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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 14, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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home and missing the ig i report on a 22-hour flight, tucker. great show. and especially groupthink. >> tucker: thank you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," welcome to singapore. it is 9:00 a.m. here. 9:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. and the long awaited inspector general's report is out. we've been waiting 18 months for this. in fact, we have the full report that the inspector general has put out. these findings, this is a serious night in some ways. they are so important, and so consequential. there is no way i was going home and potentially being in the air when they were released, so we are at the equator to bring you our comprehensive coverage that no one in the media, frankly, will give you, instead of getting stuck on that flight. here's what we did tonight. over 560 odd pages. we enlisted a team of experts to review every one of them. michael horowitz review into literally what is disgusting misconduct, insubordination taking place at the highest
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levels of the fbi and department of justice, and the obama administration. we are going to show you all of the crucial findings. we have sara carter, gregg jarrett, the great one, mark levin, judge jeanine pirro, and rudy giuliani. they will help us break it down. an episode of "hannity" you cannot afford to miss. so much to get to. let's get right to it. it's time for tonight it's extremely important ig report opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: i think it's important before we get into the contents of this report that we are all going to break down in the course of this hour, it's very important to understand something. this is sadly a swamp document. this swamp always protects the swamp, unfortunately. in reality, before we get started, let me just remind you of something i said last night. the facts in this case are not in dispute. the evidence is overwhelmingly incontrovertible. hillary violated the espionage act, that is a fact. she mishandled, she destroyed classified, top-secret special
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access programming information. it's a fact. she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails. she acid washed her hard drive with bleak bit so they couldn't get to them. facts. she had aids destroy her mobile devices with hammers. also a fact. also, christians rca spent a year in prison for six pictures on a cell phone on a submarine that he was proud that he worked on? never shared it with anyone? in terms of severity, it does not compare to what we know hillary clinton did. we also know that comey had drawn peter peter strzok started writing her exoneration in early may of 2016. that's a fact. they didn't interview her until july 2nd, 2016, and on july 5th dorothy exonerated her. we know they pulled the legal definition of gross negligence, they pulled it right out of the document, they pulled out one of their earlier writings and those that are in fact, foreign intelligence services had hacked into that bathroom closet. all a fact.
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every single american tonight, you should be shocked, you should be disappointed, you should be concerned about what we're learning. we are talking about abuse of power and corruption. at the highest levels of the fbi. how the fbi was politicized. it is all true, and we have a lot of new evidence will share with you tonight. i want to be very clear at the start. i'm not talking about rank and file fbi guys. i'm not talking about them. i predict by the time the story ends, they will end up being the heroes, when they are finally subpoenaed and allowed to testify, and tell their stories about what they saw their bosses
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were doing. tonight, we'll highlight the stark difference between two investigations. you get the white glove special treatment for hillary clinton, and then the heavy-handed tactics, all in against donald trump. it should shock you if you believe in equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws, and our constitution. with hillary clinton, everyone was given immunity. with donald trump, search warrants, subpoenas, bringing down doors at 6:00 a.m., guns ablaze. the hatred of donald trump from the left in the media in this country knows no bounds. there really was a scheme to protect hillary rodham clinton from being indicted and smear and slander then candidate, then president-elect donald trump and now president, at all costs. the contempt for you, the american people, the things that some of these people said about us, you come with the american people, is repugnant, it's appalling. it should not happen in this country. now to the report. as adjusted, its findings confirm everything we have been telling you here on "hannity" for months, many in the media have ignored. we have trey gowdy summing it up very well. "i'm alarmed, angered, and deeply disappointed by the inspector general's findings of numerous failures by the doj and fbi in investigating potential espionage act violations by the
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former secretary of state hillary clinton." without further discussion, here's what he is talking about. first and foremost, we start with a disgraced former fbi director james comey. president trump fired comey for mishandling the client and server investigation, among other reasons. he deserved to be fired. tonight, the president is vindicated. the inspector general finds in this report, james comey's actions were both extraordinary and insubordinate. his investigation into hillary clinton deviated from well-established department policies. this includes comey and other fbi agents allowing clinton aided witnesses to the investigation, cheryl mills, to actually sit in during hillary clinton's fbi interview, an interview that happened after comey drafted a letter exonerating hillary of all charges. there is more. the reports also find that while investigating hillary clinton for discussing with a private email account, james comey was
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also using a private email account to conduct official government business. by the way, comey responded on twitter, writing... let's break this down. james comey, the fbi director went rogue. there is no other conclusion. he broke a long-standing department policies, literally writing the exoneration of hillary clinton before ever interviewing her or 17 other key witnesses. closed up the investigation, and immediately, the same people that hated trump that we now know, we approve it in more detail, the same people literally begin the investigation of donald trump. remember, the exonerated her way back in may, interviewed her
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july 2nd, july 5th, oh, she's exonerated. we know people that committed the very same misdeeds as clinton, well, they were investigated and many put in jail. that is why comey was fired and should be investigated further. that is not all. we have more evidence to show how fbi agents mishandled with the content investigation. let's go back to the ig report. agents involved in the clinton foundation investigation, get this, they were instructed to take no overt investigative steps prior to the election. the report also confirmed that while the fbi was tiptoeing around their favorite candidate, hillary clinton, with a fully god would win the election, clinton's private server was being accessed by foreign actors. well, that is something else they took out. remember, the fbi and rampaging lovebirds, strzok and page, they are back in a big way tonight. they are heavily featured in horwitz's report. when you see this, keep in mind, or awaits unbelievably -- this is outrageous -- did not find
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that by his impact of the fbi investigation. i'm sorry, mr. horwitz, you're wrong. look at this newly uncovered text message. august 8th, 2016. page exclaims, "trump is never going to become president, right"? and strzok responds, "no, no, he's not. we'll stop it." in case you're wondering what strzok is talking about, he's making it crystal clear in this tweet from a month or there, july 2016. "this feels momentous because this matters. the other one did, too -- meaning the investigation into clinton -- but that was to ensure we didn't [bleep] something up." this matters because this matters. so super glad to be on this voyage with you." strzok is talking about the impending investigation into the trump campaign and comparing it to the clinton investigation, which he tried so hard not to screw up because it was his
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effort to clear hillary content of all charges so she could remain a candidate. the favored candidate. don't forget about the insurance policy that was referenced in previous page-strzok text if trump won the election. it's important to remember that all of this took place around extreme levels of anti-trump pie is at the levels of fbi. some of it should shock the concept on my conscience. page calling trump a d bag, adding that to the insults they were lobbing against donald trump, an idiot, menace, loathsome human being, and so much more. strzok is the guy leading all of this investigation. the report concluded by these texts, "not only indicative of a biased state of mind, but even more seriously implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidates electoral prospects." yeah, that's political. lisa page, by the way, called drum, as we said before, we won't go back to that.
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the ig found evidence of so much more bias among fbi officials, for example, look at this message from one unnamed agent. "trump supporters -- by the way, that's you -- are all part of middle-class, uneducated, lazy, poss, that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. on october 20th, 2016, shortly after comey's letter to congress that announced to the reopening of the clinton investigation, one unnamed fbi attorney sent an instant message to a fellow fbi employee. look at this. "i'm clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark times of the republic's destruction." following the election, the same attorneys has an instant message that said "i'm numb." the fellow employee responded, "i can't stop crying." prior to the election, one fbi agent involved in an instant message conversation where they attacked president trump's
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supporters. their words, not mine, i don't use it. retarted. that is the tip of the iceberg. they preferred five fbi employees for investigation after recovering their extreme political bias, and get this, horwitz's overall conclusion said no prevailing bias at the fbi and its actions in the continent drop investigation. really, mr. horwitz? you don't see that is to let go by what do you call everything that you just reported? it is a political? the report also found that fbi employees received free tickets to sporting events from who? the destroy trump media, so-called journalists. they went on golf outings with media reps. they were treated to drinks and food by reporters. because of everything we just showed you, that report concluded that a comey, page, strzok, and others severely damage the reputation of the fbi. here is what current fbi
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director christopher wray said about all of these findings. take a look. >> i take this report very seriously, and we accept its findings and recommendations. it's also important, and thougo note what they did not find. this report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review. the report does identify errors of judgment, violations of, or even disregard for policy and decisions that come at the very least, with the benefit of hindsight, were not the best choices. we've already started taking the necessary steps to address those issues. >> sean: director christopher wray, read the document. there is politics all over that document. for you to say otherwise is not fair to the american people, nor
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is it fair to all the good, honest, hardworking fbi individuals, rank and file, that protect us every day that you did rightly talk about today. a good start, all right, director wray, firing peter strzok. what is he still have a job, despite everything you just saw? peter strzok remains on the payroll of the federal bureau of investigation. are you kidding me? meanwhile, the obama administration was featured in the report. footnote, page 89. "president barack obama was 1 om clinton had direct contact using her clinton account." that information breaks with obama's initial claims that he learned of clinton's private email from the media reports. what were they protecting? they changed that to say, i have a ranking official. the attorney general at the tim time, loretta lynch, was taken to task for her now infamous tarmac meeting with bill clinton
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just before they came to a decision in june of 2016. the report states, "her failure to recognize the appearance problem created by former president clinton's visit and to take action to cut the visit short was an error in judgment." okay, 45 minutes talking about grandchildren. i'll buy that. first, here's how german county and bob goodlatte responded to the entire report today. >> what a dark day for the fbi and the doj, two institutions our country desperately needs. we desperately have to be able to have confidence in them. this level of bias and animus, not only did they want to stop the trump campaign, he wanted to stop the trump presidency. peter strzok, the fbi agent who was on hillary clinton's investigation, and arguably the leading russian investigator, not only wanted to stop his campaign but once he won, got on the mueller probe because he wanted to impeach him. >> this report shows that there
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was a special treatment given to hillary clinton in the investigation of her case. there is not a standard procedure followed in investigating her and there was a special treatment given. there is no doubt this was not a proper process and the report shows time and time again how directors comey and others made mistakes, errors in judgment, or deliberate, people can draw their own conclusions. it was improperly handled. >> sean: let me sum it up. hillary clinton committed felonies and she should have been charged. these people ran interference for her. we have ample evidence of bias, corruption, politics, misconduct, at the highest levels of the fbi, the doj, and the obama administration. yet they want to call it for what it is, mr. horwitz? you can't conclude the obvious bias impacted sum at the upper echelon of the fbi and their work and their so-called
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investigation? because that would taint the phony russia collusion investigation. we cannot have a two tiered justice system in the united states of america. one for the contents, one for trump, and one for everyone else. three-tiered perhaps. while the findings of this report are important, we must now demand more. this is a first step away. there's got to be accountability. we've got to have a better system of government or the very foundation of our rule of law and the united states of america is in jeopardy. joining us now, president trump's attorney, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, before you took on this position, you had on this program identified crimes. i think it is extraordinarily relevant how the upper echelon in the fbi treated hillary clinton so she could survive without being indicted as a candidate, and how they have treated donald trump. and i do believe this impacts whether or not the mueller
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investigation at its foundation, considering it's the same people involved, now should all go away as a result. >> sean, you are right. i was on your show about a year and a half before the election. we identified i think it was 18 violations of the law by hillary clinton, none of which comey and his fix were able to prove, and it's disgraceful. we are way beyond hillary clinton. we now have an investigation that, in the words of president donald trump, from the very beginning, has been a fix, a frame up, and a witch hunt. it was led by peter strzok, who is disgraceful, and even for the present director of the fbi to have them there tomorrow would be disgraceful. every fbi agent jacob and that that man be fired and tomorrow, mueller should suspend his investigation. he should go see rod rosenstein
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who created heaven and the deputy attorney general, and attorney general sessions, who should now step up big time to save his department. should suspend that investigation, throw out all the people that have been involved in the pony trump investigation, and to bring an honest fbi agents from the new york office who i can trust implicitly, and they should turn their attention to comey, strzok, page, all those fbi agents who took gifts -- gifts, sean? that's called bribery where i come from. they took tickets to games. they put government donald and jay jail, governor rick donald in jail for taking a couple little trinkets. fbi agents selling out and leaking like slaves and the statement of strzok, "we are going to stop donald trump," and he's put in charge of the
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restaurant investigation, and the guy that should be the head of this case is jim comey. he's the one who created the atmosphere in the justice department. he's the reason strzok was able to operate, page, these guys are taking tickets? fbi agents should be infuriated by that. i'm infuriated because i love the fbi. people don't love the fbi. i do ask max. when i was just going to say, i want to make sure the american people understand, this is not the rank and file. this was literally ripped out of the hands of rank and file, brought into the seventh floor, the upper echelon of the fbi, i guess the most important thing here, especially from your perspective and the president perspective, if you treat one candidate the other way and you literally have crimes and the evidence is incontrovertible, i mean, i never saw a better case for obstruction and then what hillary did to subpoenaed
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emails, deleting, acid wash, and breaking of devices. if you're going to treat her that way, and you look at the bully tactics that have been put together by andrew weissmann, strzok, mueller put together, how can any american at this point not see that that is a dual system of justice and that is a risk to our entire constitutional republic? >> sean, i feel that this whole thing has made fools of all of us. they think were idiots. we supplied 1.4 million documents. we supplied 32 witnesses. no privilege arguments. and who are resupplying them to? people who have already concluded to frame donald trump. agents who started a phone pona investigation. that is why the russia investigation should be suspended. i'm talking for myself now and now the president. i believe he would agree with this.
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very serious investigation as to be done of the fbi agents at the very top by fbi agents, who are honest, in order to prosecute them. >> sean: it's all there in black and white. that is political. why did horwitz say there is no evidence of political bias when it's all over his document? >> i don't know what horwitz concluded. i don't know what the fbi director concluded. i am beyond that. i think all the attention should be focused on, let's get a fair investigation of the people who corrupted that investigation, have been engaged in a corrupt investigation from the beginning. beginning. president trump has said over and over again to be, i did nothing wrong. how could this be? now we know how it is. because these people fixed it. that is how it is. please, american people, read this. if you are not disgusted, and you don't demand the justice department begin this investigation and suspend that one of the president and all the
10:22 pm
people that have been tortured by it, and i don't think we have just as in this country. >> sean: last point. rod rosenstein, we know now in meetings, has threatened to subpoenaed emails, intimidate, harassment, congressmen and their staffs who have been tasked constitutionally with the duty of oversight. you know about these threats. he is the guy that signed the last fisa warrant, knowing the bulk of information, the pony clinton paid for a dossier, he is the guy that recommended firing comey. intimidating and threatening to use the power of the justice department against congressmen and their staffs, what do you call that? to me it sounds like obstruction. >> it's a lot clearer obstruction then firing comey on his recommendation, which is not obstruction. it's within the president's article two powers. i believe that rod rosenstein and jeff sessions have a chance to redeem themselves on that chance comes about tomorrow.
10:23 pm
it doesn't go beyond tomorrow. tomorrow, mueller should be suspended, honest people should be brought in, and partial people, to investigate these people like strzok. strzok should be in jail by the end of next week. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you. >> i would like to see if he cooperates. [laughs] >> sean: good point. when we come back, judge jeanine pirro, sara carter, gregg jarrett, later on, the great one mark levin. as we continue, the ig report is out, and it's worse than we thought. ♪ check out the gone fishing event at bass pro shops and cabela's.
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>> chris wray i'm sorry you are wrong. chris, there are consequences. the consequences a > i'm sorry, you're wrong. there are consequences. the consequences are that your fellow citizens question whether
10:28 pm
or not they can have confidence in the world's premier law enforcement agency, and that is coming from someone who's defended him a lot through his career. this was a bitterly disappointing report. peter strzok said the vote should be 100 million to zero. he can't think of a single, solitary american i should vote for donald trump to be president. he said he'lll stop it as a candidate. he talked about impeachment once he won. strzok, you come before congress, you come before the american public, and prove to us that your manifest animus but the mic towards donald trump did not affect your decisions. >> sean: oh, we'll stop in. the insurance policy. oh, and also, let's see, i'll impeach him. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy reacting to the release of the doj ig report. he narrows details, this really brings in some light to jeanine pirro's new book, "liars, leakers, and liberals," judge jeanine pirro.
10:29 pm
author of the upcoming book, "the russian hoax, the illicit scheme to gregg jarrett. and also sara carter. i am blown away at how much hatred, animus, bias, and frankly, abuse of power we are seeing here. hate for the american people. wow. >> it's incredible. it certainly an indictment of the culture of the fbi. what was happening at the fbi all the way down to the people that were involved in this investigation. certainly not an indictment of all fbi agents. i think one of the things we need to look at as he was very clear, horwitz and this report, that although he didn't find documentation, it did cast a cloud over the entire investigation, and because of the extraordinary --
10:30 pm
>> sean: it's all over -- >> there is political bias all over the report. it should -- >> sean: kimberley strassel says they are misinterpreting if you look deeper, meaning they did not write it all out. they really did. >> kimberly has a very good point. if you look at this report, there's over 500 pages, so we can't say every single page but if you look throughout the report, there is extraordinary bias. reside in peter strzok peter strzok, lisa page. this is fruit of the poisonous tree. there is something that rudy giuliani said that's very important here. beginning of a special counsel investigation, the investigation into trump was tainted. in all cases, should probably end right now. >> sean: let's go to gregg jarrett. i think that's a legal point. considering the circumstances, they exonerate hillary, they gave her the cadillac treatment, donald trump comes in, and it's bringing down doors and subpoenas and everything they didn't dos for hillary. >> james comey
10:31 pm
is at the forefront. his reputation as the day is absolutely in tatters. his integrity has been treaded. the ig found that he not only mishandled the hillary clinton case, he broke rules, violate the policy, exceeded authority, usurped the power of the attorney general, and he was engaging in rank insubordinatio insubordination. the ig says in the media, the liberal media has been seizing on this, well, we can't prove that his political bias influenced his decision through testimony or documents. of course you can't. nobody's going to confess verbally that they cleared hillary clinton for a political reason. no one is going to put their crimes in writing. but the evidence is there. it is inexorable. >> sean: judge jeanine, i know you have strong feelings about it. i want to stay focused. when they exonerate hillary in
10:32 pm
may, stay on the timeline, call me and strzok are at the forefront.s strzok is telling paige everything he needs about donald trump, we will stop them, and then, the insurance policy, then later, we'll impeach him. and then he becomes the heart and soul, almost immediatelyan thereafter, of the russia probe, investigation, if you want to cull it at this point. i do not think that any fair-minded, objective, discerning person cannot see that these are the wrong people started was under the wrong circumstances with abusively biased and corrupt opinions. i would argue a lot of illegality in all of this. >> sean, the question is not was their hate and bias. we already know there was hate and bias. as someone who's been a prosecutor and who's been a judge, i can tell you that the
10:33 pm
question is not, is there hate and bias. we already know there is. anyone with common sense knows this. the question is, given the hate and bias, what are we going to do about it? the inspector general's report does nothing but whitewash a series of facts that are so corrupt, so biased, and so anti-trump, that you have to step back and say, or i do, is that the america that are devoted to 30 years of my life to? i believe in the system. i believe in justice. i believe in the fbi. but tonight, i question everything that we read. let's assume this, sean. let's assume they came out and
10:34 pm
said, he violated the rules, comey, and he made mistakes and errors in judgment. how would you like it if every judge said tot a defendant, you know what, it was a mistake in judgment, keep going. it doesn't happen that way for ordinary americans. this is about -- >> sean: let me ask both of you a quick legal question before i go back to sara. does this now make a strong, compelling, and definitive case that the comey to mueller probe, i always had look the content owners. they t couldn't find one independent? any team that would put andrew weissmann on it, with his atrocious track record, was always suspicious. also put their strong pager peter strzok on it, who we know the fix was in for hillary, then he began with enthusiasm as evidenced by the text method read i just put up there. it does is taint the entire comey investigation and should it be suspended as of tomorrow by the attorney general and byg rod rosenstein, who i also have big problems with? >> absolutely.
10:35 pm
peter strzok, lisa page, and yet another fbi lawyer was involved in all three of these. liquids an email case, the trump russia collusion case, and the special counsel appropriate guillotines at all. >> what you have here, someone with anti-candidate trump, anti-president trump, and now os in a position where he jumps on mueller's team? any judge worth his or her salt would dismiss a case like this in a second. it is time for jeff sessions to put on his big boy pants and to do what he is supposed to do as the attorney general of the united states of america. or else. >> we still have another report, the intelligence surveillance act report we are expecting. >> sean: 18 months away? >> it's not going to matter at
10:36 pm
that point. >> i don't know. three when we got to roll. thank you. judge jeanine's and as i tried to make a 24-hour track back to easternec time because it is til 9:35 a.m. here in singapore. the great one, mark levin. i hear he is a little worked up over this, just a little. he'll weigh in next. ♪ hi, we're regular guys.
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10:41 pm
we have a lot of work to do if we are going to fix this. >> i will tell you what i see. as they went through this major report here. i see several things. numbers. one, out of all the te, all the documents, all the emails that have been reviewed, you know it's interesting, sean? there is not a single pro trump text. not a single anti-hillary text. there is not a single pro trump a senior fbi official. there is not a single anti-hillary fbi official. this was a cabal. these people had as their purpose to interview with a presidential election. they interfered with this presidential election worse than the russians could have dreamed of and a i am no fan of vladimir putin and the russians but, let me tell you that. james comey's fbi, there was collusion. the media in this report, appalling, giving gifts and tickets to sporting events, and golf outings, and exchange apparently for leaks.
10:42 pm
you have a culture of leaks at the fbi. thee buck stops with comey. comey disgraced. mccabe, criminalve referral, you have obstruction. jim comey spent months trying to make sure that hillary clinton was protected. you know why? if they had impaneled a federal grand jury and played by theed book, she would have been indicted by the democratic partw would've had t to grab another convention and find another candidate. they couldn't allow that, they had to defeat trump. comey, insubordinate, usurping the powers of the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, the associate attorney general. insubordinate. collusion, obstruction, insubordination. it is absolutely unbelievable. i want to get back to the media. the media, which sings like a bunch of blackbirds on a telephone pole. they move in one direction, they all move in the other direction. now we know why. the media was working, much of
10:43 pm
the media, for the fbi. while the inspector general does not tell us, which media, watch reporters, which fbi agents, we want to know. they don't tell us. now there are some recommendations that they have in this report. it was hilarious. chuck schumer runs to the senate floor to immediately defend comey except as it comes to hillary clinton, and starts talking r about the report. chuck schumer had not time to read this report, neither did the democrats running to the media, and they all sound the same because they'll have the same talking points. here's his recommendations, the ig. we recommend the department and fbi consider developing guidance that identifies the risks associated with and alternatives for permitting a witness to attend a voluntary interview of another witness. that's already a department of justice policy. what that means is, comey allowed the granted witnesses to collude. we recommend the department consider making explicit that
10:44 pm
except in situations where the law requires or permits disclosure, , and investigating agency cannot public, publicly announce the decision prior to consulting the attorney general. that is already the policy. we recommend that apartment and fbi consider adopting a policy addressing the appropriateness of them discussing it in public statements. that is already department of justice policy. we recommend that the department consider guidance to agents and prosecutors, concerning the taking of overt investigative steps, indictments, public announcements, or other actions, that could impact an election. that is already department of justice i will tell you what, i watched this fbi director christopher wray have his press conference, and learned exactly nothing. one of the things he did that i found very troublingun to me ase sat, look, one of the things we
10:45 pm
will do to fix this, we are going to have very significant training of all of our agents, new agents, senior agents, thousands of agents, that they need to be unbiased in their investigation. i thought to myself, they are unbiased in their investigations. the vast majority is unbiased and investigations. why are you trashing your own agency? the problem isn'tag joe fbi age, or sally fbi agent, the problem is james comey, the problem was mccabe, strzok, page. the problem is that whole crowd. i found it incredibly outrageous that the new fbi director, i'm defending the fbi, a great institution, and i happen to know it is. on the other hand, everybody needs to be trained? not to be biased? this report, even though the ig says he did not find political bias, i have to say, there is bias throughout, and he uses the word throughout. i would ask the inspector general, what kind of bias are you talking about?
10:46 pm
fracial bias? religious bias? of course it was political, as i started out by saying. not a single pro trump text from any of these fbi agents, not a single pro trump fbi agents. they are supposed to be objective but they politicized it to such an extent and the reason is, as i said, they had to protect hillary clinton because she would have and should have been indicted. i saw your little tweet today, kind of thinking, even comey used his personal email for government business. hillary, youct violated the espionage act, and james comey protected you. you could very well be in an orangege jumpsuit today and i'm quite, quite serious but you aren't and you should thank god for that. >> sean: great one, mark levin. i have a message from a mutual friend, says, wow, tell mark a. he is on fire. it's serious, mark. you're right. she belongs in jail.
10:47 pm
sunday night, number one show on cable. every sunday night, 10:00 on fox.n we come back, dr. sebastian gorka, jason chaffetz on how the anti-trump media reacting to all of this and much more. stay with us from singapore. 9:46:00 a.m. hope you are doing well. ♪ her salon was booked for weeks, until her laptop crashed this morning. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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♪ >> sean: your democratic friends, your corrupt media, they have been rushing to >> sean: your democratic friends, crept media, they've been rushing to spin and deflect from the devastating revelations. watch this. speak of the inspector general could not have been more clear about the fact that he says there was no conspiracy here. within the fbi. >> i expected a sledge hammer, we just got the same kind of hammer he got to nail a painting
10:52 pm
on the wall. i was surprised at how mild it was. >> no political bias influence the decision-making at either the fbi or the department of justice. the decisions described in the report all helped donald trump win the election. all the errors were in trump's favor. >> sean: all of those people are just flyers. political hacks, spinning away. they don't tell you the truth because they don't care.ox joining us of the action, fox news national security analyst dr. sebastian gorka. jason chaffetz. we'll start o with you, dr. gor. >> disgusted at all the details, the low-level stuff, buying somebody a meal to get a leak at the fbi, at the end of the day, it's a 560 page cover up. there is no real they are there, it doesn't get us to the point at which we have people perp walked of the fbi and the doj for slow rolling and undermining
10:53 pm
an investigation of a real crime, and trying to undermine a political candidate, donald trump. >> sean: when you look at the text messages and these revelations, congressmen jason chaffetz, this is what i see. i see the people at the highest levels, fbi, doj, doing everything possible to prevent hillary from going to jail. they did not enforce the rule of law with her, and then literally, took a sledgehammer this witch hunt investigationy against trump and they never stopped swinging the sledgehammer, which tells me, we don't have equal justice under the law under this fbi director, under that last administration, and i think this is just the beginning, not the end. >> i really do believe the the american people understand that there was a whitewashing of what happened with hillary clinton's email server.
10:54 pm
there was not a series investigation. they never went after it. the report points out they never got any of the actual hardware that was out there. hillary clinton was out there destroying all the evidence. there was never a serious i investigation from the fbi. i disagree with the sebastian gorka. this is the prequel. you got toot understand, the ig has an investigation going into what's going on with the fisa abuse allegations. >> sean: congressman, i don't want to go there. here's the problem. hillary clinton should have been in jail. they treated her like kristin sasuke, she would have been indicted for radio these people we've talked about tonight protecting her, preventing her from getting the treatment every other american would get. >> that is highlighted in this report. we now have hundreds and hundreds of pages of documentation, then manipulation of the media, indictment of the media. to the the referral
10:55 pm
office of professional responsibility will bear fruit. it takes time to play out, given the roles that they have. >> sean: should hillary be charged? >> she should have been charged a long time ago. absolutely. >> sean: they protected her. nowy they are going after trump. the same people that protected her. >> horwitz is too close to comey. this is not what the american people expected. it's not just as. >> sean: when we come back, or "hannity" as we wrap up from singapore. that's next. o. o. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ >> all right. there's beautiful singapore and we wanted to stay to make sure we got tonight in on the ig report. we'll have more on monday whenor we get back. i want to thank everybody. give yourselves a big hand here, great job. thank you, as always, you make this show possible. you made us number one in cable news. thank you for listening to the
11:00 pm
radio show, laura ingraham is standing by. this is important. we are going to get to the bottom of it. there is going to be a huge follow-up. there she is, laura ingraham,ra you wanted to be in singapore. >> laura: i understand the singapore government is going to bring back caning. when is hannity going to leave. your family wants you home. so get back home safely. fantastic show with rudy. >> only 22 hours, i will be watching brave heart over and over. thank you. >> laura: good evening from washington, i'm laura ingraham. the inspector general's bomb shell report rocking the nation's capitol. the ig referred


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