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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 13, 2018 3:00pm-3:59pm PDT

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quite a fun little joke. barbara nielsen was standing at the baggage claim when she spotted her son, welcome home from prison mom. set your dvrs, never miss a special report. >> bret: thanks. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. coming up in just a minute my one-on-one interview with president trump aboard air force one following his historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un. first and ice headlines. president trump says there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. that was part of twitter spree today is the president arrived back in washington. the president also challenging skeptical media coverage of his historic trip declaring fake news is the nation's biggest enemy. several lawmakers from both parties pushing back on the president's twitter characterizations yesterday. the president's personal lawyer is searching for a new legal team to represent him in an fbi investigation of his business dealings.
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fox news is being cautioned however tonight against drawing a conclusion that michael cohen is cutting a deal with prosecutors as is being reported by other news outlets tonight. the united nations general assembly is blaming israel for violence at its g ey havcalled for a condemnationhas, which has organized almost weekly protests there. but the u.n. rejected that request. justice department inspector general's report on the investigation into hillary clinton's emails is expected out tomorrow. fox news was told president trump will be briefed on that report in the morning. as president trump was leaving singapore i talked with him aboard air force one about the summit and what's next. that summit was highly produced and choreographed down to a very specific pitch meant to appeal to the movie-loving, pop-culture-obsessed kim jong u kim jong u
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>> bret: after the cameras left, the bilateral meeting, president trump and his team pulled out an ipad to show the north korean dictator and his team are highly produced four-minute video put together by the national security counci council. >> destiny pictures presents a story of opportunity. a new story, a new beginning. one of peace. two men, two leaders, one destiny. a story about a special moment in time when a man is presented with one chance that may never be repeated. what will he choose? to show vision and leadership? or not? there can only be two resul. one of moving back.
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or one of movingorward. >> bret: the movie trailer was then shown to a packed news conference. >> i hope you like to, i thought it was good. i showed it to him today actually during the meeting, toward the end of the meeting. and i think he loved it. about eight of their representatives were watching it and i thought they were fascinated, but i thought it was well done. >> bret: then e than answering jrnalist questions, more than three dozen of them, even mentioning the specific real estate pitch he used with kim jong un. >> they have great beaches. you see that whenever they are exploding their cannons into the ocean, look at that, wouldn't that make a great condo? i explained, is that instead of doing that you can have thet hotels in the world right there. think of it from a real estate perspective. >> bret: from the press conference on santos island, a 20 minut motorcade to an airbase in singapore to board his ride home, air force one.
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>> bret: thanks for the time. what is this, 26 hour >> 26. we've been negotiating with some very good negotrs nice to be with you. >> bret: thank you for having us. if you every question in the news conference. >> president trump: i took a lot of them. a lot of reporters. credentials were like record kinds of numbers and i took as many as i could. people are really happy about it, and even i would say nontrump fans, people are reall. something i'm very proud of. that being said, i want to get it done, but i believe that chairman kim wants to get it done. >> bret: you do? there was one part of a news conference i think you're a kind of joking that six months from now you could say this was a mistake. >> president trump: it could
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happen. it deals. whether it's this, which is so important or buying a building or doing whatever you do. no i don't think that's going to happen but i said i only consider it successful if it gets done. ione somery historic already ine way, but to me sucss is when it gets done. >> bret: is the military drawing down in south korea? you're kind of hinted at that, and is there going to be this kind of tit for tat? >> president trump: it was never discussed. i'm sure he would like that. it was never on the table. when i met him today, we have a very good relationship i feel. i feel it's good. you know that we have chemistry, you know it as well as anybody. you know what i mean. when i met him today we had done three months, almost four months worth of work prior to the meeting. we sort of understood that was never on the table. with that being understood and you asking a question like that, i would love to get the military
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out as soon as we can because it cost a lot of money, a lot of money for us. we don't get paid fully for military, which i will be talking to south korea about, but we have 32,000 32,000 soldn south korea. i would like to get them home. but it is not on the table right now. >> bret: do you think china looks at this and says this is kind of what we want? north korea under control, u.s. that is m b disengaging from the region. >> president trump: i think china would really like to see no nuclear weapons if you want to know the truth. whether you are semifriendly with a nation or not when they have nuclear weapons, it can't be a positive feeling, it just can't be. china has been very helpful. i ink the border got a litt t more open. it didn't affect today's negotiation but china could be a little bit upset about trade because we are very strongly clamping down on trade. >> bret: how so? >> president trump: you will
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see over the next couple of weeks. you may understand what we're doing. with that being said, i have a very good relationship with president xi. an incredible die. essentially presidential life. pretty good. >> bret: north korea, they have agreed to things before. they have agreed to settle things. >> president trump: that's with a different president and nobody has taken it this far and presidents have never met with anybody from north korea. it's been delegated to other people. even if they did meet they wouldn't have been able to pull it off, but this is something that should have been done years ago. you've heard me say it many times. they should have been done ten, 15, 20 years now. this shouldn't be done when they ve arsenal of nuclear weapons. it should have never been alwed t get to this point. with that being said, chairman kim wants to resolve the problem because he knew that we weren't playing around, i wasn't playing around. he's not playing around. we have a very -- i really say for a fairly short term
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relationship because itas unbelievably hostile, the rhetoric. rhetorically it was unbelievably hostile and i think we have a very good relationship. we understand each other. >> bret: you were asked in the press conference a number of different times in different ways about human rights and that you ll this lationship really good and that he was very talented person. if you call sometimes killers. he is a killer. he's executing people. >> president trump: when you take over a country, tough country, tough people and you fromr father, don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have. if you can do that at 27 years old, that's one in 10,000 that could do that. so he's a very smartuy he's a great negotia but i think we understand each other. >> bret: he is still done some really bad things. >> president trump: but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things. i could go through a lot of
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nations were a lot of bad things were done. with all of that being said, the answer is yes, i'm going from today. i'm going for maybe 90 days ago because we really started this -- we got a call that he was going to the olympics. he would like to go to the olympics at sort e beginning of we have right now. we are very far down the line. you saw the agreement, nobody thought we were going to have an agreement like that and things were given to me as you know from the news conference, things were given to thaere not even part of the agreement. i got them after we had signed the agreement. >> bret: verification you are confident you can set up? >> president trump: i'm totally confident. and if we can't, we can't have a deal. it has to be verified. one of the things i'm really happy is the sols that died in korea, there remains are going to be coming back home and we have thousands of people that vesked forhat, thousands and thousands of people. so many people asked when i was on the campaign, i don't have any relationship, but they said when you can, president, we
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would love our son to be brought back home, the remains. and we had pretty much finished and i said would you do me a favor? eai of these great fallen heroes, can we do something? he agreed to it immediately. it was pretty great. >> bret: why do you think kim raced to complete his nuclear program and then did to give it up? >> president trump: i think psychologically he felt it wa imrtstand that. this should not have been happening now. there should have happened years ago and i'm not blaming president obama, i'm saying during obama, during bush, during clinton tt should have happened. quentin got played. when you look at what happened, he gave billions of dollars in just a total waste of money. >> bret: does this summit thing, you seem like you like it, and interacting with these world leaders, g7 got a little rocky. >> you left the g7 stomach a few days ago having determined tt
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prime minister trudeau is weak and dishonest. what do you say to america's allies who worry that you might be jeopardizing our long-term alliances and who worry that you might be treating our historic friends as enemies and our historic enemies as friends? >> president trump: i had a ry good meeting with the g7 and i left the meeting and i will be honest, we are being taken advantage ofy virtually everyone of those countries. and we are being taken advantage of on trade. >> president trump: he really wasn't rocky when i left, it was great. it was great when i left. i spoke to him recently told him about what had happened and he said it's amazing because you left -- i negotiated a different kind of deal than theted but i was okay with it and then i saw what took place at this news conference and i said that is not really what happened. >> bret: so does this make you want to sit down with vladimir putin? >> president trump: no, but the question was asked by a reporter it used to be the g8, russia was included a about four or five years ago they
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expelled russia and a reporter asked me do you think you would be better off with russia and i nd probably 25% of our time talking about russia. i said to myself, wouldn't it be better if they were here? i'm not for russia, i'm for the united states, but as an exampl example, if vladimir putin were sitting next to me today instead of of the others and we were having dinner the other night in canada i could say would you do me a favor? would you get out of syria? would you do me a favor, would you get out of ukraine. he shouldn't be. just come on. i think i wouldrobably have a good relionship with him or it would be able to talk to him bett than if you call somebody on the telephone and talk. if'm sitting like i was wh the others, new prime minister of italy, he is a great guy. we had a great relationship. he agrees with me on putin, by the way, i have to tell you. but this wasn't anything that was up for a vote. this was a reporter asking a
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question. it better off as a g8 rather than a g7 and a lot of people agree with me. but i will tell you as an example, if you were at that meeting i could ask him to do things that are good for the world, that are good for our >> brepite all that he's done to us? >> president trump: i'm not sticking up for anybody. i'm just saying he didn't respect our leadership previously. he walked all over them. look what he did to obama with crimea. he took crimea, he took ukraine, sections of ukraine. >> bret: which is why he got kicked out of the g8. >> president trump: but he didn't respect our leadership. he didn't respect it but this wasn't me. people say look say look what he did. he did it to obama. obama should not have allowed that to happen, even with the voter stuff. supposedly thebi went to obama,hey told him about it, he didn't do anything about it. >> bret: do you think
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north korea in this a few days here has changed the dynamic in the midterm elections and today where do you think midterm elections in your head are? >> presidentrump: iaw on your show and i've seen 120 days ago we were down 16 points. now i see reuters has a soft 2 and another one was up 6 and 1 was down three. i think it's a whole different ball game. i think the economy is so good. i think the tax cuts have been incredible, far greater than even i thought they would be. the regulation cuts have been great. i've done more in 500 days than any president has done in their first 500 days. there's nobody close, that's a lot of people saying that. people that would rather not say it are saying it and i really think that we are going to do very good. history is against me because history for whatever reason, you win back the election and then you lose lots of seats. i think we are going to do very well, i really do.
3:15 pm
the economy is doing so well, we are doing so well as a nation, i think we are going to surprise people and if you look at the numbers and thein ofuts like texas, how many people showed up to vote as an example, how many republicans showed up to vote, people werey surprised. >> bret: your people are a little tired because they can't hang with you for 26 hours, so we will wrap it up. >> president trump: we are holding up air force one for you. that's a big plane to be holding. thank you very . appreciate it. >> bret: we appreciate the time and mr. president you are welcome back anytime on "special report." still to come, what we can expect from the inspector general's report into the hillary clinton email investigation out thursday and up next we will go live to the white house to the fallout from the north korea summit. ♪ one second. barely enough time for this man to take a bite of turkey. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time to launch thousands of attacks.
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♪ >> bret: good news tonight, president trump's top economic advisor is out of the hospital. the white house says larry kudlow had what was described as a very mild heart attack. senator sanders says he would discharge from walter reed medical center today. she says dr. say his recovery is going very well. the political prognosis for epa chief scott pruitt may not be so bright. "the washington post" reports he sought help from republican donors and others in finding a job for his wife. reports he ordered a top aide to work on that progress on my project. no response yet on this new reporting but it does join a long list of reported actions including the 24/7 security detail, spending $43,000 on a soundproof booth, making costly ips to morocco paying below market rent for a condo owned by
3:20 pm
a lobbyist wife. and using a security detail to do personal tasks. some of those he has responded to directly, others he has not. we will continue to follow a response to the latest porting. as we told with the top of the program president trump says there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. he's also defending his decision to halt u.s. military exercises with south korea during negotiations with kim jong un's government. all of it is creating as you can imagine quite a stir on capitol hill. correspondent kevin corke has tonight's report from the white house. >> after more than 45 hours on the ground and another 22 in the air, president trump returned from his historic singapore summit with kim jong un amid strong headwinds of skepticism that the summit produced plenty of declarations by the white house but far few details. but that didn't stop the president from unleashing a tweet storm of optimism declaring the world has taken a big step back from potential
3:21 pm
nuclear catastrophe. if there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea before adding north korea was our biggest and most dangerous lem. no longer. sleep well tonight. the preside come under criticism in some corners because of the one and a half page statement that he signed in singapore, spelled out no specific commitments from the north aside from working toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula, a promise that the regime has repeatedly made and broken since the 1990 on capitol hill, a furious debate over whether or not the president gave away far more than he extracted from the meeting raged on today with members on both sides of the political spectrum expressing skepticism. >> the summit was much more show than substance. what the texans call all cattle, after all the pomp and circumstance have faded, it seems clear that karen and jim walked away the victor unfortunately. >> this is a country that made promises before and it's broken.
3:22 pm
we are not talking about promises regarding minor items, these are nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that have the capability of reaching the united states. >> the president should be applauder disrupting the status quo. now let's go get an agreement. we should be under no delusion this is going to be fast. >> mike pompeo says he expects north korea to take major steps towards nuclear disarmament during president trump's first term, telling reporters in seoul we are hopeful we can achieve that in the next two and a half years before adding there's a lot of work left to do. asked why the words verifiable and irreversible were not in a document sig the two leaders in singapore, mike pompeo said today because the words complete denuclearization were in the document. if that encompasses both. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. up next, what to expect from the inspector general's report on the hillary clinton email investigation out tomorrow. story some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering.
3:23 pm
authorities find more than 50 undocumented immigrants in a tractor-trailer, personnel from several agencies were called to a neighborhood across from san antonio's airport last night. five people were transported to a hospital for injuries they sustained while trying to run out of that truck. fox 31 in denver as a wild fire erupts in an area of colorado known for its ski resorts. officials ordered evacuation of more than 1300 there. it's the latest in a series of blazes that have ignited in the grout-stricken west. and this is a live look at the twin cities from our affiliate fox 9. one of the big stories there tonight, you may have seen this. a raccoon causing quite a stir on socia media scaling and office building in st. paul. it reached up to 23 stories befo stopping to groom itself and apparently take a nap on the ledge there. the raccoon eventually made it the roof and was captured by wildlife management service animal control. that's tonight live look outside the beltway.
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♪ >> bret: the former head of security for the senate intelligence committee was in court today. james wolf i charged with lying to investigators about his contacts with reporters. he pleaded not guilty. his lawyer says he will file a motion to limit public officials, including president trump, from commenting on the case to the media. we are just a day away from the anticipated release of inspector general's report on the hillary clinton email investigation, but we also have major news tonight concerning the president's personal attorney and his own legal issues. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here tonight to fill in the blanks. good evening. >> two sources familiar with the matter told fox news thami coheg lawyers and cautioned against conclusions that he is in fact cutting a deal. abc news reported earlier today that the president's longtime
3:28 pm
personal attorney is likely to cooperate as he faces looming criminal charges suffered from the rush of special counsel probe. several million documents received by the documents, the issue is whether is protected under attorney-client privilege. the law office did not respond to request for comment from fox news. >> bret: we broke the story last night here on "special report" about a heated meeting in january between senior fbi and justice department officials and the house intelligence committ where threats were allegedly made with strong reaction from both sides today. phyllis and on that. >> senior republican lawmakers responded to allegations that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena records a turn the tables on thentelligence committee and staff over the russia case. >> it is deeply concerning that instead of having a cooperative relationship with this agency respectful of the importance of thngress having access to documents regarding matters that
3:29 pm
they are investigating that they have oversight responsibility for and this is not the way to conduct that. >> the fbi and department, an official said rosenstein never threatened anyone with a criminal investigation. on tucker carlson last night the attorney general, who was not at the january meeting, back to his deputy >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein, 28 years in the department of justice, did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion. but we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them. >> congressional leadership known as the gang of eight is expected to get another fbi and justice department brief tomorrow, but republicans say only the records will satisfy their subpoena. >> bret: lastly, that inspector general's report on the clinton emails, tomorrow we expect. >> there wil be a series of closed-door briefings to include president trump as well as congressional committees. the investigation that began
3:30 pm
xamined alletions of this conduct by fbi and justice department officials over their handling of the clinton email case. democrats support of the because they blamed former fbi directo james comey for derailing hillary clinton's campaign when reopened the case about ten days before the election. republicans thought clinton should have been prosecuted for mishandling classified information but comey gave her a pass. if the inspector general michael e horwitz cannot bring criminal charges but he can make what is called a criminal referral where a u.s. attorney believes the evidence and decides if justifis said to be more than 500 pages in length. it should be available online into the public later tomorrow afternoon. >> bret: full coverage tomorrow. thank you. president trump is calling out middle eastern oil ministers' high gasoline prices. this morning the president tweeted "oil prices are too high. opec i again. not good." aaa reports t current price is
3:31 pm
$2.91. that's up from 2.331 year ago. the federal reserve is raising it interest rate for the second time this year. the new ranges from one and three quarters to 2%. stocks went down on the news. the dow lost 120, the s&p 500 dropped 11, the nasdaq fell 8. we could be entering an era of media mega mergers. the approval of at&t's $85 billion takeover of time warner may now open the floodgates to all sorts of deals. let's talk about what might come next and how that might work and affect your family possibly. elizabeth macdonald joins us tonight from new york. good evening. >> good to be with you. the talk on wall street is that a new media merger wave. evidence of that is in the shares in the merge targets. they basically rose on ths all about getting in the door, at the millennials and the baby boomers, cord cutters with
3:32 pm
interesting content. it's also about merging the guys who own the pipesur living rooms with the guys who create that contract -- content. in order to get the millennials and baby boomers into their shops. in this deal at&t now owns time warner cnn, hbo, including the "game of thrones," tbs, warner bros. and d.c. comics. >> bret: what are some of the other companies wall street is talking about in a? >> the mergers that including t-mobiln to buy sprint, bids by disney and i when you're $65 billion all-cash bid from comcast for certain assets of 21st century fox. there's a bidding war there. also sinclair broadcast purchase of tribune. the other thing to his content companies like netflix and amazon are also always talked about and other companies that play could include cbs, viacom, discovery, amc networks, and the talk also has been about apple. it's big mountain of cash.
3:33 pm
apple could easily buy netflix. netflix market value is now larger than disney. it could easily eat up the majority of apples cash. that would be a gigantic marquee de if it ever did happen. that's the talk on wall street. >> bret: that's a lot of deals potentially. 21st century fox obviously the parent company of fox news channel. is there concern our costs and fees for internet streaming are somehow going to go up for all of this? >> there is concern over potentially higher internet bills, that the people out there will face. at the same time, another interesting move. the trump administration just got rid of obama era internet roles that stop the guys who own the tv pipelines from slowing down streaming content or charging more for faster streaming. companies like at&t theoretically could charge netflix or amazon more to stream at the same speed that they do now and then those companies could pass those fees onto consumers, but that's down the road. >> bret: elizabeth, we will be
3:34 pm
watching. thank you very much. four stars have been added to the memorial wall at central intelligence agency headquarters in virginia. says it a ceremony to honor four distinguished officers who died in the line of duty. the agency does not release the names of the personnel or their missions. there are now 129 stars on the memorial wall. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. (vo)is ahhhmazing!ful simple goodness
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>> bret: it was a very good night primary night for republic aligned withpresident . the biggest when matt came in south carolina with the ent's support may have helped lift the challenger over an ibent congressman in the g.o.p. race there. jonathan serrie has the story tonight. >> overjoyed by her upset victory in south carolina's district one republican primary. >> we are the p of president donald eric trump. >> tuesday he tweeted his support saying in part mark sanford has been very unhelpful to me. he is m.i.a. and nothing but trouble. he is better off in argentina. back in 2009, then governor governor sanford admitted to traveling to south america for an extramarital affair. two years after completing his second terms goverr, sanford
3:39 pm
reclaimed the congressional seat he held in the 1990s. sanford usually sided with trump's agenda, but was unafraid to criticize the president when he disagreed. >> a lot of people come up to me over the course of this campaign, they say argue for or against trump? and i would say i'm neither for nor against trump. i'm for ideas that i have long stood for over the entirety of my time in politics. >> tond bash the president on cnn isn't helpful. we need to go up to washington and do the people's work. >> sanford is not the only republican hurting primaries. in alabama a four term congresswoman was forced into a runoff and in races around the nation, g.o.p. candidates have been jockeying for position. >> primary season again, it's usually a good thing not to be at odds with the most important elected official in your party. >> the second house republican to lose a primary this cycle. at the first is congressman of
3:40 pm
north carolina who lost his primary back in may. >> bret: thank you. the lineup is set for one of the fall's most important senate races. it's i nevada. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reports tonight from las vegas. >> c the path to take ba the senateuns right through nevada. >> jackie rosen nor incumbent senate candidate or under any illusions of the significance of the seat they are fighting for. >> i want to be the reason why the republicans have the majority in the united states senate. >> is likely to b an expensive and bitter battle w first term congresswoman already defending her relative lack of political experience while portraying her veteran opponent as a flip flopper. >> the main thing that i'm going to do is y to hold dean heller to his position, because in the past he has been things and now he's against them. >> heller is dismisses that line of attack. >> i've done exactly what i said it was going to do in
3:41 pm
washington, d.c., every step of the way. >> heller says he believes president trump will be an asset to him in the elections. in the race to be nevada governor republican state attorney general adam laxalt all a stark choice.sessa lack in >> we both agree on one thing, nevada families cannot afford to let adam become our next governor. >> this is a choice between leadership and cronyism. real solutions for a radical agenda that would take it away from california, are we going to let that happen? >> and because this is nevada, we would be remiss not to mention that the nation's most famousimp, star of the hbo reality show cathouse won the republican primary to run for the state legislature. >> bret: jonathan hunt in vegas.
3:42 pm
thanks. a proposal to split california into three states will be on the november ballot. you heard that right. three states. the initiative has received than enough petitio qualify. the measure would create the states of northern california, southern california and a narrow central coast strip retaining the name california. even if voters approve it would still require a passage in state legislature d then of course in congress. next up, the panel with reaction to the summit. president trump's comments aboard air force one and what' next. ♪ but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. while meningitis b is uncommon, like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b str quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor
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about a meningitis b vaccine.
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♪ >> people are really happy about it. even i would say nontrump fans. people are really happy.
3:46 pm
it's something that i'm very proud of. with that being said, i want to get it done, but i believe that chairman kim wants to get it done. i think we've done something very historic already in one way dne w to met means to get done. >> the president needed to disrupt the status quo and the president has disrupted the status quo. time will tell how this ends. >> carmen jim achieved far more than president trump did. the summit was much more show than substance, with the texans call all cattle, no hat. >> bret: it's all hat, no cattle. i don't know if senator schumer lost the texas vote they are what that phrase, but all hat, no cattle, that was all the democrats described in north korea summit. here's how the north koreans described the day after from state media. >> showing his understanding. the president of the united states expressed his
3:47 pm
willingness to stop the u.s.-south korea joint military exercises which the north koreans i regards as provocation. during the times of north korea-u.s. dialogue and also express his willingness to provide security guarantees to north korea and lift sanctions against it as the relationship improves through dialogues and negotiations. >> bret: they say all kinds of things but without we would bring you that the day after the summit. one about the fallout from it and what comes next? was bring in our panel. steve hayes, mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist and elie, columnist for bloomberg review. a lot of reaction, molly, on capitol hill. some positive, some republican saying -- others saying they are concerned that things are still on the table and to hear the world reacting that maybe kim got everything he wanted. >> a lot of claims that kim got everything he wanted. the fact is we really don't know what will come out of this deal. we have a late framework. all of it will be worked out in the details. we will need to see substantive
3:48 pm
talks. we will need to move quickly but it could actually take many months, many years to achieve what we need to see. it's a good start and at worst it's a neutral. at best it's a very good start, but we have to work out a lot of particulars. >> bret: what struck in that intervie ucby the president saying he wants to get u.s. troops home, which i think the north koreans have been asking for for a long time, looks to be a concession. i was also struck by his answer, or probably better phrased as nonanswer on human rights. you pressed him on it twice. the first time he sort of dodged question and then found a way to praise kim jong un for his strength. and the second time he downplayed human rights abuses in north korea by saying basically everybody is guilty of some things. he could go through a long list of nations that have those problems. so i was struck by that. the other parts of it i think, north korea on the denuclearization question itself was consistent with what he heard. he's obviously very proud of himself. >> bret: eli? >> call me old-fashioned but i like to believe america is a
3:49 pm
beacon of democracy and freedom and that when the american elected president meets with tyrants like kim jong un, there should be at the very least refrain not to go out of his way to basically lie about the nature of this person. at one point he said in another interview with the north korean people loved kim jong un. we know that's not true and in your interview, there's a lot of bad people that do a lot of bad things. that is the sentiment that we normally associate that try to explain away and rationalize the horrors of the stalinist like kim jong as rule i don't really like that kind of thing and of course it would be great if you got a deal that got rid of nuclear -- i'm not saying you don't do diplomacy, but i don't think that trump needed to go as far as he did in his flattery. >> i also wish that president trump had spoken against the human rights abuses.
3:50 pm
>> bret: he did speak, we are told, in the summit behind closed doors. >> it's also true that what he is attempting to achieve right now is a positive pitch. he's trying to paint a vision for kim that he has a different path and his goal, president trump's goal, is to make sure that the people of portland aren't bombed by north korea. you have this thing with neoconservatism militarism fused with moral idealism that seeks to achieve everything but ends up accomplishing nothing and doing so at a huge cost of blood and money. so i think it's important that we understand we have our national interest here. we want to keep from getting into a nuclear war and we will hopefully substantively deal with human rights abuses, which are seriously need to be dealt with. that's not our first concern. >> an old neocon militarist by the name of ronald reagan managed to negotiate arms control agreements and have a relationship with soviet premiers and still keep a laser-like focus on the dissidents who were rotting in
3:51 pm
their gulags. and that was something that many of those former dissidents when they wer rembered. they said it was something that gave them hope. expeatioy, but i hold out that i'm not expecting a negotiation where kim jong un suddenly becomes a jeffersonian democrat. i understand that's not going to happen, but at the same time there's a difference between that and having an american president basically become in some way sort of part of the dictator's lie about his popularity with his own people. >> bret: is there some of this that is what if three summits on the road he really does happen? what if the paradigm has shifte shifted? what if the people who were looking at this as a breakthrough on the right ones and the ones that are very scared of that potential are the wrong ones? >> that's possible. anything is possible at this point. but i do think you don't have to be a realist or a so-called realist to recognize that it's a problem for the president of the united states to say things that aren't true. the president came ck and
3:52 pm
tweeted that north korea was no longer a nuclear threat. >> bret: everyone can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting kim jong un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future. before taking office, we were assuming that we were going to war with north korea. president obama said north korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer. eep well tonight. we save a fortune by not doing more games as long as we are negotiating with good faith, which both sides are very >> they pride themselves on seeing the world as it is, that's the whole basis of the faucet. that is not describing the world as it i north korea remains a first threat. north korea still has nuclear weapons and a tyrant dictator as its leader. they present a threat to the united states. there's no getting around that and for the president of the united states to come back, however proud he is of what he's done and say that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat, that's a problem. four months ago, going into this, before the summit was
3:53 pm
announced, the petition of the administration was we won't even talk to the north koreans and less they take concrete verifiable steps towards denuclearization. they just abandon that, which is its own concession. and now four months later with the only intervening event being the signing of a document by a dictator whose forbearers have lied about things for 30 years, they are now saying there's no more nuclear threat. >> i think you are seeing a lot of frustration that things have gone so well. a lot of people said that many everything donald trump was doing would not go well for him he united states. his bellicose tweeting supposedly had us on the brink of nuclear war. we all see what happened in the summit. we are not naive. it's not like the nuclear weapons metro weekly disappeared but we saw that we have a very gort and if it doesn't continue to go well we will have to renegotiate. >> do you think north korea is a nuclear threat still? >> everyone. >> the presidents of the opposite. >> what we all know is that we very good talks, we have a good framework, good weight. >> you disagree withhe
3:54 pm
president? >> bret: there is something about taking him literally and taking him figuratively in the tweets and what they mean and reading trump language. there is all that that you have to factor in. but you're right. it's still in nuclear threat tonight. there's no doubt about it. >> we can decide that we don't want to for our own reasons to take president trump's words literally. that is not a luxury that the rest of the world has and i guarantee you it's not something that kim jong un has and it pokes mike pompeo in a box, whek of -- when the president has already clarified that there is no threat. >> bret: i have ten seconds. >> we will see what happens, but i don't think the president should be taking a victory lap. look at president obama's deal with syria and chemical weapons. we saw how well that did. >> bret: there you hav i when we come back, the longun for a good cause. ♪ your body was made for
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3:59 pm
and now speaks of the importance of recognizing the signs of mental illness. they call the run sos, which stands for see our symptoms. >> we just want to start conversations and make sure people are talking and no matter how hard this gets for us, we know other people are going to harder things. >> let's keep talking. let's be the voi let's start those conversations. it's okay to not be okay. when i know this hits home for you. thaddeus is a friend of yours. >> this is something we have heard in the news, celebrity's having this recent fate, it's soth all of us and our friends and our family and this is a wonderful cause to see our symptoms, the sos 1,000-mile run, it's a great thing to support. >> bret: they plan to finish that run june 19th in albany, new york. great cause. thanks for inviting us into her home tonight. but with the interview with president trump on the website so you can check it out there in case you missed it. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. we have complete coverage of the ig report out tomorrow.
4:00 pm
i will be here in washington with special guests and panel. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. martha. >> martha: good to see you. thank you. we begin tonight with an exclusive interview right off the top. south carolina representative mark sanford has never lost an election in his long career until last night. the republican haseen shy when it comes to criticizing the president. >> if you would just shut up, quit attacking -- i don't work for him, work for 750,000 people here in the first congressional district. >> one of the things i've heard in interviews about drum, he's not sorry for anything. i think that's a profound mistake. >> martha: comments like th that may have leto a stinging last-minute tweet from president trump that went like this. mark sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign emeca great again. he is m.i.a. and nothing but trouble. he is better off in argentina. i fully endorse katie arringt for congressman


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