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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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but i maintain that lebron james is not only the greatest basketball player of all time, he is the greatest athletes of all time. >> wow! all right! >> fake newspaper >> set your dvr, never missed an episode. "special report" is next. hey, brett. >> bret: a deal on dealing familiarization, that would set up a summit. the u.s. pulls the trigger for steel and aluminum imports, fears of a trade war, and amazing pictures of the hottest lava possible in hawaii. this is special report. ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier, it is not officially back on, but there are many indications tonight that there will be some sort of meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un, somewhere, sometime soon. the president's top diplomat said following a meeting with one of kim's top advisors led to
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real progress had been made in the past 72 hours. and remarks from president trump today indicate that he is still looking at to mid-june as a target. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off as he always does, it seems from the north lawn. >> it's not my fault. i swear. as you said, officially the meeting is still off, there is been no announcement to the president's cancellation letter. but if you take a look at the diplomatic posture, it would suggest that unofficially at least, this meeting looks like it is back on. leaving washington on a road trip to texas, president trump this morning gave a thumbs up to how talks with north korea or proceeding. >> good morning, i want to tell you that we are doing very well with north korea. our secretary of state has had a very good meetings. he is meeting again today. i believe that they will be coming down to washington on friday. >> the president revealed today that they are expected and deliver a response from kim
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jong un last week. >> a letter will be delivered to me from kim jong un, so i look forward to seeing what is in the letter. >> president trump lowering expectations for his planned meeting with kim jong un, saying if it happens it may be just the beginning of the process. >> hopefully we will have a meeting on the 12th, it is going along very well. but i wanted to be meaningful. it does not mean that it gets done at one meeting. maybe you have a second or third. maybe we will have none! >> the phrase maybe we will have none could also apply to robert mueller's request for an interview with president trump. >> i want to see the documents that trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous. i will not let my client testified. >> the president's outside attorney rudy giuliani told fox news today that he has two conditions that need to be meant to be for an interview. access to rod rosenstein so-called "scope memo" outlining the areas where robert marler was able to investigate and acco
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doj materials with the confidential informant who approached several members of the trump campaign. >> if and when we find that this was handled appropriately and there is some evidence on which they could base the phone the investigation, we will have him testify. but if there is no evidence, which i assume that there is no evidence, then i mean, he should not testify. >> the latest twist revealed in the restaurant investigation is the existence of a memo written by former fbi director andrew mccabe about the firing of james comey. sources tell fox news that mccabe memo details a meeting he had with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. sources say in that meeting, rod rosenstein said that the president asked him to include something about russia and his memo justifying james comey's firing. rosenstein told mccabe that he declined to do it. a source tells fox news that president trump simply asked rosenstein to add a line about james comey telling the president that he was not under
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investigation. the reference was not included in rosenstein's final memo. >> rudy giuliani also tells fox news that he has not yet begun formal prep sessions with the president for a possible interview with robert mueller, but even if there is not going to be an interview, rudy giuliani says that he would do the prep sessions, because the president's legal team will want to write a report about it at se point. and they need to have a great level of detail, and the president is understanding before they write the report. bret. >> bret: the president announced a pardon, hinting at a more action to come. >> dennis desousa, the well-known conservative filmmaker, author, and playmaker, pleading guilty to a campaign contribution received a pardon today, and then aboard air force one on his way down to texas, the president suggested that there may also be pardons in store for martha stewart and former illinois governor rob blagojevich who is serving the 14-year prison sentence for
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corruption. interesting to note that both of those people, they appeared on "celebrity apprentice" this did not sit well with some of the democratic critics that believe that he is sending the signal to people caught up in the russia investigation that he is a pardoning kind of guy. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn, thanks. here with the panel, secretary of state pompeo saying today that will be a shame if an agreement is not reached with north korea. correspondent rich admin is at the state department with the story tonight. >> they made real progress, that is a report from secretary of state mike pompeo following hours of meetings this morning and last night with north korean vice president. >> there is nothing short of tragic to let the opportunity go to waste. >> they spent decades building a nuclear weapons program to safeguard its regime. secretary pompeo says that his mission is to convince kim jong un that his nuclear weapons actually present a threat to his security.
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not protection. since president trump agreed to a summons with kim jong un, the rhetoric between the countries has escalated between threatening and complementary. >> we will not be surprised or frightened or deterred by moments where it looks like there are challenges and difficulties. things that cannot be bridged. our mission is to bridge them. >> one week after president trump released a letter to kim jong un, canceling the june 12th cement, the top embassy areas in the united states. carrying a letter for president trump. pompeo says that kim jong chul will deliver in washington. it testifies what is a willingness to dismantle the program. now the middle barry institute for international study meg study says that north korea is removing material from the site so i'm site before the destruction. a conference to fox news that "the north koreans are still treating information about the nuclear weapons program as sensitive. that suggest that north korea is
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unlikely to hand over her actual nuclear weapons" while his vice chairman is united states, kim jong un hosted sergey lavrov who delivered a greeting from vladimir putin. >> he sends his warmest regards and best wishes that have been initiated on the korean peninsula with your participation. >> as a russian government tries to involve itself in the issue, he also invited came to moscow. >> the original date for the summit is less than two weeks away. june 12th, when asked whether it is going to happen on that date, secretary of state mike pompeo would only say that he does not know. bret. >> bret: thank you. if the summit happens, will anything important be accomplished there? let me know on twitter, you use the hashtag or on facebook! there are new fears of a trade war, involving the u.s. and its economic partners,/rivals.
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the president is making good on a threat to impose tough new tariffs on imported metals. and the country affected is fighting back. correspondent kevin corke has details from the white house. >> these tariffs are totally unacceptable. >> the white house's decision to implement new tariffs on steel and imports from canada, mexico, and the european union could fan the winds of a global trade war or send a strong message that the days of massive u.s. trade balance is an unfair and accurate somatic market access are over. >> we will continue to make arguments on logic and common sense and hope that they will prevail against an administration that does not always align itself around those principles. >> it is totally unacceptable that the country is imposing these matters. >> global trade is not a gunfight at o.k. corral. >> the president's move comes after failed months of
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negotiations with the administration announcing today that tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum imports from canada, mexico, and the e.u. are said to go in effect at midnight. >> he has worked to exempt certain allies for which we have trading or security relationships. but in these instances, it was not possible. so the president took action. >> in retaliation mexico said it would target the u.s. agricultural products. and canada announced a $16 billion set of new tariffs on american goods. some of the president's own party question the wisdom of the policy, tennessee senator lamar saying that this is a big mistake, calling tariffs basically higher taxes on american consumers. the ben sasse of nebraska adding that this is dumb. to make america great again should not mean make america 1929 again. both men argued when it comes to tariffs, the u.s. should hit china, not al our allies. ober ross said that he was not
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concerned about the row. >> this has been under discussion for quite some time. and it is a very small percentage of the respected economy. a fraction of 1%. >> chinese leaders see the anticipating tariffs soon, vowing to fight back when they happen. do not forget next week, bret, we will be in canada for with them and put the president for the g7, a good bet that tariffs will be a major topic of discussion. >> bret: thank you! stocks were down today, the dow lost 252, the s&p 500 fell 19, the nasdaq drops to 20. let's get some analysis on how the trade talk may be affecting the markets now going forward. here of the fox business network, joining us from new york. >> good evening, bret, all three industries fell. boeing and caterpillar, the most on the doubt. as a result of the tariffs, steel and aluminum is going to cost american companies more, that can hurt profit margins.
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canada, mexico, the e.u. specifically germany make up half of american steel imports, and numerous trade experts say the economic effect of the tariffs will be far-reaching. there is also retaliation, mexico vows to employ its values on u.s. flat steel to american cheese, anyone in mexico who wants to buy american products will have to pay more for them. procter & gamble sells a lot of personal care products and mexico. that stock was lower today. the e.u. has been talking about targeting $3 billion of american products from harley-davidson, that stock was lower. suburban, brown-forman makes jack daniel's whiskey, that was lower. canada saying it's going to read to halle dollar for dollar, more than $15 billion worth of tariffs against numerous u.s. products including american playing cards, felt tip pens, to whatever american goods they want to buy, they will have to pay more as of midnight
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tonight. >> bret: is there any silver lining in the markets? >> for investors who own steel and aluminum stocks, those two general group's closing higher, some big movers, but the larger next big economic related question is, what are these tariffs on canadian and mexican steel and aluminum mean for nafta negotiations. wilbur ross seemed pretty calm about the negotiations, but goldman sachs put out a note saying it is less likely for the three countries to revamp the three party trade agreement. most economists prior to today were somewhat hopeful for progress with the auto sector, but now they say that is off the table. >> bret: we will watch that one, deidre, thank you. we have some spectacular new video to show you from hawaii. fox news travels with national guard troops to bring the first and look at what scientists tell us is the hottest lava yet, and the hottest possible from the killer wave volcano.
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>> there she blows. >> there is no stopping this for us. and apocalyptic mix of halt molten rock, plumes of toxic gas, and fire. >> you wake up to the horns and sirens, and you are people telling you that you need to go now. >> though volcano when it's active fissures are responsible for the distractions of 70 homes and counting. >> we're just trying to make it. and yes, it is cool, but also scary, it is close to home. it is home. it is right across the street. >> stress is also setting in. >> i live here! i live here! >> watch this tense moment between two residents takes a nearly deadly term, the shooter spoke with us the previous day, showing video of the law by getting closer to his home. and the lava is moving faster, covering 6-foot don't have football fields an hour. spreading across an area of three times this time of new york's central park.
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>> it's so far down, far too dangerous. behind us to see that big black wall of cooled off, there is a lava form. said it anymore meant that to that wall could crack and you would have a wave of lava gushing towards us. >> it looks like an aboveground pool, the side brakes and the water gushes out. that's how dangerous it could be. >> the lava has synced over roads leaking out of subdivisions with fewer escape routes remaining, more families are facing the reality of leaving and losing it all. >> we all have a lot of emotional connection to this place. but it is time to go. it is not, it is not fair to put other people's lives at risk. >> the accounting estimates 1,000 people still live here in lava zones, the threat of earthquakes and dioxide is high. >> bret: amazing pictures. up next, the eerie silence by
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progressives about sexual misconduct among the leading democratic candidates for governor. some of the fox affiliates are covering. fox five in vegas, the contracts of 50,000 workers employed at 34 casino and hotel's expire at midnight. they could walk off the job at any time, starting friday. to the union representing thousands of las vegas casino workers saying that to the biggest resort operators would move $10 million a day combined if housekeepers, cooks, and oths go on strike. ws began in miami, several homee been damaged, and are being damaged. and two people injured when a crane collapsed in fort lauderdale. it happened yesterday afternoon. officials said workers were replacing power poles when the crane lost to stability. and crashed into those houses. and this is a life look out to new york from fox five, one of the biggest stories today, sears closing another 72 stores after
3:16 pm
reporting first quarter losses and plunging sales. the struggling retailer says that it has identified about 100 stores that are no longer turning profits. and 72 of those locations will be shut soon. sears holdings corporation lost $424 million in its first quarter this year. that is tonight's life look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ en a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. (vo)about what i eat.n selective this new beneful select 10, has 10 amazing ingredients! (avo) with real beef, plus accents of sunflower oil and apples, suddenly your dog's a health nut. (vo) the old me woulda been all over that. (avo) new beneful select 10. 10 ingredients. 1 thoughtful recipe
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♪ >> bret: comedy show host samantha b is apologizing for referring to ivanka trump using vulgarity, these outbursts came on her program "full frontal" scene on tbs. white house press secretary sarah sanders called this language of vile end. this afternoon she tweeted "i
3:20 pm
would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line and i deeply regret it." tbs says that she has taken the right step in apologizing, not saying whether they will be any consequences for b on that show. tonight a look at the issue of extramarital affairs and how that is affecting or not the democrats and the california governor's race. william la jeunesse tells us from los angeles. >> gavin newsom had an inappropriate affair with his employee. >> the top democrats in the race for california governor are taking fire. >> antonio b would go so did the same with a reporter. >> democratic challenger amanda renteria called on candidate given newsom to step aside. >> i believe elected official should be held to a higher standard. and no matter what that is, we need to make sure that we have elected the leaders who have not
3:21 pm
been involved in abusing their power anyway. >> a former aide to hillary clinton sees a double standard, especially among progressives who call on sexual misconduct in others. >> it is all over the place. >> sexual harassment is inappropriate in every circumstance paid in every way. >> and san francisco mayor, he had a secret ongoing affair with his secretary, at the time he called sleeping with a subordinate to a personal matter in. she lost her job and taxpayers paid for her counseling. >> the thing that i said to the voters in tampa and cisco, that in knowledge, i apologize for it. >> california senator kemal harris endorsed newsom, chelsea handler helped him raise 70 million. from silicon valley and hollywood. >> yes, it is true. >> also admitted to having an affair with a reporter that covered his office, but he enjoys broad democratic support >> does is not that big of a
3:22 pm
deal anymore. >> dan walters says because both affairs were consensual, the media, liberal donors, and democrats are looking the other way. >> this is not to kansas, this is california. and people take a pretty tolerant view of human foibles. >> recent polls show newsom with 30% of the vote, and republican john cox with 20. the top two tuesday will face off in november. bret. >> bret: the archdiocese of st. paul and minneapolis has agreed to a $210 million settlement with 450 victims of clergy sexual abuse. that is according to a victim's attorney. the money will go into a fund to pay survivors. the deal is part of the church plan for victim reorganization. at the archdiocese is 1 of 15 across the country to file for bankruptcy seeking production by sexual abuse of clergy members. gasoline prices for the summer are easing abates right now.
3:23 pm
that is because the u.s. is said to be in the driver's seat when it comes to energy coming forward. alesia kunio tells us now how from denver. >> with the price at a pump at a seven year high, some may question the gupta lament president when he says. >> we are strong on enemy. essentially now energy independent. >> analyst say the president is cracked. good news is on the horizon. >> it is fair to say that the overall policies on deregulation by this administration have been constructive. >> for decades the organization of petroleum exporting countries or opec, trolled the price of oil, promptings shortages and long lines at the pump with embargo back in 1973. a few years back, saudi arabia saturated the market driving down the price per barrel. some u.s. companies went bankrupt, but the industry adjusted becoming leaner and improving fracking technology. >> we lowered the breakeven price much lower than opec could
3:24 pm
lower it. so they blinked before we did. >> renewed sanctions on iran and an unrusted oil pump doing that countries like venezuela are pushing up gas prices. the analyst say historically similar events would have shot up by dollars instead of sense. >> because the u.s. are major producers now, they are creating a buffer. not just for the u.s. economy, but for the global economy. we are still on a path to being the biggest oil producer in the world. at the biggest oil exporter, and one of the biggest consumers. >> contractors say that the president's pro-fossil fuel policies will hurt the environment. >> it seems like we are going back in time almost 100 years now to where oil and gas are king. >> the trump administration believes that the strategic petroleum reserve created after the '73 oil embargo is not as necessary. considering cut cutting the amount stored by half. >> bret: thank you.
3:25 pm
officials in puerto rico are warning that another major storm could turn out the lights in the u.s. territory. it has taken almost $4,000,000,000.08 months to restore power too much of the island there. following the hurricane maria. went through. still some 12,000 homes and businesses are without electricity. experts predicted that it will take for less than another category 4 storm to put all of puerto rico back in the dark. another time this week, the study in "the new england journal of medicine" found that the death toll was on was 5,000 as opposed to the official government total of 64. up next, taking china very seriously. first beyond our borders tonight, the court of human rights has ruled romania and lithuania allowed the detention and abuse of the saudi and palestinian at a secret to u.s. prison following the 9/11 attacks. the court says that the men were both considered high-value
3:26 pm
detainees taken by the cia at the start of the u.s.-led war on terror. romania denies hosting such facilities, lithuania says that it may appeal the ruling to the cia. they declined to comment. the hungarian government proposing constitutional amendments in a new law attempted to keep the nation from becoming an immigrant country. tightening policies on excepting refugees and asylum-seekers. the government is calling the movement stop soros. it partly targets hungarian american financier george soros. that offer a legal and other aid to asylum-seekers. pro-choice campaigners took what they said were abortion pills out of the belfast court, as pressure grows to ease more of thailand's ban on terminating pregnancies. northern ireland is the only part of the united kingdom where abortion is illegal in all but exceptional cases. the neighboring republic of ireland voted to remove the ban
3:27 pm
on abortions putting pressure on the north to follow suit. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ let's see why people everywhere are upgrading their water filter to zerowater. start with water that has a lot of dissolved solids. pour it through brita's two-stage filter. dissolved solids remain? what if we filter it over and over? (sighing) oh dear. thank goodness zerowater's five-stage filter gets to all zeroes the first time.
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♪ >> bret: top north korean official will meet with president trump tomorrow at the white house. he will bring with him a letter from kim jong un to be delivered to president trump. today secretary of state mike pompeo said real progress has been made on a possible cement during negotiations this week. meanwhile the pentagon is focusing on another rival in the pacific. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us about a reinforced message to china. >> the united states military has had a lot of experience in the western pacific taking on smaller islands. >> a not so veiled warning to china to build up security in the china sea. showing china has placed new
3:31 pm
surface-to-air missiles in the spratly, and recently landed nuclear capable bombers on woody allen. china calls the accusation ridiculous. defense secretary jim mattis will reassure allies that the u.s. will not allow china to spread its influence unchecked. >> there had been a promise in 2015 by president xi where he stated that they would not be military rising the islands. we have seen that they have done exactly that. >> had a change of command ceremony in hawaii, the outgoing head of u.s. pacific horses, admiral harry harris, issued another warning. >> china remains the biggest long-term challenge, without focus, involvement, and engagement by the united states and our allies and partners, they will realize a gemini in a job. we should cooperate with beijing where we can, but stand ready to confront them when we must. >> the u.s. has stepped up
3:32 pm
operations to counter china, sending naval vessels near the man-made islands this past weekend. and mattis announces he has changed the name of pay comms to end opaque calm, a shot across the bow at china that feels threatened by way rival india. it serves as a backdrop to potential north korea talks. >> the 27 year holiday from history is over. greater competition is back. >> slated to be president trump's next ambassador to south korea. >> bret: jennifer at the pentagon, thank you. leaders in iran are dealing with a rising tide of dissent tonight. they are threatening to come down hard on the dissenters and protesters. senior political correspondent mike emanuel shows us what is happening and who is being blamed. >> recent protests inside iran have been deadly with security forces turning their weapons on their own people. and threatening to resolutely
3:33 pm
confront growing unrest over economic struggles. the regime has also lashed out at the u.s. and israel accusing them of trying to trick protesters. today the israeli prime minister spoke directly to the iranian people on twitter. >> the iranian people are brilliant. they are innovative. so why is iran so poor. why is unemployment so rampant? the answer is in two words "the regime." >> u.s. officials have been quick to blame the corruption and mismanagement for the country's economic troubles. >> workers are not getting paid. strikes are a daily occurrence. and the reality is plummeting. unemployment is at a stag a dating staggering 25%. >> they suggest that the anger is not only about the economic concerns. >> the recent protests including the nationwide bus and truck driver strikes are designed to say that politics and economics are linked in the public. and those who want a better lots also want a better government. >> president trump's decision to
3:34 pm
pull out of the deal is giving the regime ammunition to take a hard line with french energy company total. it has 60 days to negotiate with the u.s. government to secure an exemption from american sanctions prayed otherwise iran's oil minister is threatening to give control to the largest gas field to a chinese state owned company. >> this is a trump administration putting the financial squeeze on tehran and trying to win over its people. >> u.s. officials have said that the iranian people particularly the younger population are eager for economic, political, and social change. so the trump administration will not let up. >> bret: mike, thank you, are we inching closer to a historic cement between the u.s. and north korea? plus the latest on the russia probe, we will talk about it all with the panel when we come back. ♪
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3:39 pm
we have seen that before. by the president talking about this possible summit on june 12th, if it stays, talking to reuters on air force one, i would like to see it done in one meeting, but oftentimes that is not the way that the deal works. there is a very good chance that it will not be done in one meeting or two meetings or three meetings, but it will get done at some point. i look forward to seeing the letter. i look forward to june 12, where hopefully we can make progress. i would like to see a total denuclearization and as quick as practicable. you are talking about machinery. you are talking about things that cannot happen immediately, but they can happen in as rapid a fashion as they can happen. that is what i want to happen. let's bring in our panel, start there. jonathan swann, national political reporter for axios, mollie hemingway. a senior editor at the federalist coming in charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post." i sense that there is kind of a setting of expectations here of what could be a first in a series that they do not think that they are going to get it
3:40 pm
all in one. >> i talked to a senior white house official yesterday about this. they say that today are still hoping that it is june 12, but there is still some uncertainty, there were not details with north korea, it could be pushed out by a few days. and of course, who knows, if kim jong un, something could happen between now and then that blows no bolting up. >> bret: it is significant at this top guy is coming. to the oval office. >> very significant. and working under the assumption that this is going to happen, the president wants it to happen. and even the skeptics on his team like john bolton, national security advisor knows that the presidency is a path here. and they are not fighting the decision. >> bret: it does not matter the date of june 12, it matters what they get out of it. and if they get out of it. >> there is a pattern in history where you have a really long lead up to a meeting. work out and you negotiate what will be discussed. then you hope for the best i will have an edit weeding. one gets the sense because we
3:41 pm
have had such bad communication, may be just meeting and getting things started right away will be helpful even though i do not think that terribly much will be accomplished so early that it will take further meetings and more hashing out. and if we did here before president trump canceled a meeting that north korea have proposed similar things along the line to what they have proposed in the past. when they get a big bundle of money for promising to do something. i do not think that that will satisfy the u.s. negotiators this time around. >> bret: in the meantime, the russians are making a move to north korea. >> he sends his warmest regards and best wishes and the endeavors that have been initiated on the korean peninsula with your participation. the situation on the can korean peninsula is changing according to two countries but i'm glad that putin's government is acting in opposition of the united states. we are ready to negotiate with the russian side. >> piece, per village he, and prosperity in southeast in general are in our interest.
3:42 pm
>> bret: warm and fuzzy with kim jong un, clearly sending a message that we are still around. >> we are still around, we are still on your border. we want to know what is going on. yes, it is a big event, whatever it was on the korean peninsula. and it seems like he is getting serious between you and donald trump. what is very interesting about that little meeting is that it shows kim jong un has somehow managed to put himself, it's on the psyche is courting, he is sort of the most eligible bachelor in northeast asia, and everybody is coming to him to see what he wants. and what we can do to make you happy. trying to get influence with him. i think that that is a very strong position for him to be in. the united states has quite openly said, if you do business with us, if you give us what we want, we are prepared to guarantee your safety, make you rich. the president even said, make you happy. and that is a very sweet offer that probably alarms the russians and the chinese a
3:43 pm
little bit that may be the united states, my gosh, will turn out to be the most influential power right here in northeast asia. and they are moving to check it out. >> bret: in the meantime, we are still checking the russia probe on a lot of different fronts. the president tweeting today a number of tweets, but this one, not that it matters what i never fired james comey because of russia. the corrupt mainstream media loves to keep pushing that narrative, but they know that it is not true. that prompted a lot of looking into sound bites. like this one from nbc. >> regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey, knowing that there was no good time to do it. in fact, when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russian thing with trump and russia is a made up story, it is a excuse by the democrats for her lost incorporated losing an election that they should have won. >> bret: what is the deal?
3:44 pm
did you figure out the white house response? >> they are not talking much on this. i actually did some reporting today on other conversations that trump has been having privately, pressuring jeff sessions for the better part of a year over this. they are not talking about it. i do not think that there is a particularly good answer for that comment. >> there is a great answer, if you do the clip just a little bit longer he talks about more that he knows that firing comey might extend the russia investigation. but it still must be done. that clip is not that difficult to understand pit he is saying that he did not like how james comey was privately assuring him that he was now the target of a russian investigation while publicly suggesting to the world that he was. even though james comey was doing these j. edgar hoover type of games it might cause him trouble on the russia investigation, he needed to fire him because he was so bad at his job and because he was bad for the american people. i think particularly with what we have learned about james comey in the year since that interview was given, which i think was just about a year ago now, we really should have a clear understand of what he was
3:45 pm
saying. >> bret: sure, but they do not have you talking for them and they do not have you explaining it to. when the tweets comes out, it is not that clear. so a lot of times you have to read between -- >> i will not disagree with you that they could do a better job messaging what is being said. and putting out what that whole interview was shown. >> it in the meantime rudy giuliani is going after trey gowdy on what he said of the informant or spy, take a listen. >> i went to see the documents that trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous. and i'm not going to let my client testify, the president of the united states, even if he wants to without those documents being produced. if and when we find that this was handled appropriately, and there is some evidence that they can base this on the investigation, we will have him testify. >> bret: chuckled. >> well trey gowdy did deliver at least in p.r. terms a very
3:46 pm
heavy blow to the trump position in this by coming forward and blessing the mueller investigation, sorry, the fbi investigation prior to mueller, during the election. so obviously they are pushing back very hard. i think that if i may step back, with what rudy giuliani is doing is a piece that would put the trump tweet today, preparing the ground on all kinds of areas for what might be the eventual confrontation with mueller. laying down markers of here is our version of events. here is our version of the facts. trey gowdy going to follow that, so they push back. >> i wrote at "the federalist" that trey gowdy did not see all of the subpoenaed documents that they are seeking to use the informant that he also seems confused whether it was a criminal probe, we do not use the term spy and criminal probes, but we should all know because james comey testified
3:47 pm
about this in march 2017, this was not a criminal probe, this was a counterintelligence probe. spies are common in a counterintelligence probe, we do with political opponents during a campaign, i think it is really something that people should be discussing. and thinking through and knowing so much more about whether they are congressional investigators, internal watchdogs, or people in the media. >> bret: when trey gowdy has these meetings and agree that they did not bring in any documents, and they have a classified debriefing and they explain what they were doing. and he says, you should be proud of what the fbi was doing at the time, and you would expect that. how is that interpreted any other way? >> well i am not entirely sure how to explain what trey gowdy was saying. although he does have a history of being a fan of the fbi. but he also completed what he was saying in these interviews about what's president trump has had. when james comey first presented to him information about the russians, which was after the election period he said that he would like a fully investigated. and trey gowdy said, this means
3:48 pm
that it was okay to run an informant against your campaign. and i do not think that he further said that the american people support the use of informants. he does not have a good grasp on what american people think about running informants on political campaigns. >> bret: i want to get to the rest of the panel, we only have a quick amount of time, but jonathan, also today, the pardon of dinesh desousa, the president says that he is considering a pardon of martha stewart saying that the president use of pardon powers is concerning enough bread for the possibility that he may be sending a message to witnesses in a criminal investigation into his campaign is extremely dangerous in the united states of america, nobody is above the law. is a part in a pardon or a part in a message? >> i am a reporter, so i need facts. and this is the same thing as before, i can only report what i know for a fact. i do not have any evidence that president trump has said to do an act that to anybody privately, so for me to say that
3:49 pm
is what he is thinking, that would be pure speculation. i'm not going to do that on your show. >> bret: a lot of that on capitol hill. next up the u.s. pulls the trigger on what could start a trade war. we will take a look. ♪ for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. let someone else do the heavy lifting. tripadvisor compares prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. so you barely have to lift a finger. or a wing. tripadvisor.
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♪ >> we will continue to make arguments based on logic and common sense, and hope that eventually they will prevail against an administration that does not always align itself around those principles. >> it is unfortunate that we could not come to an agreement with canada, mexico, and europe, but they will have the same tariffs in the interest of national security. their allies tomorrow, allies today, but this president needs to do what we have to do to defd
3:53 pm
this country and to make american steel and american aluminum with american hands. >> bret: steel and aluminum tariffs are going to a affect the president tweeting "fair trade." despite an onslaught of republican lawmakers putting out statement saying that this is not the right thing to do including the house speaker paid back with the panel, chuck, controversial, politically, how does it fall? >> i would guess to these other countries, i happen to agree that this is a mistake. but i would say to them in a way, what part of america first did you not understand? he is following through on something that he declared in his inaugural address, that he deeply believes in. he is shredding or threatening to shred 70 years worth of american policies starting in the arrangement that began in 1948. that held that expanding
3:54 pm
reciprocal trade relationships with the widest network. and good for the world. he used these as zero-sum arrangements in which the united states has been getting the short end of the stick. he is going to change that, coercively. this will have a long-term effect on what had traditionally been close partnerships. they may negotiate a way out of it, but the relationships will never be the same. >> bret: molly. >> what a lot of elites and people and to see talk about free trade, but what they are really talking about are these negotiated contracts between nations. and this is a big departure from what we have seen in the past where you would have maybe tariffs as part of a presidential economic agenda to achieve a domestic goal or placate a particularly domestic efficiency, the president thinks of the tariffs are a part of a broad, national security strategy, and that this, these are very unique tariffs to use for that goal. but he seems pretty serious.
3:55 pm
>> bret: the republican leaders, talking, looking at the tea leaves. this is helping somebody like sharon brown in ohio, or heidi heitkamp, or some democrats as opposed to republican policy. >> it is not just republican leaders on the hill. it is larry kudlow in the white house. trump thinks that tariffs are a terrible idea. but thinking of what is next. we have seen the europeans, the mexicans, and the canadians are ready to go with retaliation. we will see some retaliation through tariffs, but what does trump dudes then? do we get into a trade war that could become really have effects on the global economy? >> bret: we will follow it, when we come back, and emotional guest singer at a game. ♪ and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger,
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a 99-year-old world war ii veteran saying "god bless america" during a minor league baseball game last night in allentown, pennsylvania. how does that set up sound? he received, you bet, a standing ovation. let's listen. ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home
4:00 pm
[cheers and applause] >> bret: nice job, sir. thank you for your service and inviting us into your home tonight, that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid prayed here is my third. >> martha: breaking tonight, blagojevich, the impeached former governor of illinois may get home to his wife and two daughters. convicted for corruption related to what the jury said was a spelling selling of the senate seat of president obama. >> i have this thing, and it is [bleep] golden. and i'm not giving it up for [bleep] nothing. >> martha: his wife patty blagojevich breaking her silence, giving us her husband's first reaction to this news from the federal prison where he has been for seven years on a 14-year sentence. and blagojevich was not the only person that