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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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book. another companion was in a year book in a florida elementary school to learn more about k-9 companions, go to their website, look how big spike has gotten. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: i've got this thing. it's 3:00 eastern time. 1:00 p.m. inglewood, colorado where a ray of hope has pierced the prison cell of rod blagojevich. he's flying high after president trump told reporters that he would consider shortening the sentence of the former disgraced governor. about what about martha stewart? she did her time. she got a prison nickname. now a presidential pardon for m-diddy? and the secretary of state has just wrapped up a meeting with the top north korean official. looking good for the summit in singapore. ahead, an inside look how it's coming together. trend spotting update. secret memos are the new craze.
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seems everybody is writing them these days. the latest? the latest one from the fired fbi director andrew mccabe that wrote one about firing james comey who -- stay with me here -- wrote secret memos about the president. most importantly, today bears, where they do not belong. please remove yourself from the back yard pond, mr. bear. that is not for you. let's get to it. well, it's all coming together now, is it not? it's a bleeping golden day on planet blago. the former disgraced governor rod blagojevich could soon be free to fly wherever he chooses to, not just about the fox news deck. president trump saying he's reporting computing blago's
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prison sentence. not only that, the president says he's thinking about pardoning martha stewart. he did pardon a conservative author, dinesh d'souza. for now, let's focus on blago. he's behind bars for 2024 for trying to sell president obama's senate seat. again, he tried to sell the senate seat of the former president. the feds reported him discussing it thankfully. >> i've got this thing. it's a [bleep] golden. i'm just not giving it up for [bleep] nothing. i [bleep] busted my [bleep], [bleep] and grandmother a [bleep] free ride on a bus. an i get? 13% of ya'll think i'm doing a good job. [bleep] you. >> shepard: memories. earlier this week he wrote an pin piece for our corporate cousins.
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he said he was behind bars for practicing politics. i've got this thing. president trump said that blago is in jail for being stupid and for saying things many other politicians say. it's bleepin' golden. of course, blago tried to sell a senate seat because he said it was bleeping golden. blake burman is at the white house is. there an embedded presidential message in this? >> we walked into the white house thinking we would be covering tariffs and north korea. here we are on rod blagojevich. president trump threw this out of nowhere. he spoke to reporters and outlined his thinking with rod blagojevich saying that he thinks rod blagojevich was treated unfairly and a 14-year prison sentence was too long. blagojevich, who just ran through it, as you know, was convicted on a slew of corruption charges and trying to sell the senate seat vacated by
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barack obama. here's how the president justified his thinking of commuting the sentence. he said "if you read his statement, it was a foolish statement. there was a lot of bravado." "he shouldn't have been put in jail." blagojevich's wife had this reaction. we're encouraged by the president's comments. we're looking forward to the time that our family can be together again. blagojevich railed against the justice system in the "wall street journal" in which he said "i learned the hard way what happens when an investigation comes up empty and the government invested time, resources and manpower. when they can't find a crime, they create one." and martha stewart was accused for selling stock before it took a plunge. both stewart and blagojevich have a connection to president
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trump. blago was on "the celebrity apprentice" and martha stewart held a spin off of the show. and the prosecutor was one james comey. >> shepard: those are talk-about pardons. we got one for dinesh d'souza. >> yes. the president sent out the tweet out of left field saying that he made the decision to actually pardon dinesh d'souza. d'souza had admitted to too many campaign contributions going over the line that was allowed and he celebrated on twitter by writing the following this way. he said "obama and his stooges tried to distinguish my american dream and destroy my faith in america. thanks for restoring all my dreams." some contend here that the president is trying to send a different message with all of
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this. for example, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff sees it this way. this is a tweet that he put out afterwards. go to the back end because he wonders, is the president trying to send a message to michael cohen? there's been questions about the process in this. president trump told reporters on air force one that he had not spoken to dinesh d'souza until last night. he said no one had approached him about this. the white house said the white house counsel was involved but didn't go through the process of the u.s. pardon's attorneys office. the white house says don't worry about the process here. the president has the constitutional authority to do what he did on this day. by the way, some might also point to how president obama did something similar toward the end of his presidency in which he used a similar process to pardon retired general james carwright that was convicted to the fbi.
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usually this happened at the end of the presidency or last days. president trump has been active and others have been critical of his past pardons. scooter libby and joe arpaio. last week, he pardoned the former heavyweight champion, jack johnson. shepard? >> shepard: blake burman, thanks very much. mike pompeo says he doesn't know in the summit will happen next month. it comes after he sat down with kim jong-un's right-hand man in new york city. secretary pompeo said he made good progress with north korea during the talks. >> our two countries face a pivotal moment. >> secretary of state pompeo having dinner and meeting with the vice chairman, kim young chul in manhattan as they try to salvage the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. kim young chul is a notorious
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spy master. he's normally banned from entering the united states. president trump says a letter from kim jong-un is on its way to the white house. this mysterious letter, we'll have to wait to see what it says. >> a letter will be delivered to me from kim jong-un, so i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. it's very important to them. so they'll be probably coming down to washington d.c. on friday for the delivery of a letter. i look forward to that. >> shepard: remember last week president trump suddenly cancelled his summit with kim jong-un that was scheduled for june 12 in singapore. now president trump says hopefully it will still happen. and that it could take more than one meeting to reach a nuclear deal. david lee miller with the -- more than one meeting. who knew. >> that's right, shepard, if a summit takes place.
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let's start with the news that came out of this news conference with the secretary state, mike pompeo. the secretary of state and the north korean delegation met face to face for about two hours. that was less than many people had anticipated. the secretary of state was asked at this news conference if in fact that meeting ended early. he had a quizical look on his face. the secretary of state reiterated what the united states would like to accomplish here. the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. he said the u.s. is looking for a historic commitment. the tone of the news conference about the face-to-face meetings was very positive and as you mentioned, the secretary of state did confirm that the north korean delegation is now going to travel to washington to deliver to president trump a letter written by kim jong-un. it was expected that the north korean delegation at this time
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would be on a plane back home. that is now not the case. the bottom line here, secretary pompeo says things are moving forward. listen. >> we've made real progress in the last 72 hours towards setting the conditions. so your question goes to what are the conditions. the conditions are putting president trump and kim jong-un in a place where we think there could be real progress made by the two of them meeting. it does not good if we can't place them together. we made real progress towards that in the last 72 hours. >> secretary pompeo did not sugar coat the process that lies ahead. shepard, he said there's going to be obstacles and road blocks, but he says he does believe that kim jong-un shares a positive view of trying to accomplish temperature denuclearization of the korean peninsula. shep? >> shepard: what are we hearing from the president on the possibility of this summit?
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>> the president was aboard air force one today and asked by a reuter's reporter if in fact this summit with certainly is going to take place. the president, as you mentioned, hinted there could be more than one summit. but he also did not confirm that any summit is going to happen. listen to his words. >> it's all a process. we'll see. hopefully we'll have a meeting on the 12th. i want it to be meaningful. we may have to have a second or third meeting and maybe we'll have none. but it's in good hands. that i can tell you. >> and president trump said that in his words, he believes kim jong-un wants a deal. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller, live. a.b. stoddard from real clear politics what say you, a.b.?
12:12 pm
>> shep, we know that serious experts on these issues are meeting and they're trying to get the substance as soon as possible. they're note looking at on the menu on the lighting. they're trying to tackle the issues. secretary of state pompeo made it clear today that they want to continue to make progress. but he's not going to tell us what the progress is. the reason is, in the next 12 days or whatever, we have left, they have to play a game of expectation setting and at the same time getting concrete agreements. they can't let president trump get to the table with kim jong-un and be surprised. there has to be something nailed down between now and then. if not, they can't hold it on the 12th. there could be a delay to another time. they're trying to get to some treatment. they don't want to leave anything to chance. they're not going to reveal what that is. the president will say things no matter how they're going. that's what he does, he's a
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salesman. it's good that he continues to indicate nothing will happen at all because he doesn't want to give away the leverage that he has. every indication that we have, shep, every indication is that kim jong-un does not intend to provide complete irreversible and verifiable denuclearization. maybe he does that later. maybe there's a series of agreements. no one's estimation on tuesday, june 12, that's what will come out of a summit. it's about the definition of success and the timing of these agreements that amount to success. >> shepard: interesting. there was a time when this was chatter. now it would appear by all accounts, they have real pros on this. if there's any hope for this, they have absolute professionals that can absolutely get things done. the question that remains with me is this, a.b. what is the incentive in the end for kim jong-un or any north
12:14 pm
korean regime to denuclearization? it's their only chip, isn't it? >> they are suffering from the maximum pressure and the sanctions. they want economic help. but it's true, shep, that that's been their reason to exist, to be protected, to be able to defend themselves and to fend off the threat of attack or invasion from other countries. it's hard to see that changing. >> shepard: a.b., thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: president trump not giving up his claim that so-called spies infiltrated his campaign. that despite doubt from members of his own party and an absolute lack of any evidence to back up the claim. now some of the president's allies are weighing in with a message for the skeptics. that's coming up from the fox news deck where blago is keeping watch on a thursday afternoon. ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help.
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all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. >> shepard: president trump doubling down on his claims that the fbi planted a spy or spies in his 2016 campaign even after a ton of republican lawmakers say that didn't happen. there's no proof, no evidence, no nothing. the president tweeted this morning the corrupt mainstream media is working overtime not to mention the spies, informants in my campaign. trey gowdy went to a highly classified briefing last week. trey gowdy of benghazi fame. remember? gowdy said the claims are not true. that the fbi was doing its job
12:18 pm
the right way. the evidence seems to support him. president trump accuses the agency of spying for political reasons. this after reports that the fbi sent an informant to meet with the trump campaign advisers because of their suspicious contacts linked to moscow. all an effort to discredit the investigation so later if there's some charges or findings, people might not believe them. john roberts is live on the north lawn. hi, john. >> good afternoon to you, shep. guliani is questioning gowdy's a assertion last week that he believed the fbi acted absolutely properly when it dispatched a confidential informant from the outside to make contact with several members of the trump campaign, this is what gowdy said tuesday with martha maccallum on her show. >> i'm even more convinced the
12:19 pm
fbi did what my fellow citizens wanted them to do and it has nothing to do with donald trump. >> guliani, in a conversation this morning, was questioning whether gowdy got all of the information necessary to be able to make an assertion like that. guliani questioning whether gowdy got to see the confidential documents that he and devin nunes, the chairman of the house intelligence committee had been looking for. guliani saying when you have the confidential informant approaching the campaign from the outside and not somebody that was inside, might be classified as a mole or something like that, how can you say that there wasn't spying? so there's a disagreement here with what gowdy is saying and guliani is taking it to be. we haven't heard a response from gowdy's side yet. >> shepard: i understand you're hearing from president trump's legal team for their conditions with an interview with robert mueller. >> yeah. i talked to guliani about this as well. he said that he has a couple of items that need to be satisfied
12:20 pm
before he would ever let the president sit down with robert mueller for an interview. i asked guliani if they were red lines. he said yes. the two conditions are, they want to see everything on so-called spygate and that is what trey gowdy was talking about, the fbi informant that approached members of the trump campaign and what is known as the rosenstein scope memo. this is the memo that he wrote to outline what authority he had to investigation. here's what trey gowdy said last night. >> i want to to see the documents that trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous, and i'm not going to let my client testify, the president of the united states, even if he wants to, without those documents being produced. if and when we find this was handled appropriately and there's some evidence on which
12:21 pm
they can base this phony investigation we'll have him testify. >> one other aspect of this, the existence of a memo written by the former deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe that was recently fired was confirmed by fox news, mccabe wrote in that memo that he was told by rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, that the president last -- this is going back a year now -- had asked rosenstein to include something about russia in the memo that rosenstein wrote justifying the firing of james comey. fox news was told that the president asked rosenstein to include in the memo what comey had told him several times about not being under investigation. shep? >> shepard: okay. busy day. john roberts on the north lawn. not sure how you do it every day, john. i don't know. no short answer, i'm sure. speaking of that secret memo, pointing to the new ed that suggests the russia thing as
12:22 pm
president trump said he really fired james comey. we know that because he told us. now he said russia had nothing to do with it. mueller continues to investigate.
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>> shepard: president trump claiming again today that he did not fire the former fbi director james comey because of the russia investigation. president trump said that russian was on his mind at the time. his claims today comes after reports that president trump asked for the russian investigation to be part of the firing of james comey. president tweeted not that it matters but i never fired james comey because of russia. the corrupt mainstream media loves to push that narrative. it's not true. the president apparently is
12:26 pm
referring to a "new york times" report that fox news confirms that rod rosenstein said the president wanted him to include the russian investigation in his memo. james comey said he's not going to do that and the final version did not include the russia investigation. include, it was the hillary clinton e-mail case. mccabe's memo is now in the hands of the special counsel, robert mueller. mueller is looking into whether president trump tried to obstruct the investigation into russian and election meddling and ties to the trump campaign. comey's firing and the reason behind it are key to that. he said not that that matters. it matters quite a lot legally. the president and his team have changed their story several times about the firing. this new version today. but remember, just days after
12:27 pm
all of this actually happened, it was the president himself that told us what we're now reporting. listen. >> i was going to fire regardless of recommendation. he made a recommendation. he's highly respected. very good guy. very smart guy. the democrats like him, the republicans like him. he made a recommendation. but regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey knowing there was no good time to do it. in fact, when i decided to do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and russian is a made-up story. it's a made up excuse for the democrats for having lost the election that they should have won. >> shepard: this russia thing. a recommendation didn't matter. today more evidence that this russia thing as the president put it was a reason why president trump showed james comey the door. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington.
12:28 pm
here we go. >> fox news has reported that normer fbi deputy director andrew mccabe wrote personal memos about the president's firing of his boss, director james comey and the memos were turned over to robert mueller. the source that we contacted confirmed that rosenstein gave mccabe a copy of a draft letter firing comey written by president trump and that's the letter that has been passed on to the special counsel, robert mueller. the contents of the letter are not public and we don't know to for sure whether it backs up or conflicts with either account. that's important. rod rosenstein played a role in the firing of james comey and the establishment of the russia special counsel and the appointment of robert mueller. rosenstein's memo faulted comey's decision against charges in the hillary clinton case. the inspector general's report is expected in next few days and
12:29 pm
will address other decisions leading up to the presidential election, shep. >> shepard: let's turn to eric tucker now. he wrote today's article. nice to see you. >> hi. >> shepard: the new version of statements today, explain it to our viewers. >> if you rewind the clock to may 2017 and the stated explanation for james comey's firing, it was confusing because it seemed to suggest it had to do with the hillary clinton investigation and then the president himself days later said he was thinking of the russia thing. so now what this memo says is that the president effectively wanted this russia thing to be mentioned in the original document that rod rosenstein produced. >> shepard: and yet mccabe didn't do that? >> correct. so the actual memo actually reflects exclusively only on the hillary clinton e-mail
12:30 pm
investigation. it says nothing about russia. the only reference to russia is an addendum that the president tacked on in the letter addressed to comey where he says i'm grateful for the fact that you have told me several times that i'm personally not under investigation. >> shepard: the president says today not that it matters. it matters quite a lot. could you explain how that is to our viewers, please? >> sure. the firing of james comey is obviously really a central episode that is being examined by robert mueller. he's really trying to understand what was in the president's head, what he was thinking when he fired the fbi director and why he decided to make a move whether he had ever previously expressed any sort of displeasure because the thinking goes that if the driving factor was an effort to shut down the investigation into his campaign, this that could equate to obstruction of justice. on the flip side, you have the president's legal team that says
12:31 pm
he, as the president, is authorized to hire and fire whomever he pleases, so he can't obstruct an investigation by carrying out an act that he's authorized to do. >> shepard: the key point is intent. >> correct. this is all about state of mind. >> shepard: now, if in fact comey were to say we believe he fired comey with the intend of shutting down this investigation or altering the investigation in some way, what does that mean for the president legally speak something. >> so one thing that we're not clear is sort of what steps the special counsel can take. they can issue a report that goes to rosenstein that could lead to impeachment. they have indicated that they plan to follow justice department guidelines which would mitigate against an indictment of a sitting president. so we're not clear what happens if they do find criminal conduct. >> shepard: eric tucker, his work at the a.p. thank you. some of our top allies are threatening to fight back after the president of the united
12:32 pm
states made good on his threat against our allies to impose taxes and tariffs on them and their production of steel and aluminum. what that means for your wallet in our international relations. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour.
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hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ >> shepard: unjustified, unjustifiable and dangerous. that's how the finance minister from one of the united states top allies, france, is describing the new u.s. tariffs set to hit europe. the e.u. will have no choice to retaliate and it will. those reactions and more pouring in after the white house announced its moving ahead with a plan to tax steel and aluminum products from europe, canada and members dough. when does it begin? tonight at midnight. the united states will impose tariffs of 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum. officials from canada and mexico are suggesting that they too will retaliate. president trump announced the
12:38 pm
tariffs in march. he left a window open to negotiate with countries before they went into effect. the commerce secretary wilbur ross says there's been some progress in talks. the united states is willing to discuss even further. the white house says the move will protect american workers and defend national security. part of the president's america first agenda. officials from the e.u. and canada and mexico said trump's tariffs could make u.s. steel more expensive and increase the likelihood of a trade war and isolate the united states. christina is here from the fox business network. how are our neighbors reacting to this? >> very negatively. you have canada being the hardest hit when it comes to steel. think of all the u.s. steel coming into the country.
12:39 pm
17% comes from canada. a big amount of sales. prime minister trudeau making a statement that it's not fair and he's unhappy. they put out their last about an hour ago and saying there's 25% tariffs on u.s. steel going into candy as well as 10% on aluminum. they have additional things that sounds like a food fight. but on yogurt, sleeping bags, beer kegs, felt tip pens, toilet paper, cucumbers and strawberry jam. it's not just mexico. canada says they will retaliate. they say they will retaliate against pork and cheese, this is hitting solve of the cheese makers like kraft and hormel. >> shepard: what about jobs? >> jobs an excellent example, too. one report coming out from the trade protection policy. they said yes, you're putting
12:40 pm
aluminum and steel tariffs out there. maybe that will bring some of the sales to the united states. but that could hurt the industry. you'll increase the number of jobs but overall other industries will suffer because people aren't buying expensive strawberries because they come from mexico or elsewhere. every one job gained in auto, you're seeing three lost in other sectors. overall we could see higher costs. beer cans going up. 4 cents -- >> shepard: for one beer can? >> one beer can. this is according to the beer industry. canned goods, conditioned manufacturers saying prices will go up. >> shepard: you drink 100 beers, $4. >> probably more. that's just the cost. >> shepard: our crew will have to find new hobbies. >> i know. no more drinking. >> shepard: we can't have that. can't get through the day without that. you're a new one. nice to see you. >> thanks. >> shepard: harvey weinstein, nothing funny there. he's been indicted now on charges that could land him in
12:41 pm
prison for decades. the disgraced movie producer didn't testify. we'll tell you what his legal team is saying about it. plus, police releasing dash cam video showing the moment a cop punched a woman in the head at the jersey shore over memorial weekend. that's coming up.
12:42 pm
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12:45 pm
you see these? lava lamps. usgs scientists said it was moving faster overnight. six football fields an hour. very fast. here a night shot of the lava right here. scientists say it's moving fast because it's so hot. lava still shooting into the night sky out of almost two dozen cracks in the ground. prosecutors in new york had a six-month deadline to get a grand jury deadline against harvey weinstein. in less than a week after he turned himself in, they got one. harvey weinstein appeared in a new york courtroom yesterday to face sex crime charges including rape. he's 66 years old now. if he's convicted, he could potentially go to prison for decades. dozens of women have accused him of sexual misconduct. the first criminal charges
12:46 pm
involve two of the accusers. harvey weinstein says he didn't do anything wrong and his sexual encounters have always been consensual. his lawyers say he will plead not guilty. laura ingle is covering this. what now? >> this indictment came hours after weinstein's legal team said he wouldn't be participating in the grand jury. he wouldn't be testifying. this is what happened. weinstein turned himself in to police. that happened last week. he surrendered and rape and criminal charges. he was arrested and released on $1 million bail. the judge gave him till yesterday to see if he would testify. his lawyers say the request to testify was denied so he didn't testify. weinstein could get 25 years in prison on the charges against him involving two women. the d.a. released a statement
12:47 pm
yesterday which reads in part, "the defendant's assault on the integrity and survivors of the legal process is predictable. we're confident when the jury hears the evidence, they will reject the attacks out of hand." weinstein maintains his innocence. his next court date is june 5, next week. >> shepard: his legal team are from another planet. >> they are. >> shepard: now they're responding. >> they are responding and they say they're going to be coming at this heart. his attorney said they knew the indictment were coming and they were ready for it. they spent 90 minutes in the judge's chambers to discuss the concerns that weinstein would get a fair trial and issued a statement that reads in part this:" mr. weinstein plans to enter a plea of not guilty and defend the charges that he denies. we will move to dismiss the indictment. if this case proceeds to trial, we expect mr. weinstein to be
12:48 pm
acquitted." many call this the opening act. he's been accused by 80 women in london, beverly hills, los angeles. more to go through this. >> shepard: if true. >> if true. >> shepard: thank you. there's some dramatic new video that i want to show you. it's body cam video from police. it shows the moments leading up to a violent arrest of a woman down the jersey shore over memorial weekend. officers say the 20-year-old was drinking under age, obviously, while there with her, her baby and her boyfriend. when police asked her for her last name, she told them they didn't need it. and then things got heated. >> don't [bleep] me. i'm not -- >> that's it. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> shepard: happy memorial day. police say she -- the woman hit an officer when he told her that she was under arrest.
12:49 pm
they forced her to the ground while she cursed and spat on them. then the video shows the officer punching her. the woman's attorney says the police overreacted and used excessive force. the local police chief said the officers did a decent job. officials say they're investigating. the roseanne revival killed it in the ratings before abc killed the show over the star's racist tweets. now the man who played her for better than half the years is responding to what went down. another tv star facing heat for a vulgar comment targeting ivanka trump. now samantha b is apologizing. california law enforcement knows we need stop
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
liberal gavin newsom from becoming governor. they also know chicago lawyer john cox has thirteen losing campaigns under his belt... and cox supports bad ideas like a 23 percent sales tax! california police officers and police chiefs stand with antonio villaraigosa.
12:52 pm
as mayor, he worked with law enforcement, and cut violent crime in half. antonio for governor. >> shepard: you won't find actor john goodman getting into a
12:53 pm
twitter war over roseanne. the man that played the comedian's husband, dan connor, playing by the rule your mother taught you. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. goodman told e.t. that he would rather say nothing than to cause more trouble. he also claimed he's staying away from the twitter and doesn't read what is on there. good call. john hunt is live in los angeles. hi, jonathan. >> shep, roseanne is acknowledging the pain she caused others. in one of her many tweets, referring to john goodman and laurie metcalf writing "i just wish abc had not thrown two of the greatest actors in the world out with me, laurie and john. i'm so sick over this." but for the less well paid writers and minor cast members that find themselves out of work, disney abc acknowledged them in a memo apologizing to
12:54 pm
the many men and women that poured their hearts and lives in the show and were just getting started on the next season. he said the network had to uppolled its values of tolerance and civility. >> shepard: jonathan, there's a new tv controversy involving sam b. and the comments she made about ivanka trump. >> yes. last night the comedian addressed ivanka trump saying "do something about your dad's immigration policy." she used the c words there. he listened to you. put on something tight and low and tell your father to stop it." sarah sanders today condemned bee's language and said the collective science by the left and its media allies is appalling. her disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast and
12:55 pm
executives at time-warner and tbs have to say this will not been condoned. samantha bee issued a statement saying "i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line and i regret it." no indication from tbs that they will pull bee's show. they tweeted a short time ago, shep that samantha bee will be recognized at an event tonight for advancing social change. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live with us. the news continues after this. get your groove on with one a day 50+.
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♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing.
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>> shepard: as promised, about an hour ago, the bears where they don't belong. first, north of redding, p.a. where a black bear escaped the
12:59 pm
heat with a dip in a pond. the pond's owner decided against confronting the bear and chose to record it on video instead. the bear eventually got bored and wandered off to his neighbor's yard. look at this brown bear taking a job in southern california. very chilled there. cops north of los angeles say the animal peacefully roamed about, climbed a tree before he also got bored. police say they captured this bear and brought him back home. on this day in 1929, ford motor company signed a deal that produced cars in the soviet union. at the time the u.s. didn't have diplomatic relations. this is a ground breaking thing. soviets ability to turn out more
1:00 pm
cars and trucks helped them win the second world war. the dow took a little bit of a downer today. that happens from time to time. cavuto starts now. >> the conditions are putting president trump and chairman kim jong-un a place where we think there can be real progress made by the two of them meeting. it does no good if there's not real opportunity to place them together. we made real progress towards that in the last 72 hours. >> neil: all right. real progress for the big meeting. not so much at wall and broad. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." markets love that kind of thing. anyone that wants peace loves that thing that the talks could be back on between the leader of the united states and the leader of north korea next months. the same exact time and place as was originally supposed to be the case. it's what happened in the interim where the president decided to get tough on trade as an opening salvo