i just got dressed. created quite a stir in the first half of the show. see you soon. prominent liberals trying to hammer donald trump on immigration only to have it backfire in a big way. the article they were tweeting in arizona showed pictures of immigrant children engages, this was from 2014 during pres. obama's term. are they still just as outraged now that they find out it wasn't the president, the current
2:50 am
resident? talk america radio contributor and democratic strategist david morey, thanks for coming on this morning, this article is four years old. i don't remember a lot of outrage when this article came out at the time and the sweets have been deleted. how do you defend that? >> they were wrong and should say they were wrong. this issue is one of many administrations. the bush administration and obama administration brought illegal immigration down, the trump administration kicked back up. this is about polarization more than policy and divides one fight against the other, ignites one extreme against another and we see the blame everywhere. multiple administrations, congress, the white house, democrats, republicans and if we abrogate to the states and courts we won't necessarily like the solution that happens the administration may not like the solution and it will continue to
2:51 am
ignite, we need a bipartisan bill after the midterms. rob: there's a lot to talk about. when this article came out, do you recall anybody being outraged? do you remember a big back last? maybe this was what they called selective outrage because the current president is responsible people got mad and now they are not you >> never even heard of this article until it came out recently. we live in a time where the climate is we are going to smear donald trump and his administration at all costs so you have liberals and anti-trumpeters do whatever they can even inadvertently really other credibility to take him down. don king posted a photo from 2014, this should end his career. not long ago a month ago posted about a texas police officer sexually harassing a woman as he
2:52 am
apprehended her, turns out that was false and had body cams to prove that. i asked why wasn't pres. obama held accountable for these photos? he had all 3 branches of government and could have done something about it and decided not to end many democrats decide to vote against that as well. >> this response tweet, a polarizing figure in this country, she deleted the initial tweet from sunday and posted this, no amnesia. our immigration system is a disaster and was a disaster before trump came along, now it would be palm increasingly worse under this white supremacist administration who made their hatred for immigrants crystal-clear. is that a fair response? >> this is political extremism, one fight against another. the trump administration is not
2:53 am
the only people getting smeared. they are doing a little smearing themselves. this is a political issue, the president has gone hard to his base, more than any president in history, solidifying the base but not solving the problem. i would like to see after the blood he midterms a bill with names on it like mccain and graham. a bipartisan bill that gets a solution instead of everyone accusing everyone else. rob: working between the aisle, remember those days? a picture of how polarized we have become, seems people are only angry when something is done by somebody from the other team. >> i have to say you have to admit donald trump is taking a brutal beating more than obama has. going forward, self-proclaimed journalists do some fact checking before dragging people for their narrative and agenda. >> lots of beating going on. rob: that was a great discussion
2:54 am
on this topic, appreciate it. jillian: a giant american flag could be taken down over skyrocketing costs. officials will vote on whether to hang their large flag after they decided it was too expensive to replace it, veterans offered to pay for it themselves. >> this flag is extremely important to me. i just wanted it back. >> we will hear more from bill coulter and his plans to save the flag on "fox and friends". a powerful photo showing a moment of respect for our nation's heroes, the atlanta brave supposed to be much of a fan holding an umbrella to shield and rotc cadets in the rain. the young man standing next to the pow chair of honor, the empty chairs meant to remind people even though imprisoned or missing soldiers are not there.
2:55 am
>> when university following heroes, making sure their kids are taken care of. >> a home away from home field, you will never guess where she was caught saving her legs in the video that went viral for all the wrong reasons. ♪
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♪ jillian: looks a little foggy there in d.c. this morning. rob: still pretty. jillian: spring is always pretty. first up the good. the university of memphis will offer fry tuition to children and spouses of fallen service members. it will be the first school to offer the national folds of honor scholarship as full television. rob: next the bad. a north carolina neighborhood setting up own toll road charging residents 5 bucks to get through. privately own shortcut tout beach. the toll is legal since that road is fully maintained by the people who live in that neighborhood. finally the ugly. i don't know if you saw this. a woman caught shaving her legs on the edge of a busy hotel swimming pool in florida. take a closer look. there is the razor.
3:00 am
there she goes. rinsing her razor in the pool. i'm actually like grossed out by watching that. rob: that's not her pool. that's a community pool. >> there are kids in there as a parent wouldn't you be like hello. rob: yummy, that will start your tuesday off. see you later. >> new reports the u.s. has halted sanctions against the rogue regime as the two sides talking. >> there is a message coming out of this administration no. premature talk of nobel prizes at this time. >> search continues at this hour for missing national guardsman who tried to save lives for a city under >> is this really leading by example when you are resorting to calling your colleagues on the other side of the aisle bums. >> you are actually worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up for a president. president. >> for the record, that was not a based joke that was about her ugly personality. she has the


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